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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 24, 2021 11:00pm-11:28pm PDT

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the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now many afghans who worked alongside american forces and have since been evacuated can only wait and hope that their loved buns will also be evacuated hello again, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener today president biden said he is holding firm on that deadline of august 31st to withdraw u s. troops from afghanistan one week from today the u. s has ramped up its airlift operations. and officials say more than 21,000 people have been evacuated in the past 24 hours the pentagon says it can get all americans out by next tuesday and president biden said that extending the deadline would risk the lives of u. s troops. the sooner we can finish, the better. each day of operations brings added risks or troops. but the completion by august
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31st depends upon the taliban continuing to cooperate. still president biden has asked the pentagon to draw up contingency plans if more time is needed the bay area man is back home after evacuated from afghanistan ktvu is amber lee is here tonight from san leandro with his story amber frank the man tells me he's relieved to be back home here in san leandro, but that he cannot rest, he says. he's doing everything he can to try to help his relatives get out of afghan. bastad this is video key ahmed in safi says he took as he was walking towards the u s military plane at the kabul airport what's on board a military service woman through earplugs at him and the hundreds crammed inside the plane that was flying them out of afghanistan well people were so said, the crying they lived the family behind they worry about what's going on in the country safi says. he
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immigrated to the us 10 years ago after serving in the afghan. national army the bullets right here, he says a bullet is still lodged in his neck from an ambush that killed two of his brothers after his debilitating injury he says he became a security chief working with the u s military safi says he returned to afghanistan in july to care for his father, who was ill. it's my father. he says his father also works with the u. s government now, saffi says he's concerned for his safety and other relatives who haven't been able to leave afghanistan my father's work shoulder by shoulder with us army, so why should lose my father for what a bomb has severely damaged his father's offices? saffy tells me this is video he took of a taliban member striking a friend as saffy and that man tried to make their way to the airport saffi says it took days before he finally got inside with a u s passport but without his relatives i have a strong
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pain inside it's going to hurt me inside back home here in san leandro as of friday with his children savvis daughter tells me she's grateful for her father's safe return and that she's in the u. s. if i were like still in afghanistan in i won't know nothing never, like had a great life. uh like inside of a cage safy is contacting us lawmakers to try to help relatives escape. i'm american citizen i have a good life so what about me? i can't i can't do anything because of my family. can't go to bed. i can't sleep. safi tells me he's getting support from a us military commander he befriended while they worked together in afghanistan he hopes to get special visas expedited for his relatives but the clock is ticking what the august 31st deadline for us troop withdrawals fast approaching, frank ever really
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live for us tonight amber. thank you, bay area, congresswoman jackie speier told us tonight that an extension of the deadline does not seem likely. right now. it appears that the taliban has kind of dug in its heels they are now also saying that american uh passport holders can go to the airport, but taliban people, i mean, excuse me and afghan people can no longer go to the airport so there um they're showing i think some of their brutality that was so evident. in the late nineties and early two thousands congresswoman spear said despite the dangers the u. s has been able to evacuate at least 70,000 people so far and a reminder our coverage of the effort to evacuate people from afghanistan continues on our website ktvu dot com you can find the latest developments right there on our homepage annie och will soon consider whether to require city workers to be vaccinated tonight the
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city council directed city officials to draw rob resolution that they will vote on in the coming weeks. mayor lamar thor put the idea forward is an eot currently has one of the highest rates of covid in contra costa county antioch would not be the first city in the county to require covid shots for city workers or weekly testing walnut creek and conquered have similar mandates in san jose city leaders tonight approved a controversial ordinance. that requires anyone to show proof of vaccination before entering a city owned facility for an event kate views as smith tells us that a group of raucous protesters showed up to today's city council meeting. no mandates no dangerous vaccines outside san jose city hall, opponents of the mayor's proposed vaccine mandate came out in droves taking their frustration inside city hall chambers. most of. using to wear masks captain once inside
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the chambers, chaos unfolded. as chance of a recall erupted the mayor and city council retreated to safety as police escorted the crowd out of the building audience capacity was capped to a few dozen. i certainly appreciate and understand that people are frustrated. we're all frustrated this pandemic has gone on so long the mayor's mandate visitors and staff of events of 50 or more people must show proof of vaccination at city owned buildings like the s a p center the mckendry convention center and center for performing arts, the mayor calling it the right thing to do. we've got to follow the data we've got to follow the science make the best decisions to protect our residents that data shows and santa clara county since last week new cases are up. 29% 10 new. deaths the mayor says the spread of the delta variant is too risky it is not your decision to tell me what to do with my body more than 100
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speakers spoke during public comment in person and virtually most against the mandate citing their own personal freedoms and religious beliefs i do honour your authority your position but when you cross the line and that's what you're doing with people in the first amendment you guys got to study the constitution it's amazing it's amazing thing. you all are raising a sleeping giant. we will not take this anymore we are pushing back despite the pushback and contention mendez yes, brow. la's yes and a unanimous vote city leaders voted to move forward with the mandate i'm hasn't smith ktvu, fox two news. venetia city council voted tonight to approve an indoor mask mandate the city now becomes the only one in solano county to require masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status officials say. benita did not enact this mandate because it's a coronavirus hotspot but rather because it cannot control who comes to town, and they say they get a lot of visitors we heard from the city's mayor
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tonight after the vote about why the city decided to break from the county. the council realize that, uh the county was never going to adopt a mask mandate and there was sufficient community concern about that. the way i heard from a number of people. why didn't you do this earlier why did it take so long to get to this point the mandate applies to everyone over the age of four. the decision will be reviewed in six weeks. solano counties, health officer maintains it will not enact a county wide mandate. the contra costa county sheriff's department is investigating a hama. side authorities say one person has died. two others work hard in a shooting it happened about 4 20 this afternoon at a home on brentwood boulevard near sellers avenue in an unincorporated part of the city one victim was pronounced dead at the scene to others were taken to the hospital at this time, we don't know their conditions or whether anyone has been arrested. cal door fire is growing and moving
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toward lake tahoe the latest on the fire's path and how it's creating a health hazard in tahoe also, he died from the coronavirus while working at san quentin prison and now his family is suing why they say his death was preventable. this catastrophe wasn't caused by just one or two people dropping the ball but it was caused by deliberate choices made by people in charge. i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen.
