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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  August 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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now live with more on the story, andre well, julie. what animal care control says this one is causing his era public safety, right? they say she may think she is helping these coyotes, but that these cairo's actually do not need her hand out. you won't find many people walking around bernal hill in san francisco, surprised to come across a coyote every once in a while signs of learning visitors. two of them can be found everywhere here. we even spotted one while working on this story. how often do you see them on your when you're on pretty much every day, but what some did find surprising is this a woman feeding a platter of raw meat to coyotes that roam the park? a move left one man struggling to find the words to make sense of it. do we need to do that? i think i mean, can't they? it doesn't seem like we need to be feeding them san francisco animal care and control, calling this illegal and dangerous. they want to find her feeding coyotes in any wildlife. it makes the wildlife lose their
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natural wariness of people. they begin to see people as a source of food. federal officials cited that very reason for euthanizing the coyote back in july that had repeatedly approach toddlers at san francisco botanical garden. we were certainly very alarmed to see them approaching children that's not natural behavior. a coyote should not be walking up to a child in any circumstance. i don't know what the coyotes intent was, but it's certainly a dangerous situation, a situation authorities think is triggered by repeated human feedings. the experts say that move interrupts their hunt that keeps the wrote in population in check by feeding on gophers, schools and rats, coexistence with kate. it is achievable now, since they generally do not bother the public, rich barnes says they've never bothered him while taking his dog gibson for walk. i've seen multiple ones up on the hill. i've seen him in the clearing park. i've even seen him like in like north beach, like walking through, like washington squares. but animal experts say that changes when you add the human component,
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and that's why they're trying to track down the woman seen feeding raw meat to coyotes on bernal hill. we people can change our behavior like just not feeding them. is probably going to take care of a lot of the problems we have. here's another look at the woman that animal care and control would like to speak with if you can identify or call 415554 94 100. that's 4155549 100. animals can be assertive and aggressive when seeking food, and that, of course, increases the risk of a danger situation to the public. so they're asking everyone again. do not feed the coyotes when you see them out there. just move along. back to andrei. senior reporting live for us in san francisco tonight. thanks, andre. firefighters have stopped the forward. progress of a brush fire on mount town. it was started by a car fire on ridgecrest boulevard on the mountains. east side. firefighters drop retardant and water to stop the fire from spreading, authorities say about an acre and a half burned, the marin
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county sheriff's department says hikers were evacuated from the area and no structures were threatened. tonight. the plumas county sheriff's department says it has downgraded some evacuation orders as firefighters gained ground on the dixie fire. containment has now grown to 30% up from 27% yesterday. the fire is now burned more than 500,000 acres in plumas butte to hama and lassen counties. we also learned today the fire has destroyed more than 1000 buildings. almost 550 of those were homes. the fire already leveled the gold rush town of greenville. all this is home this whole valleys home greenville that burned down this home with the school there. this is all home, the dixie fire has grown into the largest single fire in california history. pg and e. says one of its lines may have sparked the blaze. an air quality advisory has been issued for tomorrow for the bay area because wildfire smoke is expected to drift into our area. this is a live look now
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out toward treasure island and the san francisco skyline, which you could barely see there in the background. despite the advisory, the air quality is not expected to be poor enough to exceed federal standards, air and air district officials don't expect it to prompt a spare the air alert and for more on the conditions and the forecast. let's go to our chief meteorologist. now, bill martin. help. yeah we are looking air quality is back in on the table. frank and julie as we go into the next couple of days, there's so much smoke from these fires. obviously you've seen it really for the last month, and there's new fires. there's a new fire up in brownsville. it's called the glen glen fire, and that is over 100 acres and so smokers will continue to pump up in the atmosphere. and at night it gets cool and the smoke settles down, and it kind of runs back into the river drainages into the valley. when it gets in the valley. it gets closer to us, and that's what it's doing. this is the current. these are current sensors, and you can see the yellows and that they
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correspond with where the fires are, and generally are on the on the there on the west side, where the drain it's occurred, probably this morning, so the plan for tomorrow is this models show the smoke kind of working its way back into our area. the bright white is your. really your bullseye for the smoke. correct right. so as you go forward here see the black that's high level smoke. not much in the bay area, but you can see the trajectory of the smoke. it wants to linger in that northeast quadrant, so we are going to continue to have smoke around. i don't anticipate it as bad as last week, but we do anticipate having it around the next couple of days and as a matter of fact, you can see the smoke in this shot. it's clear it's beautiful. there's the fog, but look off in the distance. that's the kind of smoke we're going to see. upper level stuff or stuff that is far off into the valley. even if it's low level stuff. it's going to be east of us out towards woodland in those areas, so that's the plan that air quality advisory in effect for tomorrow and probably to leave it in effect, most likely for friday, as
