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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 26, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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pentagon said 12 u. s troops had been killed in a suicide attack at the airport there in kabul. then, an hour ago we learned that 1/13 member of the u. s military in this case, a navy medic was also killed in the attack, and at least 60 afghans also died in today's bombings fox news madeline ribera tells us the president vows to make those responsible pay scenes of chaos outside kabul's airport after back to back explosions rocked the afghan capital. and what us officials called a complex attack the injured seemed bloodied and bandaged as bystanders tended to them in the street hours after the attack president biden vowed revenge we will not forgive we will not forget we will hunt you down and make you pay the pentagon confirming a number of us and civilian casualties including multiple u. s service members. we're still working to
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calculate the total losses we just don't know it. the blasts came just hours after the state department warned of increasing security threats, urging americans to steer clear of the airport even as the u s military work to evacuate thousands of at risk americans and afghans seeking refuge from the taliban our own military personnel they're putting a very difficult position, having to try to sort through a massive proud of that nature the violence in kabul, further intensifying calls for president biden to extend the august 31st deadline to withdraw troops this is a chance to basically say the taliban failed. so this august 31st is out the window. across party lines members of congress are urging the president to remain in afghanistan while some republicans are calling for the president's resignation in washington mall, the rivera fox news. afghan americans are watching every development very closely as you might imagine
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today kate views christian captain talked with the woman who immigrated from afghanistan her cousin was inside the airport in kabul shortly before the two explosions today and christian is here now christian she heard from her family there yet, yes frank she has heard from her cousin fortunately he made it inside the airport he is safe but she says she is concerned tonight. deeply concerned because there are so many other who are still in harm's way news spread quickly through the bay area afghan american community about the suicide bombings that claimed the lives of 13, american service members and at least 60 afghans the situation is catastrophic expose me in a serie is an immigration attorney who emigrated from afghanistan herself in the 19 eighties. she says her cousin is one of the people we've seen desperately trying to make it inside the airport in kabul and my cousin is right now. luckily, he made it about two hours. before the bombing which resulted in the welding of the all the doors to the airport and he's currently trying to
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get into a flight that could possibly evacuate him, she says. her cousin explained entryways and exits to the airport were welded shut in an effort to limit who comes and who goes so they're like doors engaged that have been welded down. i don't know the specifics of what they look like. however the well from the reports are meeting on the various reputable sources is that it was a suicide bombers so they're preventing suicide bombers from getting in as an immigration attorney naseri has 15 clients in afghanistan she says so far, four have made it out the remaining 11 have been desperately trying to get through the gates, but they've been turned away. having beaten people have been shot up, she says. the taliban has made it clear they don't want people leaving the country all she says she can do is hope the situation on the ground stabilizes enough to allow those who need to get out to escape the hope is that there will be continued negotiations with the taliban. to get people out. but realistically, i you know, i'm. i'm hopeful and i'm
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optimistic but the reality is it's a pretty grim. and the series says there has been an outpouring of support for afghans who need to get out. she says she's hopeful for a light at the end of the tunnel but that right now the situation on the ground appears to be growing more and more desperate we're live christian captain ktvu fox two news just so hard to imagine all right christian thank you, the terrorist group isis k is claiming responsibility for today's two bombings in kabul later in this newscast to san jose state university political science. professor will join us with a look at what may be next for the u. s in afghanistan in other news, now, two attorneys who have been longtime critics of the oakland police department now say the department has improved and it may soon be time to end the federal oversight that's been going on there for almost 20 years our crime reporter henry lee is here now. so, henry, how significant is this? these are the two men who filed the case
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initially almost 20 years ago, frank this is major because for years these attorneys and the court appointed monitor have said that oakland police have failed to live up to their standards. so now after 18 years of oversight they say it could be time for the oakland police to leave the nest and handle reform efforts on their own. the oakland police department has been under federal court oversight since 2000 and three reforms have dragged on for almost two decades but now the two attorneys who sued opd and crafted the settlement say the department has turned the corner certainly we've seen a lot of major improvements that count civil rights attorney john burris says the department has made great strides with laurent armstrong as chief. shootings by officers have gone down as have racially based traffic stops message he has sent this video that he wants this to work there were problems come up and raises issues about being on on message here shot to correct it immediately it is encouraging and for our officers and for
