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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 20, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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air alert in effect the bay area. you need to know if planning to head today how long smoky will last if choose, or are vaccinated, they choose to show of their vaccination then inside san is not for right now, strict go into today anyone wants to eat do other indoors san francisco. the proof you need to show at the door to get in. then biden an update the crisis afghanistan. what we're learning the to bring back to united states. the at news now. this ktvu two news noon. good i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach. is day of a the air. the area quality is now determining conditions stick around to issue another for this weekend. is james taurus has the story.
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32 early morning workout urban fitness oakland outdoors no mask could in the of smoke haze are the bay area part the air quality district. levels are on a scale 0 500. according this map, of the bay is under. anything above is going to unhealthy for groups 1. the red is unhealthy for everybody when you missions are to affect sensitive smoke. means with any allergies or asthma. should the workouts inside. been checking every or just to make that that healthy safe our i mean, we had days a row year, just broke records, two days in a is not. if need to step today and sensitive the smoke, and is your best to stay, experts say.
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year's air quality set the danger very high heading into the weekend. the expectation much lower, but should still have plan adjust. mean, last was really, and were all this. we able work out inside, it's been a easier. good time for people start thinking what they do as know, pollution might rise wildfires worse in bay area. james ktvu fox two news. cruz lake county working to contain destructive fire. a wind fire started wednesday the lake area. it destroyed least 60. it's now contained after through more 80, the police chief clear lake flames an entire. authorities lake county it's still early any the evacuees return. fire crews are still putting out the hotspots. utilities been heavily in the. entire system in ruins. the keldorf fire still raging of
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control eldorado. it's burned more 114 miles. containment at 0% the flames destroyed of the community grizzly. thousands other are. firefighters the few days be crucial their fight to contain the flames. the hope with the resources personnel scene. we really start build that around fire and to containment. hoping over the next days, you're going to start that percentage increase as firefighters doing a great job there and we start to get this fire under control. cal fire the fire some 23,000 to evacuate. at two have been, and we have new from dixie. cal phrase it did grow in overnight. it's through nearly square miles it more a month. containment increase, the dixie is just contained. it's in five and destroyed than 640 along hundreds other buildings.
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you're going to san, don't your vaccine card, a new vaccine mandate. into at midnight requires proof vaccination order enter many indoor businesses and large events. ktvu elissa harrington us this afternoon the mission where mayor breed spoke these roles. alyssa that's right. mayor spoke outside that pilates right me. that's just of thousands businesses in san francisco will to enforce that rule. mayor said she is of wearing, and she wants go somewhere a movie theater worrying well. but order to get more need to get vaccinated this, she, we'll the city toward that goal. i am tired of wear a mask. i am of covid like of you. tired talking about. but because tired it doesn't that it's of us. still and coming back a vengeance with this delta variants. mhm.
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pilates everyone. mayor was by grant colfax some other city officials, they said now, of san franciscans are eligible a vaccine been. they want to get the word and clear any confusion. now vaccine applies places restaurants, theatres, gyms and other. it does apply to who are a take out order a of coffee a sandwich go. the means you will have to show proof of vaccine. either vaccine. a picture of it stored on your phone. or a digital with a qr. this put into place help stop spread of 19 earlier morning, got a chance meet up with some members fitness, and at fitness. they all told they feel about these new rules. we actually a couple days ago be ahead the game. we're members to show their of vaccination, either physical copy on phone,
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and then we're making a mark their account they've shown to us. am for that. actually of enjoyed. i think makes me feel a bit safer in establishment. sure i mean, it's good it's to reduce spread sure. mean many studies have shown that like most. were hospitalized of the delta variants are just unvaccinated. this also to events indoor outdoor. in the golden state just sent out notice this to fans that if you are to one their games events up over age 12 does to show proof vaccine reporting in san. i'm elissa harrington, fox two. alright, elissa. you for. just about hour ago, biden an update the crisis afghanistan the efforts to evacuate americans. any who wants come home. we get home. but make no. this evacuation is and risks to
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armed forces, and it's conducted under difficult circumstances. i cannot with the final will what it will that will be without risk of loss. 5700 were evacuated, including 250. fox reporter blanchard the latest, the president is for the violent scenes are unfolding. evacuations out of, the pentagon. see seventeens flying, those asylum vulnerable out of the kabul by thousands. these years, we a better life, to back, no no pupil. it's usually didn't safe, the process been on the by and taliban. even americans left to get to this.
