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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 18, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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lake county tonight. officials say that crew does appear to be getting the upper hand on the cash fire, which is burning near the communities of clear lake and lower lake. these are live pictures now from sky fox, and you can see the destruction left behind. a number of structures have burned, including homes in the cache creek mobile home estates. we are told that one person suffered burns and has been taken to the hospital for treatment. evacuations have been ordered in the areas of clear lake and lower lake, including lake elementary school and lower lake high school. here's a look now at the evacuation zones to the south of the fire. you can see the areas in red. those are the evacuation areas where people are being told to leave right now. the areas in yellow or where there are evacuation warnings. now we want to show you some video that was taken near. road and wilkinson avenue at the height of this fire,
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which was just about three hours ago, and you can see here the considerable damage cars and homes either destroyed or on fire, the lake county sheriff tells us that at least 15 homes were destroyed. we want to go now live to lake county and joined ktvu deborah villalon, and she is there at that mobile home park and deb, considerable damage there. yeah we've only just arrived. heather, and it's obvious put going up to this mobile home park. you can see vehicles and mobiles that are burned. last count at least a dozen, possibly more. i think they're still doing a damage assessment on the roads through this park and again. you did mention that report of one person in the park, injured and taken to the hospital. we don't have an update yet on that person's condition. clearly an afternoon of chaos here in lake county, the kind of chaos too many california communities are experience. in these days. um 1500 people still under threat
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of fire coming into their communities, and they've been told to leave. hundreds more are on standby to leave. should this fire kick up? but i did talk to the incident commander short time ago, chief willy cepeda tells me that it is remaining somewhat stable at 100 acres. so that's the good news. if there is any, um, this fire has not seem to have exploded inside and. a few hours like we've seen on so many others. it started at one p.m. and here we are at five p.m. so if they he did not have a containment number. he wasn't going as far as to talk about whether they have any kind of a perimeter around it, but he was able to say that it's still staying at about 100 acres. deborah have you seen anything? i left anything? i'm checking to make sure that wasn't him calling. okay hey, deborah. i'm just curious how close. to you are the flames. well we have.
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we did not see active fire coming into the park. so clearly, frank. this is where the fire has been not where it's going. um the chief told me that it's burning to the south and east of here. and so that's where their firefighting efforts are focused, but having just rolled into the area moments ago, we haven't seen any active firefighting yet. that's certainly something will be seeking out there is an active air attack going on if we go up, the helicopters are flying. and we've since, uh collecting water and dumping it. um and the chief did tell me that they haven't had too much problem with retarded drops and water drops, which is good because the visibility up here hasn't been great driving up. there was a lot of smoke in the sky, and i wondered whether they would be able to do the air attack. but right now we're seeing more blue sky. the winds might be moving some of the smoke away, which will allow them to get water and retardant on this fire, which we know makes a world of difference. yes certainly does. deb, i know that you are just now getting
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there to that scene, but the sheriff told us that as many as 15 homes have been lost. does that mean that pretty much every home in that mobile home park is gone? are you still seeing some. that continue to stand and survived. know that my impression, heather, just driving that we've done so far is that this is a maybe a small number relative to the size of this mobile home park. i'm guessing there might be as many as 100 mobiles here. so, um, hopefully, uh, it it didn't do too much more damage than what we're seeing here and possibly on a few other streets. firefighters have been taking defensive positions. they did save some of the homes here. just you know, just by taking a stand and putting water on it and beating it back. so, um, so that might have kept the numbers down, as well as far as devastation and homes. lost debra i was kind of surprised that they allowed you to just have access and go in there. are they allowing homeowners to go back in? have you seen
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anybody in their? either back in their house? i haven't seen anyone walking around. out. this area was evacuated us as the fire approached, and so we haven't seen anybody who might have tried to stay. although we know sometimes people do try to stay. they will. you know they ca mandatory order, but you can't stay if you stay at your own risk. um we haven't seen anybody yet. um it would certainly not be a safe environment for people to try to come back this soon. power power situation is kind of sketchy. there's lines down. we have seen some utility trucks and again, you can see that there's still fire burning here in this mobile home park. yeah, deb. as we mentioned forward, progress has been stopped. but that does not mean that this fire is out by any means. debris alone. great reporting there will let you get back to it. thank you again for bringing us the latest, especially when you see that devastation there that mobile home park and obviously the air attack. it continues. step. thank you. right now. we want to go to our chief meteorologist, bill martin for more on conditions that they're
