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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 25, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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[sfx: bloop bloop bloop ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait. enter the golden state, with real california dairy. flowers left at an intersection after a train hit three cars tonight a 12 year old boy is dead his 19 year old sister seriously hurt. everyone drives a strip of road. it could have easily been any of our children so it's really difficult to deal with both victims were
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traveling in the same car. the teenage woman had just picked up her 12 year old brother from school when they were hit. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. the crash happened around one this afternoon in the area of east cyprus road in oakley. near a middle and elementary school. the schools had been dismissed early ktvu deborah villalon joins us now live with the latest developments deb julie this crossing is not even a half mile from the campuses and traffic backups here have been a concern even before today's tragedy. lorraine no. leon and her two daughters brought a bouquet to lay at a train crossing where a child died, knowing that it was when kids got off school, you knew that it was gonna involve someone from the school, either a parent or a child from sky fox. the scene wednesday just before one, a freight train slammed into a few vehicles and flipped one. a 12 year old boy in the passenger seat died at the scene the 19 year old driver
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said to be his sister was airlifted with critical injuries. the train went through and then all of sudden i just heard a big crunch other drivers were waiting behind the cars when it happened i looked over in the car flew off the road and then a tires were going and then debris was hitting my truck and i called 911 no one else was injured i went down there and i've seen all the helicopters and see what was going on. and sure enough, you know, that's a sad sight to see this dad has two children at delta vista middle school where the young victim was a student. the principal refused. to talk about the tragedy but the district issued a statement of condolences and said counselors will be on campus tomorrow parents say the train crossing is often congested especially on wednesdays when school lets out at noon it's just the way it is. i'm the school, but you have 300 plus parents trying to leave at the same time the city of oakley says. the signals and crossing arms were operating properly at the time of the crash and because of congestion
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concerns it has adjusted the lanes and traffic lights in the area to keep traffic. flowing at peak times but some have doubts and, of course, there should be a better system because a child just died today. this commuter says she worries about getting stuck on the track in traffic going down that in the morning and coming home. uh it's probably double when school gets out a ride after school changed in an instant classmates say they'll feel differently crossing the tracks in the future going over at different so uh more nervous and more worried of been weary of what. could happen. oakley police and the federal railroad administration are investigating the young woman driving was airlifted to john muir medical center in walnut creek, julie for a brief time today family members, including the boy's mom came here to the scene they were seen of course in tears and holding on to each other yeah, it is a heartbreaking story deborah. we
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know that 19 year old woman was seriously her do we know her condition are there been any updates tonight on how she's doing no updates julie just that she went to the hospital and critical alright deborah villalon reporting live for us tonight, deborah thank you now to developing news out of fremont, where police say they shot and killed a shooting suspect today police say they received reports of a shooting around 5 20 tonight at the south lake mobile home park on fremont boulevard when officers arrived they say there was some kind of confrontation and they shot a suspect authorities say the person they shot is responsible for shooting and wounding someone else at this time. we do not know the condition of that victim we are continuing to follow the story and we will bring you the very latest. as we learn it, oakland police say officers opened fire on a man this afternoon who is wanted for manslaughter it happened on enterprise way they're edes avenue at about 2 30 this afternoon near the oakland coliseum investigators
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say it's not clear if the man was struck by the officers bullets he was taken to the hospital but his injuries are not considered serious police say two guns were recovered at that scene the wildfire that started the calla various county that started in california. county this afternoon has already grown to 1000 acres we saw cal fire attack in the role of fire with helicopters and aircraft earlier today tonight the fire is forcing evacuations west of the town of colombia the sheriff's office has issued evacuation warnings for the towns of douglas flat and murphy's and evacuation center has also been set up at mark twain elementary school. in angels camp now to the cal door fire which is still burning out of control containment is inching up very very slowly as crews fight to protect the lake tahoe basin. the fire is burning an eldorado county and is now 12% contained up slightly from 11% earlier today
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it's holding at about 126,000 acres tonight cal fire said that lighter winds and slightly higher humidity in the forecast will help cruz create more containment. and they're adding more firefighters to the east side of the fire, which is the side that is closest to like cha how we're going to be adding additional crews into division juliette tonight and started firing operation to get this all blacked in and create that catchers meant to stop this eastern easterly spread of the fire. crews say, despite better whether they're still dealing with difficult terrain and very dry vegetation ktvu is jesse gary tells us how cruz got some help from a series of rare night time air drops for the first time in northern california the fight to stop flames is taking place above the fray and at night oh, hard