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well. all right, bill. thank you. we'll see you back in a bit. california is now the first state in the nation to require all schoolteachers and staff to be vaccinated against covid-19 or be tested weekly ktvu political reporter greg lee tells us as governor newsom made that announcement. he made it clear he wants california to lead the way on school safety. we're now following up today to align our schools strategy all california teachers and staff at public and private schools must be vaccinated or submit to weekly covid testing under a new order from governor newsom. he announced the first in the nation order flanked by education and elected officials at carl b. monk elementary in oakland to address the number one anxiety that parents like myself have have four young children. and that is knowing that the schools are doing everything in their power to keep our kids safe. the policy falls requirements previously announced for state employees
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and healthcare workers amid a rise in cases and hospitalizations fueled by the delta variant, several bay area school districts, including san francisco, oakland, san jose and marin already announced their own vaccine or testing requirements ahead of the state. but there are 1000 plus other schools. districts in the state or rather districts in the state that we want to encourage along, and we believe that this will begin a process of significantly increasing vaccination rates across the spectrum and across the state. today's announcement is a key one to making sure that every student is coming back safe, ready to learn. every staff member is feeling safe. and supported newsom has previously deferred to districts were asked about taking this step. he defended the timing, saying conversations have been ongoing with labor leaders. we are highly in favor of all the layers of support that will keep schools open and keep students, staff and the community safe. the order was embraced by the oakland education association as long
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as exemptions are included. their plan goes further requiring testing for staff regardless of vaccination status. california teachers association wrote this in a statement. today's announcement is an appropriate next step to ensure the safety of our school communities and to protect our youngest learners under 12, who are not yet vaccine eligible from this highly contagious delta variant, sita said 90% of its members are vaccinated. this new policy goes into place on thursday. schools must be in full compliance by october 15th in alameda county, greg lee ktvu fox two news. reaction to the announcement is pouring in from the governor's recall challengers. jon cox is taking to twitter, saying quote governor newsom is a power hungry politician who wants to control every aspect of people's lives. now he's effectively threatening people's employment if they don't do what he tells them to, larry elder responded by saying, quote governor elder
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will reverse this order. encouraging vaccination is fine government man. dating it is not and kevin kiley also responded on twitter by saying quote governor newsom needs to stop using teachers and nurses as political pawns. no other state has these mandates. vote for the recall is a vote for basic decency before governor newsom's announcement today, the bay area school districts were a patchwork of policies on teachers and vaccinations. now they all have to make changes to get in line with the state's new rules are investigated. reporter. brooks jarocz is here now, with the wide ranging approaches as kids head back to school. we asked nearly 100 bay area school districts. three simple questions first. are you tracking vaccination status for teachers and staff? what percentage is currently vaccinated? and before today did districts require testing? did. your district require testing. the results are in and
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what we found is some districts have a lot of catching up to do in total 70 districts replied to us most are tracking vaccinations 25 or in the process of serving and gathering data from teachers. another 25 provided percentages with an average of 90% of staff fully vaccinated. 20 districts either don't know or won't disclose that information, and 30 never responded to us. despite repeated requests, the largest survey response came from districts in santa clara county because of county health guidance districts told us they've been tracking vaccination status and already we're requiring regular testing for unvaccinated before governor newsom's announcement. some are even going above and beyond requiring weekly testing, even if you are vaccinated, but we found there are districts that have no idea how many of their teachers are vaccinated. 14 separate districts told us they haven't even been tracking that information here. a few of them men. are in sonoma county, including qatari rohnert park
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unified santa rosa city schools and sonoma valley, unified others in solano county, vacaville unified in vallejo city unified aren't tracking and in alameda county, berkeley and hayward unified said they were only reviewing vaccination information when necessary. now since we started this survey one week ago, two of the bay area's biggest districts. change their policy. san francisco unified had to wait and see approach and so did oakland unified, both announced late yesterday, vaccines or testing would be required ahead of the governor's announcement. we're putting all this data we've gathered from bay area school districts over on our website ktvu dot com live in the studio brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news, stanford university says it will require weekly covid tests for students, regardless of their vaccination status when the fall quarter begins next. week. all students are required to be vaccinated, but university officials say in order to keep the campus safe and monitor the prevalence of
