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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 11, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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everyone. i'm julie julie haener and i'm frank somerville before that mandate took effect, students went back to school in the south san francisco unified school district. it's the first time students there were back in class since march of 2020. the district has now upgraded its ventilation, and it's using hospital grade machines to disinfect rooms with ultraviolet light parents. we talked to say they're confident that the district is doing its best to keep kids and staff safe and that doing nothing compares to the experience of in person learning. my son did not thrive over the zoom sessions over. the last year. um and worried about how he would enjoy school if we weren't able to get back on campus. in some extent, i think that the social thing is it's really nice for them that their friends you know the teachers having contact one on one. they really missed that, too. the south san francisco school. the
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circuit is offer an online options through a third party for families who aren't comfortable bringing their kids back to the classroom. just yet. south san francisco joins oakland, san ramon valley and sonoma with kids back in the classroom, while mass were already mandated. now, vaccinations will be to governor newsom made it clear he wants california to lead the way on school safety. ktvu political reporter, greg lee was at the announcement in oakland this morning. greg julia good evening. california is the first state in the nation to implement these kinds of requirements for all staff in all schools. governor newsom said. the intention is clear to encourage more people to get vaccinated. we're now following up today, uh, to align our school strategy. all california teachers and staff at public and private schools must be back. fascinated or submit to weekly covid testing under a new order from governor newsom. he announced the first in the nation order flanked by education and elected officials
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at carl b. monk elementary in oakland to address the number one anxiety that parents like myself have have four young children, and that is knowing that the schools are doing everything in their power to keep our kids safe, the policy falls requirements previously announced for state employees and healthcare workers. amid a rise in cases and hospitalizations fueled by the delta variant, several bay area school districts, including san francisco, oakland, san jose, and marin already announced their own vaccine or testing requirements ahead of the state. but there are 1000 plus other schools. districts in the state or rather districts in the state that we want to courage along, and we believe that this will begin a process of significantly increasing vaccination rates across the spectrum and across the state. today's announcement is a key one to making sure that every student is coming back safe, ready to learn. every staff member is feeling safe. and supported newsom has previously
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deferred to districts were asked about taking this step. he defended the timing, saying conversations have been ongoing with labor leaders. we are highly in favor of all the layers of support that will keep schools open and keep students, staff and the community safe. the order was embraced by the oakland education association as long as exemptions are included. their plan goes further requiring testing for staff regardless of vaccination status. california teachers association wrote this in a statement. today's announcement is an appropriate next step to ensure the safety of our school communities and to protect our youngest learners under 12, who are not yet vaccine eligible from this highly contagious delta variant. sita also said 90% of its members are already vaccinated. this policy goes into place tomorrow. all schools must be in compliance by october. 15th reporting live. gregory ktvu, fox two news, julie. all right, greg, thank you and reaction to the
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governor's announcement came quickly from the candidates running to replace him in the recall election. including from republican front runner larry elder, he tweeted quote governor elder will reverse this order. encouraging vaccination is fine government mandating it is not. joining us now to talk more about this new mandate is doctor jean noble from u c s f dr. thank you for joining us. first of all, what's your reaction to the governor's mandate today? i really applaud the mandate the vaccination strategy getting our entire population vaccinated is really the way out of this pandemic. our kids have suffered terribly by being shut out of school for the last 18 months or so. so requiring teachers to be vaccinated, i view is very similar to reach. acquiring healthcare workers to be vaccinated, vaccinated all those in the essential portions of the economy will really help normalize, normalize our society and get us back to where we were pre covid. when
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it comes down to it. the governor really have any other choice. as a parent. i know i'd want my daughter's teachers vaccinated and i'd want my daughter and all teachers to wear a mask not only to help protect themselves, but also everyone else. it just seems so simple to me, agreed. it's this is a really painless interventions that will let our lives get back to normal. it really feels like a no brainer. and then i think the next question is when will we be able to get rid of our masks. and once we know all the adults on campus are vaccinated and soon in as early as september or early october. our youngest students are 5 to 11 year old students will be eligible for vaccination. once everyone in the school setting is eligible to receive the vaccine. i don't think there's going to be much justification for continued masking in the school setting, and that will really be, i think. a big step forward to getting our kids back to the
