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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 11, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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stanford university this school year as the school becomes one of the first in the nation to test every student once a week for covid-19, whether they're vaccinated or not. the vaccine is still new, and like the virus is still knew. the delta variants so new like there's things we have to figure out, and that's why i actually think testing is probably one of the better ideas. stanford notified
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students about this new requirement today. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm frank somerville. the school says that they want to minimize the spread of the coronavirus before the fall quarter begins next month in person. ktvu is as a smith is at stanford gauging reaction from students azenith smith. well frank. most students here on campus say the testing a requirement makes sense. they say they will wear a mask. get vaccinated, get tested so they can physically be here on campus and classes won't go back to being virtual. yeah but i'm vaccinated. i software mask like that's worse. in my opinion, stanford sophomore caroline ca healy is voluntarily testing weekly to make sure her allergy symptoms aren't covid-19. so, basically, you get these like little baggies. these are the testing kits stanford provides. students can pick them up on campus self test and then put them in drop boxes at stanford results come back in a day, she
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says. the process is simple. i also think like it's a good thing. if we know whether or not these vaccines are really working concerns over the delta variants, prompting university officials to now require all students to not only get the vaccine and where face coverings indoors. but now submit to test once a week starting august 15th one month before school starts in person. in a letter to students, stanford writes. the requirement is aimed to minimize the prevalence and reduce the spread of covid 19 on campus. if we're not testing, we just don't know how many people have covid. there have been these breakthrough cases so it doesn't make a little bit of sense. stanford didn't have a problem earlier. or late last month. in july seven students all vaccinated tested positive for covid after the university loosen testing requirements. the students all symptomatic, medical experts say asymptomatic individuals can carry the virus as well. by. doing surveillance and making sure that people are negative.
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that is they're not carrying the virus that really adds a great deal of assurance. i'm honestly apprehensive about how much um it's actually going to happen in person in the fall, and in the upcoming year, students worry stanford could decide last minute again against in person instruction. you know, i was very frustrated last year to be sent home like they told us two days before one quarter started, they want to return to his close to a normal funk quarter. they can get. i would definitely much rather do testing and actually be here rather than do like another year alone at home, virtually. and stanford says a very small number of unvaccinated students will be living here on campus in the fall. they are recommending not requiring spouses and children of those students to get vaccinated. frank azenith smith live live for us tonight as nothing you. california today became the first state in the country to mandated all school
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teachers and staff get the coronavirus vaccine or face weekly testing our political reporter greg lee tells us the governor says the policy is designed to make sure that kids stay safe from the coronavirus. we're now following up today to align our school strategy all california teachers and staff at public and private schools must be vaccinated or submit to weekly covid testing under a new order from governor newsom. he announced the first in the nation order flanked by education and elected officials at carl b. monk elementary in oakland to address the number one anxiety that parents like myself have have four young children. and that is knowing that the schools are doing everything in their power to keep our kids safe. the policy falls requirements previously announced for state employees and healthcare workers amid a rise in cases and hospitalizations fueled by the delta variant, several bay area school districts, including san francisco, oakland, san jose,
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and marin already announced their own vaccine or testing requirements ahead of the state. but there are 1000 plus other schools. districts in the state or rather districts in the state that we want to encourage along, and we believe that this will begin a process of significantly increasing vaccination rates across the spectrum and across the state. today's announcement is a key one to making sure that every student is coming back safe, ready to learn. every staff member is feeling safe. and supported newsom has previously deferred to districts were asked about taking this step. he defended the timing, saying conversations have been ongoing with labor leaders. we are highly in favor of all the layers of support that will keep schools open and keep students, staff and the community safe. the order was embraced by the oakland. their plan goes further requiring testing for staff regardless of vaccination status. california teachers association wrote this in a
