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yep. next at 11. he is not capable of doing some transferring buses of even going getting on the bus and go in the right direction. worried relatives, very worried relatives looking for an at risk man said to have the mental capacity of a five year old. he's been missing now since monday after being released alone. from the hospital, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now, hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. the family says they're 56 year old relative was released from all debates medical center on monday handed a bus ticket and has been missing ever since. ktvu amberleigh is live now in berkeley, where family members searched the streets tonight. amber julie, the man's family tells me it's obvious he cannot take care of him. self, one relative says she brought him here to alto bates medical center, and that she hasn't
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seen him since. did you see him? brian lawrence's family is searching for him passing out flyers this stop a homeless encampment in berkeley. they tell me the 56 year old vanished after being discharged from the hospital monday night at eight o'clock. they say he suffers from schizophrenia and dementia down to my very pit. i'm concerned, i'm worried. i know how he functions. family members say lawrence has the mental capacity of a five year old. so when did they come into your apartment? oh i'd say seven. they say he's paranoid, often imagines that people are following him. one relative says she drove him to er at al to bates summit medical centre in berkeley monday afternoon. she says his ankles were swollen. he had complained of pain in his neck. she says she wasn't allowed into the hospital when he checked in because of covid restrictions. she says she went home and called al to base repeatedly to ask when he would be discharged, but found out he
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had been sent home before she could pick him up. how can you see him the way he was? and release him? i don't understand. maybe hit a couple of homeless shelters over enrichment. relatives say they've been searching for him since monday night and reported him missing to berkeley police investigators say they're treating this as an at risk missing persons case. one family member says the hospital told him lawrence was given a bus pass along with the root on how to go to his home in elsa bronte. he is not capable of doing some transferring buses of even going. getting on the bus and going the right direction. a spokesperson for the hospital issued a written statement quote out of respect for patient privacy and in compliance with state and federal laws. we are unable to comment. i'm worried that he could be beat up. i mean, i'm worried that he could be passed out. come into your apartment,
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the family says lawrence doesn't know how to use a cell phone. they described him as having a large afro six ft. tall and weighs £180. he was last seen wearing a light brown jacket in gray. sweat pants. relatives say he's not violent, but it's best not to approach him and to contact police. julie hopefully someone sees them and can get them back in contact with his family. amber. thank you. convicted sex offender is under arrest tonight after allegedly assaulting boys at the grocery store where he worked as altos. police say they arrested 29 year old deepak sharon yesterday. you boys told police the suspect touched them inappropriately at the trader joe's store. sharon was arrested at the office of his probation officer inbred would city and then booked into santa clara county jail. some shoppers said it's disturbing but didn't necessarily necessarily blame the store. i don't like the fact that it might if it has happened that it did happen, but at the same
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time, i think that is nobody's fault. like the shop at the store or something that they couldn't know because you never know about the past of people. it's not clear tonight. if trader joe's was aware that the suspect was a convicted sex offender, we contacted trader joe's this evening for a statement, but have not received a response. in san jose police today released surveillance video that they hope will help solve a homicide case from back in march. authorities say they think this car was involved in a fatal shooting on march 7th on carnelian drive. 36 year old matthew shave era of san jose was killed, police say blue older model ford explorer was seen leaving the scene of the shooting the vehicle had tan trim, black rimmed spare tire on the rear passenger side, a custom chrome front grille and oxidation on the hood. 11 tonight in marin county
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demonstrators protested against vaccine mandates. a business is warning they will lose customers if they force the issue. we're just wanting to communicate directly to the business owners in nevado tonight. hopefully you know, in the morning they'll see these and they'll make sense to them basically telling them hey, you know, we're people. we are your customers. we've kept you in business through this last year, while other people were being scaredy cat staying at home. and you need to not be enforcing that we have to be vaccinated to come in your stork. about a dozen protesters put up small flyers on businesses in nevado. the posters read, in part, the people who kept you in business are the ones you'll be banning, the protesters say vaccine and mask mandates infringe on their liberty and freedom of choice. stanford university says they'll require weekly coronavirus tests for students, regardless of their vaccination status. it's one of the first schools in the country with such a requirement. atvs as a
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smith is in palo alto tonight, and azenith smith you have more on how students are reacting to this new rule. what are they telling you? well frank, most students we spoke to don't mind the testing. in fact, many of them are already doing it voluntarily. they say they'll do what's necessary to ensure classes stay in person. but i'm vaccinated. i software mask like that's worse. in my opinion, stanford sophomore terlingua healy is voluntarily testing weekly, too. make sure her allergy symptoms aren't covid-19. so, basically, you get these like little baggies. these are the testing kits. stanford provides. students can pick them up on campus self test and then put them in drop boxes at stanford results come back in a day, she says the process is simple. i also think like it's a good thing. if we know whether or not these vaccines are really working concerns over the delta variant, prompting university officials to now require all students to not only get the vaccine and wear face coverings indoors.