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firefighter david clarke says for two nights should look type one helicopters have been brought. from southern california pilots are descending to 100 ft above the flames and dropping 3000 gallons of water or fire retardant during each run they use in a vision goggle they can use the night vision capabilities to fly and making targets of opportunity drops on suppression activity and help suppress the fire large fires when they do get to this size are notoriously hard. to make the time containment line around especially under these drought conditions that we're seeing those conditions improving slightly over the next week are still coupled with 13 major wildfires burning statewide the result in the lake tahoe area is hazy air and masks as i must have your having a pizza and there's ashes landing in your pizza nine federal parks have been closed and area businesses are also taking a hit as tourist towns have become ghost towns. it's impacted as tremendously. was contemplating every day to
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stay open to we close meanwhile firefighters continue efforts to keep the cal door fire from spreading beyond highway 50 and into more populated areas. it's going to create some more challenging spaces for firefighters to be able to actively suppress the fire which is why we're seeing a lot of air support coming in here late wednesday cal fire officials said. they're moving nighttime helicopter operations from the cal door fire to the french fire because of an immediate threat to structures there in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news. reminder we have much more on the wildfires burning around the state on our website just go to ktvu dot com slash wildfires now that the pfizer and now that pfizer has full fda approval the drugmaker is seeking federal approval for a booster shot pfizer announced today it is seeking fda approval for a third dose of its vaccine for americans 16 and older visor expects to complete its application with the fda by the end of this week
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the u s government plans to make booster shots available. in september two fully vaccinated individuals eight months after their last shot and johnson and johnson released clinical trial data today, showing a booster shot of its vaccine produces a strong immune response people who received the booster saw antibodies increased nine fold compared to about a month after their first dose the company said. it is now working with the fda and the cdc on the next steps to enhance the effects of the vaccine and a possible booster shot. today, delta airlines announced the controversial new policy unvaccinated employees will be charged more for their health care. delta has a 75% vaccination rate and wants to get as close to 100% as possible ktvu is amberleigh is at sfo after talking to one expert who says amber that he has real concerns about the move that's right, frank tonight i spoke to that public health expert and several delta
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passengers. now they. tell me they're vaccinated but they say delta's latest move is not the way to go. delta airlines employees who are not vaccinated against the coronavirus now face increasing pressure to get that shot in the arm beginning november 1st they will be required to pay $200 more per month for healthcare some delta passengers tell me it's unfair punishment to single out those workers i think it's just a way to bully their way into everybody's life. lives like they like to do every big corporation likes to do i don't agree with it at all. delta ceo wrote in a memo to workers wednesday since the earliest days of the pandemic our number one priority has always been to protect our people and customers the action that they're taking does not make. the environment in which flights occur. any safer professor are not mukherjee is chair of public health at cal state east bay. he says delta's
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move raises ethical questions employers now get to basically find you for doing things that are bad for somebody's help. so there's somebody smokes do we charge them higher premiums what if somebody has a poor diet or is addicted alcohol it lays a slippery slope in which we're now penalizing behavior. delta says the average. hospital stay for covid-19 has cost the airline $50,000 per person and that all employees who have been hospitalized with the disease were not fully vaccinated the ceo wrote. this surcharge will be necessary to address the financial risk the decision to knock vaccinate is creating for our company. they want everyone to be vaccinated maybe you just do the mandate, you know and not change their healthcare competitors such as united airlines has a vaccine mandate for all of its employees route that the professor says would better serve the safety of employees
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and passengers. especially now that pfizer has received full fda approval. vaccinations and need to be mandated across employees and that's ultimately what makes a safe environment delta has not said why it is not implementing a vaccine mandate for all employees the professor says. in the next six months we may see an airline start required proof of vaccination from its passengers frank amberleigh live in sf hope tonight, amber. thank you in berkeley. the school district is moving forward with a proposal that would require. higher students to get vaccinated tonight the board discussed a possible vaccine requirement for students involved in extra curricular activities including sports board members raised questions about what actually defines an extra activity and also question what kind of alternatives would there be for those students who choose not to get the vaccine? we talked to some students at berkeley
