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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  August 8, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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double shooting at a house party involved in hundreds of teenagers and some developing news in redwood city, where a fire at a tire shop has created a huge plume of black smoke that could be seen miles away. this is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening. i'm julie julie haener. and i'm frank somerville. two people were shot. one of them was killed. that happened at a house party in sunnyvale. it was a rented home and now investigators need help finding out what happened. ktvu is james torres tells us police are asking neighbors for security video. investigators tell me a house on this street was rented out on airbnb and after a party there got out of
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hand. it's now become the center of a double shooting investigation. very quiet neighborhood. i mean, there's occasional parties. sunny veils department of public safety responded to this area of the reign of park neighborhood late saturday night, they say callers said a big party was too loud. it did seem a lot. more intense than in a normal house party officers say they found hundreds of teenagers while they were there. shots were fired. mason fong is a city council member for sunnyvale. he lives nearby and heard some of that chaos. it was 10 minutes straight of just cars and people walking past my street, which which this is a lot of traffic around that time. um and so i figured it was a house party, so i looked out my window saw it was a lot of younger. uh. people police say the gunfire sent to teens to the hospital one is now dead. some neighbors had no idea what was going on. when they woke up this morning. i'm concerned. obviously this neighbor lives farther from the scene. he didn't see or hear anything. but police knocked on his door
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to ask for any doorbell or house camera video. it's unfortunate, but. i have not seen anything any suspicious activity here. obviously you know, start paying attention. neighbors are now questioning how a group of kids got away with hosting a party at an airbnb rental home just as a concerned resident. i think that's that's the first questions that come to mind is, you know, how can i? as a resident? you know what this protocols are in my neighborhood for that kind of incident in order to ensure safety and be able to report that to the authorities, i did reach out to airbnb for statement on this stuff. worry. we are still waiting for an answer in sunny ville. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. in san jose, a six year old girl is dead after crashing her bicycle in the southern part of that city. police said the girl was riding her bike down val roy drive in the la colina neighborhood. it happened yesterday about three in the afternoon. she lost control and hit the curb the impact, then launched her into
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the air, and she hit a concrete wall. police say the little girl was not wearing her helmet. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. barely really tragic. the whole neighborhood's really shook up really sad. everyone is going to be very looking mark. careful make sure their kids wear helmets. yeah. there is now a small memorial at the crash scene. police have been rather, people have been leaving candles, flowers and notes. the chp is investigating a crash on highway 101 in redwood city late last night that left one person dead. it happened just after 11 30 in the south bound lanes near the milbury avenue on ramp. several lanes of traffic were shut down for most of the night. there's still no word as to what may have caused that crash further north on highway one, a one in sonoma county, a man who got out of his car on the freeway was struck and killed by a pickup truck. it happened just after four a.m. in the north bound lanes near the rohnert park expressway. at least one person was killed, four others
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suffered minor injuries. all lanes of traffic remained closed for hours while officers process the scene. investigators say it is unclear why the man who got who was killed got out of his car. now to some developing news on the peninsula this evening, a fire at a tire shop in redwood city is sending large plumes of black smoke over the city. firefighters are on the scene right now. whipple avenue and veterans boulevard battling the fire, which is threatening another building. both streets are closed in both directions, and police are asking everyone to avoid that area. no injuries have been reported. we are working to get more information, and when we get it, we will bring it to you. a federal judge has ordered pg knee to explain its connection to each of the california wildfires that their equipment likely started this year. and that specifically includes the out of control dixie fire, which has now grown to the largest wildfire in california history. pg and e has admitted that their equipment probably
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started the huge fire the judge has now given pg until august, 6th to provide detailed information on the tree that fell on a pg and e power line in the area where the dixie fire started. pg and e says they plan to meet the judges deadline. the dixie wildfire has now burned more than 463 acres in plumas butte, lassen and to him. counties since it began on july 14th to put that in perspective, that's an area larger than new york city containment has now dropped to 21% after wind helped the fire grow in the last two days. 370 structures, including homes and businesses have been destroyed and eight people are reported missing. but so far there are no confirmed deaths to give you an idea of the exact location of the dixie fire. here's a map showing the wildfire in relation to notable areas that
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are close by it's smoke can be seen in the town of paradise, which is about 45 minutes away, and the people of paradise for the people of paradise. the dixie fire is bringing back memories of the 20. 18 camp fire, which claimed more than 80 lives and essentially destroyed the town of paradise and neighboring towns as well. ash from the dixie fire is also following as far away as reno, which is about 100 miles to the east, now to the air quality around the bay area. here's a live look at our camera pointed toward mount diablo. the smoky skies vary depending on where you are around the bay area and northern california skies in the ta whole area are in the head. healthy category. the delta variant is serving up another round of problems for some bay area restaurants. a few restaurants have had to temporarily shut down after staff members contracted the virus. ktvu greg liggins joins us now he's live in hayward tonight, with more on the story, greg. yeah it is an