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social environment that they've that they've been deprived of. for the last year and a half. you work in the emergency room. if you don't mind me asking a personal question. what is it like working on coronavirus patients? it must be heartbreaking in some cases, seeing them, especially in cases where they weren't vaccinated. yeah it is. it is tough. you know, we are tired. we've been doing this for a long time and i have spearheaded our vaccination program. indian emergency department, so i make an effort to approach every one of my patients about, uh, getting vaccinated. if they are, they're not vaccinated and frankly, it's quite frustrating. we have you know, a lot of people come in with covid, who are unvaccinated who regret that decision. but those who come in and aren't vaccinated and have no interest in it. either to protect themselves or to protect their grandparents are the vulnerable people in their lives is just it's really tough. it's really it's really tough to continue to have that
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dialogue after so many months. is there a light at the end of the tunnel here? we've been going like this for 18 months now with the coronavirus at what point do you see life getting back to normal for us? i think once our entire society, you know, ages zero through 100 have access to the vaccine. it's time to get back to normal. we cannot expect everyone in our society in our communities to continue to mask and, you know, restrict their lives in one way or another. to protect the unvaccinated once everyone has access to the vaccine. i think you know we do the best we can, and we go when we go back to normal, and that's that's the vaccination is the way to get there. and i think, if you know if businesses if restaurants and bars and sporting events if we have a movement to require vaccination before you get into
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large, congregate settings, i think people will get baxter and we will put this behind us and get back to a pre covid. lifestyle that's what we're all looking forward to. it just seems like the right thing to do for yourself and for everyone else is to get vaccinated. dr. noble. we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. thank you so much. the cdc updated its guidelines today and urged pregnant women to get vaccinated. health officials decided to make the recommendation after finding no increased risk of pregnancy loss. just 23% of pregnant women have received at least one shot of a vaccine. today's news comes just as u. c. s f released new research finding an increased risk of complications for pregnant women who do get sick with covid 19, the fda is reportedly expected to approve a third dose of the covid vaccine for um you know, compromise people. the cdc could vote on the matter friday when an advisory group is set to meet. doctors would then be able to start prescribing extra doses. there are almost three million people
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living in the us with compromised immune systems and taking a look at the latest numbers on backs. nations statewide, health officials say nearly 64% of californians age 12 and older are now fully vaccinated. another 10% are partially vaccinated altogether. that is 25 million people. the state is currently averaging about 74,000 new doses being administered per day in marin county. firefighters have stopped the forward progress of a wildfire on the eastern part of mount tamil pius. firefighters say flames came from a car fire and then spread about an acre to an acre and a half of vegetation near ridgecrest on the mountains. east peak. no buildings were burned in the fire, and no injuries have been reported. cruz dropped retardant on that fire to stop its spread. fire officials say people should avoid the area. there is no word yet on what caused that car fire containment in the massive dixie fire grew to 30% overnight up from 27% yesterday. the fire has now
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burned more than 500,000. acres employments butte to hama and lassen counties. we also learned today that the fire has destroyed more than 1000 buildings, including almost 550 homes. the dixie fire has already leveled the gold rush town of greenville, and it's still threatening 14,000 homes. thousands of people living near the fire zones remain out of their homes under evacuation orders several times in the last week. i wished i could just go home. and then i remember. you can't go home or something. go back to the dixie fire has now grown to the largest single fire in california history. pg and e also says that one of their lines may have started that fire, a former college professor here in the bay area, is sitting in the sacramento county jail tonight u. s forest service agents arrested him and accused him of setting fires near the dixie fire. ktvu is
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jesse gary joins us. now he's live and following the latest developments in this case, jesse. julia gary menard had a detention hearing this afternoon. he attended virtually because he is still in the sacramento county jail, and that's where he's going to stay as the court believes he continues to be a threat. the firefighters and the public. until last year, gary maynard had been a college lecturer. he taught criminal justice at sonoma state university and worked as in a junk faculty member at santa clara university. he's now accused of felony arson, intentionally setting a series of fires near the 500,000 square acre dixie fire. the fact that somebody would be intentionally setting those fires. is not only, um, a threat to the community, but obviously a threat to the firefighters in court filings, the assistant u. s attorney for the eastern district of california, says menard entered the evacuation zone and began setting fires behind the first responders fighting the dixie fire. in addition to the danger