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facing up there with that. cash, fire, cash fire bill. yes this was an interesting fire, and then it erupted quickly got put down quickly. and if you notice we're deb standing and i think we have live the chopper footage. your sky fox, too, but when i was up in paradise, i noticed the same pattern. these trailer courts. these trailer parks, the trailers are really close together and they burn. they burn almost like one building. so if you notice almost every trailer is leveled. i noticed that in paradise to i think it has to do with these trailers from super hot and then they're really not that far apart. so what you're seeing here is a trailer park and you can clearly see when he gets up high enough. you can see the footprint. probably you know of the of the trailer where it's happened. that's you know, it's a building materials are interesting in all this when you watch what survives and what doesn't survive the conditions in this fire zone last night and even today are continuing with winds around 15 to 25 miles an hour. it's not crazy, out of control wind, but mark said this earlier in the
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four o'clock, he's absolutely right. the it's two years a big time drought. it's um, climate change. it's a whole bunch of things going on here. so these fires now take on a different meeting a different scope. this is a good example of one that's taken on a different scope. let me pull you up here. some current numbers and we can see the winds right now. let's see. uh 13% humidity 87% humidity. 20 lost the windsor 17 mile an hour but up in parts of the fire zone there, so 27 was the most i could find. we just saw his 17. we had a calendar or fire to just real quickly. hey, that thing doubled in size last night. same deal got hit with winds one way hit with winds another way. and now firefighters have a whole separate challenge, so we'll keep you posted on both of these fires. akash fire looks like they got a pretty good handle on it. the red flag warnings will continue for that zone into tonight with much less win much less concern, as you know, compared to what we saw last night. so, yeah, fire season is here and it's here
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early. yeah, less win but still win nonetheless. alright, bill martin. thank you. we are also keeping an eye on the calle door fire there in el dorado county gal fire says it is burned more than 80 square miles with zero containment. now thousands of people there are under evacuation orders. 80 strikes tra 86 structure excuse me have already been destroyed. another 6000 are threatened. authorities have closed the eldorado national forest to visitors for the remainder of the night. ktvu rob roth has been following the latest developments on this fire and is here now live, rob. there. cal fires at it more firefighters and equipment to tackle the cal door fire. they say weather conditions have improved from yesterday so far, but the evacuation orders remain very much in place. the calgary fire continues to rage continues to threaten homes and communities. but cal fire says there are some positives wednesday, especially compared with yesterday when the caldera
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grew from 6000 acres to almost 54,000 acres. the winds tuesday night we're not as strong as predicted, we're getting more resources in obviously the weather isn't doing what it was the fires and burning as actively as it was. and we're getting those crews out there on the line, so obviously we're going to start making more progress. and yesterday the community of summer said, is still under threat, depending on the winds, and there had been concerns about pollock pines. at this point, paul, it finds is looking much better. obviously still under threat, hence the reason that the area is evacuated. but there is no active fire in the community. right now many people who live in nearby communities have migrated to evacuation centres to wait. it just tremendously. just crew in size. it was crazy. it was scary because there was no warning. the fire is ravaged the small town of grizzly flats. it's just devastating. this woman says she left grizzly flats with her husband and four children
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before the fire struck. now it's not safe to return, she asked us not to use her last name. there's a two room schoolhouse. a post office and a community church and all those going down and when we're looking on facebook and our community watch page, it appears that most of the town has gone except for one street. maybe. she says she doesn't know if her home of 13 years is still standing. my children have been crying. my family's just we can't sleep is beyond its a stress that we can never. we can't comprehend, to beef up the response, cal fire pulled fire crews from the massive dixie fire and sent them to the kaldor fire and crews were able to start putting in dozer lines. but the big concern is what will the winds do tonight? other that's what everyone will be watching. all right, rob roth, thank you and the dixie fire burning in four northern california counties continues to force evacuations as well.
