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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  August 16, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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biden addressed the situation this afternoon and says he does not want to put more american troops lives on the line fighting award that the afghan leaders are not willing to fight themselves. stand squarely behind my decision after 20 years, i've learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw us forces. truth is, this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated. from ktvu. fox. two news. this is the four and welcome to the four i'm jana katsuyama infer heather holmes and i'm alex savage. we begin with the humanitarian crisis continuing to unfold in afghanistan. an international effort is underway to help people who are desperate to leave that country. evacuation flights out of kabul have resumed. they were stopped for several hours as hundreds flooded the runway as a u. s. air force plane was taking off, officials say at least seven people were killed,
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falling from the wings of that jet with a speech this afternoon. president biden strongly defended the us withdrawal. foxes madeline rivera, joining us now live from washington, where the president is facing criticism for his decision, madeline. good evening, alex. regardless of that criticism, president biden is defiant about his decision, but the situation in the country is getting more tense. 6000 u. s. troops will help with evacuations as the taliban goes house to house in kabul looking for us allies. after 20 years. i've learned the hard way. that there was never a good time to withdraw. us. forces president biden, his responding publicly for the first time since the afghan government collapsed dramatic images from the airport in kabul, showing throngs of people rushing to the tarmac, desperate to catch a flight and leave the country. at least seven people are now dead in the chaos. us forces also
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killed two gunmen who fired into a crowd of afghans but of afghanistan is unable to mount any real resistance of the taliban now there is no chance. that one year one more year. five more years or 20 more years, the u. s military boots on the ground would have made any difference. it only took 10 days for the taliban to take over the entire country after the u. s spent two decades in the nation at a cost of 978 billion, military officials warned us withdrawal could increase terrorism threats. it's going to be preeminent among world jihadists, many republicans are slamming the price. president saying he is largely to blame for the crisis. he ignored the advice of his national security advisor on this. the us is preparing to house thousands of afghan refugees on military bases, including fort mcqueen, wisconsin and for bliss in
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texas, alex and now the question, of course, madeleine is how to get people out of afghanistan safely. i know the department of defense met late today to formulate a strategy. what are some of the next moves from the u. s military to get people out of that country? well, the good thing alex is actually mentioned earlier today. is that the flights the us military flights heading kabul have resumed. so right now there are 2500 american troops on the ground, the department of defense expect that there will be 3500 by the end of the day. and of course, you will expect the bulk of those 6000 u. s troops to be heading into the country over the coming days. alex yeah, a lot of work to do. madeline rivera live for us in washington. thank you. many bay area afghans and afghani americans say that they are deeply saddened by the conditions they're seen in the country right now, president biden is being very honest when he stated that the withdrawal had to happen. however, the
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execution of the withdrawal was a disaster to say the least, it wasn't well planned out if you take a look at the individual serving in the united states embassy and the fact that we have to go back after the troops already withdrew in the middle of the night. there's a number of areas that was a failure in the withdrawal and execution of that withdrawal. that was hayward city council member ayesha wa hob, who told us she is very concerned about the future for women in the country, as well as ethnic and religious minorities under a taliban rule, all right for more on the situation in afghanistan, we're joined now live by stephen zunes, who is a professor of politics and international studies at the university of san francisco. professor good to have you on here today. appreciate your time, president biden said today, the administration was surprised at how little resistance there was from the afghan military. so how did the biden administration and the u. s misjudged the situation on the ground and not anticipate how quickly the taliban would
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take over? i think they thought that perhaps after the billions of dollars that we have spent the training the argument that the, uh government forces were well equipped enough to resist the taliban. i mean, they have support at least nominally. they have four times. as many troops have an air force. they have far more sophisticated weapons, but. this was not a military victory by the taliban. this was a political collapse of the afghan government, and i think the main problem was that we may have been looking at the military calculus rather than the political will of the of the government and its supporters to resist the taliban onslaught and professor soon as we learned today that the taliban and u. s military officials how direct meetings on sunday the taliban agreed not to enter. fear with evacuations and these are surgeons are saying they're forming, going to form a new government that they're not going to retaliate against people who collaborated with
