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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  August 9, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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got really excited. i was like nothing. i've been down from ktvu fox two news. this is the four masks were required. but for many students, this was the closest they felt too normal in over a year. welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savage, and i'm heather holmes start of the new school year at oakland unified comes as the delta varying. it raises more uncertainty about the future of this ongoing pandemic joins us now live from the newsroom with more rob heather oakland is the largest various school district to reopen so far this fall, and education leaders vowed to keep the classrooms open. many students letting out from emerson elementary school in oakland monday afternoon, got a hug from their parents and gave them much anticipated. first day back good reviews. what? i saw that my bestie on the playground, i got really excited. was like jumping up
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and down. it was thunder and easier than normal. this was the first time in a year and a half that students receive full in person instruction, no hybrids, no cohorts, and no lessons over zoom. there were, however, masks panda torrey for everyone who steps inside of school. it wasn't actually that bad. but that that's just me. i don't like it. well the oakland unified school district is encouraging covid vaccines for those who are eligible. it's not mandatory teachers are required to undergo regular covid tests, even if they are vaccinated. still, some parents admitted to being apprehensive about sitting there. students off to school. i'm nervous, nervous. yeah, uh of all the news. i've been reading about the delta variant and i know their kids, and sometimes they're not careful enough. california superintendent of schools tony thurman tour did oakland elementary school with oakland mayor libby schaaf and district officials and even though there are many
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challenges facing us with the variant, this school district like many has taken into account the needs of our students and put all the safety measures in place. those measures include deep cleanings, air purifiers and all the rooms and asking parents to keep their children at home. if they're ill. i'm concerned. i want to know that they have a contingency planning. i'm feeling really good. i'm feeling really excited. i think our teachers and staff have done a great job getting ready. the school district reports about 850 students have opted for distance learning that's list in 2% of the school population. heather holmes a day filled with a lot of different emotions. rob roth reporting for us today. thanks rob students in the lafayette school district also went back to class today and tomorrow students in the san ramon valley school district returned to glass and then on thursday, students in the mount diablo unified school district go back the new school year in the san francis cisco and west contra costa school district
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start next monday and the next wednesday, august 18th, the san jose and fremont unified school districts will welcome students back in the classrooms. a surge of covid-19 infections is raising new concerns as millions of children head back to school all across the country. that surge also has the pentagon making plans to require members of the military get vaccinated against covid-19 foxes. jonathan serrie has more. 1/4 surge of covid-19 infection shows no sign of slowing down the us reporting a seven day average of 108,000 new infections on sunday up 36% from the week prior and while vaccination rates are increasing nationwide around 90 million eligible people have not gotten their shots. the pentagon will now require members of the u. s military to get their vaccine who made the request for the waiver by mid september. unless or until fda licensed. occurs before that time, at which point the secretary has the authority he
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needs upon fda licensure to issue to make whatever vaccine is then given that license mandatory. the surge of infections raises new concerns as millions of children head back to school officials across the country remains split on whether to mandate masks in the classroom. here in georgia, that decision is being left up to districts in school leaders while in california and illinois students will be required. wired to wear face coverings, some health experts say while masking is important exceptions should be made. we've got to individualize and think about a carve out that gives them and their parents the option did not wear the debate comes as a growing number of children are hospitalized with covid 19, some doctors argue states should go one step further and mandate vaccinations for eligible staff. we've got to get everybody vaccinated, and that means all of the adolescence. teachers and staff dr anthony fauci says vaccine mandates at the local level could help curb the spread of
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the coronavirus in atlanta. johnson siri fox news. all right, joining us now to talk more about the return to classrooms is dr peter chin hong infectious disease specialist at u. c. s f. dr chen hong, always a pleasure to have you on as you can. well imagine here among students, parents, educators, there's a lot of anxiety all across the board here about sending our children back into classrooms here in the middle of this delta surge that we're experiencing right now. how optimistic are you that that we can avoid? widespread outbreaks in our schools. i'm pretty optimistic that we wouldn't see widespread outbreaks. i do anticipate that there may be some cases where some students may be positive, but that will be from the community and what's happening from the data is that many of the kids that are coming in? you've been hearing about cases in florida, louisiana. arkansas have been from households where the parents or the adults are not vaccinated. so of course, as