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community i think everybody should fill a sense of hope, the chief said. while he appreciates the praise it's not over yet it's good to see that you were being recognized for the work that's being done. but we have not cross the finish line and so there's still more work to be done you really want the oakland police to succeed i think everyone knows that attorney jim chanin says officers have made mistakes but the department has shown it has learned from those mistakes they've gotten a lot of criticism 95% to 100% as well deserved um but it's time to give them some prayers as well this week independent monitor robert warshaw said he has quote cautious optimism about an end to court oversight. but there's still you send an outside investigation is still underway as to whether officers made controversial comments on a now deleted instagram account, because this has been a community effort oakland mayor libby chef says the department can move forward with guidance by the police commission. i know this community will never stop holding this city and this
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department accountable for decent behavior. now. the case comes before the federal judge on wednesday if he agrees that oakland police no longer need his oversight the department would at some point begin a one year sustainability period kind of like probation reporting live in the newsroom henry lee ktvu fox studios all right, henry. thank you. hundreds of san jose residents remain out of their homes at this hour the temporary evacuation which has lasted more than 24 hours now is due to a gas leak that pg knee is working the cap that leak is affecting home. homes and businesses near the 100 block of race street ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary is live on the scene for us tonight with the very latest so, jesse, what have you learned a julie over the past hour i checked in with both the fire department and p. jeannie i'm told the fire department will decide when the evacuation order is lifted question right now, when is that going to happen? well, i'm told not this hour probably
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after the six o'clock hour during the evening hours, but we don't have a more definitive time. move out of the way and you can see that pg and pg and e crews continue working right now to cap the last of six gas lines that branched from a major line that was ruptured this as people continue to wait hours more away from their homes and businesses. for some residents of san jose's midtown neighborhood thursday is a type of moving day, a slow trek to and from their homes to care for pets left behind after a mandatory evacuation are poor cats are stuck at home and they have no food so we're trying to see if we can get in to deliver food to them wednesday workers for a third party contractor lightwave construction offered a mayor copa after causing a major disruption you know if there's going to be any street streets dug up, they always come out and they market where everything is so. i don't understand why you could do this much damage pg and e says lightwave workers used a boring
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machine in an area designated for hand tools, suffering an eight inch underground natural gas line. that line is connected to other lines that needed to be isolated so that we can fully stop the flow of gas. five of six splinter lines have been kept but one is still open which has an evacuation affecting over 300 addresses stretching beyond the 24 hour. mark natural gas has a flame of ability range when it mixes with oxygen. and so what we've done is we've created this large perimeter where we know that the outside of that perimeter is where we have zero natural gas, most residents were annoyed by the accident but say all things considered an inconvenience is better than a possible uglier alternative i don't really have anything to whine about i mean, i'm inconvenienced for 24 hours but, you know overall my life's pretty sweet we're just hoping for the best at this point, but thankful that our neighbor road didn't blow up. so that's a plus. that's a reference to the 2010 springtime accident up in
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san bruno which burned the neighborhood many homes in the neighborhood to the ground and pg the gas line. rupture up they're thankful that didn't happen here okay? when will you find out if you can come back while the alerts going to come from the county santa clara county alert system that cities have access to if you want to sign up for that go to alert scc dot org sign up. you can get an alert that way. of course you can. also stay tuned ktvu online and on air will put the information out as soon as it happens, i'm told this evening as people continue to come by and ask when we can come back. it'll be this evening not this hour after the six o'clock hour 67 7 30 that area that's when you can look for that alert s alert s c c dot org sign up and then you'll get the alert on your mobile device. we're live in the town section of san hood. day this evening. jesse gary ktvu fox news will head back to you. i
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know many people anxious to get back in their homes jesse thank you still ahead tonight some people are saying a problem in the system is making it too hard for registered sex offenders to find housing and coming up one case that's leaving someone homeless as a result, also ahead tonight phony vaccination cards coming up how the market for fake backs cards is heating up. and we'll take you to el dorado county for look at what's being called the nation's top priority when it comes to firefighting resources and a barrier whether we started to warm up today, but the real heat moves in for tomorrow for your friday we'll have more on your forecast coming up. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill,
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this video comes to us from central california really gives a great idea of how wildfires are keeping firefighters busy across the state these are pictures from the french fire, which is burning in the sequoia national forest fire has prompted evacuations of 10 communities in the area firefighters have managed to keep this fire 19% contained over the past 24 hours. the fire has burned. about 22,008 more than 14,000 firefighters are currently batter battling different wildfires in california a new fire in northern california is currently prompting mandatory evacuations in the gold rush town of sonora in tuolumne county the washington fire broke out around 1 20 this afternoon cal fire says that incident involves two fires that started near each other in the area of highway one await.