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the u. s so is there any indication that the taliban today are any different from 20 years ago? or should we expect a reversion to the same rule when this war first started? it's hard to say, i think the one thing that is that they learned a lesson not to harbor international terrorists like al qaeda that could strike the west and then allow for the united states to, other countries to intervene in afghanistan. so i think that aspect is, uh, is, uh, will not be returning, and we can, uh. read a sigh relief about that, but unfortunately for the afghans themselves, and this is still a very reactionary movement. this is an extremist movement. this is a misogynist movement, and certainly the situation on the ground for afghans. it's pretty dire with them in charge. now i should also mention though, that the. uh the success of the taliban
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comes not as much from popular support for their extremist ideology, but that they were seen as the vanguard of a nationalist resentment to what some people saw as a, uh, these foreign forces and a puppet government and the like, so they're able to take advantage of this kind of this longstanding tradition and the in afghan society of resisting outsiders, you know, going back to the romans, the persians, the british, the soviets and, most recently, the united states, so i think that the leadership is not particularly reformed, but i have a feeling that afghan society may be able on their own to resist at least some of them more extreme manifestations of their rule. let me ask you about what the president said to day as he sort of looked at this situation this crisis in the broader context, and he placed some of the blame on his predecessor, saying that former president trump it sort of boxed him in with the
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withdrawal agreement that was agreed upon with the taliban last year and also blamed the afghan military as we've said, and also blame politicians in afghanistan for essentially giving up in the face of the taliban are all those critiques fair. is it fair for president biden to sort of point the fingers elsewhere when it comes to this crisis? where's your regular viewers? know i have not been hesitant to criticize the body administration's foreign policy on a number of levels, but in this particular case, i think is actually pretty on target here because you know, there's the agreement made by trump, you know, basically, uh, made it so that the taliban would not attack u. s forces as long as we pulled out. in fact, he delayed the scheduled withdrawal, which was going to be back in may for you know, so. several months, and so for the united and to resumr military operations there would have began made the u. s
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soldiers targets of the taliban. we've been dragged on for war again for who knows how long and the very fact that the government forces collapse as quickly as they did as an indicative that the problem again it was more of a political one. rather than a military one. in any case, you only had like 2500 troops there for, you know for the past several months, and it's not like this. this is this is really what was holding up the regime per se again. this is this is a this is a political collapse, you know, not not a not a military thing that additional u. s forces could have really made that big a difference. okay university of san francisco professor stephen zunes. thank you so much for taking time to talk and go a little bit deeper into this. issue of what we're seeing happening in afghanistan. pleasure thank you. well as the situation in afghanistan continues to deteriorate, lawmakers in washington at all across the country are watching closely. of course, california
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senator alex padilla serves on the homeland security and governmental affairs committee. he says his office is ready to help anyone who may have loved ones who are stranded in afghanistan. he also said he's heard from members of the military who have mixed feelings about the situation. lot of people who after 20 years of service and sacrifice more than 2000 fatalities more than 20,000, who sustained injuries, at least physical injuries. the mental health toll is even greater. there's a lot of service members who are saying finally, you know what was our mission there to begin with. anyway what was that again? remind me why we're still there two decades later. and those, of course, who who did serve? who sacrifice who who thought this is not how we wanted to leave. and senator padilla made those comments during pulse of the people. a special town hall hosted by ktvu and fox 11 in los angeles. our political reporter greg lee co hosted the hour long special and you can see it in its entirety. right here on ktvu at
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seven pm tonight, and we also have more on the situation in afghanistan and reaction from the bay area's afghan community up on our website, you can find it all at ktvu dot com. turning now to the south bay today, santa's a's mayor took a very unusual and dramatic step calling for the resignation of the county's sheriff ktvu. south bay reporter jesse gary has details. thanks. everybody monday. san jose mayor sam liccardo did something seldom, if ever seen time for concern is long past, sheriff smith must resign. the mayor of the largest south bay city seeks the ouster of one of the state's longest current tenured sheriff's this following a myriad of missteps and in custody death and at least one criminal investigation into bribery. smith a six term incumbent, has been besieged by criticism following the beating death of inmate michael tyree. by three sheriff's deputies in 2015 and two recently disclosed settlement to the family of
