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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 9, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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their plane was heading back to catch chicken. excuse me, ketchikan from misty fjords national monument when it crashed. hello again, everyone, i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. none of the six people on board survived. ktvu deborah villalon joins us now in napa with how that couple is being remembered, deb. well, julie, the local victims are identified as mark henderson, a napa native and retired public defender and jackie complement an accomplished nurse and educator. this is jackie. typical jackie during the pandemic. nurse jackie complement remembered by her boss at napa's meals on wheels program funny, happy, very dedicated to her job, and her profession's accomplished was a happy presence in this office. and colleagues are stunned by news that a plane crash in alaska has taken their friend, 60 year old complex and her 69 year old partner, mark
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henderson, were killed along with three other tourists and the pilot to hear the news was devastating. i mean, everybody and establish shock still complain and henderson, we're on a week long alaskan cruise on holland america, the sightseeing flight crashed thursday, the day before they would have come home. so the nurses today this is their last day here compound ran a program called wellness on wheels, making sure homebound seniors remained healthy, especially during the pandemic. these are the flowers she gave the staff before her vacation. she dropped by with flowers for her co. she's adventurous. this could be so she was really looking forward to alaska, and she'd been messaging friends while away and how beautiful the state was, and that's having a great time on the trip. the loss is also felt deeply on the close. napa cul de sac where the victims lived, basing people they touched so many people's lives in napa neighbors speak warmly of the couple and on their porch. people have left flowers, cards
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and cookies, a widow complained, raised two children here. both teachers overseas. jackie was the warmest person and. it's justice. so painful to have to god we go on the routes and kind of use our clinical judgment of how the seniors are doing the loss of complex and henderson leave friends and family grieving and the program she was so passionate about without its leader brightened everything up, made everything fun, but more importantly, what she did for our seniors was invaluable. the plane crashed into the side of a mountain. bad weather and poor visibility may have been factors and julie also among the victims, a mother and daughter from georgia, just such a sad story, deborah thank you, a travel blogger from santa clara is now fighting for her life in bali after a scooter accident. her
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family is now raising money to fly her back to the u. s according to a go fund me page 27 year old caitlin mccaffrey is in a coma within with a traumatic brain injury. she was found unconscious on the side of a road in bali last month. her family says the indonesian government has denied repeated requests to visit her due to covid restrictions. mccaffrey was traveling the world blogging and selling fair trade accessories online before the crash. the go fund me has raised more than 281,000. so far, the rate of new coronavirus cases in san francisco is now above the national rate. the first time since march of last year. the latest data from the cdc shows san francisco's average daily infection rate was 33 cases per 100,000 people over the past seven days compared with the national rate of 32.7. health officials say the delta vary it is driving up the number of cases. which they predict
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should drop off next month. school is starting from any students around the country and as students head back to class coronavirus cases are increasing among children. ktvu xem agus joins us now live from stanford children's health hospital and emma despite the rising number of cases, few kids are being hospitalized. that's right, julie. there are more coronavirus cases among children, but few that require hospitalization and one petri. and i spoke with at chant, stanford children's health tells me that in her clinic, the children that have tested positive for coronavirus have not ended up at the hospital. we're definitely seeing a lot more illness than this last month, and certainly more daca covid positive cations in the last month that we've seen almost the entire pandemic. um, so that is alarming. doctor jasmine make are a pediatrician with stanford children's health, based in san francisco, says
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children under the age of 12 are coming down with runny noses, sore throats, fevers and coughs. mild symptoms that could be mistaken for any virus. testing for covid, she says, is key to diagnosis and preventing schools from becoming transmission sites. i've gotten used to all the testing. just look at the and she's gonna like, oh, negative. that feels good. it makes me feel good. twins, luca and giovanni in love shadows got covid tested on monday. weekly testing is required by their elementary school along with wearing masks in class precautions. mom kate feels good about, i think, yes, it's a risk, but i think it's when i'm willing to take and just be safe and get the kids learning because the social emotional well being is. huge and last year i saw it first hand it was very, very hard for kids to be on screen all year. young kids, especially heading back to the classroom after over a year of distance learning is no easy decision. doctor make our recommends parents way their child's individual benefits and risks. there are clear benefits for a lot of these kids who have suffered. and distance learning,
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she says, keeping a mask on your child at school. it's all mostly pretty easy. it's so light. i don't even recognize it and having a household with all eligible members fully vaccinated are two of the most effective ways to keep your child and your family protected it. what do you call together? the president of the american academy of pediatrics, has asked the fda to immediately authorized the use of the coronavirus vaccine for children under the age of 12 to protect against the delta varian. julie emma gaza reporting live for us tonight in palo alto. thanks sama. well today was the much anticipated first day of school in oakland. it was the first time in a year and a half the students received full in person instruction with their classmates, mass are mandatory. but covid vaccines are not though they are encouraged for those eligible schools are also focusing on mental health and well being of families. the