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high and here's what they told us. it's actually pretty necessary in my opinion, because the people um they're really close to each other like not distance that well, i think it's a little too much because like not everybody wants to get vaccinated i mean, it's their choice like i have nothing to do with that but if they get it they get if they don't and they don't. right now. the district in berkeley requires weekly testing for all students student athletes are required to be tested twice a week four candidates hoping to replace governor newsom faced off tonight and for the first time we saw a democrat on stage at 10 30 their messages for voters and i am tracking the smoke and the heat is coming back to the bay area this weekend. also ahead some incredible side by side pictures of reservoirs four years ago in the south bay and what they looked like today and you can really see why the situation in our state is so
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region water officials say they're 10 reservoirs are at historic lows on average there now at 12.5% of capacity ktvu is as a smith is in san jose tonight and azenith smith the pictures are dramatic yes julie south residents say they knew the water levels were low, but they didn't realize they were this low. and they say. said that more needs to be done to conserve given that we haven't had much rain. at lexington reservoir in los guardo's visitors are used to seeing much more water i think it's real loud about the lost i've seen boy i sure hope we got a lot of rain this winter. a good rain year. this should be at least a third more in their new photos from the santa clara valley water district shows in 2017 the lexington reservoir was at 99% could pass. city this month it's a 23% side by side comparisons of all 10 reservoirs in santa clara county paint a stark difference
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from four years ago to now, water officials say the current water supply needed to replenish the region's groundwater system is dire if we have a bad winter, that means not a lot of rain. we might have to do some form of rationing folks. wells might run dry that have shallow wells all signs the county is an extreme drought after historic driwater years last season the driest since 1977 and this year's snowpack melted so fast there was no runoff for the reservoirs other options are costly what we can get the prices have gone up nearly five times what they were a couple years ago. so we're trying to keep folks water rates in check. number one number two. everyone is fighting for the same water according to the u s. drought map much of the bay area the state is an extreme and exceptional drought. we showed pictures of the current reservoir levels to residents i think we need to conserve more water the water district has implemented a 15% mandatory
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water use reduction san jose water in many south based cities now restricting how many days people can water outdoors. the. sprinkler system at my apartment seems to come on at all sorts of hours so maybe this will give me a little impetus to talk to the property management company. and the water district has seen a big increase of reports of wasting water as well as a demand for their landscaping rebate program water officials say. right now every drop counts julie yeah, those pictures are startling as nothing qanon okay we're checking on the weather around here, you know really? probably one of the nicer days we've seen in terms of air quality and temperatures it wasn't hot but it was mild inland fog at the coast as we've been saying, but air quality was a lot better and you can see as you look at the live camera shot i love this shot us because that's san francisco underneath all the cloud cover, and then you see
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to the north you see the or kind of you go above the cloud deck you can actually see the kind of the smoke areas there so definitely uh definitely smoky in some places around the bay area um i think maybe you guys have given the live camera for me bill we can stick in there and that computers a little jammed up right now. so we take a live camera shot, and that's what and live camera there we've got another live camera to show you, i think and what i want to point out really is that we've got fog along the coast pretty aggressively and it's going to hang around for the next couple of days, but inland temperatures are going to warm. we're going to find temperatures are going up into the easily into the mid nineties by friday, saturday and sunday so with that you're going to see the fire danger increase and with increased fire danger, we are talking mainly about you know the inland valleys but like the cal door fires, of course of a real concern because it's not that far from lake to or from the tahoe basin it's about as a crow flies. it's about. 50 12
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miles something like that but that's you know, that's as the crow flies gonna take long to get there, but it's definitely moving in that direction, and it's a big fire and there's going to be wins. it can help move that along air quality around the bay area good right now not so bad tomorrow but then a deteriorates as we had and do friday or pardon me into friday afternoon saturday and into sunday, possibly so when i come back and put it all together i'll see you back here we'll see you, then. thank you, bill some residents in the south bay still can't go home tonight after a gas line was broken in san jose. the genie is working to repair the leak in the area of race street and eugene avenue they estimate that the work will be finished by around midnight or so residents within 900 ft were told to leave their homes this afternoon pg and e. says a third party contractor hit an eight inch gas line with a piece of equipment causing the league the basque, um community center is being used as a shelter for those who have been evacuated some residents in healdsburg are being advised to boil their tap water before.
