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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  August 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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officers killed angela angelo quinto after being called about a mental health disturbance. ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky has been following this story in evan. the relatives opened up today about what they've been going through. that's right. julie angelo kinko's family is suing four officers, the police chief and the city of antioch for wrongful death. they say the officers asphyxiated king toe. by holding him face down in a prone position for several minutes. death is permanent, but so is our pain. angelo kinko's family announced a federal civil rights lawsuit seeking justice and accountability. the family called 9112. days before christmas, when kinta was experiencing a mental health crisis. they say police killed him by holding him down on his stomach, causing him to his fix. e eight attorneys for the family revealed the results of their independent autopsy. they
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said no drugs were found in king tow system and his eyes had particular hemorrhages. science. he died from lack of oxygen earlier this year, a new york police chief tammany brooks, appeared of king toes injuries sustained in the struggle were fatal, and officers did not use their knees on his neck happen in front of his mother and sister. but yet the effort was to shame him to suggest that he caused his own demise. and that to me, was outrageous and despicable. king toes. sister bella said she hopes her brother's death brings about needed change in the police department parents to remember how he went. but he believed that he had a guardian angel. and if there is something more for him, i hope that he has it. now we've recently learned that the contra costa county sheriff's office has scheduled a
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coroner's inquest for this case for august. 20th that will determine the official cause and manner of death and bring about some much needed answers for both the family and police live in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news, evan, thank you, a former lapd officer is being charged with voluntary manslaughter in connection with the deadly off duty shooting at a cost. store former officer salvador sanchez also was charged with assault with a semi automatic firearm, investigators say 32 year old kenneth french was shopping with his parents at a costco in riverside county back in 2019 french who had a mental illness, knock sanchez down from behind. sanchez then opened fire, killing french and wounding his parents. no at six cameras capture a brazen hit and run in oakland. and we want to tell you that the good news here is that the victim is okay. he's coming back. coming back.
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careful. good lord, witnesses say the driver of a chevy bolt hit a man on purpose yesterday. this happened near the intersection of dorne and taken after the man yelled at the driver to slow down in the neighborhood. all come. police officers are investigating. if you know anything that can help them find the driver contact the oakland police department. surveillance video shows how a robbery in oakland ended up with someone trying to help the victims getting shot. all of this unfolded near the intersection of eighth and franklin in oakland's chinatown are crime reporter henry lee spoke with people in that community who say criminals are getting more bold. it's happened again another attack in oakland's chinatown, but this time a good samaritan got shot. peoples are saying, uh, see something say something, but in 20 do something. but unfortunately they got hurt. it happened at about two saturday
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afternoon. two armed men in hoodies try to rob two women of their purses near eighth and franklin. two men tried to stop them, and within moments, shots ring out. one of the good samaritans is shot and wounded and crumples to the ground. one of the robbers, jocks to a double parked honda accord. the second man trying to help in the white shirt is pistol whipped and gets into a tug of war over purse with the other assailant. the man who was shot is expected to be okay. he was taken to the hospital. many of us we feel strongly that you know this. uh brave young man and you know, willing to risk the life and these are the heroes carl chan as president of the oakland chinese chamber of commerce, he says criminals are being emboldened by the revolving door of the criminal justice system. the whole problem is not about the police is about the other being koch. they will be release. if not the same day, probably the next morning. nathan franklin is a busy intersection just a few blocks from oakland police headquarters. this video is
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from the same corner back on july 12th. you can see two men getting out of a mercedes, iraq to asian women of their purses and took off in frustration. a witness throws a stool at the mercedes. you may recall that karl chan himself was attacked at eighth and broadway, just a block from oakland police headquarters to tackle was arrested and charged. he's being held without bail because of a parole violations. henry lee ktvu, fox two news, san jose police have arrested three alleged gang members who they say are accused of committing a series of violent crimes. police say the three men are part of an active street gang that has been linked to at least 10. violent crimes, including carjackings, shootings, stolen vehicles and burglaries. they were arrested as part of a sting that also netted guns. illegal high kept high capacity magazines, equipment to make ghost guns, bulletproof best narcotics. and stolen property. three very dangerous individuals off our city streets. that's three less people out there victimizing