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so far flames have consumed about 50 acres there. was also a power outage in that area due to a downed wire right now it's unclear if the outage was related to the fire pg and e says power has since been restored all right now to the huge cal door fire. it's now burning 11 miles from the lake tahoe area. so far it's burned 136,000 acres and it's still only 12% contained as one official says the fire has just simply outpaced us. reporter mike castle shows us how the spire is turned into the nation's top priority for firefighting resources we are standing at fresh pond along highway 50 here in el dorado county that's just to the east of pollock pines. you can see just how smoky it is behind me. good news bad news situation because of this smoke. the fire this morning laying down very small flame links basically just creeping along the hillside south of the river. we've been up highway 50
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haven't seen any damage to any structures or cabins this morning however the bad news is on the north side yesterday that spot fire from this weekend it made a run towards the rights lake area with some pretty intense flames so moving through the rest of the day. that is going to be a key focal point. for incident commanders here as you know, it is key to try and get a handle on that spot fire as that is the one that doesn't have a natural firebreak like the river that is keeping the main fire on the south side of the river right now and not on the highway 50 side but that's why right now highway 50 can remain shut down. for the near future in eldorado county i mike to sell back to you, cal fire says a team of firefighters from san mateo county which was working the dixie fire has now been redeployed to help fight the cal door. fire the dixie fire is still 45% contained at more than 747,000 acres across five
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northern california counties a new evacuation warning was issued in central plumas county cal fire says they're seeing calmer winds but temperature shares are rising and we have much more information on the wildfires burning around the state on our website just go to ktvu dot com slash wildfires. researchers in the bay area have been awarded nearly $3 million to study how people can reduce their exposure to toxic wildfire smoke. u. c berkeley stanford and the public health institute in oakland each received a $1 million grant from the epa to do three separate research projects. already the public health institute is developing inexpensive air filters for lower income people while stanford is using a smartphone app to identify ways to reduce health impacts from wildfire smoke taking a look right now
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at the conditions here in the bay area you can see all that haze in the air from our mount diablo camera an air quality advisory is in effect for tomorrow and saturday because of increasing smoke coming into the bay area. air quality managers say pollution levels are not expected to exceed federal health standards which would prompt a spare the air alert. and it just takes a change in the wind direction to bring in some of that smoke so for most of the week we've had a southwesterly flow, pushing that smoke out of the out of out of the fire zones out toward nevada. but for us. we'll see more of a northerly flow pick up and that will send in some smoke, primarily the higher elevations over the next couple days here's a look at the calendar or fire the satellite detection of the fire activity and she can't see here. you've been hearing how close. this is getting closer to lake tahoe around 12 to a 13 miles so something will be watching closely for tomorrow will be an increase in the temperature is and still those breezy conditions developing into the afternoon hours and still very dry. the winds are
5:19 pm
not too exciting on these observation maps, but you can see the moisture levels coming down quite a bit around 19 to 25% it's not incredibly hot right now. it's not incredibly windy but it is very dry so that means the fire can spread rapidly unfortunately it has been a reality we've been noticing that over the past two basically most of the week warming up this week though we started to warm up today, but the real warming moves into the region on friday and into the weekend. edlund spots the hottest locations will be close to 100 degrees around the bay in the eighties and the coast in the sixties and the seventies here's a satellite clearly picking up on these big smoke. plume smoke blooms throughout the day. you can see what's happening kind of shooting out toward nevada but it's going to be bringing that to change in the wind direction that will bring in some of that smoke. so air quality right now across the bay area in the moderator. good range you can see the unhealthy air once again out toward the sierra here's a look at the satellite right now. and there's that fog bank closer to the coast so we actually cleared out nicely
5:20 pm
today, but still some fog out toward the pillar point closer to half moon bay this afternoon golden gate bridge though completely in the clear with blue sky, but take a look at the smoke forecast model. the air quality advisory as you heard. friday into saturday it's bringing in that to smoke or that hes not only for tomorrow but possibly in a saturday and there's the chance even as we head into was sunday we could still have some lingering haze for a good portion of the weekend as a result, the air quality advisory for friday and saturday moderate levels there's a chance we could approach the orange for tomorrow unhealthy for sensitive groups for your friday forecast. look at the temperature is definitely warming back up lots of nineties for the north bay inland spots upper nineties close to 100 degrees tomorrow is not even the hottest day of the period we'll talk more about that with your full forecast coming up in a little bit, you know oakland ground was broken today in the fruit failed district for nearly 200 affordable housing units for families. the so called dream houses are being developed by the bridge council and bridge
5:21 pm
housing at the fruitvale transit village. there will be studios and 12 and three bedroom apartments for families earning 20 to 80% of the area's median income. 46 of the units will be reserved for people who have been homeless the quarter of the units in this building that will be permanent supportive housing for our formally unsheltered on housed neighbors that is the answer to a dream, to provide decent housing for our essential workers who have gotten us through this pandemic. and deserve much more than just our gratitude they deserve affordable housing kind of go ahead and dig in. the residential units are expected to be ready for people to move into by the fall of next year. people around the world are focusing attention tonight on what is next for afghanistan an expert on global security will join us after the break. we'll get her take on today's
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terrorist attack at the airport in kabul that killed 13 americans. troops that's coming up in a moment and coming up on ktvu news at 61 east bay police department estimates it will lose about one third of its officers by november and now a massive recruiting campaign is underway plus thousands of gallons of raw sewage spills from a broken underground pipe. how long it's been leaking and how long it's been leaking and when it's expected to be fixed you doing okay with those new spicy tiny tacos, jack? yeah, it's funny some of those people you see, they... they can't handle it at all right? no, they can't. that's not you. that's not me. no. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50.
