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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  August 13, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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my city, and i wish there were more i could do about it. from ktvu. fox. two news. this is the four. the little girl's mother rushed her to the hospital after the shooting, police and the family are searching now for any reason as to why this might happen. thankfully, that little girl is likely to be okay. welcome to the four i'm jana katsuyama infer heather holmes and i'm alex savage. richmond police say the shooter in this case fired from a passing car. now officers are doing everything they can to try to make an arrest. ktvu crime reporter henry lee. joining us now live from the news from with the latest details on the investigation, henry well, alex richmond police tell me they're at a loss as to why someone opened fire at this family, injuring a baby girl in her car seat as her mom was nearby. 14 month old girl, the latest victim of gun violence in richmond. it's a parent's worst nightmare. they were dealing with a very traumatic incident with you know their child
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involved, so they were getting her to the hospital as fast as possible. it happened a little after five thursday afternoon on shane drive in the neighborhood just south of the hilltop mall. the baby was with her mother and another person near their car. it appears that the. victim vehicle was parked on shane drive and the shooter vehicle was moving. richmond police lieutenant matt stone breaker says someone was targeting the group and that the baby ended up getting hit. why this happened isn't known. there's no evidence that leaves to any type of road rage incident. there's no motive. it does appear that is isolated incident, the family drove straight to kaiser permanente medical center in richmond a short time later. kaiser hospital reported a 14 month old. had arrived with a gunshot wound, graze to the abdomen. officers meanwhile, found the crime scene on shane drive, officers arrived and located several spent casings on the roadway. richmond mayor tom but says he's pain that the violence has affected a victim so young. it's very sad. it's uh, very disturbing for
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something like this to go on in my city, and, uh. i wish there were more i could do about it. my hearts and prayers go out to the family, the reverend andre shoemake, a longtime richmond community leader, says more needs to be done to ensure that kids and families are safe and that families don't have to worry about sitting out in front of their house. so walking in their communities with fear of being the victim of gun vibe. this girl was later transferred to ucsf. benioff children's hospital. oakland and i'm told she's expected to be okay. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news. well, we are thankful to hear that she is going to pull through after this, henry. thank you. so much for the update. police in san jose, say a woman and two teenagers were arrested and face homicide charges now for the fatal shooting of a 13 year old boy this week, investigators say, margarita santillan's and two of her relatives, ages, 16 and 17 were part of a gun. battle in front of a home on little wood lane
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wednesday afternoon. police say the victims group with exchanging gunfire with residents, this was santa's is 24th homicide this year, investigators say they are still talking to witnesses, and they're asking anyone with information to contact san jose police. oakland police also made an arrest in connection with a deadly shooting 25 year old edward twine is accused of killing 35 year old julia ghabra z on july 10th on 52nd avenue. investigators say twine shot the victim during a robbery. twine is charged with murder, robbery and illegally possessing guns and ammunition. now we turn to the latest on the coronavirus pandemic at infection rates are continuing to rise across this country, according to johns hopkins university in the past 28 days, two million more people have tested positive for covid 19 and nearly 11,000 have died. meantime his cases rise. some states are dealing with a shortage of medical workers in
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texas hospitals are seeing nurses quit because of vaccine mandates. if you gave these nurses a choice and just let him wear the ppe if they didn't want to take the shot, you have thousands of more nurses able to help you in the hospital with this influx of patients in atlanta, there is a church asking parishioners to show proof of vaccination before they entered to worship. the baptist church says it will allow 200 people in for each service, and they feel this is in the best interest of the congregation. the first fda approved booster shots are now being administered. but as foxes, jonathan's sherry explains. the cdc says it will only be shots from pfizer and moderna for now. oh americans are rolling up their sleeves for the first fda approved covid vaccine boosters, an organ transplant recipient at johns hopkins medicine, getting the first shot after the fda cleared pfizer and moderna vaccines for a third dose for
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those with cancer, organ transplants or other conditioate systems. and on friday weighed in saying the new authorization will not include johnson and johnson's vaccine because. lack of sufficient data. just helped. we get good results because of other people are going to need antibodies in their systems to the authorization comes as the new covid surges accelerating quickly. we're now averaging more than 114,000 cases every day in the us up 18% from last week, the cdc now warning community transmission is increasing significantly in areas with low vaccination rates, and it's hitting children the hardest. we know that most of the infections that is coming in through into schools is coming from high rates of disease in the community. but there are at least seven states restricting mask mandates in schools, including florida, which accounts for nearly one out of every five new infections in the u. s. governor iran de
