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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 9, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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late today, airbnb released a statement in response to the shooting this as sunnyvale. police continue the search for the suspect or suspects. monday sunnyvale police returned to the scene of a weekend shooting that left one teenager dead and one person hospitalized. at this point, our investigators are still investigating, and we do not know the motive behind the shooting residents in the rainer park neighborhood say late saturday they heard between 6 to 8 gunshots outside a home in the 1400 block of navarro drive. the home was rented out on airbnb for a party, some neighbors say hosted upwards of 200 people. santa clara county coroner's office says 18 year old elias albania was hit by gunfire and died later at an area hospital. a second person was wounded and is expected to survive. it was 10 minutes straight of just cars and people walking past my
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street, which which this is a lot of traffic around that time. um and so i figured it was a house party, some neighbors say in the ensuing panic, partygoers knocked down fencing as they ran from gunfire. sunnyvale police had arrived on scene prior to the shooting. do the noise. complaints officers say no arrests have been made, and there isn't a suspect description monday. airbnb sent a statement to fox to which says in part airbnb bands, parties and we condemn the senseless gun. violence that took place are dedicated safety team is urgently working to support those impacted by this tragedy. with so many people involved, there is always potential for more serious injuries and more people to be hurt, so there's definitely potential that could have happened unfortunately, doesn't work very fortunate that not more people were injured. um and we're thankful that no, no more injuries were sustained. airbnb officials say the property owner does not allow house parties so the gathering was unauthorized listing has
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been deactivated. it is unclear if the owner will be banned from airbnb. some neighbors provided surveillance video. two police officers in the investigation. but still, officers ask anyone with any information about this crime. contact sunnyvale police. we're live in sunnyvale this evening, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you. all right, jesse. thank you. in san jose. police have made what they're calling a major gang bust three alleged gang members are under arrest, accused of committing a series of violent crimes. police say the three men are part of an active street gang that has been linked to at least 10 violent crimes. including carjackings. shootings stolen vehicles and burglaries. they were arrested as part of a sting that also netted guns, illegal high capacity magazines, equipment to make ghost guns, a bulletproof vest, narcotics and stolen property. three very
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dangerous individuals off our city streets. that's three less people out there victimizing and committing these violent crimes. certainly if we identify others that were involved in these crimes ceded to these three suspects. we're gonna do our very best to identify them and arrest them as well. the very saw the three suspects are currently booked at the santa clara county main jail on suspicion of carjacking, armed robbery, burglary and weapons possession. the pentagon is asking for president biden's approval to require members of the military to get vaccinated against covid-19. the vaccinations would be required by september 15th or sooner. if the vaccine received spinal fda approval or if infection rates continue to rise. the move is in line with the president's mandate for all federal workers to be vaccinated or undergo regular testing. today was the first day of school for students in oakland after months of planning all schools reopened today for in person learning get it is rob roth talk with
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parents and students and robs in the newsroom now with what they told him, rob frank oakland is the largest various school district to reopen so far this fall, and education leaders vowed to keep the classrooms open. many students letting out from emerson elementary school in oakland monday afternoon, got a hug from their parents and gave them much anticipated. first day back good reviews when i saw my bestie on the playground, i got really excited. i was like jumping up and down, it was funner and easier than normal. this was the first time in a year and a half that students receive full in person instruction. no hybrids, no cohorts, and no lessons over zoom. there were, however, masks mandatory for everyone who steps inside of school. it wasn't actually that bad, but that's just me. i don't like it. well the oakland unified school district is encouraging covid vaccines for those who are
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eligible. it's not mandatory teachers are required to undergo regular covid tests, even if they are vaccinated. still, some parents admitted to being apprehensive about sitting there. students off to school. i'm nervous, nervous. yeah, uh of all the news. i've been reading about the delta variant and i know their kids, and sometimes they're not careful enough. california superintendent of schools tony thurman toured in oakland elementary school with oakland mayor libby schaaf and district officials and even though there are many challenges facing us with the variant, this school district, like many has taken into account the needs of our students and put all the safety measures in place. those measures include deep cleanings, air purifiers and all the rooms and asking parents to keep their children at home. if they're ill. i'm concerned. i want to know that they have a contingency planning. i'm feeling really good. i'm feeling really excited. i think our teachers and staff have done a great job getting ready. the school district reports
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about 850 students have opted for distance learning. that's less than 2% of the school population. frank rob roth live in the newsroom force tonight, rob. thank you. teachers and staff in the san jose unified school district are preparing to welcome back students to the classroom for in person instruction. we spoke with super in the superintendent there on mornings onto the nine and she says most of the districts, teachers and staff are already vaccinated. we have 90% of our employees vaccinated, so we're really proud of that number. employees have the option of being vaccinated or testing twice a week. right now, we are not requiring students to be vaccinated, but we are. encouraging all students that are eligible to get the vaccine. so what are you hearing? you do foresee that that may be mandated. um this coming academic year again? we're going to wait to hear from the state, california department of public health will let us know about that.
