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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 18, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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homes. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox news starts now the cash fire has burned only 80 acres, but it caused a lot of damage in a short amount of time. hello again, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. fire officials said. that fire is now about 20% contained but at least 60 homes have been destroyed into mobile. home parks and tonight the clear lake, director of emergency services declared a local emergency to help with the recovery efforts. the cash fire said a lot of smoke into the bay area today, air quality officials have now extended an air quality advisory through friday due to the hazy conditions. let's go now to our chief meteorologist, bill martin, with a look at what we can expect over the next few days. yeah heather, i think, unfortunately, smokes going to be a way of life for us the next few days, at least the next 48 ours is the wind patterns or such, so they're bringing the smoke in with a
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northerly wind tonight and then they don't really kick up a westerly wind aggressively enough to push it out of here because once the smoke settles in, as we found out in the past, it tends to linger can't really see the smoke in this shot. but if you look up at the moon tonight, you will the reason for the smoke coming in tonight and even last night was this high in this low? what happens is the winds coming out of the north and look for those arrows are blowing just. brings that smoke right into the bay area, and so that pressure gradients going to loosen tomorrow, but then the winds kind of just get a little bit funky. they go all over the place, but not very aggressively in any direction, so that's going to allow the fog to stick around the good thing or fog. smoke pardon me. the good thing about the smoke, though, is it's up at a higher elevation, so if you're down at the surface down near sea level, not such a problem, but i will assert that in the mornings and the evenings, the smoke does settle down further towards the surface. so that might be something you're smelling even tonight. um, i think tomorrow night's possible as we look at the smoke model. there it is. that's tomorrow morning. that's tomorrow afternoon. that's
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friday morning. that's friday afternoon, and it just hangs on not intense, but enough to be annoying. that's the story for the rest of this week, at least into friday, saturday should be better and sunday. hopefully, it'll clear out. well, thank you more now on the cash fire, which caused so much chaos for the communities of clear lake and lower lake today, katie views deborah villalon is right in the middle of some of the worst damage, deborah. well frank, two mobile home parks burn the creek side and the cache creek estates up and down the streets we see home after home leveled that estimate of 60 destroyed seems likely to go higher. it's totally wiped out. everything is gone out of their people near the trailer parks knew from the noise. fire had hit. all you heard was explosion after explosion because they're all on propane tanks from sky fox. the devastation is clear. dozens of homes destroyed by the cash
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fire, which started about a half mile away and was dispatch, like so many others, a couple acres, rapid rate of spread extreme in gusting winds. an aggressive attack by air and ground managed to keep this fine. from exploding like so many others this season and past kind of experience for the last 10 years, horrific fires, so it's not the worst. we just had a lot better outcome than our previous ones and red flag preparation helped engines were fully staffed and prepositioned 80 acres is not really big, but the amount of damage that's contained in this 80 acres is pretty devastating. this was home to many seniors and low income residents. recovery will be hard and most of them left too fast to take anything one had to be forcibly removed. the mobile home right next door to that person was on fires actively burning. the person didn't want to go and we had to take that person out, and there was some scary moments during evacuation when fire spread through tree canopies and jumped roads trapping rescuers are first responders that we're
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stuck behind the fire lines that couldn't get out. luckily they made it safely, but there was a time where it was really touch and go. it's going to get to a point where there's no forest left neighbours have suspicion. it's about a cause after a series of smaller fires in the same area, right behind us. here is a homeless encampment that the city has been trying to fight with trying to get them out. there are reports an rv caught fire in the camp, igniting this. if somebody did start this, i'd like to see them held accountable. clear lake and lower lake are grateful for the air show a dozen tankers and helicopters getting the stop before the fire ravaged, more neighborhoods. our hearts go out to the folks who did lose their homes continue brain. it's uh, no lives were lost. everyone was able to make it safer. there's no word of anyone unaccounted for at this point and just one injury, a woman airlifted with burns described as moderate. the area is still hot engines are out there. crews are dousing fire wherever they see it, and