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the virus, it will still require students to be tested weekly. they will also have to wear mask in most indoor settings and undergraduates will start to return to campus in september. ktvu is partnering with supply bank dot org for our annual back to school drive to donate, just go to ktvu .com/ school. coming up. a woman arrested for leaving her three month old baby alone in a car for nearly 45 minutes. what police say she was doing while she was away, and governor newsom responds to a request from the leaders of oakland's chinatown, who asked for more resources to combat the increase in violent crime. also lawsuit filed against bart and three bart police officers after a woman says they used excessive force while trying to detain her for fare evasion. and taking a live look right now. the conditions on the highway 24 in the lafayette area, it looks pretty smooth going at this hour. ktvu facing t
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for allegedly leaving her baby in the car while she was in a nail salon. the baby appears to be unharmed. ktvu is rob ross spoke with a nail salon employee about the incident. vallejo police are crediting good samaritans here at the gateway plaza for keeping a dangerous situation from becoming far worse. we are surprised. yeah, so we are surprised. it happened around 4 30 tuesday afternoon, a 19 year old woman walked into the unique nail salon. it's just walk in the door. she asked for her eyebrow wet, so i waxed the eyebrow. and then she asked for her to do her nails with the staff here didn't know was that the customer had left a three month old baby in the back of her bmw with all the windows rolled down. the outside temperature was 81 degrees at the time hotter in the car. she should normal. she's she's him.
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okay, but everything was not okay in the parking lot. passersby saw the infant in the car called police, help the baby and surrounded the car until officers arrived. police searched the businesses in the shopping center. cops walk in the show up and ask for who on the bmw car. so uh, i guess that's her car. so she said that that was her car. and then after that, i guess yes, she, um, she took off with the cops. police identified. the mother is 19 year old selena cook of leo. they believed the baby was left alone in the car for 30 to 45 minutes. police say the baby was evaluated at a hospital and turned over to child protective services. the nelson marin says cook returned wednesday to retrieve a shopping bag she had left behind. we asked her how also baby, she says only three months, though in a statement, police chief shawne williams said, our department is truly grateful. for the good samaritans that stepped in to alert the authorities to save this baby. police arrested cook on a charge of child
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endangerment in valeo, rob rock, ktvu, fox two news, new information tonight that san jose police say they hope will solve a homicide case dating back to march today. police released this surveillance footage of a car believed to be involved. in the deadly shooting back on march 7th on carnelian drive 36 year old matthew chav era of san jose was killed in the incident. police say a blue older model ford explorer, was seen leaving the scene of the shooting. the car had tan trim, black rimmed spare tire on the passenger side in the rear, also a custom chrome front grille and oxidation on the hood. san francisco police want your help. after. shooting their union square injured a 14 year old boy. it happened yesterday afternoon on stockton street near o farrell. he was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries, witnesses say. two groups of young people
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were fighting just before that shooting, but there's no word on suspects. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. governor newsom today promised more help for oakland as it deals with the rise in crime and anti asian violence. but he also said he won't call a state of emergency one does not need to declare a state of mercy to assert the acuity of a crisis that needs to be addressed head on and that's exactly what we did in the budget this year. during his visit to oakland this morning, the governor said that the budget provides $200 million in grants focused on street crime and $165 million to address anti asian hate. he also said the state is supporting several task forces on crime reduction yesterday, chinatown leaders called on the governor to declare a state of emergency and provides chp officers to patrol the neighborhood. oakland police also say a man was shot this morning. as he ran from robbers
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near the fruitvale bart station. he's in stable condition with a gunshot wound to his side. police say the man was walking on east 12th street at about one a.m. when two men confronted him and demanded money. one of them had a gun rather than comply. the man began running away. that's when the robber with the gun fired several shots at him, hitting him once so far, no arrests have been made. woman who says she was violently detained by bart police officers after not paying her fare is now filing a lawsuit ktvu crime reporter henry lee spoke with that woman and her attorney who say those officers overreacted. so you're being detained? prepare rich. okay? yes you're not pretty leave. you're being detained. bart police body cam video show officers confronting sought asia devereaux for sneaking behind another person at the exit gate of the bay for station in san leandro, but she doesn't hand over her id. this