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industry that has struggled through the dark times of covid. but then they saw the light once things started to reopen, but now with the delta variant, well, they have problems once again. oakland's jack london square is an example of covid dining at its best temperate weather on a sunday afternoon to both enjoy and increase safety, but the delta variant has shown how fragile all this can be when a restaurant staffer contracts covid as pointed out by a restaurant tour and head of the golden gate restaurant association. the problem with that is it means you have to quarantine your staff, which then leads to some closures. oakland's ramen shop recently posted on its instagram page that it shut down for a few days of cleaning and testing after a staff member contracted covid nari in san francisco, a similar experience posting, they've had three breakthrough cases with staff and won't reopen until the 11th two examples of several. and delta could potentially be responsible for another restaurant issue. it drop off
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and pretty significantly and reservations and an increase of no shows. um in the past week and a half belcampo at jack london square says it's experienced the same here and the other causes are possible, the manager speculates on what's probable, probably the increase in cases of the delta string. there's also been a decline in indoor dining as more clients request to sit in the open air, something this teacher says she does purposefully not just for enjoyment, but because she's concerned about indoor dining. i don't dine out often, so this is pretty much a treat for me to go and dine out, and i like this area specifically because we are so space out from other patrons. and while these restaurants can enjoy business for now, it's a circumstance. dance that remains fragile as delta cases grow, threatening an industry that's already fought several battles in the ongoing war against covid. i'm
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hoping it, um, goes away. you know, people do the right thing. now there have also been some restaurants in downtown san francisco, planning to reopen after labor day i'm told those restaurants rely heavily on the business of office workers. but now with the delta variant out there well, some of those offices are delaying bringing those employees back. so restaurants are facing another challenge reporting live greg legans ktvu fox two news. all right, greg. thank you. piedmont unified school, too. circuit is joining other districts and requiring teachers and other staff to be vaccinated or undergo routine testing. the superintendent wrote to parents this week that the school district has asked all staff to submit a digital copy of their vaccine cards. those who decided not to get vaccinated or who can't for medical reasons will be tested for coronavirus twice a week.
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the school district is also considering the idea of opening and on site vaccination. clinic for both staff and students, 12 and older in marin county and the sant ified unified excuse me and the san jose unified school district. they have both implemented the same rules. the state superintendent of public instruction tony thermite, is set to be in oakland tomorrow for the first day of school there. thurman will join local school leaders to help welcome back students for in person learning at the horseman elementary school in the maxwell park neighborhood of oakland will make stops it several classrooms and will also take part in a back to school backpack giveaway the lafayette school district also starts school tomorrow. san ramon values schools return on tuesday and mount diablo unified school return on thursday. san francisco and west contra costa school years begin next monday. the san jose and fremont unified school
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districts return wednesday. the 18th as kids head back to the classroom ktvu as partner. in with supply bank .org for our annual back to school drive. we're looking for donations of backpacks, pencils, pens and other school supplies throughout the month of august to help students here in the bay area if you'd like to make a donation, go to ktvu slash school or scan the q r code you see on your screen there. transit launched expanded service today in the east bay. the transit agency is now running more transbay, early bird and overnight buses and it's bus service to schools in alameda and contra costa counties will resume this week. the expanded service comes in response to students heading back to the classroom and more east bay offices reopening. starting next sunday. anyone 18 years old and younger can ride money for free. the transit agency is eliminating the household income limits requirement for the free munich for youth program, and writers
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under 18, don't need a clipper card to ride money. just get on bart and board and go. the pilot program is possible because san francisco mayor london breeds budget proposal for the fiscal year 2022. it includes $2 million to fund this program for 12 months. again. the program starts sunday, august 15th and continues through august. uh 14 2022 coming up here. more states are requiring masks be worn on school campuses, but some states are going in the opposite direction. also ahead the event today in the east bay, highlighting black owned businesses, any when i come back, we're going to look at the air quality, which has been an issue the last couple of days and warm up the general trend for this week in the five day forecast. houses next, um
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underway this weekend? an estimated 700,000 people are expected to attend over the course of the 10 day event despite the surgeon coronavirus cases going on across the country, health officials say the rally last year turned out to be a super spreader event. canada is set to reopen their border two american tourists tomorrow vaccinated us travelers will be allowed to
