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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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individuals who have not vaccinated will be in the process of getting vaccination. san francisco employees now at risk of being suspended for 10 days without pay for not reporting their covid-19 vaccination status. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. firefighters police officers and sheriff's deputies are among the employees facing suspension. hello again, everyone i'm heather holmes and for julie, and i'm frank somerville, the city has required all of their employees to report whether or not they have been vaccinated. and now those who don't comply. face disciplinary action. ktvu is jana katsuyama here now, with more on the letters that went out today, janna or frank, the department of human resources. tell me that 98% of the workers did meet the deadline, but at least 17 firefighters and law enforcement officers did not comply, and now they're facing
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some consequences. letters went out thursday to some san francisco employees, saying they are facing disciplinary action for not reporting their vaccination status as required. we have two employees who did not comply with the registration process for vaccination status. and both will be receiving notices of intent to impose discipline. those employees will face 10 day unpaid suspensions. san francisco had a july deadline that was extended to august 12th for all city and county employees to report whether or not they've been vaccinated. ktvu obtained data from the department of human resources it shows in total 879 city and county employees have failed to register their vaccination status about 2% of the workforce. the human resources data shows eight police officers did not report their status and a police department letter said failure to comply with the policy as well as an upcoming october 13th vaccination deadline may result
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in disciplinary action. seven san francisco firefighters did not report their status. the san francisco firefighters local 7 98, union president said in a statement. quote. we will continue to work in good faith with the department of human resources do not only represent the best interests of our members, but also to do what is most important for public safety, the city data shows 87.8% of city and county workers are vaccinated 10% are unvaccinated. those unvaccinated workers include 634 munich workers. 500 police and hundreds in the departments of public health, fire and sheriff's offices. employees can apply for medical or religious exemptions, but some sheriff's deputies have said they might quit over upcoming mandates that will require vaccinations. the sheriff says. those take effect september 15th jails. hospitals have been identified as the first. level of individuals who are going to be mandated to be vaccinated by the suspicion as you kind of
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hush. i think i don't know. suspicion is the right to wage to deal with it. while it may sound harsh, i think it's also fair. it's a lot better for the city overall to reduce covid rates. the city says they are reviewing mew knee and department of health workers who did not report their vaccination status, and they, too, could be facing discipline in the coming weeks. so jenna with these police officers and these firefighters, i believe you said, um, is there any can they appeal this? or is it just they now will lose 10 days of pay. well, frank somerville union leaders tell me that they are already. investigating whether some of these cases might have been misunderstandings or people who were on vacation and just missed the notice. um, so for those cases, they said, yes, they might be able to go back. talk with the department has and get those repealed.
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jana katsuyama live for us tonight, janet. thank you. well the chair of ucsf's department of medicine has some encouraging words about the spread of the virus in the city. dr bob walker tweeted that san francisco has quote. clearly turned the corner. on the latest surge, he said cases per day are down to 192 from a peak of 289 last month, and that hospitalizations are now stable. he urged san franciscans to keep it up. i knew at 11 tonight, apple has again push back the date for employees to return to its offices. apple plan to bring back workers in october, but company officials now say due to the recent surge in coronavirus cases, employees will not be expected to return until january. at the earliest when employees do finally come back, they will be expected to work at the office at least three days a week and you can find the very latest coronavirus updates on our website just head on over to ktvu .com slash covid-19. well, air quality is expected to be
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bad in parts of the bay area tomorrow because of the wildfire smoke drifting into our area, and officials have now issued to spare the air alert. gay tvs azenith smith joins us now live from san jose, and as if officials say the air is a special. a concern for those with respiratory conditions. yes how they're those with respiratory issues. elderly children, they're all part of the sensitive group officials are urging everyone to take precaution as there could be unhealthy air throughout the bay area tomorrow from communications hill in san jose thursday cloudy skies as wildfire smoke spreads throughout the bay area. it's a little bit alarming because i feel like it's been like this for a couple of days. yeah, actually makes my eyes a little bit. theory i'm very sensitive to the air quality. you feel in your throat a little bit, and it kind of stinks. but this this life in the bay i guess most of the smoke has stayed aloft. it's expected to change our forecasters kind of woke up this morning and the fires had
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really kicked up the bay area air quality management district, issuing a spare the air alert mid morning for thursday and friday after fires raging in northern california and washington brought in more smoke than anticipated. there's. so much smoke out over the ocean that we've had onshore flow. you know, that's kind of help to clean things out for the you know the last few days, but we think that that that onshore flow is now going to be loaded with smoke from the wildfires that will bring smoke inwards, officials say, as the marine layer dissolves during the day that smoke could drift down a breathing levels. i have an 11 year old daughter who plays soccer outside and her coaches cancel practices. dr sharon kathrada runs an asthma clinic at stanford. i have patients to have been calling me to tell me that their asthma's acting up, she advises those sensitive to smoke to limit time. outdoors officials also advised using the epa's fire and smoke map. it does a good job of tracking conditions