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is not a debate. this is not a discussion. he is requesting your id. in venice paper like that's not the way this works and in less than 30 seconds, this happens, turn around, face the wall. whoa ah! get the officers took her to the ground, leaving her bruised and bloodied with a busted lip. i still don't understand why, um. went to the extent that it went to on wednesday, devereaux sued bart and the officers. the incident happened on new year's eve 2019. when devereaux says she thought bart rides were free, they know as grown adults what they have done wrong and what they could have done to de escalate the situation instead of escalating it to what happened. it's not seen on the footage, but devereaux says officers hit her in the head inside, she says she soiled herself. this is just reprehensible conduct its brutish. they know and i know that they were as wrong as two left shoes. attorney at dante
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pointer says the officers should have handled it differently. three on one against a young woman who was half their size all over $3 bart fair, she was charged with resisting arrest, but the criminal case was dropped in a statement to ktvu david most staggering, an attorney representing the bark police union, said the allegations in a lawsuit are just that and select. active images do not accurately convey the totality of the encounter. we are confident the officers will prevail after all, the evidence is considered through the judicial process. in a separate statement, bart tells me that take all use of force incidents seriously, and they're working to ensure that their training and de escalation tactics exceed industry standards. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. still ahead here. the fda could soon give approval for a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine, but only for certain groups. we'll tell you who would qualify and searching for treatments for those who are sickened by covid-19, the world
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health organization says testing is set to begin on
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or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. dose of the coronavirus vaccine. the fda is reportedly expected to give the okay for the third dose for immuno compromised people. the cdc could vote on the matter friday when an advisory group is set to meet. doctors would then be able to
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start prescribing extra doses. there are almost three million people living in the us with compromised immune systems. the cdc updated their recommendations today and urged pregnant women to get vaccinated. the new guidance comes after health officials found no increased risk of pregnancy loss. just 23% of pregnant women have received at least one shot of a vaccine. today's news comes just as ucsf released new research. finding an increased risk of complications for pregnant women who got sick with coronavirus. the world health organization will begin testing three drugs to treat coronavirus patients. the u. n health agency will evaluate whether the drugs can reduce the risk of death in patients who are hospitalized with covid. the three drugs have already been approved for other uses one for malaria, one for cancer and one for auto immune disease. coming up on ktvu channel two news at 6 30 help
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for frustrated californians who have been dealing with the state's unemployment system. today the secretary of labor was in the bay area and we asked him about the ongoing issue and later we'll hear from rookie quarterback trey lance, who was just days away from making his 49ers debut at a college lecturer who taught criminal justice now on the wrong side of the law, accused of felony arson. the details were now learning about animal cs
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people need to stop feeding coyotes officials released photos of a woman offering meat to a coyote that was just feet away from her. authorities say feeding coyotes can make them lose their fear of humans and become dangerously aggressive. a 19 year old woman is facing child endangerment charges after police say she let her three month old baby in her car left her three month old baby in the car while she was in a nail salon. the incident happened yesterday in valeo, all of the windows in the car will rolled down. the baby appears to be okay and is now in child protective custody. the outside temperature was 81 degrees at the time, but obviously hotter in the car, governor newsom announced says statewide requirement today that all teachers and staff be vaccinated or submit to weekly covid tests. this makes california the first state in
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the nation with a mandate for school personnel, the governor says. order is based on science and intended to keep students safe. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 of the u. s labor secretary was in the bay area today to push the benefits of the infrastructure bill. but california has had a real problem paying those who are unemployed. ktvu is tom baker reports. the labor secretary was question about how the federal government plans to help the unemployed received their benefits. labor secretary marty walsh, former boston mayor in town to push the benefits of the bipartisan infrastructure bill gave us a few minutes to talk about california's labor situation. we're dealing with a pandemic, something that we've never, ever dealt with before, at least in our lifetime. ah, and it's a very complicated, difficult time to challenging time to govern last week to the golden state has less than 12% of the nation's workforce. california has filed 20% of the nation's regular unemployment claims and get this 50% of the