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5:25 pm
in afghanistan and what could happen next we're joined by san jose state political science professor. sir carthage, a sashi kumar, professor president biden said today quote we will not forgive we will not forget we will hunt you down and make you pay the terrorist organization isis k is now claiming responsibility for today's bombings the question is how can the us hunt them down when us troops are supposed to be out of the country by next tuesday, right so isis k has claimed responsibility and, interestingly, the taliban. i was careful to deny responsibility for the attacks so in this case it seems that the taliban might have some interest in assisting the u s to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice it's not necessary to have troops on the ground there. i think having troops will actually provide more of a target for attacks on americans but covert operations
5:26 pm
are still very much possible the president also insisting today the operation to continue airlifting americans, which we're estimating or about 1000 americans still in the country will continue despite warnings that there could be more attacks coming what do you see happening or expect to happen in the next several days in the next several days i think it's very important for the airlift to continue because not doing so would be, um signaling weakness on the part of the u. s but in the medium term i think the u. s. is going to have to learn to live with the taliban and what. quit the taliban deal with the taliban because they are in fact, the de facto government in kabul, president biden also said today what america says matters but what do you say to the afghan partners and friends who have been working with the u. s forces over the past 20 years who may not be able to get out who may be left behind and could now be targets of the taliban what do you say to
5:27 pm
those people it's definitely human tragedy i think everyone in the us feels it. unfortunately the speed with which the taliban took over the capital was not anticipated but it's also correct to say that, um you know u. s intelligence did anticipate that this would happen and the agreement that was signed in february last year between the u. s government and the taliban in fact implicitly ceded control of the country to them so, um while the speed with which this has unfolded has led to the last many lives and you know endangerment of many lives as you as you said um it was not uh in any it wasn't really preventable it just a very dark day for our country people around the world are watching. what happens next professor kartika sashi kumar thanks for joining us tonight we appreciate your time. thank you for having me. will become a
5:28 pm
convicted sex offender in the bay area, says he has no place to turn for housing coming up he talks about his struggle on how to find a place to call home also coming up, we'll show you how easy it was for people trying to cheat debit card users out of money in hayward and people start getting their hands on phony vaccine cards. we'll show you how those fake cards are circulating
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released from custody in marin county is about to become homeless as because social workers can't find any places that will take him in ktvu is rob roth found out when people convicted of such crimes become homeless it becomes much harder for police to keep tabs on them. this man is a registered sex offender who's about to become homeless in marine county thursday, about to fall through a crack and assistant that soon will not be able to fully monitor him ankle bracelet or not, i had a war. live with this tree maybe then the bad sleeping the buses stop and those bencher they have sacharow alvarado served three years in prison for molesting two underage girls charges he denies. alvarado has been living in the past 30 days in this motel in santa fell while his case manager at the marine county jail reentry program has been working on finding
5:32 pm
alvarado a more permanent place to stay. but the 30 days ends thursday in the case manager says he has struck out i'm kind of all out of options at this point he says he's tried all the shelters churches and programs that typically take in ex convicts. but he says they told him they were either full or flat out. no same story the 2 92 to 92 to 92 to 92 to 90 it's following him to 90. that's the state law that requires convicted sex offenders to check in with local law enforcement every 30 days for us as a re entry department our goal is to pretty much make sure that we're. avoiding people reentering gel again we want them to focus back on their lives we want them to be productive members in the community i'm very, uh looking for job that's what i want, because i want to, uh start my life and come back we'll convicted child molesters may not garner much sympathy those who study the issues say housing sex offenders is safer for society it makes a person
5:33 pm
on the registry more stable and therefore. less likely to commit a crime for example recharging the battery in an ankle bracelet every 12 hours is practically impossible for someone living on the streets and an ankle bracelet running out of juice is a parole violation that could put someone like alvarado back in custody it's currently stuck in this um in this, like circle that he can't get out of, if you are going to place. sex offenders in communities like san francisco or san jose then the state better get involved in how they are housed by either buying or running out apartment houses that can hold these people alvarado hope someone will find him a room soon. rob roth ktvu fox two news a 19 year old man from berkeley is now facing multiple felony possession of child pornography and hacking charges following a long investigation berkeley police arrested liam bergman earlier this week and