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and committing these violent crimes. certainly if we identify others that were involved in these crimes associated to these three suspects, we're gonna do our very best to identify them and arrest them as well. the three suspects are booked at the santa clara county main jail on suspicion of carjacking, armed robbery, burglary and weapons possession. the u. s military looks set up to be come. the next group of people mandated to get the coronavirus vaccine. the pentagon has asked for president biden's approval, the vaccinations would be required by september 15th or earlier if the vaccine receives final fda approval or if infection rates continue to rise. make the request for the waiver by mid september. unless or until fda licensure occurs before that time, at which point the secretary has the authority he needs upon fda licensure to issue to make whatever vaccine is then given that license
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mandatory. the move is in line with president biden's mandate for all federal workers to be vaccinated or undergo regular test in. in oakland students went back to school today. they return to the classroom for the first time in more than a year, as the number of delta variant cases spiked. ktvu is rob ross shows us how the school district is now working to keep everyone healthy. many students letting out from emerson elementary school in oakland monday afternoon, got a hug from their parents and gave the much anticipated first day back. good reviews. what? i saw that my bestie on the playground i got really. diet and i was like jumping up and down. it was funnier and easier than normal. this was the first time in a year and a half that students receive full in person instruction. no hybrids, no cohorts, and no lessons over zoom there or, however, masks mandatory for everyone who steps inside of school. it wasn't actually that bad, but
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that's just me. i don't like it. well, the oakland unified school district is encouraging covid vaccines for those who are eligible. it's not mandatory teachers are required to undergo regular covid tests, even if they are vaccinated. still some parents admitted to being apprehensive about setting their students off to school. i'm nervous, nervous. yeah, uh, because of all the news. i've been reading about the delta variant and i know their kids, and sometimes they're not careful enough. california superintendent of schools tony thurman toured at oakland elementary school with oakland mayor libby chef and district officials. and even though there may the challenges facing us with the variant. this school district like many has taken this account the needs of our students and put all the safety measures in place. those measures include deep cleanings, air purifiers and all the rooms and asking parents to keep their children at home. if they're ill. i'm concerned. i want to know that they have a contingency
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planning. i'm feeling really good. i'm feeling really excited. i think our teachers and staff have done a great job getting ready. the district says about 850 students opted for in home learning that's less than 2% of the school population. in oakland. rob roth, ktvu fox two news, students in the lafayette school district also went back to school today, tomorrow students in the san ramon valley school district will will return to class. then on thursday, students in the mount diablo unified school district go back. new school year for san francisco and wes contra costa student starts next monday. then wednesday of next week, the san jose and fremont unified school districts will welcome back students into the classrooms and his kids head back to the classroom. ktvu is partnering up with supply bank dot org for our annual back to school drive, if you'd like to make a donation, go to ktvu com slash school or scan the q r code that you see there on your screen. doctors noticed an
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uptick in the number of children fighting covid coming up. we'll talk with the doctor about the threat the delta variant poses as unvaccinated children head back to the classroom. also, we're hearing from airbnb after a deadly shooting that happened during a party at one of the company's rental properties. things are heating up a bit around here at the five day forecast will show you that with numbers back into the upper nineties as we head into thursday and friday, the details coming up and we'll show you what some bay area wineries think will help protect them from
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so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. tonight. they now say that all 31 people who were previously reported unaccounted for have been located and that they're all safe. firefighters from montecito also posted this video today on twitter. it shows them patrol in hotspots
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and clearing brush to slow the fires spread containment of the dixie fire has been holding steady at 21% for three days. nearly 493 acres have burned to put that in perspective, that's a larger space than new york city, a group of volunteer firefighters will now be responding to emergencies from their own homes after the dixie fire burned down their fire station volunteers with the indian valley fire rescue department say. they were trying to save homes in the greenville area when their firehouse went up in flames. we were out so busy taking care of other people's houses and structures that we didn't have time to get, uh, engine 26 out your your own first responders, and so we try and help the best we can, but we just do not have the resources. the funding. the indian valley fire department says that rebuilding their fire