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nation's federal pandemic claims and the latest numbers show ed d staff actually answers a paltry 8% of the calls it received. and still has a long term backlog of almost a quarter million. claims we're gonna be making investments and reforming looking at reforming some of the way we do business here and moving forward, so i think the federal government does have a role to play and needs to step into this role, but, says the labor secretary, a lot of the problems handed the newsome came from the previous administrations poor handling of relief funds. i think the last you know, four years showed a lot of deficiencies in the federal government areas that we should have been more supportive of states where we weren't east baker congressman mark desaulnier sits on the house labor committee. it's unacceptable at any level, and the federal government has a role to play in this because much of the funding to sonja says he's working on funding for the e d d to fix it permanently assigned one person have them a reasonable mahmoud cases so that they can deal
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with the client and the client can reach them 24 hours a day. we did this on foreclosures with the banking industry. it changed everything that's going to change the trajectory of work and a lot of people opportunities to pass. three sets of middle class and better paying jobs, with more people working the d d may actually cease being a four letter word tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. the senate passed a $3.5 trillion budget blueprint early this morning, paving the way for democrats to ultimately passed the package with a simple majority. there are, however, they are, however, facing some legal challenges. fox news madeline rivera is in washington tonight with our report. now is the moment to put in place the long term plan to build back america better even as the white house and senate democrats to half the passage of a $3.5 trillion budget framework, democrats are already facing potential cracks among their own members. senator joe manchin, for one is
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worried about more massive spending one day after the senate passed a roughly trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure deal. there is some in my caucus who might believe it's too much. there are some in my caucus who believe it's too little moderate votes like mansions will be key as democrats try to use a special budget process to push the package through along party lines. republicans have already slammed the bell as a reckless spending spree with funding for initiatives like medicare expansion, fighting climate change and family and education programs paid for by tax hikes on the wealthy and corporations here. i think this is socialism. it is a package that is looking to push further people like alexandra, paseo cortez and bernie sand. socialist agenda as santa committees now focus on crafting the framework into legislation. the attention shifts to the house, which also must pass the budget resolution to unlock the reconciliation process. speaker pelosi obviously has some big challenges in her own conference here, members who want to spend considerably more.
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the passage of the budget blueprint came after republicans for several amendment votes on democrats. to put them on the record on many controversial issues from the green new deal to defunding the police votes that can be used against them in next year's midterm elections in washington. mala rivera fox news. the census bureau is set to release new data tomorrow after a four month delay due to the pandemic. the census is expected to show that most population growth in the u. s. is among people of color. the non hispanic white population is expected to shrink for the first time on record. the census numbers will be used to draw congressional districts in an increasingly diverse country. coming up here providing affordable housing for teachers will tell you about the latest project that broke ground on the peninsula today. also ahead, final preparations are underway in iowa as the yankees and white sox get ready to battle it the jl
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district will soon have the opportunity to live in new, affordable housing. today, a groundbreaking ceremony was held at a new housing development for faculty and staff in daly city. it's located on east more avenue next to margaret pauline brown elementary school development will have 56 housing units in three buildings surrounding a courtyard. it's being built
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through a partnership between the city of daly city and the school district. never in my studies that i think that i would be leading an effort to build housing. that's just not what we do in the school of education, but it is what we do here in jefferson elementary because we focus on what our students need so they can learn and part of what they need is a staff that is highly qualified and is able to live close by and not be stressed by the cost of housing, and this is the second teacher. your housing development to be built in daly city. today marks seven years since the passing a robin williams and today his son mark the day with a tweet writing quote, dad seven years ago. today you passed on the joy and inspiration you brought to the world carries on in your legacy and in your family, friends and fans. you so loved you live to bring laughter and to help
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others i will be celebrating your memory today. love you. forever the comedian was 63 years old when he died in 2014. in san jose, a deadly crash forced the closure of several lanes on highway 1 to 1 earlier this morning, officers say around 3 30, a truck hadn't killed a pedestrian who was running through the south bound lanes of traffic near santa clara avenue and alum rock avenue. but the biggest question that remains to be answered is why the person was on the freeway in the first place. preliminary information we got from the driver. uh suggest that the industrial was on the right shoulder and had crossed interval. williams going toward the center median was struck somewhere in the area. the number four number three lane. so far, the victim hasn't been identified and the driver is cooperated with the investigation. drugs and alcohol are not believed to
