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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 20, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and that's exactly why you should join. it'll go? maybe all the way to the supreme court now? well some gig workers welcome a new ruling tonight. that proposition 22 is unconstitutional. good evening to you. i'm andre senior, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for cristina rendon. today's decision deals a big blow to ride sharing and delivery companies who want to keep their drivers as independent contractors. ktvu jana katsuyama is live in oakland with a breakdown of why judge says the law is on enforceable. jenna andre and heather. this came as a surprise to many people coming late in the day challenges to prop 22 celebrated tonight, but uber said that they are going to immediately file an appeal. california voters passed prop 22 last november with 58%
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support. it was a win for rideshare companies and drivers who wanted to remain independent contractors over workers who wanted to be considered full employees entitled to benefits under california's labor law. but friday, alameda county superior court judge frank roach ruled that prop 22 is unconstitutional in favor of the union and rideshare drivers who challenged it in court. what. the judge objected to is that prop 22 in the judge's view, unlawfully restricts the ability of the legislature to extend workers' compensation to these gig drivers. you see hastings law professor david levine says. in addition to the workers compensation, the judge also found prop 22 prevented future changes to the law with the prop 22 dead. is it improperly hamstrung? the legislature if they ever want to change this initiative if we want to change anything about prop 22 to have a seven east
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boat seven out of every eight votes in the legislature, which is almost impossible, south bay state senator dave cortese he leads the labour committee and had written a letter to the state supreme court, saying it was unconstitutional. prop 22 opponents applauded the judge's decision, which would make writer drivers full employees. other drivers with the protect at bay. drivers and services coalition blasted the decision in a statement saying it would strip their ability to work independently. rideshare companies also responded in uber spokesperson's statement reads. in part, this ruling ignores the will of the overwhelming majority of california voters and defies both logic and the law. we will appeal and we expect to win. mhm. and right now there are no immediate changes for rideshare drivers. the judge basically set a date 10 days from now to review language for implementing his order, but it's clear from that statement and also from other people who were supporters of prop 22 that
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this is the beginning of what could be a very big and expensive legal battle. a long legal battle indeed, jenna thank you lift and uber charge customers an extra fee to cover their costs from proposition 22. the fees range between 30 cents and a dollar 50, depending on the company and location of service. well, we have some sad news tonight from the oakland symphony music director michael morgan has died. covid posted to the oakland symphonies. youtube page gives you an idea of how morgan led the symphony for 30 years and may of this year, morgan underwent a successful kidney transplanted, he resumed conducting just last month. he was admitted to a hospital last week after suffering an infection and died today. the oakland symphonies board chair, issued a statement tonight saying quote michael built the foundations of an oakland symphony dedicated to diversity education, artistic
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collaboration and a celebration of music across genres and cultures. the statement goes on with quote this vision is the legacy and the oakland symphony chorus and youth orchestra will renew his commitment for years to come. michael morgan was 63. none of the latest covid news final fda approval for the pfizer vaccine could come as early as monday, a major milestone in america's fight against the coronavirus and katie's deborah villalon is live now for us tonight in the north bay with the timing and also the impact, heather it's coming a few weeks earlier than expected. and with 85 million eligible americans yet to get a shot, it removes a big barrier. i got madonna at the first place for those who already have faith in covid vaccines, the first full fda approval will simply mean more people joining the club. yeah they do. they're definitely going to do it. i mean, at the end of the
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day for your own safety, you're gonna go ahead and do it just over half the us population is vaccinated and a full third of those who are not tell pollsters they've been what waiting for the safety data to come in and that final stamp of approval. months of review looked at fighters production, storage and side effects, so they basically have to read over. hundreds of thousands of pages of. data and, you know, safety and efficacy. i think it's gonna inspire confidence and some of those people that might have been on the fence. public health officers hope a shift in vaccine hesitancy saves lives. the delta variant has fuelled a surge in case loads with the unvaccinated at highest risk. the vaccine is by far our most effective tool at preventing transmission. preventing infection. um at preventing severe illness and death. i think we're on the right track, and i hope that we can convince. more people to feel confident. the pfizer vaccine was the first of three approved for emergency use last
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winter skeptics called the process rushed. supporters say there was a lot of scrutiny then and now there's nothing experimental. about these vaccines. you know the observation that they have evidence that we have tells us with with real certainty that they're very safe and very effective. full approval is also expected to convince more employers to mandate vaccines already a trend among teachers first responders, healthcare and public employees, since it's not formally approved, yet, there's questions about whether or not it's appropriate to require it. um so i think that is going to change the legal framework and counties may have to gear up their clinics again to meet new demand, especially as booster shots. add to the mix with doses for younger children not far behind, but the big unknown how much will full approval move the needle as long as people will get it now? there are a lot of, uh shall we say uninformed people out there?
