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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  August 6, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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tom vacar shows us what's creating challenges for firefighters. the tiny helmet of canyon dam right next to the dam that forms like alma. nor is no more after the dixie fire consumed greenville the day before, has the 2010 census. the population was 31 down from 37 2000, the biggest concern now extinguish any and all members in the burned areas, so winds cannot send them flying. typically we go two or 300 ft in for doing mop up. i'm just tired. they're going 507 100 ft in some places as much as two miles to protect the unburned stuff from members on the inside, being blown outside and starting new fires while the fire is not being wind whipped right now, which makes it do crazy things fast. the towering smoke hampers aerial drops of water and red fire retardant that stable air makes it so it's difficult for us to see
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the fire. it's difficult for aircraft to do their jobs, but newly available infrared sensors can see right through the smoke and alert ground crews about unseen or unknown amber fed flare ups a spot fire occurred a significant distance away from the fire it through the 20 acres. they would not have known that fire was there at all if it hadn't been for infrared image. cal fire has no choice but to bring in many more resources. we're not going to put our firefighters in danger, so you know, think if there's an area where they're working, and all of a sudden conditions become too bad, we are going to pull them out and bring them to a place where they're going to be safe. the new resources are being added to the 5200 and 22 firefighters, 88 hand crews. 418 fire engines. 121 water tenders, 24 helicopters and 110 dozers already in the incredibly dangerous battle, a battle that could consume many more hamlets and towns before
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it's defeated. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. there is some positive news from the sierra foothills where cruise on the river fire say they are making some progress. the river fire has burned 2600 acres along the bear river near colfax that started wednesday, and containment is now up to 30% firefighters are working to douse hot spots. cal fire says at least 88 buildings have been destroyed. and one man learned today that his home in the small community of chicago park was destroyed. my house. that burnt is i spent a lot of work, making everything handmade feel the trees to make the floors a lot of just stuff that i want to put a lot of love and for my kids, and they got to spend a little bit of time in there. it's hard to sleep at night. when you have a lot of this going through your. thinking michael bassett was reunited with his sister today, and he
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learned that his farm animals, including goats and sheep, did survive the fire about 6000. people remain evacuated in nevada and plaster counties smoke traveling this way from fires has prompted the bay area air quality management district to extend an advisory through tomorrow. meteorologist mark tamayo is picking up our wild time wildfire team coverage with a look at the conditions that are now pushing the smoke into other areas. yeah hi there. jan. it's one little weather feature that's setting up a northerly flow says bringing in the smoke from the north and headed toward the bay area are earlier thinking. we were thinking like, okay, maybe the smoke could be up above the upper elevations. and that's what we're seeing about up above. 1000 ft. but some instances some of that smoke is actually making it down to the surface. and as result, we have poor air quality across parts of the bay area. as we take a look at this the air quality advisory. this was our one that creek camera this afternoon. we should be able to show you mount diablo. but yeah, if you can't see visibility is coming down quite a bit. so the air quality advisory for today and
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into tomorrow. so that widespread smokey area you can see all the activity with the dixie fire, but also some smart some fires up to our north, contributing to our smoke here in the bay area, particularly the mcfarland, the monument fire and also the river call plex up to our north. that is that the whole car. complex is the primary smoke producer here in the bay area as we take a look at some of the air quality sensors remember some of that smoke is just up above really not impacting the air quality sensors too much, but i will say it's not on this map but out toward concord, but you have unhealthy air quality and also out towards liver more up in the orange is to have an impact on some centers across portions of the bay area. here is a smoke forecast. if you can't see and just obviously, if that advisory extended into saturday, we are expecting that smoke to a stick around, especially for the first half of the day, but we are expecting improving conditions throughout the day on saturday, and a sure bet as we head into a sunday but once again the moderate levels expected to depend at that smoke falls
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closer to the surface. we could have those maybe some oranges and possibly some reds across parts of the bay area. what could could i will continue to keep an eye on this pattern and have another update. in a few minutes or not, or covid coverage. the union representing san francisco's sheriff's deputies say it expects to see many law enforcement officers quit if all city workers are forced to get a covid-19 vaccine. ktvu crime reporter henry least spoke to union rep. who says requiring of vaccine would be unfair. this picture of a woman hanging out of a cadillac while armed with an ak 74 was put on social media along with this statement, quote public safety of san francisco has turned into the wild west and will get worse when officers quit due to the vaccine mandate. that's what the san francisco deputy sheriff's union posted on facebook in response to plan that require all city workers be vaccinated. this mandate is so strict. um we have employees that are going to quit. ken lamba is president of the sheriff's union. he says some