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santis sticking to hisrefusing n efforts, but we were promised that they would end the pandemic lockdown. school closures mandates, and it just hasn't done that the number of new vaccinations is all also taking up slightly the u. s. is now averaging more than half a million doses every day, the highest number since june in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news, the number of vaccinated people here in california is going up statewide about 76,000 doses are being administered every day. that's an increase of 4600 per day compared to this time last week, statewide more than 45 million vaccine doses have been administered. 64% of eligible californians, 12 years old and older are now fully vaccinated. another 10% have had at least one dose as schools start reopening for in person learning state school superintendent tony thurmond is urging parents to get their children vaccinated. he's
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stepping up his effort to reach parents of unvaccinated students who are ages 12 and older. he's reminding them that it's still not too late to get shots and that vaccines are key to keeping the schools open. we have to acknowledge that there are some challenges presented by the delta variant. um and that we've seen an increase in cases, especially for those who are not vaccinated. and for those reasons we have been leaning in as hard as we can. to a message of getting young people about getting all people who were eligible to have a vaccine getting them vaccinated. superintendent thurman also says his office will be sending letters to families urging them to get fast vaccinations for students and parents. the san francisco unified school district says it's ready to safely welcome back. it's 52,000 students and 10,000 teachers to school campuses. schools are set to reopen on monday for full in person learning earlier today. superintendent vincent matthews said the district is taking a number of safety measures to
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help prevent covid-19 infections. they include portable air cleaners or mechanical ventilation systems and classrooms and students will also have to wear masks while they're at school. we believe the best place is for them in our schools, and then we need to do our part by making sure that we are surrounding them with people who are vaccinated. superintendent matthews also said school meals will be free for all students, and they'll have an easier time using uni to get to school community plans to resume service for routes that serve schools on monday, and they will provide free rides for students. it's still about one month until the gubernatorial recall election, but every registered voter will get a ballot in the mail long before that, we'll tell you why the top candidates are now spending the day rallying support all over california need to focus on. on the task at hand coming up next to look at the rallies in the bay area and southern california. that
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candidates held events while governor newsom defended his job performance during a private appearance in san francisco. ktvu is jesse gary has today's developments, and he's joining us live now from san jose, jessie jenna. the messages all sound eerily similar, each person arguing why they should be in the governor's office and the date to face voters fast approaching. this broken stuff out as summer fades, a new season moves to the four. it's the next california politicalvee stump to stay in office. i just
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hope folks i want to level seven. what could happen on election day if we don't turn out in historic numbers to vote? no. on this recall, we could go up a cloak, covid clip and just a matter of weeks. if we don't take this moment seriously and turn those. ballots back in the political boogeyman closing in on. newsome was also standing outside the private event. fellow democrat kevin past brass, california needs a new leader. we need a jfk style leader who's looking at common sense solutions for solving our homeless crisis. our water crisis are fire crisis. a recent survey usa poll conducted for several southern california media outlets finds a majority of the 1100 respondents. 51% want, newsome recalled. republicans overwhelmingly favor the recall, while democrats opposed by a 3 to 1 ratio path, ralf leads a crowded field of 46 candidates to replace newsome for one year until the next gubernatorial election. he's currently trending at 27% we've
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got all sorts of problems in the state. many of them have been exacerbated by this governor in the last two years. republican larry elder leaves the gop hopefuls with 23% of poll respondents, his policies. cause high crime, more poverty, bad schools, an attorney, author and conservative show host elder held his own virtual campaign push virtually at the same time as newsom's private appearance. one of the many things i intend to do when i become governor is to declare a crisis on homelessness. and unleashed the private sector to build low cost housing. the front running candidates all tout plans to tackle education, homelessness and crime. recall ballots are in the mail this week, and by next week, all eligible californians will have the tool to make a choice about the next direction of the golden state. we need to focus in on the task at hand. the recall election is slated for september. 14th if you have not received your ballot in the
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mail by next week, contact your local registrar of voters. and if you don't want to vote by mail in person voting starts on september the fourth, then we get to do this all over again in a year. we're live in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox news. we'll head back to you. all right. thanks so much, jesse. something good to look for in the mailbox. well, gubernatorial candidate caitlyn jenner is campaigning today in southern california yesterday she spoke with alex michaelson for our political show. the issue is michaelson asked jenner if she were governor, how she would handle the current covid surge. right now. we have to follow the science. there is, oh, between the science, okay, the economy we have to take the economy into effect about the effects that it has on the economy if you completely closed it down again. and public health, right? you have to balance that, um right now. i see so