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the fda had been shooting for labor day to sign off on fighter, but now the approval is expected within days and heather approval for the moderna vaccine is expected next month. alright deborah villalon reporting reporting live for us tonight, ted. thank you. restaurants and bars in san francisco is usually see some extra business on weekends and. starting today, their employees will have some extra work to do, requiring customers to show proof of vaccination. ktvu zambelli picks up our vaccine team coverage at san francisco amber it's the first city major city relation to require proof of full vaccination to go to a gym, dine inside restaurant or even attend indoor concerts. tell us about andre. we're just outside the blue light as you can see the workers stationed outside to ask for proof of vaccine. there's plenty of customers inside right now, most of them. tell me they support the mandate that it will help keep everyone safe. with your
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friends with them from a park lit on union street is the stage for a live band on the first night of san francisco's proof of vaccine mandate. the owner of the blue light bar and restaurant says he decided to move the live entertainment outdoors where no proof is required uncertain how the vaccine requirement will. play out. a little bit of anxiety makes you hopefully nobody's mad at us, but we're very good with people. i see you're back. start an i d please. customers are asked to show proof inside. one man says a mandate is needed that the honor system is not enough to be honest about it. if you're not don't come in if your are come in, so it's but that didn't work has to show their resignation from. at china live in chinatown customers are asked to show proof of vaccination before entering the restaurant. the management tells me employees have been trained on how to carry out the mandate in terms
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of the vax cards. i'm 100% certain about our success. one family from mexico city wanted to dine inside, but had to sit outside. they tell me they left their vaccination cards in their hotel room. it was a little bit surprising because i didn't know they were asking for the vaccination approved. oh the management says all employees are vaccinated. additional tables are being added outside to accommodate those who are not vaccinated or don't have proof. no, not upset. just you have to go with the flow. the owner tells me customers who made reservations were notified by phone about the mandate fully booked on this night and with only one cancellation. we expect people to think of it as a positive for the most part in the bay area. i'm looking forward to getting back more. normal life back at the blue light. the owner says he's learned to adapt to constant changes during the pandemic. we will do anything to stay open. this is
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a minor thing for us to do so we can keep the doors open and keep everybody employed, the owner says. the impact of the vaccine mandate remains to be seen. but he tells me he bought extra propane to heat up the outdoor area so he won't have to turn any customers away. j. smart man to plan ahead. amberleigh reporting for us live at san francisco. amber thank you. now in accordance with the new city mandate chase center will require that all guests are vaccinated. until now, people could get in with proof of vaccination or showing that they had a negative covid test well, with the new rules, covid tests will no longer be accepted. the new vaccination policy will take effect for a chase centers next event that is going to happen on september 5th with a concert. tamil impala will be performing well, it look. it's like we're in for another day of poor air quality due to the wildfire smoke. our cameras caught images of some of the hazy skies out there today, which prompted the spare the air alert that expires
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though tonight but another air quality advisory has been issued for the area tomorrow, and this is the fourth straight day in advisory has been issued. let's bring in now our meteorologist mark tamayo with the look at the conditions that is sending all that smoke are wake. hi there, heather. yeah that northerly wind, really the main transport mechanism to bring this smoke into the bay area, and now we are starting to see some changes that could ultimately help us out as we head into the weekend, but as you can see here, kind of showing you the vertical profile was happening. we have that upper level wind. that's a smoke transport method, and we also have the low clouds and fog that onshore breeze. it's trying to help us out and mix things out a little bit. now that northerly flow is starting a weekend and as a result that smoke plume is not. it's kind of being scattered about, so it's not kind of. it's not as intense, at least as it moves into the region. here's the satellite throughout the day, we'll check out some of the current eric quality centers right now and as we do come in closer, we are showing you actually yellows indicating moderate and some greens and kidding. okay eric quality.