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okay, but we know that we are continuing to promote backseat nations for our students, and it's really to keep everybody safe. our schools open and the spread minimal in our communities. the superintendent also says students and staff will be required to wear masks indoors and outdoors while on campus students in the lafayette school district also went back to school today. then tomorrow students in the san ramon valley school district return to class and on thursday, students in the mount diablo unified school district go back. the new school year in the san francisco and west contra costa school districts begins next monday and next wednesday, august the 18th the san jose and fremont unified school districts will welcome back students in their classrooms. if you're having trouble finding before or after school care for your children, you're not alone. ktvu is christian captain joins us now he's live in san francisco and christian. there's a shortage
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like in many other industries in the childcare industry at workers just not available as many kids and families heading back to school. yeah it can be a real challenge trying to find after school care for your child here in san francisco and really around the bay area, and it could have broader implications on the economy if those parents have to stay home with their children instead of going back to work. as summer break winds down, families are preparing to go back to school and for many finding after school care is an unexpected challenge has been a struggle. um, we look up options, but i'm going to just stay with the kids and i will be taking them to other activities. uh we will hope that you got at the y m c. a and it's not just a problem in san francisco parents around the bay area, even across the country say they're facing the exact same problem. so i live in salt lake city. and an absolutely is a problem. my kids actually have the advantage of going to private
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school. but even in a private school, they really had to struggle with keeping numbers down. and, you know, trying to schedule after karen advance and so it's really limited who can get in college students are critical. gina farmer from the children's council, a child care advocacy group, says there's a widespread shortage of childcare workers. for instance, she says, in years past the y m c a child care programs in san francisco could accommodate 12,000. students now, she says that number is closer to just 4000. there are several factors at play. fewer college students have returned to school and are simply not available for part time childcare work and many full time or career childcare workers cannot go back on the job yet we know we don't have enough teachers, right and some of them have had to go back into their own homes to watch their own kids because they cannot afford or they cannot find care for their own children. she says. childcare was already scarce before the pandemic. now she says, it's even worse. what that means is there are parents who have to
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make the hard decision between going back to work or staying home to take care of children. they could go on, get nannies and figure things out. but kids who can't afford to pay for nannies and progress specific programs are on a waiting list. and so what did happen to the parent? they can't go back to work. they can't go to school. they can't support their families. this is really disruptive to families. wesley bell runs golden gate skateboarding as a summer and after school camp and says parents should think outside the box to find programs like his. even so, he says, it's been tough for him to staff up for the school here. it is kind of with things opening up. i have i have been losing staff, but i'm losing them back to working at schools are back to things that are reopening. so yeah, if you work with kids right now, it's kind of all hands on deck and the children's council is saying this is a problem that's in. acting all communities but is hitting black, brown and immigrant communities especially hard and especially the women in those communities. childcare council does have a
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tool on their website to help connect families with child care providers. we have a link to that on our website ktvu .com reporting live in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. alright, christian. thank you. and his kids head back to the classroom. ktvu is partnering with supply bank dot org for annual back to school drive. if you'd like to make a donation, just go to ktvu .com slash school or scan the qr code that you see on your screen. all eyes on the weather is firefighters hope for some calmer winds to help them gain ground on the huge dixie fire that's still burning out of control. we'll have the latest also ahead tonight, taking matters into their own hands, some winery owners in napa county taking steps to protect their property from wildfires will have the details coming up. and we're into a warming trend around here. not so much today, slightly noticeable, but the next few days, you'll notice a big increase in temperatures as we head towards frida
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progress against the massive dixie fire that fire started nearly a month ago and is still only 21% contained. it's burned more than 760 square miles in butte and plumas counties, 433 structures have been destroyed. there is some positive news tonight. today, the plumas county sheriff said that everyone who was unaccounted for has now been reported safe. survivors are now assessing their losses and trying to support their community. just not about there children, six that you can by its just the memories that we have there all the childhood childhood stuff that we had is gone. green goes
