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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 9, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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rage caught on camera. a driver hits a man with his car and narrowly misses to other people, and it appears to be intentional. he was trying to kill us. you know, he absolutely was now at at that point, he was trying to kill us. he hit me to the point where i flung up to the full 3 60. now a pretty big guy, maybe do a full 3 60. the victim says
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the suspect used his car as a weapon and took off. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm frank somerville. the hit and run happened just before six o'clock last night near bacon and dorin drives in the montclair neighborhood of oakland. ktvu is as a smith is here now and azenith smith. fortunately the man who was hit is okay. yes frank. he is physically ok. he did not need to go to the hospital. he says he may have blacked out initially in shock. all of the victims can't believe it turned violent so fast a warning this video is hard to watch. well actually got hit by the car. almost it was disoriented and i it was like, probably like a 32nd pause. joseph flax of pleasanton is the man captured in this video being hit by a car in the oakland hills emotionally, i'm like a rock place and seeing that, like, you know, i get serious about it and, you know. thank god i mean, he had murderous intent. the initial altercation happened just before six sunday
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night. joseph says he was coming up on a blind turn near gurban and the montclair neighborhood when he says the driver of a chevy bolt came speeding up the hill almost hitting them. he gets real mad starts yelling at me. saying, like, you know, watch her go and i live here. the two drivers exchanged words the victims and say the chevy driver threatened to kill them. he was like, i'm gonna kill you guys i'm like, and it was just really scary. i mean, i don't think we thought that would ever happen, and it just escalated so quickly. neighbors captured what happened next? the chevy has seemed narrowly missing. the group of three. oh, my god. he then returns down the hill. he's coming back. careful an estimated 40 mph initially i think you kind of got my form. and then i have a little fun. i did a full spin. i went right on my telephone neighbor, jonathan sandler heard the yelling, entire screeching. his wife recorded the videos. apparently both of those times were the 2nd and 3rd attempt at hitting them.
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the chevy driver took off. neighbors posted the video on next door. oakland police are actively pursuing leads after that, like i will never hung. i will never yellow. i mean, not that i do. but i will never say any anything to any driver again. the whole ordeal has shaken not this couple warning others to be careful on the road. you never know who you'll encounter behind the wheel text. one incidents where someone just snaps and loses it. yep. and he lost in. he just went absolutely crazy. and the victims have been working with investigators. the driver is described as a man in his twenties, and he could face several charges, assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run and even attempted murder. frank it's just insane. all you can do here is hope that they catch that guy and take him to jail. alright azenith smith live for us tonight as nothing q. and update this evening on a story we first told you about over the weekend, a 13 year old girl who died after she was thrown
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from her bike on saturday afternoon in south san jose, has been identified as just sale of august. she was riding her bike downhill on val roy drive in the city's la colina neighborhood when she lost control and hit a raised curb on curry drive. the impact launched her into the air, and she hit a concrete retaining wall. she was not wearing a helmet. she was taken to the hospital, where she later died. a small memorial was created at the scene of the crash, where people left candles, flowers and notes. napa is feeling the loss of two community members who were killed while on vacation in alaska. they were on a sightseeing flight that crashed. no one survived. ktvu deborah villalon joins us now in napa with how that couple is being remembered, deb okay, julie, this loss deeply felt here in napa. the victims identified as mark henderson and napa native and retired public defender and jackie complement and accomplished nurse and educator. this is
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jackie. typical jackie during the pandemic nurse jackie com plain remembered by her boss at napa's meals on wheels program funny, happy, very dedicated to her job, and her profession's complained was a happy presence in this office and colleagues are stunned by news that a plane crash in alaska has taken their friend, 60 year old complex and her 69 year old partner, mark henderson, were killed along with three other tourists and the pilot. you just don't expect it. you never to hear the news was devastating. i mean, everybody is in the state of shock still complain and henderson. we're on a week long alaskan cruise on hall in america, the sightseeing flight crashed thursday, the day before they would have come home. so the nurses today this is their last day here compound ran a program called wellness on wheels, espey during the pandemic. these are the flowers she gave the staff. before her vacation, she
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dropped by with flowers for her co workers, and she's adventurous. this could be so she was really looking forward to alaska, and she'd been messaging friends while away and how beautiful the state was, and that's having a great time on the trip. the loss is also felt deeply on the close knit napa called a sack where the victims lived. amazing people. they touched so many people's lives in napa neighbors speak warmly of the couple and on their porch. people have left flowers. cards and cookies. a widow complain, raised two children here, both teachers overseas. jackie was the warmest person and, um, it's just this so painful to have god. we go on the routes and kind of use our clinical judgment of how the seniors are doing the loss of complex and henderson leave friends and family grieving and the program she was so passionate about without its leader brightened everything. made everything fun.