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much of gavin newsom using covid to shut the place down. jenner is on a month long campaign tour around the state. there's no word yet on when she'll be in northern california. there will be more with caitlyn jenner, political strategist bob trump and mike murphy, congresswoman maxine waters and speaker of the house. nancy pelosi. that's all this week on the issue is which airs on sunday at 6:30 a.m. right here on ktvu. alright let's talk more about the recall election here in california and where we go in the coming weeks for that. we're joined by joe gary foley, senior political writer at the scent. francisco chronicle. joe good to have you on here on this friday afternoon, obviously mike mibach yes. newsome locked in a tight race here to try to hold onto his seat. and as we saw today in san francisco, he's kicking off this series of campaign style events all across california. we also find out that we're going to see some democratic heavy hitters speaking out on
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the governor's behalf, including the heaviest hitter of all, i guess you could say the president as well as the vice president. is this all going to be enough for the governor to get enough? democratic voters engaged here and defeat the recall. well that's certainly what he hopes and you know when you have that number of democratic leaders in san francisco, some of them who don't agree on a lot of stuff standing behind newsome, you know that the campaign is very concerned about. turnout among democrats and that's what they were harping on today, they said. we need to turn out democrats and they were. they have been very concerned. we've seen the polls. they say that republicans are almost twice as enthusiastic about this recall as democrats, so the newsome campaign is spending $6.5 million on a get out the vote effort. 5000 volunteers across the state. they sent out 17 million text messages. they're trying. the newsom said today that this would be the biggest get out the vote campaign that the state has ever seen. we'll
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see if that's enough because right now many democrats are still asleep on this recall. yeah, there is that enthusiasm gap that we've certainly discussed before. let me ask you about this question of how governor newsom supporters should handle the second question on the recall ballot. obviously, this came up once again today, the governor asked about it. newsom's camp has continued to urge people to leave that second question blank and simply vote no. on the first question. vote no on the recall. i'm curious your take. on this job. how risky is this strategy? potentially if let's say the recall is successful, and then you have a large number of democrats who sort of sit out that second question adult weigh in on a potential replacement. well there's a couple they want to keep this message as simple as possible. it's essentially vote. no, you know, because they're concerned about what happened in 2000 and three of the last week call where there was baby sitting, then sitting lieutenant governor cruz
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bustamante was on the recall replacement list and some voters were confused. the belief goes among many democrats that they're like. whoa! guess i can vote for him. it will be okay. and it was. it was a confusing that so they're trying to simplify things for voters and just say vote no. and forget it because there are no major democrats. on the replacement list. it's uh we have several major republicans, but no no major democrats. let's talk about i guess we're going to call him the apparent front runner here among the potential replacement candidates, and that's conservative talk radio host larry elder. he held a news conference today as well. didn't take any questions from members of the media. i should point out here, but he also did not appear to recent debate. he at some point, joe, he's going to have to get out there and answer some questions. on his specific positions and his policies at some point, right? well, uh, you think so, if he was a serious candidate, he would and it would be sitting
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down for major interviews with people. but right now, that's not happening that thetake ques. that's that's very unusual. but remember, he has he's been an entertainer his his life. we've seen what happens when we have, uh president like that. who came? it was an entertainer and came from the world of reality tv shows. and had no political experience. it's new. it's very difficult to jump in and assume the job, leading the world's fifth largest economy with no experience. that's what l a is trying to do. plus he has many positions that are out of the mainstream of where many californians are. he believes in zero minimum wage, not not what it is now but zero he is a very much opposed to a woman's right to choose to have an abortion or not. he in the past, he's coming along on this, but
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he's in the past. it's called climate change a hoax. these are these are positions that are out of the mainstream of most californians. hey, joe, as we wrap up here, do you think governor newsom wants larry elder to be the leading contender among republicans because he is the easiest to tie to donald trump? 1000% i think he said the name elder about five or six times and in san francisco and outside his event, and he keeps saying larry elder is the big leader here, and it's a way to. essentially it scared many democrats into voting because if there are twice as many california democrats in california's republicans. if they can turn out their base by saying, this is what's gonna happen. then a. newsome s a shot at retaining his governorship. the key is turning out those voters. we have to leave the conversation. they're always appreciate your time that is senior political writer at the san francisco chronicle, joe gary foley have a good weekend, joe. you too. bye. thank you. smoky skies are