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station will likely take months. some napa county winery owners have new plans to protect their property. ktvu is tom baker shows us what they're doing, because they don't believe they can count on cal fire crews if there's a wildfire in their area. last september and october. is glass fire, damaged or destroyed? 28 napa county wineries, prompting a growing number of vintners to take self action. that's fire really brought home. the. the challenge that we face and, uh, motivated all of us to try to get ahead of this rather than just responding to it, and that means to protect your property, adding water supplies, adding sprinkler systems. clearing vegetation besides using earth moving equipment to create fire breaks or dig more ponds for water supplies. some are buying new or used firefighting equipment. especially water pumping tankers to take the fight to the encroaching fire. some are also training staff to
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fight fires, not just to save the wineries but their own livelihoods. but even they are not trying to replace cal fire or are volunteer firefighters. we are not advocating wholesale firefighting by private entities, even though vineyards are great fire breaks the vintners multi pronged approach includes creating larger, defensible space is also. better forest management fuel reductions off premises, adding staff and equipment to official fire protection agencies and vigorous post fire replanting to enhance water retention and reduced landslides. wineries have been plagued also by wildfire, insurance cancellations and less coverage and even if they can get it, a restricted level of coverage, they're paying up to four or five times as much as they used to. it's so bad. the governor just signed a bill allowing wineries to get into the state fair plan. california's insurer of last resort that in of itself is a good thing.
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however, the amount of coverage that the fair plan is able to extend is very small and make no mistake, although 95% of napa vineyards are small and family owned, they are critically important to the california economy makes up only 4% of the total acreage here in the state, but we contribute about 33% of the overall value economically. so um, we're a small place with a big impact. inventors also worry about the other major issue. constant fires, scaring the tourists away. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news massive wildfires have now been raging for 13 days in turkey. most of the fires have been brought under control, but some are still burning in the southwestern part of the country. the wildfires broke out during a scorching heat wave in more than half of the provinces in turkey. at least eight people have been killed many villages and resorts have also been evacuated. okay
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taking a look at the temperatures from today. national weather service. just put these out. that's where we get the daytime heist. basically, we used the national weather service official numbers. check it out here. get 93 in fairfield conquered liver more in antioch. so those are the warmer spots today temperatures as we head into tomorrow are going to be hotter in these areas and those areas are going to the mid, probably mid and upper nineties in some cases, certainly by thursday and friday, they will be in the upper nineties and maybe even some low one hundred's temperatures elsewhere. etienne sandra fell today it was 78 and, uh redwood city in 79 in mountain view. nice day. today the trend is forward to get warmer. as you know, there's some smoke out there. i mentioned this earlier. are qualities real good right now. but as you look towards east, which we're doing here, mount diablo, you see the haze, right, so that's smoke over us at sea breeze has kept our layer where we the boundary there where we exist. that sea breeze is pushing that way so all the smoke is being stuck out there in the central valley. so modesto and sacramento and stockton. those guys are having a dose of it,
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even even eastern livermore county. you're seeing a little bit smoke. maybe you're smelling it as well. so as we look at that smoke forecast, it's a good one. for us. it's going to get better and better as the next few days go on. at least that's the hope. not so for everybody else to who still got some bad air quality as well as sacramento. the trend as i mentioned is warming up, so there goes and that's the planet. this is not a heatwave. it's just august weather and it's going to act like august weather and we're gonna see fire danger. elevate a little bit, we might see a little bit of return to smoke, especially in our inland valleys towards wednesday and thursday. we'll see how that goes, especially at nights and mornings, but as we go forward here, obviously no rain. we're most worried about fire, danger, and in our world, it could be a lot worse. so we're doing pretty good for that as well. this forecast keeps fog at the coast and some cool, moist onshore flows working in our favor. so when i come back, we're gonna take the five day forecast. we're gonna look at that and get you going with the rest of your week. all right, we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you. democrats. unveiled their multi trillion dollar spending plan today that
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as the senate prepares to vote on a trillion dollar package for infrastructure, fox news caroline shively with the latest from washington. the senate is now finally on the precipice of passing major bipartisan infrastructure legislationvote on the measure is now set leaders in bh parties believe it will pass there. and if the house follow suit, it will mean more than a trillion dollars for the nation's water systems, broadband roads, bridges and public transit. after that senate democrats intend to bring up a much larger human infrastructure deal. the massive bill delivers on dozens of democratic priorities, including universal preschool, tuition, free community college, a civilian climate corps, expanding medicare and changing immigration laws. he's moving directly to the $3.5 trillion package. he wants to light that views and then leave for vacation. democrats think they'll have the votes for passage. there may be some tweets here and there between