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but more importantly, what she did for our seniors was invaluable, multiple agencies are investigating the crash, which also killed a mother and daughter from georgia. it did happen about three in the afternoon and julie bad weather. poor visibility may have been factors such a sad story in such a big loss for napa, deborah. thank you, a father from palo alto has died after drowning in utah's. powell it happened last thursday afternoon in an area of the lake, known as warm creek bay, authorities say 49 year old paul chang drowned while rescuing his children from the water. witnesses say the family of four rented a boat and we're touring the lake when two of the children went swimming without a life jacket. one of the kids began to struggle and the father jumped in to rescue them after getting the kids onto the boat, he went underwater. rescuers brought him to the surface, but they could not revive him, the national park service says it
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is investigating the drowning, the state reported more than 10,000 new coronavirus cases as of yesterday cases have been hovering in that range for about a week. now, six more people died from the virus. hospitalizations were up by 264 patients to over 6300. test positivity is trending lower over the past few days. it's down now to 6.3% from 7.1% a week ago. new a 10 santa cruz, health officials say two recent deaths from the coronavirus are the first in more than two months. authorities say the two residents were both unvaccinated that they were both in their seventies, and they both had contracted the delta bear and both of the victims died in a local hospital on august 2nd. the county has 209 confirmed deaths due to covid health officials urged people who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated to get their shots
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as soon as they can. today was the first day of school for thousands of kids in oakland for the first time in more than a year. students return to the classroom for in person instruction ktvu is rob roth tells us how the district is working to keep everyone safe as the delta variant surges. many students letting out from emerson elementary school in oakland monday afternoon, got a hug from their parents and gave the much anticipated first day back. good reviews. what i saw my bestie on the playground. i got really excited. i was like jumping up and down, it was funnier and easier than normal. this was the first time in a year and a half that students receive full in person instruction. no hybrids, no cohorts, and no lessons over zoom. there were, however, masks mandatory for everyone who steps inside of school. it wasn't actually that bad, but that that's just me. i don't like it. well the oakland unified school district is
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encouraging covid vaccines for those who are eligible. it's not mandatory teachers are required to undergo regular covid tests, even if they are vaccinated. still, some parents admitted to being apprehensive about sitting there. students off to school. i'm nervous, nervous. yeah, uh of all the news. i've been reading about the delta variant and i know their kids, and sometimes they're not careful enough. california superintendent of schools tony thurman toured in oakland elementary school with oakland mayor libby schaaf and district officials and even though there are many challenges facing us with the variant, this school district like many has taken to count the needs of our students and put all the safety measures in place. those measures include deep cleanings, air purifiers and all the rooms and asking parents to keep their children at home. if they're ill. i'm concerned. i want to know that they have a contingency planning. i'm feeling really good. i'm feeling really excited. i think our teachers and staff have done a great job getting ready. the district
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says about 850 students opted for in home learning that's less than 2% of the school population. in oakland. rob roth ktvu fox two news, florida governor ron de santis is threatening to withhold salaries of superintendents and school board members who defy his statewide ban on mask mandates. in a statement, the governor's office said the priority is to protect parents rights. several school districts in florida are considering mask mandates in response to rising covid infection rates. a few have said mass will be required, with some opt out exceptions and we'll have more coverage on kids and the coronavirus coming up tonight at 10 30 bay area doctors tell us about an increase in cases among children. and how to keep kids safe as they go back to school. today the pentagon announced plans to require all members of the u. s military to get the coronavirus vaccine. it will be required by september 15th or sooner if the vaccine receives
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final fda approval or if infection rates continue to rise, president biden has endorsed the plan. he says that the vaccine mandate would ensure that our military forces are ready to operate anywhere in the world. consider this memo today as what we would call in the military a warning order a warning order to the force that this is coming. the plan still needs the president's approval, but it's in line with his mandate for all federal workers to be vaccinated or undergo regular testing. taking fire safety into their own hands have some napa vintners are working to protect their properties as the threat of wildfires grows and the warming trend continues this week, temperatre going to work their way up on thursday and fridain the upper nineties. we'll talk about that. and look at the five day and a little bit. see you back here and later tonight another darren robbery in oakland's chinatown, but this time when two men tried to
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intervene, unfortunately one of them got shot. i just consider myself trying to help someone in need, uh at 10 45 we hear from the good samaritan who says he doesn't think he's a