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law enforcement officers are refusing to take the vaccine for medical, religious or other reasons, and that forcing them to do so is unfair. we would like it to be the same as the state, you know, the same as the surrounding counties required to vaccinate. or test, the union says about 18% of its 850 sworn deputies aren't vaccinated under the city's mandate. deputies who are assigned high risk spots like sf general hospital or the jails, including the one at the hall of justice would have to be vaccinated by september. 15th. other deputies assigned court. bayless and sf city hall would have to be vaccinated within 10 weeks of final fda approval, which would probably be later in the fall. we obviously encourage everyone to vaccinate and are consistent with the city's plans, but san francisco sheriff paul miyamoto confirmed that deputies to refuse shots could be disciplined up to including termination. they're welcome to express their opinion. i do want to make sure that we continue on the path we're on, which is to keep people educated as to what the
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processes are going to be for the city over at the san francisco police department about 17% of employees are not vaccinated. the city says vaccines are the best tools to keep everyone safe and about 70% of its workforce are fully vaccinated. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. well this week, san francisco general hospital gave out hundreds of pfizer and moderna shots. the people who've already received the johnson and johnson vaccine, health officials say the shots are being offered in response to patient concerns about the efficacy of the j and j vaccine. now no one is recommending to mix vaccines and at the world health organization. it is discouraging booster shots to make sure there are enough doses for poorer countries. with the delta variant becoming the dominant strain of covid-19 barria. health officials are now keeping an eye on a related strain called delta. plus, it differs from the delta variant by one gene mutation. it was first detected back in march in
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europe so far, 64 cases have been detected in santa clara county and two cases in marin county researchers are trying to learn how prevalent it is. and if delta plus is more easily transmissible, it's important not only in identifying new variants but also really important in ensuring that the current vaccines the pfizer, moderna and the johnson and johnson are remaining. it's effective against these newer variants. dr singh tells us that the vast majority of the cases so far are among unvaccinated people, particularly when it comes to the severe cases, including those that involve hospitalization. napa county wants everyone to wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status. county now joined seven other bay area counties that implemented the indoor mask mandate on tuesday. napa held off at first on the mandate over concerns that it might discourage people from getting vaccinated. solano
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county is now the only area county that does not have a mask mandate today, governor gavin newsom talked about the states reopening plan for schools. it's a 123 billion education package that will provide money for universal tk increased staffing and universe. school meals more than $4 billion will provide funding for students with mental health challenges, the governor said. distance learning took a toll on students, and they'll need all the help they can get this fall. and so we're here, sober and humbled by the enormity of the challenge in front of us to make up for that, and to not allow our kids to be left behind, the governor said the state's mask mandate for students will be enforced by individual school districts. well the white house keeps focus today on encouraging people to get vaccinated. want to thank the local leaders in the private sector. leaders who are imposing vaccine requirements. america can beat
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the delta variant later in this newscast, we'll take a look at how debate over vaccines and masks intensifies tonight, happening across the country. well too powerful california republicans urging members of the state gop to withhold endorsing a candidate in next month, recalled next month's rather recall election. now two members of the gop national committee say endorsing a single candidate runs the risk of discouraging supporters of the. other candidates from heading to the polls. larry elder kevin falconer, kevin keeley and doug ocr competing for the california republican party. endorsement delegates are scheduled to vote for a candidate during a virtual meeting that happens tomorrow. police in santa cruz, a man, a woman rather who drove her car off a cliff is safe. police say the woman was sitting in her car at the lighthouse parking lot when she stepped on the gas after being scared. they say
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someone mistakenly opened her door, which caused her to drive off the cliff. the woman hurt her foot, but she suffered no major injuries. no one else was injured. are two football fans look forward to returning to levi stadium tomorrow, coming up the pandemic era changes they should expect and find out how convicted killer killer scott peterson is getting wrapped up in another very high profile murder case. plus, we'll have this zip trip to the peninsula uncovers hidden gems.