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of the airfield on their own, and this is. this what we should after you guys for a critics both sides the aisle say biden his administration ill prepared how quickly country fall the taliban. fox confirming state and secretary state were about potential of afghanistan in confidential cable from. s embassy in kabul month. the mission that is laser on every american wants leave afghanistan of afghanistan and moving people out as quickly. plus fears reports targeted by taliban of those who helped americans. if does get american out if he doesn't those who bravely our side, afghans he's a crime misdemeanor dereliction duty. neither pentagon state department exactly how many americans in afghanistan. in washington. blanchard fox two news. members the bay area.
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community about friends family the kabul in who were trying to get of that country. ktvu talked two women hope their ones can be evacuated soon. uh afghan women preparing a dinner in fremont, but hearts are with of relatives in afghanistan. they tell me video the just the kabul airport. it was taken sages thursday morning he tried to get a flight out of afghanistan. i was and crying, sergeant me her brother and friend's are among thousands have been the kabul for days, to leave. my husband stuck in middle all of chaos. just waiting for a call someone be like. sorry he's no longer here. you that, that it's i
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wish on anyone. sarge's zara is east bay. she married and afghan two years in kabul. she asked not to his face of safety there now their child, she returned the u. s june while waited his visa, says he has documents can't it inside the airport. these are taliban. they're blocking off. voicemail from her husband farsi sounds five, telling about the conditions, but she their strength in the ultrasound their baby and the belief they will reunited you go. there's if you forward, they're still but moving. there's a little of hope ktvu. fox two news. good
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for those of you out san francisco airport, airport's runway back open a month will the latest the runway project hospitals as the varying to surge the. i'm steve in atlanta. story ahead. for quality a spare air day us do have good news, it to be and cleaner moving in time the weekend. details after break the country.e
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harrigan shows us how schools are weighing their options when it comes to vaccines and masks, the highly contagious delta variant is hitting america hard with the country averaging more than 11,000 new covid-19 cases in just the last week. this taking a toll on the already overwhelmed hospital system. many of those patients unvaccinated, meaning there has been an increase seen among young children were seeing those the ages decrease from what we saw in the this variance in an effort to curb the spread of infection. the culver city unified school district in los angeles county announced a new mandate all eligible children as well as teachers and staff must show
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proof of vaccination by november. 19 i believe the urgency to make sure that we begin a layering of protection that will yield the best results. it's a move that may be the first in the state and country. some parents are on board, but others who remain skeptical about the back seat. are disappointed. kind of agree with it. uh you don't know if someone has it or not. i don't agree with it. it should be a choice. meanwhile, the battle over masks continues across the country, with many protesting mandates in schools. mask are kids in florida. some school districts voting to require mask wearing despite the florida governor's ban on mask mandates, i am one who would never sacrifice the well being the health of our students or employees for the sake of protecting my salary or position. all this as the u. s. is already planning to issue booster shots for fully vaccinated americans in
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atlanta. steve harrigan ktvu fox two news. more food and supplies are. arriving from around the world to help the victims of last weekend's deadly earthquake in haiti. the united nations is leading the disaster relief ever delivering bags of rice and other supplies. the u. s. coast guard is helping airlift the injured from the hard hit western part of the country to hospitals in the capital city of port of prince and a volunteer group is also helping treat the injured at a mobile hospital. we brought in a lot of medical relief supplies, the infrastructure we need to operate in this kind of environment where there's little electricity, so we came fully prepared and self contained. saturday. 7.2 magnitude earthquake has killed more than 2100 people and at least 12,000. others have been injured. one peek behind behind us these windows here in ktvu jack london square in oakland, you can tell there's kind of a gray golden haze behind us and everywhere, rosemary so we are looking at another day of poor air quality. hello, garcia, mike to all of you. we do have
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a spare the air day as mentioned at the top of the hour. do see the possibility of some improving whether coming our way when it comes to cooler conditions and cleaner air live. look here at sfo, where it's not happening today. today is going to be a hazy one. and we've already seen that out the gate this morning, and there's a look there where air quality is moderate. for most of us here is a current check. just updated these numbers here and the index reading again showing moderate for most, if not the entire bay area. even a little bit of a good air quality reported over areas closer to santa cruz for the forecast into the afternoon is expected to be slightly unhealthy for sensitive groups. we heard james mentioned this at the top if you have asthma, respiratory issues, if you're very sensitive to the haze and smoke a good idea to be out of it, and if you smell smoke for any of us, a good idea to be out of it, because those particles, of course very bad for your lungs. 61 degrees right now in san francisco 67 in oakland, 65 in
