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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 13, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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parent's worst nightmare. they were dealing with a very traumatic incident with you know their child involved, so they were getting her to the hospital as fast as possible. it happened a little after five thursday afternoon on shane drive in a neighborhood just south of the hilltop mall. the baby was with her mother and another person near their car. it appears that the. victim vehicle was parked on shane drive and the shooter vehicle was moving. richmond police lieutenant matt stone breaker says someone was targeting the group and that the baby ended up getting hit. why this happened isn't known. there's no evidence that leads to any type of road rage incident. there's no emotive it does appear that is isolated incident, the family drove straight to kaiser permanente medical center in richmond a short time later. kaiser hospital reported a 14 month old. had arrived with a gunshot wound, graze to the abdomen. officers meanwhile, found the crime scene on shane drive, officers arrived and located. several spent casings on the roadway. richmond mayor tom but says he's pain that the
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violence has affected a victim so young. it's very sad. it's uh, very disturbing for something like this to go on in my city, and, uh. i wish there were more i could do about it. my hearts and prayers go out to the family that reverend andre shoemake, a longtime richmond community leader, says more needs to be done to ensure that kids and families are safe and their families don't have to worry about sitting out in front of their house. so walking in their communities with fear of being the victim of gun violence. now the girls later transferred to ucsf benioff children's hospital. oakland and i'm told she's expected to be okay. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two. that is certainly some good news in all of this, henry. thank you so much. meantime police in san jose arrested a woman in two teenagers in connection with the deadly shooting of a 13 year old boy this week there, investigators say that margarita santa lan and two of her relatives, ages 16 and 17
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were part of a gun battle in front of a home on little wood lane went today afternoon. police say the victim who has been identified as stupid steve ruben gutierrez, the third was with another group involved in that gun battle. investigators are still talking to witnesses. anyone with information should contact san jose police at five a dispute between neighbors in antioch leads to shooting several arrests and what may be a surprise discovery inside one of the homes involved here late last night. police responded to a report of gunfire, two separate apartment buildings in the 1500. lot of sycamore drive. when officers arrived, they found an armed man and took him into custody. police say the man had fired several rounds into a random apartment while arguing with a neighbor. a search of the suspect's home led to the discovery of a handgun rifle parts in additional ammunition. officers also found an ar 15 pistol with a high capacity magazine inside the apartment that was unintentionally hit by the suspect. both people were booked on felony charges. the
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effort to recall governor gavin newsom heated up today with two candidates as well as the governor himself, holding events and efforts to try to sway voters. katie was jesse gary joins us now live from san jose, with the look at how all of them are working to try to get some attention here, jesse heather the messages sound eerily similar. all the candidates arguing what they have done to deserve going into the governor's mansion and the date to face voters fast approaching, broken as summer fades, a new season moves to the four. it's the next california political season in san francisco friday. governor gavin newsom on the stump to stay in office. i just hope folks i want to level seven. what could happen on election day if we don't turn out in historic numbers to vote? no. on this recall, we could go up a cloak, covid clip and just a matter of weeks if we don't take this moment seriously and turn those ballots back in the
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political boogeyman closing in on. newsome was also standing outside the private event. fellow democrat kevin past brass, california needs a new leader. we need a jfk style leader who's looking at common sense solutions for solving our homeless crisis. our water crisis are fire crisis. a recent survey usa poll conducted for several southern california media outlets finds. majority of the 1100 respondents. 51% want, newsome recalled. republicans overwhelmingly favor the recall, while democrats opposed by a 3 to 1 ratio path raft leads a crowded field of 46 candidates to replace newsome for one year until the next gubernatorial election. he's currently trending at 27% we've got all sorts of problems in the state. many of them have been exacerbated by this governor in the last two years. republican larry elder leaves the gop hopefuls with 23% of poll respondents, his policies cause high crime, more poverty, bad schools, an attorney, author and conservative show host
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elder held his own virtual campaign push virtually at the same time as newsom's private appearance. one of the many things i intend to do when i become governor. is to declare a crisis on homelessness. uh and unleash the private sector to build low cost housing. the front running candidates all tout plans to tackle education, homelessness and crime recall ballots are in the mail this week, and by next week, all eligible californians will have the tool to make a choice about the next direction of the golden state. we need to focus in on the task at hand. recall elections slated for september. 14th if you have not received your ballot in the mail by next week, contact your local register of voters office and if you prefer to vote in person left starts september the fourth. we're live here in san jose this evening, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you. yeah the recall quickly approaching, i received my mail in ballot just today.
