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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 10, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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incident that is the lowest level with no response from the richmond fire department. earlier this afternoon. you can see huge flames coming out of those refinery stacks along with a dark plume of smoke at the chevron refinery. fortunately there's no word of any injuries. they say that the safety flare was activated due to a process upset that was quickly corrected. the bay area air quality management district says their inspectors are on the scene tonight in richmond. checking for any potential air quality violations. however chevron told us the smoke was blowing towards solano county. and there there was no protective order to keep residents in place. now to san jose, where a man is behind bars after being accused of sexually assaulting an eight year old child. police say the assault happened at the child's home. ktvu is andre senior joins us now live outside san jose police headquarters with more on what happened, andre? well julie, authorities say one
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of the more troubling things about this case is that the suspect did not know the victim. he did not know her family. he just snuck into this eight year olds home and sexually attacked. er home is meant to be a safe space. but what happened at home along dancing street in san jose last friday turned into every parent's worst nightmare. a crime. police say it was committed by dupri. kenneth hornsby. individual has prior convictions for weapons charges involving firearms, but nothing to do with similar cases such as this one. officer steve aponte tells us in this case wanted me snuck into a child's home just after 7 30 friday morning and sexually assaulted the eight year old before vanishing the victim, alerting her grandfather. that grandfather calling police about two hours later, uh, patrol officer had his head on a swivel spotted the individual wearing the exact same clothing in the description. give and by the victim, the officer detained the individual that individual is positively identified by the victim or to be sitting in jail since friday before appearing before judge
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tuesday afternoon for preliminary court here, we went in there and the people's position was that the defendant should be held in on no bail allowed, and the judge granted our motion officer ponti with san jose police tells us what authorities say or too surprising things about this case first that the suspect had no connection to the family and second that sexual assault or child abuse was outside the suspect's wheelhouse. previously having been charged only with weapons crimes. this escalation of entering somebody's house who you don't know, complete stranger, dangerous situation and then committing this atrocious act is not something that is very common for individuals who have committed crimes like this. alright so hornsby will sit in jail until his next court hearing and that is set to happen on october 12th. now if you have any information about horns, many other these cases you might think you might be connected to contact the senate. san jose county police department there special investigative unit special sexual assault investigative
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unit coming up at six o'clock. we will have more from district attorney jeff rosen, and we also have more about what we know about the suspect. in this case, children all right, we will look forward to that. andre senior reporting live outside. san jose police headquarters, andre thanks. also in san jose, man is now in custody after a long standoff with police. it started about 1 30 this morning after police responded to a 911 call about a man waving a gun on a balcony at a condominium complex. this is on silk creek drive near alum rock avenue. police say the man fired at least one shot before barricaded himself inside a condo unit. during this event, we know the suspect fired the gun at least one time. we don't know if he was shooting at officers or somebody else, police negotiation negotiators rather were called to the scene and the situation was finally resolved about 12 hours later, nearby condos were evacuated as a precaution, and everyone has now been allowed to return to their homes. now to the latest
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on the coronavirus pandemic, the san san francisco unified school district will now require teachers to be vaccinated or face weekly testing. the decision comes less than a week before the first day of school. there are about 10,000 employees in the district district officials say they'll have until the end of the month to submit vaccination status. the mandate will take effect as of september, 7th officials say it does not apply to students. it was the first day of school for students at the san ramon valley school district, and we were there this morning when kids headed into class at iron horse middle school in san ramon. many of the kids were happy and excited to be back on campus for in person learning. all students are required to wear masks at school, something that some parents in that district oppose. ktvu is jesse gary is in danville tonight with more on how the first day turned out and jesse, there was talk of
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protests over the districts mask policy. did those protests materialize? frank good evening to you know that not that we have seen or heard pretty much a traditional returned to school first day of school with what you just saw, however, as you saw in the video, all staffers and students had to wear face coverings. tuesday afternoon, a slow walk away from a successful first day of school for parents and students and the san ramon valley unified school district second grader wesley rudic. what do you like best? um probably seeing my friend again in recess. district officials say this school year face coverings are mandatory for their 30,000 members. student body our kids were excited and nervous to be back. our staff was really, really excited to embrace and welcome our students, and there was just a great energy masks