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here's the plan for tomorrow, a change in the upper level wind direction will bring a change in air quality, so we are expecting a gradual improvement throughout the weekend. it won't be completely clear, but still, we could scale back on just that. the depth of that hes throughout the day tomorrow, so most areas tomorrow expected to be in that moderate range across the entire region, but another day without air quality advisory in place for you saturday as far as temperatures i'm tracking a cool down, we'll have more on that coming up in a little bit. firefighters working the cal door fire hope that setting fires will help them in the long run coming up. we'll take you to the eldorado national forest for look at the crews who were out there on the job, and the traffic lawyer takes on cases brought to light by a ktvu investigation.
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myers to camino due to safety concerns from the caldera flyer. there was no containment yet on that fire up in el dorado county, stephanie little tells us firefighters are working to protect pollock, pines and other communities located along that highway. this is mormon immigrant road near pollock pines. it winds up into the mountains of the eldorado national forest towards the east. as we headed up, we
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spotted firefighters with the groveling hotshot crew doing back burns with drop torches. along the entire road by burning that dead vegetation. firefighters tell me they are taking away additional fuels for the cow door fire to burn through and that will help prevent the fire from spreading jump into the other side of the roadway and impacting highway. 50 he you describe some of the conditions that your team is up against fighting this fire. it's down that way this time and day, you know, minimal resources and multiple fires going on in in the north ops area, um. it's just we're very stripped and minimal folks out here to, uh, get to all the different large fires going on right now. um, yeah, over the last four years or so, five years. it's um been a significant increase in acreage on most incidents and, um, large fire growth, so i'd say over the last five years with with our droughts, obviously and our bug kill and treatment problems we have on the forest.
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and that was stephanie lynn reporting for us tonight at the lake county where most evacuation orders have been lifted for the cash fire except for the heart is in areas near dam road. the cash fire started wednesday in the clear lake area quickly destroyed at least 60 homes. burned 80 acres. two crews are working to put out hotspots tonight. the initial call came in as an oven fire, but investigators are still working to confirm exactly how it started now to the crisis in afghanistan, and president biden says that he is considering allowing troops to help bring us citizens to the airport in kabul. both britain and france have already sent special forces to assist their citizens and allies. fox news jennifer griffin has more now from the pentagon. the u. s military does not have permission to leave the airport in kabul and carry out rescue operations even though british, french and german paratroopers are doing so. but one brave american unit did rescue 169 americans. stuck just outside
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the airport at a taliban checkpoint. we've also learned that a marine from the 24th marine expeditionary group lifted this afghan baby to safety, delivering the child to medical personnel. the baby was reunited with his father. new details are also emerging about this evacuation flight from sunday. 823 afghans, not 640 were squeezed onto this rescue flight due to the quick thinking of airman first class nicholas baron, the load mass. and lieutenant colonel eric cote, who flew the plane, they said there was no time to worry about seatbelts. we saw what needed to be done to deliver hope and freedom. we knew the capability of our aircraft and what we need to do do it safely and effectively with all the crew members i had i had the utmost trust in them to get it done and make sure that we could get them to safe passage, president biden said today. the u. s has no national interest in afghanistan. look, let's put this thing in perspective here. what interest do we have in afghanistan? at this point with
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al qaeda gone? what is your current estimate for how many al qaeda are inside afghanistan? i haven't seen an estimate on that. okay? i don't know. we have an exact estimate. military intelligence estimates about how many al qaeda remain in afghanistan. i know that al que al qaeda. is a presence as well as isis in afghanistan, and we've talked about that for quite some time. we do not believe it is exorbitantly high, but we don't have an exact figure for you. can you explain why there's no national interests in afghan afghanistan? why did we have troops there for 20 years if there's no national interest in afghanistan, we had a significant interest in being in afghanistan to our national security 20 years ago late tonight, we learned that three u. s military chinook helicopters took off from kabul airport and rescued 100. and 69 americans who were stranded at a building 200 yards from the airport. they were prevented from reaching safety because of