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you get more in the community, it's spilling over into also, but the school is a very controlled environment very different. for example, from going to, uh you know, having your kid go to mall, for example, that's much less. unregulated yeah. and speaking of the regulations and the protocols that are being put in place. obviously it does vary from district to district, but but we know that mask wearing at least here in the bay area is going to be an essential component of trying to keep our kids safe as they returned to classrooms. what are some of the other important steps that we need to be taking? you think in classrooms and in these schools to make sure that students are safe? well after top 10 things the first nine is to vaccinate all the adults around the kids. if the kid is between 12 and 19, of course, they're eligible for vaccines as well so they can get vaccinated, and that's probably the most powerful things. yeah, again. the first nine things and then number 10 would be wearing the mask. uh other, uh, intervention would be ventilation. you, that
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will be great, of course distance. distance between deaths, but of course, these are just a menu of options. but by far the most powerful, it's a form that bodyguard of immunity around the kids, which is vaccination. some districts like san jose are going to require all educators and staff members be fully vaccinated if they want to return and be a part of in classroom learning. other districts are not doing that oakland among them here. do you think kids should be returning to classrooms full time in person without all of the teachers and staff members being fully vaccinated? you know, in my personal opinion, i would love schools open. uh you know, while addressing some of these issues out in the bay thea teacher despite notin a mandate mandate around it is in all areas is going to be very high. given our high vaccination rates in
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general, i'll be much more worried if, for example, my child were kid, and you know some of the southern states where the community vaccination rates are not high, but yes, in general, i think it would be a great idea. if all the adults the kids are coming into contact with are vaccinated. all right? how about the issue of testing in and around the school communities? you know, i know we've reported. i know you're aware that down in l, a unified a massive school district. they're going to be requiring weekly testing for students. and for staff members as well as those campuses. testing is going to be offered by a number of districts here. what would be your recommendation to parents to district officials in terms of how often everyone should be tested in the school environment? i think i think about testing as just one of the other menu of items that we can have you have a menu of things in your tool kit, ventilation that's facing testing. the way the cdc has put it, which i agree with is that you can choose sit and
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things beyond the two basics. fox any adults and eligible folks mass. then you can choose about the others. testing is one of these strategies, but i wouldn't necessarily put all of my eggs in that one basket. alright let's talk big picture here because, as you know, nationwide, we are seeing an alarming increase in the number of children who are getting really sick with covid 19 in many cases winding up in the hospital. how how much more of a toll is the delta vary it taking on kids? i mean, throughout this pandemic, you and i have talked a lot about the fact that that kids you have not seemed to have gotten as sick and have transmitted the virus as much as adults have. but how is the delta variant taking a different toll on children now who are for the most part unvaccinated? i think alex is a function of again. the. increased community transmission in the households if household members unvaccinated the kid will likely get into the parents or the family members have it over,
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although it's still a small proportion of. overall hospitalization. see a kid does get covid. one out of 100 would be hospitalize. and if and then even if you look at deaths there, 0.1% of the cases that we have, which is a rare case to begin with so again, even though there are more cases in states where there's more transmissions, at least in the bay area. uh you know we're holding our own. it's not very highly common. at the end of the day. we don't want to know the answer if delta mix kids sicker because we don't want we want to just vaccinate everyone. the adults that is, we don't get to ask that and answer that question one of the keys here and i'll let you go here and we'll wrap up shortly. but one of the keys here is trying to get those those under 12 children vaccinated lot more safer. what is your latest sense of how long it's going to be until a vaccine is
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approved for kids under the age of 12? so the latest word on the street is that the timeline has moved up, which is a great thing. so we're looking at the end of september early october for pfizer, and then maybe before, uh, christmas holidays for moderna. okay, we will leave it right there. thank you. so much for coming on today to talk about the return to in person learning here for students in the bay area and beyond, dr peter chin hong from ucsf. always a pleasure. thank you. thanks so much, alex, take care. well after more than a year, canada has reopened its border to american visitors. this is what it looked like now earlier today at the border crossing in washington state, where the weight as you can see was a lot longer than it was before the pandemic. canada has implemented new health measures for all visitors, including proof of vaccination, and everyone needs to have a negative covid-19 test. many people say there are eager to be reunited with relatives in the country. soon as we heard