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district says there will be counselors available for students who need someone to talk to and the san jose unified school district is preparing to welcome back students next week on august 18th, the superintendent, says 90% of the district's employees are now vaccinated. employees have the option of being vaccinated or testing twice a week. right now, we are not requiring students to be vaccinated, but we are encouraging all students that are eligible to get the vaccine. we are continuing to promote back, see nations for our students. and it's really to keep everybody safe. our schools open and the spread minimal in our communities, the superintendent also says students and staff will be required to wear masks indoors and outdoors while on campus. a cdc advisory panel will meet later this week to discuss the benefits of additional covid doses for people with weekend immune systems. the panel will
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meet friday. federal health officials say that a third dose can provide additional support for um you know compromise people. the c d. c will also discuss when everyone else may need a booster shot, the washington post reported yesterday. that booster shot approval could come within days or weeks. still to come here and petition from two dozen vita workers. the investigation that they're demanding less than three months after that mass shooting left eight employees dead, also had a dramatic hit and run caught on camera in oakland coming up we'll hear from the victim who says he believes that driver tried to hit him intentionally. it takes one incidents where someone just snaps and loses it. yeah and he lost it. he just
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driver hits a man with his car his lord and then narrowly missed two other people. luckily that victim is okay. but as ktvu is, azenith smith tells us, he says the incident appeared to be intentional. well, actually got hit by the car. almost it was disoriented and i it was like, probably like a 32nd pause. just a flax of pleasanton as the man captured in this video being hit by a car in the oakland hills emotionally, i'm like a rock like and seeing that, like, you know, i get serious about it and, you know. thank god i
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mean, he had murderous intent. the initial altercation happened just before six sunday night. joseph says he was coming up on a blind turn near gurban and the montclair neighborhood when he says the driver of a chevy bolt came speeding up the hill almost hitting them. he gets real mad starts yelling at me. saying, like, you know, watch her to go and i live here. the two drivers exchanged words the victims and say the chevy driver threatened to kill them. he was like, i'm gonna kill you guys i'm like, and it was just really scary. i mean, i don't think we thought that would ever happen, and it just escalated so quickly. neighbors captured what happened next? the chevy has seemed narrowly missing. the group of three. oh, my god. he then returns down the hill. he's coming back. careful an estimated 40 mph initially i think i kind of got my form. and then i have a little fun. i did a full spin. i went right on my telephone neighbor, jonathan sandler heard the yelling, entire screeching. his wife recorded
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the videos. apparently both of those times were the 2nd and 3rd attempt at hitting them. the chevy driver took off. neighbors posted the video on next door. oakland police are actively pursuing leads after that, like i will never hung. i will never yellow. i mean, not that i do. but i will never say any anything to any driver again. the whole ordeal has shaken up this couple warning others to be careful on the road. you never know who you'll encounter behind the wheel text. one incidents where someone just snaps and loses it. yep. and he lost it. he just went absolutely crazy in oakland. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. more than two dozen veta workers say they're working under a hostile work environment and are demanding that veta investigate a petition on behalf of roughly 30 it workers was presented to the vita board last week. they claim that they're experiencing fear, intimidation, tactics and harassment for management. the
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petition comes less than three months after a veta worker murdered nine co workers at the rail yard. evita spokesperson said that the petition is being independently and thoroughly investigated by a third party. another san francisco company is closing some of its physical offices in favor of a more virtual workforce. the game maker zynga tells the chronicle it will subleased 185 square feet of space south of market that had been its headquarters. say by next year, the majority of their workers will only go into the office two or three times a week, and many will be fully remote zynga will still have other offices in san francisco and san matteo hamilton is returning to san francisco as of tomorrow. i'm past patiently waiting. i'm passionate every expectation every action, not the creation of the hit broadway musical return to the orpheum theater for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic attendees will be. required to
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show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test. the show will run through september 5th coming up airbnb is banned house parties but still there was a deadly shooting at a party in the south bay over the weekend. how the company is responding and we'll take a look at that air quality and a warming trend in the five day forecast, we'll see you back here. add another twist in the britney spears conservatorship case. singers request
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house party at an airbnb in the south bay. police have now identified the victim as an 18 year old man. ktvu is jesse gary tells us police are still looking for the person who is