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its doors to fans tomorrow. the team is getting ready to welcome a crowd of about 20,000 people for an open practice. ktvu san ruben shows us how the pandemic will mean some changes for fans when they return. at levi stadium. the anticipation is building you can see it in the team store and in the newly
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reopened 49ers museum, which has been a lot of smiles. a lot of people just feel you can feel the excitement coming off of people excitement because football is back. and for the first time since january, 2020 levi stadium will open its doors to the 49 are faithful. we've missed the fans. we've missed the energy sitting in an empty stadium watching the football game. it's not really the greatest experience i can tell you and so sad. today, those stands will be filled partially, at least with 20,000 fans. they'll watch a practice, get concessions and hopefully get along, but it's been a while since groups of people have kind of engaged with one another, so i'm going to ask you to do what mom and dad kind of told us, which was be kind will be considerate. be patient. there will be changes to navigate masks required an indoor areas. new automated turnstiles and new cashless concessions, and fans say they can't wait. cory francis ca captain faithful says watching games in his themed man cave just isn't the same. it's nice
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to have friends come over and watch the games and putin holler and all that stuff, but nothing is like being at the actual game. in fact, fans say they even missed the tedious parts of a day at the stadium, even sitting through traffic. you can miss that little stuff waiting in line for concessions, bathrooms. all that good stuff. i mean, i miss it all. even the even the messy stuff. you know, saturday's event is just an open practice, although a big one. it's also dwight clark day. and will honor the 49 are great. i'm hoping it's going to get the players fired up to have the fans there and have them win some games and feel good and show off and show their talent. fans say they're hopeful this is the beginning of a great season one that covid won't put a damper on well, everybody's getting their shots. so let's hope so. the open practice inside levi stadium goes from 10 until noon on saturday. tickets are still available and their $10 apiece. the 49ers first preseason game against the chiefs is set for august 14th in santa clara and
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ruben ktvu, fox two news. oh we'll bury a weather. of course we having tracking all that smoke moving in from the north, especially for the upper elevations up above 1000 ft. but have received reports of some of that smoke, making it closer to the surface and, unfortunately is going to stick around as we head into your forecast for tomorrow. so the air quality advisory this is our walnut creek camera. you cannot even see. mount diablo today, so the air quality advisory extended into a saturday and just take a look at some of the sights here conquered the most recent observation in that unhealthy range. 1 56 on the air quality scaled liver more unhealthy for sensitive groups. most areas of the bay area today in that moderate range in the yellow range, and that's the forecast for tomorrow, but it just kind of depends on your neighborhood and just what could be developing at that hour where some of that smoke could be drifting closer to the surface highs from this afternoon. we are expecting a warm up and you can the hot temperatures out. there are some nineties across portions of the bay area today, probably one of the warmer
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days. the week we will cool things off a bit as we head into your forecast for tomorrow as we head into what your saturday here's a satellite, and we're checking out all that smoke moving in from the north, a complex of fires, producing all that smoke, and it's just a change in the wind direction that northerly flow that transports the smoke closer to the bay area. we still have the low clouds and fog. the typical fog hanging out coast side and right around portions of the bay. current numbers out there. we're showing you some eighties and nineties. well, inland san francisco 64, santa rosa. lower eighties 82 degrees, and here is the plan tomorrow morning's the clouds or be out there. temperatures in the fifties and the sixties and then into the afternoon hours by three or four o'clock, there's the eventual temperature range for the sixties to mostly the lower nineties. most areas should be a touch cooler as we head into your saturday but once again hazy sunshine still that smoke a part of our forecast. it's still a little bit cooler across portions of the bay area. we will continue to cool things off in the five day we'll have more on that with your full