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have been factors in the crash. a convicted sex offender is under arrest after allegedly assaulting juveniles at the store where he worked. los altos police say they arrested 29 year old depok. sharon yesterday two juveniles told police the suspect touched them inappropriately at the trader joe's where sharon worked. sharon was arrested at the office of his probation officer in redwood city and then booked into santa clara county jail. we are tracking the forecast temperatures pretty hot today. it'll be warm to hot again tomorrow. details on air quality as well in the five day forecast coming up right now, let's go to kate views. alex savage with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu. plus frank. thank you coming up new tonight. as covid numbers surge all around the globe, the world health organization says this pandemic is far from over the staggering number of cases. the w h o expects us to see by next year plus. jeopardy has officially
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announced who will replace the late alex trebek as host. tmz's harvey levin has more on the big reveal, and the two hosts who were selected for that job, those stories and much more coming up tonight, live at seven over on ktvu. plus, alex. thank you. but first after the break a man with ties to the bay area now under arrest, accused of entering a fire evacuation zone and setting fires behind the firefighters battling the massive dixie fire.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. sacramento county jail tonight. ktvu is jesse gary tells us us forced service agents are accusing the man of setting fires near the dixie fire.
6:44 pm
until last year, gary maynard had been a college lecturer. he taught criminal justice at sonoma state university and worked as in a junk faculty member at santa clara university. he's now accused of felony arson intentionally setting a series of fires near the 500,000 square acre dixie fire. the fact that somebody would be intentionally setting those fires. is not only, um, a threat to the community, but obviously a threat to the firefighters in court filings, the assistant u. s attorney for the eastern district of california, says menard entered the evacuation zone and began setting fires behind the first responders fighting the dixie fire. in addition to the danger of enlarging the dixie fire and threatening more lives and property, this increased the danger to the first responders, but for the dedication and effort of u. s forest service investigators working on around the clock to track menard. those fires would not have been discovered in their infancy with menard's growing fires at
6:45 pm
their backs. firefighters would have been placed at much greater risks. at wednesday's detention hearing, prosecutors asked that maynard be held without bail. the u. s magistrate agreed, saying there are no assurances the defendant would show up for future court appearances and that he would likely continue to be a threat to the public and firefighters. but when you, uh, factor in other kinds of activities caused by human beings, it just makes a difficult job even more difficult and more dangerous. sonoma state university emailed a statement saying in part, menard was contracted to fill in for a faculty member who was on leave. he taught two semesters in criminology and criminal justice studies. in fall. 2020 menard does not currently have an appointment with sonoma state university. menard's next court appearance will be a preliminary hearing scheduled for august. 24th judge delancey will be presiding in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news,
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alright, looking at the temperatures from today got 100 nanny och, that's the official national weather service, high and 100 degrees fairfield 96. little cooler and liver more than 8 94 like a degree or two, but you still see that those hundreds of those inland bay valleys are there and they're going to stick around. i think we're gonna see him again tomorrow mentioned this earlier. you can see a little bit of smoke haze out there and that air quality alert, probably for friday as well. tomorrow and friday. they don't think it's up for friday yet, but i think it will be when they look at the models, but you can see some of the smoke out there as well as the underlying fog again. it doesn't like it's unhealthy, but it could get into the moderate range, which isn't good. which is none of us want to see that. hopefully it won't be that, but we'll keep our eyes on it for you today. there was a little bit of smoke you may have noticed, especially the respect. so as you look at the current temperatures and the departure, it's cooler right now. 13 degrees cooler in fairfield than it was yesterday at this time, and the plan is for high pressure to continue in the pacific northwest and do
6:47 pm
what it's been doing, which is setting us up with some real significant dry and warm weather north of us, it's bleeding into our northern valleys, and we have by building out of the desert southwest, and that's bleeding into the weather. and so we've just surrounded by high pressure and then this of tropical moisture and you can see it kind of working its way up and that's going to come into the area already is filtering in, but it's going to bring in the potential for increased humidities and increased humidities will be noticeable tomorrow and the next day as this moisture slides and maybe a thunderstorm that you've got to put it in, right. we are seeing some thunder pops up around the man of lakes area, but for right now it looks like it. it's going to be mostly just about the humidity increase. there's the fog at the coast tomorrow is just like today, a little more smoke, fog burn off just about the same. i think it'll be a little bit cooler tomorrow and some of those inland valleys than it was today. so the monsoonal moisture i just mentioned that increases the community. and of course there is that concern for your, uh uh.
