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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 6, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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already on fire. horrific conditions in northern california firefighters losing ground on the dixie fire, now the largest wildfire burning in the united states, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now, and the fire grew by more than 70,000 acres today, and containment has shrunk. hello again. i'm andre senior. eight people now unaccounted for, as he dixie fire burns through plumas and mew counties. cruz losing control of the blaze over the past 24 hours, containment dropped from 35% to just 21% so far nearly 435,000 acres have burned, wiping out the towns of greenville and kenyan at least 184 structures have been destroyed, cal fire officials say the weather conditions were to blame for the loss of containment today, but tonight they're hopeful crews will regain ground. with the passing of the red flag warning today saw much moderated, um weather
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and therefore much moderated fire activity, so there was smoke in the air all day. um, which spoke to the lack of wind. and it also serves to keep the fire sort of down. well cal fire has more than 5000 personnel working on the fire right now. the cause still under investigation tonight and smoke from all of the wildfires burning around california settle into the bay area. take a look. the city skyline was shrouded by hayes, looking from the east way and in walnut creek, you could see hardly mount diablo through all that smoke a similar scene as cars drove across the san mateo bridge and then the north bay blue skies were trying to peek through. the haze there in marin, let's take it down to meteorologist mark tamayo. mark. how long will the smoky skies less well, andre looks like one more day, but there's a chance we could have some the gradual improvement by saturday afternoon into was saturday evening, but we still have the air quality advisory in place
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to start off the weekend. taking a look right now at the dixie fire zone. of course, we do not have any red flag fire warnings in place, but it has been so explosive. of course we could talk about. the drought and how dry the conditions are. you can see right now we're checking out. at least the moisture levels are beginning to come up tonight. these the current conditions around 43 to 63% and the temperatures in the fifties and the sixties. now the air quality advisory in place right on through tomorrow, as you can see, there is the satellite from earlier today showing you. all the smoke drifting in from the north. smoke forecast model here we are tonight. look what happens as we put this into motion into tomorrow morning. this is seven o'clock tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon hours. there's a chance we might scale back on the intensity of that smoke and then into let's see, we'll click this into your sunday and we should see some gradual improvement. we'll see more of that westerly flow. kick the smoke out of the bay area and out to our east so that should help us out as we head into, especially the second half of the weekend.
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what about temperature as it was hot today in a few spots that will be talking about a cool down head on our way with your forecast in a few minutes. alright mark. thanks now let's go to ktvu elissa harrington live in walnut creek with how people in the bay area dealt with the smoky skies today. listen, that's right. well, the smoke is definitely noticeable, but it's just not as bad as we've experienced in the past. that is because the smoke is a lot higher in the air. still people are being advised to close their doors and windows and limit exposure. um it's impacting me. i noticed that while i'm running around at the front of the net, like i was getting more winded kind early on, justin barely and his friends meant for a volleyball game at walnut creek's heather farm park as wildfire smoke lingered above been like, uh, was this the fourth year of this happening, so i'm kind of it's like business as usual. almost the bay area air quality management district issued a smoke advisory through saturday. the smoke is aloft, meaning
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it's not at ground level. it's coming from fires burning further north, including the river complex fire friday levels were moderate, spokesperson walter wallace said. they don't expect widespread unhealthy levels around here. you may smell smoking in those cases. if you are near the fire, you just know you are being affected. so maybe limiting your exposure outside. making sure your windows and doors are closed as long as heat allows and things of that nature. the smoke can irritate the eyes and sinuses cause a cough or scratchy throat. those with respiratory issues like asthma, along with children and the elderly, should avoid exposure altogether, even though the smoke is from distant fires. it's important that we keep our eye on the ball. as the residents of the area and do everything we can to prevent that next fire from starting steve hill with the contra costa fire protection district, said the smoke should serve as a reminder of the dry in dangerous conditions here, he advised, creating defensible space around your home avoid using power tools during the hot time of the day and remember something as simple as dragging a chain from a trailer
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could be disastrous. if it causes a spark. we have very high fire danger all across the region. today and i've had for weeks on end. now. there's really no end in sight. napa some of those areas at higher elevations like napa county, sonoma county in solano county, might have even worse. smoky conditions. reporting live in walnut creek. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. alright, alyssa. thank you so much, and here's an incredible bird's eye view of the smoke coming from the dixie fire. this was taken at 35,000 ft from plane heading to santa barb. from portland, and you can see the huge great cloud to smoke going on and on four miles, the dixie fires torn through two towns near lake salvador, leaving very few buildings standing ktvu sm agus joins us now live after speaking to some people who escaped those flames. emma. andre many people in plumas
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county have evacuated people. i spoke with our worry they won't have a home to come back to you. it's really been very emotional day. very emotional weeks. kevin goss is the plymouth county supervisor representing district to this is what's left of his family's corner pharmacy. we gotta. couple of things left that can see that we can maybe salvage, but it's just gone. representative doug lem alpha stood outside what used to be greenville's fire station on thursday. well, here we are in the in the ruins, brandon clement traces extreme weather events for a living. he described what it was like being inside the dixie fire's path on wednesday, feeling winds nearing 60 mph. it was one of the more intensive burning his other received there. structures fully involved, fully engulfed just about everywhere. i looked, the wind was screaming. it was blowing hard enough to where it was actually gripping sheet metal off of roofs that were already on fire, he said. many