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tonight. it's now the second largest fire in state history. cal fire says three firefighters have been injured. their conditions are not known. there was also some more positive news, the plumas county sheriff said today that everyone who was unaccounted for has now been reported safe. cal fire says the fire has burned more than 750 square miles across four counties that makes it larger than new york city, 873 structures have also been to freud, nearly 6000. firefighters are battling the flames, along with 30 helicopters and 525 engines. the fire started nearly a month ago and is still only 21% contained. a group of volunteer firefighters will now be responding to emergencies from their own homes after the dixie fire burned down their fire station volunteers with the indian valley fire rescue department say they they were trying to save homes in the greenville area. when. their
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firehouse went up in flames. one of the departments fire engines was also lost to the flames, fire officials say rebuilding the fire station will likely take months. wineries in napa county are preparing for what could be another devastating wildfire season, and now bittner's are taking steps to protect their property. as ktvu is, tom baker explains. some are even training their staff on how to fight fires. last september in october's glass fire, damaged or destroyed 28 napa county wineries, prompting a growing number of vintners to take self action as fire really brought home. the. the challenge that we face and, uh, motivated all of us to try to get ahead of this rather than just responding to it, and that means to protect your property, adding water supplies, adding sprinkler systems. clearing vegetation besides using earth moving equipment to create fire breaks or dig more ponds for water supplies. some are buying
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new or used firefighting equipment. especially water pumping tankers to take the fight to the encroaching fire. some are also training staff to fight fires, not just to save the wineries but their own livelihoods. but even they are not trying to replace cal fire or are volunteer firefighters. we are not advocating wholesale firefighting by private entities, even though vineyards are great firebreaks. the vintners. multi pronged approach includes creating larger, defensible space is also better. forest management fuel reductions off premises, adding staff and equipment to official fire protection agencies and vigorous post fire replanting to enhance water retention and reduce landslides. wineries have been plagued also by wildfire insurance cancellations and less coverage and even if they can get a restricted level of coverage. they're paying up to four or
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five times as much as they used to, and make no mistake. although 95% of napa vineyards are small and family owned, they are critically important to the california economy makes up only 4% of the total acreage here in the state, but we contribute about 33% of the overall value economically. so um, we're a small place with a big impact. inventors also worry about the other major issue. constant fires scaring the tourists away. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. federal officials say california had its hottest july on record this year. washington oregon and nevada also saw their warmest july ever death valley recorded the highest temperature ever seen in the continental us in july at 130 degrees, the western half of the country also remains locked in severe drought. already checking on your weather. your local weather that is temperatures today. they did warm a couple
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degrees in some of the inland bay valleys. take a look at 93 in antioch 93 in livermore temperatures tomorrow. we're going to want more. i think these inland spots like and all these 90 three's turned into 96 97 will be a warmer day tomorrow for sure, and that's the trend. it's going to warm up a little bit each day. you see the fog offshore right there it is, and you say you just pick up the top layer of it. one of things pick up right so their sales for sale the fog's kind of below the tower. and it's also i think you can see future to see us below sutro that tells you the inversions happening, right when you see that you don't need me. you look at that and go. okay it's gonna be 95 or 96 conquer tomorrow or in la fee or in livermore. so there's another. we looked at some visual clues earlier, and that's another way you can look at to is that certainly the depth of the marine layer and where it's located. the plan, then is this week temperatures are gonna warm up with the trend for a few degrees each day last thing into thursday and friday and then temperatures trend the other way. they're going to turn down a little bit towards the weekend, so this isn't like, shouldn't be record setting
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stuff, although in the pacific northwest, they will be seeing records set up their air quality right now, much better for us not so great for tahoe in areas in the north counties. that's how it's going to be again tomorrow. i think we have good air quality here and the areas east of here. sacramento granite bay places that will have import air quality. so that's some good news. we have nice sea breeze, so we come back. it's a warmer day. tomorrow temperatures are trending up. i'll have the five day when i see you next, bill. thank you a billion dollar project to clean up homeless encampments came to the bay area today. governor newsom joined caltrans crews as they removed debris from a long standing homeless encampment along i 80 at university avenue in berkeley. outreach workers were also there to offer options for people to move out of their tents and the shelters or other housing. the governor says encampments are unacceptable and that the state needs to develop a humane process for moving people and clearing camps, while also creating more housing options.