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of air quality becomes unhealthy, officials advised running air conditioners on recirculate and using portable air filters. and 95 really are the best at full trading particulate matter cloth masks for covid won't protect people from super find smoke particles. they say it's best to have a mask with a filter. well relief could happen this weekend. the smoke isn't expected to be as bad as it was during last year's wildfire season. live in san jose. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news, ash from the cal door fire is blowing into tahoe. you can see the ash falling like snow. this video was taken in south lake tahoe by a resident, he says it's hard to breathe because the ash and smoke are filling the air, large pieces of ash can be seen on the top of cars and on the ground. cal door fire is
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burning in el dorado county, about an hour away from tahoe 23,000 people have been forced to leave their homes because of the cal door fire. so far more than 68,000 acres have burned and the fire is still at 0% containment. much of the community of grizzly flats has sadly been destroyed. fire officials say the next few days will be crucial in firefighting efforts as crews race to protect thousands of homes that are still under threat in the region. the fire wants us bad because it's made every tip that can to get over that out of that canyon end up this way, so they keep beating it down, and it's just, you know, it's resilient. it's stubborn. they won't it won't go away. firefighters are also dealing with steep terrain and limited road access in the fire zone. the cause of the fire is under investigation, the fast moving fire in current county has also for some evacuations. the french fire started just yesterday near lake isabella,
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about 40. miles outside of bakersfield. the fire quickly grew because of the high winds so far more than 3000 acres have burned here, and it's just 5% contained because of this fire is also under investigation, a major shift in strategy from online giant amazon how the company plans to transition to brick and mortar stores. that's next plus three gop recall candidates face off in another debate their criticism of governor newsom plus the allegations another plus the allegations another republican candidate is facing. i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim...
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governor gavin newsom took the debate stage denied in san francisco. our political reporter greg lee, has the highlights view are now back in the third republican recall debate. kevin faulconer, john cox and kevin kiley once again trained their attacks on governor gavin newsom particularly is handling of the pandemic when this governor opened and shut down our economy. we had businesses in san diego sometimes shut down five and six different times because of a one size fits all policy. he's ignoring the. fact that he can't produce electricity. he can't produce water. he can't protect people from wildfires that are threatening their existence. i will bring a new approach of trust would be hard to imagine a greater recipe for distrust and the one that gavin newsom is followed. each candidate criticized mask and vaccine mandates laid out plans to tackle homelessness and wildfires and appealed to latino voters whom analysts say
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could have a major impact on this recalls outcome are latino families who want a leader who's going to stand up support our small businesses. who's gonna support keeping our kids in school, and we'll give them a choice even prior to covid, california ranked 49th out of the 50 states in terms of education outcomes and low income communities, so i came to the legislature to try to fight for educational equity. education is absolutely key. you have to. you have to have a good education, but we also have to cut the regulations that restrict people from opening their own businesses. save one question about larry elder stance on minimum wage, the debate steered clear of the leader in the polls, who made several headlines thursday. this is the third debate he skipped in an article published in politico elders, ex fiance and former producer alexandra day tick, said he waved a gun at her in 2015. in response, elder said, i have never brandished a gun at anyone. and it's not me and everyone who knows me knows it's not me. these are salacious allegations. kyleigh called the report disturbing, faulconer said elder doesn't have the character to lead the state
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during his no on recall tour governor newsom also went after elders comments on women and his stance on covid. he wants to do a one day one. eliminate that mass mandating school doesn't believe in vaccinations doesn't believe in vaccination verifications greg lee ktvu fox two news. state workplace safety regulators are not likely to update workplace pandemic standards until at least december. this has on the job outbreaks on the career of the coronavirus continue to go up across the state officials made that announcement today during a meeting of the kalusha standards board. december is one officials believe the surge in cases driven by the delta variant are expected to spike knew at 11 tonight. amazon is expanding its empire, too. department stores. the company is planning to open brick and mortar stores in the u. s some of the early stores are expected to open in ohio and
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right here in california. the stores are expected to be a little smaller than regular department stores, but offer well known consumer brands. the news was first reported by the wall street journal, but amazon declined to comment for the story. certainly life has changed for everybody around there. dozens of homes destroyed by fire in lake county up next a closer look at the damage and what may have caused the fire. also ahead tonight wildfire concerns from the u. s. forest service the nine spaces in california that are closing because of high fire danger. and we'll track that smoke that's been pervasive throughout the area right into the weekend. we'll look at the five day forecast and get you going with the weekend at metro by t-mobile... ...we don't think you should pay extra for unlimited 5g. introducing the big 5g upgrade.