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of the people who owned vacation homes along lake al manar also lost homes when they can't fire tore through the city of paradise in 2018, so they're being traumatized and impact it all over again. most people in the region have evacuated their homes, including supervisor boss he said. he spoke to the man that owns this gas station in greenville. he said. the owner and his wife are now homeless. he was really upset. he lost both houses and his gas station and everything and he's not sure what he's gonna do. you know, we're not sure. you know, it's just going to have to sink in a little bit. we're going to have to and supervisor gods also told me that greenville recently finished a massive $15 million revitalization of the downtown a few years ago. now all that hard work is undone. aundre ashamed to see what has been happening there, emma gossip reporting for us, emma. thank you. meantime, containment is growing in the river fire, which started wednesday in the sierra foothills. containment is now up to 40% from 30% earlier
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today, it's burned 2600 acres along the bear river near colfax. cal fire says at least 88 buildings have been destroyed about 6000 people across plaster. nevada counties had to evacuate, and some of those evacuation orders have been lifted tonight. what's a popular area for tourists will now visitors will have to bring their vaccine cards with them about 90 seconds. the destination now requiring proof of vaccination in order to dine indoors at a prominent san francisco activists and commissioner accused of rape, how he's responding
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require proof of vaccination or negative coronavirus test in order to go to restaurants and bars. it will take effect in three weeks. the city is also requiring everyone to wear mass indoors as well as at large outdoor events that sell tickets. starting immediately. some restaurants have already begun requiring vaccinations or negative covid tests. a pop up covid-19 vaccination clinic was set up in oakland tech high school today in preparation of the return of school. kaiser ran that side and gave shots to anyone who was at least 12 years or older. the clinic offered the pfizer and johnson and johnson vaccines. we really want to target our youth as our as our kids start to go back to school. we want to make sure that every child has 12 and older is vaccinated. that's
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going to be the only way to keep our other children who can't get vaccinated safe and to keep all of us safe. 100 doses were set aside for today's clinic appointments were not required, but anyone 17 years or younger needed to get permission from their parents or their guardian. well. school is starting in many parts of the bay area soon, and governor gavin newsom headed to southern california today to detail the state's efforts to get kids safely back into the classroom as ktvu political reporter greg lee explains, the governor also stood by his mask mandate for schools. as many schools around the state welcome students back in person for the first time in more than a year, governor newsom made a stop at a southern california elementary school. this is a you know, forgive me a proud moment to see these kids back in school to see this scene replicated all throughout the state of california, the governor, local lawmakers and state superintendent tony thurman, touting the record 123.9
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billion california's sending two schools. the budget includes money for universal t k increased staffing, universal school meals and more than 4,000,000,002 help students with mental health challenges. as we deal with the trauma that that creates, it is so important to lift up these incredible resources that are provided to support our students and their families. as we roar back out of this challenge, sober and humbled by the enormity the challenge in front of us to make up for that and to not allow our kids to be left behind, used to acknowledge the social and emotional toll the pandemic end zoom school took on children, his handling of school reopenings, one of the chief criticisms from republicans running in the recall race. at this week's debate, opponents echoed some parents frustration with the state's mass. mandate for everyone indoors at public schools. parents know what is best for their kids. they should be making these decisions for themselves
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strongly opposed mass mandates in public schools are parents are the right ones to make the choices for our kids at the school knew. some spent time with young students, all wearing masks, he again urged people to get vaccinated stood by the mask mandate and took a shot at recall proponents and we will hold firm. in terms of those recommendations that are aligned with the cdc, in line with the american academy of pediatrics, which i'm more interested in their counseling advice than respectfully. those that are seeking to move in the direction of florida greg lee ktvu fox two news. developments tonight in the california recall election politico is reporting that los angeles county has already started mailing recalled ballots to some 5.9 registered voters for 5.9 million registered voters. that is, it comes as two powerful california republicans urging members of the state gop to withhold endorsing a candidate in next month's
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recall election to members of the gop national committee say endorsing a single candidate runs the risk of discouraging supporters of the other candidates from heading to the polls. larry elder, kevin falconer, kevin keeley, and, uh go see you're competing for the california republican party. endorsement delegates are scheduled to vote for a candidate during a virtual meeting tomorrow. well, the u. s labor department released its july jobs report today and it shows 943,000 jobs were added last month that is much higher than the 860,000 economists had expected. the unemployment rate decreased from june to 5.4% from 5.9% it's all proof that the economy continues to rebound. still today, president biden warned that surging delta cases could set the economy back. if more people do not get. vaccinated california continues urging water cutbacks, but one bay area county isn't reaching its conservation goals. and a
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barrier weather a warm to hot day today, of course, that smoke moving in some changes over the weekend. we'll have more on your forecast coming up, also ahead an emotional vigil on the peninsula five years to the day that a young man was shot and killed while playing shot and killed while playing pokemon go his you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less.