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lets you see here is unacceptable. you got a big fire here, and this is life safety risk public health risk, and they're quite literally hundreds and hundreds of rats running around. people should not live in conditions like this, and we've accepted it too long. the governor says. so far, caltrans is cleared 200 encampments up and down the state. they're using 1.1 billion from their budget to clean up re landscape, beautify and secure the sites along freeways and underneath overpasses. a family says they want justice after their loved one was restrained by police in the east bay and later died. we will continue to try and just diminish the possibility of people dying in this way. coming up the wrongful death lawsuit filed against several antioch police officers and the city and a child care shortage around the bay area later
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tonight, the struggle that parents are facing. as they work to get back to their ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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office, says a sheriff's deputy lawfully shot and killed a suspect during an attempted arrest three years ago. prosecutors say deputy matthew got the a did not break the law when he shot and killed paul ridgeway while trying to arrest him near adelaide drive and put shaka boulevard near martinez, the deputy shot ridgeway eight times after ridgeway allegedly fired a single shot, narrowly missing the deputies head ridgway was wanted on an outstanding warrant for evading and listing arrest the family of a man who died after being restrained by antioch police has now filed a lawsuit against four officers. the police chief and the city for wrongful death. ktvu is evan sernoffsky tells us, they say the officers asphyxiated angelo quinto while
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he was having a mental health crisis. death is permanent, but so is our painting. angelo kinko's family announced a federal civil rights lawsuit seeking justice and accountability. the family called 9112. days before christmas, when king toe was experiencing a mental health crisis. they say police killed him by holding him down on his stomach, causing him to asphyxiate. attorneys for the family revealed the results of their independent autopsy. they said no drugs were found in king tow system and his eyes had particular hemorrhages. science. he died from lack of oxygen earlier this year, a new york police chief tammany brooks, appeared to defend his officers, he said. none of king toes injuries sustained in the struggle were fatal, and officers did not use their knees on his neck happened in front of his mother and sister. but yet the effort was to shame him to suggest that he caused his own demise. and that to me
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was outrageous and despicable. king toes. sister bella said she hopes her brother's death brings about needed change in the police department parents to remember how he went. but he believed that he had a guardian angel. and if there is something more for him, i hope that he has it now we've recently learned that the contra costa county sheriff's office has scheduled a coroner's inquest in this case for august 20th in the newsroom evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. and alameda county sheriff's deputy is home recovering tonight after being hit and dragged by a suspect's car. it happened around 9 30 this morning near g street in 90th avenue in east oakland. the sheriff's office says the deputy approached a wanted felon when the suspect accelerated, hit the deputy and then dragged him about 20 yards. the deputy was taken to the
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hospital for injuries to his back. he is expected to miss work for a while, while he cooper or recuperates. detectives have identity. find the suspect and are looking for him. nearly 100,000 kids tested positive for the coronavirus across the united states last week coming up bay area doctors address the increase and why they say it's still safe to send your kids to school and hospitals overwhelmed in texas, the action the governor took today to try to free up hospital beds coming up later in sports, a two year old soccer fan rushes the field, but his mom saves the day. sports director marco baniyas will have all the details. also ahead tonight assign theaters are bouncing back from the pandemic. positive earnings report from amc, plus how soon they'll a pediatric show coronavs
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cases are rising among children0 cases among kids in the united states last week, which is about 15% of all cases reported, however, there were 71,000 cases reported the week before the numbers show that in states that reported these numbers kids represent just 1.5 to 3.5% of all hospitalizations. the new numbers are raising questions. about sending unvaccinated kids back to school. ktvu xem agus is at stanford children's health hospital with what pediatricians are same emma frank, the pediatrician i spoke with at stanford children's health, says at her clinic. she's seeing more children test positive for coronavirus, but their symptoms are mild, and so far none of her patients have ended up in the hospital.