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expected to hang around through the weekend. the bay area air quality management district extended its air quality advisory this morning. the advisory will now remain in effect through sunday, prompted by wildfires that continue burning in california and oregon officials, however, say the air quality is not expected to exceed the federal health standards so no spare the air alert will be issued. add in weather. thankfully most of that smoke will be in the upper levels of the atmosphere. but still you might notice some haze and of course, some of that the smoke could drift closer to the surface is something to be watching as we head into the weekend. also just with this pattern we will have. we could have poor air quality because we kind of have this hot dome setting up that will really have an impact on the air quality as well. so there's actually a lot to track as you can see, we have the fog, tropical clouds and hazy sky so the tropical clouds leading to a slight chance of a shower for this evening, prime rarely, coast side hazy skies. you heard about the air quality advisory. and then we have the typical fall got toward the coast. keeping those
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temperatures on the cooler side for today. here's our live camera, lookin francisco, where you can't see the fog out there and also a bit of some haze up above so kind of a nice divider now in terms of the air quality, they can see the unhealthy levels the reds and looks like that, because some darker red showing up up to our north and out toward the sierra right now we actually have good air quality at the surface, but once again the air quality advisory in place right on through the weekend. you can see the projected levels for tomorrow. most areas kind of falling within that yellow ranged that includes that indicates the moderate range. so here's the plan for this weekend clearing skies. it will be warmer. we're talking about triple digits. england all weekend long could be humid for tomorrow and then on sunday, some areas of fog. it'll be warm to hot england. there's actually a lot to talk about here. you can see the thunderstorms developing out toward the sierra out to our west. here we have the low clouds and fog and also so big batch of high clouds look at that green showing up on the radar. this is some monsoonal moisture. in fact, the moisture
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kind of linked up with what was once a tropical storm. tropical storm kevin and so with that we have the human conr thunderstorm for this evening, primarily near the coastline just in the in the short term. far as current numbers out there actually cooler compared to yesterday. 60 seventies and eighties across the board. here is the forecast models showing you this. it's definitely a picking up on the high clouds moving into the region for this evening between now and about nine o'clock, at least we do bring that slight chance of a sprinkle or a or a thunderstorm near the coast. here's your saturday morning clearing skies throughout the day, but temperatures definitely heating up. we're talking about triple digits out toward concord in antioch, san francisco 74 another hot day for sunday. we'll have your full week. and forecast coming up in a few minutes. pain at the calmed with rising gas prices. i'm casey stengel in texas up next what the biden administratio
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usaa is made for all who've honorably served day of unsteady tradingowained 5 points. the nasdaq was up six and the s and p finished the day up seven points. people all across the country are continuing to see rising prices at grocery stores and gas stations as foxes. casey steagall tells us the high prices are raising concerns have increasing financial hardships. concerns of inflation rising among many americans. in fact, a recent fox news poll revealed 86% of registered voters polled feel that it is their top concern, and more than half said rising grocery, gas and home prices have caused financial hardships. the national gas average, now sitting close to $3.19 a gallon, inching closer to the record price set back in 2000 and nine of $4.11 buck more than where we were a year
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ago. i'm a contractor to see i have work drunk, so i spent a lot of money in gas every week. it hurts. it hurts my bottom line for sure. recent triple a survey showed that you know, gas prices would have to be well over $3.50 a gallon of the national average before some drivers would would start to change their plans. white house officials say the pain at the pump is temporary and expect inflation to settle down. however they haven't been able to give a timeline on when and now the biden administration is asking foreign oil producers to up their production, calling on opec to boost its overall output. this only months after the administration tightened restrictions on american oil companies to production cuts made during the pandemic. should be reversed as the global economic there's a global economy recovers in order to lower prices for consumers, texas governor greg abbott taking a jab at the white house, saying that u. s oil producers could do the job more easily if there weren't as many restrictions in place. that's the latest from
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arlington, texas. casey stegall fox news. yeah a hot, dry weekend awaits justice. cal fire crews start to get the upper hand on the second largest fire ever in california, the challenging conditions that are expected this weekend plus a look back through history with some of the legends who helped create it. we get a tour of the 49 ers team museum that finally reopened after closing during the pandemic. firefightera
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handle on the dixie fire evacuation orders in parts of columbus county. we're supposed to be lifted earlier today, but that is no longer the plan who say increase fire activity overnight led to a number of spot fires. so far, the fire has burned more than 500,000 acres, and it's 31% contained 43 people unaccounted for, have now been found safe, but authorities say three people from the town of greenville do remain missing and one person is missing from the town of chest. cal fire says this weekend's weather conditions could make it much more difficult to battle the dixie fire as temperatures are expected to heat up foxes marianne rafferty has more on the dixie fire, as well as the other fires that are burning in the western u. s. more than 100. wildfires continue to rage across the western united dry c. extreme drought, leaving trees, grass and brush. several 1000 people under evacuation