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the taliban at the pentagon. jennifer griffin fox news. well barrier weather for most of the week. we're talking about high fire, danger and also the smoke and haze, but not much in the way of heat. we're getting a break from the extreme heat at least since monday. looks like we'll hold onto this pattern. into the weekend. take a look at some of the highest from this afternoon. san francisco 64 some seventies up in the north bay, santa rosa napa warm spots, only the eighties toward concord and livermore. here is the plan as he marched into your weekend. your saturday some clouds in the morning and then hazy skies into the afternoon hours. once again, we have the air quality advisory for tomorrow and then sunday, clearing skies it will be mild to warm. here's a satellite once again, here's kind of the milky haze showing up and that's the wildfire smoke here and then we also have this. the low clouds and fog right near the immediate coastline, getting ready to make a big push back into the bay as we head into the overnight hours. here's our live camera looking out toward sf. well, we have some cloud cover and current temperatures in the upper
10:21 pm
fifties to the sixties for the 10 o'clock hour. it is windy in a few spots. look at fairfield. that's a gust right now. 32 miles, an hours of breezy to windy and a few parts of the bay area sfl right now winds only eight miles an hour. here's the plan tomorrow morning. lots of cloud cover. this is seven o'clock tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon hours. clouds will gradually slowly clear back to near the immediate coastline. so there's your eventual temperature range by four o'clock tomorrow, and these numbers really not warmed up too much, in fact, chilly out toward the coast and right around portions of the bay. what about your sunday forecast? we'll have more on that coming up in just a little bit. well, voters mailing in recall ballots have a lot of new campaign information to digest coming up. we'll talk to a political scientists about how headlines are impacting the race and the san mateo county district attorney will not pursue charges against an officer involved in a dea
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ballots or with their mailing ballots for the election to recall governor gavin newsom as candidates countdown to election day voters are watching everything from debates to the attention grabbing headlines impact in this race. soma state university political science professor david mcewen joins us tonight with some perspective on this election. david thank you for joining us. first did last night's debate. participants do anything likely to sway voters here. look there aren't that many voters beyond the faithful that. paying attention the last night's debate. it is important in the sense that larry elder didn't come up that the attacks were on gavin newsom. there's one more debate, but you're also seeing a shift here. the shift is certainly coming on the news, um, side with their get out the vote efforts and their voter contact efforts. but with the headlines around larry elder and what's happening, and how he's treated women in his past these types of things. all of that means that what we're going to see is the race is going to get uglier. it's going to get much more conflicted, much more negative. expect that
10:25 pm
over the next 600 hours were 25 days out. that means that things are really going to heat up and speaking of the larry elder situation, those new bombshell accusations, former fiance said elder waved a gun at her while high on marijuana does the allegation appear to be impacting the apparent front runner here? well, we do see an impacting the apparent front runner here for the republicans, and also this is gonna there is a gender gap here. there's a gap that we see of women in polling that we've seen so far that are supporting gavin newsom. he's got to get those voters out to the polls. larry elder's late entry and outside entry, his external entry to the campaign, not participate in the debates running outside the party that has helped him to this point, but this this negative publicity is not that's going to lend itself to a race that's going to go more negative, and it's going to mean a lot more spending a lot more time on the airwaves. this race is really heating up and his national attention national focus. especially with the vice president coming next week to the really contact voters for gavin newsom. yeah, she's going to be hit the campaign trail
10:26 pm
here now. speaking of governor gavin newsom part of a strategy here is to reach out to voters to say vote. no um, is this message actually resonating with voters who will likely be turning out to vote? sure so what you have is on the second question. what do you do? do you vote? no on question one. then what do you do? do you leave question to blank. it's a real reach for a lot of democrats because they want to write in gavin newsom name, for example, they want to put in their own name or bugs bunny or whatever it's going to be. they're going to write something in or do something on that second question, and for many democrats, they're going to vote for a moderate republican or someone who's managed a city. so this is the kevin falconer strategy to kind of move to the middle. so watch that over the next couple of weeks in the near term 7 to 10 days, do we see that shift? or do democrats go to other candidates like a £7? breath or someone like joel ventresca, who's a bernie sanders supporter. speaking of kevin path route isn't getting any real traction here to affect the outcome of this recall. no, i mean, look what we've seen
10:27 pm
some traction in terms of a couple of polls, those polls have been problematic, but he's not someone is going to be there. at the end, he's going to be swamped by the money for one thing. certainly social media youtube helps them but look, larry elder's got 900,000 twitter followers. the governor is going to just blanket the airwaves of what's going on. that means kevin path math is going to move down. he's gonna be a novelty candidate like angeline, the billboard model in l a are we have just a couple of seconds left. your polls show the race very close here. is it still a toss up in your prediction? yeah it is a toss up the governor's underwater at this point, he shouldn't be underwater. it's a blue state. he won by the biggest amount ever in 2018. are more democratic voters and not yet a record surplus. he should be killing it, and he's not. he's underwater, and that means the race is going to be tight, and it's gonna build over these next day. 600 hours, something exciting to watch as well and we will have to keep an eye on it very, very closely. david mcewan, sonoma state university political science professor, thank you for your insight. after friday, it. well, a day after kgb you