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babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! san francisco building inspection commission is stepping down after being accused of rape. johndroe kobo tweeted tonight that he is resigning from his commission post and taking a leave from his community work to avoid being a distraction, he says while his memory of events is different than that of his accusers, he believes every woman needs to be heard and is deeply saddened by the deep pain she's experiencing his
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accuser, shasha prigel, had gone public with her story, saying she was raped by kobo in april, she says she has come forward in hopes of protecting other women from being victimized. well it's been five years since a 20 year old calvin riley was shot and killed while playing pokemon go in san francisco, as ktvu deborah villalon tells us his father held a vigil tonight in hopes of bringing a renewed spotlight to the case. as you know, it's been five years and just a nightmare. sean riley tells everyone son calvin gives him strength to keep going that and he's determined to catch calvin's killer. we will get there when i go to bed every night, telling calvin i will find what we've done this. prayers were said and candles lit for calvin murdered august 6th five years ago, a graduate of sarah high in san mateo, a star on the baseball team, he had gone on to pitch in college and aspired to the major leagues. we have a killer walk on the streets, and we have
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nothing. calvin was shot near san francisco's ghirardelli square while playing the mobile game. pokemon go, no robbery or confrontation. calvin's friend saw him fall to the ground, a bullet in his back motivated, fearless, a great team. made a great son and unbelievable brother. he was he was the best whose of us in time. a suspect sketch was released along with possible cars involved, but nothing has come of those leads. i don't know what to believe anymore. i've done my own investigation. at times. i feel like i have my own theory of what has gone down. i think my son was targeted. i don't think i was randomly shot and the family has long believed san francisco police with more homicide experience should have taken over the case from us parks. police. we haven't had anything i feel like at the end of the day. i feel like authorities of basically abandoned my family. cal was turning playing the game. calvin's mom, carryin was also devastated. in the beginning, the rileys were together at vigils for calvin. they are now divorced. it's ripped my family
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apart. calvin's mom and two siblings still live in the bay area. but sean has returned to boston, where the family was originally from. i miss my family. i miss my, you know, i miss him. you know, i miss it all. i missed sunday afternoon dinners. dozens of people coming together to remember calvin and support the family means everything to his father to see a sunset or see his sunrises everything for me, you know, because of the strength calvin had with people. u s park police did not respond to our inquiries about this case. $110,000 reward is offered for information leading to calvin riley's killer in san mateo, deborah villalon. ktvu fox two news. well, santa clara county is falling short of its water conservation goals. new numbers released today show that residents used the same amount of water in june as it did during the same month last year despite being asked to cut back by 15% santa clara water valley
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water district declared a drought emergency on june 9th officials. if the 15% target is not meant this month, customers could face water allocations and surcharges for exceeding limits. barry weather someday it'll be nice to talk about rainfall, but nothing showing up in our forecast at all, as you would expect this time of year. in fact, temperature is a hot day inland today. tomorrow we will begin to cool things off in a few spots. take a look at the numbers. you can see the hotspot in the mid to upper nineties oakland 76 san jose 85 in san francisco right around 70 degrees, air quality continues to be a concern for tomorrow, the forecast right now showing moderate levels, but there's a chance we could have. maybe some unhealthy levels, depending on the fire behavior up to our north, but still that smoky haze still part of our forecast for tomorrow, especially for the first half of your saturday. her number of santa rosa checking in 60 oakland. 60 degrees living more lower seventies ed san jose in the
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sixties. here is the forecast models showing you some of the fog tomorrow morning, definitely cosa and even some areas right around the bay could have some patchy fog clouds will clear back to near the coastlines of temperatures ranging from the sixties all the way to the nineties. why did the smoke come in today? of course, with the fires up to our north, but we also have this is very low pressure setting up this northerly flow in the upper levels. transporting that smoke closer to the closer to the bay area so into saturday when to hold on to this pattern, but you can see what happens. develop over the weekend. cooley trend as the system wants to develop offshore, that'll send temperatures down, especially by sunday that should also help improve air quality by sunday and into early next week. forecast ties for tomorrow for you saturday afternoon. still some nineties well inland toward fairfield in antioch, three about 79 san jose 80. to oakland, 73 in san francisco, right around 66 degrees here is