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the border was opening. we planned it immediately. we haven't seen him in two years, so it's there just outside of montreal. we're happy. we're anxious, uh, will be much happier when we get on the other side. um americans flying into canada will have to submit information, including negative test results before boarding a plane at u. s airports. the u. s canada border has been closed to non essential travel since march of 2020 to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus. and starting today in france. vaccination passports are required for those who are hoping to travel or eat out. it's all part of the government's plan to encourage more people to get their covid vaccines. those who travel on trains will now have to show a special q r. to prove that they've been vaccinated or that they recently tested negative for the virus, restaurants and cafes have the same requirement. people without the past can 7135. the measure also applies to
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people visiting the country, a good samaritan trying to intervene into robbery in oakland gets shot at all of it was caught on video up next what police are saying about this brazen daytime attack, also illegal guns and bullet proof. best sees coming up next. the seeing that ended with the arrest of three alleged gang members from the south bay. we'll tell you about the string of crimes. they are accused of a beautiful day around the bay area. i'm tracking a warming trend for the days ahead. we'll check in on the current conditions and show you what you can expect for tomorrow. coming up. town can
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were robbed of their purses and one of the men who tried to intervene was then shot crime reporter henry lee joining us now live from the oakland police department. with the latest on this case, henry what happened just blocks from oakland police headquarters here in the heart of chinatown
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and, like many other recent attacks, it happened in broad daylight. it's happened again. another attack in oakland's chinatown, but this time a good samaritan got shot. people are saying, uh, see something say something, but in 20 do something, but unfortunately, they got hurt. it happened at about two saturday afternoon. two armed men in hoodies try to rob two women of their purses near eighth and franklin. two men tried to stop them, and within moments, shots ring out. one of the good samaritans is shot and wounded and crumples to the ground. one of the robbers, jocks to a double part honda accord, the second man trying to help in the white shirt is pistol whipped and gets into a tug of war over purse with the other assailant. the man who was shot is expected to be okay. he was taken to the hospital. many of us we feel strongly that you know this. uh brave young men and you know, willing to risk the life and these are the heroes. carl chan is president of the oakland chinese chamber
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of commerce. he says criminals are being emboldened by the revolving door of the criminal justice system. the whole problem is not about the police is about the other being. coach david will be release if not the same day, probably the next morning. ethan franklin is a busy intersection just a few blocks from oakland police headquarters. this video is from the same corner back on july 12th. you can see two men getting out of a mercedes, iraq to asian women of their purses and took off in frustration. a witness throws a stool at the mercedes. you may recall that karl chan himself was attacked just at eighth and broadway, a black room here back in april, also in broad daylight, and now his accused attacker still in jail, held without bill because of her parole violation, reporting live at oakland police headquarters. henry lee ktvu fox two news. yeah, i certainly hope that good samaritan makes a full recovery, henry, obviously, you know, people that your instinct is to want to intervene in a robbery
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like this or a crime like this or to get involved or to help someone else who's in trouble. what do police say, though about the best ways that you can help if you witness a crime like this happening in front of you? yes police like to remind witnesses be a good witness. don't intervene directly call oakland police. it seems you can but of course, people are saying, you know, police can't be at all corners of all parts of city all the time. yeah, just a scary crime there and really live force in oakland. thank you. three alleged gang members who san jose police say committed a series of violent crimes now under arrest. police say the three men are part of an active street gang that has been linked to at least 10. violent crimes, including carjackings, shootings, stolen vehicles and burglaries. they were arrested as part of a sting that also netted guns illegal, high capacity magazines, equipment to make ghost guns, a ballistic vest, narcotics and also stolen property. three very dangerous individuals off our city
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streets. that's three less people out there victimizing and committing these violent crimes. certainly if we identify others that were involved in these crimes associated to these three suspects, we're gonna do our very best to identify them and arrest them as well. now. the three suspects have been booked at the santa clara county main jail on suspicion of carjacking, armed robbery, burglary as well as weapons possession. how another gorgeous day around the bay area. i am seeing a big warm up coming our way, especially for inland cities getting to about 100 degrees eventually, let's take a look outside our doors where we do have mostly blue skies across the bay area a little bit of fog along the coastline. here is a look at mount diablo. it's a dry one out there. we will continue to see the blue skies a little bit of haze and smoke at times and eventually a little bit of monsoonal moisture entering the picture as well. air quality across the bay area looking good. uh this