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are required indoors for all persons, regardless of vaccination status. there was a different kind of energy at a district school board meeting august 3rd, a small but vocal number of parents object to the districts mask mandate. i think that this school district should be a sanctuary school district as it relates to mask mandates. let let us parents and our children choose for themselves. district superintendent dr john malloy says approximately 800 students are using virtual academies or independent study programs. we must listen to the experts and they say masks are required, so we will do it. many parents agree, adding the most important aspect of attending school is actually being inside a school. i'm just happy kids are back, so i don't understand the people that are fighting the masks as long as they're in school, where the mask. the superintendent, says those
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students who are for virtual academy or independent study programs will be allowed back to in person learning should they should they wish, however, they cannot guarantee they'll get their in their home school as normal. they may have to attend a different school. the superintendent says he will try to be accommodating. we're live in danville this evening, jesse gary ktvu fox two news, we'll head back to you. all right, jesse. thank you knew at five, speaker nancy pelosi joined community leaders to day for a press briefing in san francisco on the emergency rental assistance program. the program makes federal funding available to assist those who have been hit hard by the pandemic. with rent back brent and utility payments today low raza's rental assistance program received $4 million from the mayor's office of housing and community development. the money was made available as part of the american rescue plan and goes to families who have been deeply affected by the covid 19 pandemic. president has given the imprimatur that people should not be evicted and the money is
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out there. $56 billion spread around the country. to be delivered to renters and to landlords. whatever the system is that is set up, but to for sure to the renters so that they will not lose their housing. today's press briefing was held at the larose, a community resource centre on valencia street. the center has played a vital role in reaching out to the latin x community, especially throughout the course of this pandemic to help low income families at risk of displacement. the center service more than 15,000 families a year in san francisco, now we had across the bay to oakland, where community leaders issued a desperate appeal today for a state of emergency. this comes after irrational, violent crimes in oakland and chinatown with no end in sight. our crime reporter henry lee is in the newsroom and tells us that some people say it is crucial that governor newsom step in and
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help henry yeah, frank chinatown leaders already have the backing of the us attorney, the alameda county da's office, atf and fbi. as far as a crime crackdown is concerned now they just want to add the chp and the governor to the mix. governor newsom, we want you to do this. declare the state of emergency for see the bookman. karl chan, president of the oakland chinese chamber of commerce, says crime in chinatown and across the city is out of control and that the governor needs to send more law enforcement to oakland. we want you to bring in california highway patrol. i'm not only asking you to patrolling china to more areas we need your help chan flanked by members of the so called blue angels citizen patrol, read part of letter he wrote to the governor. citizens sleep in a state of continuous fear for our safety, well being, livelihoods and future. this latest chinatown news conference comes after man was shot and wounded while trying to stop robbers targeting two women at nathan franklin on
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saturday. a good samaritan who wanted to be identified only as mr li told me he knew he had to help really wanted to draw attention away. comes out, maybe, you know, given the distraction, saying, know your presence is known, you know that your command kind the good samaritan. obviously we appreciate his efforts to assisted on mornings onto the oakland police chief laurent armstrong urged citizens to be good witnesses, but i think it's important that they observe and report that they provided information to the police department so that we can respond and handle the situation. there is fear there is pain that needs to be addressed. city council member lauren taylor says he's not yet ready to commit to see hp resources but agrees more needs to be done. our community was under attack, and i say our community because we are one oakland when one of us is attacked, all of us are attacked. now i have not heard back from the governor's office in the chp tells me they have not been contacted directly about any request to patrol oakland. frank henry, do we