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of enlarging the dixie fire and threatening more lives and property, this increased the danger to the first responders, but for the dedication and effort of u. s forest service investigators working on around the clock to track menard. those fires would not have been discovered in their infancy. with menard's growing fires at their backs. firefighters would have been placed at much greater risks. at wednesday's detention hearing, prosecutors asked that maynard be held without bail. the u. s magistrate agreed, saying there are no assurances the defendant would show up for future court appearances and that he would likely continue to be a threat to the public and firefighters. but when you, uh, factor in other kinds of activities caused by human beings, it just makes a difficult job even more difficult and more dangerous. sonoma state university emailed a statement saying in part, menard was contracted to fill in for a faculty member who was on leave. he taught two semesters in criminology and criminal justice studies. in
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fall. 2020 menard does not currently have an appointment with sonoma state university. charge. next court appearance is a preliminary hearing scheduled for august. 24th live in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you, julie. all right, jesse. thank you. bart police confronted her because of an unpaid fair seconds later they took her to the ground, leaving her bruised and bloodied tonight at 5 30, the woman's attorneys talk about the lawsuit they just filed also had a baby left alone in a car while police say the mother was in a bay area. nail salon. how good samaritans jumped in to help, plus the bay area stop for the u. s. labor secretary. what he had to say about fixing the state's unemployment. payment problem and pretty toasty out there today. temperatures got back into the upper nineties. we're going to see a little bit of smoke back
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today, paving the way for democrats do ultimately passed the infrastructure package with a simple majority. moderate votes will be key as democrats try to use a special budget process to push the package through along party lines. republicans have already slammed the bill as a reckless spending spree with funding initiatives for things like medicare expansion, fighting climate change and family and education programs. think this is socialism. it is a package that is looking to push further
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people like alexandra has your cortez and bernie sanders socialist agenda. the passage of the budget blueprint came after republicans for several amendment votes on democrats to put them on the record and many controversial issues from the green new deal to defunding, the police today. several california lawmakers discussed how the infrastructure bill will benefit the golden state. i'm proud to have champion specific measures in the bill that will strengthen our electrical grid that will find water conservation programs and improve sustainable transportation options, including electrifying the nation's school bus fleets. imagine being able to retire diesel power school buses and replace them with zero emission buses. the bill will provide billions in federal funding not only to help improve california's aging infrastructure, but supporters say, also creating new union jobs while growing our economy,
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the u. s labor secretary was in the bay area today to push the benefits of the infrastructure bill. but california has had a real problem paying those who were unemployed. he was questioned about that today as well. kate views tom vacar in the newsroom. now with what the federal plan is to help the unemployed get the money that is there's tom. certainly about time, though california figures heavily in the recovery. the labor market is troubled here, and the city has yet to recover from the continuing title wave of claims. and backlogs. i talked to the secretary of labor and a key congressmen from the bay area about that, labor secretary marty walsh, former boston mayor in town to push the benefits of the bipartisan infrastructure bill gave us a few minutes to talk about california's labor situation. we're dealing with a pandemic, something that we've never, ever dealt with before, at least in our lifetime. uh and it's a very complicated, difficult time to challenging
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time to govern last week to the golden state has less. than 12% of the nation's workforce. california's filed 20% of the nation's regular unemployment claims and get this 50% of the nation's federal pandemic claims and the latest numbers show ed staff actually, answers of poultry 8% of the calls it received. and still has a long term backlog of almost a quarter million. claims we're gonna be making investments and reforming looking at reforming some of the way we do business here and moving forward, so i think the federal government does have a role to play and needs to step into this role, but, says the labor secretary, a lot of the problems handed the newsome came from the previous administrations poor handling of relief funds. i think the last you know four years showed a lot of deficiencies in the federal government areas that we should have been more supportive of states where we weren't east baker congressman mark desaulnier sits on the house labor committee. it's unacceptable at any level, and the federal government has a role to play in this because