10:28 pm
exposed dishonest traffic lawyer help for some of the alleged victims. the new attorney now looking into the claims, and later in sports game one of the bay bridge series sports director market baniyas, we'll have the highlights on who landed the first punch, and there will be no charges in a police shooting in daly city. why the district attorney says the officer was justified and find out what investigators think may have
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accused of taking driver's money and then skipping court. a driver say they paid flat fees to attorney robert amberin and california traffic defenders to represent them in court. ktvu has not been able to track him down and the state bar of california has not yet
10:31 pm
taken any action on his license. but ktvu spoke with the traffic lawyer at a firm who has been taking on some of these cases. and he says driver should call the court explaining what happened and collect any evidence such as. emails credit card receipts or retainer agreements. don't wait until it's too late. if you know you're in this situation, call an attorney and get it fixed immediately. like i said traffic court is tough, and if they see that you've been on notice for a while of this situation, they will be less willing to help. so as soon as you discover that this is the situation, you're in contact a licensed attorney. get it handled in court. don't try to do it yourself. now. adam cohen says that some of am parents cases have been resolved or are back before a judge. well, new 10. no criminal charges will be filed in the 2020 shooting death of roger allen. by daly city police officer san mateo county district attorney's office today announced that the
10:32 pm
shooting was determined to be legally justified. authorities say allen was shot by daly city police officer cameron newton after the officer spotted what he built. leave was a firearm in allen's lap. a brief struggle over the weapon ensued and allen was shot while the weapon turned out to be a bb gun. the officer said he feared for his fellow officer and felt he had no choice but to fire his weapon. well today, the contra costa county coroner released the official cause of death for 30 year old antioch man who died after being restrained by police last year as ktvu investigative reporter, evan sernoffsky explains officials determinant. angela kintu died from explicit or excited delirium. rather and drug toxicity. but pinto's family disagrees. we expected this, um we hoped that it wasn't the case, but we expected this. angelo kinko's family has been bracing for the long awaited inquest into his death last december in antioch after he was restrained by police. some answers were revealed at the hearing friday
10:33 pm
morning. inside this contra costa county courthouse. cameras were barred from recording the proceeding. forensic pathologist, dr a catchy ogan ruled that king toes death was a result of excited delirium with acute drug toxicity and arrest related physical exertion. he found two prescription drugs in his system level syrah tatum, an anti seizure drug and modafinil, a brain stimulant used to keep people awake. but even as ogan ruled the death a result of excited delirium otherwise known as dying from extreme agitation. he conceded the theory was poorly understood. what's more, the theory has come under recent scrutiny as more national focus has been put on in custody deaths. junk science and that's what's so shocking about it. even the doctor recognizes that in some circles, it is junk science. but yet he then used it as a basis to say is the cause of death here. attorney john burris's representing pinto's family and recently
10:34 pm
filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the antioch officers. he's long contended that king toe died as a result of restraint asphyxia while on his stomach in a prone position for several minutes, which can limit a person's breathing. the family was also frustrated that they were not called as witnesses at the hearing. even though they were in the room and called 911 is keen to experienced a mental health crisis. it was not run in any way in any way that would be impartial. it was about lives and confusion after hearing from the pathologist and the officers who responded that day, the 15 member panel ruled that kato's death was an accident. kato's family, meanwhile, is continuing with the civil case. we will not stop fighting. for what we believe in. and what what my brother deserved, which is his life. now there are still a lot of unanswered questions in this case and the district attorney's office still has to decide whether it will file charges in this case. in the
10:35 pm
newsroom evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. oakland police have arrested two suspects in the killing of a 16 year old skyline high school football player aaron pryor was shot and killed last september, officers arrested a male juvenile and a woman who may have been a juvenile at the time of that shooting last year. police say that they believe the boy was the shooter. both of those suspects are currently in jail. investigators in mariposa county are awaiting toxicology results that could determine what caused a family and their dog to die while hiking in the sierra national forest. that's ktvu demagogues explains. the sheriff's office is investigating whether they were exposed to toxic algae blooms that are found in that area. john garish and ellen chung, along with their one year old daughter and dog leave behind a grieving community in san francisco, according to a close family friend who spoke with ktvu. he said they loved attending burning man were avid hikers and moved out to mariposa in the spring of 2020.