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know in specific detail? what would happen if governor newsom declared a state of emergency in oakland? well, that would most likely free up resources more easily make chp officers more readily available. kind of, like when a state of remote c is granted across the federal government, but a lot of things have to be done with. back to the governor signing off and the chp has to be notified as well. all right, henry lee in our news in our newsroom tonight, henry. thank you. new york governor andrew cuomo resigning but still defiant. i'm brian dennis in albany, new york, i'll have that story coming up. also the senate finally passes the massive infrastructure bill coming up. why? it's not the only spending plan about to hit the president's desk and the new bay area program focusing on protecting vulnerable residents from the health effects of wildfire smoke. and if you're inland today, you really notice the heat temperatures came up a
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few degrees. it's hot some areas in the upper nineties right now clearing at the coast a little bit as well. all have ♪ ♪ ♪
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andrew cuomo announced his resignation today amid sexual harassment scandal. box news brian dennis is outside the state capitol in albany, new york, with more. i think that given the circumstances the best way i can help now, is if i step aside and let government get back to governing embattled new york governor andrew cuomo resigning a week after the state attorney general's office released a report finding the governor sexually harassed at least 11 women, the 63 year old
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democrat on tuesday, addressing some of these allegations while still defending his actions, saying he never intentionally disrespected any of his accusers. take full responsibility for my actions. i have been too familiar with people in my mind. i've never crossed the line with anyone. but i didn't realize the extent. to which the line has been redrawn. the three term democratic governor maintains the most serious claims against him have quote no credible factual basis, his resignation, sparking widespread reaction, including from accuser, lindsey boiling, tweeting quote from the beginning. i simply asked the governor stop his abusive behavior. it became abundantly clear he was unable to do that, instead attacking and blaming victims until the end and president biden says. i respect the governor's decision. and uh,
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i respected, says the main the five month long independent investigation into the governor alleges a disturbing pattern of behavior, including inappropriate kisses, touching and sexual remarks despite his resignation, some victims and lawmakers still calling for cuomo's impeachment to move forward to prevent him from running for office again and hold him accountable for the allegations against him. cuomo will be stepping down in 14 days. lieutenant governor kathy hoco will fill the role she will become the first female governor of new york in albany, new york, brian yannis fox news, one of the candidates in the upcoming recall election of governor, newsom was in the bay area today, talking about his plans for what he says would be the largest tax cut in california history. if he takes office, republican john cox is on a statewide bus tour, which made us stop this morning in san francisco. he's talking about his plan for a 25% income
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tax cut, he said it would put $30 billion back into the hands of california families and small businesses. i'm talking about real savings to the to the middle class here. lower taxes, which are crushing businesses as well as individuals in the state. i also talked by the way in the lab. cox isn't the only recall candidate who wants a tax cut. kevin faulkner, the former mayor of san diego, has proposed eliminating state income taxes for people making less than a million dollars a year. a new program is now operating here in the bay area aimed at protecting people from wildfire smoke the bay area air quality management district today launched its new home air filtration program. the program will provide 2000 air filtration units to low income people who suffer from asthma. while wildfire smoke is unhealthy for everyone, it's particularly harmful for people
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with asthma, which disproportionately impacts low income communities and communities of color. for example, in california, african americans are five times more likely to go to the emergency department and four times more likely to be hospitalized for asthma. air filtration units are available to low income people diagnosed with poorly controlled asthma and are enrolled in the state's asthma mitigation project. firefighters are making some progress tonight on the dixie fire. it is now 25% contained up from 21% yesterday, but that fire has now grown nearly 40 square miles in the past day, and it's burned 760 square miles so far. fox news jeff paul tells us warmer weather threatens to further fuel the flames. crews battling the fast moving dixie fire now getting much needed help from the sky. thick smoke cleared for several hours on monday, allowing for aircraft to rejoin the fight and improving conditions for
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ground crews, officials say firefighters were able to cut thousands of acres of fire lines in an effort to protect rural communities, and it was in the dark and they did so much work. it was amazing, but warm weather threatens to derail some of that progress. temperatures are expected to hit triple digits in parts of the western us this week. there's also the potential for strong winds and thunderstorms conditions that helped fuel the dixie fire when it broke out last month. expecting temperatures to be around 100 degrees with excessive heat. watch out through in the mid week wednesday into thursday, the fire is now the largest single wildfire in california's history, scorching almost 500,000 acres and forcing thousands to evacuate this year's fire season. is now on track to surpass last year's the worst in the state's recent history, red cross officials say with each passing fire season, they're saying the same communities evacuated. we've