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much of the funding to sonja says he's working on funding for the e d d to fix it permanently assigned. one person have them a reasonable mahmoud cases so that they can deal with the client and the client can reach them 24 hours a day. we did this on foreclosures with the banking industry. it changed everything that's going to change the trajectory of work and a lot of people opportunities to pass. three since the middle class and better paying jobs. and with more people working, both had jobs and in the e d. d the d may actually ceased being a four letter word. tom vacar ktvu fox two news, tom. thank you. on wall street stocks were mostly higher today, the dow set another record with a gain of 220 points. some weakness in tech shares pushed the nasdaq a bit lower. it lost 22 points. and the s and p also set a record with a gain of 10 points. banks and industrial companies saw gains today. already
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checking in on the weather. it was pretty hot out there today are quality not too bad today we're going to see a little more smoke. i mentioned it last night. we'll see a little more smoke in the bay area over the next couple of days. air quality right now. you can kind of see that those yellows right? those dots that represents the smoke this morning that when in the morning and at night, you kind of sinks and kind of runs down into the valley. and so what we're seeing is smoke draining out through those river drainages at the from the feather river and then again up around the uber river, and there's a new fire up around brownsville, which is the glen fire. it's over 100 acres right now, and that's also in this area, so we're getting a lot of smoke and that smoke is going to have the opportunity. you'll see it coming up here. let me see if i can dig this up for you. yeah, so here's this. smoke model mark put this together for us to these are kind of our wizard when it comes to putting this stuff together, but you can see the smoke as we go into tonight. area that's mostly high level stop the heaviest smoke out of the area. but look at that thursday night. and then into friday, and you just just so
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smoke, and that's why there's an air quality alerts set for tomorrow. um it's not, i shouldn't be intense smoke at all, but it'll probably at higher elevations as well. as you see, now like that looks like a pretty clear picture. but there are smoking that if you look up a little high, you'll see a little bit of a great tinge. and that is upper level smoke coming in from the valley were looking kind of towards the north and towards the east, so it's looking up towards as the crow flies in that shot. you're kind of looking towards mount shasta, maybe a little more more charge mount last. but so, yeah. so smoke back in the forecasting and don't don't freak out about it just know that you'll notice it a little bit more as we go into tomorrow, the next day. plus we have an opportunity for some thundershowers probably won't see them but what we will see as an increase in humidity as that moisture comes up around off the coast, and that's some tropical moisture that will you know if the humidity inland is goes to 25% and it's 90 degrees, that's brutal heat, right places like economy. that's a lot. i mean, 30% humidity that's big for us, especially with the heat that we're going. to see tomorrow so humidity might be something you notice. and then this week we
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continue on. with this forecast, which is inland temperatures still and then mid nineties to even some low 100 that's going to last us really in through the week little even in the weekend, it's going to cool a little bit like temperatures tomorrow i'll be slightly cooler, but the general theme is more of the same, and that's why we're looking at the potential for more smoke in the forecast. more heat in the forecast. fire danger ratchets up. no, no warnings. no there's an air quality there, but there's no red flag words or things like that. but day when you get heat after heat after heat day in the central valley and looks so and not a lot of cooling overnight, then fires like that fire up in near brownsville, the glen fire they pop up just doesn't take much to get a fire going when you have a lot of hot days in a row, and we're kind of getting onto that now, with these temperatures inland over 90 degrees every day over 95 up to 100. i'll see you back here in a little bit. we'll take a look specifically at your neighborhood in the weekend. alright bill. we'll see you then. thank you. police say a mother walked into a bay area nail salon after leaving her
5:24 pm
child in the car, all alone up next workers at that salon, walk us through what happened next, including when police came in to try to find her and coming up on ktvu news at six. the search is on for a woman caught on camera feeding coyotes in a san francisco park. why officials say her actions are dangerous not only to her, but also to the coyotes and weekly coronavirus tests for students at stanford university, regardless of their vaccination status. why school leaders say they're implementing this new they're implementing this new requirement this is the silence volvo never wants you to hear. so we're as committed to protecting you in an accident, as we are in preventing them. this is volvo on call. is everyone okay? making us one of the safest cars in the us. and this year, iihs has awarded a top safety pick+