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statement. today's announcement is an appropriate next step to ensure the safety of our school communities and to protect our youngest learners under 12, who are not yet vaccine eligible from this highly contagious delta variant, sita said 90% of its members are vaccinated. this new policy goes into place on thursday. schools must be in full compliance by october 15th in alameda county, greg lee ktvu fox two news. some of the candidates running in the recall election wasted no time criticizing newsom's decision. john cox posted this message on twitter. gavin newsom is a power hungry politician who wants to control every aspect of people's lives. now he's effectively threatening people's employment. if they do, don't do what he tells them to. larry elder responded by saying quote governor elder will reverse this order. encouraging vaccination is fine government mandating it is not political. science professor david mcewen says the governor's actions today were
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likely motivated, at least in part by the recall election. an election coming up in less than 40 days for governor who is a rising star in the democratic party and in a recall election that really has national implications for democrats. this development today is an important critical component for the governor. setting forth his strategy, mcewen says newsome needs to focus on winning over independence and those living in traditionally republican areas such as the central valley. the state supreme court today declined overturned a lower court ruling that governor newsom's use of emergency powers during the pandemic was lawful to republican state lawmakers sued, saying governor newsom's emergency orders amounted to one man rule. one of those lawmakers, kevin kiley, is now running as a candidate in the recall election. an appeals court found that the governor acted within the authority granted to him in times of crisis. the supreme court left that rule in place today
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without comment. the cdc updated its guidance today and urged pregnant women to get vaccinated. the decision comes after health officials found no increased risk of pregnancy loss. just 23% of pregnant women have received at least one shot of a vaccine. today's news comes just as ucsf released new research finding an increased risk of complications for pregnant women who are sickened by covid-19. the fda is reportedly expected to approve a third dose of the covid vaccine for immuno compromised people. the cdc could vote on the matter friday when an advisor group is scheduled to meet. doctors would then be able to start prescribing extra doses. there are almost three million people living in the us with compromised immune systems. some nervous moments in mill valley this afternoon when a car fire ignited vegetation on the summit of mount tam, you can see the retardant dropped on the car, part of an aggressive response that kept the blaze small. ktvu is
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deborah villalon is in mill valley tonight with more on the effort from firefighters, deborah frank mountain towers over mill valley and corta madera, the slopes and canyons are full of homes on narrow roads, so even a small fire causes big concern. from sky fox on the east peak of mount tamil pius brushfire kept to less than one acre with a full wild land response. engines from multiple agencies race to the summit of the state park. this is always been a concern for us is that throckmorton ridge arriving crews saw smoke rising straight up showing little wind and late afternoon fog was a good sign, too. but in this tinder dry forest with communities below any hint of smoke gets outsize attention. very visual. you know, everybody can see when we do have a fire up here on the top of mount town, so i know it's very concerning to many people.
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everybody's everybody's on edge man residents along the panoramic highway no, there's a staffed fire lookout, 2500 ft up, and a dedicated fire station protecting them still seems a little bit early, already it although the dixie fire has been raging for you know what, three weeks now or a month so um, the new normal is, um, it's yeah, it's a little scary, making the cal fire air attack a big relief, a helicopter picking up water from mountain reservoirs and two tankers dropping retardant before the fire could pick up any real momentum. very important, having the aircraft available and right now we have numerous resources from iran. helping with the dixie fire with at least a dozen engines out of county. our mutual aid crews take extra shifts to backfill when the fire hit a few dozen park visitors had to be cleared out and photos posted to twitter show the cause of it all a car fire that spread to vegetation. the driver was uninjured and
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questioned by deputies, but it appears to be accidental. his suv clearly a total loss. i walk a lot on the mountain, and there's just so many dead trees, residents working on defensible space and other fire prevention have even more motivation now thinking about well, you know, pack my bag and at least get that ready to go, but i didn't need to. they were right on it. they were so good. the ridgecrest fire was mopped up and will be monitored overnight to make sure the scene is stable and it stays out. but frank the area should be open to visitors again. tomorrow deborah villalon live horse tonight, deborah. thank you, the plumas county sheriff's department tonight downgraded some evacuation orders as firefighters continue to make progress on the dixie fire. containment went up slightly today to 30% that's up from 27% yesterday, the latest cal fire update about two hours ago shows that the fire has now burned more than 505 acres in