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but now submit to test once a week starting august 15th one month before school starts in person. in a letter to students, stanford writes. the requirement is aimed to minimize the prevalence and reduce the spread of covid 19 on campus. if we're not testing, we just don't know how many people have covid. there have been these breakthrough cases, so it. doesn't make a little bit of sense. stanford did have a problem earlier or late last month in july seven students all vaccinated tested positive for covid after the university loosen testing requirements. the students all symptomatic, medical experts say asymptomatic individuals can carry the virus as well. by. doing surveillance and making sure that people are negative. that is they're not carrying the virus that really adds a great deal of assurance. i'm honestly apprehensive about how much um it's actually going to happen in person. in the fall, students worry stanford could decide last minute again against in person instruction.
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you know, i was very frustrated last year to be sent home like they told us two days before one quarter started, they want to return to his close to a normal funk quarter as they can get. yeah. and that health expert i spoke to says other universities could follow suit, depending on their resources. keep in mind. stanford is a smaller school in comparison to the u. c and the cal state systems, frank azenith smith life force tonight on the stanford campus. thank you. governor newsom announced the new statewide requirement today. that all teachers and staff be vaccinated or submit to weekly coronavirus testing. this makes california the first state in the country with a mandate for school personnel. governor says the order is based on science and intended to keep students safe. several bay area school districts already have announced a similar rule, including san francisco, san jose, oakland
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and moran. there are 1000 plus other schools and districts in the state or rather districts in the state that we want to encourage along. and we believe that this will begin a process of significantly increasing vaccination rates across the spectrum and across the state. california teachers association says they support the requirement and 90% of their members are vaccinated. the policy takes effect tomorrow, but schools have until october 15th to be fully compliant. oregon is the latest state to reinstate a statewide indoor mask requirement. oregon officials are warning that the states healthcare system could soon be overwhelmed. mask mandate goes into effect on friday and indoor public spaces for everyone. five years old and up, regardless of their vaccination status. the search is on for a woman caught on camera feeding raw meat to coyotes in san francisco. why authorities say her actions are
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works department is taking a new job at bard. ahlerich griffin read, took over the department last year after his boss was charged in a corruption probe. the mayor's office credits him with leading reforms, strengthening oversight and helping to keep the streets cleaner. a search is now under way for a replacement at bart de graaf in reed will be the assistant general manager of administration. authorities in san francisco are searching for a woman. you see her here? she was caught on camera feeding a plotter of raw meat to wild coyotes. fox news. excuse me, ktvu s andre senior tells us that officials with the city's animal care and control say that feeding wild animals is not only illegal, it's also dangerous. you won't find many people walking around bernal hill in san francisco, surprised to come across a coyote every once in a while signs of learning visitors. two of them can be found everywhere here. we even spotted one while working on this story. how often do you see them on your when your own pretty much every day, but what some did find
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surprising. is this a woman feeding a platter of raw meat to coyotes that roam the park? a move that left one man struggling to find the words to make sense of it. do we need to do that? i think i mean, can't they? it does. it seemed like we need to be feeding them. san francisco animal care and control calling this illegal and dangerous. they want to find her feeding coyotes in any wildlife. it makes the wildlife lose their natural wariness of people. they begin to see people as a source of food. federal officials cited that very reason for euthanizing the coyote back in july that had repeatedly approached toddlers at san francisco botanical garden. we were certainly very alarmed to see them approaching children. that's not natural behavior. a coyote should not be walking up to a child in any circumstance, a situation authorities think is triggered by repeated human feedings. the experts say that move interrupts their hunt that keeps the rodent population in check by feeding on gophers,
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squirrels and rats, coexistence with coyotes is achievable now since they generally do not bother the public rich barnes says they've never bothered him while taking his dog gibson for walk. i've seen multiple ones up on the hill. i've seen him in the clearing park. i've even seen beach like walking through, like washington squares. but animal experts say that changes when you add the human component, and that's why they're trying to track down the woman seen feeding raw meat to coyotes on bernal hill. we people can change our behavior, i just not feeding them is probably going to take care of a lot of the problems we have. here is another look at the woman that animal care and control would like to speak with if you can identify her call 4155 94 100. that's. around 55549 100 bernal heights. i'm andre senior ktvu fox two news. some delta airlines passengers will enjoy food from a favorite san francisco restaurant during their travels the greek restaurant, sabella is creating