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ktvu looked into traffic lawyer the bar it's now investigating number of about san attorney robert and his business traffic bay area say paid for in traffic but he never up at point no have been filed the bar the allegations serious. the state bar. anyone has had a similar to file an online complaint. in two men have arrested allegedly three businesses an police say the robbery around 45 night at the 7 on boulevard a clerk a man a gun demanded a robbery 45 minutes at burger king mission then before 40 received a call a robbery the shell gas station
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on mission boulevard. officers witnesses a similar of suspects two men were a short time later another the family a san excuse a san quentin officer died from is suing prison ktvu brooks jarocz us, the family dangerous inside quentin, are what led to the sergeant's death. i what supposed be year celebration tireless then tragic 34 san native army veteran polanco as a officer san quentin prison a that became zero a massive outbreak summer. 28 died did polanco. i just wanted to tell him to be accountable and take for his death. it have never happened
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should happen. it started a botched of inmates from prison chino not tested packed buses quarantined put in open cells san basically these students year, officials. created a covid school then required their inmates employees marinate it. attorneys polanco's and two filed a lawsuit week he suffered wrongful because the state's bad making including of personal protective little distancing limited so shocking appalling that cdcr would risk. not all the inmates but also of their staff's with these completely um cdcr in statement has not served the but we'll evaluate details and next also condolences i want to go
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through what we've been through. i mean that to see them. pass and able say my able to say polanco's says was working shifts because many were sick suffered diabetes hypertension ultimately from covid august ashes on quentin grounds here is that the world with. our and i don't wait coming here or our family the left for answers assurance their loved one die in brooks jarocz fox two news. the oakland school district reported 100 cases now district says some those cases false the
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district's dashboard shows have been 87 and staff who have tested but district now say after up with their testing vestal labs they learned there at least dozen positives test administered three last thursday and friday, the school district said. the false positives reported at montara middle school. montclair and high school to come the calderon is just away from lake tahoe the community needless say edge the on fire next and i'm tracking smoke from all fires the flow the fires way they're we'll have and forecast i return plus san francisco longer the expensive to rent
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disaster declaration california leaders had requested the support yesterday to help the state battle wildfires the declaration allows people in impacted areas to get help with housing counseling and medical services it also helps local governments with the cost of wildfires there was the request approved today is specific to the dixie and river fires also new information tonight on the calle door fire in el dorado county that fire has now burned more than 120 acres at the moment, it's only 11% contained that is up slightly though from 9% earlier today. ktvu is andre senior tells us firefighters are working hard to keep the fire from pushing into the lake tahoe area as if the growth and flames from the caldera fire
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wasn't worrying enough the direction it's heading in and conditions is creating is leading to unsettle nerves for those living in the lake tahoe area evacuation warnings aren't into the tower base, and yet they're not in the south like taco so we don't want to have anybody panic but a heightened sense of awareness is advised because the cow door fire is close about 15 miles southwest of the echo lake area the flames licking away at highway 50 and eldorado county an army of firefighters working to hold it back because of limited access in and out of south lake thau city officials watching it all unfold at the ready now in case of evacuation our emergency evacuation plan should we have to implement that? which is not the case at this moment uh takes a look at where the emergency is and then would direct our population that needs to leave south shore in the right direction but while the fire hasn't made its way here yet the smoke certainly has enveloping the area forcing the washoe county school district just across the
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state line to close all public schools to its 67,000 students the calendar fire breaking an air pollution record two for south lake tahoe exceeding even the air quality index scale. and putting a finer point on the issue on the left side, the view toward reno and sparks monday barely visible on the right a much clearer view of both cities in a picture from the same angle during july's tamarack fire. so what's it like to be living amongst all that smoke south lake tahoe resident kevin cooper struggling at times to get through our interview wednesday trying to move everything in and around the house? excuse me. still, a lot of ash in the air coupe has been prepping his property throughout the day rigging flammable pine needles as a threat of the cowl door. five. grows if it does get up to echo summit. there is a good chance that we'll see amber's falling in this area andre senior ktvu fox two news more evacuation orders were lifted today for the dixie fire burning east of chico. containment is now up to 43% as that fire has scorched more