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whether this mop up will continue throughout the night. deborah. thank you over 1600 people were evacuated when the cash fire broke out at this hour 300 have been allowed back home. eight views. amberleigh talk with some of them who say evacuations are way too common now in lake county. the fire is out. no reason to hold us here. after a long day of uncertainty in clear leg freight nerves at a roadblock on dam road. we left early this morning because we had errands to run. and when we get back here, we can't get to our house now the road into the firestone eventually opened around 8 20 wednesday. night, but to see it like that, and that close it was just terrifying. this woman tells me she only had time to grab her dog and a few belongings. she lives in an apartment complex near the mobile home park destroyed by the fire. it was
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it was scary. that's the first time i really thought we were going to lose our apartments. it was just so close by sunset, people learned that the firefight was successful in keeping the flames from spreading further. one homeowner tells me evacuations are now a way of life, and so is the uncertain. the property is still there and i built the house. i can rebuild it at a nearby foods etcetera supermarket, the manager tells me power was cut for about 20 minutes due to the fire, but the business reopened with the help of a generator. i mean, we get a little bit anxious, you know, because we don't know how with you know, prior fires. we don't know how bad it's gonna get. she says there was extra business from customers buying necessities. we're going to bomb went off was huge. you know, we couldn't believe how big it was. this man says he was on his way to a doctor's appointment but turned around when he saw the huge plume of black smoke. i feel pretty good, they got it out pretty quick, but i was out driving around. i saw when it first
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started, and it looked pretty bad. what's your feeling now? you know, hours later i'm relieved the thing i got it out, many people were able to be back home wednesday night. some tell me they'll be staying with family nearby in clear lake amberleigh ktvu. fox two news and tonight that fast moving fire called the cow door fire in eldorado county continues to threaten homes in neighboring amador county. cal fire says evacuation warnings are now for northern areas among the amador county line near highway 88. that fire has charred more than 62,000 acres since it began on saturday, forcing thousands from their homes and leveling much of an area called grizzly flats. a woman who lives there, says she. left her home with her husband and four children. before that fire struck, and now it is not safe to return. she doesn't know if her home of 13 years is still standing. the two room schoolhouse. post office and a
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community church and all those going down and when we're looking on facebook and our community watch page, it appears that most of the town has gone except for one street. maybe. to beef up the response. cal fire pulled fire crews from the massive dixie fire and sent them to this fire earlier tonight, we spoke with cal door fire public information officer chris vestal about what crews are looking forward now on the fire lines tonight. well, we do have some concerns. we have red flag conditions, which are bringing would shift in the wind direction to be out of the north. but one of the things that's really something that we're seeing throughout the state this year is very low fuel moistures. that means that the fuel itself just doesn't have any of that moisture that would prevent it from burning so the fuels are very receptive. vestel says that if the wind stay calm and the weather cooperates, firefighters believe they will be able to get some containment on this fire. soon tonight, pg and e has restored power to 55%
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of its customers after shutting off power last night to prevent wildfires. thousands of customers were without power overnight in napa, sonoma and solano counties. cugini crews inspected hundreds of miles of lines before turning the power back on tonight. planned outages for alameda and contra costa were cancelled. pg and e says they expect to restore power to all customers still affected by tomorrow night. let's raise our voices together here today so that they can hear us and that they know that we are with them a show of support for people in afghanistan. the rally tonight in the east bay, calling for solidarity and action, and two officers shot in two days in southern california. how authorities say the shootings are connected. that's coming up.
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afghans held a rally tonight did hayward calling for peace and aid for the relatives and friends who were hoping to escape from the taliban controlled country. those attending the vigil tonight say they are hearing stories from their homeland that are just breaking their hearts new tonight ktvu jana katsuyama with more on the emotional event. free free afghanistan. voices shouted calls for freedom for relatives and
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friends in afghanistan, too afraid to speak now under the return of taliban rule, let's raise our voices together here today to the people of afghanistan, we hear you. we see you. many brought afghan flags to the rally at hayward city hall waved defiantly the stories they're hearing every day are breaking their hearts. nazanin chemie says. a fellow graduate from. don't even high school was visiting afghanistan for eat and now is trapped. she says he told her the taliban shot his mother. his mom was not wearing a full burqa. so the told me it was like a big he told me was 67 talibans? they got they got his mom and they threw in the middle of the street now, making calls a little more dangerous because they're so scared that you know someone will hear them. some are immigrants who worked for the u. s. military feeling despair now and anger at afghan leaders who fled and gave up the country's control without a fight that was translated. myself i went back to where the u. s army. i felt really, really bad because we did all of those for work. for what?