4:32 pm
orders in montana as the richard spring fire advances toward the northern cheyenne indian reservation hundreds more and surrounding towns also given orders to leave after the fire expanded more than 200 square miles. miles crossing roads, creeks and fire lines. she's been closing in quicker and quicker every day. meanwhile the dixie fire in california continues to threaten dozens of communities. the fire is currently the largest burning in the nation and has destroyed nearly 1000 acres 550 homes and sits at approximately 30% containment. everything that i own is now ashes are twisted metal. it's just all it is the fire almost completely destroying the town of greenville, people they're now trying to wrap their minds around the magnitude of loss and the long road ahead. you want to see people rebuild? um but the you know the style of the homes and the community and the ability of people to be able to come back and do that to have the resources to
4:33 pm
rebuild the way it was, um it's daunting. i mean, sure, i gotta cry. sure sure. i mean, i'm heartbroken. yeah, but. you know, that's not gonna that's not going to rebuild. greenville wildfires have burned more than 900,000 acres so far this year in california, making it the worst year on record in los angeles. marianne rafferty fox news. at least half of afghanistan's provincial capitals are now under taliban control. and now the u. s. is sending thousands of troops help evacuate the u. s embassy up next member of the bay area. afghan community joins us to talk about the situation and a barrier weather a bit of a cool down today but a completely different story this weekend. we're about the sin
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afghanistan? taliban militants have been able to take control of more territory, and now the us is responding with 3000 troops to help evacuate personnel foxes. madeline rivera is in washington with the latest. fear rising in kabul as the taliban closes in on the capital city. at least half of afghanistan's 34 provincial capitals currently under the group's control in a rapid sweep of the country that has shocked us officials, we are certainly concerned by, uh, the speed with which the taliban has been. moving last month, president biden said of a potential taliban takeover. it is not inevitable now, 3000 u. s troops are heading to the country to help the evacuations of u. s embassy staff in kabul as the security situation gets worse, we are going to continue to have a diplomatic presence on the ground part in afghanistan. our embassy remains open. the white house says the president is still
4:37 pm
standing by his decision to pull back u. s presence in weeks in an effort to end its two decade war, but many are criticizing the president's strategy, calling for more support for afghan forces. we need to have a new plan for how we're going to defend ourselves in the region, nearly 120,000 afghans have fled to kabul province this year for the u. n refugee agency, some warning of a disastrous outcome should kabul fall. the situation has all the hallmarks of a humanitarian catastrophe. officials meanwhile, are destroying sensitive documents and equipment of the u. s embassy in cobb. well, a staff get ready to leave the bulk of the troops sent to help with evacuations are expected to arrive by the end of the weekend in washington, mother of era fox news. and joining us now to talk more about this is rhona pop all executive director of the afghan coalition that's based right here in the bay area. thank you so much for joining us today on the floor. thank you so much for giving me a chance to talk
4:38 pm
to you. the taliban advance on these cities was so swift and just one day the country's 2nd and 3rd largest cities, herat and kandahar have fallen and the insurgents now are controlling. we're told about two thirds of the country. what are you and others here in the bay? area hearing from family or friends in afghanistan. you know, the whole community is in shock and disbelief to see how much taliban gain over and so easily all these very important cities in afghanistan and this is something really we are shocked because we never know the people. the poor people never knew that. maybe the government maybe the u. s government knew what they're gonna do to the people. but the regular people they didn't know and they have to leave their houses. they have to leave their life to run for safety. this is unfortunate what's happening? and today, the
4:39 pm
pentagon said that the afghan government needs to take responsibility and that its military has more troops more air capacity to overwhelm the taliban. how likely do you think it is? that the afghan government and the military can maintain control after u. s troops leave. i think the afghan government they're completely took over. they already sold afghanistan to the taliban, and that's why they cannot do anything and they are just waiting to taliban come and take over the capital. unfortunately this is what's going on and whatever is happening in the in the afghanistan all these crime all these genocide because of international community. this back to afghan people. they never they if they had any plan or something, they're supposed to let the people know they're supposed to let these
4:40 pm
translators who worked so closely with international communities so they can get out. they can not in the last minute. i am really sorry. we're very much disappointed. and we really need to ask the u. s. government and international community to please list. let's think about it. let's ask the afghan people how what they wanted not to bring. you know we were no. the taliban as a terrorist for the last 20 years, and now. they have to be under the taliban force again. so this is doesn't make sense at all. for the afghan people inside afghanistan and the one who are outside afghanistan, very sad, and just to put a point on that. some of these these provincial capitals are falling without a fight. they have basically seated and so do you take that some people might take that as a sign of support.