10:36 pm
when ellen was pregnant, she was studying for her master's degree in counseling psychology. john was a software engineer. the mariposa county sheriff's department is still determining how the family and their dog died. toxicology results are pending as our lab results from water samples taken from the family's water supply and from nearby water sources in the forest. the sheriff's office confirmed toxic algae blooms were in the area. some of these blooms can be populated by. calgary or by what are called cyanobacteria that produce very sets of toxins like cook and affect the liver or can affect neurological systems. and there have been reported cases where, for example, dogs have gone swimming in ponds with blooms and have undergone sick or died as a result of that the effects of exposure to toxic algae can be immediate. according to a professor at san jose state university. the algal toxins have the ability to cause death within 24 hours of exposure. the family went hiking on sunday when their bodies were
10:37 pm
discovered by the sheriff's office. two days later, there was no apparent cause of death. talks like algae exposure is just one of many factors being considered in the investigation. emma goes, ktvu, fox two news. well, some people desperate to leave afghanistan cannot make it to the airport because they think it's too on safe to travel streets in kabul coming up, we hear from one bay area family waiting for word. their loved ones will get out at a barrier weather attracting more low clouds and fog tonight a bit of a cooler forecast. as we head into the weekend, we'll have the update coming up and those of you looking to avoid freeway bottlenecks now have another option. the stretch of a bay area interstate, adding a to
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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to get loved ones out of
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afghanistan. but as kate was an rubin explains, even with the necessary paperwork, the family can't make it safely inside the kabul airport. almonds always been afraid of us. patrick kane of sunnyvale is a retired u s army captain, but he's got one final mission in afghanistan. so right now, i'm trying to get the last of our family out of a kabul. he doesn't mean blood relations he needs family forged through war. there are seven people he's trying to help the immediate family of his afghan translator, among them. raisa, who helped operate a school for girls. school which was burned to the ground. last week. he got the email from the state department with he said his visa was process and he was clear to go. he just can't get to the airport races. sister is already living in california. she connected us to him through skype. raisa says. the road to the airport is crowded, dangerous and surrounded by taliban. he says he brought his family, including three young daughters in a taxi. it turned back when the gunfire started. they were
10:41 pm
shooting against the sig within his sister fears for their safety. they are deserved to be here. they work 20 years american. they worked 20 years for the women education. they worked 20 years for the human right and united nations. they deserve to be here. and so she and julie haener are working together, contacting the state department and congress, monroe khanna's office. and they're speaking out, just leaving them alone and saying, like, do your best to get to the airport. good luck. it's not good enough. haynes says he made a promise to raise a and the others. so did the us work with us like we don't abandon our friends and say, well, it's kind of what we've done, you know, it's shameful. it's embarrassing again. reza and his family have all the necessary paperwork. julie haener is just hoping us officials will come through and help them get safe passage to the airport in santa clara and ruben ktvu, fox two news.
10:42 pm
several bay area organizations are hoping to get the afghan community help today. the group south asians for america held a town hall to share information on the visa application process for afghan americans, hoping to help family members get to the u. s congressman eric swalwell was also on the call, he says evacuation has to be the first priority. i would hate for us to leave anyone behind who would be targeted and killed by the taliban because they couldn't check every box. i would rather us do that in the air. verify when we land rather than to leave anyone in the taliban's wait. i myself have several family members who are at risk. but right now, the most important thing that we can do is get people out. get them here safely. the congressman is also urging families in need to message him directly via social media or head to his resources website for help with visa applications. you can also find that link on our website ktvu .com under web
10:43 pm
links, right new england has managed to dodge a direct hit from a hurricane for 30 years. but now tropical storm anri is barreling towards the area. an update on that storms fat and meteorologist mark tamayo will join us. with a lo i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're allergic to its ingredients or if you take dofetilide. taking dovato with dofetilide can cause serious or life-threatening side effects. hepatitis b can become harder to treat while on dovato.
