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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 10, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and apprehension in the north bay, the first day of school is tomorrow and tonight. there's a last minute push to get kids vaccinated. a combination of excitement at the possibilities of what could be and then, of course, meeting forward carefully to make sure that we do it thoughtfully. the delta. very it has students, parents and teachers urging that more
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people get vaccinated before heading back into the classroom. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. sonoma county wants 70% of eligible students vaccinated as soon as possible. ktvu deborah villalon joins us now live and deb accion clinic tonight got them closer to that goal. yeah julie about 80 shots in three hours and aimed at the latin x community with proportionately the most disease and the lowest vaccination rates. that's what i hear. let's get ready for school, a major push in the roseland district of santa rosa lunch tables as vaccination tables on this eve of a new school year. for two weeks, clinics have been an overdrive with about 55% of sonoma counties. eligible students vaccinated. the goal is to reach 70 before school starts, and i don't know if we're going to reach that goal. it was quite a lofty goal, but we're trying real hard to get their 12 year old olivia hates
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needles. mhm. how. uh oh, baby, get over, but said it was worth it. it was getting serious. i'm like people are dying and just sing families being sad that they lost someone over this disease. what will happen if there is an outbreak at a school or parents have questions many of them fielded at this briefing tonight. they were told 12 to 15 year olds are the fastest growing vaccination group. and although the latin next community lags, it's closing the gap if we have one or two cases in a classroom, we don't necessarily close the entire classroom down. we definitely do not close the entire school down, unlike neighbouring marin county schools, sonoma will not require teachers to either be vaccinated or regularly tested, instead relying on indoor masking for everyone and contact tracing if a student or staff member is positive, be optimistic. and prepare for the for the worst, but expect the best right rose lands 3000
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students across six schools will put new protocols to the test as its neighborhoods have higher spread and vaccine hesitancy holding clinics at campuses aims to counter that coming somewhere where they trust and it takes at least one layer of the unfamiliar away. right now, they feel a little more at home, but it's a split decision among families. this dad signing for his two daughters to get shots. while he declines, so i stand behind them 100% especially what they believe in about getting it their minds and their hearts in the right place. i'm gonna support them and getting that father of three wants to wait for full fda approval. sonoma county stats share tonight's show 71. people are hospitalized and there have been 22 deaths in the past two months. and julie that covid is spreading at five times the rate among the unvaccinated deborah villalon reporting live for us tonight in the north bay, deb, thank you and new at 10. tonight all teachers and school staff in california will
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now be required to get vaccinated or be tested regularly. politico reports that governor newsom is expected to make that announcement tomorrow under the policy, school employees would have to show proof of vaccination to their districts. california would be the first state to require wire teachers get vaccinated and today san francisco and oakland unified school districts announced similar plans for their teachers. both mandates take effect september 7th and if staff are not vaccinated, they have the option to get tested weekly. oh usd, says 92% of its staff is vaccinated a summer camp at temple sinai in oakland has been shut down after kids and staff tested positive for the coronavirus. synagogue officials say four children and two vaccinated staff members tested positive. the children were all three years old. most no one was hospitalized or, and seriously sick. officials say they decided to close out of an
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abundance of caution. new at 10, a new statewide health order goes into effect at midnight. it says anyone visiting a hospital or skilled nursing facility must present proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. ktvu azenith smith joins us now she's live in san jose after talking with health officials as not well. julie hospitals have new signs up and visitor policies are updated on websites. john your help today sent a letter to patients and families about the new rule. everyone we spoke to did not know about the new requirements so it may catch people off guard tomorrow at the entrance of regional medical center in san jose signs the effective august 11th. california state mandate requires all visitors to show proof of the vaccine or a negative test result within 72 hours. it's not just this hospital but all hospitals in the state. this is an important step to take, um, obviously our hospitals in acute care
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settings i skilled nursing facilities are high risk settings are tolerance for transmission. in those settings is extremely low. the new rule, part of a state health order announced last week overshadowed by news all healthcare workers in california must be vaccinated visitors maybe unaware. hopefully we can get the word out. um you know the that vaccine card that everyone received when they're vaccinated, as is an important asset to carry with you now sent to clara valley medical center, urged followers on social media to share the new policy. visitors can show their covid vaccination card. a photo the card on their phone or a digital record that includes a q r code. not everyone agrees with it. personally, i got vaccinated, but hospitals asking that, um, you know, it's just i mean, that's probably a violation of your rights. there are exceptions for visits. when death maybe eminent. there's that small percentage of cases where it would till perhaps