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look ahead. your five day we are cooling things off into your sunday not too much change in on monday was slightly warmer temperatures into early next week by tuesday and wednesday, but for the most part, the hot temperatures moving out of the bay area for right now, all right, mark. thanks well, if you're looking for fun and educational experience for kids, you can head to san jose need jurassic west drive through is now open at the santa clara county fairgrounds. get will embark on an hour long tour and view 70 lifelike dinosaurs, all from the comfort of their own vehicle. the tour is open thursdays through sundays until august. 22nd tickets must be purchased ahead of time online because you could not buy them there. are still to come tonight. extra inning heroics by one of the newest members of the open days, sports director of the
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are we still exclusive? absolutely. sensational day for the a's, but they made the best of it earlier, they find out star center fielder ramon larry ana will be out 80 games suspended without pay by baseball he got busted for steroids is the easy way to put it, however, they go out on the field tonight and take care of the texas rangers with a little help. good luck, help, you'd have to say. from a current warrior want toscano anderson, who hails from the east bay throws out the first pitch didn't like the first one. give me another one. he's a bit of a perfectionist, and it works out. all right. we got a 11 ball game in this one. chris bassett pitched brilliantly for the aids, but it's tied newcomer starlene martinez at the plate to on in the bottom of the election. mark drives one to left, deep laughed and that baby is a girl. what a way to end a very
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emotional day for the a is his second marty, with oakland since coming over in that trade, three run shot for one final, dusty baker's houston astros lost to the a's are only three games out. despite the bad news about. ramon larry ah, no. in milwaukee. well it was 90 degrees and someone by the name of santa made an appearance. get every last drop their body. it's going to be your busy season real soon take it easy. fourth inning. you got to see this play. it's rowdy to less deep center. he thinks he has extra basis. mike is stravinsky with, i think the defensive play of the year for the san francisco giants. he stayed in the game. he's going to be a little bruised. rub a little tustin on it, mike, you'll be okay tomorrow and the giants wind up tying the game against orbit burns right hand or out of st mary's brandon's 12, and it's 11. they didn't have a whole lot of offense
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going in this one. so we go to the 10th inning. coleen garcia on the mound and that guy rowdy again, 11 with the laser opposite way down the line. fair ball incomes that gift runner and the brewers will walk it off with the giants. that's been one problem for the giants this year. a lot of teams walked it off on them and to one final, but the dodgers lost tonight, so there's still three out. let's talk olympic basketball. shall we had two former warriors? javale mcgee and, of course, kevin durant and one current warrior winning gold tonight, that would be draymond green is the warriors take care of business dream? i didn't score, but he had five rebounds and a couple of steels kevin durant's the man 29 points is the all. all time leading score for u. s a. and they beat france 87 82 to see her cure the gold. andre iguodala is again a golden state warrior. three time ring
11:29 pm
where most valuable player you remember the nba finals for the warriors in 2015. east side's does the 37 year old er. a veteran minimum one year deal, he says he's got a little left in the tank. so bring him back to the bay and they are glad to have him. alright, giant fans. i know you're bummed about the fact your team last, but the dodgers did, too. and this is how it happened. check this out extra innings against the angels and max muncy, who's been a giant killer for years, can't make the play in short, right field up about a jack mayfield and they booted around. or do the dodgers and there's a replay of it. gotta catch that ball angels who have had their own problems wind up winning the game in exciting fashion. 10 innings 43, which helps the giants maintain their four game lead in the west. andre so all is well that ends well. yes exactly you even with
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that great week, philip up, all right, same to you, mark. thank you so much. and thank you for watching ktvu news at 11. our news continues with mornings on to beginning at seven. a.m. and to beginning at seven. a.m. and you can always find us onl welcome, everyone. i'm dr. debra radcliffe. and today i'm going to help you clean out your junk drawer. of course, i'm talking about an emotional junk drawer where we store all the pain, fear, anger that shapes us. who would like to share why they're here? this one didn't have her glasses at the high school auction. thought she was bidding on a home organizer. and what a lucky mistake. in colombia, we never get to do things like this. the only time that i ever went to a seminar was how to escape the trunk of a car when your hands are tied behind your back. everybody, on your feet. okay. you know, i-i sort of thought this was a "sit here and listen" kind of a thing. yeah. or as i call it, marriage. where's my husbands at? it's good to laugh at what makes us most uncomfortable. but the next three hours will require active participation. let's clear a little space for ourselves. you said this was a 45-minute talk. so what? i was wrong.


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