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plumas butte to hama and lassen counties. we also learned today that the fire has now destroyed more than 1000 buildings. including almost 550 homes. the dixie fire is now the largest single wildfire in california history. an air quality advisory has been issued for tomorrow for the bay area. it comes as wildfire smoke is expected to drift into our area. despite the advisory, the air quality is not expected to be poor enough to exceed federal standards for pollutants and air district officials. don't expect it to prompt a spare the air alert. we're looking at the air quality advisory for tomorrow. also the warm weather that we're seeing in the inland bay valleys and the concerns for fire. i'll see you back here with the details. also an update to a dramatic hit and run in the oakland hills, the man arrested and the serious charge he's now facing up first the search for a man with schizophrenia. he's been missing since he was released
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from an east bay hospital two days ago. why his family says the hospital could have done more to keep him safe if they had talked to him while he was in the hospital. they should have known tha for a 56 year olde
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whom they say has the mental capacity of a five year old family members say the man was released from the hospital on monday, given a bus ticket and has not been seen since ktvu is amberleigh live now in berkeley, where the family searched the streets tonight, amber julie, the family tells me he was last seen here at alta bates medical center. where he was seeking treatment. they say he came here monday afternoon and that they haven't seen him since. did you see him? brian lawrence's family is searching for him passing out flyers this stop a homeless encampment in berkeley. they tell me the 56 year old vanished after being discharged from the hospital monday night at eight o'clock. they say he suffers from schizophrenia and dementia down to my very pit. i'm concerned, i'm worried. i know how he functions. family members say lawrence has the mental capacity of a five year old. so when did they come into your apartment? uh i'd say
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seven. they say he's paranoid, often imagines that people are following him. one relatives says she drove him to er at alta bates summit medical centre in berkeley monday afternoon. she says his ankles were swollen. he had complained of pain in his neck. she says she wasn't allowed into the hospital when he checked in because of covid restrictions. she says she was home and called al to base repeatedly to ask when he would be discharged but found out he had been sent home before she could pick him up. how can you see him the way he was? and release him? i don't understand. maybe hit a couple of homeless shelters over enrichment. relatives say they've been searching for him since monday night and reported him missing to berkeley police investigators say they're treating this as an at risk. missing persons case. one family member says the hospital told him lawrence was given a bus pass along with the root on how to go to his home in elsa
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bronte. he is not capable of doing some transferring buses of even going getting on a bus and go in the right direction. a spokesperson for the hospital issued a written statement quote out of respect for patient privacy and in compliance with state and federal laws. we are unable to comment. i'm worried that he could be b. it up. i'm worried that he, you know, he just got through getting over or having blood clots taken out from his last surgery. i mean, i'm worried that he could be passed out. when did they come into your apartment? the family says lawrence doesn't know how to use a cell phone. he described him as having a large afro six ft. tall and weighs £180. he was last seen wearing a light brown jacket and great sweat pads. relatives say he's not violent, but it's best not to approach him and to contact police. julie yeah, let's hope someone sees them and can give some information so that people can find him. amber. thank you.
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san francisco police have made a second arrest in the deadly shooting of a six year old boy on the fourth of july last year. 18 year old dashain lumpkin was arrested today for the killing of jay's young young was with a group of people watching fireworks near whitfield court and lasalle avenue when gunfire broke out the first suspect, 18 year old james harbor of san francisco, was arrested in january. an update now on a terrifying hit and run in the oakland hills over the weekend, a driver who was caught on surveillance video hitting in oakland man and then narrowly missing his pregnant girlfriend has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, oakland boys say 19 year old daniel ethan juan came speeding at the man and his girlfriend. after the couple yelled at him to slow down, the couple, says one, then threatened to kill them want is expected in court tomorrow on the charge. okay we talked about that air quality alert for tomorrow. we might