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seen some folks who have come to a shelter for just a few days to return home to come back again because of those evacuation warnings. the cause of the dixie fire is under investigation, but pacific gas and electric says it may have been sparked when a tree fell on a power line. in los angeles. jeff paul fox news, alrighty, then we had a pretty nice day, but it got pretty hot inland around the bay and at the coast, it warmed a few degrees inland. it warm more than that, maybe like eight degrees, maybe 10 degrees in some places. my favorite shot of all time is this one. we're about to show you. it's from the sutro tower. and i just love that, especially with the hd camera like i had my way. if i could do it, i'd have like a 90 inch plasma in my house and put that just feed that into it would not be beautiful and just watch it day and nothing like that. it. it's beautiful. i mean, obviously this mountain pass in the distance. the meteorological things you can pick out here is that the areas that if you can see those arrows, but the air is sinking, and that's why that fog's getting pinched down. so that's running along the ground like
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that. you can actually see it moving to is it tries to get inland, but it's getting squished by the high pressure inland, so that means continued warming. so as we go into next couple of days, warmer weather still in the forecast. what i want to do now is changed graphics and having little oops. okay uh, let's keep looking at this picture of how much i like this picture. that's what we're going to hang on. i just, uh let's see. okay i think i'm good now. yeah okay. we're good. um i'm used to doing this at home. and now i'm here and i got the real deal. like at home. i'm doing on the ipad or something, okay? so there's the fog. we've seen enough of that. there's the air quality. the air quality is getting a lot better around here. of course, we had the flare up at the richmond refinery, but again, the winds were going the right way and push that thing up high in away. smoke showing up right now in parts of the u county and parts of shasta county and all through the lake tahoe basin, but for the most part air quality around here pretty good. let's look at the model because, of course, that's something we think about air quality has become part of our
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concerns. you see where the bad areas this is the model, it says. here's tonight. see what the watch those purple and yellow areas kind of kicks back by tomorrow morning. that's what happens at night gets cool, and then that smoke kind of works its way down into the valley. looks like it gets pretty close. so if you're in sacramento davis, eastern liver, more eastern vacaville, those areas you might be seeing some smoke. we're probably going to see an increase in smoke as we head into tomorrow morning and into wednesday afternoon, lake tahoe looks like they'll get an increase in up around reading as well. and with that in mind, we move forward to the forecast is going to be a warm one. temperatures are going to heat up each day as we head into the thursday friday period, so it's a hot stretch inland that cree increases the fire. danger we're not looking for red flag warnings, but potentially, uh, spare the air day. i wouldn't be surprised to see something like that pop up on thursday. so there you go. that's the long range of sort of the broad strokes. i'll give you the granular details when i see you next, bill. i hate to even ask this question. but looking down the road here what happens if we don't get a whole lot of
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rain and snow during the upcoming rainy season. yeah i mean bad it really is. i mean, we have to really hope this hope that that does happen, frank. one of the first things i thinking about was the dixie fire. i read some articles of the day on these big wildfires. most giant wildfires like this the second largest in state history. they don't get put out by fire crews they get put out by winter, and that's kind of what we're looking at with the dixie fire. in other words, that thing is probably going to burn until we got our first rain and mark my words. remember the last few big fires we've had they don't get because you've got to squash them right in terms of rain. it's hard to say, you know, if we don't get rain, we are in the third year of drought. which isn't unprecedented, but we are in as far as in my tenure and i was around to the 77 drought. this is his as dry as like orville spin is like shasta's been. the groundwater spin his dress fuel moistures have ever been in my tenure, so it's a little bit spooky for sure. and i think the best thing we can do, frank, i appreciate you asking, that is, i think we need to conserve wire. i think we need to when
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you're trying to get the hot water for your t put it over here. don't waste it and run in the sink. take it out and water the plants with it. shorten your showers. all the things we started. doing in the seventies as you guys all remember many of you remember and we quit doing we've got to keep doing that, so i hate to be preachy, but i've been here before. i mean, 77. this is worse than 77 77 was a biblical drought in terms of california. so yeah, we'll see how it goes from fingers crossed for something in october when it usually gets going. yeah. alright bill. appreciate it. thank you. the senate just voted to spend more than a trillion dollars of your tax money. i'm caroline shyly in washington. i'll have details on the infrastructure bill coming up and coming up on ktvu. channel two news at six fight between two groups of people this afternoon in san francisco's union square escalates to a shooting that leah left at least one boy injured. also ahead. we're learning about a college professor with ties to santa clara university and sonoma state, now accused of setting fire of negotiations on capitol ,