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strong. plumas county struck, we will all stand together and we will bring our community back. firefighters are battling at least seven major wildfires in northern california and southern oregon and more than 100, others around the west. some winery owners in napa county are taking steps to fight wildfires and protect their property. ktvu is tom vacar is here now with more and tom. the decision comes as these winery owners don't think they can count on cal fire crews to respond in a case of a wildfire in their area. well, they're just trying to make sure that they can count on themselves as well as cal fire because they want to see that expanded greatly, but whether it's a drought or infestations or flood or even wildfires, vintners once again are coming together for the single reason fight off mutual adversity. last september and october. is
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glass fire, damaged or destroyed? 28 napa county wineries, prompting a growing number of vintners to take self action as fire really brought home. the. the challenge that we face and, uh, motivated all of us to try to get ahead of this rather than just responding to it, and that means to protect your property, adding water supplies, adding sprinkler systems. clearing vegetation besides using earth moving equipment to create fire breaks or dig more ponds for water supplies. some are buying new or used firefighting equipment. especially water pumping tankers to take the fight to the encroaching fire. some are also training staff to fight fires, not just to save the wineries but their own livelihoods. but even they are not trying to replace cal fire or are volunteer firefighters. we are not advocating wholesale firefighting by private entities, even though vineyards are great firebreaks. the
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vintners. multi pronged approach includes creating larger, defensible space is also better. forest management fuel reductions off premises, adding staff and equipment to official fire protection agencies and vigorous post fire replanting to enhance water retention and reduce landslides. wineries have been plagued also by wildfire insurance cancellations and less coverage and even if they can get it a restricted level of coverage, they're paying up to four or five times as much as they used to. it's so bad. the governor just signed a bill allowing wineries to get into the state fair plan. california's insurer of last resort that in of itself is a good thing. however, the amount of coverage that the fair plan is able to extend is very small and make no mistake, although 95% of napa vineyards are small and family owned, they are critically important to the california economy makes up
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only 4% of the total acreage here in the state, but we contribute about 33% of the overall value economically. so um, we're a small place with a big impact. the other major thing that vintners worry about is the other major issue of income for them, and that would be tourism here in one country, not just one country here, everyone country in california, and there are plenty of those reporting live. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. so, tom, correct me if i'm wrong, but it sounds like what these vendors are doing is. coming up with their own solutions to hopefully keep the fire away until firefighting crews. real firefighting crews can come in and take care of the situation. that's exactly right. and, of course, the best way to do that is by defensible space and making sure that you support any effort in the forest outside too thin those forests out we have seen with these shaded firebreaks. they're
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called where they cut out all the underlying brush and all the underlying wouldn't all of that stuff. that they can prevent fires from spreading very quickly. but the problem is a lot of that hasn't happened here and many of the vineyards around here aren't just out here in the flats there, up in the mountains and in the hills here, and that's a place that's just full of trees, and a lot of those trees are dead from bark beetles dead from sudden oak death and dead from drought. so it's a big, big job, but they're finally doing something that they should have done a long time ago. but they're making the most advantage of it now. alright tom vacar in napa county for us tonight, tom. thank you. alrighty taking a look at the weather. we know it's warming up out there this week. that's the trend is not going to cool down. it's going to temperatures in that line behind me. you see it going up on friday, thursday and friday. we'll see some pretty warm days. the real heat is going to be in the pacific northwest, where they could see records again. very similar to that big event we had earlier this year not as biblical is that event. i don't think we'll see a bunch of all time records. we're going to see one. oh, 5106 is in areas away from the waters. johnson