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forecast, and just a few minutes, mark. thank you so much. well for the first time ever, lake oroville, which was full two summers ago is down 250 ft so low that the 67 year old hydro electric power plant had to be shut down for lack of water. this picture on the mercury news website shows just how dire the situation is for the plant, but usually and reliably generates enough electricity to power 650,000 homes, things are scarcely better for other hydro generation such as p g d, which combined with other hydro generators supply 15% of california's annual power demands, especially at peak demand periods such as western statewide heat spells. you can think of hydro is kind of the shock absorber to the whole electrical system. um because it's among the most flexible sort of energy we have. you can use it as long as you have water in the you can sort of use it when you want and it can respond very quickly. well with
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far less pollution free hydro, the state is forced to step up generation from greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuel plan says having to import a lot more power from other states. providing that power is available to men have pleaded guilty to assaulting a law enforcement officer during the january 6th riot at the us capitol, former mixed martial arts spider scott fair lamb of new jersey and devlin thompson of washington state are the first people to enter a plea deal with federal prosecutors. their case is could be used as a benchmark for dozens of other cases. an attorney for one of the defendants is seeking a sentence of 3.5 to 4 years in prison. firefighters working to put out wildfires across northern california want the weather to cooperate coming up? we'll check in with cal fire to discuss the challenges firefighters face and one man shares his story with ktvu about how he became homeless during the pandemic. why he's
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. many days. clearly flames in some areas are relentless. and cal fire's edwin zuniga joins us now to give us a better idea of where the firefighting effort stand tonight. thank you for joining us again tonight on the six. thank you. now we saw that the 35% containment on this fire remained unchanged
6:23 pm
overnight as the dixie fire grew. where are you going to be concentrating your efforts tonight? uh tonight we're serving concentrated rather than. uh and focusing on the peninsula the most side of like january along with westward. the fire did explode in north direction. let's caught it and then started pushing towards the east. so truster was surrounded by fire at one point last night, but tourism family attacked the main hub of chester community. they continue to monitor and, uh. mop up around the perimeter of chester. uh it kind of gives the turn of buffer from the rest of the fire because vegetation that fuels around town captain for top on the fire, so we're going to continue to monitor that situation. firefighters monitoring protecting structure from that town and we're going to try to continue to build. line, but more than the fired each other gain some sort of
6:24 pm
containment on this fire were exported. other options such as attainment lines that we do it master hard fire. uh so we're looking at that as possibly a possible strategy to implement those containment lines, so we didn't have lost here to continue to build off that we have resources. scouting the north or not. i was 34 to see what other locations we used to anchor in. and, uh. to build mind awful and those flames are so high amongst the trees there. um you know, this is as you mentioned an area with small towns not heavily populated. but are you anticipating there might be any more evacuations in the next 24 hours? uh all depends on the fire activity. it's hard to say if our firefighters are able to hold the fireworks at right now. i don't think that we would see anymore actually. or his spokes place and you have evacuation warnings. uh that we were having talks about about it, and that'll of but this fire might do. we're in
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uncharted territory right now, as far as well this part so we're trying to get ahead of this and tech company strategy to contain this fire protective mother, uh, communities better them. by the texas bar and you mentioned uncharted territory. one of the cruise was telling our tom vacar that they're seeing a problem not just with hot temperatures during the day, but also it remaining very warm at night. how is that impacting your ability to fight this fire? yeah but we saw during the red flag warnings and the night that this fire did explore. we're seeing, uh, committees loveless life to 6% middle night. that's somewhat we having. are foreseen at and working, you know, ross's environment. firefighters uh so it's just something that we hadn't seen in years. sometimes you haven't dealt with and recent california fire history. uh it's just make it extremely difficult just to continuously 5 24 hours. very impressive.