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andrew hogan for $10 million. he suffered a brain injury in 2018 after hitting his head against the transport van wall while in transit in any civil society. safety of inmates themselves must also be protected it and they must not be condemned to some dystopian tenure. hunger games, undersheriff smith's leadership, the sheriff's office is engaged extensive efforts to conceal the facts around these and other incidents. santa clara county taxpayers could be on the hook for more multi million dollar settlements. the sheriff's office is also under criminal investigation by the county d a for alleged bribery payments tied dismiss. re election in 2018 continued supervision of the jails by the sheriff is not in the best interests of the inmates. the correctional officers or the community last week to county board of supervisors called for the state attorney general to
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investigate the sheriff's office. liccardo is so far the first politician to demand smith's resignation. we saw this in new york state with governor cuomo. i've not seen. uh a mayor, calling the sheriff to step down before when you see a series of people starting to call for this. that's when. that's in the momentum gathers. the sheriff declined to comment on the mayor's request, but says she'll speak tuesday just before the board of supervisors is set to meet in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. still ahead, at least 1300 people are now confirmed dead after a devastating earthquake in haiti. now the country's bracing for another potential blow from mother nature as the search for survivors continues and coming up today at 4 30, when will people feel comfortable enough to return to the gym will have a closer look at the pandemics impact on the fitness industry. outsider doors this afternoon a summer like pattern in place sixties at the coast 100 degrees for hotter spots. inland. we'll
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powerful earthquake across the southern part of the country. at least 1400 people have been killed in the quake as foxes phil keating tells us the search for survivors is being hindered by an approaching tropical depression. tropical depression, grace sets its sights on haiti this as search teams work around the clock to find survivors following a massive 7.2 magnitude quake over the weekend, the national hurricane center forecast up to a foot of rain as it tracks over cities impacted by the earthquake. wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour will also create a challenge for rescue workers on the ground. haitian officials and first responders are now pleading for foreign assistance. there have been two
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aftershocks following the earthquake. there are many injured. a lot of medicine is needed assistance from the authorities and help from the international community. meanwhile back at home, haitian americans are doing what they can to help. a number of non province are sending containers filled with food, essential goods and medical equipment to haiti. these goods are expected to arrive at the earthquake ravaged nation over the next few days. we've got to get the food down there, we got to set up the kitchens and that's what's on this plane right right now. we have medical providers that are already in route in the haitian capital. private planes have arrived to rush injured people from overfilled hospitals in like a supporter, prince reports of widespread gang activity and security concerns are also preventing assistance from reaching civilians who are in need. the u. n is working with local officials to better coordinate relief efforts at haitian prime minister ariel henry has declared a one month state of emergency for the country, freeing up aid. for those affected in miami. phil
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keating, fox news for more on the situation in haiti, we're joined now. by jacqueline orosz. carly who is the president and founder of haiti. on the rise. it's a bay area based group that provides aid to the people of haiti to help them rebuild after the massive earthquake there, back in 2010, jacqueline. good to have you on here today, your work started a decade ago, when haiti was devastated by another quake that left hundreds of thousands of people dead. millions homeless. how much had the people of haiti been able to recover from that previous disaster when this latest quake hit? yeah so not much, not much has been done at all. so that is exactly there is on in 2014 and 15. and i listened to my heart because, uh, i am haitian. i am a humanitarian philanthropies, and i said, i have to put my hand in this to help to help with some of the rebuilding and we from. hey,
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john realized to do somewhere, so it's right now we're walking in the construction were doing some kind of work. helping, um, with education and stuff like that. we are one of stillwell organization that is working. uh continually after you have quake so not much has done since then. yes and now we have this. it's like we have to start all over again, right? a crisis on top of another crisis. what steps has your group taken so far following this latest earthquake, and what are the most pressing. needs on the ground for the haitian people. so you must questing lead underground right now. people need then it fold, then in the water, uh, then in shelter, and we have people until now bearing. in the global that we need to remove, and we have that challenge doing that storm that's going to make it difficult for the