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napa and 73 in livermore. so our temperatures are relatively mild for this time of year, and we're going to cool it down a little bit more as we get into the weekend with that onshore breeze that's going to bring us the cooler air down by three degrees this afternoon sfo down by seven over areas like nevada as well as santa rosa, so you're feeling the difference for the inner east bay. temperatures are very similar as to yesterday. and the onshore breeze still fairly weak. fairfield reporting 10 mph right now we have napa reporting nine oakland reporting six as we get into the next couple of days, a system dropping through the pacific northwest going to help us out here is the view of some of that cloud cover out there and the haze mixed in with it again. air quality expect to remain moderate to slightly unhealthy for today. most of that smoke and haze is higher up in the sky, as opposed to the ground level. system dropping in going to bring us change is that looks like begin overnight into tomorrow morning, so a cooler pattern setting up for the weekend and again expected to improve us in the
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way of our air quality as well for today, 76 degrees in santa rosa, well below the seasonal average 66 for san francisco 70 expected in oakland. 84 in livermore 78 expected over san jose. i better look at some of these afternoon highs for today. 76 ato 82 unconquered into the north based 77 in napa, who is going to the game will do expect a hazy skies a little bit later today. giants versus ace 65 degrees with the west priest about 20 mph expected out at the oakland coliseum. and game time is 6 40 better details on the improving air as well as what you can expect for your weekend coming up in the extended forecast in just a bit. all right. see you soon. thanks. rosemary angels coming for drivers on 6 80 between martinez and walnut creek. the new toll that takes effect today from five in the morning
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with stops in singapore and vietnam. the trip was planned months ago in an effort by the biden administration to improve us diplomatic relations in the region. but it's now complicated by the current crisis in afghanistan, which has been compared to the fall of saigon, which marked the end of the vietnam war in 1975 moderna is now working on a new hiv vaccine. it hopes the technology used to create its covid vaccine can be used to keep the virus from attacking the body. tiffany justice reports that moderna is gearing for clinical trials to test the vaccine, moderna is now working
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on a new hiv vaccine in hopes their new technology developed for the covid-19 vaccine can also prevent the hiv virus from attacking your body. it will be the first of its kind. there's we don't have a vaccine for hiv. jeffrey campbell, who's been with the aids foundation of houston for the past 20 years, saying over the decades, medical advancements have taken strides. but talk about a vaccine as a big step. ford groundbreaking. as we're talking about ending the hiv epidemic in america or plan for america, the vaccine is going to be key to getting us there. phase. one of the trial will assess the safety and effectiveness along with its ability to generate antibodies against the virus. you know, there's a similarity in the way that viruses attack the body when we get get something that could prevent the virus from destroying the immune system
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with one disease. i think that's a launchpad for another disease. i do believe there's hope in this vaccine. in the early eighties. we were all guinea pigs. you know, the first medications that we're out. we're all taking 18 pills that were making us sick and you know things have advanced over the decades. jeremy scott, who's lived with the virus for the past 36 years, people who are not hiv positive, especially males. they're taking a pill that is an anti retroviral, and it is supposed to stave off the hiv virus from. getting into their system, so i think that this vaccine is going to be similar to that, according to hiv dot gov. approximately 1.2 million people in the u. s have the virus about 13% of them don't know it. all we can do is hope. wait and see. according to
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moderna, the study will be completed in 2023 reporting. tiffany justice fox news. hundreds of thousands of americans will soon see their student debt disappear. the u. s department of education will cancel $5.8 billion in student debt for more than 320,000 students who are disabled. the debt forgiveness will automatically be granted using social security administration data. the education department under the biden administration has also cancelled stewed. debt for thousands of students who attended for profit schools, people driving in those express lanes on 6 80 from martinez to walnut creek have to start paying tolls to use the lane. drivers will need a fast track toll tag and carpoolers will need a fast track flex toll tags set to the two or three plus position now driving alone. you can pay half price tall. if that person has an eligible, clean air vehicle with a fast track c a v toll tag. the express line operates from five in the morning to eight o'clock at night, the
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longest runway out at san francisco international airport is back open after a four month closure. the repaving project on runway 28 right is complete. cruz laid more than 60 miles of cabling for tarmac, lighting installed 2000 ft of pipes for drainage and pave the equivalent of 75 football fields. some auxiliary work will continue, but i'll run always will remain open. this newly re paved runways should last for the next 10 years. a young family with ties to the bay area found dead in a remote part of the sierra national forest. the factor is being considered in their deaths. plus i don't know. suspension is the right to wage to deal with it. while it may sound hard, i think it's also fair. it's a lot better. for the city overall to reduce covid rates. new covid vaccine requirements have some san francisco city workers facing suspension, the tough decision they'll have to make as the city prepares for make as the city prepares for new enforcement.