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all right, jesse. thank you. well another republican candidate is taking his message. to voters this week with a new television ad mayor kevin faulconer. only one candidate for governor, cut homelessness by double digits and cleared tents off sidewalks. only one candidate stood up to a defund police campaign workers for former san diego mayor kevin faulkner say their new advi is in the six figures. that ad started airing yesterday. wagner has been struggling to break out amongst the fellow republican challengers. critics argue he left office in san diego, where few tangible accomplishments. later in this newscast, a bay area political science professor will join us with perspective on the state of the sub coming recall election are turning down to this. the wildfires he dixie fire burning in butte, plumas, and to him account is posing a real challenge now for firefighters overnight, the fire flared back up a result of several spot fires in the area and plans to let some residents return to evacuated areas were called off.
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the fire has burned nearly 518,000 acres, and it's just 31% contained. pg has said its equipment may have sparked the fire. well people with plans to spend a lot of time outside this weekend need to be mindful of an extended air quality advisory. it may look just a little hazy now, but air monitors have extended their advisory through sunday. meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now with a look at conditions moving wildfire smoke mark hi there under a weather pattern kind of developing this weekend's basically a lid in the atmosphere, trapping everything. not only the smoke but also pollutants so you will notice that hes possibly into the weekend. we've been saying all along the most days, not every day. that smoke is in the upper levels of the atmosphere, so we see it, but a lot of it's not reaching the surface. but of course, a lot of that can change based on the fire activity, with the fires burning around the bay area, so supplied to keep an eye on here's the satellite. we're not showing you that big hayes on at least that thin layer of haze in the satellite, but it's still showing up around the fire zone. instead we're actually showing you some
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showers will talk about the showers coming up with the next weather check in a few minutes. interesting live camera right now. league see the fog and then some high clouds moving in, but not much in the way of that real thick haze. but as we take a look here at the air quality center is the unhealthy air is kind of focused up to our north. you can still see actually, some moderate levels up in the north bay and then the good air quality and portions of the south bay. now, here's the forecast for tomorrow. moderate levels for most for the entire bay area, i should say. this air quality advisory continues into sunday as well. smoke forecast model keeping the higher concentrations up to our north. but still, as i mentioned, we kind of have that lid over the region so we could still have some hes not only in the saturday but also into a sunday but once again the real intensive smoke plumes right around the fire activity right around the fire zone, which you would expect. we are talking about heat up, though we'll have more in your forecast coming up in just a few minutes. thank you. none of the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. the first fda approved booster shots are now being administered. but as jonathan syria explains, the
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cdc says, it will only be shot sport pfizer and moderna, at least for now. oh americans are rolling up their sleeves for the first fda approved covid vaccine boosters, an organ transplant recipient at johns hopkins medicine, getting the first shot after the fda cleared pfizer and moderna vaccines for a third dose for those with cancer, organ transplants or other conditions that weaken their immune systems. and on friday, the cdc weighed in saying the new authorization will not include johnson and johnson's vaccine because. lack of sufficient data. let's just hope that we get good results because of other people are really need antibodies in their systems to the authorization comes as the new covid surges accelerating quickly. we're now averaging more than 114,000 cases every day in the us up 18% from last week, the cdc now warning community transmission is increasing significantly in
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areas with low vaccination rates, and it's hitting children the hardest. we know that most of the infections that is coming in through into schools is coming from high rates of disease in the community, but there are at least seven states restricting mask mandates in schools, including florida, which accounts for nearly one out of every five new infections in the u. s. governor ron de santis sticking to his guns, refusing any new mitigation efforts, but we were promised that they would end the pandemic lockdown. school closures mandates, and it just hasn't done that the number of new vaccinations is all so taking up slightly, the u. s is now averaging more than half a million doses every day, the highest number since june in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news, u. s. health officials say more than a million americans had already received a covid-19 booster shot before it was authorized for people with weakened immune systems, the cdc says about 1.1 million people who received the two dose moderna and pfizer vaccine
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got at least one additional dose. on their own people looking for jobs may want to consider adding something new to their resumes coming up tonight. employers seek out vaccinated candidates and we'll show you how football fans get ready for 40 niners game without regular v ta service. also the white house taking action that it hopes will help