6:48 pm
rarer scattered thunder shower. i don't think that's going to happen that you gotta put it it. i said that, like, five times song, okay, so there's the fog and low clouds. that's tomorrow morning, and that's the high clouds see that stuff that's up away from the coast. that's the some tropical moisture as you drifting through, and it kind of lingers. so with that humidity boy it's going to be it's going to be noticeable for sure. the humidity, so they're your temperatures forecast for tomorrow, mid nineties in the warm spot so that that little bit cooler and then the five day forecast, and as we look at it just know that temperatures on monday cool down a little bit into tuesday, all right, bill, thank you turn in the field of dreams into a reality. tomorrow. the new york yankees and the chicago white sox are set to play baseball on a field right in the middle of a farm reporter jack hamilton with more on the game. i'm jake hamilton and dyersville, iowa. and, you know, i don't care what kevin costner says to me. this is heaven. this, of course,
6:49 pm
being the iconic field of dreams, maybe the most famous field in the history of pop culture, of course, made famous by the 1989 masterpiece, the greatest sports movie ever made field of dreams, kevin costner. james earl jones, ray liotta, but take a look right across the cornfield right over there that is home to something else that is home to what many people considered to be one of the hottest tickets and the history of baseball. new york yankee chicago white sox take into the field tomorrow night, thursday night. now this might be a regular season game. but there is nothing regular about it only 8000 tickets sold if you were able to land one of those seats, it's because you either one on a lottery if you were in iowa resident or you took to the secondhand market and paid upwards of thousands of dollars to be able to land a ticket now the reason this is so coveted is because this field just mean so much to so many different people, including someone i had the chance to speak with. i spoke
6:50 pm
one on one with kevin costner about his own memories on this field. and why this area this feel this dream just means so much to him. well, there's a there's a scene where i talk. think to spirit shoeless joe. i'm with amy, and it was before people were using a lot of special effects and this kind of weird little fog rolled in, and it just hung there long enough for us to do, um, are seen and then it just drifted away. and i always remember that it just hung around long enough. it was it was at night. it was kind of quite beautiful and obviously, um, on the set, sometimes some of the most interesting things from me or what happens when the camera's not rolling in some of the conversations i have with her. lancaster work, you know, memorable to me and, uh, you know, i made some good friends on that movie. it's a good lesson for us to know that our movies can last and can have this kind of impact and always try to keep that in mind who knew that the crossroads of hollywood and baseball would be right here in the middle of a
6:51 pm
cornfield in iowa, the game of a lifetime new york yankee chicago white sox take the field thursday night, preceded by a very special one hour pregame show only on fox. i'm jake hamilton here and dyersville, iowa, proving that the voice was right all along if you build it, everyone will come. mhm and you can watch the yankees versus the white sox right here on ktvu. coverage begins at three o'clock first pitch is at four. and if you'd like to watch the news, just click over to ktvu plus coming up, sports director marco vania shows us what some are calling one of the smoothest slides they've seen in a long time
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when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where i find every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design. cause one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. explore floor & decor in person or online. number. when you're a kid, you're counting down the days till christmas. i got a lot of people in my life counting down the days until the 40 niners first game, they open up in detroit and exactly. 33 days from now, but who's counting? right? they get ready first of
6:55 pm
all for their first preseason game, john lynch back from a nice hall of fame weekend in canton, ohio. he attitude is loose. that's driven kent lot number 99. he looks plenty. relax and get a look at trey sermon, probably saturday night running back out of ohio state. he is impressing lots of people is for jimmy garoppolo. i doubt you will see him in action. and of course, everybody looking forward to their debut on a field with trey lance, their top draft choice. he apparently will play against the kansas city chiefs patrick mahomes. bet my arms won't play, but trey lance will and he's talked, uh, super excited. yeah, i haven't played in front of fans, obviously, since you know the national championship in 2019. so that was over two years ago, so i'm very excited to have another opportunity to be in the game. um and kind at the same time. everything's new, so just being able to get used to everything everything from from, you know the hotel