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that fire started more than a month ago and has now burned more than 635. acres. that's an area larger than the city of los angeles. the fire is also destroyed more than 12 structures, with thousands more threatened winds that are expected to hit 34. five miles an hour tonight, combined with low humidity makes conditions ripe for more rapid fire growth. cal fire says the fire is now 33% contained up from 31% yesterday. all of the smoke from these fires has made the air quality poor in the east bay. i want to show you a live picture now of mount diablo, as you can see, it is very smoky. there. and the air quality continues to get worse. the farther east you go that includes areas around mount diablo and in livermore. the smoke has led the bay area air quality management district to extend an air quality advisory through friday. air quality
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managers say the hazy conditions will be more widespread than last week. when the district also issued advisories, but it's not expected to prompt to spare the air alert people we talked to in the east bay today said that they're taking precautions, but they hope the smoke isn't as bad as it was last week. looks like the aircraft is getting probably closeness. that is that. i mean, i just hope it doesn't come to that. but it looks like it just might actually have a stronger mask. i just didn't know the air quality was going to be so bad today. so tomorrow we're that won. the air district recommends anyone who smells smoke to stay inside with windows and doors closed and to set a rca nish inning and car ventilation systems to recirculate and our fire coverage continues. be sure to stick around. coming up. next. we're going to talk live with the cal fire deputy chief about the ongoing firefight, plus booster shots are coming as soon as next month for some people details about the plan
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from sky fox over lower lake in lake county. this is some of the well we were hoping to show you that we wanted to show you some of the damage from a mobile home park donate. i guess we don't. there it is. okay, essentially a lower a, uh, essentially a mobile home park was pretty much destroyed today by what? they're calling the cash fire. it's burning. uh essentially south of clearly and is forcing evacuations in both clear lake and in lower
5:16 pm
lake, joining us now to talk more about the cash fire is jonathan cox. he's the deputy chief for cal fire and jonathan. we got we've got the massive dixie fire still burning out of control. we've got the huge cal door fire still burning with zero percent containment and now we have the cash fire. how bad is this new fire? yeah well, thanks, frank. really this new fire that broke out this afternoon was an example of kind of one of those fast moving fires and what we call the wild and urban interface. it was a fire that burned in lake county fire protection district there down in the lower lakes, part of lake county. that is, unfortunately very familiar with fire the concern we have right now is just making sure we keep all fires small. we have over 10,000 firefighters on the line across california, and there's hundreds of miles of open fire line in the in the northern part of the state right now, so we're throwing a lot of resources at these small fires. verily early on to
5:17 pm
really try to prevent them from becoming major incidents. yes and jonathan, we saw that. i mean, our dad v alone is there in lake county now and you could see the air attack continuing obviously. there were concerns that the smoke might hinder those efforts but appears as though the smoke is not an issue at least right now. yes that's right. you know, the air attack is always at the mercy of weather. if it's too windy or too smoky or the smoke plume is pushing down over the fire the head of the fire, then they can't make their attack. luckily we were able to divert some air tankers from other areas to the cash fire. but you know, air tankers and helicopters are finite resource right now across the state. how worried should people in clear lake and lower lake b, which are both threatened by the fire? the lake county sheriff said today. quote if you're hanging around trying to watch what's going on, we kindly ask you to leave the area that's causing a lot of problems for our responders. this is a very, very serious
5:18 pm
situation. yeah, so the message statewide really when it comes to evacuations, as if there's an evacuation order, there is no time it's time to get out if there's a warning. that's when you need to start preparing. you know, our perspective on that is very clear. evacuation orders. it's time to go. just remember firefighters. we want to put the fire out and we want to be able to get there and put the fire out. if we can't get in to do that, or we have to commit resources to rescuing people who didn't leave, it just hinders our ability to be successful. so jonathan, what can you tell us about the status of the fire? right now? we understand that forward progress has been stopped, which obviously is a really good development. but the sheriff all so, saying, we still have a lot more work to be done. so we are not out of the woods just yet. here. yeah so, as you know these fires across the state, although the ford progress may be stopped, we don't actually talk about containment until there's a physical barrier between the edge of the fire and the unburned fuel so that takes
5:19 pm
bulldozers and hand crews and hose lines and as time goes on, you'll see that number go up, but obviously a good sign the cruise up, they were able to stop the forward progress. i said it, jonathan cox. thank you for taking the time to talk to us. we'll talk to you again during our six o'clock newscast just feels that sometimes, like the entire area of north care of north northern california is on fire. we appreciate again. you taking the time to talk was thank you. thanks. alrighty we're back up on sky fox. just because this cash fire, you know, erupted so quickly, and it was big, real quick. back. and as they said, the gentleman there just mentioned this was a really hot and fast fire. and it appears they've got a pretty good handle on it. just visually, right? i mean, the thing i think about when i look at all these trailers and all these mobile homes and all that, uh, residential debris as that smoke coming off this fire, not unlike the paradise fire was
5:20 pm