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towards more harm to implement this if someone is at the end of their life and needs that moment together to say goodbye. hospice settings. state officials could consider other exceptions, people helping a child who needs emergency care patients who are disabled or giving birth right now. sutter health's website states partners their support people for women in labor must be vaccinated or tested. unlike airports, rapid testing for covid is not available on site at hospitals. for now, the switch situation is pushing other people to get the vaccine. including me, and i think our hope is that this would actually make hospitals feel safer. the order allows for outdoor visits without proof of vaccination or test. everyone must still wear a mask, regardless of vaccination, status, and most hospitals are still limiting visitors live in san jose. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. a new study
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shows that pregnant women infected with coronavirus are at a higher risk for complications. researchers at u. c s f found that pregnant women with coronavirus have a 60% higher chance of experiencing very preterm birth, which happens at less than 32 weeks of pregnancy. the study involved more than 240,000 births in california between july of 2020 and january of this year. it also found that about 9000 of those babies were infected with the coronavirus. our coronavirus coverage continues on our website. you can find all of the latest developments on our home page or at ktvu dot com slash covid-19. new york governor andrew cuomo resigned today said he plans to leave office in 14 days. lieutenant governor kathy khokha will now become the first female governor of new york. fox news. laura ingle
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is in new york with reaction. embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. new york's governor andrew cuomo, stepping down i think that given the circumstances. the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to governing the unexpected announcement, coming a week after the state's attorney general's office released a report finding the governor sexually harassed at least 11 women, the three term democratic governors fall from grace. drawing widespread reaction from some of his accusers, including the state trooper who is accusing cuomo of inappropriate touching her lawyer, attorney gloria allred, speaking on her behalf. she has no plans to do interviews with the press. it feels that the governor did the right thing. in deciding to resign to the streets of new york, where some agreed it was time for him to
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step aside. i'm happy that at least he resign and all the way to washington and the white house, i respect the governor's decision, and, uh, i respected says inhumane, but others, saying the 63 year old democrat deserve due process. i would have liked to have seen him go through the entire judicial process and be determined prior to his. resignation cuomo maintaining he never intentionally disrespected any of his accusers and apologized for offending them. in new york, laura engel ktvu fox two news today, the senate passed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package, 19 republicans joined democrats to move the bill forward to the house. the bill includes $550 billion in new spending for streets and public transportation, as well as broad band electrical and water systems. president biden has
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said the spending bill will lift the economy, america's often had the greatest prosperity and made the most progress. when we invest in america itself, and that's what this infrastructure bill does, the white house estimates that california could get more than $25 billion for roads. four billion for bridges and nine billion for transit. many republican senators are also happy to bring home billions of dollars to their states for jobs good for quality of life. good for the economy, as one of my colleagues said what's not to like. after the vote, senators went straight to the next bill. it's a 3.5 trillion budget bill. it includes democratic priorities like universal preschool, expanded medicare and free community. college democrats hope to pass that this week and send it to the house despite a total lack of republican support. on wall
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street today, stocks were mostly higher. the dow gained 162 points for another record close. the nasdaq fell 72 points, but the s and p also closed at a record high with a four point came. a voter guides and ballots are going out in the mail here in the bay area with the recall election just five weeks away, every registered voter will get a vote by mail ballot, but there will still be in person voting as well. that is set to begin on september. 4th election day is on seven number 14. san francisco says it will be sending out ballots starting tomorrow. voters in alameda county and contra costa county should be getting ballots next week. coming up here horrific crime in the south bay, an eight year old sexually assaulted inside her own home. the arrests police have made and why they say there are two unusual things about this case. there was 99 degrees today in antioch temperatures really warmed up quite a bit inland. what happens tomorrow? well,
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look at the five day forecast in just a few minutes and a night at the theater returns to san francisco, but it looks a lot different at 10 30 the requirements for people who saw hamilton tonight to come and see a show like this. i think this is gonna be a long lasting memory that they will