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see one again on friday. we'll look at the air quality right now. these are live sensors around the area around northern california and you can see where the smoke is right by those yellow areas representing kind of moderate and then the real bad smoke is up in the when you see the reds. and the oranges. now there's smoke. tonight's going to drift in our direction. you saw some tonight if you were out in the livermore valley or out in back of ill and fairfield, if you look to the east, you could see it and a lot of folks in the bay area could see it too. it's just to the east of us the sea breezes keeping it there. but there's an opportunity for tomorrow and the next day for some of that smoke to filter in. so here's the model and the smoke models. they do they do the best they can. it smokes a tough forecast. as you know, um so the white would represent the densest smoke in the most. redd's let's say, and then the browns or the darker colors are representing more like the yellows in the in the in the greens and the yellows and the oranges so you can see as we head into tomorrow afternoon. see where we can pick us out the bear? yes we're right on the edge of it were right on the edge of it. you see, the
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big smoke events are up around north shore lake tahoe up around reading, and it looks like it wants to budge out of there as we get into friday, so looks like 36 to 48 hours of potential smoke doesn't look like it's going to be. horrid or anything, but it's probably going to be enough that you'll notice it. especially inland. i think in san francisco and oakland, you might not. but in the inland areas you will so that's tomorrow. we'll look at the friday saturday and sunday. when i return we'll get you squared up for your weekend. all right, we'll see a little bit, bill. thank you. it was back to school today in the south san francisco unified school district, the district says it's focused on safety for students and staff. it has upgraded its ventilation and is using hospital grade machines to disinfect rooms with ultraviolet light parents we talked with say they're confident the district is doing its best and that nothing compares to in person learning in daly city teachers in the jefferson elementary school district will soon have the opportunity to live in new, affordable housing. today. a groundbreaking ceremony was
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held at a new housing development for faculty and staff. it's located on east more avenue next to brown elementary school. the development will have 56 housing units in three buildings surrounding a courtyard. it's being built through a partnership between the city of daly city and the school district. we focus on what our students need so they can learn and part of what they need is a staff that is highly qualified and is able to live close by and not be stressed by the cost of housing. this is the second teacher housing development to be built in daly city. coming up a man finally receives his unemployment benefits after waiting 14 months, plus good samaritan saved the day after calling police when they see a baby left alone in a hot car. what police say the mother was doing while she was away, and barge general manager riding the rails to listen to riders that complaints he says he's
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received and. how the transit agency into homelessness after td
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d continually told him he had been disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits. we told you about cermak jarvis last week he'd lost his job as a barber during the pandemic and applied for unemployment, but he never received a single check. now we're told, that's about to change. he contacted state senator state senator whose office on monday put him in touch with an e d d represent that same day he was told that his claims would soon be paid. the u. s labor secretary was in the bay area today to discuss how the infrastructure bill could help the bay area. but as ktvu is, tom baker explains, he was also questioned about california's problems at the employment development department. labor
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secretary marty walsh, former boston mayor in town to push the benefits of the bipartisan infrastructure bill gave us a few minutes to talk about california's labor situation. we're dealing with a pandemic, something that we've never, ever dealt with before, at least in our lifetime. ah, and it's a very complicated, difficult time to challenging time to govern last week to the golden state has less than 12% of the nation's workforce. california's filed 20% of the nation's regular unemployment claims and get this 50% of the nation's federal pandemic claims and the latest numbers show ed d staff actually answers a poultry 8% of the calls it received. and still has a long term backlog of almost a quarter million. claims we're gonna be making investments and reforming looking at reforming some some of the way we do business here and moving forward, so i think the federal government does have a role to play and needs to step into this role, but, says the labor secretary, a lot
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of the problems handed the newsome came from the previous administrations poor handling of relief funds. i think the last you know four years showed a lot of deficiencies in the federal government areas that we should have been more supportive of states where we weren't east baker congressman mark desaulnier sits on the house labor committee. it's unacceptable at any level, and the federal government has a role to play in this because much of the funding to sonja says he's working on funding for the e d d to fix it permanently assigned one person have them a reasonable mahmoud cases so that they can deal with the client and the client can reach them 24 hours a day. we did this on foreclosures with the banking industry. it changed everything that's going to change the trajectory of work and a lot of people opportunities to pass. visit to the middle class and better paying jobs, with more people working, the dd may actually cease being a four letter word. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. stop get. body camera video