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responsible. monday sunnyvale police returned to the scene of a weekend shooting that left one teenager dead and one person hospitalized. at this point, our investigators are still investigating, and we do not know the motive behind the shooting residents in the rainer park neighborhood say late saturday. they heard between 6 to 8 gunshots outside a home in the 1400 block of navarro drive. the home was rented out on airbnb for a party, some neighbors say hosted upwards of 200 people. the santa clara county coroner's office, says 18 year old elias albania was hit by gunfire and died later at an area hospital. a second person was wounded and is expected to survive. it was 10 minutes straight of just cars and people walking past my street, which was this is a lot of traffic around that time. and so i figured it was a house party, some neighbors say in the ensuing panic, partygoers knockdown fencing as they ran from gunfire. sunnyvale police had arrived on scene prior to
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the shooting. do the noise complaint. officers say no arrests have been made, and there isn't a suspect description monday, airbnb sent a statement to fox to which says in part airbnb bands, parties and we condemn the senseless gun violence that took place are dedicated safety team is urgently working to support those impacted by this tragedy. with so many people involved, there's always potential for more serious injuries and more people to be hurt. um so there's definitely potential that could have happened. unfortunately, there wasn't one very fortunate that not more people were injured. um and we're thankful that no, no more injuries were sustained, airbnb officials say the property owner does not allow house parties so the gathering was unauthorized. the listing has been deactivated. it is unclear if the owner will be allowed to continue posting on airbnb. some neighbors have provided surveillance video to police as part of the investigation, but officers are
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still asking anyone with any information. to contact the sunnyvale department of public safety in sunnyvale, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news, san jose police have arrested three alleged gang members who they say are accused of committing a series of violent crimes. police say the three men are part of an active street gang that has been linked to at least 10. violent crimes, including carjackings, shootings, stolen vehicles and burglaries. they were arrested as part of a sting that also needed guns, illegal high capacity magazines. equipment to make ghost guns, a bulletproof vest, narcotics and stolen property. three very dangerous individuals off our city streets. that's three less people out there, victimizing and committing these violent crimes. certainly if we identify others that were involved in these crimes associated to these three suspects, we're gonna do our very best to identify them and arrest them as well. the three suspects are booked at the santa clara county main jail on suspicion of carjacking, armed
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burglary or armed robbery, burglary. and weapons possession, okay, checking in on the weather. air quality's first thing we think about just because it's been in the news the last few days, certainly over the weekend, right? i mean, it wasn't very great, but you can see what it is. these are live centers, so they give an idea what's going on. the reds are bad. that's bad and reading red bluff down in towards colusa, a little bit of willows, paradise, chico, those areas and a bit reno and lake tahoe as well should get a little better each day, and as we go forward, we've got a nice sea breeze in the bay area, and that's pushing the fog in. i don't suspect. the model says it's gonna be a little further in that, but i don't think it's going to get much over the east bay hills so we won't see that big push of fog, so we wake up tomorrow morning like we did this morning with more sunshine and more sunshine usually equates to a warmer day, and in fact it will. tomorrow should be a few degrees warmer than today. current temperatures, you can see the sea breeze where it is and where it is not. there is the fog forecast for tomorrow morning. it's pretty aggressive in the north bay, isn't it? look at that up and to the nicasio gap and up into santa rosa. okay, that happens,
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but watch out quickly. it burns off and then watch the reds and the purples. yeah that's that's a hot one. that looks like august, though. quite frankly, we've been kind of on august e the last few, three or four weeks. actually this is well. it's love in august, but late september and is as we look at august. i mean, this is what it looks like. and we haven't had a lot of these days, especially on the coast to coast has been extremely foggy and extremely cool. the forecast highs for tomorrow. as you see here, 97 in the eniac 95 in fairfield. 94 in livermore warmer tomorrow than it was today, and that's the trend. you'll see that here in the five day forecast, where temperatures are just going up and up and up, but not crazy up just up and then saturday and sunday temperatures cool down just a little bit. so what i just say good air quality. the next few days, temperatures escalate each day as we go forward towards thursday and friday, a slight cool down on saturday and sunday. so nice looking forecast, so we'll see you back here tomorrow night and we'll do it again. we'll
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see you then. bill. thank you. a judge has denied a request by britney spears to move up a caring date involving her conservatorship. the pop star is seeking to remove or suspend her father as conservative conservator of her state. her estate. okay i'm going to get this right here and last week had asked the judge to have next month's hearing be moved up to sometime this month. the judge gave no reason for denying her request. next month's hearing is scheduled for september. 29th protests continue in france as the government expands its vaccine passport requirements starting today, people are required to show a qr code to eat at restaurants, cafes or travel within the country. the code is given to anyone who has had the covid-19 vaccine recently recovered from the virus or tested negative for covid. it also applies to tourists. a virus past has already been in
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place for entertainment venues and sporting events. it has sparked widespread protests, even the polls show most people in france support the measure coming up after the break the nba summer league tips off as the warriors take on the magic in las vegas. but first, there's a lot of buzz over a mysterious space on a hillside in san ravel. there it is. that base was apparently painted onto the hillside along highway one. oh, one near saint vincent drives sometime late last week. it's on private property owned by catholic charities, and nobody has stepped forward to say that they created that face. you're watching the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. we'll be right back.