4:41 pm
others might wonder why they aren't fighting. what is your perspective on that. the thing is, there was a plan already that they have to gave, you know, gave it to the taliban. yes a lot of those provinces. they never even thought they just gave it to taliban back. of course, there's one thing they're afraid they don't want to water anymore. the afghan people want peace. they really tired for the last four years. you know they are. um there is a fighting there is a killing. they lost all their family members. you know, they really tired of fighting. and maybe some of them. yes they don't want to fight anymore. they don't want to put but certainly are one of his disappointing before they is. certainly our thoughts are with all of the people within your organization who do have loved ones over there. we've heard, you know, um, nearly a quarter million afghans who now have been forced to flee their homes
4:42 pm
since the end of may, as we heard earlier, potential humanitarian crisis that is brewing there, and we certainly hope that we'll be able to talk to you again as things progress in the next few weeks again, miss pope paul from the afghan coalition based right here in the bay area. i so appreciate thank you for taking time. thank you so much. thank you be really needed support, especially the grand national movement of afghanistan starting to working together, bring the people together and do a worldwide conference. to invite all these parties together so they can sit in one, uh, table and talk about future of afghanistan and we need support. we need a lot of stuff we look forward to hopefully hearing more about that. thank you so much for joining us. thanks. the month of july will go down in history as the hottest month since record keeping began 142 years ago. that's according to istrat.
4:43 pm
right now, a massive heatwave is stretching from coast to coast, making conditions outside, just miserable for millions of americans. pools had to close in portland because it was just too hot for life guards there to work. in new york city. con edison also asked high rises to lower their power use by raising thermostats and turning off certain elevators. and in washington, d. c the heat index was in the triple digits, i'm drenched, you know, um i feel like you know, took a shower this morning, but now i feel like i haven't taken a shower for, you know, a week. i just feel like i'm dripping. us weather officials say the last seven july's from 2015 to 2021 have been the hottest seven julys on record and a very whether we had a little bit of a break from the heat yesterday and today, but things will be heating up once again as we head into the weekend, beginning as early as tomorrow. we're also tracking some subtropical moisture moving in from the south. but here is the
4:44 pm
headline this weekend. we are warming up. you can see the beaches, though not so much mainly in the sixties around the bay seventies and eight these inland spots approaching triple digit territory so it could be human around here, and we have that hot forecast and lead for both saturday and into sunday. here's the satellite the radar because you can see some showers to our east and to our west. first we'll show you the showers to our east and up to our north because it looks like we have some thunderstorms least fairly close to the dixie fire zone right now, in fact, some lightning strikes as well, so the rainfall is good, but of course as a radical winds. not good, so that could be a bit of a challenge for fire crews right now on the front line to that fire. now look at this. all this cloud cover offshore and a bit of some green. we do have the chance of a sprinkle or a light shower. even a thunderstorm for this evening across parts of the bay area, especially as you do work your way closer to the coast. it's only a slight chance but something we're watching closely witre. current numbers.e have santa rosa in the upper land 70 san jose
4:45 pm
78 a bunch of eighties well, england. the eighties will turn at least into the upper nineties for tomorrow. here's a live camera looking out toward san francisco, where we do have the fog in place, and also a bit of some haze with that air quality advisory in place for today, extended right on through the weekend because some of that smoke or some haze could be approaching portions of the barrier hair. we are tomorrow morning temperatures in the fifties and the sixties clouds will clear back to near the coastline to the beach is not warming up too much with some patchy fog nearby, but we begin to introduce some triple digits for tomorrow. there's actually a lot happening. you could see this big dome of hot air, settling in the circulation, drawing in some moisture from the south is becoming closer. this is what we call monsoonal moisture, and this was actually once linked to a tropical storm. tropical storm kevin a few days ago, so forth tonight we have the tropical clouds two bit humid, and still, those humid conditions will continue as we head into your saturday forecast. but this area of high pressure really wants to turn up the heat. so warming up this weekend hot england from both
4:46 pm