6:56 pm
the night before the game to pre game warm up, you know, everything is going to be new, but at the same time, you know football is football. yeah, but when you're talking about trey lance, it's not just another exhibition game. all right, it's for the san francisco giants. they're just getting underway against the arizona diamondbacks, trying to keep it rolling the a's in cleveland tonight on what you might call a slow roll right now because it was hot. it was humid and it was raining in cleveland, not an hour delay that quite days. i don't think they packed their hit and shoes for this little trip. they're having troubles against cal quantrill, and they're also having trouble fielding the ball, or i should say, actually throwing it bad one. they're rare error from jed lowry. it leads to a run to the indians have two runs in in the first inning, and that's the score right now, and they're in the fifth inning. the a's as i say nothing. doing a lot of hitting at tall. we'll have a final of course on that later this evening, all right
6:57 pm
here in america, it's really hard to grasp. what a big deal it is in europe. pretty much the rest of the world. really when a guy like leo messi changes uniforms look at this to say hero's welcome in paris today, thousands showed up to greet him after 21 years with the barcelona squad. he signs a two year deal. this week with paris saint germain and 41 year by the way, 34 year old mega star a new chapter in his life and the french already in love with leo messi. and by the way, steph. i saw this messy has some good taste. i see course he's number 30 as well. good luck at p s g. my guy, steph curry doing it up. all right. we've got some real fun stuff for you tonight on this edition of check this out. you got to see this from last night trade. turner amazing slide from the
6:58 pm
dodger infielder as he crosses were played safely. we didn't speed that up or anything. i don't know about you guys breaking julie. but what came to mind to be was like a dance move. fred astaire, gene kelly, michael jackson, something like that. that is smooth with three. oh that is just a thing of beauty right there. if you're a baseball fan, how he did that? i don't know. and check this out. this is the story of the incredulous little leaguer down in texas. he cannot believe that terrible call by the umpire. he's astounded. he's dumbfounded. he's god smacked his team lost to louise. yeah, but you know what? he kept his mouth shut. didn't say anything bad to the umpire. and uh, nobody kind of said it all with his eyes. yeah that's slots are incredible. yeah, it was like on ice. it was sold and the finished you just finished it like perfect like a dance move. it was smooth move. all right. thanks mark. thanks everybody.
6:59 pm
mark. thanks everybody. goodnight s i've invented a science joke, would you like to hear it? sure. how many edisons does it take to screw in a light bulb? how many? who cares? he stole the idea and doesn't deserve his own joke. is that really true? of course, that's how you know it's a good joke. it not only entertains, it informs. hey, sorry to interrupt. uh, barry, uh, how many edisons does it take to screw in a light bulb? did you know edison didn't actually invent the light bulb? what do you want, barry? just wanted to drop this off as a little thank you for amy. what's this for? your idea really helped me out. my light-cone quantization paper's online already. the response has been amazing. well, that's fascinating. i can't wait to read it. oh, no, me as well. uh, please e-mail it to why "dot-biz"? because i just gave you the business.
7:00 pm
and also was taken. anyway, thanks again. cooper, suck eggs. since when do you help out barry kripke? well, i'd been thinking about a cellular automata approach to neuronal connectivity, and i thought it might have some interesting applications to string theory-- it's not a big deal. oh, really? when i was doing string theory and hit a dead end, why didn't you try to help me? i did-- you said the only math biologists know is if you have three frogs and one hops away, that leaves two frogs. that's pretty funny, that does sound like me. but that doesn't mean that you should be standing on street corners handing out your math to whatever guy comes along. sheldon, we're all scientists. i helped out a fellow colleague. you're being petty. i'm being petty? you know barry and i have a professional rivalry. you heard him-- he told me to suck eggs. if we were friends, he would have suggested
7:01 pm
i suck something more pleasant.


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