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expired in that period of time. yes and this fire starting july 14th. we really feel for all of your firefighting crews that are out there on the front lines. certainly i'm sure dealing with a lot of fatigue. cal fire's edwin zuniga, spokesman for cal, fire, thank you so much and our best to all of your crews out there. thank you. well unemployment claims mount tonight when we return one man shares how he ended up homeless in the middle of the pandemic and find out why convicted killer scott peterson's name is being brought up in the murder case of kristin smart and later in sports. major league baseball suspends one of oakland's most explosive weapons for the season sports director market baniyas will have the details on the length and the reason for this deputy sheriffs associan
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says some deputies might quit over a city mandate that all workers be vaccinated. the union says some law enforcement officers are refusing to get the vaccine for medical, religious or other personal reasons, and that forcing them to do so is unfair. deputies who refuse shots could be disciplined or fired the dixie fire in butte and plumas county is now the third largest in state history. it grew by 110 square miles overnight. it is now 675 square miles. containment growing to 35% fortunately, no injuries or deaths are reported, but it is
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decimated small mountain communities, too powerful california republicans are urging members of the state gop to withhold endorsing a candidate in next month's recall election to members of the gop national committee say endorsing a single candidate runs the risk of discouraging supporters of the other candidates from heading to the polls. delicate. are scheduled to vote for a candidate during a virtual meeting tomorrow. and you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 almost a year and a half into the pandemic, and the california employment development department continues to come under intense criticism from people trying to resolve their claims in one cases had dire consequences for a man here in the bay area, ktvu rob ross spoke with him today. mm hmm. i'm more than frustrated. you know, um, i don't even know the white word for anger. you know, i'm angry. cermak jarvis's angry at the employment development department whose lack of attention to his unemployment
6:31 pm
claim he says has pushed him into homelessness. he's living out of his truck here in west oakland and works as a day laborer, because of me not getting my unemployment. i had to result to living in my truck. sleeping on the street. you know, um well, hi. i don't. excuse me, can you take showers every day? up until last year, jarvis was an apprentice barber working in east oakland. i was doing good. i was breaking in four or 500 a week, then covid caused barber shops, beauty salons and many other businesses to shut down. jarvis filed for unemployment. 14 months ago. he's still waiting for his first check. first of all, you can't even get through to talk to anybody. they don't answer your emails. i'll email. do my say at least 50 times the system continues to be overwhelmed. mike bernick is a
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san francisco labor lawyer and former head of the e d d as long as you have. this large number of californians receiving unemployment insurance. it's very hard to get those call numbers down, according to the e d. d it fielded more than 3.4 million calls last week, but it answered only about 248,000 about 7% the e. d. d has hired thousands of workers and is upgrading its system. it's very frustrating. it shouldn't be this way. but it does ultimately succeed for most people. i just want something you know something, you know, saying and, um to take this pressure off me, you know, i don't know. i don't know how much more i could tape. jarvis has contacted his local state senator to help resolve his case. the e d. d did not respond to our questions by deadline. rob rock, ktvu, fox two news. the byd administration has extended the pause on federal student loan payments. the relief plan was
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set to expire next month. well now federal student loan payments will remain suspended through january of next year. the department of education says it will be the final extension borrowers have not had to make payments since march of 2021 former president trump signed the cares act well, the july jobs report released today shows 943,000 jobs were added. last month. that's much higher than the 860,000 economists had expected. the unemployment rate decrease from june to 5.4% from 5.9% it's all proof that the economy continues to rebound. still today, president biden warned that surging delta cases could set the economy back. if more people. do not get vaccinated and after the labor department released the jobs report, stocks closed mostly higher. on wall street. the dow was up 144 points for new record close. the nasdaq fell 59 points with tech stocks losing ground, the
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s and p well, it added seven points enough to get another all time high. every major indices ended the week on the upside after falling last week. financial companies will they had the. biggest gains today. u s senators are expecting to weigh in on the $1 trillion infrastructure bill with a key vote tomorrow. president biden calls the spending plan and historic investment in public works projects. the congressional budget office expects the spending plan would add $256 billion to the nation's deficit over the next decade. well, that does concern many republicans, it appears others are still committed to the bipartisan bill. the cbo score is not the only thing that matters when it comes to the pay for an asset like infrastructure has as its primary purpose. the movement of goods and services in our economy for rule if it's approved by the senate, the bill next will head to the house. some house democrats say they will vote for it only if