probably probably pretty toxic stuff. you see the trailer units, you can see where the you can see where they're laying out, right? you seem like just like rows of these things. and so they really get they can hit hard and fires again when i in paradise was just something the day looking at it again, and there's a lot of trailer courts up there and the way those things burn is very different than typical out structures and buildings in the in the open space, so just so, you know, when you look at that you're looking at probably individual trailers, right? you can see the stripped out in the driveways in between. we do have a red flag warning in this zone for again for tonight. it's not as big deal. it's not. i wouldn't say it's a code red. you know these red flag warnings they go from a scale of 1 to 10 in my mind, last night's really was probably about us. six. write a 10 is kind of oakland hills or coffee park, right or paradise. so tonight we'll have a much lower grade red flag warning. the rest of the bay area's left out of it. but you can see and you know you got to feel for these people because at nine o'clock this morning, they're eating their breakfast. and now look what look what their home is their homes have become, and
5:21 pm
that's kind of what's happened in california in the last few years. this is the landscape that we live in. so it does encourage you guys to, you know. clear space around your house have exit plans things like that. because this fire truthfully. right you're up in the wind zone. you're up in a really dry brush area, and this is going to blow up and they did a #### of a job containing this thing as they did, at least it appears that they have thus far tomorrow we're in the same situation. let me pull this. down here. you can see that low pressure center there, the high stick there were in close proximity. still, so the winds are going to blow northerly again. that's why that red flag warning has been left up. but more importantly for us, that's why the smokes a player again, so smoke is back in our bay area forecast like it is today, and i suspect and i was looking at the air quality stuff that i don't know which air quality page you use air now is real good. aired as a government site. it's got a little more. it's a little it's not as granular, but it's got a lot more real time data and government. data, so it's pretty precise. and then
5:22 pm
there's purple air, which is used as some localized personal sensors, which is sometimes not as well calibrated. but tomorrow will be another day like this. there's the air quality. now looking back, we'll talk about the court. oh fire and that thing that thing doubled overnight went to 60,000 acres, and that's up out of the pollock pines area, so a lot going on lots of smoke to talk about and the weekend. it's not that far off. we'll look at the five day forecast when i see you next. yeah, that smoke very noticeable when i was out of my run today. thanks, bill. alright. booster shots are now coming. the announcement made earlier today by the president, and when people may be eligible
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vaccinated against covid 19, according to new state data, more than 21. million people are protected now from the virus, while three million more are still waiting for their second shot. los angeles county has the most doses administered in the state with more than 11.
5:25 pm
million people receiving at least one shot. santa clara county unveiled a new mobile vaccination unit today, the custom built bus will travel to high priority areas and distribute the vaccine 80. percent of residents in santa clara county are now fully vaccinated. health officials say. there are still 300,000 people in the county who are eligible who have not received a dose. the delta variant is moving very quickly through our community. and so we're staying on the we were staying, i guess on the offense. we want to keep getting out there and getting to the community where they are, county officials say the bus was 100% paid for by corporate donations. the bus will travel to parks, festivals and other events, president biden said today that nursing home staffs have to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. he's making the requirement a condition for those facilities to continue getting federal, medicare and medicaid funding, according to federal data. hundreds of thousands of nursing home
5:26 pm
workers across the country are not vaccinated, the president says. people who visit or live in nursing homes should not be at a high risk for getting the coronavirus from unvaccinated employees today, federal officials announced vaccine booster shots will be recommended starting in late september. it's part of an effort to try to combat the delta variant as ktvu zan, rubin explains. local counties and residents are now trying to figure out what that will mean for them. prepare to roll up those sleeves again. starting september 20th, the white house and cdcr recommending vaccine booster shots for all americans. they believe it's necessary to combat the delta variant of the coronavirus. deborah elmore, who is immuno compromised, is now rushing to get her shot before appointments open to everyone when i hurry up and get mine, so it doesn't get crowded, and then i have to wade in santa clara county. they're working on an implementation plan. they're discussing how to reach people and where we have no reason to
5:27 pm
believe. at the locations that we've used in the past will be resistant to reopening, but the boosters are not without controversy. some like stanford infectious disease specialist katherine bliss believe the third shot is unnecessary. i don't. think we have enough data to support the administration of booster shots at this point, and in fact, our vaccines are doing exactly what they're meant to do and are holding up. great. she believes extra doses should go abroad first, if you look from a public health standpoint, i think it's very difficult to make the argument. that we should be giving a third dose to people who have already had to when so many people in the world haven't had a single dose right now, the boosters will only be for those who got the pfizer and moderna vaccines. studies on the johnson and johnson booster are ongoing, officials hope is that the elderly and nursing home employees will be amongst the first to get the extra doses. likely about eight months after
5:28 pm
the original shots, the american assisted living nurses association is recommending all their members get in line or anything we can do to keep them safe. anything we can do to keep our staff safe so that we can have adequate personnel to meet the resident needs. i'm totally supportive of it. in santa cleric county, they'll be discussing their booster rollout plan at the board of supervisors meeting september 14th in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news. coming up. we're continuing to follow breaking news in lake county, where homes have been destroyed in a fire. the latest update is coming up next, and you've probably heard of ghost guns, untraceable firearms. well now the district attorney in san francisco, says he has a plan to go after the companies that make and ship them. we'll have details coming up next and first day jitters once again as kids head back to school for the first time in more than a year.