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shows a woman being thrown to the ground. by bart police 30 seconds after they stopped her for fare evasion. the lawsuit she's now filing because of what happened. also ahead. one of the efforts to recall san francisco's district attorney has failed. but that doesn't mean the question won't make the ballot sports director mark ibanez is up later with the giant story as they hit four more home runs and route to yet another win, and it's been six months since oakland's police chief took on the job coming up. he reflects on his accomplishments and challenges so far. a listening tour today tt
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better insight into writers experiences. bart gm bob power,
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spoke to riders on a train heading to the embarcadero station late this afternoon, while some passengers told him they were grateful to have bart up and running all through the pandemic, he says. other people were frustrated about some cancellations in recent weeks. we're owning that as it organization there we had. you know some covid, um, you know, folks with you know that, uh, we're concerned about covid that had to call out so that impacted our ability to provide a couple a couple of trains and that has impacted their you know their commutes, you know, people really rely on part to schedule their day, you know, and i apologize for that. we're working with our operations, folks to make sure that doesn't happen again. passengers also said they wanted to see more ambassadors or crisis intervention workers on trains. powers said he wanted to remind passengers that all of our tickets will be 50% off for the month of september. and bart is facing a lawsuit tonight after
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a woman says she was violently attacked as bart police tried to arrest her. she admits she did not pay a $3 fare. but she tells ktvu crime reporter henry lee that the incident should not have ended the way it did. so you're being detained prefer bit, okay? yes, you're not pretty late. take bark. police body cam videos show officers confronting some tasia devereaux for sneaking behind another person at the exit gate of the bay for station in san leandro, but she doesn't hand over her id. this is not a debate. this is not a discussion. he is requesting your id. in venice paperboy. that's not the way this works and in less than 30 seconds, this happens, turn around, face the wall. whoa, ah! get. the officers took her to the ground, leaving her bruised and bloodied with a busted lip. i still don't understand why it, um went to the extent that it went to. on wednesday,
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devereaux sued bart and the officers. the incident happened on new year's eve 2019. when devereaux says she thought bart rides were free, they know as grown adults what they have done wrong what they could have done to de escalate the situation instead of escalating it to what happened. it's not seen on the footage. but devereau said. as officers hit her in the head inside, she says she soiled herself. this is just reprehensible conduct its brutish they know, and i know that they were always wrong as two left shoes. attorney a dante pointer says the officer should have handled it differently. three on one against a young woman who was half their size. all over $3 bart fair. she was charged with resisting arrest, but the criminal case was dropped in a statement to ktvu david must agni, an attorney representing the bark police union, said the allegations in a lawsuit are just that and selective images do not accurately convey the
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totality of the encounter. we are confident the officers will prevail after all, the evidence is considered through the judicial process. in a separate statement, bart tells me they take all use of force incidents seriously, and they're working to ensure that their training and de escalation tactics exceed industry standards. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. oakland police chief laurent armstrong has been leading the force for six months now, and he says the level of crime continues to keep him up at night. armstrong spoke today about what he's doing to reduce crime, including 78 homicides already this year, the chief says he is asking every police officer even though is doing desk jobs to hit the streets for a few hours each day. he's also authorized additional overtime in the city's crime hotspots, armstrong said. police also continue to remove at least 100 guns from the streets every month, but more must be done. i'm alarmed at the things that we've seen in chinatown, the videos that i watch when good samaritans are
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attempting to step up and they're being shot. it really says that there is a need for greater presence and stronger levels of accountability in the city of oakland, and that's what i'm seeking to do, the chief said. the challenge he continues to face is a lack of officers, he says. the city has grown by about 40,000 residents in the past 10 years, but the level of staffing has not increased. governor newsom today promised more help for oakland as it deals with the rise in crime and anti asian violence, but he won't call for a state of emergency. during his visit to oakland this morning. the governor said that the new state budget provides $200 million in grants focused on street crime and $165 million to address anti asian hate. the governor also said the state is supporting several task forces on crime reduction. one does not need to declare a state emergency to assert the acuity of a crisis that needs