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the u. s senate today finally passed the bipartisan trillion dollar bill to fund infrastructure projects. but fox news caroline shadley tells us that democrats say they're not finished and have introduced another spending package that they plan to pass on their own. the asr 69. the nays are 30. the bill as amended is passed in a rare bipartisan moment, the senate approved a $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan on tuesday. after years and years of infrastructure week. we're on the cusp of an infrastructure decade that i truly believe will transform america. the bill includes about $550 billion a new spending over five years for roads, bridges, water pipes, rail and broad band. we have finally finally reached the finish line, of
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course. democrats believe we need to do much more. the senate then immediately turned to a $3.5 trillion budget bill chock full of democratic priorities, like expanding medicare, universal preschool and free community college. the motion is agreed to senate democrats aim to pass that bill this week without a single republican on board. this gop senator explained. the split stands, one of my democratic colleagues says, you know, infrastructure is the desert and that $3.5 trillion tax and spend extravaganza. that is the spinach. so if the infrastructure bill passes the house how long will it be before americans see results well for projects like paving roads and ongoing construction, probably months, but for longer term projects involving broadband and public transit. that will probably be more like years in washington, caroline shively fox news. san francisco is facing significant pushback on its vaccine requirement for city workers ahead at five the
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hundreds of letters from employees asking for an exemption. also health experts say vaccines are highly effective against covid. but now, new research shows one offers better protection than others against the delta. vary it details on that coming up and two weeks pay. parents are awarded millions after their son died in police custody coming up what makes this
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exempted from a number of anti covid mandates, including vaccinations and mass squaring. ktvu is tom baker joins us now live from san francisco city hall with the details, tom, will consider this there about 35,000 people who work for the city and county of san francisco. the overwhelming majority totally vaccinated, but just under 200, with some frequent direct contact with the public, will they. want exemptions for the last six weeks or so. a steady stream of nearly 192 identical eight page letters from city and county employees has come to the city and county of san francisco, asking for vaccine exemptions. with few exceptions. the policy is once the vaccines get full federal approval, employees must comply or lose their job. but the letters list 41 preconditions before they will comply and asks that their quote god given and
5:33 pm
constitutionally secured rights. unquote not be taken away is related to vaccination testing and mask mandates. nonsense doctor john schwartzberg is a uc berkeley physician, public health lecturer, vaccine and infectious disease expert. this list is really just taken out of the vaccine anti-vaxxers playbook. um, it's filled with nonsense. it's filled with, uh, really distorted thinking of 192 letters received so far. 100 fiber from fire department employees 36 from the public utilities commission. 18 from the police department, six from the sheriff's department. six from the mbta and a smattering from other departments. many of these employees are often in direct contact with the people they serve. the public should be assured. that the people who were there to help them are not going to also hurt them. the city's authority to fire the unvaccinated derives from a 19
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oh five u. s supreme court case, which remains law to this day, as well as various federal laws and state public health laws if they lose their current jobs, getting another one. could be an issue. i imagine if my name was on something like that it would be very difficult for me to be hired by any reputable medical facility. or university now, in a statement, the city wrote. we are both local and state. there are both local and state health orders in place and the city will comply with them. employees are able to claim a medical or religious exemption where appropriate, where approach. create those are the obvious and operational words reporting live tom vacar ktvu fox tuning? yeah, it is a dilemma. a lot of work places are facing tom. thank you. walnut creek is joining the list of bay area cities, issuing a mandate for employees to be vaccinated against covid-19. officials say
5:35 pm
the city will require all of its employees, contractors and volunteers to be fully vaccinated by august 16th or get tested. weekly refusal to comply with that, or. may lead to disciplinary action, starting with a warning and ending up with unpaid leave or even termination, dr. anthony fauci said today that he thinks teachers and school staff should be required to be vaccinated as the school year begins. this comes amid an alarming surge in cases across the country, fox news jonathan serrie has more tonight from atlanta. the numbers are all going in the wrong direction. covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths, all increasing significantly as this new surge accelerates and health care systems are quickly becoming overwhelmed once again, almost 50,000 americans are hospitalized with covid 27% increase in just the last week, doctors say almost all their covid patients are unvaccinated,