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the pacific northwest oregon, washington parts of idaho and montana. for us, we've got this warm up and it will warm up, but it's not, you know, mid nineties upper nineties in the warmest spots of the of the inland bay valleys, so not to a typical for this time of year. it's kind of what you expect, um, in terms of what august and inland valley temperatures in the nineties, even low one hundreds are possible. so what do we got? we got fog at the coast. click this in for you, and it's not a lot so we don't see the big push. we see. an adult is always really getting vacation right that the highest building and the fog is not really able to encroach, and we'll see that again tonight and tomorrow we won't see or we shouldn't see a big push of fog inland tomorrow morning, and that's kind of what we had this morning. right? so it was a little less for august morning. be a little less fog tomorrow morning. let's look at air quality because that's on the top of a lot of people's minds. right now the reds and yellows. these are live sensors now. air quality sensors. you can see the burial looks good. you can see smoke if you look to the east, right if you look out towards well from being kind of see modesto's there for from
5:21 pm
here if you look up high enough, so the air quality not so great in tahoe or in sacramento or up around chico and red bluff, but it's getting a little bit better. let's look at the model. obviously where's the smoke? right the worst is the reds and purples, yellows, greens, so as we go through tomorrow, see it does this weird deal. so here's tomorrow morning. here's how kind of comes back a little bit that lobe up in redwood red bluff, and then you see tuesday afternoon, and then you see it wrapped around a little bit tuesday evening, so smoke still in the area that shouldn't be a problem for us. so the plan warming up around here heating up. i'll have that with the five day forecast when i see you next. you've seen a bit, bill. thank you. all right, take a look at this dramatic video shows a group of people in an elevator in omaha, nebraska, with water up to their necks. it took some time, but they were eventually rescued by firefighters. this comes in the wake of severe thunderstorms and flash flood warnings going into effect over the weekend in omaha. after a long weekend of fighting,
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senators seemed to have an infrastructure deal. i'm caroline shively. i'll have details straight ahead, then a six a camera captures a frightening incident. find out why witnesses think a driver ran his car into a man on purpose. and antioch police officers linked to the death of a man who was restrained, are a man who was restrained, are now ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger
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every time nacho fries came back, that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. others to the airport in quetta can a popular stop for cruise ships? the napa napa couple has been identified a 69 year old mark henderson and 60 year old jacqueline com plan. the two were on a sightseeing flight while on vacation aboard a holland america cruise ship that departed from seattle on july 31st. the crash happened last thursday. officials say all six people on the plane were killed. the ntsb and
5:25 pm
federal aviation administration are now investigating governor newsom was in the east bay today where he helped caltrans crew remove debris from a long standing homeless encampment. the camp was along interstate 80 at university avenue in berkeley. outreach workers were also there to offer options for people to move out of their tents and into shelters or other housing. governor newsom says encampments are unacceptable. and that the state needs to develop a humane process for moving people and clearing camps while also creating more housing options. what you see here is unacceptable. you had a big fire here, and this is life safety risk to public health risk. there are quite literally hundreds and hundreds of rats running around. people should not letting conditions like this and we've accepted it too long. the governor says. so far, caltrans has cleared 200 encampments up and down the state. they're using $1.1
5:26 pm
billion from their budget to clean up real landscape, beautify and secured the sites along freeways and underneath overpasses. democrats unveiled their multi trillion dollars social spending plan today this as the senate for pairs to vote on a trillion dollar package for traditional infrastructure spending. box news. caroline shively has the latest from washington. the senate is now finally on the precipice of passing major bipartisan infrastructure legislation. the vote on the measure is now set for tuesday in the senate leaders in both parties believe it will pass there. and if the house follow suit, it will mean more than a trillion dollars for the nation's water systems, broadband roads, bridges and public transit. after that senate democrats intend to bring up a much larger human infrastructure deal. the massive bill delivers on dozens of democratic priorities, including universal preschool, tuition, free community college, a civilian climate corps,
5:27 pm
expanding medicare and changing immigration laws. he's moving directly to the $3.5 trillion package. he wants to light that views and then leave for vacation. democrats think they'll have the votes for passage. there may be some tweets here and there between now and the final passage of the budget reconciliation. package but highly confident democrats will stand united. but so far, republicans are united against it. the bill would be paid for in part with higher taxes on corporations and doubling the tax rate for the wealthiest americans on their investment income. trillions more. borrowing and trillions more spending when inflation is already sticking american families. with higher costs. if the bipartisan bill passes the senate, it heads to the house, which is still on recess for a few more weeks in washington, caroline shively fox news. florida woman celebrated her 1/100 birthday over the weekend, and she's as competitive as any olympic athlete. you'll ever see. edith merwe trina holds the guinness