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rescue effort to try to get some people because, uh, from our experience of 2010, we were able to remove people two weeks after on the old enough were buried in india rambles so we had that home but when that storm basically it's going to make it very very difficult. so and then we need all the medical surprised to help when enjoys. and um yeah, when it's a lot of stuff, a lot of needs right now. the last yes. how can people here in the bay area help, so white? now people can go to hate on the rise slash doing it to doing it. whatever they can. until we can ask us with people on the ground to see how we can, um ultimately, um, when the sources but we have to work on that, because we're going and it was 40 ish, probably cause california is a little bit far from haiti, so we have to bob records in it
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for resources and make it possible, but until we can do that people can go to endure hates in your eyes slash donate to try to help us so far right now, and we hope people will do just that. let me ask you sort of a big picture question here because your organization obviously is trying to help people rebuild after the disaster in 2010, but haiti obviously continues to be devastated by these earthquakes because of where it sits, you know, obviously it's seismically active area here, but. but beyond that, the buildings for the most part there are designed to withstand hurricanes, but not necessarily to withstand earthquakes. what why is it so challenging to build more earthquake resistant buildings in haiti? so basically, um. i always say that people don't really hear about earthe frequently before even previous effort that we have those thing have been, um, documented very well, but
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they just the government just do not reinforce that policy because. a lot of studies have done and, um like engineer architect all those people, then they knew where we look at. what would happen when we build because i remember when i was in university in haiti, one of our teachers taught us about all that if we have to build, where to build and how to yes, explain us. always but not everybody know it, and i believe the government's really, um has not. will you enforce that? for everyone if they have to build any two people with colds and you know also that costs a lot of money as well. so you could understand a country almost having problem and problem when you have to build and that costs money. it's kind of a challenge as well. so it's all those, you know so many challenges, one of one of the poorest countries, uh in forest country in the western hemisphere, now facing
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yet another devastating humanitarian crisis to really appreciate you taking the time here today and appreciate the work that you and your colleagues they're doing, jacqueline oris carly, president and co founder of the group, haiti on the rise. best of luck to you. thanks thank you very much for having us. that was a pleasure. thank you. oh well. tropical depression, graces, unleashing right over haiti as we speak. if we take a look at the radar here, you can see right over that area, with several inches of rainfall expected the winds right now about 35 mph. it is moving west northwest at 13 mph, but expected to continue to bring flooding and flash flooding mudslides of possibility. looks like through about tuesday. if i put this into motion, you can see it will begin to move out and then skirt the area of cuba and strengthen as it does as it moves through tuesday, wednesday or so, but again, those poor people out there. i mean, if you think about they don't even have a place to live, and now they have to endure flash flooding and all sorts of. mudslides and such
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and the winds. meanwhile if we come home to the u s, we have fred, their tropical storm. fred is working its way up the panhandle there of florida wins right now. 60 mph. it's moving northeast at nine mph. so it's taking its time. just a bit. several inches of rainfall. also a possibility with fred as it works its way into the u. s making its path across areas over georgia. what looks like georgia also seeing a lot of rain at this point. and then into the carolinas that will be weakening as it moves through over the next few days. coming back home. we have the heat once again, our inland communities reporting 100 degrees over areas of antioch in brentwood. we do have a little bit of haze out there and air quality. today is good to moderate. wow santa rosa 99. that's the hardest. you have been. 67 san francisco low seventies in oakland, 94 in livermore and 81 right now over san jose. here's a look at the air quality out there. we do have moderate air quality over
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the north bay as well as the inner east bay. if we get in a little bit closer here, you can see the readings over santa rosa closer to marin. and then as we get a ride around the water, we actually have pretty good air quality. but you go inland. it's moderate and for the south bay right now, it's moderate. it's going to be improving. we have an onshore breeze that is going to cool things down and bring in some cool, clean pacific air. but this is a look at the 24 hour temperature change a lot warmer this afternoon. santa rose up by 16 degrees, so you're definitely noticing the difference with most of us within a few degrees or so, but there's that onshore breeze. it is increasing. fairfield now reporting a wind gust about 30 mph, so this is going to lead. to a notable drop as we get into the days ahead when it comes to our temperatures, better air quality as well. and a fire weather watch due to windy conditions will have better details and what you can expect for tomorrow and the rest of the week coming up. thank you, rosemary coming up. happened today on san francisco's great high a man witn