saturday and sunday, close to 100. degrees the forecast models showing you the clouds rotating or moving through the bay area in the short term, not much in the way of green to reflect rain chances. but there's that slight chance for this evening and then tomorrow some morning cloud cover clearing back to near the coastline. that is for your saturday take a look at the numbers for you saturday afternoon. you can see triple digits up in the north base, so we're talking about a warm up of around 10 to possibly 20 degrees compared to with today's size, so it's not a nice little gradual warming trend. it's an instant heat up for it. tomorrow. san jose upper eighties upper nineties from morgan hill and gilroy and look ahead, we'll do it all over again as we head into sunday and then we'll gradually cooled things off will be nice. welcome change. i think, as we head into it next week. all right, thanks so much, mark, we're ready to unwind with a weekend of music. san jose is setting the stage for some cool tunes. we'll talk to the ceo of jazz summer fest about the diverse set of artists who are scheduled to perform then
4:47 pm
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15 for $3.50 or loaded for just a buck more. i don't know which is better, the spice or the price. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. only at jack in the box. today's zip trip was all about the south bay. and of course, that meant a visit to levi stadium, home of the san francisco 49 ers. along with the stadium is the team's interactive museum that has finally reopened. ktvu south castaneda got a tour led by some former niners. okay? the signs are up, heralding the reopening of the 49ers museum for the first time since it closed for the pandemic. i had the chance to explore this museum at levi stadium in santa clara with two 49ers legends dennis brown and steve bono. fans will remember steve bono as backup quarterback to joe montana and steve young, when both montana and young got hurt
4:50 pm
in 1991, bono went five and one as the starter and endeared himself to the faithful. oh, no, still has fond memories of that era. it was a special place. i was here for five years won one super bowl won a super bowl on each end of me being here and went to the nfc championship game four times in the five years that i was here, so that's some pretty good teams. dennis brown played defensive end for the niners from 1990 to 1996. brown was an imposing figure playing with a very good 49ers defense. i specifically remember brown, making the life of opposing quarterbacks miserable. i was lucky i came in with a very good defensive line, and i was able to learn a lot from these guys and guys in here, charles haley. you know ronnie lott. you know these guys, guys like this. it just made it really easy for me to be an nfl defensive lineman. here's a good friend of yours. you might know this guy. it was an obvious point of pride for bono and browned to show me the team's heritage as represented by this breathtaking collection
4:51 pm
everywhere you look there is 49ers history from all eras from the beginning to the present. it's only fitting that here in the silicon valley, the museum takes advantage. of the latest technology. this is the all time roster. so anybody you're looking for? you can come in here. you just type in their name, and that person comes up. let's get boned up here. look at that young cat. oh my god, steve. my hair was all black at that time, too, bro in the museum. they have set up coach. bill washes office, complete with the actual desk. he used my favorite photo in this section is that photo of their of mike white. bill and #### for meal. the photo below. it is the same three guys when they were all together at stanford in the sixties. oh, my goodness. everything here actually belonged to coach walsh, including the film projector and the old school three ring binder playbooks. we just have to carry around binders like that. we used to have camp in rockland. around another corner is the room with all the memorabilia. here. you see
4:52 pm
classic jerseys, many of them signed. there are the famous gold jackets, helmets and more looking looking and remember the catch. it's perhaps the most well known play in 49ers history. when joe montana found dwight clark in the final minutes of the nfc championship game in 1982. the ball from that legendary play lives here for all to see. perhaps the most awe inspiring thing i saw at the museum is when i walked into the room where they keep the five super bowl trophies. oh my goodness! you talk about you know the team and kind of what it means to the bay area, and i think it's about it's about this is the championships on steve. this is what it's all about right here. you can also see the super bowl rings just like the ones the players received after winning it all. if you're a big 49ers stand, you should definitely consider making the trip to this museum at levi stadium in santa clara,
4:53 pm
south castaneda, ktvu fox two news. all those trophies there. that is something that is very history right? there absolutely understands, again have fun california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today.