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dishes for the airline in firstd business can enjoy choices like chicken salad, a stuffed breakfast pita and baked feta pasta. delta flights to boston and new york will feature the meals. the restaurant has four locations in the city. thinking about well, you know, pack my bag and at least get that ready to go. but i didn't need to. they would write on it. they were so good firefighters make quick work of a fire burning on mount tamil pious, but still, any sight of smoke causes anxiety more on the aggressive firefight next. plus a vicious cycle, the study that shows more wildfire smoke could mean less rain, and i'm tracking the forecast as we get closer to the bay area weekend. now we've got some s valley this afternoona
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car fire ignited the blaze on mount tamil pius. firefighters were able to contain that fire quickly but as ktvu is deborah villalon reports, even a small fire causes big concern. from sky fox on the east peak of mount tamil pius, a brush fire kept to less than one acre with a full wild land response. engines from multiple agencies race to the summit of the state park. this is always been a concern for us is that throckmorton ridge arriving crews saw smoke rising straight up, showing little wind and late afternoon fog was a good sign, too. but in this tinder dry forest with communities. below any hint of smoke gets outsize attention. very visual. you know, everybody can see when we do have a fire up here on the top of mount town, so i know it's very concerning to
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many people. everybody's everybody's on edge man residents along the panoramic highway no, there's a staffed fire lookout, 2500 ft up, and a dedicated fire station protecting them still seems a little bit early, already it although the dixie fire has been raging for you know what, three weeks now or a month so um, the new normal is, um, it's yeah, it's a little scary, making the cal fire air attack a big relief, a helicopter picking up water from mountain reservoirs and two tankers dropping retardant before the fire could pick up any real momentum. very important, having the aircraft available and right now we have numerous resources from marin helping with the dixie fire with at least a dozen engines out of county. our mutual aid crews take extra shifts to backfill. when the fire hit a few dozen park visitors had to be cleared out and photos posted to twitter show the cause of it all a car fire that spread to vegetation. the driver was uninjured and questioned by
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deputies, but it appears to be accidental. his suv clearly a total loss. i walk a lot on the mountain, and there's just so many dead trees, residents working on defensible space and other fire prevention have even more motivation now thinking about well, you know, pack my bag and at least get that. ready to go, but i didn't need to. they were right on it. they were so good on mount tam deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news, napa county is adding a water dropping helicopter to its firefighting arsenal, the county board of supervisors yesterday approved spending almost $2 million to contract with blue sky helicopters. contract begins august 15th and last through november. 15th the blackhawk helicopter is fitted with a 900 gallon water bucket designed to quickly put out flames. county officials say they wanted to have the aerial support nearby and under the control of the napa county fire chief instead of state officials. new research
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suggests wildfire smoke in the air may prevent rain from falling. the study by northwest research associate and scripps institution of oceanography binds tiny particles in wildfire smoke affect the way droplets forming clouds, potentially resulting in less rain. the researchers said. if wildfire smoke is making rain less likely, then we're looking at dry spells and more wildfires. in the future. alrighty then getting ready for the forecast. for tomorrow. temperatures are going to be about where they were today. pretty warm inland. we had 100 today. in antioch. tomorrow temperatures will be these are the hives from today tomorrow, temperatures will be slightly cooler. they're going to remain cool with the coast where the fog is going to be a constant, although i did see some sun breaks today out of pacifica and linda mar, so. i think there's a chance like blindness. i think you might see a little bit of sun since and beach. here are the live camera images showing the fog estuary in oakland and the fog's low as shallow, so it's not going to
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get that far inland. so tomorrow we wake up with plenty of sunshine. you can see the sea breeze 82 right now in brentwood, 82 this time of night. three degrees cooler in fairfield than it was last night, eight degrees cooler in livermore, so more seabreeze getting in temperatures tomorrow will be just a tad cooler, but i think a lot of the cooling to probably have to do with this some tropical moisture even though the humidities are going to increase, it's going to feel hotter. we're going to see some high clouds. some tropical clouds mid level clouds, and that's going to filter the sunshine be a little bit of smoke as well. there's that air quality alert. that will be in effect tomorrow. i suspect they'll put one up for friday as well. there is the fog along the coast. it's going to be you pretty much what it did today, pretty much the same deal. so what you saw today in terms of fog and coverage and burn off will pretty much be duplicated tomorrow. so that's thursday friday. it's gonna be similar, and then temperatures going to come up a bit on saturday. so here you have the model. the fog is underneath the high clouds. the high clouds move freely see him? that's that's the subtropical moisture. and then you see the fog. it's