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definitely seeing a lot more elements in this last month, and certainly more. daca covid positive patients in the last month that we've seen almost the entire can't emmick. um so that is alarming. doctor jasmine make are a pediatrician with stanford children's health, based in san francisco, says children under the age of 12 are coming down with runny noses, sore throats, fevers and coughs. mild symptoms that could be mistaken for any virus. testing for covid, she says, is key to diagnosis and preventing schools from becoming transmission sites. i've gotten used to all the testing, so i just look at the and she's going like, oh, negative. that feels good. it makes me feel good. twins, luca and giovanni in love shadows got covid tested on monday. weekly testing is required by their elementary school along with wearing masks in class precautions. mom kate feels good about, i think, yes, it's a risk, but i think it's what i'm willing to take and just be
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safe and get the kids learning because the social emotional well being is. huge and last year i saw it first hand it was very, very hard for kids to be on screen all year. young kids, especially heading back to the classroom after over a year of distance learning is no easy decision. doctor make our recommends parents way their child's individual benefits and risks. there are clear benefits for a lot of these kids who have suffered. i'm just learning, she says, keeping a mask on your child at school. it's obviously pretty easy. it's so light. i don't even recognize it and having a household with all eligible members fully vaccinated are two of the most effective ways to keep your child and your family protected it. what do you call together? yeah. and the president of the american academy of pediatrics is calling for the fda to immediately authorized the use of the coronavirus vaccine for children under the age of 12. dr maker says she's hoping and crossing her fingers that's available by next month, reporting in palo alto, emma
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goss, ktvu fox two news. many people around the bay area and the country say the pandemic is only made it harder to find after school childcare ktvu christian captain tells us in san francisco some programs can only accommodate one third of the kids they usually take care of, as summer break winds down, families are preparing to go back to school and for many finding after school care is an unexpected challenge has been a struggle. um we look at options, but i'm going to just stay with the kids and i will be taking them to other activities, and it's not just a problem in san francisco parents around the bay area even across the country say they're facing the exact same problem. so i live in salt lake city, and an absolutely is a problem. my kids actually have the advantage of going to a private school, but even in a private school, they've really had to struggle with keeping numbers down. college students are critical gina from er from the children's council, a child care advocacy group, says
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there's a widespread shortage of childcare workers. for instance, she says, in years past the y m c. a child care programs in san francisco could accommodate 12,000 students. now, she says, that number is closer to just 4000. there are several factors at play. fewer college students have returned to school and are simply not available for part time childcare work and many full time or career childcare workers cannot go back on the job yet. we know we don't have enough teachers right and some of them have had to go back into their own homes to watch their own kids because they cannot afford or they cannot find care for their own children. she says childcare was already scarce before the pandemic now, she says, it's even worse. what that means is there are parents who have to make the hard decision between going back to work or staying home to take care of children. they could go and get nannies and figure things out. but kids who can't afford i'm to pay for nannies and progress. specific programs are on a waiting list. and so what does it happen to the parents? they can't go back
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to work. they can't go to school. they can't support their families. this is really disruptive to families, wesley bell runs golden gate skateboarding as a summer and after school camp and says parents should think outside the box to find programs like his. even so, he says, it's been tough for him to staff up for the school here, but it's kind of with things opening up. i have i have been losing staff, but i'm losing them back to working at schools are back to things that are reopening, so. yeah. if you work with kids right now, it's kind of ah, all hands on deck in san francisco christian captain ktvu, fox two news. governor of texas is taking some strong measures to try to stop the spike in coronavirus cases in his state governor greg abbott, announcing today that out of state healthcare workers will assist with coronavirus care in texas. the governor is also asked the texas hospital association to requesthat hospitals voluntarily postpone elective medical procedures to
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free up hospital beds for coronavirus patients. governor. abbott is also directing health officials to open additional coronavirus antibody infusion centers in communities across the state. the centers will treat coronavirus patients who do not need hospitalization. today was the first day americans could cross the border into canada without having to quarantine on the other side. the border has been closed to non essential travel since march, 2020. today. there were long lines of people eager to reunite with their loved ones. canada is requiring us travelers to be fully vaccinated and to take a covid-19 pcr test within 72 hours of travel. climate change is affecting every region on our planet. coming up a very disturbing report from the united nations on climate change how they say whether events will only get more severe and we're tracking the weather around here. we've got some heat coming our way.