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her three month old baby in the car while she got her nails done. the good news is the baby appears to be fine. ktvu is rob roth talked with a nail salon employees about what happened. blue police are crediting good samaritans here at the gateway
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plaza for keeping a dangerous situation from becoming far worse. we are surprised. yes we are surprised. it happened around 4 30 tuesday afternoon, a 19 year old woman walked into the unique nail salon. walk in the door. she asked for her eyebrow wax. so i wax eyebrow, and then she asked for it to do her nails with the staff here didn't know was that the customer had left a three month old baby in the back of her bmw. with all the windows rolled down, the outside temperature was 81 degrees at the time hotter in the car and she should normal. she she said. okay but everything was not okay in the parking lot. passersby saw the infant in the car called police. help the baby and surrounded the car until officers arrived. police searched the businesses in the shopping center cups in the shop and ask for who on the bmw car. so uh, i guess that's her car, so she said that that was her car. and then after that, i guess she, um, she took off with the with the cops. police
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identify the mother is 19 year old selena cook of julio. they believe the baby was left alone in the car for 30 to 45 minutes. police say the baby was evaluated at a hospital and turned over to child protective services. but nail salon says cook returned thursday to retrieve a shopping bag she had left behind. we asked her how also baby, she says only three months now. in a statement, police chief shawne williams said. our department is truly grateful for the good samaritans that stepped in to alert the authorities to save this baby. police arrested cook on a charge of child endangerment in valeo, rob rock, ktvu fox. two news. i understand what you pay for it. that's not the way this works. confronted by bart police because she did not pay for a bart fair today, she filed a lawsuit because of what happened next three on one against a young woman who was half their size all over $3
5:29 pm
bark. fair coming up next. the lawsuit she just filed. against bart and the officers involved, plus patients that we take care of it. probably some of the most vulnerable people in society. but now there's an added layer of security. the new mandate that took effect today for anyone visiting a hospital or long term care facility in california.
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not paying her fare is now filing a lawsuit. ktvu crime reporter henry lee is here now, after speaking with the woman and her attorney, henry well, julie, they tell me this never should have ended the way it did her ending up, bloodied and battered over not paying for a bart ticket worth a little over $3. so you're being detained. prepare richard. okay? yes you're not free to leave. you're being detained. bart police body cam videos show officers confronting south asia devereaux for sneaking behind another person at the exit gate of the bay for station in san leandro, but she doesn't hand over her id. this is not a debate. this is not a discussion. he is requesting your id. can't they just paperwork? that's not the way this works and in less than 30 seconds, this happens, turn around. face the wall. whoa, get. the officers took her to%-d
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and bloodied with a busted lip. my still don't understand why it um. went to the extent that it went to on wednesday, devereaux sued bart and the officers. the incident happened on new year's eve 2019. when devereaux says she thought bart rides were free, they know as grown adults what they have done wrong and what they could have done to de escalate the situation instead of escalating it to what happened. it's not seen on the footage, but devereaux says officers hit her in the head inside. she says she soiled herself. this is just reprehensible conduct its brutish. they know and i know that they were always wrong as two left shoes, attorney at dante pointer says the officers should have handled it differently. three on one against a young woman who was half their size all over $3 bart fair, she was charged with resisting arrest, but the criminal case was dropped in a
5:34 pm
statement to ktvu david most staggering, an attorney representing the bark police union, said the allegations in a lawsuit are just that and select active images do not accurately convey the totality of the encounter. we are confident the officers will prevail after all, the evidence is considered through the judicial process. now. in a separate statement, bart tells me they take all use of forces and it seriously and are working to make sure that their training and de escalation tactics exceed industry standards. julie henry lee reporting live for us tonight, henry. thanks. governor. newsom said today that the state will be providing more support to oakland as it deals with the rise in street crime and anti asian violence. as we told you yesterday, chinatown leaders called on the governor to declare a state of emergency and provides chp officers to patrol the neighborhood. during his visit today, the governor said that the state is doing more to address crime statewide, he said the new state budget provides $200 million in grants
5:35 pm
focused on street time and $165 million to address anti asian hate, and so all of those supports are new. all those supports are available and additional law enforcement support will be forthcoming. the governor said the budget also provides $50 million in grants to help cultural institutions with security to protect against hate and violence, sources say the fda could soon amend the emergency use authorizations for the pfizer and moderna covid vaccines, allowing people with compromised immune systems to get a third dose. doctors say those patients are still vulnerable to covid because they may not mount an effective immune response after two doses. meantime, the nationwide urge in infections due to the delta variant has caused a shortage of nurses and other medical staff in virus hotspots around the country. the nursing