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cross into canada as long as they can provide documentation. including proof of vaccination and a negative coronavirus tests. americans flying into canada also need to submit information, including negative test results before boarding the plan. tourists are already being warned about long wait times at border crossings as cases of covid-19 increased nationwide. some officials are saying mass should be mandatory on school campuses. other states such as florida are going in the opposite direction, banning any district from requiring masks. box news. marc meredith has more now from washington. the mask debate is now engulfing school districts nationwide today, president biden's education secretary, urged governors to follow the cdc is revised guidance even if some parents and educators object. i understand that the fatigue of wearing masks i don't like wearing masks. i know my own children don't want to wear masks. while i
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understand the argument around not wanting to wear masks because we're fatigued. it's without question, student safety and staff safety come first. last week, new jersey's democratic governor mandated masks be worn in his state schools. governor phil murphy says he knows the decision is not popular with most parents, but he insists the move was necessary. this is not an announcement that gives any of us or me personally, any pleasure. but as the school year approaches, and with the numbers rapidly increasing. it is the one that we need to make right now. florida's republican governor, taking a different approach, he issued an executive order allowing parents to decide if their kids should wear masks instead of local officials. but now the governor is facing lawsuits over his order. today, fellow republicans from the sunshine state are coming to his defense. americans are smart. will make good decisions for their families, and we can't go back to fear fear that kills
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jobs fear that shuts down schools fears that slows everything down, but the fight over covid in the classroom goes beyond masks. there's an ongoing debate if schools should be able to mandate teachers and staff be vaccinated, and today the head of the country's largest teachers union says it's a conversation still ongoing with her members. as a matter of personal conscious i think that we need to be working with our employers, not opposing them on vaccine mandates, health officials say they expect to hear more conversations about vaccine mandates in the days and weeks ahead, likely just as the fda begins to fully authorized the vaccine, which could happen by the end of this month in washington, mark meredith fox news. any report shows public school saw a dramatic drop in enrollment because of remote learning, especially among younger students. in a study conducted by stanford university and the new york times, researchers found at least 10,000 public schools nationwide. 20% drop in
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enrollment for kindergarten. researchers say many parents either chose home schooling or kept their kids in in person. preschool question still remain such as if these kids returned to public kindergarten, will they create a class size shock? and if they don't return public schools could lose money. police in pino are asking the public for help finding a missing person, police say naevia griffin ran away from home in pinole yesterday. this is an older picture. she now has purple blue hair. she was last seen wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and croc shoes. novia also has brown eyes. she's five ft. four inches tall and about £150. anyone with information is asked to please call pinole police. august is national black business month and in oakland, the black international market place at lake merritt is going strong every weekend every saturday and sunday from 11 to 6 between 35 55 vendors are selling
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everything from art to t shirts to candles. and skin care products, organizers say small businesses in oakland have had a tough time selling their wares during the pandemic. the outdoor marketplace gives merchants an opportunity to sell their products in a fun, festive and family oriented environment. we want people to come back in oakland, just enjoy the atmosphere. we want to create activity throughout. the city of oakland, organizers say there is no charge for vendors to participate and more information is available on the market places website. already then i hope you had a nice weekend, the weather pretty much cooperate, except the air quality was it wasn't bad bad it was mostly high elevation smoke, but it was ugly for many times today. you can see behind me that shot of mount diablo or actually, submission peak. pardon me out down in san jose, and you can see the you can see the peak, which is some good news. so the air quality just vision. really has cleared up as well as, um, chemically, if you will. there are the current
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readings. these are the live sensors right now and you can see, really. the hot spots are right up in here to husband real nasty. they're going to get better tomorrow. the winds have generally been going the right way. and that's why we've had better. certainly much better air quality today i'm going to stop this down. bring it all the way back. so here's a smoke right? the blue is a little bit of smoke. but when you get into the red, you're really getting into some some bad air quality. this is the forecast. look where it goes. idaho wyoming, montana kind of work this way back around a little bit towards red block, but then it just kind of keeps going on out. so the flow right there on tuesday, we might see a little bit of smoke, especially in sacramento into the valley. but these fires are so big right? you saw the dixie fire. i mean, that's the second largest fire in state history, and it continues to grow. it's just a big big fire, and so any wind shifts we get are going to cause problems for us. so some of that smokes download, too, and so when the smoke gets down, low it, it can travel on different wind currents. and maybe maybe a different little weather pattern down the surface and a lot of the forecast is for that right for warming, and that's going to