6:35 pm
they get to renegotiate some projects that were left out of the bill. i'm willing to support it as long as we see momentum and a forward moving process on the reconciliation package. overall the infrastructure bill calls for $550 billion in new spending over five years. that's on top of infrastructure spending already planned at the federal level, bringing the bill to that $1 trillion price tag. well, more states are now implementing mask mandates for schools, but other states will they are pushing ahead with laws banning them. this debate comes as new covid cases are at their highest levels in six months nationwide, more than 100,000 infections were reported in the us foxes. david lee miller has more. as the spread of the delta variant increases. classrooms are becoming a flashpoint in the showdown over mandates. on friday, new jersey became the latest state to require masks and schools for teachers and students joining at least 10, others. the daily average for
6:36 pm
new cases has now surged to just under 90,000 and hospitalizations are up 43% from last week, officials say. mitigation efforts like masks are the best way to stop the spread. anyone telling you that we can safely reopen our schools without requiring everyone inside to wear a mask is quite simply lying to you. at least nine other states are going in the opposite direction banning mask mandates in schools, saying it should be up to individual districts to decide on covid restrictions, drawing mixed reactions from parents tell us an issue like it was before. i guess it teaches them. i feel really upset that we didn't have a safe choice. meanwhile the white house is doubling down on its efforts. to get americans to roll up their sleeves more than 350 million doses have been administered so far, but that's not enough, president biden now reportedly considering withholding federal funds to states and institutions that don't mandate vaccines for employees want to thank the local leaders in the private sector. leaders who are
6:37 pm
imposing vaccine requirements. america can beat the delta. very the fda says it's already working on a strategy to distribute vaccine boosters, which could come as early as next month in new york. david lee miller fox news well, the defense team for the man accused in the killing of christian smart is hoping to call convicted killer scott peterson to the stand to testify. paul floors has been charged with murdering smart who disappeared 25 years ago, but his defense lawyer is calling on peterson the testify. because he and smart knew each other while they both attended. cal poly peterson was sentenced in 2000 and five for murdering his wife, lacey and their unborn child. ktvu legal analyst. my gardos a said he doubts peterson will ever take the stand well in the defense world. what we call that is a soda defend some other dude, did it. not my client. it's not
6:38 pm
going to work in this case, because to my knowledge, there is no evidence that scott peterson was at all involved with miss smart. other than he knew her in college. that's not enough to get scott peterson into that courtroom. prosecutors are now outlining evidence against flores and his father, ruben, who has been charged as an accessory. a judge will determine whether father and son will go to trial. smart body has never been found. coming up. we uncover hidden gems on a zip trip today from pigeon point to goat farms, see what our crew found while exploring the peninsula, and the call goes out to people interested in traveling to space will break down how m
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attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. all the way to san matteo, the coast there ktvu is frank mallicoat tells us there's something for everyone from foodies to beachcombers and some fascinating history all along the way, pescadero is just a quick half hour trip south of half moon bay. the views are out of this world on highway one, and on a weekday, you may have pescadero beach all to yourself like wood size. jeff cocos, who often comes to unwind. punches fishing. that's all just enjoying the weather and fishing and you are all by yourself. yeah it's great. no, we're not in portland, maine. we are still in pescadero. say
6:42 pm
hello to the pigeon point lighthouse. it is the tallest lighthouse right here on the west coast. 115 ft tall pitching point was built in 18 72, and it's become a beacon not only for boaters but for artists as well. half moon base who hatfield says it brings her peace of mind and the scenery. well, that's okay too. i enjoy it because it is clean and pure. and sometimes i actually get to see a whale and i don't know it's refreshing and it's not all touristy tourists. well, you have to go downtown for that. stage street. it's just two miles inland from highway one known for its trendy shops and the oldest protestant church on the peninsula and great food do. art's tavern has been a fixture since 18 94 and still very popular. it's a throwback family restaurant with its original bar. seafood is a go
6:43 pm
to, but they're artichoke soup is legendary. i never know you can make soup out of artichoke. just the hearts. yes, the leaves are a little chewy. but the soup is amazing. yeah the soup is good. yeah, well, i can vouch for that. yeah. and so can marianne peterson in cupertino a day at pescadero is not complete without a bowl. artichoke soup is excellent. it has been here for a very, very long time. i believe. and they do a good job if you want a delicious sandwich, check out the arkan jelly grocery in deli warning. bring an appetite this sandwich is so delicious and look at this. there's a whole chicken in here. you are so cute for family fun. the hartley goat farm is the perfect place to visit. it's kid friendly. you can pet and feed the little ones, but you can't take him home. i like the baby once. yeah, they're kind of cute, aren't they? uh yeah. do you want to take one home?