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at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
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are we still exclusive? absolutely. square that injured a young boy. it happened about 2 20 this afternoon on stockton street near the intersection of o'farrell. this is video that was posted on citizen app. when officers arrived, they found a boy suffering from a gunshot wound. he was rushed to the hospital. at this point. his condition is not known, investigators say just before the shooting, two groups of young people were fighting. no suspects have been arrested. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. in san jose, a man has been arrested for sexually assaulting an eight year old girl inside her home. ktvu is andre senior tells us police say it appears the victim had no connection to the suspect. home is meant to be a safe space. but what happened at home along dancer street in san jose last friday turned into every parent's worst nightmare, a crime police say it was committed by dupri. kenneth
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hornsby. this individual has prior convictions for weapons charges involving firearms, but nothing to do with similar cases such as this one. officer steve aponte tells us in this case wanted me snuck into a child's home just after 7 30 friday morning and sexually assaulted the eight year old before vanishing the vic. to alerting her grandfather. that grandfather calling police about two hours later, patrol officer had his head on a swivel spotted the individual wearing the exact same clothing in the description given by the victim. the officer detained the individual that individual is positively identified by the victim as police arrested hornsby, the young victim was taken to the santa clara county child advocacy center, and that's where she spent a number of hours being interviewed and attended to, so we built the child advocacy center on. understanding that we wanted to provide our children with the best services that they could have, but also realizing that often it would come in a really traumatic and terrible experience like this one.
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hornsby, sitting in the main jail since friday, appearing before judge tuesday afternoon for preliminary court hearing, we went in there and the people's position was that the defendant should be held in on no bail allowed, and the judge granted our motion officer ponti with san jose police tells us what authorities say are too surprising things about this case first. that the suspect had no connection to the family. and second that sexual assault or child abuse was outside. the suspect's wheelhouse, previously having been charged only with weapons crimes. well, hornsby will wait on his next court appearance behind bars. he is scheduled to appear before judge on october 12th. we were told he is 24 years old and his residence is listed in stockton and authorities say they're not sure why he was in san jose in the first place. sanders a police say anyone with information should contact their sexual assault investigations division. in san jose. i'm andre senior ktvu. fox two news, air quality officials along with chevron hazmat crews are looking into a flaring incident at the
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refinery in richmond this afternoon. you could see flames coming out of two refinery stacks along with a large plume of smoke. it all started about 2 30 this afternoon. chevron says the safety flare was activated to burn off gas from a problem in the system. the bay area air quality management district send inspectors to check for any potential air quality violations. no shelter in place was issued a gas pipeline break that sparked a huge fireball in san francisco in 2019 is being blamed on unsafe work by a contractor. the ntsb says kill furred engineering was digging was digging to lay a fiber optic line on gary boulevard and parker avenue when a back hole hit a gas line. the fire damaged five buildings. incredibly no one was hurt, the federal investigation found that kill furred failed to follow safe practices for digging crews battling the
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dixie fire are now bracing for a dangerous change in the weather, triple digit heat and possible thunderstorms are expected throughout the region over the next few days, the dixie fire has grown to more than 490,000 acres since it started july 14th and his 27% contained the flames have destroyed or damaged more than 1000 homes and businesses. a suspected arsonist has now been arrested for starting a series of fires near the dixie fire. the sacramento bee reports that gary maynard is accused of setting the ranch fire in lassen county on saturday. authorities say he is a 47 year old. college professor who worked at santa clara university and sonoma state investigators say they found his car near a fire and began tracking his movements. when he was arrested. he was inside the emergency closure area forced by the dixie fire, court documents say he entered the evacuation zone and began setting new fires. maynard could face up to five years in prison and fines. all right. we
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are checking in on the weather from today. it was hotter today. pretty noticeable, especially in the inland valleys. temperatures tomorrow going to follow suit. it's kind of what we have. today is what we'll get tomorrow. maybe a little warmer tomorrow. but there's that 99 in antioch 98 in fairfield. this little cluster here really heated up today. those numbers yesterday were in the low and mid nineties, so that was the big jump. and then you did in the 91 in santa rosa. that came up a little bit as well. there's the fog. and as i always say, the sales getting pinched down below salesforce. that means it's probably not going to get much over the east bay hills. it's curving in. that's the high pressure pressing down on it. that's how you know it's gonna be another hot day tomorrow. if this fog was cooking up over the top, right, and we didn't have an issue, and it was up over the salesforce and making it to the east bay hills, we would be doing a different forecasts. but we're not. and with that wind dying down a little bit. the smoke is going to fill. let her down into the valleys a little bit more. i think we're fine. these are the current air quality readings. you see the yellows? that's something to