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now and the final passage of the budget reconciliation. package but highly confident democrats will stand united. but so far, republicans are united against it. the bill would be paid for in part with higher taxes on corporations and doubling the tax rate for the wealthiest americans on their investment income. trillions more. borrowing and trillions more spending when inflation is already sticking american families with higher costs if the bipartisan bill passes the senate, it heads to the house, which is still on recess for a few more weeks in washington, caroline shively fox news. coming up a woman who says prince andrew sexually assaulted her confronts him with the lawsuit still ahead. prosecutors in the u. s are now asking to speak with him and find out what may help bring
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harassment has sued prince andrew, saying he's sexually assaulted her when she was 17 years old lawyers for virginia giuffre e filed that lawsuit in manhattan federal court today, according to the lawsuit, prince andrew abused you free on multiple occasions when she was under 18. the suit says that the prince forced her to have sex with him against her will at a home in london, where epstein was also present. the lawsuit also alleged that andrew sexually abused jew free on means private island in the u. s. virgin islands in late
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2019, prince andrew told bbc newsnight that he never had sex with jew free, saying it didn't happen and that he has no recollection of ever meeting her. and there is a new development tonight in the case of embattled new york governor andrew cuomo. roberta kaplan, the chairwoman of the time's up legal defense fund, abruptly resigned today after she was abused accused rather of helping to discredit one of cuomo's accusers, the organization in saying that kaplan's resignation was quote the right and appropriate thing to do foxes, brian yanis with more on the cuomo controversy from new york. melissa derosa, a longtime supporter and top aide to new york governor, andrew cuomo, has stepped down from her post in a statement to rosa says serving as cuomo's aid was quote the greatest honor of her life. but the statement did not address the allegations against cuomo. the move comes nearly one week after new york state attorney general leticia james released bombshell findings following an independent investigation into
6:25 pm
cuomo. it concluded he sexually harassed 11 women during his tenure as governor. meanwhile, one of cuomo's accusers is going public for the first time, accusing the governor of groping her while she served as an executive assistant on his staff. i then felt while taking the selfie his hand go down my back onto my butt, and he started rubbing it. not sliding it not, you know, quickly brushing over it, rubbing my, but this was a dream job, and it unfortunately turned into a nightmare. cuomo so far has shown zero indication that he intends to resign. the new york state judiciary committee held a meeting monday to discuss impeachment proceedings. top officials in the committee called the allegations against cuomo deeply troubling. we commend the attorney general on her work and her agreement to provide relevant materials to this committee. we will review that report in detail, including the underlying
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evidence and consider it together with this committee's own independent investigation. roberta kaplan, the chairwoman of the times, ups legal defense fund, abruptly resigned monday after she was accused of allegedly helping to in albany, new york, brian dennis fox news. jury selection began today in the sex trafficking trial against singer r. kelly potential jurors are being questioned in federal court in brooklyn, r. kelly is facing in a number of charges in new york, including racketeering, sexual exploitation of a child bribery, kidnapping and forced labor. it faces similar charges in the illinois and has denied any wrongdoing. the courtroom is closed to the public and the media due to coronavirus restrictions. opening arguments are expected to begin on august 18th and the trial may last up to eight weeks. the interaction
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with a wanted felon sends an alameda county sheriff's deputy to the hospital will run through what happened coming up at 6 30 coming up later in sports. a dodger fan rushes onto the field but has taken out by the ball girl sports director mark bond is we'll have the details on the clip that has now gone. gone viral and a fatal shooting at a party in sunnyvale, raising questions about how short of a man from and
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after being subdued by police is suing the officers involved, as well as the police chief and the city for wrongful death. they say officers suffocated 30 year old angelo quinto by holding him face down in a prone position for several minutes last december, the kanto family had called police because he was acting agitated and paranoid. good samaritan is recovering after being shot in oakland's chinatown over the weekend. the incident was caught here on security camera. witnesses say he and another man were trying to help to women who are being robbed near eighth and franklin saturday afternoon. that man was taken to the hospital, and luckily, doctors say he is expected to be okay and three alleged gang members are under arrest, accused of committing a series of violent crimes in san jose. police say the gang is linked to carjackings, shootings, vehicle thefts and burglaries.