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might change a little bit in the days ahead. we'll of course, keep an eye on it for you. but you can see most of us in the green for today and into tomorrow do expect to remain. anywhere from good to moderate. the onshore breezes still wake up with us that helps us out. fairfield reporting. 17 mph. oakland reporting in northwest freeze at about 18 or so a beautiful one out there temperatures very similar to where we were yesterday at this time than a few degrees for most, and there's a little bit that fog right along the coastline, so as we get into europe bay area tuesday, temperatures are expected to warm a few degrees and then continue to climb all the way through the business week. 65 degrees right now. san francisco upper sick decent oakland 90 degrees right now in livermore, 93. concord so a nice warm summer day for you there and conquered. you are seven degrees warmer right now than you were 24 hours ago. everybody else within a few degrees or so. so it feels a lot like yesterday. for most. the future cast here shows you as we get into the evening
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hours. the fog does return across the bay tomorrow morning. we wake up the little bit inside the bay, the east based shore and in the north bay, but it clears out fairly quickly. and when we have that early, clearing that justhe wars tomorrow morning 56 in san francisco, 56 sandra fell for the inner east bay 58 to start your day and conquered. here's a look at the afternoon highs expected for tomorrow compared to where we are typically 87 for santa rosa, upper sixties san francisco low seventies in oakland, 94 livermore 83 expected san jose so you can see. along the coast around the bay. temperatures are very average. it's our inland cities that will begin to move above the seasonal norm. better details on tomorrow's highs and how long that warm up is going to last coming up in just a little bit, alex. after a long weekend of fighting, senators seemed to have an infrastructure deal. i'm caroline shively. i'll have details straight. ahead and here is a look now. what's coming up tonight? right here on ktvu fox two at eight
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o'clock in his hell's kitchen, and then at nine, it's housebroken, followed by duncanville and then be sure to stay tuned for the 10 and 11 o'clock news. trillion dollar sog
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plan today. this is the senate prepares to vote on a trillion dollar package for traditional infrastructure spending foxes. caroline shively has the latest now from washington. the senate is now finally on the precipice of passing major bipartisan infrastructure legislation. the vote on the measure is now set for tuesday in the senate leaders in both parties believe it will pass there. and if the house follow suit, it will mean more than a trillion dollars for the nation's water systems, broadband roads, bridges and public transit. after that senate democrats intend to bring up a much larger human infrastructure deal. the massive bill delivers on dozens of democratic priorities,
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including universal preschool, tuition, free community college, a civilian climate corps, expanding medicare and changing immigration laws. he's moving directly to the $3.5 trillion package. he wants to light that views and then leave for vacation. democrats think they'll have the votes for passage. there may be some tweets here and there between now and the final passage of the budget reconciliation. package but highly confident democrats will stand united. but so far, republicans are united against it. the bill would be paid for in part with higher taxes on corporations and doubling the tax rate for the wealthiest americans on their investment income. trillions more. borrowing and trillions more spending. inflation is already sticking american families. with higher costs. if the bipartisan bill passes the senate, it heads to the house, which is still on recess for a few more weeks in washington, caroline shively fox news. restaurants forced to temporarily close because of covid infections among staff up next, the new challenges for an
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industry that's already been hit hard by the pandemic. plus it's very unbelievable, heartbreaking, homeowners getting their first look at the damage left behind by the destructive dixie fire. coming up next. how survivors have yet another california, california
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every time nacho fries came back, that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you. the forecast will help them to make more progress this week. that fire is just 21% contained after starting nearly a month
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ago, 433 buildings have now been destroyed some positive news though today, the plumas county sheriff said all people unaccounted for have now been reported safe foxes, william militia ness. tells us how survivors are coping with their losses. it's very unbelievable, heartbreaking, anxious homeowners in northern california are beginning to assess the damage as crews worked to contain the dixie fire now grown to some 500,000 acres more than 765 square miles, largest single fire in state history, at least 300 homes destroyed when the fire all but wiped out the town of greenville last week, with most residents find in their homes badly damaged or totally gone. just glad about this until it sticks that you can buy. it's just the memories that we have there of a childhood childhood stuff that we had is gone. crews report about 21% containment, but that could