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county authorities say crews are getting the upper hand on the cash fire. it's burning near clear lake and lower lake, the lake county sheriff says. at least 15 homes are burned. many of them were in the cache creek mobile home park area. one person suffered burns and has been taken to the hospital for treatment. meantime the cow door fire burning in el dorado county has now grown to more
5:32 pm
than 80 square miles with zero containment, a red flag worn. remains in effect and fire crews export. expect more extreme fire behavior tonight thousands of people are under evacuation orders. 86 structures have been destroyed and another 6000 are threatened. the chp is investigating a shooting on interstate 2 80 in san francisco that sent one person to the hospital sky. foxx flew over the scene this morning after the chp closed all colbun lanes of 2 80 near the mariposa street exit. you can see a white car stop there in the middle of the freeway with its doors open. investigators say the victim's injuries are not considered to be life threatening. the shooting happen about 10 45 this morning. all lanes were then reopened by about one o'clock this afternoon. the chp is not yet released information about a suspect or a possible motive. the san francisco dea is taking
5:33 pm
a unique approach to gun violence. today he announced that he is suing several companies. it make what are called ghost guns. those are illegal weapons that people can easily buy on the internet are crime reporter henry lee is here now with why the d a. is taking the step, henry? well, frank prosecutors have long gone after criminals with ghost guns, which are often home built and untraceable now san francisco dhs, a boudin says. it's time to go after the companies that make these gun kits and ship them through the mail. guns are flooding our streets. enough is enough. we must take action. san francisco d a chase a boudin has filed a civil lawsuit against three ghost gun manufacturers, a groundbreaking move against unregulated firearms. today we take a bold step towards protecting san franciscans by getting dangerous guns off the streets. odin says ghost gun makers don't follow usual firearms sales regulations. there are no background checks and ghost guns don't have serial numbers. the ghost gun
5:34 pm
manufacturers being sued in san francisco superior court are black hawk manufacturing group, g s performance and mdx corporation, three separate manufacturers who are flooding our streets with illegal firearms with firearms that we know are being used to harm to maine and to kill. joining in the lawsuit is law firm keker van ness. peter's attorney, brooke duly showed how easily. a ghost gun could be delivered by mail and then put together from a kip inspector eric tejada of the district attorney's office was able to assemble an operational glock 19 style handgun in about half an hour. the inspector was then able to fire the gun, the giffords law center to prevent gun violence is also a plaintiff in the case. they've made it possible for anyone in the state to buy all the parts needed to build an untraceable firearm. no questions asked. and get it shipped in a convenient package with tools and instructions like a piece of ikea furniture. they're
5:35 pm
harming our communities. they're taking innocent lives. they're putting law enforcement officers at risk, and it's an epidemic that we know is disproportionately impacting communities of color. when you talk about bullets have no names. now you're talking about. guns that have no trace violence prevention advocate rudy corpus made clear he's not against the second amendment. just ghost guns. you can't just branded criminals that supported their uniform. what about the manufacturers? that's having these guns built? built on profit not on people's lives? now, the d a says, there's been a excuse me of 2000% increase in the number of ghost guns seized by sfpd in the past five years, i reached out to all three companies named the da's lawsuit, but have not heard back live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news. all right, henry. thank you. the south bay's largest school district is the latest to welcome students back to campus are south reporter jesse gary joins us now live in san jose with more on how the
5:36 pm
first day of school went today, jesse. heather good evening to you. and yeah, this was a traditional first day of school. the first one they've seen a couple of years and it featured its own first students, teachers staffers all had to wear masks because of covid precautions. we're happy to wear them. hopefully they'll come out with the vaccine shoot. for the first time in two years, the san jose unified school district sees all of its campuses open at the close of business on the first day of school. it's a relief for students and parents who have endured a year of learning while combating a global pandemic. was your son excited, very excited to see his friends again and teachers again, and kind of get away from that, um, be stuck in front of you. peter all day, district officials say this year all 27,000 students and school staff are required to wear masks on campus. social distancing is encouraged and building ventilation systems
5:37 pm