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in california the next weeks, due high danger, they include mendocino forest, was devastated wildfires back in. and last, lake tahoe and tahoe. forests also along plumas, trinity six, plus meth, and modoc forest. they will be closed on night and will reopen september 7th the day labor day. eldorado forest already due to the cal fire. firefighters increased in the cash. it's burned acres and it's small to other wildfires, it's destroyed of ktvu deborah villalon us authorities it's a huge that there was no loss of life. the i, you build heat. it was hitting in waves it was. was crazy. from across
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creek. people the hit. we were here whole time. the wind cash fires in wild land descended a neighborhood half away. homes and destroyed with 160. preparation it from worse, with the creek a buffer and helping neighbor we had to go about it. roof put his fire out. but as some count blessings others huge loss. i came back last. i snuck in the back. this found his house ruins. was away doing when it burned and on our way back stop smoking, and i thought it was actually there little and got closer realized close it. certainly has changed everybody. there were clear lakes chief it's dangerous anyone return with fire rooting out embers, damaged the water in, and there was so little warning when we are door to door. folks trying grab their stuff. was of those. there was
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time. chief knows point a vehicle at a homeless as a possible. it looks like started an where there are. there's some rvs so after fires, barriers up the area keep away. you for now, are with hotel full an comes in. i'm going up walmart. know, wally it's the best, and, uh we'll set up there and, um until they open it back up down here. and at what have a apartment, lower elementary lockdown, evacuated the fire a mile ahead. it was a scramble, one will. while the damage extensive devastating. we felt like it have been a lot clear has a state emergency requesting state and federal help. in county, ktvu, two,
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okay, looking the weather. got smoke there to about. still there. this depicts it again. see the red on the lights even streetlights. going see red off from indicates that do have smoke the area pretty all nine area counties have smoke to the point i think the morning, a lot us will have little bits ash we saw this morning. i think we'll see it again tomorrow morning. yes going to a day very to what had today. if you do a requalify, sensitivities maybe to the west. not as in san. it's not as bad the coast. there is smoke there. but not as bad vacaville a lot worse, say. oakland. certainly obviously. so with that, we've a day tomorrow. going to duplicate and then saturday, going to a little bit a change the wind which could us get that smoke here. going to take a little to get the to move. but think by saturday will some marked and certainly sunday. how looks right. so
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keep our fingers on that. temperatures were these and they're be like that tomorrow, they're because smoke smokes, temperatures a good five and 10 degrees in a lot of places. actually a shade doesn't you look at you can feel it. the just not direct it's being so outside now where they should. got fog the coast. um of fog along coast, sticking to the. it's not crossing in the bay. we've got of winds the surface, but smokes kind of lot smokes coming over top of us dropping. there's current situation and then look at the red of the. if you look the moon tonight, suggest do because you saw probably saw it last night. but it's got the same vibe was just read, and you just see how. really that level smoke so lunchtime degrees in francisco of hazy, all. san francisco up at degrees, and are the forecast. so gonna be a nice tomorrow. saturday is the
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transition, i think saturday going to work pretty well in the in of smoke, anywhere the bay inland might be a little slower, clear. sunday to the best day the weekend terms of quality and all whether the trend there's heat in this forecast. temperatures are pretty mild august. we got that. we got that for. i'll see back here. on sunday. all right, bill. see then you. and federal visited tahoe for the 25th annual tahoe summit. this theme celebrating years looking ahead the next of lake tahoe. the annual brings together, private sector and leaders address environmental facing the lake tahoe basin. u senator padilla this year's today, acknowledged good work has been to the and surroundings. but said, there's lot that still needs to be done. the to remain severe.