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drinking it or cooking with it a water main break at a construction site today may have led to some contamination boiling water kills bacteria and other organisms that may be in the water this map shows the area where residents are advised to boil their tap water. it is bordered on the west by healdsburg avenue on the north near solar way on the east by canary court and on the south by kinley drive the final free concert at the stern grove festival in san francisco has been canceled tower of power and too short were set to perform on sunday i saw tower of power back at the greek theatre in berkeley in 1976 when i was a little tight plan with george oh i forgot his name anyway. both of them are not going to be i ended the stern grove festival because earlier this week, public utility crews were working on a water line at 22nd avenue and sloat when a valve failed that sent hundreds of thousands of gallons of water into stern
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grove park and created a big, muddy mess the park is now closed sadly until further notice one of the major concerns is the danger of trees falling over. ground was just saturated um and it undermined root systems about of about 50 of those big trees and several trees are already on the ground. the upcoming show as a fundraiser for the nonprofit that puts on the shows and the cancellation means the loss of some financial support that's desperately needed if you're interested in donating to help stern grove host more free shows you can go to our website ktvu .com coming up an impressive earnings report from salesforce plus convicted killer scott peterson a period in court today what a judge said about the possibility of a new trial for so in two minutes time is running out for the us to get americans out of afghanistan the latest on evacuation efforts plus six
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leave three areas of the kabul airport late today due to an unspecified security threat the state department says about 1500 americans are still in the country fox news madeline rivera tells us that two lawmakers who traveled to kabul recently say they don't think it's possible to meet the president's august 31st deadline. time is winding down for us troops to get americans and afghan allies out of afghanistan on capitol hill lawmakers are getting anxious and we have not had information we need from the administration and realized that we were being lied to up and down and we needed to see for ourselves republican congressman peter meyer and democratic congressman seth moulton and secretly flew to kabul on tuesday. based on what they
10:26 pm
saw. they say it's unlikely every american and afghan ally will be able to get out by the end of the month especially since evacuation started so late both seth and myself have been actively engaged on what's called the special immigrant visa issue there have been tremendous backlog of these cases but many lawmakers are still hoping to push the exit date back the bipartisan house problem solvers caucus voted on a formal call on the bite administration. to extend the august 31st withdrawal deadline more than 75% of the caucus endorsed it. there's a lot of people that helped save americans lives in afghanistan and we should take care of them if we can the pentagon however says its priority on the last few days before august 31st will be flying out american troops and equipment commanders on the ground and power to make any adjustments as they see fit when they see fit. that includes changes to the footprint the u. s embassy in afghanistan meanwhile it should an alert on wednesday warning americans in the country to not travel to the airport in kabul because of security threats
10:27 pm
underscoring the dangerous conditions on the ground in washington mother of era ktvu fox two news. at least six families from the san diego area are among the people trying to escape afghanistan they went to afghanistan over the summer to visit their grandparents and other relatives the families live in elka hone and includes 16 parents and 24 children they are now seeking help from the u. s government after being unable to board their flights back to california. according to a family spokesperson they say the situation is horrible they have reportedly witnessed shootings and other violence in and around the kabul airport in recent days coming up at 10, 45 and opportunity police officer jumps right into help when he sees a mother trying to save her choking baby in the east bay and even though he may have seen calm on the videotape you might be surprised when you hear what he says was actually going on inside his head at the time. also major tech companies
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made in washington how they're pledging to spend a combined $30 billion on cybersecurity and later a wild game in new york as the giants battle the mets in search of their fourth straight win sports director marc boney shows us how a late game blunder nearly proved costly for san francisco up first the california recall election now less than three weeks away the four candidates who faced off in a debate tonight plus today's rally in