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think about. but most of it's to the east of us. we do have a shot to see some smoke, not a whole scale issue, but opportunities to see smoke over the next 48 hours, especially in our east bay communities. so this is the model this is tonight. where's the smoke? meat what you notice is the greens and the yellows and see what kind of hovers up around sacramento, but it's not going to take much, especially right there on wednesday evening for that smoke to drift down into you know, the fairfield back of ill area portions of the north based sonoma county areas like that, so we'll keep an eye on that for you. but here's how it goes tomorrow. warmer, a little warmer, especially inland fog stays right at the coast. air quality is pretty good. and then as we move into the next couple of days, we're going to continue pretty hot and then cool down towards the week. get not a big cool down, but just a bit of a cool down, so we'll put that all together with a five day forecast. we'll see in a minute. bill thank you. some people who live in cemetery county could get thousands of dollars in rebates to help them buy a used electric car peninsula, clean energy announced today that they're
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expanding their used electric vehicle rebate program. eligible residents could get up to $4000 in rebates. the amount depends on residents income level and whether the vehicle is a plug in hybrid or fully electric coming up. los angeles county one step closer to a vaccine mandate plus kids in the east bay back in the classroom with masks on, but not everyone is in support of that requirement. and later tonight, one of the most anticipated headliners at the upcoming bottle rock music festival, she's dropped out because of concerns it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the day your workforce doubles... or the day your visitors quadruple. with comcast business you'll be ready... with the flexibility to control multiple wifi networks from anywhere...
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ramon valley unified school district headed back to the classroom. today, many of the kids happy and excited to finally be back on campus after debate and even protests, the district decided masks will be
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required for all students at school. ktvu is jesse gary has more now and how the first day went for students and parents. tuesday afternoon, a slow walk away from a successful first day of school for parents and students and the san ramon valley unified school district. second grader wesley rudic. what do you like best, um, probably seeing my friend again in recess. district officials say this school year face coverings are mandatory for their 30,000 members. student body our kids were excited and nervous to be back. our staff was really, really excited to embrace and welcome our students, and there was just a great energy masks are required indoors for all persons, regardless of vaccination status. there was a different kind of energy at a district school board meeting august 3rd, a small but vocal number of parents object to the districts mask mandate. i think that this
10:26 pm
school district should be a sanctuary school district as it relates to mask mandates. let let us parents and our children choose for themselves. district superintendent dr john malloy says approximately 800 students are using virtual academies or independent study programs. we must listen to the experts and they say masks are required, so we will do it. many parents agree, adding the most important aspect of attending school is actually being inside a school. i'm just happy kids are back, so i don't understand the people that are fighting the masks as long as they're in school, where the mask, the superintendent, says those students who are opting for virtual academies or independent study programs will be allowed to return to in person learning should they choose. however they may not be able to attend their home school. they may have to attend a different school superintendent says he will try to be accommodated in danville,
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jesse gary ktvu fox two names. there are new travel warnings tonight from the cdc. the agency is warning americans against going to france. france is one of seven locations added to a list that's considered high risk travel. other areas include israel, thailand and aruba. those locations. are experiencing a large surgeon coronavirus cases and are in addition to 17 destinations that the cd added to the list last week. they included greece, ireland and the u. s. virgin islands still ahead tonight, oakland community members say enough is enough. now they're asking the governor to step in to help prevent violent crimes in chinatown, also a vaccine mandate for san francisco workers will soon be in effect after the break. the city has received hundreds of letters from employees asking for exemptions for the first time in more than 16 months.
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the hit musical hamilton returns to the stage will have audience reaction and the changes they saw. plus the giants need some ninth inning heroics after blowing a five run lead against the arizona diamondbacks sports director marco baniyas will have all the marco baniyas will have all the highlights later in sports. subway®... has so much new they couldn't fit it in their last ad. so, we gonna have to go fast. ready? there's new steak, deli-style turkey, belgioioso® fresh mozzarella, hickory-smoked bacon, new hearty multigrain, and steph curry juggling avocados for some reason. dang, that's too much for 15 seconds.