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connection owned businesses. dek barreto was set to be in court today for arraignment, but it was postponed until next week. prosecutors say barreto road on a scooter and used a slingshot, pipe or hammer to break the windows of 20 stores between april and august. they were primarily chinese owned businesses along ocean avenue and in the mission district. he allegedly took cash and other items at entering through the broken windows. barreto is facing 27 felony counts of vandalism and four felony counts of burglary. all of them are accompanied by a hate crime enhancement. a red flag warning just went into effect for the area where the dixie fire continues to burn. that fire has now grown to more than 569 acres with 31% containment more
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than 6500. firefighters are continuing to battle the fire. the dixie fire has already destroyed almost 12. 100 buildings, including some 600 homes last night, pg and e said it is planning powershutoffs near the fire zone, and there could be some here in the bay area as well. we'll have more on that coming up tonight on the news at five o'clock. vehicles are back on san francisco's great highway today for the first time in more than a year, the roadway was shut down in the early days of the pandemic to give people more space for recreation while social distancing, it's become a popular area to walk and bicycle now it will be open for vehicle traffic from six a.m. on mondays until noon on fridays, then on the weekends, only bikes and people walking will be allowed on the road. coming up here on the four fitness centers and gyms were hit especially hard by covid-19. we'll have a look at whether they have a future in the post pandemic world. we'll tell you
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what health experts are having to say about san francisco's school kids being
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find new summer adventures. find new roads. enjoy the open road and make no monthly payments for 90 days on select popular chevy suvs. plus, get interest free financing for 72 months when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. (music) teachers in o public school students went back to the classroom today after a school year like no other ktvu christian captain joins us live now in the city and christian. what are the school officials telling you about this surge in the delta variant just as kids are going back into the schools? well right now we're still waiting to hear about the final attendance numbers for san
4:33 pm
francisco unified schools for the day. i can tell you that the students certainly seemed happy to be back in class, and health experts are saying school is the safest place for students to be. it was all smiles at peabody elementary school for pick up after school students saying they were happy to be back in class. that's fun, because, um, i my best white hasn't met at the same classroom with me for the whole time i met at the school, and now he finally is, which is super excited. san francisco families will have a lot to discuss over the dinner table as the overwhelming majority of the districts more than 50,000 students were back for in person instruction parents, saying they were happy with the return of school routine. we were not worried at all. we're super excited to have the kids back in school. peabody has done a fantastic job of keeping the parents informed and making sure everybody is safe and couldn't be more pleased to have him back in the classroom. superintendent of public instruction dr vincent matthews was on hand at george washington elementary school to
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welcome the students back for the first day of class, the superintendent saying school is where kids belong. we know that the best place four students is in person. we know that the impacts that isolation has had on our students school is definitely the safest place for kids to be a doctor peter chen hong from ucsf says doctors have a lot of data on which to base that opinion. he also says the recent surge of the delta variant is showing signs of slowing and that as of monday, there are only two pediatric covid cases at ucsf a sign that with precautions in place in person instruction per sense of very low risk for me, the main, uh, sort of like reason why we're seeing such low rates and kids being hospitalized in the area. is because of high vaccination rates in the people in the kid's lives. some parents at drop off for the first day of class said they
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were cautiously optimistic about the return of in person instruction, but want the schools to proceed with caution. i just hope that the teachers and everybody, they just, you know, they stick to the plan that they have to keep everybody safe and that we just, you know, go accordingly. from there. it's like a day by day. think so. i mean, but i'm like i said, like i'm open to her being here. as we've seen at schools around the bay area, students are required to wear masks and educators will have to disclose their vaccination status or undergo regular covid testing. we're live in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news, all right, a lot of interesting dinner time conversations indeed. thank you, christian. well, students in the west contra costa unified school district are back in school full time, five days a week as well. for the first time since the start of the pandemic all of the districts. 54 schools are now open. students and staff are being required to wear masks both indoors and outside with the exception of when they're eating lunch, and teachers and
4:36 pm
staff must show proof of vaccination by september 7th or be willing to take weekly covid tests. we spoke to parents today and found a mixture of excitement as well as concerns about the delta variant. he is vaccinated. and of course i'm worried about it. but, you know, i'm hoping, um, i'm looking for the positive outcome to everything. i am so willing to let them try to see what can happen. i'm getting back in the swing of life, you know, they need alive and being outside and in school and being around other kids. i think it's very well needed. the district says it is offering rapid covid testing for students if the parents request one be done well, the pandemic has changed the way we worked out as gym's closed down because of covid-19. a lot of people turn to home workouts or maybe bought one of those peloton bikes to get some exercise now, though, with restrictions easing, it remains to be seen how many fitness enthusiasts will return to