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already on california election more on the way candidates want replace newsome took the debate stage including debut a our reporter greg in studio with
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some of the fireworks greg good evening newsome and state have made clear are no recall no to a candidate but kevin wrath that's mistake. he made his case tonight alongside republicans. we're by four who did the recall featured three who are regulars the forums and new face year old kevin wrath democrat youtube we strong and why i am better all candidates on stage in california are urging voters leave second blank path presents as a democratic his answer on the drought raised early on day one. i will declare a state of emergency. to the construction as as feasibly possible of pipeline to the mississippi on the pandemic roth said he with but from the state joined cox kiley kevin and governor
10:32 pm
newsom's this is a mismanaged i mean can't really anything that governor done well went into a one size fits all policy. that's caused of the shutdowns cause school closures that is the right to do it. i rebuild trust gavin newsom lost the steps just outlined way that politicized vaccine way politicized like mass the offered on covid-19 and affordable while path took at he targeted other we need a governor actually to do he says going to do but i don't that could be a it's the time on the job training before you. somebody never actually had to get legislation across. falconer targeting the leader elder like jenner newsome another debate larry does not the character the judgment the skill set the experience be governor i can on for our in
10:33 pm
terms the consequential of decision the profound it will have the african newsome to his energy elder at a black for event tuesday with less three weeks election day, and voters returning their ballots, right. four the 46 on ballot made a direct appeal to californians. let's electing politicians media celebrities are all talk a chance change recall for you you're signing on four years signing for one year and since am pulling best of candidates this debate stage i would ask to drop out of the and endorsed i'm going bring the experience the judgment somebody who can bring our state together. now the candidates certainly not going to out of this at this point the two poles august frat did all at tally from usa and in second elder the latest yougov on or not to recall the polls to show dead in studio
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ktvu two news before debate faulkner caitlyn visited bay area ktvu rob roth to them and group of supporters and has our report. former mayor of san kevin faulkner his campaign to alameda courthouse oakland afternoon it the backdrop highlighting tough on message going to see a that supports law enforcement support keeping our state and a that not to loosen penalties also newsome what he was a down to managing pandemic, he says local jurist. should what's i will to support local officials to make those changes that they need to make again. and where we from a governor example shut outdoor in the with no science the
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outdoor spread covid because nothing's done nothing is done across bay in san former and reality star caitlyn toured low income neighborhood have fix our we have be and together tax structure that is competitive other states. higher name recognition. low in the at according a recent university of california poll. jenner to the opioid and with neighborhood we to get this state you cannot a america with a california california really really as election draws newsom's numbers have slightly to the website polls show newsome up by 48.8% he should his job saying him. earlier polls were dead even are we going to vote? on the recall
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newsom are fighting organized groups bay area officials in oakland the hopes of democrats governor who for the people has a heart working families of that at if democrats do not come out. and vote no in recall rob roth, ktvu two news convicted killer peterson virtually court asking a new trial that appearance judge said will hold hearing next before deciding peterson a new peterson convicted in and four of his pregnant lacy and their son but his allege he didn't get a fair trial at the time. they accusing juror the original of lying being involved a domestic case we
10:37 pm
very that the evidentiary is going to prove we've said all that scott peterson did not get a fair trial. peterson originally to death his conviction year, the california court that sentence downgraded it to life in prison. more trouble san francisco millennium after break the to shore that building has to temporary. and we tracking the weather a little bit of out but not lot talk that and you can expect up this weekend also tonight bill by president aimed helping our deal with traumatic stress disorder. are pledging tos