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during the rally, a moment of silence and prayer calls to congress for help and calls for the afghan community to come together and do here in america. what's been so elusive in afghanistan, bridging tribal, ethnic and religious divisions to unite as afghans under one flag? i don't care if you're a zara. i don't care if your past student i don't care if you're tajik. i don't care if you're it was back jewish seek anything. the one beauty of afghanistan is that we are so mixed. we look so different afghanistan. it's really overwhelming because you want to do the most good for the most amount of people, the rally organizers say they are planning a day of action for monday to make calls trying to get visas for the afghans who are trying to flee to the united states in hayward, jana katsuyama. ktvu fox two news, president, biden tells abc news that us troops could stay in afghanistan past the
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withdrawal deadline of august. 31st if there are still americans who need to be evacuated. he was also asked again if the withdrawal could have been handled better. no i don't think it could have been handled in a way that there were going to go back in hindsight and look, but the idea that somehow there is a way to have gotten out without chaos. ensuing i don't know how that happens. president biden said that 10 to 15,000 americans still need to be evacuated and between 50 and 65,000, afghans and their families also want to leave the country. reminder you can stay up to date with the latest developments out of afghanistan and how people in the bay area are reacting. just go to ktvu dot com. we are learning more tonight about a deadly police shooting in southern california. that suspect has now been identified as 34 year old irving oli. kong police say he
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shot at three law enforcement officers over the span of two days in san bernardino county. that first shooting happened yesterday when the suspect ambushed and then shot a deputy. today officers were tracking him when they tried to stop the vehicle that he was in. police say he got out and shot at two officers. police then fired back, killing the man. police say he's a known gang member with a long criminal history. both of those officers are expected to make a full recovery. in palo alto police arrested a woman accused of randomly stabbing a 16 year old girl. the attack happened just before 10 o'clock this morning on university avenue, police say can isha thomas walked up behind the girl and for no reason pulled her to the ground and attacked her with a knife. two men nearby, jumped in and pulled the woman off the girl and held the suspect until police arrived. the girl was seriously wounded, but police say she was cautious and able to speak. investigators say the attack was random. the woman
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now faces attempted murder charges, the surgeon coronavirus cases has brought a surge in testing a look at the numbers in one bay area county. plus hell, san francisco is accommodating the increased demand. they were looking into the weather smoke back in the forecast, unfortunately, but some mild temperatures ahead with some wind dying down. i'll have that forecast with a five have that forecast with a five you doing okay with those new spicy tiny tacos, jack? yeah, it's funny some of those people you see, they... they can't handle it at all right? no, they can't. that's not you. that's not me. no. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. at metro by t-mobile... ...we don't think you should pay extra for unlimited 5g. try my new spicy introducing the big 5g upgrade. ditch boost and cricket... ...and save half when you switch.
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design con at the san jose mckendry convention center. participants say the conference had a lot of safety precautions. you know, everyone had the mass on ah, this there's security guards that were patrolling and making sure that people didn't take them off, but no requirement of full vaccination at the door. that may change personally, i am vaccinated and our company wouldn't send anybody that wasn't vaccinated. but if i'm going to a public events like these, if they ask us, i'm fine with it personally, said jose's mayor. wants to require all staff and visitors to be fully vaccinated before entering any event of 50, or more at city facilities that includes that as a peace center, the mckendry convention center, the center for performing arts, but gomory theater, california theater and san jose civic. it's in response to rising covid-19 infections. we recognize that these large events can be very perilous. we don't want a super spreader event here in the city of standard is a negative covid test won't do we also recognize that a test is only so good as
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the date and time in which it was taken and having a test that said someone is negative two days ago doesn't help us much today, the s a p center says it's looking at its options team, said jose nonprofit that manages the convention center and the city's historic theaters. says it's waiting to see how the mandate will affect conventions, sneaker con and silicon slated for the end of august. we're signing contracts now, but we know things are changeable with with the health conditions, the downtown association doesn't foresee any major loss of business. one conventiongoers who didn't want to go on camera worries about policing it and shows getting canceled, the sharks fan says. it's better be safe than sorry. if you want to go to a public event like that, you should be fully vaccine. if the proposal is approved by the city council next tuesday, the mayor says there would be a grace period to work with venues in san jose. um azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. today in san francisco