5:36 pm
underscoring the need for further outreach that is obviously playing a big contribution to the. increasing caseloads, percent positivity hospitalizations that we're seeing right now. one out of every four new covid cases are in florida, where coronavirus patients are taking up 43% of icu bets compared to just 19% nationwide. but governor ron de santis is still resisting any new containment efforts, including mandating vaccines for state workers or masks for children in school. it's about trying to vindicate parents' ability to make these decisions. despite this urge travel is picking back up the t s a says more than two million people boarded a plane on sunday, the second highest number since the pandemic began, and canada is now allowing americans to drive across the border with proof of vaccination, raising hopes the us may soon follow everybody else is opening, but we are not. we're kind of exempt. we just
5:37 pm
can't fully reopened until the border fully reopens. and with hurricane season well underway. president biden is meat. with fema tuesday to discuss how the pandemic is impacting preparedness and response in atlanta. john terry fox news overflow tents are once again popping up in texas is that state grapples with a rise in coronavirus cases? lyndon b. johnson hospital in houston now has a triage tent outside its main building. hospital says they're icu unit is at 100% capacity more than 60% of those patients are being treated for the coronavirus. a large study finds moderna's covid vaccine is significantly more effective than fighter against the delta variant. a large study of 50,000 patients by the mayo clinic found the effectiveness of moderna's vaccine fell from 86% early this year to 76% last month when the delta variant was prevalent, but pfizer's vaccine dropped to 42%
5:38 pm
effective, moderna says it is now testing three booster shot candidates, and all are showing a promising immune response against the delta variant. facebook says they've removed hundreds of accounts linked to a covid disinformation network from russia. facebook says that it has banned a russian advertising firm called fozzie. they also say the company offered to pay social media influencers in europe to post misleading content about vaccines made by pfizer and astrazeneca. facebook says the plan backfired when several popular youtube personalities went public with the scheme. congresswoman marjorie taylor green has been suspended from twitter for a third time. the republican from georgia tweeted yesterday that the fda should not approve coronavirus vaccines falsely claiming that they are ineffective at reducing the spread of the virus. twitter labeled the claims misleading and has now
5:39 pm
banned her from tweeting for one week. new numbers from the american academy of pediatrics show coronavirus cases are rising among children. there were more than 90. 3000 cases among kids in the united states last week, which is about 15% of all cases reported, however, there were 71,000 cases reported the week before the numbers show that in states that reported these numbers kids represent just 1.5 to 3.5% of all hospitalizations, according to health experts is more important than ever to track potential covid symptoms when children get sick. they say it's even difficult for doctors and nurses to tell the difference between cold allergies or the beginning of a covid-19 infection without a test. a major thing to watch out for is a fever, especially if it's over 100.4 young children. um sometimes that really is the only symptom if they're, you know, lucky and get mild disease. if they get sick, it may just look like a cold so that's why i think it's
5:40 pm
again. it's very important to get that covid test. doctors say parents can also watch for other symptoms, such as a loss of sense of taste or smell, or if there is a severe cough, american airlines is offering incentives for its employees to get vaccinated. the airline is offering an extra day off next year, as well as $50 through the airlines employee recognition program. airline ceo says he favors incentives over mandates. the announcement comes just days after united and frontier airlines both calls her vaccine mandates for their employees. the cdc is warning americans against going to france. it's one of seven locations added to a list that's considered high risk travel. other areas include israel, thailand and aruba. those locations are experiencing a large surgeon coronavirus cases. and are in
5:41 pm
addition to 17 destinations the cdc presented last week which included greece, ireland and the u. s. virgin islands, there has been a sharp spike in the number of kobe cases in hawaii, and people are looking to quarantine in a hotel room are now out of luck because most are occupied by tourists on sunday, hawaii reported 643 new covid cases that is more than double during any time during the pandemic. hospitalizations are also on the rise. the death rate, though remains low and 60% of the state's population is now fully vaccinated. still, hawaii's governor is expected to announce a return to some restrictions this week, plus sington agrees to a record settlement for two parents after their mentally ill son died in police custody. coming up the caveat in the agreement that the family hopes will prevent future tragedies. also ahead, meet the nine year old girl who beat out hundreds to win a white house art contest still ahead tonight, them
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man who died in police custody. it's one of the largest wrongful death settlements ever in the bay area. the victim was mentally ill. he died shortly after confrontation with officers three years ago. but ktvu is rob roth tells us that the family is getting more than money from the lawsuit. and we do want to warn you hear that some of the video. may be disturbing to fight. this is welcome. let's welcome. this was jacob bowers encounter with pleasanton police after behaving erratically at a railey supermarket three years ago. stop bowers. life would end after this arrested, which police restrained and used a taser on the 38 year old tech worker diagnosed as mentally ill. at one point, bauer tells