5:28 pm
record as the world's oldest competitive power lifter two years ago at the age of 98. she lifted 150. it's pretty impressive. thank you. yeah, it is. it really is. edith says she's working with a trainer now named bill because she wants to add to her trophy case. there was getting me ready now to go back to lifting my body and controlling my balance. so i'm expecting that in november, i will have another trophy with a whole bunch of applause and, uh, take it from there. it's got a little confidence in her too. okay? edith has always says says that she's always lived an active life. she is amazing. it really is. yeah. all right, coming up on ktvu news at 5 30, another attack in oakland's chinatown caught on video. but this time a good samaritan was shot. what we're learning from
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you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. robbed of their purses and one of the men who tried to intervene was shot. our crime reporter henry lee joins us now live at the oakland police department. with more on what happened, henry. well this
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incident happened just blocks from police headquarters here in the heart of oakland's chinatown and, like many other recent attacks that happened in broad daylight. it's happened again another attack in oakland's chinatown, but this time a good samaritan got shot. peoples are saying, uh, see something say something but important, do something, but unfortunately, they got hurt. it happened at about two saturday afternoon. two armed men and hoodies try to rob two women of their purses near eighth and franklin. two men tried to stop them, and within moments, shots ring out. yeah. one of the good samaritans is shot and wounded and crumples to the ground. one of the robbers jogs to a double parked honda accord. the second man trying to help in the white shirt is pistol whipped and gets into a tug of war over purse with the other assailant. the man who was shot is expected to be okay. he was taken to the hospital. many of us we feel strongly that you know this. uh brave young men and you know, willing to risk
5:33 pm
the life and these are the heroes. carl chan is president of the oakland chinese chamber of commerce. he says criminals are being emboldened by the revolving door of the criminal justice system. the whole problem is not about the police is about the other being koch. they will be release if not the same day, probably the next morning. nathan franklin is a busy intersection just a few blocks from oakland police headquarters. this video is from the same corner back on july. 12 you can see two men getting out of a mercedes, iraq to asian women of their purses and took off in frustration. a witness throws a stool at the mercedes. now you may recall karl chan himself was attacked from behind at eighth and broadway. it's just a block from here now. his accused attacker arrested and charged held without bail because of her parole violation reporting live at the oakland police headquarters, henry lee ktvu fox studios, henry those images that video is really something to see. and thankfully, that man who tried to intervene is expected to recover. thanks
5:34 pm
henry, the fourth surge of coronavirus infection shows knows. signs of slowing down, the federal government says the seven day average is up by 108,000 new cases. that's up 36% compared to the week before a growing number of children are hospitalized with covid 19, which is about 19% of the total as millions of children are heading back to school. some doctors say states should mandate vaccinations for all eligible school staff. they get everybody vaccinated, and that means all of the adolescents, teachers and staff. unlike california, some states are not requiring students or staff to wear masks in the classroom. joining us now for more in our covid conversations is doctor marm kilpatrick, he studies infectious diseases at the u. c santa cruz department of
5:35 pm
ecology and evolutionary biology. thank you so much for joining us. first of all, let's talk about all of the kids going back to school. do you think that masks should be required for everyone and you? think that all teachers and staff should be mandated to be fully vaccinated. i think both masks and vaccination or two of our best tools for reducing transmission of this virus, and certainly masks are relatively minor inconvenience to have in schools, especially when compared to things like distancing right, so it's very hard to have most schools operate using the three ft or six ft distance rules, but wearing masks doesn't require any additional distances. so i think these are measures that we can take and they do reduce transmission and they help keep us safer. when it comes to vaccinations. is it time to finally start playing hardball? should proof of vaccination. be like a passport and i'm using that passport word deliberately to get into restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, maybe department stores. in other words, is it time to double
5:36 pm