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there's that fog rolling into the gate. we'll talk about what you can expect. with the five day forecast next. first new accusations against prince andrew coming up the woman who says she was abused by both the prince and jeffrey epstein while she was it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the day your workforce doubles... or the day your visitors quadruple.
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trading today after the company's second quarter results topped estimates. hmcs net loss at 71 cents a share was less than the 94 cents a share analysts had anticipated. also today, amc announced it will have the technology to accept bitcoin as payment by the end of the year. analysts say the move marks the joining of two highly speculative entities bitcoin and amc. stocks moved a bit lower on wall street today, despite a positive report on jobs and
10:40 pm
hiring and strong corporate earnings. the dow lost 106 points from its recent record highs. nasdaq gained 24 points and the s and p take down four points. senate democrats unveiled a budget plan today that seeks to significantly expand the country's social safety net. democrats are proposing to spend $3.5 trillion on health care, child and elder care, education and climate change. the programs would be paid for, in part with higher taxes on corporations and doubling the tax rate for the wealthiest americans on their investment income. the budget resolution could pass by the end of this week and would follow the separate $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that will likely clear. the senate tomorrow. the new york state assembly judiciary committee started discussions on impeaching new york governor andrew cuomo today an independent investigation by the state's attorney general's office concluded the cuomo
10:41 pm
sexually harassed 11 women in addition to sexual misconduct, the committee is looking into whether cuomo use state funds to secure his $5 million book deal. had a historic moment in our state's modern history for the first time in more than 100 years, the assembly's undertaking an impeachment investigation of a sitting governor. two thirds of the legislative body say they are in favor of an impeachment trial. if cuomo refuses to step down. cuomo has denied all of the allegations. a woman who accused jeffrey epstein of sexual harassment has sued prince andrew say that he sexually assaulted her when she was 17 lawyers for virginia ju ju free filed the lawsuit in manhattan federal court today. according to the lawsuit, the prince of. used jew free on several occasions when she was under 18. the suit says that the prince forced her to have
10:42 pm
sex with him against her will at a home in london, where epstein was also present. the lawsuit also alleges that andrew sexually abused jew free on epstein's private island in the u. s virgin islands in late 2019, prince andrew told bbc newsnight that he never had sex with jew free saying quote it didn't happen. and that he has no recollection of ever meeting her still to come. surveillance video shows a good samaritan getting shot after trying to stop a robbery in oakland coming up after the break. we'll hear from that man about why he did not hesitate to step in and warmer weather is headed our way. our chief meteorologist bill martin, with your five day foreca caught on va
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good samaritan was shot and another was pistol whipped while trying to stop a robbery. the two suspects are still on the loose our crime reporter henry lee talked to the good samaritan who was shot. he says he didn't think twice about jumping into an incredibly dangerous situation. it's happened again. another attack in oakland's chinatown, but this time a good samaritan got shot. peoples are saying, uh, see something say something but in 20 to do something, but unfortunately, they got hurt.
10:46 pm
it happened at about two saturday afternoon. two armed men in hoodies trying to rob two women of their purses near a thin franklin. two men tried to stop them, and within moments, shots ring else. one of the good samaritans is shot and wounded and crumples to the ground. one of the robbers jogs to a double parked honda accord. the second man trying to help in the white shirt is pistol whipped and gets into a tug of war over purse with the other assailant, the 27 year old man who was shot told me he wanted to distract the robbers he wanted to be known only as mr lee. i really wanted to like. try to deescalate the situation. mr lee was shot in the armpit and right leg. he's since been released from the hospital. i wouldn't call myself a hero. they can call me. i hear what they want. i just consider myself. just trying to help someone in need, so i pretty sure that they really needed help. many of us we feel strongly that you know this, uh brave young men and you know, willing to risk the life and
10:47 pm