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change quickly. thick smoke that brought temperatures down have disappeared, and winds are now picking up which could lead to further spread of the fire officials on the ground now scrambling to redeploy resources and thousands of homes and businesses. we never want to see this. this is the other side. that is the. at least seven major wildfires are burning in northern california and southern oregon, and more than 100 around the west while firefighters work on containment. some are already focusing and recovery green goes strong. plumas county struck we will all stand together and we will bring our community back more than 7000 in the dixie fire remain under evacuation orders as firefighters continue to work the blaze in los angeles we margin s fox news. governor. newsom was in the east bay earlier today, where he helped a caltrans crew removed debris
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from a long standing homeless encampment. the camp was along interstate 80 at university avenue in berkeley. outreach workers were also there to offer options for people to move out of their tents and into shelters or other forms of housing, newsom says encampments are unacceptable and the state needs to develop a humane process for moving people and clearing camps while also creating more housing options. what you see here is unacceptable. you had a big fire here. this is life safety risk public health risk, and there are quite literally hundreds and hundreds of rats running around. people should not live in conditions like this, and we've accepted it too long. the governor says caltrans has cleared 200 camps up and down the state. it will be using $1.1 billion in its budget to clean up re landscape and beautify the sites along freeways and underneath overpasses. mhm. well the delta variant is causing more problems, especially for bay
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area restaurants. some owners say they are seeing some of their workers get infected with the coronavirus, forcing the entire staff to quarantine. oakland's ramen shop recently posted on its instagram page that it shut down for a few days after a staff member contracted covid, and it was a similar experience at nari in san francisco after three fully vaccinated workers came down with the virus concerns about the delta. syrians are also causing some customers to change their mind about dining out it drop off and pretty significantly and reservations and an increase of no shows. um in the past week and a half, and there has also been a decline an indoor dining as more clients request to sit in the open air. joining me now to talk about this new challenge is david nay felt f k fico in san francisco and chef always nice to see you. the delta varying as we know has really delivered. another setback to the restaurant industry. how are you, managing? well uh,
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first of all heaven thanks for having me and, um you know, i think this is just one of those situations that most people in our industry have just started to recognize is going to be ongoing, right? we don't have any of the answers and any answers that we seem to have seemed to be finite because things seem to be dynamic and changing. so that being said, i think what this does put a fine point on is the fact that the united states government really needs to refill the restaurant revitalization fund, and that is the only way that we're going to take this industry from where we're at now and get it across. whatever amount of kind of hurdles we're going to have to get through to get to the other side of this. yes, talk a little bit about what type of blow a two week closure is to a restaurant from, you know, lost sales wages product. it is not even easy to overcome that loss. right. well listen, i'll tell you there's only so many of those that you can take and many restaurants have already dipped into whatever
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savings they may have had. they've taken on debt they've taken on all sorts of different challenges, and the fact is some of these folks are just deciding to close permanently because they're not able to continue with the yo yo effect. now that being said, i think it's just important to recognize that a lot of these restaurants are living based on cash. that's incoming. today they're paying bills. for tomorrow. so the downstream effect of this is not just the restaurant. you're going to your we're talking about purveyors. we're talking about farmers. we're talking about fishermen, and we're also talking about, you know anything as big as a delivery company, which brings linen pg and e. all of these different people who are employing other, um, you know, employees throughout. multiple different industries. there's a downstream effects, so it really behooves our government to save the restaurant industry now, so, chef what are you doing differently if anything, given the emergence of the delta variant? so first thing
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that we do at our restaurants. we always like to consult our team because i think it would be disingenuous to say that my business partner, matt and i, um are in any way health experts or no, really anything. besides what we've learned over the past 17 months. so we try to do a lot of check ins with our staff and see how people are feeling and what they think the right course of action is about a week and a half ago or two weeks ago, our staff, you know, relate to us that they felt more comfortable kind of instating a mask mandate for employees again, and we did that. and we had adhered to that, you know, within our four walls that being said, i think you know what we're doing different. i think you know, i hesitate to say we're doing anything different than what everybody else is doing. we're trying our best were messaging to our team that any time they feel even slightly, um, you know, under the weather, you know that they stay home and that we compensate them for