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the men were arrested as part of a sting where police also confiscated guns. illegal high capacity magazines, a bulletproof vest, narcotics and stolen property. you're watching kate's view, fox two news at 6 30. fatal shooting at a party and sunnyvale is raising new questions tonight about how well airbnb is handling safety concerns. the party was hosted by an airbnb was hosted by an airbnb ktvu is jesse gary has the short term rental companies reaction. monday sunnyvale police returned to the scene of a weekend shooting that left one teenager dead and one person hospitalized. at this point, our investigators are still investigating, and we do not know the motive behind the shooting residents in the rainer park neighborhood say late saturday. they heard between 6 to 8 gunshots outside a home in the 1400 block of navarro drive. the home was rented out on airbnb for a party, some neighbors say hosted upwards of 200 people, the sense. clara county
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coroner's office, says 18 year old elias albania was hit by gunfire and died later at an area hospital. a second person was wounded and is expected to survive. it was 10 minutes straight of just cars and people walking past my street, which was this is not a lot of traffic around that time, and so i figured it was a house party, some neighbors say in the ensuing panic, partygoers knockdown fencing as they ran from gunfire. sunnyvale police had arrived on scene prior to the shooting. do the noise complaint. officers say no arrests have been made. and there isn't the suspect description monday. airbnb sent a statement to fox to which says in part airbnb bands, parties and we condemn the senseless gun violence that took place are dedicated safety team is urgently working to support those impacted by this tragedy, with so many people involved, there's always potential for more serious injuries and more people to be hurt. um so there's definitely potential that could have happened fortunate that there
6:33 pm
wasn't we're very fortunate that not more people were injured. um and we're thankful that no, no more injuries, verse sustained. airbnb officials say the property owner does not allow house parties so the gathering was unauthorized. the listing has been deactivated. it is unclear if the owner will be allowed to continue posting on airbnb. some neighbors have provided surveillance video to police as part of the investigation, but officers are still asking anyone with any information. to contact the sunnyvale department of public safety in sunnyvale, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news and alameda county sheriff's deputy was sent to the hospital after being hit by a suspect's car. it happened around 9 30 this morning near g street and 90th avenue in east oakland. the sheriff's office says the deputy approached a wanted felon when the suspect accelerated, hit the deputy and briefly dragged him. the deputy was taken to the hospital for injuries to his back and is
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expected to be treated. and released. detectives have identified the suspect and are now looking for him. governor newsom was in the east bay today where he helped caltrans crew removed debris from a long standing homeless in camden. the camp was along i 80 at university avenue in berkeley. outrage workers were also there to offer options for people to move out of their tents and into shelters or other housing, newsom says encampments are unacceptable and that the state needs to develop a human humane process for moving people and clearing camps, while also creating more housing options. what you see here is unacceptable. you had a big fire here. this is life safety risk to public health risk, and there are quite literally hundreds and hundreds of rats running around. people should not live in conditions like this, and we've accepted it too long. the governor says. so far, caltrans has cleared 200 encampments up and down the
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state. eight. they're using $1.1 billion from their budget to clean up re landscape, beautify and secure the sites along freeways and underneath overpasses. today was the first day americans could cross the border into canada without having to quarantine on the other side. the border has been closed to non essential travel since march, 2020. try to slow the spread of the coronavirus. today there were long lines of people eager to reunite with loved ones. canada is requiring american travelers to be fully vaccinated and to take a covid-19 pcr test within 72 hours of travel. many people said it is all worth it. been almost two years. so grandparents great grandparents for the kids. so today was the first day we could come, and that's what we decided to do. however the u. s says it is extending its closure to canadians making non essential
6:36 pm
trips until at least august 21st which also applies to the mexican border. protests continue in france as the government expands their vaccine passport requirements. starting today, people are required to show a q r code to eat at restaurants, cafes or travel within the country. the code is given to anyone who has had a covid vaccine recently recovered from the virus or tested negative for covid. it also applies to tourists a virus pass has already been in place for entertainment venues and sporting events. it has sparked widespread protests, even though polls show most people in france support the measure. it has nearly been four months since president biden ordered the full withdrawal of some 3000 u. s troops from afghanistan. the move was intended to effectively end america's longest war. but over the past week at least six provincial capitals have fallen to the taliban. fox news. lucas