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than 733,000 acres cal fire says crews are seeing conditions unlike anything they've seen before, with flames spreading faster and burning much more actively at night. more than 1200 homes and other buildings have been destroyed since that fire started 41 days ago alrighty then yeah, we have a lot of smoke and fires in the area i mean, certainly the dixie and the called or fire the two largest fires we've seen in the state. certainly this year and beyond that, um there's a lot of smoke coming up and so we're dealing with that we have been dealing with that and we're going to continue to deal with that because smokes not going to go away these fires are going to burn for at least another month it's summed and set with some degree of containment so even if there are 80% you're still going to have smoke so let's prepare for that and know that from time to time we're going to see a requalify alerts like we saw yesterday tomorrow won't be a bad day for smoke should be pretty good these are the highs from today we've had a very mild pattern. around the bay area really for the last few days, and it's going to
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continue tomorrow and then it gets a little bit hotter inland on thursday and then friday and saturday gets pretty warm inland mid nineties inland even some upper nineties possible pretty typical for august nothing out of the ordinary, but just we're going from this very mild pattern mid eighties in the hot spots to probably mid nineties on friday and saturday air quality right now looks okay we got some yellows. those shown up in contra costa county lots. greens the lake tahoe area has been miserable those purples are just about as bad as it gets. where are there as bad as it gets for air quality in some cases well over 250 in on the on the scales and that's in the unhealthy range the models do this with the smoke. you see the general area moving out but then it wraps back around as we get into thursday look at that so that's when the wind shift we're going to see a wind shift. that's when the warm up occurs right so tomorrow and thursday kind of nice and mild. but then friday and saturday the winds wrap around and that smoke wants to come back into the
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valley so the smoke could be a concern for us on friday saturday especially in the inland bay valleys and again we've been fortunate because the bay area pretty much almost always has some surface level sea breeze this time of year in august and that's been helping us quite a bit, especially cities like oakland and san francisco but keep your eyes on that we do have fog at the coast right now the fogle's push inland again tonight as it has it's pretty deep marine layer. this is the fog footprint for tomorrow morning and you can see how it's everywhere burns back slowly and then you got temperatures like these like yesterday like today like the day before yesterday and that's the last day of mid eighties and they were going to move into the mid nineties so the five day forecast we'll show this as we look at the periods where thursday starts to warm but friday and saturday, it really warms up and i think that's when the smoke in the haze might become something to pay attention to again i'll see you back here tomorrow night, eh? thank you. san francisco is no longer the most expensive
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rental market in the country according to the rental listing website's jumper, new york now has that title new york's one bedroom median rent rose to 2800. this month that is $10 more per month than san francisco. this was the first time new york out pay san francisco since zump er started tracking rental data back in 2014 sports director marco banias is up next with brandon belt's career day for the giants and why today's win over the mets
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to tell everyone to reveal what college is going to attend. check this out. mm hmm. i'm happy. i'm happy i'm happy for him. he's a good kid lazy, but he's a good kid. i know he will represent oregon. well oh, god oh, my god. oh yeah. oh jalil tucker out of san diego the fast position recruits well as his dad told us we'll be gone to oregon. yeah, you know, yeah, at least they seem to be taking it well, right there still darn proud of their son, man. yeah, and they have every reason everyone know what a great choice oregon had a great
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schools a dad moment, right it is a total you want to get is a total you want to get away? yeah. crap. crappacino. charlie craplin. in colombia, when the old man starts yelling at the mail, we put them on a sandbar and wait for the tide to come in. well, delgado's got a doozy of a valentine's dilemma. i texted out feelers for two dates. vicky noh is top choice, but alexa potts has been doing this bad-girl thing lately i'm into. so, while i wait for a yes from noh, i've got to keep potts on the back burner. oh, my god. is it still talking? jay, that's so rude! he overthinks everything. (ringtone plays) if you have a shot at the bad girl, jump. i don't know. she has a stepdad who only pays attention to her hot older sister. i will dial the phone for you. ugh. (cellphone chimes) that was joe's school. he's in trouble. we need to go meet with the teacher. what the hell did he do? he robbed a bank and took 18 hostages. how would i know? let's go. (sighs) it's a no-go. alexa wanted to use the hot tub tonight, but apparently can't find her bathing suit. if you don't come home smelling of light beer and chlorine, do not come home at all.


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