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that, and we try and make the best of all bad decisions, right? you know in each moment, but at the end of the day, i don't want to in any way say that. what's happening to others isn't going to happen to us tomorrow. this is a lot of this is luck of the draw, and we all just need to be vigilant. we need to work hard and there needs to be a level of humility that we don't all have the answers. and chef. what about the future of indoor dining? do you think that a number of restaurants will in fact, put an end to it, at least in the short term? you know, i hesitate to give an answer to that, because everything inside of my being says that i really hope not. i think that the blow that's been dealt to our industry, especially here in the bay area has been so catastrophic restaurants are really thing and will continue to reel over the detrimental cause of. you know, from the business perspective of the shutdowns right now, from a health perspective, we're all going to comply and we're going to do whatever the city and
4:37 pm
state mandates us to do. but that once again just brings me back to my original point. whatever ends up happening, the united states government needs to refill the rich restaurant revitalization fund. and if anybody's listening, i implore you to call congress right now and let them know that you want them to do so. yeah let's hope that federal lawmakers do in fact, step up to the plate chef david nathan felde of the great k. fico here in san francisco. really appreciate it, chef. thanks so much. thanks heather. but a code red for humanity of next here on the four. the alarming new report from the united nations about the impact of climate change on the planet. mostly sunny seasonal temperatures around the bay as we get into your bay area tuesday, though we start to warm it up. and eventually our inland cities expected to hit the century mark. i'll have a the century mark. i'll have a look at what you can exp is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home,
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creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit
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reached code red, the u. n climate report released today says global warming has only accelerated, it says hotter temperatures are likely to produce even more frequent heatwaves drought in other extreme weather by the 20 thirties, scientists say cyclones will also get stronger and wetter and arctic ice will melt raising sea levels. climate activists point out the report does not offer solutions and says it should prompt people to ask some tough questions of their political leaders. like what do we value? and are we ready to take action to ensure future and present living conditions? so i hope that this can be a wake up call. the u. n report draws on more than 14,000 scientific studies, it concludes. there is no doubt at this point the release of carbon dioxide emissions from human activity is what is to blame for global warming for more on this report,
4:41 pm
we're joined now by dr noah different ball from stanford's department of earth system science, dr different, bob. great to have you on here today to break down what this all means for us. we're already experiencing some of the severe effects of global warming. right now we look at the draft. about the heat waves. the destructive wildfires here in california that we're seeing, but this report suggests there is still time to stop things from getting even worse. how big of a wake up call is this? well this report, uh confirms, uh, that, uh, global warming is happening. uh it's being caused by human activities and, uh, that the impacts are accelerating and you know, something we see in this report is the identification of extreme events and the impacts of extreme events. that we're feeling, um, you know, day after day month after month, year after year, not only here in california but around the world, and we've had, you know, uh, real mountain of evidence
4:42 pm
over the last decade. that has, uh, made it clear that you know, global warming and climate change or not just an issue for the long term future. we're living with the impacts now. it's costing us now. tragically human wife, um, huge financial costs. uh and these impacts are going to accelerate. and uh, you know, as the report makes clear, the question now is you know how much global warming will we get? uh and that's something where where the window is still open. it's still up to, uh, up to humans were clearly. causing global warming and climate change. and you know it will be our actions that determine the both near term and long term future. the window is open but obviously closing rapidly. it seems like based on this u. n report. the sort of the best case scenario
4:43 pm
is that we are starting right now we rapidly cut greenhouse gas emissions and warming stabilizes at this 1.5 degrees celsius above pre industrial levels. what. why is that an important figure here in this conversation about reversing the effects of global warming and what steps need to be taken to make that future our reality? the reality is, is that where this really isn't a discussion about reversing the effects. this is really a discussion about how bad will the effects yet we've had 1.1 degrees celsius of global warming already, uh, will have, you know greater impacts at 1.5 degrees, then at 1.1 will have greater impacts at two degrees, then at 1.5, and if we continue along our current trajectory, then, as the report makes clear we're facing, you know, somewhere between three and maybe even up to six degrees of warming. uh compared to the 1 degrees we've already had. so the question now really is, uh,
4:44 pm