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and steph curry juggling avocados for some reason. in san francisco. but the experience was different from the last time the curtain opened tonight, guests had to show proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test. ktvu is amber lee is in the city tonight with how people enjoy the show. i imagine they just loved it. they remember. absolutely frank. people tell me they were so excited to be able to attend a live theatre performance once again, and as
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soon as they arrived here at the front doors, they saw the chain. just brought on by covid concerns. maybe a worker, please theater fans at the orpheum in san francisco need more than tickets to watch a live performance of hamilton on tuesday, they are required to show proof of covid vaccination or a negative covid test within 72 hours. vaccination card. yes, the first time the venue has been open since march of last year. his father brought his daughters who've only seen hamilton on tv. think this. is gonna be a long lasting memory that they will cherish, you know, for the rest of their lives. a sold out crowd of nearly 2000 everyone required to wear a mask. it's so excited to be here. i've cried several times today. just thinking about being here tonight. i'm past patiently waiting. i'm past audience members say their experience enhanced, be entertained and safe. at the same time, the ability to be taken somewhere new every new show that you see and just for
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two hours or three hours to be able to escape from whatever is going on in your own life. my wife and i got covid last last fall, and we went through that this couple tells me they got vaccinated after recovering from covid 19. they say they work in the medical field, and they lost a family member to the disease. they support the theaters. safety guidelines. bring on the vaccines. i'm a scientist, and i'd say to everybody get back sand, other live theater venues in the city, such as the ct and current theater will remain dark until january of next year. that's on the right hand side. hamilton here at the orpheum now only for a limited run after being interrupted last year by the pandemic, the setting the costumes were still sitting here. everyone came back with the cast and they rehearsed here. this couple grateful to be able to enjoy life theater once again, so 30th wedding anniversary and i'm glad to be here with my wife. in the shot.
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somebody take a shot. hamilton will only be here at the orpheum theater for four weeks. the last show on september 5th tickets are available, starting at $59 each. the productions next tour stop will be sacramento, frank amberleigh live for us at the orpheum theatre there in san francisco tonight, amber. thank you. stevie nicks has canceled. the parents is at five upcoming. music festivals, including bottle rock in napa, the former fleetwood mac singer tweeted the announcement, citing concerns about the coronavirus. nick says that even though she's vaccinated, she's still being extremely cautious. she had also been scheduled to perform at austin city limits music festival and colorado's jazz aspen snowmass labor day experience. there is some push back in san francisco as the city gets closer to imposing a vaccine man. eight for all of
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its employees. ktvu is tom baker explains hundreds of city workers have asked to be excused from getting the shot for the last six weeks or so. a steady stream of nearly 192 identical eight page letters from city and county employees has come to the city and county of san francisco, asking for vaccine exemptions, with few exceptions. the policy is once the vaccines get full federal approval, employees must comply or lose their job. but the letters list 41 preconditions before they will comply and asks that their quote god given and constitutionally secured rights. unquote not be taken away is related to vaccination testing and mask mandates. nonsense doctor john schwartzberg is a uc berkeley physician, public health lecturer, vaccine and infectious disease expert. this list is really just taken out of. vax anti-vaxxers playbook. um it's filled with nonsense.