6:37 pm
tomlinson is at the pentagon tonight with the latest. the secretary shares the concern of the international community about the security situation in afghanistan, which is clearly not going in the right direction. pentagon officials working to address growing concerns a total taliban takeover appears to be underway in afghanistan. the secretary continues to believe that the afghan forces have the capability they have the capacity to make a big difference on the on the battlefield. the increasing violence comes as the u. s military's deadline to withdraw all combat forces. it's just weeks away, the president made clear after 20 years at war, it's time for american troops to come home. but over the weekend, the insurgent group took control of several more major cities in the north, a sign there is no agreement for a ceasefire. they are doing what they're. part to create a climate of. fear and panic and they are succeeding wonderfully. at this. meantime the biden administration has maintained
6:38 pm
there are no plans to change course i think a reassessment is necessary if mistakes were made, admitting the american people can deal with that, and let's get on and making certain that we don't see an afghan government who have been aligned with for 20 years. we don't see that collapsed right before our eyes and the bloody situation that would incur on capitol hill. frustration mounting. they do not care if our leaders get tired of the task at hand, and this is not what victory looks like a spokesman for the taliban warns the u. s not to intervene over the weekend, the u. s embassy in kabul urged all american citizens living in afghanistan to evacuate as soon as possible at the pentagon, lucas tomlinson. fox news, children are heading back to school in the middle of a surge of covid cases coming up. we will speak with a doctor about keeping kids, especially those who are unvaccinated safe. and find out
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babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! as children began returning to the classroom for more on all of this. we are joined now by dr peter chin hong. he's an infectious disease specialist with u. c s f dr chin hong. everyone wants to be safe and take precautions to slow the spread of the virus. but there are people who are asking. is it really fair to ask children
6:42 pm
to wear a mask in school all year round? what would you say to them? i would say to them that it's a temporary measure. we're hoping that it's not going to be forever, particularly since we hope that the vaccinations for kids under 12 will be approved soon on the eu. a uh so again, i think about mass is just really a temporary measure by far the lion's share of how we are going to be protected is by vaccination. all right. so in addition right now, until there is full approval in addition to wearing masks, indoors and outdoors, are there other things that kids can do that parents can tell their children to stay safe while they're at school? yes, definitely. so the cbc gave a menu of options for schools, and not all of them are sort of mandatory by their, uh, toolkit that schools and use mass. i think i'm probably the easiest thing, but they also include keeping that's three ft apart mentally. mission, but the most important thing by far is vaccinating the
6:43 pm
adults in the children's lives. so teachers staff parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, you follow your former wall of immunity bodyguards around the kids that we care so much about with the highly contagious delta variant we're seeing in surge in the number of children now who are getting covid all across the country. serious is the illness for kids, most of whom, as you said, or not vaccinated? well, the data we have so far, even with delta is actually not too bad for kids, even though they comprise a larger proportion of cases in the country compared to previously and that's because we've immunized most of the older population, but by far most kids when they do get delta. of course, it's not as risky as adults have very mild illness. in fact, only 1. scent of kids hospitalized and 0.1 die. in fact, in kids under
6:44 pm
five years old and the whole state of california for the last 17 months we've had i think five deaths so more so than protecting the children. it's protecting the people that the children could bring the virus home, too. as we move on, what are your thoughts on vaccine mandates for teachers and school staff or regular testing? for instance, the oakland unified school district is offering regular testing for students. well i'll start with, uh, the more sort of optional one, which is regular testing. regular testing is again part of the toolkit of strategies that schools can use, but it's not a mandatory thing. so in other words, if you have my son, you have ventilation. you protect the kids by having the adults vaccinated. it's fine in terms of vaccine mandates. i don't think it's a bad idea in health care. we also take care of a vulnerable population which our patients and as you know, all healthcare workers are mandated to get a vaccine
6:45 pm