4:37 pm
their local gyms to stay afloat for more on all of this, which and now by francesca schuler, who is the ceo of in shape health clubs and the co founder of the california fitness alliance. francesca good to have you on here to have this conversation? obviously, you know, a lot of people realized during the pandemic. hey it's a lot easier for me to just work out at home, maybe more affordable in some cases. how are you going to get people to come back and our gyms and fitness centers going to be able to survive the pandemic in a long term sense? great question. what's been really interesting is what we really saw during the pandemic is the people who are at that top of workout pyramid who never struggle with motivation, who never hit their snooze alarm quickly turned to peloton at home fitness, etcetera. others did too early in the pandemic, but that went down rapidly during the 15 to 18 months that fitness centers were closed because it's hard to stay motivated. um june, july and
4:38 pm
august in california for most fitness operators has been. record breaking months like a january where people are back at it, realizing really two things. one is that their health is the most important thing. so as we saw during the pandemic people who suffer from chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes were the ones most impacted. by the pandemic. so a renewed sense of needing to take care of yourself. people are coming back to fitness centers. and then the second thing is the mental health. i think similar to the kids going back to school for so many people, their fitness centers, your community, your class the person you say hi to in the morning, you work out with your spouse or your boyfriend, girlfriend or your kids. so we're seeing people really coming back, really thrilledet in california is many people can't afford a home gym or a peloton. and sadly, our skies are full of smoke now, and it's over 100 degrees in a large part of the
4:39 pm
state, so being able to exercise and take care of yourself in an air conditioned facility is essential. it's really essential to good health, and we're seeing our members coming back that way. okay. how do you overcome the concerns about safety that are obviously there? a lot of people feel like they're just not comfortable here, especially maybe this at this moment in time we have the delta variant re emerging here. we're being asked to wear masks indoors. to slow the spread of the of the virus right now and people may not feel comfortable being in a room with with other folks who are breathing heavily. yes so since the beginning, all fitness centers have done everything to ensure safety. everything from cleaning air ventilation, spacing out equipment, making sure that clubs and studios aren't overcrowded. that has not changed. we're all still being very cautious and making sure we follow our protocols that we've had all along. we are encouraging vaccinations. um many of us are promoting vaccinations in the club, several of us about pop up
4:40 pm
centres to encourage vaccination because we know that how critical that is, and many people depending on the county, obviously we are following mass protocols by county by county, but some people choose to wear a mass regardless, and that's okay. um so i think we have been. we're in the health business. so since the beginning of this pandemic, we have been stringent on all protocols to ensure that the. environment is safe for everyone and for people that may not be ready to come back. what we've seen is a ton of interesting innovation. we've done this at in shape a lot of offering classes online as well as things like run clubs and gathering where you can keep going have a sense of community. but maybe not go in the four walls or many of us have put outside, you know classes and as well so as we wrap up here, but so does the does the traditional fitness center sort of shift its business model here, as so many businesses have. done because of covid 19, and you start offering a few more sort of online options for people even
4:41 pm
as a as a stand gym, i think the fitness business similar to retail and some other places is going to become an is an omni channel business now inside the four walls outside, in parks or outside areas and on your phone or your laptop, and what's great about that is it will make exercising more accessible to more people, which we hope will motivate more people to start moving for their health. so. we are optimistic about this renewed focus on health and we're all looking to serve everyone in as many channels as they as they need it, whether again at home in the club outside, but really, what we want is california to get moving again because we know that's one of the most important things you can do for your health for the long term, which is essential. your health is more important now than than it ever has been. appreciate you taking the time. great conversation. francesca schuler, ceo of in shape health clubs and co founder of the california yet. fitness alliance. thanks for coming on. thanks for having me. alright,
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we are now less than one month away from the california recall election coming up next we'll hear from the dean of uc berkeley's law school and why, he says the recall process might be unconstitutional. another hot day inland, but temperatures will be falling off as we get into your bay area tuesday, and that pattern switch will also bring us wind that will heighten fire danger for some better details coming after the break. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. ch shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed can no longer transmit hiv through sex.