these are the heroes. carl chan as president of the oakland chinese chamber of commerce, he says criminals are being emboldened by the revolving door of the criminal justice system. the whole problem is not about the police is about the other being caught. they will be released, if not the same day, probably the next morning. nathan franklin is a busy intersection just a few blocks from oakland police headquarters. this video is from the same corner back on july, 12. you can see two men getting out of the mercedes, iraq to asian women of their purses and took off. frustration a witness throws a stool at the mercedes. you may recall that karl chan himself was attacked at eighth and broadway, just a block from oakland police headquarters to tackle was arrested and charged. he's being held without bail because of a parole violations. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. an oakland based painter who was one of the first chinese artist to launch a successful career in the united states, has died. hung liu died over the weekend. a pancreatic cancer at the age of 73, her
10:48 pm
latest exhibit, just recently went on display at san francisco's de young museum. her art focused on stories of people who have been often forgotten in traditional historical narratives, all right, he had a pretty good air quality day today around the bay area, but not so around other parts. the state southern california quality. not so good as you look at these areas. these are live sensor, so it's showing the air quality right now and then some of our the smoke from the dixie fire, and some of the california fires is making it out towards denver. um and it's also getting out into the great lakes. that's sort of residual smoke, too, so it's been very smoky for everybody kind of based on our situation out here. we are heading for a warming trend. that warming trend will last into thursday and friday, when temperatures will easily make it into the mid nineties. upper nineties fogs of the coast right now it's squishing down towards its getting compressed and that's when you see it, you know, like, keep saying it, but when you see it squished through the golden gate bridge like this when she squished
10:49 pm
through that is telling you that the high is just pressing down on it. and that tells you that the highest building in the high, most likely it will be more aggressive tomorrow in the next couple of days, so just where you can look at it. 75 in brentwood. pretty warm but cool and fearful that 65 you see the fog underneath the future tower there and that shows you that right that compression again, so it's not getting up into the east bay hills are over the east bay hills or. really over a lot of areas, so it's going to really be hung up mostly in the bay tonight and tomorrow, so it's a nice day tomorrow. it's going to be a lot like today, a little bit warmer inland, but just about the same right along the coast. this is the fog forecast for tomorrow morning, and you do well, disco, the model says a little bit over the spills. i'm not sure that's going to happen, but it's not in livermore. it's not a nap. it's not in concord burns off quick, there you go. and they say, look at the reds and purples, even 100 show up well, she's temperatures into the low and mid nineties in the hotspots. and you can see the heat coming and what's happening is right. it's the battle between the cool sea breeze and the high building in
10:50 pm
the height, the heat, so it's good that goes back and forth. so this week the next three days, it's going to come this way. the heat's going to come towards the coast and then on friday and saturday heats going to go towards the east towards the olympic valleys, so 95 in fairfield tomorrow 97 in antioch air quality is still pretty good, and we saw the nice little onshore flow of fire. danger is always high, but it's not off the charts high which is great. and then the five day forecast there it is, because pretty warm on thursday and friday cools off a little bit on saturday and sunday, but the good news is our smokes. not really are the smoke around us isn't really a big deal. big problem which is really fortunate because it could be way worse, like it is in sacramento or up in roosevelt. i will see you back here at 10 or 11 with updates the latest united nations report on climate change is warning that the earth is heating up faster than expected. the report calls the current rate of warming, quote code red for humanity, it says rising temperatures will lead
10:51 pm
to more frequent extreme weather events for monster storms to record heat waves. researchers say. one thing is clear. carbon dioxide is the major driver of climate change. climate activists like greta tune, berg say the report doesn't include what people can do to reverse the trend. i hope that this can be a wake up call, and that's it really gives perspective and that it once again can be a reminder that the economic crisis has not gonna wait. it's only escalating, and it's. only growing more intense by the hour. the new report will no doubt be a major topic for discussion at the u. n climate change conference, which will bring about 25,000 people to scotland in october. coming up in sports. the nba summer league tips off in las vegas, says the warriors and magic battle into overtime, then on the 11 o'clock news, san francisco's case rate it's now higher than that of the united states
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
subway has so much new i ran out of time in the last ad... so i'll take it from here. sorry steph. spokesperson refresh! refresh wait, what? subway® just upped their bread game with the help of some world-class bakers. lookin' at you nance. gotta refresh to be fresh. how many people are in this ad? that means freshly baked new artisan italian and hearty multigrain. hmm, that would go good with...