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no d harley found at the goat farm 30 years ago. all the milk from these nanny goats, make wonderful cheeses and other products all available inside their gift shop. every day i wake up and there's the hum and the rhythm of the of the farm. the animals the clinker to clanks the people. it's a wonderful life and the goats. well, of course, the goats. it all starts with the goats on the trip back home, you'll notice all the plush farmland off pescadero creek road and when you're back on highway one, be sure in pull into the pie ranch farm stand. you will not be disappointed. why did you stop at the piranha? which um, i saw signs for pie and that was enough. i guess. frank mallicoat ktvu fox two news. yeah, barry weather still tracking some smoke across portions of the of areas some gradual improvement over the weekend. we'll have more on your forecast coming up coming up on the seven o'clock news on
6:45 pm
ktvu, plus the dangers of fentanyl, intense body camera video showing a california deputy collapsing after fentanyl exposure. how the deputy is doing tonight and how the sheriff's department is responding to all of this ad, an aide who accused new york governor andrew cuomo of groping her at the governor's mansion has filed a crib. going to complain against him. what? we're learning tonight about that report. but first after the break, find out what it the break, find out what it takes you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it.
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yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, flight into space. the tickets will go for an out of this world price of $450,000. the company says it will first offer tickets to people who put
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down a $1000 deposit over the next few months. the flight is scheduled for takeoff late next month and will also carry members of the italian air force. virgin galactic's first flight took place last month. well barry weather if we do not have the smoke, we'd be talking about the award about today. we'll still talk about the warm up, but of course, the smoke continues to top our weather headlines in the air quality as well. our initial thinking we're expecting that smoke to be up above. maybe 5000 ft, but some of that has made it closer to the surface impacting some. not all air quality sensors, vaca veil and conquered. you can see unhealthy reports right now. liver more unhealthy for sensitive groups vallejo in san jose, and that moderate range in most of the bay area in that moderate range. the source of the smoke. you can see here all the wildfire activity up to our north, especially for these three fires. the mcfarland, the monument and the river complex, really setting up the smoky pattern for us here in the bay area, the air quality advisory
6:49 pm
continues into your saturday and you can see the smoke forecast model keeping that smoke around. maybe some improvement by tomorrow afternoon and then definitely some improvement as we head into the second half of the weekend highs from this afternoon. you can see it's hot and led some upper nineties out toward concord and fairfield livermore, mid nineties san francisco 70 and santa rosa in the upper eighties. so once again we're not tracking cloud cover here. it's all that smoke and haze drifting overhead. we also have the fog hanging out near the coast and right around portions of the bay this evening current numbers out there. we'll check in on those for the six o'clock our san francisco 64 santa rosa 82 degrees seventies and fremont and some nineties out toward livermore. add in walnut creek. so why smoking today? it's kind of this guy here this area of low pressure that northerly flow has kind of been a transport mechanism to bring in that smoke from the north. so that smoke kind of settles in tonight into saturday morning, so air quality could continue to be an issue but a coolie trend this weekend as this guy
6:50 pm
wants to move in, and this will ultimately clear out or improve our air quality as we head into a sunday so once again still some smoking some haze. for tomorrow, especially for the morning hours could be improving as we head into the afternoon hours and forecast highs for you saturday a little bit cooler than today. still some nineties inland out toward antioch out toward livermore and conquered san jose 82 oakland, 73, san francisco today 70 degrees tomorrow, a little bit cooler by about four degrees will go 66 the cooling trend kind of begins for you saturday and it continues as we head into a sunday. and then into early next week. hopefully we get all that smoke out of here and a little bit of a cooling trend for monday, and then we'll grab you warm up those numbers by tuesday and into wednesday of next week, but unfortunately once again as we head into the weekend, especially for the first half is saturday that smoke will probably settle in overnight it could be around it could impact air quality first thing tomorrow morning jet. all right. thank you so much mark and up next in sports. the