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mailboxes. governor newsom is in the bay area, urging voters to keep him in office. the governor rallied supporters earlier today in san jose. he was joined by mayor sam liccardo, congresswoman, zoloft grin and santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez. newsome urged voters to mail in their no votes, and he emphasized the importance of this election to the future of california. read the petition
4:45 pm
and you know everything this is about. it's about you, not about me. it's about all of us about what we represent not only to each other, but what we represent to the future of this nation. this was governor newsom's final stop of a campaign toward that started friday in san francisco. recent polls show in almost 50 50 split on the recall and joining us now is u c. berkeley. law school's dean, erwin chemerinsky. thank you so much for taking time today to talk with us about this op ed that you published you were saying that the way that this california gubernatorial recall election is being conducted is unconstitutional, and i'm wondering if you can help people understand what the underlying legal reasons are behind your argument. of course, people will vote on two questions on this ballot. birds should gavin newsom be recalled, and that's gonna decided by majority vote if he's recalled,
4:46 pm
will then be voting on the second question, which they do simultaneously which of the candidates should become the governor? imagine, as you just said that it's very close and gavin newsom. it's 49% to stay in office. and then he's removed if 10 million people voted, there would be 4.9 million people are gavin newsom in office. but whoever gets the most votes and second question becomes governor. and imagine that is right now the person with the most votes gets about 18% but with 10 million voters that would be 1.8 million voters, so 4.9 million would want gavin newsom as governor. 1.8 million would want the other person, but the other person wins that seems inconsistent with basic principles. the majority vote. the idea that everybody's vote should count equally, and we're seeing this election coming up very soon. september 14th and people already getting their ballots and submitting their votes. so is there any way to
4:47 pm
address any of those concerns? and have you heard anything from either on the grassroots, local or state level? since you published your op ed? sure lawsuits could be filed and it would declare unconstitutional the procedure with regard to the second question, so it could happen then it is a court could say if newsom is recall, the lieutenant governor becomes the governor. and so the second vote doesn't matter. in theory, it could be new ballots issued that list newsom on the second ballot majority of the vote more voters want use than anybody else. he could be the governor. there's a lot of ways to remedy this some simple somewhere complex. but the point that professor evelyn and i made was that the current structure seems inconsistent democracy and even with common sense, and the supporters of the recall getting the ballots that seems to have a clear path for them. answer yes to the recall question and then choose their favorite candidate on the
4:48 pm
second question. but what about opponents of the recall who are getting these ballots now trying to figure out what to do if they vote? no on the first question, you know, the democratic party is saying, don't leave the checking blank. do you think that's the best course. should they write in governor newsom should they vote for a democratic candidate? what? what could those people do if you don't vote on the second question you basically if newsom is recalled leaving to those who vote to choose who is going to be the next governor? because however many people vote on the second question. the candidate that gets the most votes as governor if newsom is recalled in terms of a writing of miss him, i don't think out of the california constitution loosen with daily elected, the california constitution says it's about choosing his successor, which implies somebody different. so if newsom is recalled, whoever gets the most votes on the second question is governor. if people don't vote there, then leaving it to others to decide. all right, u. c. berkeley's law
4:49 pm
school dean erwin chemerinsky. thank you so much for taking some time to share your thoughts on this recall election that is now coming up less than one month away. my pleasure. still ahead on the four today, a sacramento area pastor is under scrutiny after handing out vaccine exemption letters at his church how he's letters at his church how he's explaining himself. attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance. california, did you know our homes share power?
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easy tools on the chase mobile app. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. called religious exemption letters. greg farrington leads destiny christian church in rockland. he posted a message on social media, saying hundreds of church members have come to him asking for these exemption letters. this is going to be a ripple effect. medical workers and now it's teachers. next will be law enforcement first responders. they're going to shut down restaurants to people who aren't vaccinated. this is not america. we have the ability to
4:52 pm
have freedom and we need to fight for that, farrington is the same pastor who kept destiny church open, defying state covid restrictions about indoor gatherings in december of 2020. several church members tested positive for covid 19 around the bay area this afternoon. we do have partly cloudy skies along the coast, mostly sunny for the rest of us. quality good to moderate improving as we get into your bay area tuesday, and if it's been way too hot for you, inland temperatures are coming down on tuesday as well, giving you a look here at what is happening. storm tracker too. we do have a trough that will be dropping out of the gulf of alaska, bringing us the cooler air. this transition is also going to kick up our winds by tomorrow night, and we do have an advisory to talk about, but first, let's take a look at the forecast when it comes to what we expect for the smoke that onshore breeze and the cooler air is going to help us out, in fact, notice how it just pushes a lot of that smoke not only