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to be used. tom vacar tells us new data collected by indeed dot coms helps underscore this point. while it's true, at least for now, most job postings have no proof of vaccine requirements, the delta variant and concern over new variants looms ever larger as of the week ending august 7th the share of job postings required. covid vaccination has risen. 34% compared to the same week a month ago. job postings that require vaccination but not specifically saying a covid vaccination rose 90% employers, chen require vaccinations. for return to work or. coming on to, um, work with certain limited exceptions were going health and religion. the reasons are twofold. for a safe workplace and to give other workers, incumbent workers and new workers confidence that they can come back to the, um workplace and employers want to
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avoid unnecessary employee absenteeism, lost shifts and the worst case you could have a real mass outbreak on a on a site where you have lots of employees and. close proximity to one another and pretty pretty quickly you start looking at a lot of legal and financial liabilities. so far, this is a sprouting phenomena. you can see the numbers are going up. but in some ways what's interesting is the numbers haven't gone up more that will soon change substantially at the point where the fda moves moves into a place where it's beyond emergency use authorization, i would imagine we'll see more and more companies fall behind that and really start to mandate vaccination. in fact, act on friday, the silicon valley leadership group endorsed a plan to require its members employees to be vaccinated. the bay area council, a consortium of the barriers, largest employers are likely to do the same, very soon. companies are needing to be very careful and hedge their bets a little bit and avoid,
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you know, taking a lot of risk, even though we have more than three million californians on unemployment assistance, job postings this week or up 14% over pre pending mm days. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. well the white house is calling on opec to increase oil production as gas prices here in the bay area and across the country continue to rise. there are concerns that the increasing gas prices and rising inflation could derail the covid-19 recovery efforts. last month, opec agreed to boost production in august by 400,000 barrels a day to try to level prices at the pump. but the biden administration says it's not enough during a critical moment in the global recovery. starting today, pay. parents across the country started receiving their second monthly child tax credit payments more than $15 billion is being paid out to families of about 61 million children. eligible families are getting up to $300 a month for each
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child. the payments stem from the coronavirus relief package passed by congress in march. most families are getting their payments by direct deposit. the rest will get checks in the mail. oh and barrier weather today a little bit of a cool down, but we're tracking a lot of different elements out there. we have the typical low clouds and fog, but you may have noticed as a tropical clouds moving in from the south first yesterday and then once again another batch for today, so here is the kind of the breakdown here tropical clouds with the slight chance of a shower. i'll show you the radar. coming up in a little bit. we have the hazy skies with the air quality advisory through the weekend. of course, the typical low clouds and fog keeping the temperatures on the cool side right near the immediate coastline, the opposite of the coast, though for the interior, we are heating up this weekend, a heat advisory in place for all the areas in red. we could be talking about temperatures from 100 to 112 degrees. here's our live camera. we're checking out the fog and also a big batch of high clouds could feel a bit muggy out there and check out the satellite and the radar.
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you can see the thunderstorms out toward the sierra. we have some green offshore and if i come in closer, it looks like we have some showers and some thunderstorms closer to the dixie fire zone. the shower is the good news, but those thunderstorms the erratic winds kind of a big challenge for the fire crews. so unfortunately some thunderstorms around the fire zone as far as our local picture, we have the high cloud just offshore, the fog and then. his green showing up on the radar. most of this represents the shower activity in the opera levels. but there is the chance this evening we could have a sprinkle or a light shower right near the immediate coastline just in the short term for this evening stay between about now and nine o'clock tonight current numbers kind of a break from the heat. san francisco 63 santa rosa 81 the creek 85 as he just kind of scan these temperatures. we could add a good 10 to 20 degrees to these current readings as we head into your has been here saturday forecast. here's that camera once again showing you the low clouds and the high clouds movement in in fact, the forecast models picking up on
5:19 pm