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my new spicy tiny tacos, a spicy twist on my snackable tiny tacos. 15 for $3.50 or loaded for just a buck more. i don't know which is better, the spice or the price. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. only at jack in the box. burn more than 114 square miles. containment remains at 0% brian hickey reports from the front lines where firefighters are working to contain the flames. another night of active burning here on the cow door fire were along an area called mormon immigrant trail between highway
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50 and highway 88. you can see behind us here, the smoky forest floors. fire continues to creep along the hillside. now we went out to the eastern edge of the fire along the mormon immigrant trail closer to highway 88, where we saw the most active burning this morning. there. it appears an area between a spot fire that started on tuesday out ahead of the main body of the fire, and the main body of fire are now emerging together the fuel in between those two zones burning out and that is burning unchecked. in a very densely forested area here in the eldorado national forest closer to the community of pollock pines, firefighters have lined themselves along mormon immigrant trail there to protect homes in that area. the fire is burning down in a canyon in that location about five miles from jenkinson lake, and just on the other side of lake is where most of the homes are. crews have positioned themselves there to stop that fire as it advances up closer to the roadway. it was burning pretty slowly up the hillside. nothing like we saw on tuesday, so as it creeps up to the roads they should be able to stop the fire in that area, but certainly a reason why they would want to have pollock
12:31 pm
pines and some of the community like camino still evacuated with fire threat just miles away. here in this section of the forest. this is an area as you can see behind us pretty thin. this was an area that was actually thinned out. it's been managed mechanically. they've come in, cut out some of the smaller and dying and dead trees and then really raked the forest floor and it's done its job this morning. you can see how the fire came up out of the canyon. it's just crawling along the forest floor didn't get up into the canopy of the trees. and that is why with these fires that are ravaging california for us people are calling for forest management. that's what this looks like a long mormon immigrant trail in the eldorado national forest. brian hickey back to you, some clean up in lake county is now underway as firefighters have increased containment at the cash fire to 40% the quick moving flames destroyed dozens of homes, ktvu deborah villalon reports. the fire. i mean, you could feel the heat. it was just hitting you in waves like it was. it was crazy. hot from across cache creek. people saw the fire hit. we were here the
12:32 pm
whole time, the wind driven cash fire started in wild land and descended into a neighborhood a half mile away. 140 homes and outbuildings destroyed along with 160 vehicles. preparation kept it from being worse, along with the creek as a buffer and neighbor helping neighbor we had to go up on his room. and put his fire out. but as some count blessings, others a huge loss. well, i came back last night. i was thinking back. wait, this resident found his house in ruins. he was away doing errands when it burned and on our way back to saw smoke, and i thought it was actually out out there little ways and then got closer and realized how close it was. certainly, life has changed for everybody around there. clear lakes police chief says it's too dangerous for anyone to return with fire crews rooting out embers utilities damaged the water system in ruins. and there was so little warning when we're going door to door. folks were trying to grab their stuff. this was one of those. there was no time. the chief knows some point to a vehicle
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fire at a homeless camp as a possible cause. it definitely looks like it started an area where there are vehicles. there's some rvs and so forth after pass fires, barriers went up in the area to keep campers away. thank you all. for now, people are coping with hotel rooms full an rv comes in handy. i'm going up to walmart. you know wally world it's the best thing, and, uh we'll set up there and wait until they open it back up down here and looking at what might have burned a nearby apartment complex, lower lake elementary school lockdown, then evacuated when the fire spotted a mile ahead. it was a scramble. no one will forget. while the damage is extensive and devastating. we also felt like it could have been a lot worse clear like has declared a state of emergency requesting state and federal help in lake county, deborah to be alone. ktvu fox two news. nine national forest in california will be closed temporarily for the next couple of weeks because of the fire danger out
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there. this includes the mendocino national forest devastated by wildfires in 2018, and last year, lake tahoe basin, the tahoe national forest, plumas, shasta, trinity and six rivers. they'll be closed starting sunday night and will reopen september 7th the day after labor day. eldorado national forest is closed right now and. will remain closed next month because of the cow door fire. hundreds of san francisco employees now at risk of being suspended for 10 days without pay for not reporting their covid vaccination status, firefighters, police officers and sheriff's deputies are among the employees facing suspension. ktvu jana katsuyama reports letters went out thursday to some san francisco employees, saying they are facing disciplinary action for not reporting their vaccination status as required. we have to employ. boys who did not comply with the registration process for vaccination status, and both will be receiving notices of intent to impose discipline.