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to be addressed head on, and that's exactly what we did in the budget this year. mayor libby schaaf said that the governor has also promised that chp officers will provide additional traffic enforcement along city corridors, including international boulevard, a mother in vallejo has been arrested after she allegedly left her three month old baby in the car alone while she was in a nail salon for up to 45 minutes. ktvu is rob roth tells us police are crediting people walking by and helping to prevent a tragedy. vallejo police are crediting good samaritans here at the gateway plaza for keeping a dangerous situation from becoming far worse. we are surprised. yeah, so we are surprised it happened around 4 30 tuesday afternoon, a 19 year old woman walked into the unique nell salon. it's just walk in the door. she asked for her eyebrow wax. so i was excellent eyebrow. and then she asked for it to do her nails. what the staff here didn't know was that the customer had left a three month old baby in the back of her bmw with all the windows rolled down. on the outside
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temperature was 81 degrees at the time hotter in the car. she should not mom. she's she's just him. okay, but everything was not okay in the parking lot. passersby saw the infant in the car called police helped the baby and surrounded the car until officers arrived. police searched the businesses in the shopping center cups, walk in the shop and ask for who on the bmw car. so, uh, i guess that's her car. so she showed us that was her car. and then after that, i yes, she, um, she took off with the with the cops. police identified. the mother is 19 year old selena cook of julio. they believe the baby was left alone in the car for 30 to 45 minutes. police say the baby was evaluated at a hospital and turned over to child protective services. the nelson marin says cook returned wednesday to retrieve a shopping bag she had left behind. we asked her how old so baby, she says. only three months in a statement, police chief shawne williams said. our department is truly great. for
10:37 pm
the good samaritans that stepped in to alert the authorities to save this baby. police arrested cook on a charge of child endangerment in valeo. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. uh huh. coming up historic lodge nearly destroyed in a fire on the central coast, but firefighters were able. to protect some of the hotel and we had some heat today in the inland bay valleys. it looks like it will continue into tomorrow with the concerns for some air quality issues will have that in the five day forecast coming up up first we'll hear from the woman who will replace new york governor andrew cuomo, how she plans to shake up the governo to recall sa
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chaser. boudin has come up short. organizers started in early march. they needed more than 51,000 valid signatures to qualify for a special election. but they said today they're about 1700 signatures short a separate recall effort that began in late april has an october 25th deadline to submit their signatures. new york's lieutenant governor addressed the state today as she prepares to take over the job from governor andrew cuomo. cuomo. cuomo announced his resignation yesterday over allegations he sexually harassed at least 11. women 62 year old kathy huckle become the state's first female governor. 13 days from now hopeful said she expects to hire new cabinet members, and she plans to remove anyone tied to the attorney general's report on cuomo. regarding his decision to step down. i believe it is appropriate and in the best interest to the state of new york, and while it was not expected, there's a day
10:41 pm
for which i am prepared. hopeful distanced herself from the scandal, saying, quote no one will ever described my administration as a toxic work environment. today. the u. s senate approved of $3.5 trillion budget resolution, but democrats admit that it will be a tough road ahead towards final passage of the bill. some moderate democrats say they're concerned about that much spending following the passage of a trillion dollar infrastructure bill. moderate votes will be crucial. the democrats will need all 50 votes in the senate to push the package through. republicans dismissed the plan as a reckless spending spray. i think this is socialism. it is a package that is looking to push further people like alexandra has your cortez and bernie sanders socialist agenda. it's probably the most significant single piece of legislation that we have seen, certainly in decades. the
10:42 pm
infrastructure bill that passed yesterday is expected to pass the house. meantime, senators will get to work drafting legislation from the budget blueprint, which includes free community college and adding dental hearing and vision benefits to medicare, paid for by taxes on the wealthy. the cia says the taliban could retake afghanistan in a matter of months, the taliban made major gains in the past 48 hours and now controls roughly two thirds of that country. u s officials say the country could fall to the taliban in 90 days with the protracted urban war expected when the taliban tries to take the capital city of kabul. civilian casualties are mounting, and there are reports that medical supplies are running short. still to come here you might catch a meteor shower over the bay area tonight, plus a former lecturer at tube area colleges behind bars, the crime authorities say he committed after entering dixie fire evacuation zones and
10:43 pm
take a look at this. a thick wall of fog rolling into san francisco this evening. chief meteorologist. bill martin is up next with your at usaa, we've been called too exclusive.