some of the high clouds not showing you much in the way of a shower activity, but we have that chance. in the short term, so we're gonna cloud things up once again for tonight. tomorrow will gradually scaled back on the cloud cover throughout the day. possibly some more showers and thunderstorms out towards portions of the sierra. but take a look at these numbers. really going to turn up the heat, but thankfully we have micro climates around here for the pay area this time year upper sixties for the coast, san francisco downtown in the seventies, and then we begin to introduce some triple digits out towards santa rosa out toward antioch and livermore in san jose in the upper in the upper eighties. so here's a look at your forecast ties for you saturday. what about for your sunday forecast? we'll talk more about that and have your full update coming up in just a few minutes. mark. thank you, a democrat willing to take over for governor gavin newsom. if he has recall get some new attention this week coming up, we'll talk with the political science professor about this dynamic in the recall race. one
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before the recall election of governor gavin newsom voters are seeing sample ballots hit their mailboxes, sonoma state university political scientist david mcewen joins us now with some of the analysis on the state of this race. david thank you for joining us. i want to jump right into it. let's get right to, uh, this survey usa poll. it shows it's a real head scratcher here. republican talked to host larry elder comes in at 23% in this new poll. republican businessman john cox, 10% 11% of people not choosing anyone. but the real
5:23 pm
shocker here is a democrat on that ticket. a youtuber. his name is kevin up. pef wrath is in the lead at 27% 1st off david. no one was even talking about this guy. not too long ago. where did this even come from? well look, this is about how the recall ballot is set up for democrats. it's a very blue state, so how democrats would vote on question number two. gavin newsom and his team have said, look, leave question number two blank, and there are a lot of democrats are going to vote. they're gonna vote heavily, obviously, on question number one, they're going to vote no on the recall, and that leaves. what does that alternative? look like? the newsome team weighed heavily on not having an alternative on the ballot. the senator feinstein wasn't going to be there. there was going to be enough and coming democrat and all of a sudden you see the survey usa poll now the survey usa poll is not the best best methodology it over samples in some ways, but and larry elder is going to spend a lot of money. he's the republican
5:24 pm
front runner, but nonetheless, it is exciting and perhaps, and kevin showed up today at the newsome event he got kicked out by the new some staff in san francisco. interests will make political hay out of that as well. he also made eight major media appearances today, so this may be the high point of his campaign. but nonetheless, it's going to be an important moment because he'll serve as an alternative, at least in the near term as folks are getting their ballots. so is this chance here? does he really have a chance in this? do you think based on what your studied into this? so look, anything can happen and recall politics you you could have is the wild, wild west, you know, i mean, caitlyn jenner is not going to get double digits. john cox is going to be somewhere in the low double digits. kevin falconer is going to be someplace probably south of larry elder, but nonetheless, elder would be the front runner. could someone like kevin move forward if you will and be the alternative for democrats? sure, so could angeline the billboard queen of my life, she's on the ballot as well. so it does get a little
5:25 pm
bit wild. anything can happen. and after you have wildfires if you have an event that some scandal happens, all bets are off and. who knows what happens under that event, and obviously the new city. they're putting it all on question. one so, david, just break it down for us. what does newsome need to avoid to be recalled here in terms of the voting ballots, no scandal. no fires. no ps ps is no loss of power things that are beyond his control because republicans are going to blame him for everything that is wrong under the sun, but also if i could throw this in the news, um, team clearly doesn't have a fear of the number 13. so they're rolling out today. on friday, the 13th 11 4 days and they're gonna roll out the big guns here. andre democratic politics. the big deal. all of a sudden, i don't even like going to the 13th, florida high rise building. i mean, i can't believe this. maybe he's got something going for him here. let's talk about this for a second. uh who, uh, in terms of who comes out on top here? ah larry elder seems to be the
5:26 pm
front runner in this race. falconer is still trying to catch up here in this race. is that correct? yeah, that's correct. i mean, look, larry elder is someone who's built a media empire. he has a late entrance into the race. he's got money. and if you're the newsome team you want to contrast his controversial positions that he's taken on air over the last, say, 10 or 15 years, and you want to provide examples of covid rising in florida and texas. you want to put larry elder with all of that, if you can provide a contrast, so in that sense, the newsome team is going to do that there. interestingly they're both going after a subset of voters, hispanic voters because they seem to be hugely important, not just out of the census, but in terms of kind of splitting both ways on the recall question, and then where they go on question two interesting in terms of turnout here. this is a republican led recall. does that inevitably mean that more republicans might show up at the polls? or do we not know that yet? we do know that if republican effective registration even though it's lower, it's about one in four voters in california really
5:27 pm