5:45 pm
officers he can't breathe. calm down, man. you guys calm down everything now you can breathe. that's why you're yelling still okay, were shattered. i mean, every day. i mean, you know, just thinking about it, uh, you know, we're just we're shattered. bowers father, john and his mother rose announced this week. they have reached one of the largest wrongful death settlement ever in the bay area. the city of pleasanton has agreed to pay them $5.9 million, but there's more. as part of the agreement. the bowers also demanded to meet with pleasanton police chief david swing. the ultimate goal is to have a medical response to a person and crisis as opposed to a law enforcement response. bauer's attorney says the family probably could have gotten more money but wanted the meeting instead. but at least we were they will have a voice. and then continuing to try and make changes so that
5:46 pm
jacobs to death will have some meaning prior to their son's death. bauer says he met with police to tell them about jacob in the hopes of avoiding a violent confrontation. an officer told him this if we encounter your son, mr bauer. i can assure you we have the training to handle it properly. after an investigation, the alameda county district attorney filed no charges against any of the officers involved. the corner found drugs in bauer system. in a statement, the police department said, quote the pleasanton police department values the sanctity of life and continues to extend its most sincere condolences to the bauer family. the bowers say they plan to fight for police reform. one thing that we are going to do with the money is we are going to continue our advocacy on behalf of, uh you know, families that are that are or if are and were in the situation that that we are rob roth, ktvu, fox two news. an
5:47 pm
appeals court has upheld an $86.2 million award to a couple from livermore, who developed cancer after spraying the weed killer roundup in their yard for 30 years, although and alberta pillay oid sued monsanto, the maker of round up the first district court of appeals in san francisco, said jurors were entitled to conclude that the company had evidence that roundup could cause cancer and withheld that evidence from customers. the verdict was the third by a bay area jury to find months and santo at fault for knowingly marketing a dangerous product and the third to be upheld by an appeals court. black hands holding the white house. that means the enslaved africans built the white house made the third grader who beat out hundreds of others in a white house art contest coming up here how she interprets her winning piece plus, experts say climate change is wiping out bees and putting our food supply at risk. i'm jackie ibanez with more on how a
5:48 pm
robotic hive is giving these pollinating insects some hope for survival straight ahead. it was significantly warmer today, specially inland upper nineties tomorrow we might see some low one hundred's. it's going to be one hundred's. it's going to be a warm o is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit you know when you're at ross for help creating an emergency plan, and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year, and we've got you with the best bargains ever at ross. get your yes for less at our new store in east san mateo.
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit learning or hybrid schedule. some teachers are saying troubling behavior among students, a texas fourth grade teacher says she's seeing children fall asleep in her class, and many are having trouble with handwriting because of all the time previously spent on their keyboards, and some are experiencing emotional struggles. i've had a lot of criers kids that are crying. uh they felt like a lot of anxiety, and i have about at least three students that are constant, constant and falling asleep, and i have to remind them to stay up. kids are adjusting. we're all just adjusting together. the president of the
5:51 pm
local teachers union says educators expected some of these issues with the younger students but are surprised to be seeing it in the older elementary grades. a nine year old girl from detroit beat out 500 other kids. from across the country to win a white house student art contest. nine year old gabrielle faisal drew a picture showing shackled hands holding the white house and a flag that she says represents the fight for freedom from slavery. she says the drawing was inspired by history lessons she learned from her father. black hands holding the white house. that means the enslaved africans built the white house. the white stripes represents the purity of the struggle. the blue means justice and the white. stars represents the unity for all people. wow gabriel's big wind comes with a $1000 cash prize. she and her
5:52 pm
family will be heading to washington, d. c in a few weeks where her drawing will be on display at the white house visitor center. her father, all right back to the fog shot behind me you can see is just creeping in over the headlands now and over the coastal hills as well, the headlands as well, but it's a really shallow bank and you see, it's starting to see the curvature in the fog, anything you see if it's sort of kind of it's getting pressed down this because of the high right, so this fog is not going to have a tough time getting up over those the east bay hill certainly and anywhere inland, so it's going to live in the fog probably live in the bay tonight, and we'll start off tomorrow another warm day. these are the current temperatures 97 in brownwood, 98. livermore so there you go warmer than yesterday by how much eight degrees in concord. nine degrees in livermore sforza degree cooler. santa rosa 10 degrees warmer, so it's warming up, and that's what we got going on. we got a little bit of a thunderstorm activity down around phoenix down around albuquerque, el paso to the north of us, we've got high pressure building in so the