down and say that time is up. essentially you either get vaccinated now or there will be consequences. so i think you know this is approach that's being taken in some places. some of reviewers excuse me some of your will have seen this happening. i think in new york city and some other places, and the idea, of course, is that we know many of these settings are relatively high risk, with people being close to each other and possibly not be able to wear masks like restaurants. when you're eating. you can't wear a mask. right so if you require vaccination that really does improve the safety of these places and reduce transmission, and i think incentivizing basically allowing us access to these things that we really enjoy. that will incentivize people getting vaccinated, so it definitely be a tool to help us in the right direction. i'm still having a hard time honestly, understanding why some. one would not want to get a vaccine, especially at this time where we're in 1/4 surge where we all know that the vaccine can be effective. uh what would possibly be the argument for not getting a
5:37 pm
vaccine? i guess the two arguments. i think that are out there. one is that some people simply don't have very good access so they sometimes have time. difficulty getting time off work to get vaccinated. that's one possibility and other folks have been, unfortunately had a lot of misinformation put towards them that they actually fear the vaccine more than the disease, which is definitely not the right calculation, but definitely information has been put out there to confuse people in that way. would you have any concern about getting vaccinated? i'm figuring that you probably have been already. absolutely. i've been vaccine for several months now and certainly have encouraged all my family members to do so as well. all right, on the flip side of this vaccines certainly aren't foolproof. if i have a friend who happens to be a doctor, and she just found out today that four people she knows all of whom have been vaccinated, have all just gotten the coronavirus. is that an indication that. some of us if not many of us may need to get a booster shot. uh so the good thing about the vaccines we have, even without a booster is that even though with a
5:38 pm
delta grant, a higher fraction of people are becoming infected. the vaccines are still showing very great efficacy against severe disease. so nearly all of the people that are getting infected with sars cov two with this virus after vaccination, or having relatively milder, actually completely asymptomatic infections, and so the efficacy against severe disease and death is still greater than 95. sense, so the vaccines are still doing really well at that, even though they're not preventing complete infections, as well as against some of the previous variants, so whether or not we need to have boosters really depends on whether our goal is to maximize the number people that can get shots or really, to maximize the chance of reducing the chance of infection at all. so right now, the vaccines are doing a great job against severe disease, and that's the primary goal. alright professor kilpatrick. we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight. thank you so much. thank you. canada reopened its border, too. day, two american visitors, this is what it looked like at the border crossing in washington state, a long line of traffic now u. s travelers who are vaccinated
5:39 pm
can cross into canada as long as they have documentation that shows they have been vaccinated and have proof of a negative coronavirus test. many family members are eager to be reunited with relatives across the border. we're happy. we're anxious will be much happier when we get on the other side. americans flying into canada will have to submit information, including negative test results before boarding the plane. new york governor andrew cuomo's top aide has now resigned as the governor faces increasing pressure to step down amid sexual misconduct. accusations also u. s gymnasts uneasily in the history books becoming best in the world for gymnastics. i look at her warm welcome home from the tokyo olympics. intensir
5:40 pm
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a long time aide of the governor resigned from her post. melissa derosa, a longtime supporter of new york governor, andrew cuomo, has stepped down. the move comes nearly one week after new york state attorney general leticia james released bombshell findings following an independent investigation into cuomo. it concluded he sexually harassed 11 women during his tenure as governor. meanwhile one of cuomo's accusers is going public for the first time, accusing the governor of groping her while she served as an executive assistant on his staff. i then felt while taking the selfie his hand go down my back onto my butt, and he started rubbing it, not sliding it, not, you know, quickly brushing over it, rubbing my, but this was a dream job, and it's unfortunate. he turned into a nightmare. cuomo has shown no indication that he
5:43 pm
intends to resign but the new york state judiciary committee held a meeting today to discuss impeachment proceedings. also today, roberta kaplan, the chairwoman of the time's up legal defense fund, abruptly resigned after she was accused of helping to discredit one of cuomo's accusers. the government is investigating ford for how it handled last september's recall of more than 700,000 vehicles around the world that includes more than 620,000 in the u. s called back over faulty backup cameras, the national highway traffic safety administration probe is looking into both the timeline and scope of that recall to see if the company acted fast enough to fix the problems for documented the issue after may 12th meeting but issued the recall in september. after two weeks. the 2020 tokyo olympics have officially come to an end. last night, a spectacular closing ceremony there were virtually no fans in the olympic stadium for the show. but the presentation as you can see, there was still incredible.