about one in three about 33. they carry 90 to 95% of that number, which all the polls are telling us that then they have to get those no party preference. middle of the road, folks, and then that buoys up somebody like falconer, like larry elder, and that could help them, but that's still a long ways to go. it's still a democratic state, but newsom and his team have been slowed arrives and to respond to this, and there's still three more republican debates. that's my well. they seem to be taking it very seriously. now the newsome team is hitting the hitting the road hard this time around. david mcewan political science. professor at sonoma state university. thank you so much for your insight today. thank you very much. happy friday. the 13. all right. football fans get to take in a 49ers game at levi stadium for the first time in more than a year tomorrow, but one way to get to the stadium has changed will run through what to expect work to prevent wildfires pits conservationists against federal land managers in a new lawsuit will tell you about and
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit batteries and first aid kit are a good start exciting day. but there are of course, going to be some challenges, thanks to covid and to a light rail system that's
5:31 pm
currently shut down. let's go now live decayed to use an rubin. she's in santa clara. with what 49ers fans need to know. and, yes, there will be some changes. and so officials are asking fans to give themselves extra time to navigate traffic and to navigate those new rules here at the stadium. in a matter of hours. the 40 niners will take the field and levi stadium will welcome a capacity crowd for the first time since january of 2020, of course with a crowd comes traffic, it's going to be a mess without the light rail. it's going to be a mess trying to get in there. light rail is still down following a tragic shooting in may. so vita is offering bus surface instead from milpitas mountain view went downtown. however they can only accommodate 2000 people instead. of their typical 8000. we realize this is these plans are a little more complex than usual. just getting on a light rail station and going directly
5:32 pm
to the stadium. however we're trying to do the best we can with what we have. for now. stadium officials are confident fans will figure it out. we tend not to be worried because we've done this before, but we are concerned sometimes that you know people don't remember some of the policies of the procedure. so what we're asking for is for people to be a little bit more patient. have come a little bit earlier. other changes to keep in mind thanks to covid. levi stadium will be keeping contact to a minimum with automated turnstiles and cashless concessions. and while masks are not required in the stands, they are required when you go indoors. don't test it. just be mindful and appreciative of the fact that when you're going indoors, it's a requirement. santa clara police have been gearing up for game day to preparing to help 68.5000 fans follow the rules. we want to make sure that everybody is respectful of one another. um not only with the rules and regulations that happened in a venue like this, but also with the health and safety precautions as well. fans say
5:33 pm
they're ready and glad the weight to sit in those stands is finally over. you feel everybody's enthusiasm embodies excitement. it's 1000. it's incredible. we've without way too much on interaction with others, so i'm definitely looking forward to be here tomorrow. the 40 niners take on the chiefs tomorrow at 5 30 again. come early and bring your mask. you will need it if you take veritas bus service, and you will also need it'd be indoor sections here at the stadium. heather. yeah, good reminders should be a good matchup tomorrow and thank you. firefighters still on the scene of a grass fire in castro valley, flames reported just before 1 30 this afternoon near center street, a thick black plume of smoke could be seen from. miles around when alameda county firefighters arrived, they found the fire burning in a creek bed behind houses, with several of them threatened. fortunately though, no structures were burned, crews are able to gain the upper hand
5:34 pm
on a brush fire that burned about as much as 30 acres northwest of petaluma. that fire reported just afternoon today near middle to iraq and society roads. initial reports from the scene suggesting the fire may have been sparked by a blown transformer. conservationists accuse federal land managers of illegally withholding details on plans to build wildfire fuel breaks in six western states the center for biological diversity filed suit in federal court this week under the freedom of information act, it says the bureau of land management did not respond to requests for environmental assessments used to create the fuel breaks by clearing forests and shrubs. the lawsuit says the project's could harm federally protected fish and wildlife. four firefighters implement county are among the hundreds of people who have lost homes and property in the devastating dixie fire reporter kelly daily on tells us they lost their homes while trying to protect others. four firefighters from
5:35 pm
the indian valley fire and rescue department and greenville are among the people who lost their homes. george wooley, a greenville resident for five years, is one of them. he lost his home while trying to save the town. right right now, you know? yeah. you know, it's a big smart i lost my house. we lost the town. and um yeah. yeah. i just been keeping busy, he says greenville is a close community. but right now it's a ghost town. i had a fellow firefighter living next door to me. married with three little kids. he lost his home as well. another one lost his business. another one lost his car. he parked his car at the station that go fight fires and. he has car got destroyed. there are now individual go fund me page is set up for these four john hunter, jeremy griffld help him afford another roof over his head.