10:35 pm
it's filled with, uh, really distorted thinking of 192 letters received so far 100 fiber from fire department employees 36 from the public utilities commission. 18 from the police department, six from the sheriff's department. six from the mbta and a smattering from other departments. many of these employees are often in direct contact with the people they serve. the public should be assured. that the people who were there to help them are not going to also hurt them. the city's authority to fire the unvaccinated derives from 19 oh five u. s supreme court case, which remains law to this day, as well as various federal laws and state public health laws. if they lose their current jobs, getting another one. could be an issue. i imagine if my name was on something like that it would be very difficult for me to be hired by any reputable medical facility or
10:36 pm
university. in a statement, the city wrote. there are both local and state health orders in place and the city will comply with them. employees are able to claim medical or religious exemption. where appropriate. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. the los angeles county board of supervisors today unanimously approved a plan to consider showing proof of vaccination against the coronavirus to enter some indoor public spaces. this most recent proposal follows a similar motion being considered by the los angeles city council. it would require at least one dose of the vaccine to enter public spaces like restaurants, gyms and movie theaters. most customers who were asked about it seemed to be okay with the idea. i'll do it for sure that this yeah. at this point, whatever gets us through to the next phase, you know, not doing. it just takes us backwards. this is what we're living with these days. why not get vaccinated and get back to a normal life? some businesses that are barely recovering from
10:37 pm
pandemic related closures are now worried about what the mandate will mean for them. los angeles county's motion would only apply to unincorporated parts of the county, not the city of los angeles. nearly four million people in la many are still unvaccinated. those families can look and say, uh, you guys were there you did everything you could. a show of gratitude for the first responders who worked the tragic condo collapse in florida. up next the bonus they all received today. temperatures did heat up today. we'll look into tomorrow as well. i think we'll see numbers back into the upper nineties. the five day forecast is next. but first, a former member of the san francisco giants has been permanently suspended from twitter. but if pierce. he's getting around told sf gate is sr
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10:40 pm
for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. previous posts about women, bernie sanders and guns led the giants to leave him out of the 10th anniversary celebration of their 2010 world series championship last year. meantime georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor green has been suspended from twitter for a third time. the republican tweeted yesterday the fda should not approve the covid vaccines and falsely said they are ineffective at. reducing the spread of the virus. twitter labeled those claims misleading and banter from tweeting for one week, house speaker nancy pelosi joined community leaders today in san francisco to discuss the emergency rental assistance program. that program makes federal funding available to assist those hit hard by the
10:41 pm
pandemic with rent back grant and utility payments today, the rental assistance program at la raza community resource centre received four men. million dollars from the mayor's office of housing and community development. the money was made available as part of the american rescue plan. in florida first responders who worked the deadly surfside building collapse were given $1000 bonus checks today. the folks in this room where there from the beginning, saving lives helping and then of course, looking through all that terrible wreckage, you try to find people in the many, many days after. the money was approved by the florida legislature earlier this year. the champlain towers south condo collapsed in the early morning hours of june. 24th 98 people were killed. it took several weeks to recover all of the bodies, the remaining part of that building was then left stand that was left standing was later demolished a
10:42 pm
condominium in nearby miami was evacuated overnight after officials deemed that building unsafe people living inside were caught off guard and left scrambling to grab their belongings and leave. workers reportedly being done on several corroded columns at the building last week, but city officials say that work was being done without a permit. city building officials deemed the entire building unsafe after inspecting the site still to come here. a plea to governor newsom to help stop violent crime in oakland's chinatown. plus where did he go? he told his wife he was going to two bank over a week ago, but he still hasn't come home. the ongoing search after the break and take a look at this tonight's beautiful sunset over the fog rolling into san francisco chief meteorologist bill martin is back with your five day forecast coming up next.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. more than a week, and now his family is offering a reward. john stivers was last seen by his family at their home in jamestown last monday, he and his wife lived in livermore for years, but moved to ptolemy county. john's wife says he was going to a bank in sonora and then to work, but he never
10:46 pm