12:35 pm
those employees will face 10 day unpaid suspensions. san francisco had a july deadline that was extended to august 12th for all city and county employees to report whether or not they've been vaccinated. ktvu obtained data from the department of human resources it shows in total 879 city and county employees have failed to register their back. vaccination status about 2% of the workforce, the human resources data shows. eight police officers did not report their status and a police department letter said failure to comply with the policy as well as an upcoming october 13th vaccination deadline may result in disciplinary action. seven san francisco firefighters did not report their status. the san francisco firefighters, local 7 98, union president said in a statement. quote we will continue to work in good faith with apartment of human resources do not only represent the best interests of our members, but also to do what is most important for public safety. the city data shows 87.8% of city and county
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workers are vaccinated. 10% are unvaccinated. those unvaccinated workers include 634 meunier workers, 500 police and hundreds in the departments of public health, fire and sheriff's offices. employees can apply for medical or religious exemptions, but some sheriff's deputies have said. they might quit over upcoming mandates that will require vaccinations, the sheriff says. those take effect september 15th jails. hospitals have been identified as the first. level of individuals who are going to be mandated to be vaccinated by a suspicion as you kind of hush. i think i don't know. suspicion is the right to wage to deal with it. while it may sound harsh, i think it's also fair. it's a lot better for the city overall to reduce covid rates. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news. oakland police have arrested two suspects in the killing of a 16 year old skyline high school football player aaron pryor was shot and
12:37 pm
killed last september, according to the chronicle. police have arrested a boy and a woman who may have been a juvenile at the time of the shooting. police say they suspect the boy was the shooter. both are currently in jail. bay area investigators are waiting for toxicology results to learn more about the mysterious death of a young family that recently moved from san francisco to mariposa county. on tuesday. the bodies of john garish ellen chung and their one year old daughter were found in a remote part of the sierra national forest along with their dog. there were no obvious signs of trauma. investigators are now looking into whether carbon monoxide poisoning or toxic algae may have caused their deaths. it is frustrating and it and like i've said before, it's not the news that we want to report or the you know the resolve of a situation of a search and rescue effort, john garish, was a software engineer at snapchat. ellen chung was in graduate school, studying to be a therapist. next month, california voters will decide whether or not governor
12:38 pm
gavin newsom should be recalled, and a few candidates debated last night in san francisco ktvu political reporter greg lee as the story. you are now vaccine. the third republican recall debate kevin faulconer, john cox and kevin kiley once again train their attacks on governor gavin newsom particularly is handling of the pandemic when this governor opened and shut down our economy. we had businesses in san diego sometimes shut down five and six different times because of a one size fits all policy. he's ignoring the fact that he can't produce electricity. he can't produce water. he can't protect people from wildfires that are threatening their existence. i will bring a new approach of trust would be hard to imagine a greater recipe for distrust and the one that gavin newsom is followed. each candidate criticized mask and vaccine mandates laid out plans to tackle homelessness and wildfires and appealed to latino voters whom analysts say could have a major impact on this recalls outcome. latino families who want a leader who's going to stand up support our small businesses whose going to support keeping our
12:39 pm
kids in school and we'll give them a choice. even prior to covid, california ranked 49th out of the 50 states in terms of education outcomes and the community, so i came to the legislature to try to fight for educational equity. education is absolutely key. you have to you have to have a good education, but we also have to cut the regulations that restrict people from opening their own businesses. save one question about larry elder stance on minimum wage, the debate steered clear of the leader in the polls, who made several headlines thursday. this is the third debate he skipped in an article published in politico elders, ex fiance and former producer alexandra day tick, said he waved a gun at her in 2015. in response, elder said, i have never brandished the gun at anyone. and it's not me and everyone who knows me knows it's not me. these are salacious allegations. kyleigh called the report disturbing, faulconer said elder doesn't have the character to lead the state this week. elder also stood by comments he made in his 2000 and two books, saying employers should be able to ask women if and when they plan to get pregnant. i know there are all