have been cleaned or enhanced. i think things are really going to run fairly fairly, um, as they would have in the past. it's just you're going to see everyone walking with masks. experts say the return to the normal routine is essential in order to limit learning regression from a year of virtual attendance with little or no personal interaction. it's particularly important for the younger students because from an attention perspective, it's very difficult for students to really sit in front of a computer and really have the concentration for a long time. while the district is back to in person learning part of its safeguards mean students who are covid positive or who may have been exposed to the virus will do independent studies, but the teacher will be giving them assignments and work that they can complete at home. i think. they're very organized, and they have all the protocols down and it's saved. this is officials say there were no major problems with the first day of classes
5:38 pm
back on campus. some parents reported a little confusion when they were registering their kids for school for the first time because that registration took place outside of district headquarters not inside due to covid restrictions. i don't want anybody inside the school district building, we're live in the willow glen section of san jose, this evening. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you. yes still dealing with so many changes because of covid. all right, jesse. thank you. the search for a homicide suspect in san ramon has ended in an arrest, police say 22 year old ronaldo. john sanchez was found and arrested last night after a resident spotted him in the area. sanchez was wanted for a murder out of florida. officers in san ramon attempted to pull him over yesterday, but he ran off. residents were told to stay in their homes while police searched the area. it's still unclear what he was doing in san ramon in the first place. the u. s deploying more troops to afghanistan to help
5:39 pm
assist with getting americans out. i'm trey yanks in jerusalem more on that coming up, plus, we will have an update on the oakland a's pitcher chris bassett, who was hit in the face by a ball last night. just scary video that you see there what he said this afternoon on social media. afghas
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
president has now emerged in the united arab emirates, where he escaped with his family, ashraf ghani fled afghanistan on sunday as the taliban was approaching kabul. one afghan diplomat has accused the president of stealing 100 and $69 million from the state treasury and is calling now for his arrest, also in afghanistan. we're seeing the first signs of protest against the taliban regime. at least one person was killed in a demonstration
5:42 pm
today, fox news tray inks tells us the u. s. says it's negotiating quote, hour by hour to ensure that the taliban does not interfere with the evacuation of u. s citizens and afghan allies. the taliban have pledged not to impose the same harsh restrictions as when they last held power in afghanistan, but so far the situation on the ground tells a different story. protest in jalalabad against the new government, ending with at least one person killed after the taliban fired on demonstrators. there are also reports of assassinations and beatings in a number of cities, the violence, making the rush to get out even more desperate taliban leaders claim that any civilian who wants to reach the airport can do so. but video wednesday shows the taliban firing shots into the air as crowds gathered outside the airport, the state department says warning shots were also fired by us soldiers. our troops have set up defensive positions around the airport, and the airport is able to
5:43 pm
function safely. the pentagon is too employing more than 6000 troops to help secure the airport and assist with evacuations, including an air force unit that specializes in securing airfields. the washington post reporting that national security officials believe about 10 to 15,000 americans remain in afghanistan, but there are currently no plans to evacuate those outside of kabul. we have the united states military and we fully intend to successfully evacuate all american citizens who want to get out of afghanistan, they are priority number one at the moment. kids who are still in afghanistan who are looking to get out or told to shelter in place until they're contacted by the u. s embassy in jerusalem. trading, ext. fox news. oh back to school last week. this week, it's back to zoom class, i think this is going to happen to anybody. um it's around. i just didn't think it was gonna happen on day one. it's too quick coming up. next was some parents in oakland would like to see
5:44 pm
happen to help ensure their kids are able to stay in the classroom. and i'm tracking the forecast. it does include some more smoke in the area. we'll talk about that it will take check in on the fires as well. i'll see you back here with the i'll see you back here with the emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
5:45 pm
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the classroom has been met with disappointment when covid cases force entire classrooms to quarantine for at least 10 days. ktvu amanda quintana is here now, with why we will likely see this happen more often. amanda in alameda county, once at least three cases are found in a classroom and they're potentially connected. that's considered an outbreak, and that's sending dozens of students right back home. for a minimum of 10 days, although 14 is recommended some school districts are requiring even longer. i think this is going to happen to anybody. um it's around. i just didn't think it
5:47 pm