showed up. deputies later found his white van parked on the side of the road. believe somebody somewhere has to know something. it was three o'clock in the afternoon that he was at the bank. um he's six ft. two. he's a good looking guy. he's um he wears that big hat all the time, so i just can't imagine how in the middle of the day he could just disappear. the family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to his whereabouts. anyone with information is asked to call the ptolemy county sheriff's department now to oakland, where community leaders say more needs to be done to target violent crime in chinatown. ktvu is henry lee tells us the group wants governor newsom to step in. governor newsom, we want you to do this declared the state of emergency for sita, brooklyn. karl chan, president of the oakland chinese chamber of commerce, says crime in chinatown and across the city
10:47 pm
is out of control and that the governor needs to send more law enforcement to oakland. we want you to bring in california highway patrol. i'm not only asking you the patrolling chinatown more areas, we need your help. chan flanked by members of the so called blue angels, citizen patrol, red pot. letter he wrote to the governor citizenship in a state of continuous fear for our safety, well, livelihoods and filter this latest chinatown news conference comes after man was shot and wounded while trying to stop robbers targeting two women at ethan franklin on saturday. a good samaritan who wanted to be identified only as mr li told me. he knew he had to help really wanted to draw attention away. comes out, maybe, you know, given a distraction, saying, know your presence is known, you know that your command crime the good samaritan. obviously we appreciate his efforts to assisted on mornings onto the oakland police chief laurent armstrong urged citizens to be good witnesses, but i think it's important that they
10:48 pm
observe and report that they provide that information to the police department so that we can respond and handle the situation. there is fear there is pain that needs to be addressed. city council member lauren taylor says he's not yet ready to commit to see hp resources but agrees more needs to be done. our community was under attack, and i say our community because we are one oakland when one of us is attacked, all of us are attacked. the chp tells me they have not been contacted directly about any request to patrol oakland henry lee ktvu fox studios. already taken a look at the weather from today. these were the numbers. we showed him once, but we can show them again. only because tomorrow is gonna be quite similar to what we had today. we saw some upper nineties in the warmest spots, which was. good 5 to 8 degrees warmer than yesterday, and the trend will continue that way. can't get much hotter than 99. i think we might see a couple of 99th tomorrow, maybe a low 100. that's tomorrow and then it will continue a little bit as we go down the road and then start to cool off a little bit towards the weekend. there's a
10:49 pm
fog in the city. there's the city south. farther fog, fog is not getting very far at all right. there's bay bridge, you can see the fog's getting hung up on market street, and that's just get an indication that the high pressures. doing its thing. i just always trying to show you these little things so you can look at it go. and you must you know that right? when you look at the flags blow in a certain way, or the depth of the fog at the golden gate bridge or how far inland the fog is at a certain hour at night in the summer, you can do a forecast in the summer months, just based on the positioning of the fog. if he could tell me what month it is and show me a picture of the fog, i'll get you pretty accurate temperature forecast without knowing anything else. so it's gonna be a warm to hot week. you already know that. that's where we are now. tomorrow will be a lot like today. the hot stretch inland will continue the current temperatures. you see a nice little sea breeze all the greens right, so it's good little sea breeze. then we pull out and there's a big high pressure up in the pacific northwest in that is creating a situation where they're seeing
10:50 pm
some real heat up in washington and oregon, and they'll see some records not like last time. the last record run up there was all time. uh i've never saying like that. remember the big heat up in these areas, but it's going to get real hot, but not as hot, but it's still that same kind of pattern where the high sir pat misses us. goes further north and plants itself. that's not a normal pattern. we've got the fog now pushing across the bad colored some of it in because the satellite doesn't pick it up very good at night, but it's not getting much further than that. like i showed you just getting stuck on market street on the south end of town. there's the high little further north than you expect, right for this time of year. the individual inland valleys will be in the one hundred's. certainly sacramento and fresno and modesto. and we will be like we were today we will see increased humidity tomorrow because of some some tropical moisture moving up might see a thunderstorm down around san luis obispo offshore, but i think we're good there. it's just you'll notice the humidity come up, and that's a few clouds. but that's also the humidity comes up. um that's
10:51 pm
it's pretty hot, right? you get 99 degrees and you go 30% humidity and that's pretty hot. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. we're getting close to the weekend, saying kind of start thinking about that. take a peek and see what the five day forecast shows you and we're looking at a nice looking week ahead or end of the week and then temperatures slightly cooler for the weekend. but not much. i'll see you back here to love it. we'll see them. bill. thank you coming up in sports. a warm welcome home for giants fan favorite madison bumgarner marks got that, plus the dramatic ninth inning versus the diamondbacks. depending on the 11 o'clock news. the latest coronavirus urge means changes for people visiting hawaii. the new restrictions on events that the governor