12:40 pm
sorts of laws and rules and regulations that prevent that. but i wonder whether or not it's wise for government to be, uh, interfering like this during his no on recall tour governor newsom also went after elders comments on women and his stance on covid. he wants to day one. day one. eliminate that mass mandating school doesn't believe in vaccinations doesn't believe in vaccinations. verifications newsom's new ad using stark language to urge a no vote focused on his pandemic response. what's at stake in the september 14th recall. it's a matter of life and death. greg lee ktvu fox two news in california, and vice president kamala harris will return to california next friday to campaign for governor newsome, the governor's office making that announcement this morning. recent polls show. it's very close, whether or not the governor will be recalled from office. the vice president and governor will appear together at a rally in the bay area still to come at noon. taking a closer look at the impact of wildfire smoke and covid-19.
12:41 pm
you can't see mount diablo. it's super hazy. you go outside. there's ash on the car. why researchers say the particles you're breathing in may make it harder for your immune system to fight off the coronavirus. lucky. ahead to your bay area weekend. i do see cleaner air moving in as well as the pool down. better details on what you can expect in the extended forecast after the break.
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for expert help with all your insurance needs, to help those in afghanistan. the afghan coalition, south asians for america and congressman eric swalwell how they virtual town hall in the last hour to help clarify the visa application process for afghan americans trying to help family members get to the united states. and he say they have relatives who have helped the u. s military whose lives are now in danger, congressman swalwell says evacuation has to be the first priority. i would hate for us to leave anyone behind who would be targeted and killed by the taliban because they couldn't check every box. i would rather us do that in the air. verify when we land rather than to leave anyone in the taliban's wait. i myself have several family members who are at risk. but right now, the most important thing that we can do is get people out. get them here safely. that congressman is urging families in need to message him directly via social
12:45 pm
media or head to his resources website for help with visa applications to get to that site, just head over to ktvu dot com and click the web links tab. the welfare smoke is a concern for health officials who say that bad air outside can increase the spread of covid-19. a tv reporter. brooks jarocz spoke with an epidemiologist who fears the smoke is putting those who are unvaccinated at even greater risk. you can't see mount diablo, it's super hazy. you go outside, there's ash on the car, traveling all around the bay area are outdoor hazards to your health. small find smoke particles swirling in the air that can only be filtered with an n 95 mask. i definitely get headaches and stuff when i'm outside, it's not fun. pollution particles can also irritate lungs and cause infection. harvard researchers just found a link between smoke and a spike in covid cases, even deaths that you are being breathing this particles you're
12:46 pm
already make you secret to begin with. then you're getting the virus. some top your ability to fight. the virus is compromised and there is higher risk of that a double whammy, especially for vulnerable populations like farm workers, those with respiratory conditions, children and the unvaccinated with the delta bearing theirs or anybody contain jizz and whether it's a vaccine. egan inbox you need a disposal to wild for smoke, something that really have to be prevented as much as possible. scientists who study air quality say the virus may. even be carried by those particles. more particles in the air. um is more vectors to transmit from one person to another u. c davis, epidemiologist. herve hurts. pacho toe says staying indoors, closing windows and investing in air purifiers is a good idea, but she's also studying the long term effects of repeat, smoke exposure and respiratory issues. do they really just
12:47 pm
come and go as the pollution comes and those. or just something else start to happen. that's that's a little more, uh, persistent. already she says there are indications wildfire smoke could affect mental health, causing anxiety or depression. for now, experts say, they hope you hear the call to get vaccinated, take precautions and stay inside. we tried not to spend any time outside when it's like this. one big question surrounds air inside of schools specifically in wildfire prone areas, some researchers suggest. putting an air purifiers to better protect children from contracting covid-19. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news and the bay area air quality district is tweeting out a few minutes ago here that there will not be a spare the air day tomorrow. so that kind of backs up what you were saying rosemary that conditions will be changing and hopefully we'll get the smoke out of here tomorrow. yes a switch in the weather pattern coming our way it looks into the overnight hours early tomorrow morning. hi, mike. hi, garcia. happy friday to all of