in the state of california. so likewise, i think teachers are taking care of the wards of all of us, all kids, so i think again protecting the kids. it's not only about protecting the individual, it's protecting the communion and i and in that realm, i think it's not a bad idea. all right. we will let that be the last word as students all across the bay area are heading back to school in the next week or so. dr peter chin hong. always good to see you. thanks for joining us tonight. thanks so much, julie. alrighty. then when we returned with weather will look at the air quality. how that's going to impact you the next couple of days and as well as a little bit of a warm up coming as we head towards the middle end of this week. right now we go to ktvu is alex savage, with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the 70 clock news on ktvu. plus frank. thank you coming up new tonight. another big tech company is closing its headquarters. we'll have the details on when zynga will relocate from san francisco, plus a judge denies
6:46 pm
a request from britney spears to move up her next court hearing. tmz's harvey levin will have more tonight and have the latest on the singer's conservatorship battle with her father will have those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu. plus alex. thank you. but first after the break what may pleasantly surprise you at the pump? a lot for gas in the bay aa
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
right now, but there may be some help on the horizon. analysts for gas buddy say that oil prices are taking a hit because of the current surge of coronavirus cases. they think that could trickle down to the pump bringing gas prices down
6:49 pm
over the next few weeks. they also note you must understand demand for gas is still high. so that's helping fight a possible downward trend. what gas prices going down at the end of summer? who wouldn't go? guess that? hmm okay, as we head outside, we've got the fog to talk about. we've got temperatures today that warmed a little bit inland, and we're pretty mild again around the bay. just nice weather, summer weather around here. it looks smokey, but it's not. that's just the fog coming across. you can see smoke, if you say are out in the out in the valley out in antioch and fairfield, you look east. you'll see some smoke. so there are the temperatures from today. these are the official highs and it was a little bit warmer, like fairfield inn and a couple degrees up temperatures tomorrow will be warmer still, and they're just going to click up a little bit each day as we head into thursday and friday, we can take a look at the where the fog is and where it's not. you can see it. and when you see it, right i talked about last night too. but when you see it squishing and funneling
6:50 pm
between the golden gate bridge that just just picture pushing down on it, it funnels and gets pushed out right, like play doh fun factory and when you see that, and you see that narrow lina and i hope you know what i'm talking about this, this narrow line going across the bay, that is the high pressure not tells you high pressure is going to own the environment for at least the next 24 hours or self. so let's be knowing that we see that footprint go. it's gonna be warmer tomorrow. that's it's that simple 86 right now in fairfield, 88 in brentwood, 86 in livermore. so pretty nice day overall today in a pretty nice day in store for us again tomorrow as we look at temperatures that are running a little bit warmer than yesterday. at this time, like we said, it will be a little bit warmer again tomorrow. so let's take a peek here. you look at that in the estuary and out in the quad iq park. used to water ski out there. i was here when they did, um, they used to have the world water ski championships there if you can believe that, but they don't do that anymore. i
6:51 pm
don't think there's the fog tomorrow morning. you see it pushing inland was like 1980. i bet it was 81 1980 or 81. it's a big deal. actually everybody the whole world, not the whole world, but a lot of people showed up for that thing right there in that little spot. okay, so the aquatic park so 84 napa 78 in vallejo 95 copy those are the forecast highs for admiral. tonight's day, slightly warmer in the five day forecast will bear me out on that. you can see it's saturday and i'll pop sunday into singing. take a peek at that. so nice pattern. nothing really big in the way it changes, bill. thank you coming up after the break, we'll take a look back at pro football's hall of fame ceremony as three bay area legends go into the hall
6:52 pm
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit room to get the week started course over the weekend great weather in northern california, so i'm not here to give you the weatherd about miss the nfl hall of fame ceremonies, some local angles working like 49 team president john lynch, who finally gets to go in. let me tell you something about this guy. he was in tough. he had to follow
6:55 pm
peyton manning. it was very amusing. in his speech. john lynch was up next, of course. you know anything about john lynch is football corrected. sum it up by saying you didn't want to get hit by this guy out of the defensive backfield. you want a super bowl with tampa and of course, started his big time football career as a stanford quarterback, bill walsh saw his talents and converted him to a defensive back. the rest was history, a perennial all pro with denver and tampa, officially welcomed. i form a tampa teammate warren sapp. it's always good baby. when i see you come home, and now you are your children final destination. we are team mates for life and forever in a day, my brother. congratulations welcome to the hall of fame. what everyone knows you need. uh warrants out there. i always said i'd love to see john lynch and ronnie lott in the same defensive backfield, right?