5:53 pm
pacific northwest is going to get hot. they'll set some records in the next couple of days have some air quality issues. and we gonna get that fog out of there. there you can see where the fog is. right now. right along the avenues out in san francisco, and that fog will be socked in pretty much throughout the day tomorrow. the high pressure domes heward situated that's a little bit far north for this time of year, and so with it there, let's not, it does get that far north, but this time of year, but with it sitting up there, the real heating is going to be up around oregon. washington idaho, those areas and so they're going to do some significant significant heat. so heating up inland as you would expect. it's august. so these temperatures nothing. i'm going to show you as unusual. some moisture comes in from the subtropics on wednesday and thursday that increases the humidity a little bit, but all this is, um, pretty much standard fare for august. truthfully um, the fog forecast for the morning. there it is, didn't get that far kind of pulls back, and then there's attempt russia's finland's go to purples so you can see a lot of lot of 100 i we got 99 marks
5:54 pm
thinking 99 out and live more valleys. i'm betting betting you if you looked really hard around livermore tomorrow or out by anne up, you'll find 100 degree reading, right? not just not just at the airport, but somewhere else. 90 degrees tomorrow in santa rosa. that's the forecast 99 in antioch 96 in morgan hill and the five day forecast, so it's good looking forecast. it's august, right, so it's going to be hot and you gotta expect that it will cool off a little bit for towards the weekend fire. danger will come up and we could see a spare the air day as we head into thursday. coming up details on the high tech device that maybe the solution for the dramatic drop in the bee population and coming up on ktvu news at six, a college professor accused of setting a series of fires near the massive dixie fire, and tonight he is under arrest. plus one boy is injured after reports of a fight between two groups in union square escalates with gunfire.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
supply, but a new report shows they're in trouble, which means we could be to fox news, jackie heinrich or jackie baniyas rather shows us while climate change is crippling bee populations around the world. one robotic i've is offering a glimmer of hope. a new united nations climate report out monday is spelling out major trouble outlining the countless ways human caused climate change is putting the planet and the creatures inhabiting it in turmoil, and it turns out climate change along with harmful farming techniques and the use of pesticides are all contributing to massive declines in global bee populations. but one company
5:58 pm
out of israel is hoping its robotic hive can save these pollinating insects. what we see here is to be home and. houses 24 colonies armed with special cameras and artificial intelligence. the be home is taking beekeeping to the next level. anything a big if we would do the robotic mechanism can mimic and do it more effectively. this high tech device not only closely monitors each hive for disease, it can treat those problems by administering medicines and also fixed damage. and once cameras detect some golden honey well, the b holmes robotic arm can even harvest it. meanwhile even if you are afraid of bugs, experts say, what could happen to us if be populations continue to dwindle is even scarier. these pollinate 75% of fruit, vegetables, nuts, which we and so by empowering the beef and making sure that they will have their healthy actually making sure that our supply that our
5:59 pm
food train is secure, although there are close to three million bee colonies here in the u. s 35% are wiped out every year, but officials say the be home can reduce the overall death rate of bees by 80% jackie ibanez fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. developing news out of san francisco, where police say a shooting in union square left one person injured. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm frank somerville. it happened about 2 20 this afternoon on stockton street near the intersection of o'farrell. this is video posted on the citizen app. when officers arrived, they found a boy suffering from a gunshot wound. he was rushed to the hospital. at this point. his condition is not no. investigators say just before the shooting, the two groups of young people were fighting. no suspects have been identified or arrested. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police in oakland community leaders are pleading
6:00 pm
for help from the governor, calling for him to declare a local state of emergency due to the rash of violent crime in chinatown. citizens live in a state of continuous fear for our safety well, livelihoods and future. the group also laid out a list of other measures to help keep the communities safe. and our crime reporter henry lee has more on that. governor newsom, we want you to do this declare the state of emergency for, say, the bookman karl chan, president of the oakland chinese chamber of commerce, says crime in chinatown and across the city is out of control and that the governor needs to send more law enforcement to oakland. we want you to bring in california highway patrol. i'm not only asking you to patrol in chinatown. more areas. we need your help. chan, flanked by members of the so called blue angels citizen patrol, read part of a letter he wrote to the governor. citizens live


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