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have seen in and fox news rivera us how they're getting for a storm likely strengthen into hurricane. new is bracing a potential this weekend on regain hurricane now possible the barrels the northeast. i've seen weather reports doesn't good. the national center warned dangerous and heavy in parts of long island, connecticut, rhode island. southeastern massachusetts. many preparing what could the first to hit new england in 30 years, the commonwealth prepared the worst the storm that this can throw us massachusetts charlie warned could see to 5. of storm a prospect coastal communities with tourists the summer, baker is up 1000 guardsmen to respond to the storm. the storm could out power somewhere 100,000 300,000. based on the estimates,
10:47 pm
should not out unless need to be. traveling friday, in, massachusetts, both of the water prevent if boat was the water, it drags same breaks. morning and it rex it wrecks few boats the way. it could very, not the way say expected summer wrap up here we are the middle of august, and it could be for the season. if more hurricanes come through. mala ktvu fox two news. and the latest. still keeping the as tropical but expected reach one status we head the weekend, here's satellite imagery there not a real i you would not expect with the tropical, but you can some development here's latest information tropical andrea with of 70 an hour, to the north nine an hour as take a at the forecast as head into the weekend be talking a category throughout the day tomorrow and could be peaking
10:48 pm
with this. with miles an as coming as can see possible as can see so of the of this track been around little. but you get the that this be a category hurricane and of course, that slow and very rainfall cause problems only into weekend possibly into next now for this weekend, talking some hazy that area patchy smoke still part of our forecast. but we talked about this earlier. an in air quality the weekend, especially sunday. is the satellite you this. can see that layer of becoming up bit, so it's as concentrated still, it could be tracking haze start off weekend. we have this to clouds fog out there pushing back the bay tonight. here's a live looking out sf. we the cloud cover we'll check on of the current number. fran san right now. 60
10:49 pm
62 in san jose 64 degrees. we'll out tomorrow with mostly skies. areas be the fifties the sixties. game two the for tomorrow, giant today's oakland. are expecting cloudy, with temperatures approaching mid sixties first pitch, here's a up this of low pressure that circulation that up that northerly that has been transporting the smoke. this though should an in air quality we see a change the level pattern that eventually the out the, unfortunately, toward lake about the sierra also out other portions nevada well for here go tomorrow temperatures the fifties the lower, so lots cloud kind a cool start morning and into afternoon hours, clouds slowly back near the coastline to the beach is only the lower sixties warm spots. england will be approaching
10:50 pm
low, possibly mid, you probably the heat been absent last monday, but major heat our weekend at all. take a look some of the numbers your saturday. once again, a cloudy gradually back near the immediate. san francisco. a santa 74 temperatures. we're 82 84, so we're going to have some from that smoke, we should have a gradual improvement. that will continue into a sunday as well. you see some more into week, temperatures warming a little, but thankfully, we're not talking any major waves toward bay area, at least this five day forecast. alright is good, right, thanks well into express has up on interstate 80, the mile of southbound 80 began tolls. it stretches from martinez through walnut creek. and with existing lane from
10:51 pm
deer road, creek to cost boulevard. insane, remote until hours from am eight pm tolls fluctuate on level of. all coming up in sports series holding implications both sports director bonnie on who able take one at the coliseum and then coming up the 11 o'clock. see what's done the next few to help black owned restaurants survive. pandemic. can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives.