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put us into a fire danger. certainly but not we're not expecting extreme heat. maybe by friday. we're looking at some upper nineties mid nineties but for the most part, the fog's going to stay at the coast, which is great for us. we're going to see temperatures around the bay in the seventies and eighties, and then it's the endless spots as typical will have the heat issues and then you can see that low, right? here it is right here. this guy is really one of the reasons that that smoke has kind of got blown out, but in idaho to in eastern oregon and washington and california, there's the fog coming across the bay. you can tell when it's squishing like that, right? like i always think of the play doh fun factory and if i didn't have one, but some kids did in there, you push the plato in and squeeze out. that's what's happening. the air is the highest pressing. it's squeezing between the gap right the coastal gap at the coast of the hills, and so it's getting formed into a kind of a long sausage kind of deal that just tells you that high pressures own in the place that just those those clues as cute as you can see in mongolia. that's what that is. it's gonna be warm inland, and it is. it's 91
6:23 pm
in brentwood right now, 94 or 84 out in walnut creek area forecast for tomorrow. fog doesn't get that far in line. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. it's not heatwave, but it's going to be warmer tomorrow. we're going to see temperatures going into the low nineties and our warmest spots me nice. it's just gonna be warrant, and that's the trend this whole week warmer each day, so forecast highs right there 77 in vallejo. pleasant around the bay or quality. good this is a good pattern for us for the air quality as we showed you the model and then the five day forecast, you see the temperatures kind of pop up there on friday that looks like the real hot day. those other numbers like the tuesday wednesday, thursday, those low nineties does that's pretty normal for this time of year, so none of this is out of hand and we'll be back here tonight at 10. we'll update the forecast for you guys. i like that plato analogy. yeah i know this individual brings back memories. it sure does. thanks, bill coming up after the break the a's go for their fourth straight win as they take on the rangers and brandon belt goes deep for the fourth time
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in four games, but was it enough to give the giants the win over? the brewers? we'll tell you next after the break and coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news cameras capture images of a close call for someone walking by a store in santa rosa. gunfire erupted in the area, shattering windows and came close to hitting emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family.
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only at covered california. this way to health insurance. happening tonight in sports. the giant wagon just continues to roll. they finished a seven game road trip today that saw them when five of those seven games bob bucher, exciting just about as iconic at miller park is the guy sliding into the beer after a home run again today, the giants trailed in the late innings 4 to 2 in the seventh. brandon belt came up as a pinch hitter against daniel norris with lamont weight on it first, just like that tie game. that's the 15th homer of the year for belt who also hit a pair of them yesterday. then in the eighth, it was another pinch hitter, doing the damage after a leadoff double by brandon crawford, tommy la stella singled against brad box burger on the 11th pitch of the at bat. here comes crawford home with the lead, run the giants hold on for 5 to 4 win up in their major league best record to 71 41 30 games over 500. the a's
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continue to do what they need to against the last place rangers a three run first put them in front 3 to 1. and then seth brown absolutely crushed. jordan allows pitch that ball ends up somewhere in hayward number 13 of the year for brown. it's a 4 to 1 game. starling marte continues to impress his rb single in the sixth brings home mark canha. marty was 45 on the day the a's win 6 to 3 to complete a weekend sweep of the rangers. the a's moved within two games of division leading astros. and have now moved past boston and into the american league's number one wild card spot. well the day after the 2020 class was inducted into the pro football hall of fame, this year's class got the same honor. john lynch current 49, our general manager, but he was recognized for 15 year career with tampa and denver. that's charles woodson, also part of the class of 2021 a raider for some of his seasons. they were joined by colton, broncos quarterback peyton manning. and the guy who
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wanted to wait a long time for the honor that was raiders quarterback and the code. for two of their super bowl titles. tom flores, the unveiling of the bust, one of the ceremonies, most emotional moments the first time the inductees see the finished product. it's always a time to reflect. and in the case of lynch on the man who at stanford encouraged him to switch positions from a backup quarterback to safety. coach walsh. he gave me the confidence to follow my heart to an nfl career without you. i'm not standing on this stage today and the tokyo olympic games are over. here is the final medal count the u. s ended up on top in both total medals and gold totaling one more gold than china when it was all said and done. the russian olympic committee. was next, followed by great britain, the host country and then australia. hard to believe that's all over. you know, you build up to it. you build up to it two weeks, poof. it's gone. i know it goes so fast. i love
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some of that track and field too. all right, joe. thank you. and thank you for joining us, everyone. we'll be back tonight for the 10 and 11 o'clock news. for the 10 and 11 o'clock news. have a good evening, eve i don't know why i avoided the harry potter books for so long. these are great. i just started number six. that's a good one. dumbledore dies in that one. yeah, i know, i didn't see it coming, either. why would you say that? you brought up a subject. i contributed an interesting fact on that subject. it's called the art of conversation. okay, your turn. that was a huge spoiler. good. what is wrong with you? if i did that, you'd bitch about it for weeks. oh, really, leonard? are you going to have another one of your hissy fits? hissy fits? i have hissy fits? yes, and i have a theory why. because of your lactose intolerance, you switched over to soy milk. soy contains estrogen-mimicking compounds.


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