5:36 pm
shortage. all of the challenges that are are here because of our past 18 months or so, with the covid crisis that is exhausting. send florida hospitals say due to the number of covid patients, they're being forced to turn away ambulances because of limited capacity. oregon is the latest state to reinstate a statewide indoor mask requirement. it is due to a spike in coronavirus, hospitalizations and cases there. oregon officials are warning that the states healthcare system could soon be overwhelmed. the mask mandate goes into effect on friday in indoor public spaces for everyone, five years old and up, regardless of that. the nation status, a new rule meant to protect patients when they're in the hospital starting today before entering a hospital in california, you must show proof of being vaccinated against the coronavirus or a negative test. ktvu is elissa harrington with our report tonight. if you plan
5:37 pm
to visit a hospital any time soon. don't forget your vaccination card. a new state mandate requires proof of vaccination or a negative covid tests before entering dr peter chin hong at ucsf said he welcomes these new rules, saying it protects patients and staff of the patients that we take care of probably some of the most vulnerable people in society. here's what you need to know if you are vaccinated. you must show either your vaccination card of photo of it stored on your phone or a digital record. with a qr code. if you are not vaccinated, you must show proof of a negative test given within 72 hours of the visit, the california department of public health announced this new mandate as covid cases are on the rise and concerns grow over the delta variant the new era of delta. makes us reevaluate everything we've learned in the past year and that's because delta is at least twice as infectious as their covid. we knew for most of the year. it's also. um, notable that vaccine in people
5:38 pm
can spread covid and their viral load is just as high initially as those who are unvaccinated. these rules apply to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities. people ktvu spoke with have mixed reactions. personally i got vaccinated, but hospitals asking that. you know, it's just i mean, that's probably a violation of your rights situation is pushing other people to get the vaccine, including me, so it's kind of like more like pressuring people to get it in order to do things that you would normally do. hospital visitors must also wear masks and follow physical distancing guidelines. some medical centers are also limiting the number of visitors at john muir and ucsf. only one visitor is allowed at a time. new state health order is also requiring all medical workers to get vaccinated in walnut creek. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. the world health organization will begin testing three drugs to treat coronavirus patients. the u. n
5:39 pm
health agency will evaluate whether the drugs can reduce the risk of death in patients who are hospitalized with covid. the three drugs have already been approved for other uses one for malaria, one for cancer and one for autoimmune disease. we already have many tools to prevent test test fall and treat covid-19, including oxygen, dexamethasone and i, l six blockers, but we need more for patients at all ends of the clinical spectrum from mild to severe disease. the w. h o says the trial will involve thousands of researchers at more than 600 hospitals in 52 countries. housing for teachers built by the city, the bay area city, hoping to protect hoping that this protects and helps keep talented teachers around. also ahead. the taliban
5:40 pm
offensive is accelerating across afghanistan. the militants took control of their eighth provincial capital in just the past week. how quickly the pentagon estimates that could fall into their school dise
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5:42 pm
the opportunity to live in new, affordable housing ground was broken today in daly city for a new housing development for faculty and staff. it will be on east more avenue next to margaret pauline brown elementary school. the development is designed to include 56 housing units in three buildings surrounding a courtyard. it's being built through a partnership between the city of daly city and the school district. never in my studies that i think that i would be leading an effort to build housing. that's just about what we do in the school of education. but it is what we
5:43 pm
do here in jefferson elementary because we focus on what our students need so they can learn and part of what they need is a staff that is highly qualified and is able to live close by and not be stressed by the cost of housing. this is the second teacher housing development to be built in daly city. a truck on highway one on one crashed into and killed a pedestrian early this morning in san jose. the chp is now investigating, officers say a truck hit and killed the person who was running through south bound lanes of traffic at about 3 30 this morning it happened near santa clara street and alum rock avenue. the chp isn't sure why the person was on the highway. preliminary information we got from the driver. uh suggests the industrial was on the right shoulder and had crossed into the greens going toward the
5:44 pm