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really hard to pick out the fog. you know where it is that right and it is high clouds. we filtering in and out throughout the day, and with those high clouds, that's where the community comes in, and you're going to feel that kind of sticky unb a area we're not used to humidities some tropical humanities around here, right? you go to san diego. they are. we aren't we don't typically get that. um so temperatures tomorrow about where they were today. little warmer as we head into friday, warmest day of the week is going to be saturday. and then sunday and monday, we temperature will have temperatures cool options a little bit. i'll see you back here tomorrow. see you then. bill. thank you today marks seven years since the death of robin williams and today his son marked the day with a tweet, he wrote quote dad seven years ago today you passed on the joy and inspiration you brought to the world carries on. in your legacy and in your friends, family and the fans you so loved. you live to bring laughter and to help others. i will celebrate your memory today love you forever. the comedian robin williams was 63
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11:26 pm can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. get a quote and start saving. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. know, i think in the back of every giant fans mind there's a little space where you're thinking win. is this team going to fall back down to earth? you know what. doesn't matter. it wasn't tonight. so who cares? let's keep rolling, and they did against arizona was nurse appreciation night and the giants show the d backs no good bedside manner, they start cranking the ball up to one and the third. buster posey just continues to rape hitting
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about 3 40 just about reached base nine straight times. that's his 15 31 lead, fourth inning now, 32. and lamonte wade jr. just hammers one to center field. you got to see this hotel martok. he's gonna make a great catch right beyond the highlights espn. nobody it ain't in your glove. he can't believe it just about throws his club and it's another homer for lamonte wade jr. seventh inning. it is one brad. dig us from pleasanton against brandon crawford from pleasant, same high school foothill. 19 homers now for brandon, who had three hits, and you know what? in san francisco? there's something in the water. it's called the ball off the bat of alex dickerson. god 13th of the year just to put the cherry on top of this thing. minor kayak incident, giants four games up on the dodgers 32 games over 500. take
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it to cleveland, where weather kind of put the slow roll on the oakland a's in there at this 0.5 game win streak, they were down early. come the late inning, they turn up the volume down 32 in the eighth elvis when high and deep is gone to left field is out of here and dress with his third home run of the year. evens things up 334 batters later, he got the game when he hit last night does the same thing in this when jed salary ticket to ride three run shot up. think is way gone 63 final on the three run homer. there's still two back of houston in the american league western division. all right. we got some time. and it is that time in the evening where we need to check this out. let's go to vegas, where draymond green was on hand showing off his gold medal and who can blame them? team usa doing the job in japan, but the
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highlight of the game it's from gary. hey the that kid with the big left hand jam really pulling for that guy to make the team and he's got a good shot at it. i think the warriors did beat toronto in the summer league tonight, 92 84 a check this out. yeah you know who that is right? and cool. let's play. uh yeah, it is best red rock. i think they're driving a lincoln cotton and all that looks like to me and yeah, a couple of cool cruising like smoky roberts right there. cruising down the road. yeah and check this out. you gotta watch closely you're going to see a dead on the field. this is. sean kelly jr peewee football with an epic run, and dad can't contain himself. of course not. yeah, if you look closely comes out on the field to congratulate his son loves seeing those little guys go at
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it. the shot kelly jr. look at good brings back good memories, guys. thanks mark. goodnight everybody. thanks for joining us. see you later. good night.o. only seven quantum mechanical proofs to go! we are cooking with c-h-4. ohh! (laughs) cooking with gas. and they're both single, fellas. come on, guys. can't we just have one day where we respect and support one another? hello, family. (chuckles) there was an incident this morning at our annual neighborhood block party. cam usually provides the entertainment at these things, but he had lily's birthday party, so phil volunteered. who needs a fizbo if you can have a philbo? what?! i mean, where does it end? it's so long! it's comically long, when you think about it. thing is, phil's terrified of clowns. just thought if i was the clown, i wouldn't be scared. like how you can't tickle yourself. (sebastian laughing) sebastian, no! i got this! sebastian!


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