5:44 pm
taking a look at the final media account. you can see that the us had 113 total medals. 39 of them were gold. china was not far behind with 38 gold medals and a total of 88 medals over all their followed by russia, great britain and japan. it's now on to beijing for the 2022 winter games and then to paris for the 2024 summer olympics. people lined the streets of st paul, minnesota over the weekend to celebrate sunni shelly's return home leaders. the american gymnast who won gold in the women's artistic individual all around competition at the olympics. fox news, hannah flood with more on her welcome home from the games, julie haener. we are so excited to be here. you're winning the history. hundreds lined white bear avenue in saint paul to welcome home an american, kira. it's all of our
5:45 pm
ancestors. dreams are grandparents, my parents all of our generations. it's just all of our dreams realized for many among minnesotans. sunnis victory represents a new generation of women leaders. and achievers in the monk community. you know, we're taught that boys are the one that carries on your family name so that they have the higher respect. and so it's just it's amazing to see a girl be uplifted and you know and have her shine shining as representation for asian americans were proud of her and we're happy to it, you know, ever to be represent. usa and represent among people too and inspiring other young people to follow their dreams. come i know about her is that she never gave up something. 18 year old sunni lee echoed on stage while thanking her supporters and saint paul community. there's a lot of young girls and boys out here and i just want to say that if you everyone to reach your dreams, please try and go for it because you never know how far you're going to get, and it's just truly is amazing.
5:46 pm
when you do reach your dreams. those young people are sending the of back and i would just say good job and i would be really proud of her pride that continues to grow here in minnesota. sony is our hero, especially for among americans. now we can say to me, we have you ever heard of her? she smoke i won't do in saint paul hanna flood. coming up a sobering report on the climate change situation more on the data just released by scientists and why activists are sounding the alarm. it's warming up around here as well. we're gonna find temperatures getting to their max is on thursday and friday. we'll chat about that in
5:47 pm
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every time nacho fries came back, that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you. country is trying to deal with a week long heatwave. it's worst in 30 years. flames are burning homes and kellen wildlife as they overtake thousands of acres of land. the
5:49 pm
government asked for help from european union's emergency support system. as a result, france, ukraine, cyprus, croatia, sweden and israel all sent firefighters and aircraft to help put the fires out. several other countries are expected to send help as well. the united nations warns that climate change on planet earth has reached code red the u. n climate change report climate report rather released today says global warming has only accelerate. rated it says higher temperatures are likely to produce even more frequent heatwaves, drought and other extreme weather by the 20 thirties. scientists say cyclones will also get stronger and wetter and arctic ice will melt raising sea levels. climate activists point out the report does not offer solutions and should prompt people to ask tough questions. like what do we value? and are we ready to take action to ensure future and present living conditions? so i hope that this can be a wake up call. the u. n report
5:50 pm
draws on more than 14,000 scientific studies. it concludes that there is no doubt that the release of carbon dioxide emissions from human activity is to blame for global warming, already, yeah, it's gonna be warm this week around here but in the pacific northwest are going to see record heat kind of similar to that event. we had a month or so ago when they were setting all time records, which is a little spooky, right? those numbers. some of those numbers we saw last last big heat wave up there all time record. for you know that ever in canada, which is unheard i think that 1 22 up in canada that set the all time record for the farthest north latitude temperature ever recorded. so that's these are the things you know, and i was looking at some pictures of mount shasta today. i've never seen mount shasta without snow. there's no snow amount shaft. i mean, there's some on the north side, but that west side is always a climbing route that's usually got snow on it all the way through august in september, and it just doesn't so we're in it and you should see outside. we've got the clouds fog. the
5:51 pm
fog stays at the coast. it's been hot inland, certainly through the last few weeks at times, but the coast has stayed like this, as a matter of fact, talked to numerous friends on the avenues and out in clarksburg and mill valley and places like that, saying, telling me this is really the pus foggiest summer that they can remember and i go back to. i think 83 was like this, too, in terms of just lots of foggy days, right at the beach, but inland. you can see the temperatures continue to rise. so this heat wave really doesn't apply too much to the coastal sections. this heatwave this increase in temperatures doesn't really so much apply to them as it does to the inland valleys. there's fog at the coast as we just mentioned. there it is, and you can see it all. come in a little close here. um there's that picture again. i'm coming close. just timing. what you're gonna do is you're going to see the, temperatures in the fog. that's there it is right there. thank you. and you see the fog, right? so it's kind of squishing through that play doh fun factory thing, and that idea is that the highest pressing it down and squishing it through. and so when you see that you go over the high pressure is building and that's a visual.