4:53 pm
away from the bay area but out of california. so there's a good indicator just how strong the winds are going to be. in any event in that particular area. we are going to see an improvement. meanwhile, the future cast here will show you the cloud cover tonight along the coastline crossing over the bay as we get a little bit closer to sunset, and then tomorrow morning, we'll wake up with the clouds along the coast inside the bay well into the east bay, and it burns away and we have mostly sunny skies away from the coastline for tomorrow afternoon. temperatures again taking a notable drop, especially inland right now, 67 degrees in san francisco. we have low nineties and walnut creek 11 for you. brown was definitely one of the hottest spots this afternoon and santa rosa 99. that's definitely warm 5 10. maybe 15 degrees warmer than where you were yesterday afternoon. tomorrow morning. 57 degrees to start your day in san francisco upper fifties expected for hayward. we'll go upper fifties for concord in 54 in santa rosa, your afternoon highs for tomorrow. quite nice for inland cities areas that
4:54 pm
hit 100 degrees today, antioch 89 expected for you 88 over areas deliver more around the base 71 in oakland upper sixties san francisco low sixties expect him right along the coastline now by tomorrow night into wednesday, we are looking at that fire. weather watch. it is for our north bay hills and our east bay hills. the winds are expected to reach 30 mph and gusts to even faster than that relative humidity into the overnight hours. just going to plummet with that wind. we're looking again. it's for this shaded yellow, which means our north bay hills and our east bay hills down through the diablo range, so we'll be tracking that for you. it doesn't start until tomorrow night. right now, the time 11 pm as far as the extended forecast, coz temperatures will continue as we move through the next few days. notice not much change upper eighties to about 90 degrees expected for our hotter spots. tuesday wednesday thursday into friday, even into the weekend. meanwhile around the bay a lot of seventies to enjoy sixties expected along the coastline. saturday sunday
4:55 pm
partly cloudy very nice conditions for this time of year. back to you. we're a week away from what are expected to be key budget votes in the house. i'm like a manual in washington with the latest on divisi bipartisan infrastructurel
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
could lie with democrats as the party's progressives and moderates remain at odds boxes. mike emanuel is in washington with the latest on where the deal stands. key budget votes on infrastructure and the proposed $3.5 trillion budget resolution are expected in just another week. but democrats remain divided over how to move forward. progressives insists the robust budget reconciliation bill must be included to earn their support. but in a letter to the speaker friday, the leader of nine moderate democrats called for a
4:58 pm
vote on infrastructure to come. first writing quote, we simply can't afford months of unnecessary delays. what we fear is, if we wait months, this will never get done sunday, speaker pelosi work to unify her colleagues reiterating a vote on the bipartisan bill will come the week of august. 23rd followed by the budget resolution. whatever it is, at the end of the day, it will be one of the biggest initiatives that any of us has ever participated. in the meantime, some republicans say both proposals are too expensive, particularly as the u. s works to combat rising inflation amid an ongoing pandemic. we are hopeful that this is going to be somewhat derailed in the house, this is too expensive to afford. the american people do not want to see it. even if speaker pelosi is able to bring moderates and progressives together in the house that $3.5 trillion budget resolution could run into roadblocks in the senate or moderate democrats say they're concerned it is too expensive in washington, mike emanuel fox
4:59 pm
news ktvu. fox two news at five starts now. i stand squarely behind my decision after 20 years, i've learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw us forces. tonight at five. president biden defending his decision to pull u. s troops out of afghanistan after the taliban is incredibly fast takeover of the country. more chaos tonight in kabul, afghanistan's capital, has fallen and is now under taliban control. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener president, biden said. he is standing firm on his decision to withdraw u. s military forces from afghanistan as the taliban swiftly gains control. in his speech this afternoon, the president said, the scenes we're seeing in the country are gut wrenching. at least seven people were killed, falling
5:00 pm
from the wings of a u. s. air force jet as people ran onto the runway and tried to climb aboard president biden said he would take the criticism rather than leave the decision on withdrawal for yet another administration after 20 years of conflict. our mission in afghanistan was never supposed to have been nation building. it was never supposed to be created a unified, centralized democracy are only vital national interest in afghanistan remains today. what has always been preventing and a terrorist attack on american homeland. have argued for many years. the president also warned the taliban that the us will respond with quote devastating force to protect us personnel evacuating the country. the pentagon has ordered another 1000 troops to be sent to afghanistan's capital to help restore order at the airport. ktvu is an ruben has been following the latest developments for us. she joins us now live with more on this humanitarian c


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