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of dollars on cybersecurity after a meeting at the white house google says it will spend $10 billion to strengthen security and microsoft says it is committed to spending $20 billion this comes after president biden hosted a summit with top tech companies looking for ways to collectively improve the nation's cybersecurity. tech companies are also pledging to train more americans in it support san francisco based salesforce announced strong second quarter earnings today the company says total second quarter revenue was $6.3 billion that is an increase of 23% year over year ceo marc benioff tells market watch. at this rate he is confident the company will generate $50 billion in revenue by 2026. construction work to stop san francisco's millennium tower from sinking has reportedly been stopped now after it unexpectedly sunk more in recent weeks the building
10:41 pm
sank another inch within a week, according to the chronicle an engineer says there's been an increased rate rate of settling associated with the pile driving that's being done to try to stabilize the building. he says the pile installation will work for up to four weeks as they try to figure out what's causing the increased rate of settling today kicked off the 2021 wine grape harvest in the livermore valley grape pickers got to work before sunrise at the los proceeds, vineyard picking bordello grapes used to make white wine. they were sorted and pressed and in about 10 months they will be in for sale in a bottle. the harvest started about a week earlier than usual this year while conditions were mostly favorable but we're told vineyards did have to make some adjustments because of the drought. drought has really changed how we irrigate and with the water restrictions um, we have to judiciously timed nap irrigation with the stage
10:42 pm
of the vine winemakers we spoke with said they have not been impacted by wildfire smoke like they were during last year's harvest smoke can actually permeate the skin of grapes, causing the wine to have a bitter flavor. i think i was, uh almost as scared as she was at the time terrifying moments as an off duty police officer jumps into action to save choking baby he describes what it was like after the break also ahead tonight a warm up is on the way. chief meteorologist bill martin is back with your bill martin is back with your five day forecast coming up. can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers.
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rule your day with the big five g upgrade. only at metro. law that will provide service dogs to some military veterans it's called the pause for veterans therapy act a pilot program that will train dogs to help qualifying veterans in need the bill was a bipartisan effort to make therapy dogs more available to veterans who were suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and depression an officer is being called a hero for saving a baby's life who was choking. ktvu is. henry lee tells us that officer and his family were heading home from the theater when he jumped into action oh my god this is cell
10:46 pm
phone video showing off duty. san pablo police officer gilbert trophy in downtown livermore he's trying to help a mother whose infant son isn't breathing. oh, my god he's choking the officers 12 year old daughter is recording with her cell phone it happened on august 15th a sunday after trotsky and his family had watched the movie. they were driving home when his wife saw a woman in distress was a lady on the side of the road outside of her vehicle holding her baby in her arms and she appeared to be very distraught truchi got out and asked if she needed help. she basically handed me the baby and i noticed that the baby's face was blue. he looks calm on the video. but in reality he says he was almost as scared as she was at the time i lean the baby over and i tried a couple back blows to clear the airway, but it didn't seem to work. at one point the officer turned toward his wife and mouth. the words call 911 month, he told the mother to do a finger sweep of the baby's mouth and after some more back blows the baby coughed vomited
10:47 pm
and started crying. and then the mother immediately grabbed the child from me, and she embraced her son the officers, kids saw it all from the back seat. they talked about it all day long which was awesome that was the best feeling. you know, officer trophy was with his family he was off duty, and he was compelled into action and we're really grateful that he had he was their trophy doesn't consider himself a hero. i just feel like i was at the right place at the right time. and i think that anybody in that situation would have done the same thing trophy has been with san pablo police in 2013 he's a field training officer known for making key arrests for drugs, guns installed in cars. trophy was named officer of the year in 2018 this is awesome. this is better than the baby's parents did not want to be interviewed but a relative tells me they're super grateful and really happy that this officer saved their little one. henry lee ktvu, fox two news.