5:52 pm
when you see something like that you go or when the fog is below the 220 ft deck of the golden gate bridge, right, that's a shallow marine there when it's our at the deck, that means it's gonna be hot inlet, right? so did you look at the fog forecast for tomorrow morning. there it is. temperatures tomorrow, a lot like today, but perhaps a bit warmer. 95 in fairfield, 97. daniel in this slow, gradual increase in temperatures will continue really right through friday. so you see that in the five days forecast. here's the five day forecast. gotta drop sunday and therefore you too, and you can see it right there and temperatures cool off a little bit. on saturday and sunday. i'll see you back here at six. sacred heart community services in san jose distributed free backpacks to children in need today. the nonprofits annual pack up back giveaway event kicked off this morning and we'll be going on through thursday, organizers say 3800 backpacks will be given away over the course of the next three days. they say it's important for kids to go back to school with the right tools, especially after a very
5:53 pm
difficult year of distance learning. some children went back to school for a little bit at the end of the last school year. but this is schools opening up again, and there's a lot of anxiety and worry. so we want kids to at least have their backpacks and feel worrying and to come back to some type. enormous even though even though i know we're not there yet. organizers say the backpacks include grade appropriate school supplies. families must register first to make an appointment to take part in the give away. the blockbuster broadway hit, hamilton is resuming its run in san francisco tomorrow. i'm past patiently waiting. i'm passing it every expectation never reactions, lots of relations of left. the musical opens tuesday night at the orpheum theater for the first time since the pandemic began, all ticket holders will be required to show proof of. covid vaccination or recent negative test upon entry. the show is set to run through september. 5th. at least half a dozen provincial capitals have
5:54 pm
fallen to the taliban in afghanistan. i'm lucas thomas at the pentagon. all have the details coming up. he's coming back. coming back. careful back. oh at six, oakland police officers search for a driver suspected of hitting a man with his car on purpose. and witnesses
5:55 pm
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dropped on nagasaki, killing tens of thousands of people. a scaled down memorial service took place in nagasaki due to
5:57 pm
the coronavirus pandemic. it started with a moment of silence at the exact moment that the us dropped an atomic bomb killing more than 70,000 people. there was also a riff laying ceremony and the japanese prime minister and nagasaki's mayor, both called for nuclear disarmament, singling out the united states and russia, which both have the. largest nuclear arsenals. it's been nearly four months since president biden ordered the full withdrawal of some 3000 u. s troops from afghanistan. the move was intended to effectively and america's longest war. but over the past week, at least six provincial capitals have fallen to the taliban. box news. lucas tomlinson is at the pentagon with the latest. the secretary shares the concern of the international community about the security situation in afghanistan, which is clearly not going in the right direction. pentagon officials working to address growing concerns a total taliban takeover appears to be underway
5:58 pm
in afghanistan. the secretary continues to believe that the afghan forces have the capability they have the capacity to make a big difference on the on the battlefield. the increasing violence comes as the u. s military's deadline to withdraw all combat for this is just weeks away. the president made clear after 20 years at war, it's time for american troops to come home. but over the weekend, the insurgent group took control of several more major cities in the north, a sign there is no agreement for a ceasefire. they are doing what they're. part to create a climate of. fear and panic and they are succeeding wonderfully. at this. meantime the biden administration has maintained there are no plans to change course i think a reassessment is necessary if mistakes were made, admitting the american people can deal with that, and let's get on and making certain that we don't see an afghan government who we've been aligned with for 20 years. we don't see that collapse right before our eyes and the bloody
5:59 pm
situation that would incur on capitol hill. frustration mounting. they do not care if our leaders get tired of the task at hand, and this is not what victory looks like a spokesman for the taliban warns the u. s not to intervene over the weekend, the u. s embassy in kabul urged all american citizens living in afghanistan to evacuate as soon as possible at the pentagon, lucas tomlinson. fox news. this is ktvu. fox two news at six will continue to try and just diminish the possibility of people dying in this way you knew at six tonight, relatives of a man who died after being restrained by antioch police officers hope a lawsuit will bring them justice. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm frank somerville the relatives. at the police officer and others were the
6:00 pm
lawsuit. today, they say police officers killed angela angelo quinto after being called about a mental health disturbance. ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky has been following this story in evan. the relatives opened up today about what they've been going through. that's right. julie angelo kinko's family is suing four officers, the police chief and the city of antioch for wrongful death. they say the officers asphyxiated king toe. by holding him face down in a prone position for several minutes. death is permanent, but so is our pain. angelo kinko's family announced a federal civil rights lawsuit seeking justice and accountability. the family called 9112. days before christmas, when kinta was experiencing a mental health crisis. they say police killed him by holding him down on his stomach, causing him to his fix. e eight attorneys for the family revealed the results of their independent autopsy. they


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