6:56 pm
that's a little hurt another guy who could play a little back there, of course with local ties as well. that would be the great charles woodson, who had his day in the sun yesterday, one of the greats started and finished his career, of course, with the raiders, little super bowl interlude stop in the middle with green bay and always comported of. up well on and off the field. willie brown hall of famer in his own right great grader said that, uh, charles was the most gifted defensive back he had ever seen, or coach charles loved his day in this space in the sun and. and was very commanding at the podium be unique, innovative, learn discipline you own undeniable respect. love. everyone give everything never doubt build your legend. thank you were in the hall of fame, baby. oh yes,
6:57 pm
you are, and certainly not to forget the great tom floors. people remember him, of course, coaching the raiders to two super bowl wins. do not forget. he went to the super bowl with kansas city as a backup quarterback, and he also got a super bowl ring as an assistant coach. very genuine gentleman. tom floor is glad that he finally got in. all right. as i said, a few things you may have messed over the weekend, so case you missed it. you need to check this out. this happened at dodger stadium yesterday. a fan eluded security down on the field and was tackled by the ball girl, marissa rohan. she's a senior at cal state northridge. yeah. he made the play or those those big brute, uh, security guys couldn't catch her, like leave it to the ball girl. all right, and this is pretty cute. you need to
6:58 pm
check this out. this is sometimes giant catcher chadwick trump is in sacramento, teaching his one year old son, zain, how to play some baseball and zane is sub. he's not camera shy. he's played shot, like, come on, buddy. step on the. late. yeah, if it was a plate of food, he'd be all over it, but not home plate. yeah we've all been there is a parent come on, seriously. just step on the plate. will you? come on, do it for that. is this definitely late both the a's and giants have the day off today, and that's this 40 life for right now, guys, we'll get it back to you just so inspiring hearing charles woodson talk here in john lynch talk a. it you realized that's why they're in the hall of fame. yet those guys are winners in every sense of the word. seriously great moment for them. all right, mark. thank you are live news thank you are live news
6:59 pm
okay, we're headed out-- see you later. before you leave, could you test these noise-cancelling headphones? yeah, sure. okay. go ahead. hello, can you hear me? sheldon, i haven't changed the filter in the water pitcher in two years. uh, bernadette's nickname for you is the virgin piña colada. your george lucas autograph is really a "me" autograph. yeah, well, once i was too lazy to walk across the hall, so i used your toothbrush. ooh, and one time when you were asleep, amy totally took off her... and that's why you're the best roommate ever. aw... now i'm sad i didn't hear it. so what do you need the headphones for? well, i've been struggling for months
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to come up with a theory of dark matter that doesn't make protons decay. i'm hoping to finally tackle it by optimizing my work environment. see, i've got, uh, my tea is at the perfect sipping temperature. uh, i have fleece-lined boxer shorts to keep my tushie toasty. and then, oh, last but not least, this inspirational cat poster, improved with the reassuring face of physics renegade richard feynman. is that why you had to take him to office depot last night? i don't want to talk about it. there, the place is all yours. yeah, have fun. oh, i will-- nothing more fun than a paradigm-shifting evening of science. (scoffs) and you thought it was soaping me up in the shower. (chuckles) bye. okay. here we go. proton decay. proton decay. proton decay.


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