you know how how fast, will we, uh, de carbonized the you know, the biden administration has a goal of reaching at zero by. the mid century that california has very ambitious goals that we've had for some time that you china, many countries in many non state actors have goals of #### carbonized by around the mid century. if we're able to do that, then will get more climate change than we've already had more impact than we've already had, but less than if we continue along the current trajectory. it seems like there certainly is kind of this point of no return here and it's and it's rapidly approaching. the report is obviously a call to action for the global community to reduce carbon emissions here, moving forward in a really significant way. i'm curious as someone who studies these issues here. how optimistic are you that that this sort of wake up call from this report is going to be heard, and we are
4:45 pm
going to see some drastic steps being taken. well i think we've seen um as, uh, the impacts of particularly extreme events have been intensifying. uh you know, this is something that we're living with. all around the world. and, you know, as this report makes clear, uh, global warming is contributing to those impacts acts accelerating those impacts and were likely to face further acceleration. in the years ahead. so i think that this this report really brings together what many people are experiencing in their daily lives, which is that the climate is becoming more extreme. and we're being impacted in in really real ways. you know, it's very local levels. and so, uh, you know if there was any doubt about whether or not the science supported that intuition, not this report makes clear that
4:46 pm
the scientific evidence you know has has piled up. and uh you know, the faster we ####, carbonized the last, uh, the less intensification of those changes will will face. yeah. the time to act is right now. i appreciate you coming on to discuss this report. that's dr noah. different bob with stanford's department of earth system science. thanks for doing it. my pleasure. thanks for having me take care. well here on the short term in on a local level, we're about to heat things up. temperatures are expected to soar well above average, in fact, hit 100 degrees or so for some of our hotter spots as we get to the second part of the business week, al sattar doors at this time, a beautiful won around the bay area most areas. i mean, within a few degrees of yesterday, a live look here over towards alameda. you see, the water is a little choppy. we do have that onshore breeze with us at this time and temperatures at this hour a nice 79 in santa rosa, san
4:47 pm
francisco reporting 65 upper sixties in oakland, we have 90 degrees in livermore and 80 over san jose temperatures very along the coast around the bay. we are going to remain fairly comfortable. it's our inland cities that will really begin to bake as we get into the days ahead, a little bit of fog along the coastline and again a little bit of an onshore breeze out there by back it up for just a moment. in addition to that warm up coming our way monsoonal moisture expected to return as well and right now very marginal as to whether or not we will see thunderstorms on this. we'll continue to track it for the next few days, but in any case, it could feel a little bit more. mcgee a little bit more humid out there tuesday wednesday, maybe even into thursday, so high pressure will remain in control of the weather pattern through the business week. do expect a little bit of a cool down in time for the weekend, and it could feel again a little bit muggy. we do have good air quality over the bay area at this time, but take a look at
4:48 pm
what is still happening over the sierra, unhealthy for sensitive groups to slightly hazardous for some spots right now, the air quality is good right now we continue to have that onshore breeze that pushes the smoke in the other direction, with the high pressure strengthening in and our pattern changing up a little bit. could see some smoke drift back our direction. take a look at tuesday morning, you notice just a little bit of a shift and then by tuesday afternoon into wednesday, we could see a little shift more so perhaps a little bit more haze and smoke coming our way tuesday into wednesday as well. tomorrow morning, we start out with partly cloudy skies just a little bit of fog inside the bay 56 for san francisco tomorrow morning, upper fifties and conquer, and as we get into the afternoon upper sixties san francisco 84 in redwood city, but take a look at our inland cities now we've got some beautiful weather over the north bay 87 for santa rosa, you get to the east. great that's a hot 1 97 expected for an eoc tomorrow into the south bay 92 over morgan hill. your nue to climb into wednesday, right now thursday.
4:49 pm
friday look to be the hottest days, upper sixties in and around pacifica low eighties around the bay upper nineties to about 100 degrees for some of our inner east bay hot spots, so we get into the weekend, though temperatures do begin to turn down, still a warm one on saturday, but very comfortable on sunday back to you, rosemary. thank you. well, the mysterious face on a hillside in sandra fell is now the talk of the town. that base was apparently painted onto the hillside along highway 1 to 1 near saint vincent drive sometime. i'm late last week. here's what it looked like from sky fox just this afternoon. it is on private property owned by catholic charities. no one has stepped forward to say they created the face, the san rafael fire chief told the marin independent journal that the portrait does not pose any sort of fire hazard. the olympic flag has arrived in france after closing ceremonies for the 2020 tokyo summer games. paris mayor anne hidalgo wave the flag that was gtokyo. a numf
4:50 pm
french olympic medalists were also on the flight as well. the olympic flag will now fly over paris city hall, the paris games in 2024 come 100 years after paris last hosted the olympics in 1924. in her first television interview, and accuser speaks out publicly against embattled new york governor andrew cuomo coming up next more on her story, and how the governor is responding to the governor is responding to the growing ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:51 pm