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a little job for the giants over to oakland proves to be a bridge too far. but for the a's i'll tell you what they got to be patting themselves on the back. for all those great trades they made right at the deadline. those guys continue
10:54 pm
to contribute big top game one in the bay bridge series before it started. what a moment monte more. remember him. you long time aides fans he's now 91 years old. the former play by play guy looking spry. and they've got an award now in his name. good for everybody. on that one second inning, james brilliant with some problems. two on two out. wilmer flores rides at the centre starling marty with a beautiful catch, see why he's won a couple of gold gloves. it stays scoreless fourth inning 2nd and 3rd. alex would one out. one of the newcomers josh harrison kind of muscled it to center. mike your stransky badly misses the cut off 11 harrison to get second. it didn't hurt him to run score, though. and it's two nothing. mike, who has been slumping mightily at the plate hammers this one too, right? yes has his 19th of the year. it's a solo he's leading to one. but for the giants, only
10:55 pm
five hits for the entire evening, and there's that guy marty again with the glove and the bat as he goes to write with that just swats it down the line got himself an r b double against zach mattel in the seventh and riding the wave 3 to 1. and then jose alvarez, ill. advised pickup attempt, apparently with marta moving, trying to steal third, and it goes wild, laid down the left field line. the fourth run scores for one final ace managed to keep pace with houston. there 2.5 back in the west of the american league, san francisco now only 1.5 up in the western division. remember the dodgers who just continue to win? they beat the mets and in case you're wondering, 40,000 won. 133 in oakland tonight to see game one of the brave bird serious two more games to follow. all right, i get it. everybody wants to talk about the quarterback in football, but maybe with the 40 niners we in the media taking
10:56 pm
this too far, maybe looking for a story that isn't really there course. the play the chargers game to the preseason. come sunday will the 49ers. and it'll be, uh, the scrimmage or two before that against the chargers. nice to hit guys with different uniforms sound but talking about the quarterbacks they're actually keeping track of these guys. statistics and practice. for instance, jimmy gee has completed 63% of his passes. he's thrown 11 touchdowns, but 10 interceptions. while the rookie trey lance, as completed, 67% of his passes, 14 touchdowns and only three interceptions. i've never heard of keeping that closest scrutiny on these quarterbacks during practice, but george kittle favorite target of these guys seems to be getting maybe you can sense a little frustration in him on this. i mean, i'm eager to see whoever his album field with me. honestly, you know whoever's playing ball, i just hope they
10:57 pm
played a really high level and throw me the ball. you tired of the lands first forever the questions i you know, i've been asked jimmy questions for about three years. i've been asked great questions for the last six months, so it is what it is, and i'm just going to look at you guys and smile and say everything i can. no doubt he's tired of it, but good, politically correct answer. you got to give the nba credit right? they managed to keep themselves in the news, no matter what, you got the playoffs. you get the draft. you got summer league and today they announced the schedules for the upcoming season and here's a. a few major tidbits from the warriors as they released that scheduled to get the home opener on october 21st against the clippers. christmas day. they'll play phoenix and then kevin durant and the rest of his brooklyn that's coming to the ban on january 29th mark your calendars for that, when yannis entered the campo and the nba champion milwaukee bucks are in on march 12 so ways before that happens, you'll be seeing a lot of the warriors on national tv. 41 times the season. all of a
10:58 pm
sudden, there's no beating the san jose quakes and soccer they now have themselves a 10 match unbeaten streak. of course, lots of ties in there, but they'll mix in a victory or two as they did under basically a full moon tonight down in los angeles against the galaxy, the kelly classico 52nd minute beautiful cross from loose piano have a consists too. jeremy abu, boxy header and it's one nil san jose onto the 71st minute. it's tied now. 11 look at the angle for the quakes have ear show feasts. lopez to one final. that's the game winning goal, man! how he got that one squeezed in there. i'll never know and quakes as you look at the replay, definitely in the mix or the post season and playoff spot would be nice for them, considering they got off to a really shaky start we got friday night videos still
10:59 pm
getting a kick out of this back by popular demand. did you see this earlier? this is i don't even know how to describe this. a couple of guys come into a gym almost want to say they broke into a chip? yeah death photographed themselves. i guess you can say bringing a new meaning to the word heavy lifting in your workout, but the reactions are priceless. as they dress up like, i guess a couple of burglars and, uh, workout buffs raising eyebrows, you might say, but good for a laugh or two, something we probably need at the end of this long week. that is the sporting life love more in about 25 minutes, andre and heather. all right. sounds good. thanks so much mark coming up next here at 11 who knows where it'll go? maybe always the supreme court now some gig workers welcoming a new ruling tonight that proposition 22 is unconstitutional. the 11 o'clock news on. ktvu fox two starts now and hello again,
11:00 pm
everyone. i've had their homes in tonight for christina madre senior. today's decision deals a big blow to right, sure and delivery companies who want to keep their drivers as independent contractors getting bids. jana katsuyama is live now force in oakland with new reaction from the pop 22 challengers who won that battle in court today. janna heather and andre just this hour i talked with someone from the s e i u union their members. were among the plaintiffs in this case and said that they are very happy by the ruling but prepared to continue to fight. that's because uber tonight said that they plan to appeal the ruling. california voters passed prop 22 last november with 58% support. it was a win for rideshare companies and drivers who wanted to remain independent contractors over workers who wanted to be considered full employees entitled to benefits under california's labor law. but friday, alameda county superior court judge frank roach ruled that prop 22 is


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