12:48 pm
you. we do have the haze in the smoke. as we've been talking about the entire hour here a spare the air day in place for today, and here's a look at a hazy sky over sfo, but we do have changes coming our way. a switch in the weather pattern is going to change our flow and that is going to help us out at least here in the bay area. 65 degrees right now in santa rosa under mostly cloudy skies. we have 61 san francisco upper sixties oakland low seventies outside your door. livermore in san jose, checking in right about 70 degrees. temperatures are fall running a little bit cool for this time of year and again that smoke and haze out there just not a good day to be out. our air quality does remain moderate. we do expect for the second part of the afternoon. we could be a little bit unhealthy. are sensitive groups have something to be aware of. if you do have to be out, keep an eye on your kids as well. air quality over the sierra right now is good to moderate. but with that shift of the onshore breeze that's actually going to help us out is likely to continue to continue to bring that smoke from the cold or fire over to the sierra for the weekend, so we'll be watching that between
12:49 pm
now and then, as well. here's a look at the storm tracker to where we do have a system that will be dropping in. that is going to bring us additional cooling for the weekend, but the cleaner air quality is what we of course are looking for and we'll appreciate it. looks like it starts early tomorrow morning, and i'll show you that here in just a moment with the future cast model when it comes to the forecast all the way through the weekend. we continue to see those arrows come from this direction, so we know we have some clean pacific air on the way in the future cast model does a good job at showing you. by early tomorrow morning. we do begin to see it clearing out from north to south. so the north by tomorrow morning, perhaps already starting out with some better air quality. and then as we get into the afternoon, it continues to push in that direction again, keeping in mind the cold or farrier right about in here, so it's also going to be pushing additional smoke into the sierra. if you do have plans to head there for the weekend, and we hold on to that clean air. it looks like at least through about sunday. temperature wise for the afternoon today, 66 degrees in san francisco for the space
12:50 pm
shore 74 in hayward and for the inner east bay, a warm one, but very comfortable. 80 foreign livermore in the north based 77 for napa in the south bay, 78 san jose. here's a look at your extended forecast. so better air quality coming and take a look at the numbers going to drop off upper seventies to about 80 degrees expected. for the weekend for inland cities love seventies around the bay sixties at the coast, slightly warmer getting into monday and tuesday. back to you, thank you, rosemary home in wana creek that was gutted by fire just sold for a $1 million all cash offer. the agent tells us the home on tamara's drive had eight offers over the list price of $850,000. the home was described as more than a fixer home of similar size in the area. typical typically sells for between 1.5 and 2.1 million, depending on the upgrade. it's one of california's last family owned ski areas has new owners, the dodge ridge ski area east of sonora, has been sold after being run by the same couple for the past 45 years. frank
12:51 pm
and sally helm say they've decided to retire and sold the resort for an undisclosed amount to a chicago based investment firm. the new owners say they plan to make lift upgrades or expansions at dodge ridge over the next five years. we're now learning mike richards, who was just announced as the new host of the show jeopardy, replacing the late alex trip. back now says he won't take the job effective immediately. richards has been the target of controversy related to inappropriate public comments and jokes about women. today sony released a statement with an apology from mike richards. jeopardy executives will start another search for a permanent host of jeopardy and we'll bring back guest host to complete production for the new season. the oakland a's are taking on the san francisco giants in oakland this weekend. but you need to know if you're planning to attend one of those games. will hold a mass booster t
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
vaccine clinic tomorrow, the event at the marine civic center up in san rafel will offer covid vaccine boosters to people with compromised immune systems. this comes after the fda extended emergency use authorization to cover that additional dose. those eligible include people receiving certain cancer treatments, organ transplant recipients and people with hiv. those were eligible can register on the marine health and human services website santa cruz county begins an indoor mask mandates starting at midnight tonight, residents will be required to wear a face covering. inside buildings, regardless of their vaccination, status, businesses and government offices must post signs alerting people about the new policy. those at home are working alone in an office or with members of their household do not need to wear a mask. this mandate will remain in effect until the county's transmission rate drops from high to moderate. second person has now died from complications from covid 19 at a homeless shelter in santa rosa, the latest death at samuel jones homeless shelter involved a man