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every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.99 a month. or, ask how to get a prepaid card with other internet offers. call today. state law makers move toward impeachment proceedings. nearly a dozen women have now accused governor andrew cuomo of sexual harassment. fox news brian yannis tells us the resignation comes as one of the accusers is going public with her story. melissa derosa, a longtime supporter and top aide to new york governor, andrew cuomo, has stepped down from her post in a statement to rosa says
4:53 pm
serving as cuomo's aid was quote the greatest honor of her life. but the statement did not address the allegations against cuomo. the move comes nearly one week after new york state attorney general leticia james released bombshell findings following an independent investigation into cuomo. it concluded he sexually harassed 11 women during his tenure as governor. meanwhile, one of cuomo's accusers is going public for the first time, accusing the governor of groping her while she served as an executive assistant on his staff. i then felt while taking the selfie his hand go down my back onto my butt, and he started rubbing it. not sliding it not, you know, quickly brushing over it, rubbing my, but this was a dream job, and it unfor. cuomo so far has shown zero indication that he intends to resign. the new york state judiciary committee held a meeting monday to discuss impeachment proceedings. top officials in the committee called the allegations against
4:54 pm
cuomo deeply troubling. we commend the attorney general on her work and her agreement to provide relevant materials to this committee. we will review that report in detail, including the underlying evidence and consider it together with this committee's own independent investigation. roberta kaplan, the chairwoman of the times, ups legal defense fund, abruptly resigned monday after she was accused of allegedly helping to discredit one of cuomo's accusers in albany, new york, brian dennis fox news. jury selection began today in the sex trafficking trial against singer r. kelly potential jurors are being questioned in federal court in brooklyn, r. kelly faces numerous charges in new york, including racketeering, sexual exploitation of a child bribery, kidnapping and forced labor. the courtroom is closed to the public and the media because of covid restrictions. at least
4:55 pm
half a dozen provincial capitals have fallen to the taliban in afghanistan. i'm lucas thomas at the
4:56 pm
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and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you. full withdrawal is some 3000 u. s troops from afghanistan. the move was intended to effectively end america's longest war. but over the past week, at least six provincial capitals have fallen to the taliban. foxes. lucas tomlinson is at the pentagon now, with the latest. the secretary shares the concern of the international community about the security situation in afghanistan, which is clearly not going in the right direction. pentagon officials working to address growing concerns a total taliban takeover appears to be underway in afghanistan. the secretary continues to believe that the afghan forces have the capability they have the
4:58 pm
capacity to make a big difference on the on the battlefield. the increasing violence comes as the u. s military's deadline to withdraw all combat for this is just weeks away. the president made clear after 20 years at war, it's time for american troops to come home. but over the weekend, the insurgent group took control of several more major cities in the north, a sign there is no agreement for a ceasefire. they are doing what they're. part to create a climate of. fear and panic and they are succeeding wonderfully. at this. meantime the biden administration has maintained there are no plans to change course i think a reassessment is necessary if mistakes were made, admitting the american people can deal with that, and let's get on and making certain that we don't see an afghan government who we've been aligned with for 20 years. we don't see that collapse right before our eyes and the bloody situation that would incur on capitol hill. frustration mounting. they do not care if our leaders get tired of the task at hand, and this is not
4:59 pm
what victory looks like a spokesman for the taliban warns the u. s not to intervene over the weekend, the u. s embassy in kabul urged all american citizens living in afghanistan to evacuate as soon as possible at the pentagon, lucas tomlinson. fox news, ktvu fox two news at five starts now, deadly shooting during a party at a rental home in the south bay. suspects still on the loose tonight as police search for a motive. at least one person was killed, a second wounded when gunfire broke out at a house party on navarro drive in sunnyvale. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. that party was held saturday night at an airbnb rental. this latest incident is raising new questions about how well the hospitality company is handling safety concerns. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary live now at sunnyvale police headquarters with the latest on the investigation, jesse. julie
5:00 pm
late today, airbnb released a statement in response to the shooting this as sunnyvale. police continue the search for the suspect or suspects. monday sunnyvale police returned to the scene of a weekend shooting that left one teenager dead and one person hospitalized. at this point, our investigators are still investigating, and we do not know the motive behind the shooting residents in the rainer park neighborhood say late saturday they heard between 6 to 8 gunshots outside a home in the 1400 block of navarro drive. the home was rented out on airbnb for a party, some neighbors say hosted upwards of 200 people. santa clara county coroner's office says 18 year old elias albania was hit by gunfire and died later at an area hospital. a second person was wounded and is expected to survive. it was 10 minutes straight of just cars and people walking past my


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