5:36 pm
it'stry to find a new place. if i can find one. i mean, the town is gone. but right now, you know my mom homeless despite his tragedy, woolly returns to the front lines. you know, a lot of our town is still threatened, and although it may take some time will he does plan on rebuilding will be back green below me back, indian value will be back. yep they keep out there doing their jobs that was kelly daily on reporting forced firefighters have a lot of work ahead of them before they can focus on rebuilding that dixie fire is only 31% contained tonight. oakland police have made an arrest in connection with a deadly shooting. edward twine is accused of killing 35 year old talia ghabra. ziggy it happened on july 10th on 52nd avenue. investigators say the 25 year old suspect shot the victim during a robbery twice. is charged with murder, robbery and illegally possessing guns and ammunition. this was oakland's 72nd homicide of the
5:37 pm
year. well not a new information this evening from the pentagon about the situation in afghanistan. taliban militants have been able to take control of more territory. fox news medal in rivera tells us us is responding with 3000 troops to help evacuate personnel. fear rising in kabul as the taliban closes in on the capital city. at least half of afghanistan's 34 provincial capitals currently under the group's control in a rapid sweep of the country that has shocked us officials, we are certainly concerned by, uh, the speed with which the taliban has been. moving last month, president biden said of a potential taliban takeover. it is not inevitable. now 3000 u. s troops are heading to the country to help the evacuations of u. s embassy staff in kabul as the security situation gets worse, we are going to continue to have a diplomatic presence on the ground part in afghanistan. our embassy remains open. the white the prel
5:38 pm
standing by his decision to pull back u. s presence in weeks in an effort to end its two decade war, but many are criticizing the president's strategy, calling for more support for afghan forces. we need to have a new plan for how we're going to defend ourselves in the region, nearly 120,000 afghans have fled to kabul province this year for the u. n refugee agency. some warning of a disastrous outcome should kabul fall. the situation has all the hallmarks of a humanitarian catastrophe. officials meanwhile, are destroying sensitive documents and equipment of the u. s embassy in cobb. a staff get ready to leave the bulk of the troops sent to help with evacuations are expected to arrive by the end of the weekend in washington, mother of era fox news. at this point in the pandemic, many kids probably have their own collection of mass coming up. we'll show you the types of masks that are most effective for school than a federal judge
5:39 pm
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babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! school district say they are ready to welcome back students 52,000 of them and 10,000 teachers to school campuses. school is set to reopen on monday for full in person learning. earlier today, superintendent vincent matthew said the district is taking a number of safety measures to help prevent covid-19 infections, and they include portable air cleaners from mechanical ventilation systems in the classrooms. students will also have to wear masks while at school. the district is following state and health guidelines by requiring all teachers and staff to be vaccinated. we believe the best
5:42 pm
place is for them in our schools, and then we need to do our part by making sure that we are surrounding them with people who are vaccinated. superintendent matthews also said the school meals will be free for all students, regardless of family income, and they'll have an easier time using you need to get to school. uni plans to resume service for routes that serve schools on monday and also provide free rides for students. with more children now being required to wear a mask for in person learning parents are trying to decide what's the best type of face covering for young kids. foxes sharifa jackson explains, while clock mask are recommended, doctors say they are. not all made equal. there's only one option for children returning to schools and districts with mandatory mask mandates. that option is to wear a mask. all this cover my mouth and my nose. i'm good students like j. they make the choice easy, but for some kids
5:43 pm
wearing mask for eight hours or a full day of school is something new this year. back to school is a lot for parents to consider. when it comes to not only safety but also comfort. you know, there isn't really good guideline out there for cloth mask. the tighter the we've, then clearly the better. the mask is going to be cloth masks will do it but check the quality and effectiveness. he can do that by holding the mask up to the sun. if it's too thin, not only can like get through but also air particles. if you can see through it, it's probably not gonna work and kids they don't need in 95 or special respiratory mass. the big thing is to make sure it fits properly. and covers their nose and mouth. yep stretchy always stretching in their comfortable enough for all day wear like the kind jessica mccune and her four year old daughter love from the disney store, so she's done really great. she never complains about having to wear masks, and experts say the best mass for your child is one that's comfortable enough to wear all day. and that was fox's sharifa
5:44 pm
jackson reporting for us now, on top of students wearing masks, other safety measures in schools, as we mentioned include air part purifiers in the classrooms and also daily deep cleanings, which a lot of schools here in the bay area are doing now. ktvu is partnering with supply bank dot org for our annual back to school drive, if you want to make a financial donation. just go to k t v .com slash school or you can scan the q r code that you see right there on your screen. well the judge claims our hands are tied in a battle over the bide administrations. eviction moratorium will break down what she is doing about it coming up. uh and another heat wave gripping the pacific northwest. we'll show you how people are working to trying to beat the heat. add in our forecast. we'll we'll be tracking some of that heat this weekend, possibly some triple
5:45 pm