6:51 pm
impact of losing one of the most dynamic members of the oakland a's sports director, mark ibanez has details on suspension and wrestling takes over prime time on ktvu tonight. look for the w w e friday night smackdown at eight o'clock. then followed by our 10 o'clock news at 10
6:52 pm
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vinyl romand disappointing news on so many levels for the oakland a streaming in this afternoon, first of all as a team, right in the middle of a pennant race to get this kind of devastating news and then as an eventual as an individual, ramon laureano. suspended one of the team leaders 80 games, he will be out without pay a punishment that will put him out not only for the rest of this season, but a good month, probably in the next year. laureano one of the most talented and fiery players tested positive for nandrolone. that, of course, is a performance enhancing drug. of course he denies ever taking. it doesn't really say how it got into his system befre tonight's game with the texas
6:55 pm
rangers bob melvin commented on the suspension and that one is hit high and deep. i think everybody was shocked. you know, these things aren't fun and ramones beloved in our clubhouse, so you know we have to buy by the rules, and everybody knows him. unfortunately we're in a position that we are right now. you know, there's a kind of an emotional level that he brings to that. you know, we're gonna have guys are gonna have to step up. alright much happier news with regard to the golden state warriors, who kind of get a two for one deal going here with andre iguodala, not only a court savvy, intelligent player, but. one of the mainstays, one of the most talented guys from their five year run. andre iguodala is back with the golden state warriors. he's going to not only be great on the court in the moments that he's available, but a great mentor for suddenly very young infusion of players on the roster thinking about james wiseman, of course, the
6:56 pm
to a draft picks from last week. i g b m v p. you remember the 2015 nba finals? second stint? what's golden state is 30. seven years old. he's just a rings. there'll be a one year deal guy going with the veteran minimum, he says. quote i got some more time left and the golden state warriors happy for it right now. san francisco 49 fans have an insatiable appetite for anything, trey, lance related. he's just getting rave reviews down in santa clara on end of the second week of training, and, as you can imagine, is that remove getting reported and today he reportedly had his most humbling day of practice. if you believe what you hear, he fumbled a couple of snaps through four straight interceptions near the end of the workout, or rather, four straight incompletions. but coach shanahan assures everybody you are definitely
6:57 pm
going to see the rookie on the field when the real game start. trey's going to play for us this year. i mean, whether it's and i know you guys are running to twitter on that, but like i mean, that is situationally. he's going to get place like that doesn't mean that he's going to go the starter. anything he's going to get plays. you got to prepare them for that every way possible. yeah. alright some baseball stuff as we mentioned the a's are playing the rangers tonight. san francisco giants in progress in milwaukee. but friday night at the vitter's, you gotta check. this out. as this happened just now about 20 minutes ago. mike is stransky with one of the most sensational catches up the entire season. so far, that is a fantastic catch to rob rowdy tellez of extra bases of the milwaukee brewers and the report back there in milwaukee. mike is stransky is okay, but that well padded wall. is
6:58 pm
actually solid concrete. and so he might wake up a little bit sore tomorrow, jenna, but he is continuing in the game. no injury to report in the san francisco giants. uh and andre to 11 ball game who have full highlights of 10. and as you say, you might just rub a little tustin on will be okay. glad he's not more seriously entered. yeah, absolutely. guys see it. all right. thanks so much. mark big bang theory is next here on ktvu and our lives. coverage continues with andre at seven.
6:59 pm
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