10:48 pm
okay taking a look at the weather out there, you know, we had a pretty nice day today it was one of the nicest days we've seen in a while. and that's because we had less smoke. mild temperatures and more sunshine now tomorrow is going to be very similar to today, except it becomes a little bit warmer as you look offshore there you know, there's not a lot of coastal fog right now. that's golden gate bridge and you're not seeing a lot of fog which is kind of nice, but we are seeing us touch touch of smoke that red and those lights indicates that but it's really light. i mean we're in the healthy levels around the bay area right now for smoke we can go over to sfo now and you can see that we've got there's the fog there. you can see it coming in now over the control tower. temperatures in the city right now are in the fifties. inland temperatures are in the low to mid sixties tomorrow warmer today's highest generally in the hotspots mid eighties tomorrow's highs in the hotspots low nineties and then friday and saturday at further warms and there's the estuary now and you can kind of see that. let that red tinge i'm talking about in the lights there, and that indicates obviously a little bit of smoke so air quality tomorrow a little better. but here's the
10:49 pm
thing as we take a shot from oakland now or san jose pardon me we'll take a look at the san jose shot and whether things will notice is the next couple of days. is the air quality deteriorating a little bit, and that has to do with the high pressure building in that warm up that's coming. you'll see it in the five day but that warm up that's coming is setting us up with winds that are going to come or no, really. and so it's going to drag down that dixie smoke and the, um the smoke from the 50 corridor fire in our direction. this shot obviously one of the favorites showing twin peaks. a live camera and the lights underneath being san francisco so let's take a peek at that five day forecast i think we got that in here somewhere. and what we're going to show you is kind of a not a big warm up right away. but as we get into friday look at friday saturday and sunday temperatures in the upper nineties mid nineties upper nineties as we warm to hot, those are inland spots now. tomorrow. look for 93 in concord but on friday look for 99 in antioch 99 out in clayton
10:50 pm
and then a little cooler on sunday air quality is going to deteriorate because those winds are going to start coming out of the north northeast a little bit. it's not high fire danger it'll be increased fire danger but it's not the big diablo wind events but it definitely will be warmer and that will cause some smoke to filter back into those inland bait valleys so we come back here at 11 will update the forecast but there you go tour around the bay and the five day fork. i'll see you back here a little bit. alright, bill we'll see then thank you now to the latest on the huge dixie fire that started in butte county cal fire says containment remains at 45% tonight it's burned nearly 10,000 more acres since just this morning it's now up to 742 acres across five counties cal fire says as more evacuation orders are being lifted residents are asked to be careful because smoldering trees and stumps. can easily reignite celebrity chef and santa rosa native guy fieri is one of the many people volunteering to feed the crews
10:51 pm
battling the dixie fire and they asked our own south castaneda to help them out today sal reported back on the effort to feed about 2201st responders last night. we sent a bunch of food off site there's a lot of first responders who can't make it to the base camps so we said at the fire lines we set it to a lot of the sheriff's departments chp that were, you know, out blocking roads and then we had a huge group that came through here and it was it was. it was a great day for everybody. and then we caught up with them as they were back out at work today and handing out breakfast for thousands of firefighters this morning they say, though, that it's nothing compared to the work the fire and public safety crews are doing out there on the front lines. coming up in sports. 49ers head coach kyle shanahan won't reveal just yet who his starting quarterback is but stay tuned sports director marco baniyas just might then on the 11 o'clock news a
10:52 pm
reversal from two critics of the oakland police department why they say the department no longer needs to be under federal oversight. is with you tt
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
need to tell you. the san francisco giants are a very good baseball team they've got the best record in baseball to kind of prove it right now. but sometimes as you know better to be lucky than good and this was not their best game in new york city statue of liberty the skies were clear and the a's or rather giants did not have it going on against taiwan walker although kris bryant finally in the fourth inning ticket to ride that. it is a blast his 23rd of the year fourth with the giants and they lead it one
10:55 pm