center medium was struck somewhere in the area. the number four number three lane, the victim has not been identified, and the driver is cooperating with the investigation. drugs and alcohol are not believed to be factors in the crash. in new york. a jury has now been seated in the sex trafficking trial against r and b singer r. kelly the jury is made up of seven men and five women. they were selected from dozens of potential jurors who were screened by a judge in federal court in brooklyn, r. kelly faces a number of charges including racketeering, sexual exploitation of a child bribery, kidnapping and forced labor. he has denied any wrongdoing, opening statement. so are set for a week from today. the taliban are moving quickly now to fill the security vacuum left by the withdrawal of american troops. i'm benjamin hall in london, with all the details coming up and you see
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receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. power even faster than expected following the us withdrawal of most of its troops. u s officials say militants took control of three more provincial capitals today. box news benjamin hall tells us the capital of kabul may not be far behind. after 20 years of fighting, afghanistan could be headed right back to where it was before american troops arrived. the taliban making major gains in the past 48 hours now controlling about two thirds of the country, and their offensive is intensifying. the militants say they've taken over a prison in kandahar and freed hundreds of their fighters a big blow to afghan security forces as they fight to protect the country's second biggest city. despite the
5:48 pm
deteriorating situation, there are no plans, though for american troops to join the fight the afghan national security defence forces has the equipment numbers and training to fight back, which will strengthen their position at the negotiating table a cia assessment months ago said the capital kabul could fall within six months. now that prediction has been cut in half to 90 days with a protracted urban war expected when the taliban tries to take the city. meanwhile civilian casualties are mounting. a medical supplies are running short and movement are impossible because staff cannot work cannot access the clinics because hospitals are sometimes in the middle of the front lines. the afghan government now asking for reinforcements from warlords in the north and appealing for help from the u. n. we asked the council to use existing tools to pressure the taliban to engage in meaningful peace talks with the government negotiating team after the final withdrawal about 650 american soldiers will remain in afghanistan. their focus, though, will be on diplomatic
5:49 pm
security. in london. benjamin hall, fox news. the u. s is getting closer to extraditing julian assange in a ruling today, a judge said the government can be given more grounds to appeal a decisn made earlier this year e extradd due to concerns over his mental health. us prosecutors say they want to put the wikileaks founder on trial for hacking and disclosing classified information. in a rally outside of london courthouse today, supporters came out to fight for his freedom for every day that this colossal injustice is allowed to continue. julian situation grows increasingly desperate, he won the case against the u. s government seven months ago yet. he remains in belmarsh prison. what is this, if not punishment by process. the full appeal
5:50 pm
will be heard in late october. assange says the case is politically motivated. the family of late congressman and civil rights activist john lewis hope to keep his legacy alive as they push for voting rights. lewis's brother stood outside the supreme court today and called for congress to pass the john lewis voting rights advancement act. the measure would restore. over oversight procedures over state voting law changes. my brother once told me that voting is one of the most powerful weapons that we have, and with in a democratic society, and that is one thing among a lot of others that are truly agree with him on as of last month, at least 18 states have enacted 30 voting reform laws with measures that include mail in voting restrictions and stricter vote. id. requirement alrighty van. i hope you had a
5:51 pm
nice day. temperatures today got pretty warm like yesterday. i mentioned early this live camera shot, which i also love. um i just love watching it right like this. watch the curvature. see that kind of wrapping, you can see it actually descending on the backside of the coastal hills. but you also can see some haze up here that smoke from those fires, and i did point out. i don't know if i pointed out, i actually had it on my social media. but there was a friend of mine was up on diablo a couple days ago and took a picture of the dixie fire, which was top of the smoke plume was about 30,000 ft. and you can see it. clear as day. so he really amazing smoke plumes. billowing up in the state of california and that smoke we're going to see some of it back in our area as we go into the next 48 hours. i don't think we'll see a lot. but like we're even seeing a little bit now. like i pointed out, there's current temperatures a little cooler right now than it was yesterday. at this time, the satellite loop will show you what. mm. you know what it shows me. is this big high like
5:52 pm
a big high up there, so they're getting some big heat up in this area, right? the highs of that set where that hype is centered right now, and then we had those thunderstorms along the west slope of this chair, nevada right in here. afternoon thunderstorms, and some of that moisture is working its way towards our area as we go into tonight and tomorrow and i think the big there's an outside chance for thunderstorms. maybe offshore something like that. but the main thing is going to be we're going to see, um, temperature that will be hot and then on top of that heat, we're going to see humidity or some increased humidity, which is really uncomfortable. absolutely so there's that big high up there that high pressure center will linger and stick around that monsoonal moisture will work its way north as we go into the next couple of days, and so with that, we'll expect the humidity is to increase. there's the forecast for tomorrow morning. you see the clouds burns off. she's in the high clouds, too. um the sticking around so partly cloudy increased humidity tomorrow highs back where they were today for the