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administration's new eviction moratorium on hold. the judge says the order is illegal, but says her hands are tied by a previous ruling. the judge wrote that the new temporary ban on evictions that the centers for disease control and prevention imposed last week is substantially similar to the version previously upheld. the decision was a loss for the national association of realtors, which filed a motion to block the band after the cdc ordered it last week. california by the way, has its own moratorium on rental evictions that run. through the end of next month. will soon require all travelers to be vaccinated against covid-19 officials say. that includes all commercial airplanes, cruise ships and passengers on trains between provinces. the rule is expected to go into effect no later than october. the measure comes after canada opened its border to u. s. citizens on monday. a massive heat wave is now stretching from coast to coast, and it's
5:48 pm
making conditions miserable for millions of americans. fox news caroline shively has more now from washington where the area was under another excessive heat watch this week. officials have issued an air quality alert for northwestern washington through saturday with temperatures over 100 smoke drifting in from nearby wildfires. it was so hard done no. my butter, melted all over the kitchen counter. how does stressing was that it's not just the butter melting on the west coast? the people feel like they're melting too many in portland, oregon, lined up to get in the pools. crazy line. i've ever and that was before they closed pools on thursday, too hot for life guards to work. we are asking folks to limit their outdoor exercise, including walking, running cycling, but this heat wave isn't just on the way. west coast steamy start out here on fox square, and that's not just going to be the case here going
5:49 pm
to be the case widespread in new york city, con edison asked all high rises to lower their electricity use by raising thermostats and turning off some elevators in washington, d. c. the heat index with several degrees over 100, but tourists still hit the national mall, picnicking riding scooters and drinking as much water as possible. i'm drenched, you know, i feel like you know, took a shot at but now i feel like commentated taking a shower for you know, a week. i just feel like i'm dripping the heat should retreat for much of the country over the weekend, but forecast for september and october show those temperatures creeping up above normal once again in washington, carolina shively fox news added weather looks like we'll be dealing with some heat this weekend as well. temperature is not just a nice little gradual, warm up an instant heat up for tomorrow. good 10 to 20 degrees over today's highs. take a look at some of the readings from this afternoon beaches not won't up much you're probably talking about probably ask you what we talking about the heat temperatures only in the
5:50 pm
sixties for the coast once again eighties, though hot spots getting close to 90 degrees, but here's the headline this weekend. the heat makes it come back beach is not so much in the sixties and seventies around the bay in the eighties, the inland spots around 95 to 102 degrees. what could be different could be different with this pattern is, we actually have some humid air moving, and so typically, we say it's only the heat but actually we have the humidity as well. could be a bit the sticky especially as we head into a saturday, so you see the temperature comparison bottom row from today top row for tomorrow, lots of activity on the satellite. the radar as you can see right now look out toward the sierra. look at all those thunderstorms developing within the past couple of hours, in fact, is becoming closer, but looks like we actually had a flood advisory out toward the truckee area that has expired it was supposed to expire. at six o'clock, so it looks like things have have been a tapering off quite a bit, but they picked up over an inch of rain without one little sell this afternoon out toward the truckee area earlier today, here's the satellite and the radar as we can show you this all about the green, showing up
5:51 pm
just offshore, representing some unstable air and there is the chance we could have a sprinkle or a light shower near portions of the coastline just this evening, primarily between now and about nine o'clock, but the main action in terms of the showers remaining just out to our west. has been a close call, because if that was going to be back, but that would mean shifted a bit to the east. that could lead to a different pattern for us with them, possibly some thunderstorms, but something we watching closely for this evening current number of some eighties out toward livermore right now san jose in the upper seventies in san francisco. 63 degrees. so we're showing you to cloud layers. we have the fog here near the coast, right around portions of the bay and then some high clouds, some sub tropical subtropical clouds moving in from the south. here is the plan for tomorrow. we're showing you the micro climate with temperatures for the coast in the sixties. headlight spots getting close to 100 degrees. so here's the setup that circulation around that high, bringing in some monsoonal moisture and monsoonal means basically just a change in the wind direction at the tropical clouds for tonight and also the
5:52 pm
humid conditions this weekend, this area of high pressure really wants to build in and this will lead to the triple digits for both saturday and into sunday. for this evening, we had a cloud cover in place with mostly cloudy skies and then into your saturday partly cloudy skies even mo and then ie sunday will have the mostly sunny conditions as well. but once again we have that air quality advisory in place. with some of that hes drifted in from the wildfire smoke forecast highs for tomorrow, triple digits for the hotspots toward antioch and conquered san jose 89 half moon bay in the upper sixties. another hot day, england on sunday, then we bring in some cooling early next week, all right, mark. thank you. well, a zip trip to the south bay can take you back in time coming up. we'll show you how to experience an old steam locomotive from back east and coming up on ktvu news at six, a new study linking wildfire smoke to thousands of covid-19 cases. what researchers say about the correlation between the. two
5:53 pm
plus calling attention to an unsolved homicide from 15 years ago today, the mother of a high school basketball star meeting with san francisco police pleading for the public to come forward with any information that might help f awaits in the .