nothing but johnny cueto would want into trouble in the fifth inning bases loaded 32 count is he grounder off the bed of peter lanza right? no bryant given bryant take it away and it's a 11 ballgame pick it up in the seventh inning it's 21 mets at this point taiwan walker no fault of his own pulled by his manager aaron loops first pitch is racked into right field by brandon crawford isn't the m v p conversation for real right? two runs score and the giants take a 32 lead proving they can score without a home run ride. walker is kicked off the manager luis rojo is going to have to live with that but we go to the bottom of the ninth giants with that one run, lead, one out one on he's the fly ball left center field right it's alex dickerson and austin slater i got it you take it, alphonse and gastone out there and. that almost disastrous and set of two outs and one on the
10:56 pm
mets wind up loading the bases and who's the last guy? giants fans want to see up peter alonso home run derby champ but little looper the second easy last out they dodge one there man. it's all smiles but that could have been one of the most brutal losses of the year. giants pull it out 3 to 2. still waiting on the dodger padre the game to see if they picked up any ground all right. you can call it a fascination or obsession whatever. just about reached the point of ridiculousness right now with the san francisco 49 ers and everybody trying to figure out what's going on with the quarterback situation and is there a drama there? is there some kind of controversy? well, i mean, i would bet you that behind closed doors the brainpower the 49ers chuckling about this right now, because you know they know who that quarterback is gonna be and i believe that they're going to start jimmy garoppolo the veteran get things going in the
10:57 pm
very promising trey lance it's gonna have a great career no need to rush in it's got plenty of time to star in this league and if you listen closely to what the main components have to say, it's pretty clear what their design is. sleeping what do you gain by not naming the starting quarterback at this time. um i look at more is what do you gain by naming it, you know it would be one reason i can think of by naming it that would help and be to in those questions um get the suspense of it but, i mean, i'm not just gonna answer to endure guys suspense you won't tell us who but have you decided on. i've got a pretty good idea. carl said he had a pretty good idea to do this china quarterback in week one. do you have a pretty good idea yeah, i have a pretty good idea. yeah. come on that chuck let us smile tells you right there. he's the starting quarterback against detroit on opening day all right man the u s open is getting ready to start in new york next week a minus a whole lot of big names
10:58 pm
will start on the women's side of the net. serena williams and for that matter, her sister venus. are both out of the tournament remember? serena injured her hamstring at wimbledon she's not completely healed she withdraws and then remember on the men's side rafael nadal and roger federer both nursing injuries. they won't play so marquee names definitely missing at the us open chance for new guests to come along all right the san jose earthquakes didn't play tonight that's because the mls was involved in their major all star team against the squad of mexican all stars in l a 17 year old saddles a phanom cade cowl on hand didn't score but his suit david morio sure did with a header. i'm not sure what was better the goal or the dance that ensued and the mls is leading them but it's a shootout 18 year old sensation ricardo pepe, who plays for dallas will score on the
10:59 pm
shootout and that helps the mls get over for the victory. all right, it is that time of the night where we must check this out. let's get back to the giants and the meds game, and they always dramatic hobby bias with one of the better catches on the night with a flare. i mean, that's a really good catch. but i'll tell you the way hams it up at the end is what makes harvey buyers who he is someone call her my hot dog someone car really could he backs it up yeah it's fun to watch. that is the sporting life. we'll have more for you. come on 25 minutes from now back to you guys all right mark. we'll see you then. thank you coming up next here at 11 folks got a concern it's getting scary. we're very worried we're trying to do get conservation going, so the situation doesn't get even more dire water officials call it a grim situation today a south bay water district released new images of its reservoirs
11:00 pm
showing a stark difference from 2017 to now the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now the santa clara valley water district says it's 10 reservoirs are at just 12.5% of capacity. hello again. everyone i'm julie julie haener, and i'm frank somerville the district already mandated cutting water by water use by 15% but now they say, that may not be enough ktvu xas a smith is live from san jose with more on the push to conserve as myth well, frank frank and julie this healthy residents i spoke with say they are all praying for rain that did not realize the levels were this low and they are now looking at ways new ways to conserve water. at lexington reservoir in los guerreros visitors are used to seeing much more water i think it's real loud about the lost i've seen boy i sure hope we


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