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the day your workforce doubles... or the day your visitors quadruple. with comcast business you'll be ready... with the flexibility to control multiple wifi networks from anywhere... all on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.99 a month. or, ask how to get a prepaid card with other internet offers. call today. tonight as tina turner might
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say, the giants never do anything nice and easy. they took out five. nothing lead and made it way too excited near the end. we'll get to that. but first, a great moment early on for returning world series hero. i think you know it. yeah, i'm madison. bumgarner now with arizona three world series drinks, he pitched 25 innings in the world series gave up only one run. alex would was doing his mad bum and depression gave up. one hit the first five innings of lamonte wade jr led me the glove right there to rob. nick comment. that's a great catch. giants leading four nothing early and up that lead to find nothing when buster ticket to ride he goes l central there with his 14th home run of the year, a solo shut, but arizona man,
10:55 pm
they struck back quickly. in the sixth inning space of 13 pitches, they get a double another devil, a triple and this blast off the bat of asdrubal cabrera, two run shot. all of a sudden, it's a 55 games. eighth inning this time posey at first base by the way, he was two for 23 walks brandon crawford into the wide open spaces, but he gets the third busters smoking like a 56 buick man, he's just about out of gas slides safely and watch his lips. i am so fast, he tells chris bride covered up. they had another 75 jake mcgee blows the save in the top of the 9th 772 on two out. kris bryant smooth. one christian walker, his second error of the inning and without benefit of hit the giants walk it up in the bottom of the 9th 28 7. they still need the west over the dodgers by four games. they are 31
10:56 pm
games over 500. wow, the oakland a's meantime, out in cleveland, starting the road trip, one word comes to mind grinder. they just don't do the spectacular very often, but, man, they work you defensively. they got a great bullpen, and they come up with the timely hitting kind of a human night progressive field in cleveland about 86 degrees at game time. get me a foul. ball says the kid wasn't going to happen, but your team would wind up with the victory tryst and mackenzie six ft. 5 165 throwing good for seth drought. he'd like to be poles, one. that's his 14th, in the a's are trailing 32 they would later high. this thing goes to extra innings to out. here's the clutch hitting. i've talked about jed lowry. this guy is a doubles machine to left this time r b i double in the clutch, put the a's up and
10:57 pm
they will wind up winning it. although the indians threatened in the bottom of the 10th then they have that magic runner at second and look at i'm ed rosario. just smoke one match shop. that's not a sensational play. that's just a nice big league play. five relievers throw five shutout innings for the a's and they win it 43. there's still two back of the astros. sometimes you just got to follow your heart and his heart is no longer in san francisco, talking about nick man, you no longer a golden state warriors as the restricted free agent decides to go back to italy for at least a year. veterans bologna is the team that signs him and you may remember when they drafted him last year. his mom is italian. he was born. there is dad his pace manion long ago, a warrior warriors, however, will retain his rights. so if he ever comes back to the united states might be done playing with the golden
10:58 pm
state warriors. sorry good story giant says all that stuff but globally one huge story may be the best player of all time. changes uniforms officially. nice animation there. it's leo messi. he's going to join paris change their mind of the champions league. it's a two year deal worth reportedly 41 year after 21 years being associated with barcelona. he will join neymar and i'm bouquet for a super team won a trio right there, but a big change in the world of soccer. all right, we got a little time. so we've come to that point of the night where we must check
10:59 pm
this out. get back to baseball. we told you the ayes have a two game lead of the astros, who get the play of the night from jose, move the player everybody seems to love date, but that is a great place. you got to give it to him there. houston is a. a winner tonight. hey, check this out. this is summer league basketball. detroit versus houston. number one pick kate cunningham and against jalen greene played some napa look at the flash freeze himself. buckles greens. knees hits the three and that is a look at your number one draft pick from this year in the nba icon of motorcade back in detroit, the motor city. of course, that is this for life for right now, giants and az just keep on doing it, guys. all right, mark. thank you. coming up next here at 11. i'm vaccinated. visitors do represent a threat to the safety of that environment, and that's ultimately the rationale for this policy in less than an
11:00 pm
hour, a new rule goes into effect requiring anyone visiting a hospital or skilled nursing home in california to provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. the guidelines are part of a new state health order to protect vulnerable populations from the delta. vary it hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm frank somerville. those who don't comply could be turned away. and tonight kate views as a smith has details after talking to health officials. at the entrance of regional medical center in san jose signs the effective august 11th. california state mandate requires all visitors to show proof of the vaccine or a negative test result within 72 hours. it's not just this hospital, but all hospitals in the state. obviously our hospitals and acute care settings. i still national facilities are. high risk settings. um our tolerance f


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