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when continued coordinated to address challenges invasive. forests off worsening water clarity. we to prepare the intensifying round of change, not just in heat of the summer, all year round. governor spoke morning. he talked the importance of science policies and role that thoughtfully legislation in protecting lake basin. an iconic district to is coming to francisco's beach, el. lito is opening a new restaurant right there on gray. avenue. it says it will be. ready open just a few. it will serve same of, tacos and case. is as original. this be. far alito's location in francisco and 13th in the bay area. oh,
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my, that sounds good right now. up in sports sports mark ibanez with from 40. niners joint with chargers, they finally to hit who's on their sports up next.
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with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. get a quote and start saving. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. you in a vinyl room. you know what for the first time in a long time, the bay bridge series is going to mean a lot to both teams. the ayes have had a rough week. chris bass. it's okay. that's good news and the flight home. that was probably a little bit more fun, too, because they broke their little losing streak. bob melvin relieved about way things went, but we got to show your local gap making good. andrew vanni went to cal grew
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up in the santa rosa area. that's an 02 pitch from coal. urban he rides it out, two run shot for the sox 15 for the rookie von looking all right, but this game belongs to the a's and matt chapman start to get them back at it down 32. that's his 19th take an easy ride around the bases, got a 33 ball game, seventh inning, one on two out the other, matt olsen deep. and wigan. two run shot is 31st the age at the time leading 53 coal urban would get his ninth win, but as has been the case with the a's you don't get out of town without a little drama. here it is jose and greater little top of the ninth elvis. the andras and starlene martinez. that is one of those things that could have been a whole lot worse. that's actually the center fielders ball right there, get yeah, i bet you're elvis would tell you you made a little mistake. they're the good news is he's okay. little shaken up,
11:28 pm
stayed in the game. lou trevino was 20 is saved by four final and being a four game losing streak to the a's the bay bridge theories starts at oakland tomorrow night with the giants, said town. okay. sunday the san francisco 49 ers getting another look at their squad for this season, thankfully, for all football fans that take a speak for only three preseason games, but you know, they've been kind of alleviating that situation by playing a lot of these scrimmages, and that was what the niners were doing with the area in costa mesa, serving as. the scrimmage grounds to go against the chargers, so they'll face in a game on sunday at breaking the monotony of camp. of course, everybody wants to stay healthy. that's jimmy. gee, i think, letting loose with long past there and it kind of gives everybody a little bit of a lift this late and training camp get to see other faces. helps. it's on. first of all some of the players they got. they got some real talent over there, and any
11:29 pm
time you can go against different things that you've been going against helps aton. we've been against the four down front. now. we had every front possible today. some different styles, some different techniques and to be able to scrimmage against guys and be able to do it here for two days. um, it's very valuable. what policies will be honest for real real suit? all right, remember when your kid playing dodgeball? when does dodgeball turned into baseball? check this out and tell you guys would be really good at it. christian walker of arizona. look at how you lose based with the phillies. yeah i'm terrarium or else a beautiful move right there, and he is safe. no question about it. they didn't even need to review it. check this out. we showed you a great defensive play last hour. how about this? the mets brandon nimmo with a beautiful sliding catch to rob cody bellinger of extra bases. that was about the only thing that went well for the mets is the
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dodgers won the game 41 2.5 back of the jacks. that's the sporting life for right now. back to you guys. all right. see you later, everyone. good see you later, everyone. good night. everybody oh, thank god, i smell coffee. this morning has gotten off to a bit of a rocky... horror picture show. what did you do to your face? just a little color, to make my eyes pop. like yours are now. is this how we find out you're transitioning? oh, please don't pick a young name. the world doesn't need a 50-year-old jasmine. trust me, this'll look completely normal on camera. this just in -- i'm gonna be on the news. they're doing a segment on the real-estate market, and i'm their local expert. back to you, claire. i'm still reeling from the last time you were on the news. newscaster: and while people have found all sorts of ways to beat the heat, one local man is using his head. is it warm out? i hadn't noticed. looks like i need to re-apply. to clown college? haley, go with him. make sure he gets all that stuff off his face. i'll pack paper towels and a squeegee.


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