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you think about it, it's kind of a misnomer to even say basketball season. there is no season. they just play all year. all round 3 65 and good reason to watch tonight basketball summer league with the warriors down in vegas taking on orlando, you get to see their top two picks bad past. france bugner of orlando. look at jonathan dominga warriors number one draft choice. he has raw talent in the open court gives hope for the future. he led the warriors with 16 tonight, the other guy there, number 14 pick overall. moses moody, looking very smooth. three right there, he chimed in with 15 3rd quarter. kyle guy will make a nice pass for sacramento product, cameron oliver, and he will rimrock right there and the. warriors in the tight one with orlando tied 20 seconds left. moody is denied by jalen
11:27 pm
suggs of orlando. look at it again that would have put him ahead in the final seconds. thugs by the way, had 24 point, orlando rookie adam gonzaga looks great. 91 89 is the final orlando the warriors kids in overtime. i was bad. can you believe this contract? look at dance it right up. there was steph curry just about he's only 22 years old, though any signs of extension with dallas worth 207 million for five years. step, of course side last week for 2 15. he's a little older, but you think about luca. he's just 22 years old. he's probably going to sign at least a couple more of those max max deals. before he's 22 years old, bringing down that kind of money. we got some baseball stuff to talk about. first you may know the giants are off. they come back home to play the diamondbacks tomorrow and the a's submit the road both in a conquest of a
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playoff spot. in the meantime, the huge baseball story tonight my hometown, petaluma, their team, their youngsters, they're all stars. put it to arizona's state champs queen career, and it is west region little league stuff with the picture, geo cast ain't not only pitched four innings of scoreless ball with eight strikeouts, but hit that. the re run homer right there, he every little league team had a guy like that right? biggest guy can pitch he can hit your best player and they had to institute the versi rule. 11 nothing final in just four innings, so petaluma needs one more victory, and they are on to williamsport. all right, kind of a slow sports day, so let's put it in reverse. in case you missed it over the weekend saturdays to like this place is a dodger stadium,
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marisa rohan is the ball girls. all those big lug security guards chasing the fan down who ran onto the field, the middle of the game at her getting all set up. and then she just nails him. yeah and you know the spill. this guy takes. i'm telling you, he's lucky came away. yeah, it's just the day. and jake, you get what you deserve match. there you go, frank, bringing it down hard. that's right. look how fast this yeah. look at the little kid little two year old running out onto the mom is racing after him. real saturday night, your soccer flare. typical typical. uh, two year old, right? you can never get them to do what you want right out there on the field it rain on that one. yep those two year olds, i'd tell you, he's we can't take their eyes off. yeah, all's well that ends well, they they got him off the field. that is the sporty life guys hopefully left you with a little smile. you did we all
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give you some smiles. yeah, we sure can't mark. thank you guys. thanks everybody for joining us. goodnight. see you later. boom. goodnight. i'm starving. any chance that's for me? oh, no. it is for mom. i'm planning on making some bad choices tonight, and i'm gonna need her on my side. i never realized the forethought that went into being a disappointment. hey! hey! hey, uncle mitch. what are you doing here? what do you mean? it's uncle mitchell's birthday fun day. we forgot to get uncle mitchell a present for his last birthday. so, we came up with this great idea -- a coupon for a fun day with the three of us. it was perfect because it was so sweet and we'd never have to do it. i hope you're ready for your first big surprise! i am. it's a super-fun omelet! aww! uh, yeah! and if you were wondering what is so super-fun about that, is that it comes with a -- a side of, uh... luke's omelet dance! don't be shy. you've been practicing all week. come on. okay. uh...


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