5:53 pm
most part, so maybe a little bit cooler. perhaps if we're lucky, and then the five day forecast, so it's a it's a it's a it's steady as she goes, but it's august and it's acting like it's hot day after day, and so we're in a position where we have to think about fires and we are and we're getting into that time of year. i'll see you back here at six. all right. we'll see you then, bill. thank you, a supermarket in the san fernando valley had an unexpected did visit her much to the surprise of shoppers, a black bear wandered into a ralphs supermarket over the weekend in the porter ranch neighborhood of los angeles. tell yep. it roam the aisles for a few minutes before being chased out of that store. u. s fish and wildlife says it was then tranquilized and taken to the angeles national forest for release. mm. the chicago white sox and new york yankees generally play their baseball games in two of the largest cities in the united states. but tomorrow they're going to repelling. they're going to be playing right in the middle of a farm field. they built it,
5:54 pm
and thousands of fans are now coming to a small town in iowa. the two teams will play on a field near the famous field of dreams. movie set in dwyer's ville, iowa. the game will take place at a newly constructed 8000 seat ballpark. and you can watch the yankees and the white sox right here on ktvu. coverage begins at three p.m. the first pitch is at four or if you'd prefer to watch the news, just click over to ktvu plus. gas groceries and new and used cars. prices are on the rise despite fears of inflation. the white house says the economy is going in the right direction and coming up on ktvu channel two news at six woman caught on camera feeding wild coyotes raw meat in a park in san francisco. now, city officials are trying to find her and mandated weekly covid testing at one bay area university. why officials at stanford say they're implementing the new
5:55 pm
requirement, regardless of back the nation new numbers from the r
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
department show trips to the grocery store and gas station are hitting while it's harder than before. so what do the numbers mean? and could we see any relief? fox news? lauren blanchard has the story now from washington. whether you're shopping for groceries, a new car or just trying to fill up your gas tank this month expect to pay even more. i've noticed that everything has at least gotten out by like a couple dollars. even gas has skyrocketed wednesday, the labor department announced prices continue to rise. the consumer price index jumping 0.5% from june to july, though down from the previous month's
5:58 pm
increase of 0.9. still, that's a whopping 5.4% spike from this time last year, there's no question that the dollar is getting you less, and we have to take note of that. the announcement comes as this week. tyson foods, the world's second largest meat processor, announced it, too is hiking process, citing unprecedented inflation and rising costs. pork prices up 39% beef 12% and chicken. another 16% despite higher hourly wages for american workers, many gains erased by inflation rates. we will keep a careful eye on inflation each month and trust the fed to take appropriate action if and when it's needed. still, the white house says the economy is headed in the right direction. jobs are up. monthly price increases have come down. economic growth is up the fastest in 40 years, and unemployment is coming down, so i would argued are the biden
5:59 pm
economic plan is working hotel rooms and restaurant prices also rose june to july, but airfare and rental cars which had been spiking. actually declined in washington. lauren blanchard fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six tonight. the search is on for a woman caught on camera feeding a platter of raw meat to wild coyotes right in the middle of a san francisco park really need this behavior to stop in the city. we don't want to have to remove another coyote. this is 100% human caused problem. officials with the city's animal care and control say it's a problem that's been going on now for far too long and that it threatens the safety of people and coyotes. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. now they are asking for the public's help in finding that woman who was pictured feeding the animals. ktvu is andre senior is on
6:00 pm
bernal hill, and he joins us now live with more on the story, andre well, julie. what animal care control says this one is causing his era public safety, right? they say she may think she is helping these coyotes, but that these cairo's actually do not need her hand out. you won't find many people walking around bernal hill in san francisco, surprised to come across a coyote every once in a while signs of learning visitors. two of them can be found everywhere here. we even spotted one while working on this story. how often do you see them on your when you're on pretty much every day, but what some did find surprising is this a woman feeding a platter of raw meat to coyotes that roam the park? a move left one man struggling to find the words to make sense of it. do we need to do that? i think i mean, can't they? it doesn't seem like we need to be feeding them san francisco animal care and control, calling this illegal and dangerous. they want to find her feeding coyotes in any wildlife. it makes the wildlife lose their natural wariness of people


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