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big sur has been destroyed by a fire that fire broke out about 11 30 last night at the upscale
10:46 pm
lodge along highway one big surf, firefighters found flames burning through the roof of that restaurant and called for backup. crews from monterrey fire cal fire monterey county regional fire district, the midcoast fire brigade and the u. s. forest service. all responded cruz controlled that fire and stopped it from spreading to the general store and other areas of the lodge. no word yet on what started the fire. former college lecturer at sonoma state university and santa clara university, is behind bars tonight. he's accused of intentionally setting fires near the massive dixie fire. ktvu is jesse gary tells us that prosecutors say he is a threat now to the community. until last year, gary maynard had been a college lecturer. he taught criminal justice at sonoma state university and worked as in a junked faculty member at santa clara university. he's now accused of felony arson intentionally setting a series of fires near the 500,000
10:47 pm
square acre dixie fire. the fact that somebody would be intentionally setting those fires. it's not only, um, a threat to the community, but obviously a threat to the firefighters. in court filings, the assistant u. s attorney for the eastern district of california, says maynard entered the evacuation zone and began setting fires behind the first responders fighting the dixie fire. in addition to the danger of enlarging the dixie fire, and threatening more lives and property. this increased the danger to the first responders. but for the dedication and effort of u. s forest service investigators working around the clock to track menard, those fires would not have been discovered in their infancy. with menard's growing fires at their backs, firefighters would have been placed at much greater risks. at wednesday's detention hearing, prosecutors asked that maynard be held without bail, and the u. s magistrate agreed, saying there are no assurances the defendant would show up for future court appearances and there he would likely continue
10:48 pm
to be a threat to the public and firefighters. but when you, uh, factor in other kinds of activities caused by human beings, it just makes it difficult job even more difficult and more dangerous. sonoma state university emailed a statement saying in part, menard was contracted to fill in for a faculty member who was on leave. he taught two semesters in criminology and criminal justice studies in fall 2020. bernard does not currently have an appointment with sonoma state university, menard's next court appearance will be a preliminary hearing scheduled for august. 24th judge delancey will be presiding in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. how already a quick glance at the temperatures from today again just so you can see what tomorrow is going to look like pretty similar, very similar to these temperatures. i think we'll see lots of mid nineties. i think that we'll find hundreds, but they're going to be further in east so there'll be more into the modesto area. stockton i think daniel could
10:49 pm
be more like 97 tomorrow but still very warm inland. there's the fog at the coast pushing into the bay won't get much further than the bay or farther than the bay because we're looking at the kind of the same thing we had last night where the fog just doesn't have enough height or depth to get over those hills. and so we're keeping the fog in the bay in those inland valleys are waking up pretty warm already starting out warm temperature right now in and, um conquered 73 83 in brentwood so you can see where the marine air is getting and where it's not getting that minus seven and livermore let you know it's cooled off their minus four and fairfield from last night at this time, high pressure owning the area as you know. and the whole west coast is that way it's lit up and one of the things that's happening with high pressure down in the southwest as it's spinning the some tropical moisture up towards us, and so you kind of see some showers and thundershowers. there's a slight chance we most likely won't see anything, even a sprinkle, but we will feel the humidity increases the next
10:50 pm
couple of days as we go, uh, get further into that air mass and so with the heat and the humidity, it's gonna be kind of. yeah. little sticky note. it will be noticeable tomorrow. it will be noticeable on friday and then i don't think in the residue on saturday, so the fog's coming in as to exactly like he did last night. there it is again to just get a refresher on how it's looking. it's shallow. you can come to see them. you can see the bottom of it, so you know it's not going to get up over the hill. polls. there's fog of the coast. this is the model tomorrow morning and then see those the further clouds or the higher clouds or the further east clouds. that's the subtropical moisture so you'll see it flow free kind of right there. it looks like it's kind of attached to the fog, but it's not the fogs underneath it. so that's the tropical moisture. that's the humidity increased. that's what i think you're going to notice the difference about tomorrow, so it'll be slightly cooler per house because of the cloud cover. you inject more humidity into the environment, it's going to feel hotter. so 90 94 in antioch. ah, tomorrow is the forecast. maybe 95. it's going to feel like 98 or 100. just
10:51 pm
because the humidity, so there's the five day forecast. unfortunately we've got a number of days above 90 degrees, not unusual at all for august, but what i'm saying, unfortunately, is that you get a lot of days in a row of heat and you start fires start to pop up. that's just what happens. it's not a red flag warning, but we will notice the fire start to become more of a thing. and start more easily like the fire up in. um the, uh, gosh it by brownsville today, so anyway, i'll be back here, 11, and we will update the forecast. we will see you then, bill. thank you. coming up in sports draymond green showing off his olympic gold medal at the warriors summer league game mark. we'll have the highlights, plus the giants and the a's look to keep their winning streaks alive, then on the 11 o'clock news at nighttime demonstration again against masks in the north bay. why protesters say they shouldn't be forced to wear face coverings or show proof of vaccinations to go into local businesses.