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south bay tonight. the 2021 san jose jazz summer fest will kick off with three straight days of performances in and around the plus that they say so. chavez this year's event will feature acts including judith hill, pete escovedo and rapper common for more on what we can expect this weekend. we are joined now by the curator o latin music for the festival, beto it sounde it's going to be a fantastic weekend down to the south bay with some some great musical acts performing here. some great weather too, you know, even with the pandemic restrictions you have in place
4:56 pm
you were able to get six stages going. 45 artists performing what did it take to make? this festival happened in a year like this? it's a labor of love. it's really, uh we have a passion for music. we love music, and we know people love music. and one thing that i think it's fair to say has kept us going this past year and a half is music. and nothing better than to see live music in person in front of you and summer fast is the place to be all right. so you're the curator of latin music, and i understand that on saturday and sunday nights, that's when the spotlight is really on latin music at the festival here. what what can folks expect? what is? what is the sound? what is the vibe going to be? well i'm every year i you know, i've been curating this for the last few years and i bring bands from los angeles.lly a mut based in los angeles. and i bring, uh half of the bands from l. a and half of the bands
4:57 pm
from they they area so we have a combination of cuban salsa roots cumbia kind of the whole, you know, spectrum of dance music for people to enjoy. it's gonna be great. the great thing about it is that this is a free. stage in other words, people can come without having to worry about paying ascent. it's a free stage, and it's just going to be great starts at 3 32 30 on saturday and 3 30 on sunday. we have four bands on saturday three bands on sunday. it's the place to be, it's going to be really, really exciting time. yeah, free. you can't beat that. you know you talk about there being latin music performers. we talk about traditional jazz musicians performing and then you have common, you know, a rap superstar who is going to be part of the festivities as well. how how important is it when you're finding the musical acts for a festival like this to get a diverse group of performers? well you know, this
4:58 pm
country is diverse. the bay area is diverse. i mean, this is all about who we are so at center. sage as you see the entire you know, gamut the whole spectrum of colors of people and sounds you're going to see you know, cumbia salsa, you're gonna see funk blues, jazz, every other sound that you know is american and this is what it's all about. i think it's a great opportunity for people to come and see just how great. it is to live in this area and people to come and enjoy. and then some music, maybe learn how to, you know, do the salsa. how to do the cha cha cha. this is a great opportunity. so you know, tonight we have also madly on the main stage. it's going to be fantastic. well it sounds like a fantastic weekend. the weather couldn't be more perfect. and i know folks are going to show up. they're going to want to get tickets ahead of time, though. uh and the performances again get underway here shortly in just a few minutes down there in the south bay. that's beto arcos, curator of latin music for the san jose
4:59 pm
a summer jazz fest really appreciate your time. have a fun time this weekend. thank you so much for your time. appreciate it. all right. take care, ktvu, fox two news at five starts now. we're ceai, that it was not a fatality, but people in richmond insists something must be done to ease violence against the shooting of a baby. good evening to you. i'm andre, senior. and i'm heather holmes in tonight for christina richmond. police say they are doing everything they can to try to find that shooter. they suspect the shot was fired from a passing car in the area of shane drive. ktvu crime reporter henry lee is in the newsroom with the amenities. reaction to this case, henry. well, andre richmond police tell me they're at a loss as to why someone opened fire at this family, injuring a baby girl in her car seat as her mom was nearby. a 14 month old girl, the latest victim of gun violence in richmond. it's a
5:00 pm
parent's worst nightmare. they were dealing with a very traumatic incident with you know their child involved, so they were getting her to the hospital as fast as possible. it happened a little after five thursday afternoon on shane drive in a neighborhood just south of the hilltop mall. the baby was with her mother and another person near their car. it appears that the. victim vehicle was parked on shane drive and the shooter vehicle was moving. richmond police lieutenant matt stone breaker says someone was targeting the group and that the baby ended up getting hit. why this happened isn't known. there's no evidence that leads to any type of road rage incident. there's no emotive it does appear that is isolated incident, the family drove straight to kaiser permanente medical center in richmond a short time later. kaiser hospital reported a 14 month old. had arrived with a gunshot wound, graze to the abdomen. officers meanwhile, found the crime scene on shane drive, officers arrived and located. several spent casings on the roadway. richmond mayor tom


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