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
there's an old steam train that has called the santa cruz mountains home now for nearly 60 years, ktvu frank mallicoat took a ride on the dixie anna during this morning's zip trip to show us a bit of the late 18 hundreds. all aboard the dixie anna 108 year old steam
5:56 pm
locomotive straight from tennessee and west virginia, smoky mountains. it's been carton precious cargo at felton's roaring camp railroad since 1963, the engineer, is 60 year old phil reader, he too straight out of central casting, like i tell people, you know, they all have a soul their living breathing machine. they're all different. ah, this little girl here. she's a sweetheart. she will do anticipate anything you ask her to do except maybe climb a tree when there's a lot of trees over 100 acres of beautiful redwoods. some have been untouched for well over 1000 years. three plus mile trek up and down. bear mountain is a half hour journey through time under a canopy of mother nature's best. i mean, the redwoods on their own are super majestic, but writing and ancient steam train and the smoke billowing out and just i mean, it's a trip into the past,
5:57 pm
and especially for the little ones. they just. it's nothing like anything they've seen before. it's not like an amtrak train. this is like a true deal. old west experience. well campers are greeted with a train whistle in a town that is circa 18 80 from the general store to the train station. it quickly turns big kids into little ones long before you board the train. i want my daughter to experience the same thing that i've always wanted. experienced you may have a little conductor on your hand. i think so. although she doesn't know it right now. so oh, on top of bear mountain, it's a selfie paradise, the dixie anna, the perfect photo bomber. kids love it, like the malones from carmel and young kids, but for 108 year old increase, she looks pretty well. she moves pretty well. would you rather be at the beach today or riding the train through the red light? and again, that's what i've got to
5:58 pm
see what policy no computers involved. it's not an easy job. the dixie anna burns through over 700 gallons of water and each of its half dozen trips up the mountain every day, donald sage is both the waterman and the firemen in the engine cab, dirty and greasy and, but it's very rewarding. yeah it's nothing quite like it. so we all believe in the project. we all believe in. we're doing, although the work is hard, heavy, dirty and not always easy, i was going to say, do you have a good detergent at home? oh yeah, believe it, then i do clean up well, awarding before you go. there's something about that train's horn. that is a little contagious, and you might be hearing it long after you get home. frank melich. oh ktvu,
5:59 pm
fox two news. this is ktvu fox two news at. six. football is back as the 49ers get ready to host the kansas city chiefs and their first preseason game tomorrow, but getting to levi stadium could be a bit of a challenge. light rail service is not yet running. we are working very hard to get it back in motion for not only lead by stadium fans, but also for the thousands of people in the santa clara county who need that service. oh valley transportation authority bus service will be provided, but the plans are a little bit more complex than just taking light rail to the stadium. good evening. once again, everyone i'm heather holmes since tonight for christina and i'm andre senior, in addition to the logistical challenge of getting their covid safety measures will also be in place. ktvu san ruben has the information that fans need to know. in a matter of hours. the
6:00 pm
40 niners will take the field and levi stadium will welcome a capacity crowd for the first time since january of 2020, of course, with a crowd comes traffic, it's going to be a mess without the light rail is going to be a mess trying to get in there. light rail is still down following a tragic shooting in may. so vita is offering bus service instead from milpitas mountain v went downtown. however they can only accommodate 2000 people instead. their typical 8000. we realize this is these plans are a little more complex than usual. just getting on a light rail station and going directly to the stadium. however we're trying to do the best we can with what we have. for now, stadium officials are confident fans will figure it out. we tend not to be worried because we've done this before, but we are concerned sometimes that you know people don't remember some of the policies of the procedure. so what we're asking for is for people to be a little bit more patient. have come a little bit earlier


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