10:52 pm
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batteries and first aid kit are a good start room tonight. best record in all of baseball and very much looking the part to san francisco giants continue to do what they do wallop home runs and beat the teams that have no business beating them. and that would be the arizona diamondbacks, who are not nursing good last place team. hey, it was nurses. appreciation night. essential workers best here. my mom was a nurse. there the best up to one and the third. how about buster? you don't see this that often he goes opposite field for the distance to right field is 15th. he reached his base, his ninth consecutive time tonight before he was stopped 3 1/4 that he now up 32 lama. wait, junior cracks. one deep
10:55 pm
center field could tell martin looks like he's going to make the play. on it. it is glove as you'll see on the replay and goes over the fence. home run number 14 for wade. it's a two run shot. giants and control come to seventh. they keep on doing it. this is arizona's brad gus foothill high and pleasanton is where he grew up and facing foothill high alum brandon crawford, who gets the best of it there for his 19th home run of the year. brandon had three more hits. giants m v p looking great. and just for good measure about 400 ft worth, alex dickerson goes waterworld, his 13th and we have a minor kayak incident down there in the water beyond the right field barrier. 72 final. they're having fun that water's got the cold 32 games over five letters, four up. on the l. a dodgers, who are also victorious going to tell you a
10:56 pm
story about a man named jed, a well paid infielder who has no problems keeping his family fed. the oakland a's are victorious back in cleveland. we'll talk about jet at a moment. but first of all, we got to tell you why there was a one hour so rain delay in cleveland. it was hot. it was humid, and they finally get the game underway and the a's trailed most of it, but they come on in the late innings. as down three to elvis has left the yard with this one that ties it. that's his third of the year and it's a 33 bulking. exactly four hitters later, there's that man, jed lowry again coming through in the clutch ticket to ride that's a three run dinger, as frank would say. 13 for him on the year of 63 final they are to back of houston in the a's and suddenly ripped up six consecutive win summer basketball. everybody all hyped up to see those two top
10:57 pm
prospects that the warriors drafted in the first round. well there are so night and someone by the name of draymond actually stole the show in vegas. you win a gold medal. you got to show that blang off right? and he wears it well, bob myers on hand to try and get a peek at it. he wasn't having it. jonathan commitment number seven. pick warriors top pick shot only five of 17 for his 18. but man, he shows some great promise on defense. that's a great block right there. but the guy i'm pulling for. don't forget about gary payton jr. the rising with the left hand to put that thing down, he had 13 points, five rebounds. five of this pulling for him to make the team stephan curry, also on hand. who is that math man who signed that mega max deal last week. steph curry. that's to have the opportunity to, you know, secure the next five years and understand what we're trying to rebuild. and, um yo, balance
10:58 pm
that win now mentality with developing some of the young guys who are here and just what that pursuit means. i'm all for it. and you know that. that's my home. it'll be here before you know it. meanwhile though, 33 days and county 49ers in detroit, sydney to open up against the lions, but first they've got some other business to attend to, like getting ready for their exhibition opener john lynch and santa clara back from his hall of fame weekend in canton, ohio, the mood is good. health is pretty good. you find ken law certainly seems in good spirits number 99. we'll probably get a look at trey sermon running back highly touted out of ohio state number 28. you're not going to see jimmy garoppolo. why risk it right, but everybody can not wait to see trey lance, take the field chiefs at levi's this saturday night and the rookie is all pumped up. as you'd imagine, uh,
10:59 pm
super excited. yeah i haven't. i haven't played in front of fans, obviously, since you know the national championship in 2019. so that was over two years ago, so very wanted to have another opportunity to be in the game and kind at the same time. everything is new, so just being able to get used to everything everything from from, you know the hotel the night before the game to pre game warm up, you know, everything is going to be new, but at the same time, you know, football's football. can't wait to see it. meantime a saint mary's gail alum major league history tonight corbyn burns for the milwaukee brewers at wrigley ties a big league record 10 straight strikeouts all swinging tom seaver and aaron nola had previously held the record. matt duffy, former giant finally got wood on the ball. it ended the strikeout string 10 consecutive batters. and needless to say, the brewers 1 10 to nothing over the cubs. that's the sporting life. good stuff going on good for st mary's tonight. very
11:00 pm
good. alright mark. thank you. yep. next at 11. he is not capable of doing some transferring buses of even going getting on the bus and go in the right direction. worried relatives, very worried relatives looking for an at risk man said to have the mental capacity of a five year old. he's been missing now since monday after being released alone. from the hospital, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now, hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. the family says they're 56 year old relative was released from all debates medical center on monday handed a bus ticket and has been missing ever since. ktvu amberleigh is live now in berkeley, where family members searched the streets tonight. amber julie, the man's family tells me it's obvious he cannot take care of him. self, one relative says she brought him here to alto bates medical center, and


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