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seriously? i didn't even get to finish. ugh, see you next commerc... tonight. i had the warrior game on the t. v at the living room tonight. my wife walks plan says no basketball. do they just play all year? long now pretty much, but were you several league stuff? you got to check out their top two draft choices, right? get a look at him as the warriors go up against orlando down in vegas. you will see right here. look at jonathan. coming got bad cast by france bag nerd, and he will show off that rock athleticism in the open court slam dunk. he had 16 to lead the warriors. moses moody. they're the number 14 pick with a smooth looking three. right there. he had 15. and in the
10:55 pm
third kyle guy with great pass to sacramento product, cameron oliver on your high percentage shot right there might want to watch for cameron oliver, fourth quarter tied at 83 20. seconds left. look at that jalen thugs block of moody right there to save the game. make sure it goes into overtime. by the way, suggs looks great top pick out of, uh, gonzaga 24 points. 91 89 orlando over. the warriors in overtime. dominga we get pretty strong right there. all right. it ain't steph curry money, but for a 22 year old look at dots it is doing alright for himself. he signs of five year extension worth a mere 207 million steps, making 215. it's a few it just 22 years old. think about this. he's probably going to get a couple more of those mega deals before he's done. it's luca dance. it's looking good. san
10:56 pm
francisco giants in oakland, a's both after day and before they get back to the business of trying to make it into the playoffs. we've got another event to talk about with regard to baseball, the field of dreams game. you remember that sentimental baseball movie years ago started kevin costner basically to simplified. it's not playing catch with your dad. the memories associated with all of that and how great the game is now forever. it will be woven into american culture. and thursday night, it's the white sox against the yankees. in that cornfield in iowa, and it made the movie famous. it made the cornfield famous and former a's reliever liam hendriks, all pumped up about it, he'll be in it. excited. obviously i love these events. i don't mind the extra travel. i don't mind everything like that. so this is, uh this is a fun experience for me. i got to experience the japan series in 2019 when i was part of the a's and. and this is another one to put a feather in the cap and
10:57 pm
get a chance to kind of experience some things that are a little different in this game, which breaks up the monotony of everyday. yeah, thursday and four. you'll see it right here on channel two. here's the real baseball story tonight all about petaluma baseball. arizona state's champ queen creek. it's the western region, little league world series and peddling the pitcher, geo casting with eight strikeouts on the mound and a three run blast to center field right there, he crushed that thing, and they have to institute the mercy rule against the arizona kids. 11 things the final. in poor indians is all they played one more win for petaluma, and they will move on to williamsport and the real little league world series. got some good stuff case you missed it over the weekend. let's take it down the dodger stadium where football season is ready to start, but on the baseball field, we see the tackle of the season. it is the vulgar girl,
10:58 pm
marissa rohan, a beautifully said that guy there. i'm not letting invite cal state northridge. i mean, this guy's lucky he wasn't seriously injured on that pratfall right there. we'll spend the night in jail, but, uh, big time tackle right there by the ball, girl. all right, let's check this out. you're going to like this, too. this is mls soccer saturday night, little cincinnati in orlando. bottle your screen two year old zedek gets away from mom. yeah, he had some legs. go on some speed there. yeah, look at look at mom. mom comes out mortified and, uh, brings him back to his. yep, pretty far. yeah typical two year old, right? and look at the replay it mom kind of fell down to as she went after him. and now you know why those soccer players are all flopping on the turf out there? it's beautiful. all
10:59 pm
right, check this out. this is sometimes giants catch your. chadwick trump. he's in the minor leagues right now teaching his two year old how to play some baseball how to circle the basis. but zain wants no part of home plate right there sure does flight or touch it or something. finally finally, he will touch the plate circling the bases. look for him and about 19 years to make it to the giants. i credit him. the official scores give him a triple no home run. that's the sport. your life right now, guys. in fact, mark thank you. and next at 11 so much looking forward to this trip to alaska, so that's the heartbreak for all of us and having to say goodbye to her. vacation ends in tragedy tonight, the napa community mourning the loss of a couple who touched so many. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. two of them were on
11:00 pm
a sightseeing flight in alaska. their plane was heading back to catch chicken. excuse me, ketchikan from misty fjords national monument when it crashed. hello again, everyone, i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. none of the six people on board survived. ktvu deborah villalon joins us now in napa with how that couple is being remembered, deb. well, julie, the local victims are identified as mark henderson, a napa native and retired public defender and jackie complement an accomplished nurse and educator. this is jackie. typical jackie during the pandemic. nurse jackie complement remembered by her boss at napa's meals on wheels program funny, happy, very dedicated to her job, and her profession's accomplished was a happy presence in this office. and colleagues are stunned by news that a plane crash in alaska has taken their friend, 60 year old complex and her 69 year old pane


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