12:56 pm
in his late fifties or early sixties, the sonoma county health department reports he had been hospitalized had underlying health conditions but was also vaccinated. another resident of the strange same shelter, died in the hospital one month ago. american airlines is extending a ban on alcohol sales to main cabin passengers through january. 18th of next year. many airlines have blamed alcohol for the increase in unruly and inappropriate behavior by passengers during the pandemic. yesterday the faa said masculine flyers could face $9000 finds the federal agency is proposing more than $531,000 in fines against 34 airline passengers for unruly behavior that pushed the total fines for last year passed $1 million u. s government. is extending its ban on non essential travel from canada and mexico at land borders. this comes despite increasing pressure to lift the restriction. us border communities that depend on shoppers from mexico and canada have urged the biden administration to lift the ban. the department of homeland
12:57 pm
security says the restrictions are still needed to minimize the spread of covid, extending the ban until at least september 21st. health experts are questioning the safety of crowded outdoor music events after two festivals led to covid-19 outbreaks in washington state 25,000 people attended the watershed music festival a few weeks ago. 160 people who were there have tested positive for covid in oregon of the 12,000 people who went to the pendleton whiskey music festival more than 60 people tested positive public health experts say people should take extra precautions due to the delta variant. if you are outdoors in a crowded place, you know, jammed together, screaming, yelling talking. if you feel someone's saliva on your face, if you can smell their breath, you are inhaling droplets from their nose and throat. so if you find yourself and that kind of position you should mask regardless of your vaccine status. so far, health experts are not recommending any extra restrictions on outdoor
12:58 pm
gatherings. right now, the 49ers in the l. a chargers are teaming up for their second day of joint practices down south in costa mesa. during yesterday's practice, the niners wide receiver brandon aiyuk look great. the niners tight ends also including george kittle and ross dwell. e also had a pretty good practice. head coach kyle shanahan says the joint practices are a big benefit for the team. it helps a ton. i mean, first of all, some of the players they got. they got some real talent over there, and any time you can go against different things that you've been going against helps a ton. i mean, we've been against the four down front now. we had every front possible today. some different styles, some different techniques and to be able to scrimmage against guys and be able to do it here for two days. um, it's very valuable. quarterback jimmy garoppolo also had a decent practice yesterday, and rookie quarterback trey lance was hoping to get more snaps with the first team offense. today these two teams will play each other sunday kick off set for 4 30 40 niner. fans can get tickets to that game, thanks to the state health department. fans can go to sofi stadium in inglewood from noon to four pm
12:59 pm
sunday receive a covid-19 vaccine shot and in return, get two tickets to the game. the 49ers kick off the regular season on september 12th right here on ktvu fox to we can't wait to share your passion for the red and gold. now, if you consider yourself a super fan, just take a video and tell us why. and we may post it online and shared right here on ktvu just scan that code right there on your screen or you can visit ktvu dot com slash red and gold and you may even be showcased during the 49ers game on fox, two. now to baseball. the ace hosting the giants in oakland tonight for the bay bridge series. the giants are in first place in the national league west, with the best record in major league baseball 78 43. the ayes are in second place in the american league west, with the record of 69 wins and 53 losses, first pitch said tonight for 6 40. i don't know when the gates open, but they may be tailgating already out there at the call center. i think so i was going to say something about the bad air quality, but i don't know that that's stopping based hard fans
1:00 pm
out there. there we go. thanks so much for joining us. good game tonight in oakland, meet you back here for your next us and that's it. four.>> this was. dr. oz: they were in love butas. dangerously overweight. get ready to be blown away. we are celebrating couples who lost half their bodyweight together. the secret to their incredible success. then, what made you ask for help? destiny's child singer michelle williams gets real about her battle with depression. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: they say you should never lose yourself when you get into a relationship. today, we will meet couples who lost half of themselves in a good way. because they are now half their weight. that is right, couples are here to share their secret


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