was going to happen on day one. it's too quick. but it did on just the first day of school, adam kunas daughter was exposed to covid in her fourth grade classroom at montclair elementary in oakland. after that's been the same day she was exposed on thursday she was to expose on friday. um she was put on modified quarantine. and then sunday night, they let us know that it was full zoom class for the next few weeks. now she's learning from home again. well, it's nothing new. it's still hard for her. she's a little crushed. she really like being back and seeing her friends. this is the reality of heading back to school with the delta variant, rapidly spreading a reality parents yellow, fisher prepared her kindergartner four. i'm a little bit more on the side of safety. i don't mind if we get put in quarantine, and if we have to do it for the safety of the kids, it's ok for me. montclair has seen close to one new case a day since reopening. both parents say the school did the best it could to plan for this, but say those positive cases could have been found
5:48 pm
quicker for me. the only better way to handle it is to add, you know, force testing for all the student body, which is something i think should be happening. a petition to make it a weekly requirement is making rounds while the same story of heading back home to a computer is playing out across the bay area expected to continue. this thing is really contagious, and it's going to happen to everybody. i'm just everybody be safe. while montclair students get to zoom with the teacher in real time, not all students in quarantine will get that, for some distance learning could be just a packet of works at home or a combination of the two, the oakland unified school district tells me like other districts, they're hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst live in the newsroom. amanda quintana ktvu fox students. yes obviously disappointment for students and teachers, but every school district trying to figure out the best way to handle a confirmed case. all right, amanda, thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi was home
5:49 pm
in san francisco today addressing the high cost of health care speaker pelosi was at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital this morning. she talked about democrats efforts to protect the affordable care act and to lower healthcare costs. democrats are seizing the once in a century opportunity. lower health care costs for families for good. many of these measures or covert related and for a couple of the years in south we want to do this permanently way. lower health care and prescription drug costs are part of the white house is build back america agenda. and it's $3.5 trillion budget blueprint. water supply alert has now been issued for southern california, a major water district down south is asking residents now to voluntarily can serve water for the first time in seven years. district officials say they hope people will listen to the alert so they can avoid more severe actions. the move comes a day after us officials
5:50 pm
declared the first water shortage for the colorado river, which is a key source for southern california. oh all right. first thing we're looking at out there is the air quality. you can see the smoke that blew in last night with those northerly winds. temperature stayed cool yet again today, but that smoke came in. that's sfo. probably some flight restrictions on based on some visibility there today, all the airports in the area of even obviously sacramento and up around truckee as well. ah let's take a look at what where the smoke is. it's up in the upper level of the atmosphere, so it's not right down at the surface of the air quality. you look at like aaron now or purple areas. some of the sites i was mentioning they're going to show most likely yellows and even some greens, so it's most of our area is not bad. i didn't see any oranges, which is where you don't want to be oranges or reds. here's the forecast for smoke. the north wind continue. so here comes the smoke the white being the more intense smoke. okay, the dark more of like we had today, so it looks like late tonight
5:51 pm
we get into a little bit more smoke, and then it just sort of goes back to where it was today, which isn't great. look at tahoe. look, it's sacramento. look at reading red bluff. those areas are getting hammered, and then we get into it looks like friday. looks like a pretty smoky day now. these models, of course, you know, they're pretty summer experimental. some are new to the modeling business. and so the smoke models aren't really that, uh um reliable yet they're pretty darn good. but just for the granular components there sometimes not that good, but we'll get you close with that. so just prepare for some smoke in the next couple of days. ah. the jet stream is realigning itself. there goes out low pressure center. that's the one that that that brought the winds last night. they clear the smoke out briefly yesterday, cool temperatures as well, and that's the pattern by the way, when you get a low goes through like he did last night, the high jumps in behind it, and that's where that red flag warning came from today, right, and that's what happens. there's the low. that's what
5:52 pm
happens in the fall when we get into our real fire. weather are really scary. fire weather right now. that low wasn't that strong. the high wasn't that's going to the pressure. great it wasn't all that great, but as we get into the fall that low or deepen and be much more powerful, much deeper and more more potent, and when the high jumps back in the pressure, gradient just get super super tight, super stiff and then you get the big wins. 50 60 miles now, that's usually september late august, september. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. 86 degrees in fairfield, 90 in antioch, and the five day forecast, as you can see here looks like a pretty good one. temperatures stay on the mild side. we'll keep an on the fires for you that cold are fire doubled in size overnight. that's a big player right now in the state bill, thank you. oakland a's pitcher, chris bassett is now out of the hospital after he was hit in the face by a line drive. we have to warn you here that you might find the video disturbing. he was hit by a ball going 100 miles an hour during yesterday's game with