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high volume covid testing site opened in the south of market neighborhood. that side is there at seventh and brandon and will administer about 500 covid test today, officials say they are seeing an increasing cases and that this is a way to get people back to work in school. the side is open by appointment only between nine and 67 days a week and sonoma county there was a 60% increase in demand for covid testing. over the past month. the chronicle reports the county has gone from offering 1000 tested. week. 2 14,000 county health officials say they've seen an increase in infections and younger age. groups, including children, all right, we've got some nice weather to talk about, except for the smoke. of course we do have temperatures tomorrow. they're gonna be very similar to what we had today, which was pretty pleasant in terms of heat. it wasn't that hot. a lot of that has to do with smoke and filtering out the sunshine and cooling things off a good five. maybe 10 degrees. so these are the highs today, um. antioch
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may make upper eighties low nineties tomorrow, but i think it will be very similar where it was today. i think the smoke will be very similar to where it was today. um so as you look at the bay bridge traffic moving smoothly, you don't see the smoke here. but if you look up at the moon tonight, we did this earlier, we had it on the live camera. you can look up at the moon. it's red or orange. this is the story with the smoke. it's at higher elevations. so if you're smelling it, obviously you're breathing it, but most of the smoke is up above 2000 ft, at least for now. come down a little bit overnight into the morning, but it's kind of most of its hovering pretty high up there. here's what the model does here is tomorrow morning. give you five where we are. look at the smoke and that's like today. the white is where it's really bad. that's those are the reds on the clear air maps and then here we are into friday, and then here we are in a friday night, so it doesn't the winds are such that we're not going to get a big clearing of smoke out of here. so. i think we have to get used to it, but just feel better and knowing that most of the stuff's up off the ground, so
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we're not breathing it as much and if you are and you're smelling it a lot, then you are so that's when you want to get the hepa filters and shut the doors and it depends which your issues are. if you have respiratory issues, because i know that people that do it's not good. it's brutal, so wildfire smoke around the next few days, bad in tahoe as well as you know, these are the forecast highs for tomorrow, again pretty much spot on where they were yesterday and then the five day forecast. so the weekend i think saturday will start to clear out nicely, but it looks like thursday and friday. kind of like it was today. temperatures on the mild side that red flag warning will be dropped up around the lake county area, and we should mellow out the fire danger a little bit. that's the hope. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. yeah, that would certainly be good news. all right, bill. thank you were coming up tonight. the a's get the chicago white sox on their heels, but which team would get the last laugh marcus up next to show us how it all went down.
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are we still exclusive? absolutely. room tonight. if you follow the giants, you know they've been hot problem is they lose a game and the dodgers are smoking hot, actually lost a little ground on a great home. stand seven and two this afternoon trying to sweep the meds they could use. uh the real yes to start hitting the park didn't happen. we got a one nothing lead for the giants in the ninth inning. jake mcgee gave it up blew the save, so it's 11. could have been a whole lot worse if it wasn't for this great play from brandon crawford. what's new, right? just all year long offensively and defensively, he'll get the force and second to prevent further damage. for the meantime and more great defense coming up from san francisco, they are one of the best defensive teams in all of baseball. lamonte wade back
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junior in left, take an extra bases away from former giant kevin pilar probably saved a run right there. in the 10th inning. so in the 11th inning, the giants find themselves down. 2 to 1. i got that magical runner at second base in the person of lamonte wade jr. tommy la stella smokes it too, right? that's a clean base. it weighed scores easily. it's 2 to 2. they threatened in the inning, some more, but that was pretty much it so in the 12 to on again for people are not. you're not going to keep him in the yard, and that think is long gone up. tyler chat would new coming to the giants bullpen? that's a three run shot six to the final. they do take two out of three for the men's, but the dodgers win and they are within three in the western division on the south side of chicago tonight, they got a great ball club there, leading the central by plenty. big crowd shows up to see the a's trailing 31 in the seventh
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elvis andrus soft liner to center in one of those want to get away moments is elvis was not running. out of the batter's box too fast, probably could add an inside the parker winds up with a triple scored on a sacrifice fly. oh that's got to be humiliating out there for robert. nothing to do 32. but remember that guy liam hendriks, former a comes in with a five out save. in fact, he struck out the side of the ninth. down goes jet he's got 28 saves 32 is the final and pretty good news with regard to chris bassett. he's been released from the hospital after getting hit by that line drive, and he will have to undergo surgery to repair a fracture in his cheekbone. but for the most part, good news. hey, you want to see a guy? who is healthy on both sides. shohei otani. unbelievable to pitched eight innings tonight gave up only one run to the tigers struck out eight. his
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records that 81 with 2 27 9 e r a and not to forget he could get a little bit too. he's the fastest to 40 home runs in angels is street. and by the way, he's the major league leader in home runs. with that 40 total. this just doesn't happen in baseball, but it is this year with shohei otani. alright heather frank, you guys know have a little bit of a sweet tooth. i don't know where you stand on cotton candy. but here's a youngster, i love it. you need to check this out. we have a convert here. it was beautiful, you know, eat it. the right thing. it. is soft, isn't it? we'll get rid of body pretty much. and this. the smile comes around. yeah, there
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