5:53 pm
the chicago white sox, the a's say bassett received stitches for two cuts on his face. he also was a broken bone in his cheek that will require surgery, but fortunately he has no eye damage. he never lost consciousness and this morning tweeted out. thank you. message for the help he received and said that he can't wait to get back on the mound. what a positive. aleke has him. we're so glad that he's okay. alright the 40 niners are in southern california, where players have today off before joint practices tomorrow on friday with the los angeles chargers coaches say these practices are off. than more beneficial than exhibition games because the teams can work on specific schemes in situations. the 49ers will then face the charges on sunday there at the stadium in inglewood, the team did make a personnel move. they released. former ucla star quarterback josh rosen. the niners now have three quarterbacks on the roster. jimmy garoppolo, trey, lance and nate said feld. 49ers kick
5:54 pm
off the regular season. by the way coming up on september 12th right here on ktvu, fox two, and we can't wait to share your passion for the team. if you consider yourself a super fan. well be sure to take a video and tell us why we have posted online or share it right here on ktvu just scan this code or visit ktvu dot com slash red and gold. you may even be showcased during a 49 years game. right here on fox two coming up. next on our flights are back for the first time in 16 months, even rain couldn't spoil the day for more than 100 veterans as they arrived to see the country's war
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
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late last week. the hack affected nearly eight million t mobile accounts and more than 40 million records of former or prospective customers who applied for credit. the breached data includes names, birthdates, social security numbers and driver's license information. t mobile says there's no evidence of financial information being compromised. the company is offering free identity theft protection for those affected a celebration today in the nation's capital, the honor flight network resumed flights for us veterans at ring forced to halt those flights due to the pandemic. the network will now be able to fly america's heroes to war memorials there in washington, dc, fox's madeline rivera spoke with them about the return and their reflections about where the country he is today. often the washington pouring rain
5:58 pm
couldn't dampen spirits on this trip to the nation's capital as veterans they have been through worse or stayed us 113 service members from world war two, the korean war and the vietnam war all arrived in an honor flight to see the country's war memorials. it's the first on our flight in 16 months after trips were stopped because of covid 19 you know, when we came back from nam, i came back from nam. we got nothing and here. he actually brought terrorism, my eyes. i mean, we never got this. the ceremony for the veterans was held here at the world war two memorial in d. c. some of their thoughts were with military members miles away in afghanistan, where troops are trying to evacuate thousands of americans and afghans. that's a disaster over there. vietnam veteran dennis keast is comparing afghanistan's collapsed to the 1975 fall of saigon when desperate vietnamese try to board us helicopters as they
5:59 pm
left the embassy the way that was put together and all those people falling off the airplane. just it's a shame, some question america's involvement in afghanistan. the first place. why do we have to defend the whole world? we can't control the world. that's all i'm saying. all they can do now, they say is hope all troops come home. stay alive and we pray for you a sentiment the country shares as well in washington. mala rivera fox news. this is k. tv fox two news at six tonight. we're following breaking news out of lake county where a new fire broke out this afternoon, triggering mandatory evacuations. it also destroyed more than a dozen homes. but the good news tonight is that forward progress has been stopped. fires anywhere between 50 and 75 acres. it's still burning, but a lot of hand crews out here. a lot of aircraft they're working on
6:00 pm
getting slowed down quite a bit. so made it quite a bit of progress today, but we're still a lot of work to go. firefighters are really beginning to get a handle on this new fire called the cash fire. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie, but still there is zero containment on this fire this afternoon, people scramble to evacuate as those flames raced south in red flag conditions. the areas that you see here in red are evacuation orders that are in effect. the areas in yellow are evacuation warnings. want to show you now some video that was taken earlier today near the cache creek mobile. home estates, and you can see the intense flames that ripped through several homes and vehicles there. ktvu deborah villalon is live for us now in lake county and joins us now live once again from that mobile home park depth. yeah heather. we managed to get deeper into the cache creek mobile home estates and


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