5:34 pm
yesterday the district attorney charged him detectives say they discovered he had 130 videos of child pornography on his computer they say he also had the personal information of more than 100 people he had planned to hack the investor. station started in may after authorities say bergman hacked women's social media accounts and then posted private nude photos of them online in san francisco. police say, uh police say debris was lit on fire in the back of a police truck it happened yesterday in the city's tenderloin neighbourhood. police say the arson was reported at about 4 30 in the area of eddie and leavenworth. fire cause moderate damage to the truck a female suspect has not yet been arrested anyone with information is asked to call that san francisco fire excuse me the san francisco police department oakland police are providing more information about a shooting involving a police officer and wanted suspect it happened outside.
5:35 pm
the lock in to hotel on enterprise way near the oakland coliseum yesterday afternoon police say the suspect david garibay vargas was wanted for hit and run and vehicular manslaughter in a crash that killed a woman near grand and macarthur last year chief laurent armstrong says that there was a confrontation and shots were fired. it's not clear if the suspect was shot grazed or hit by debris he was not seriously injured as a result of this incident however it is determined that he, uh it's undetermined as to what he may have been injured by, and so i think as we continue to investigate will be able to clearly determine what he was injured by, but the injury that he sustained was very minor he was treated at the hospital and transferred transported to the element. in the county jail. the chief also says two weapons were recovered at the scene and that no officers were injured during the incident police in
5:36 pm
fremont shot and killed an attempted murder suspect investigators say officers were responding to 911 calls yesterday about a shooting at the south lake mobile home park on fremont boulevard officers say they found a person who had been shot when they arrived he was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries about 45 minutes later, officers say they spot did a man matching the description of the shooter just outside that mobile home park and during the interaction with the man an officer fired his gun at the suspect that suspect died at the scene investigators have not yet said what led up to the shooting an investigation is now underway into a deadly accident in oakley where a freight train hit a car yesterday, killing a 12 year old boy today we saw people leaving flowers at that site joshua shaffer was a student at delta vista middle school. in oakley deputies say his 19 year old sister was driving when the train hit their car on east cyprus road
5:37 pm
she was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition the city of oakley says the signals and crossing arms were working properly at the time. more schools and businesses requiring proof of vaccination the market for fake coronavirus vaccination cards is heating up there becoming easy to find and cheap to buy for anyone wanting to cheat the system our investigative reporter brooks jarocz is in the newsroom. now with a look at. how these phony cards are being sold and where they're coming from frank u. s customs and border protection officers saying they're seizing hundreds of counterfeit vaccination cards every single day. suspicious shipments are coming in, even from other countries like china the uk and germany and a huge number of people are going online to order a fake vax card they look legit, but they're fraudulent. covid-19 vaccination cards advertised on the dark web and also for sale on apps like instagram telegram
5:38 pm
and whatsapp we've seen the number of actual groups that are advertising these cards grow by over 250% since march check point software technologies has found hundreds of thousands of people joining those groups in recent weeks and looking for ways to skirt the system fake certificates for 100. or $200 often paid for in crypto currency making transactions untraceable and if you are somebody who does not want to be vaccinated, this is. typically affordable option to allow yourself the freedom to go wherever you want without having to be vaccinated the fbi warning that buying selling or using a counterfeit card is a crime last month the napa doctor was arrested accused of selling bogus cards and as san francisco now requires restaurants, bars and gyms. to verify vaccination status
5:39 pm
troubles remain because spotting of fake is difficult relying on a paper system means forgery is easy are these restaurants expected to call the doctors the pharmacies to double check every customer that comes through the door? um it's going to be a real challenge san francisco public health says businesses are only being asked to check the vaccination card. a picture of one or a q r code, but beyond that, lying on honesty santo's angels passed a vaccine requirement for events at city owned facilities and hundreds of colleges and universities are also mandating vaccination proof, usually as simple as uploading a picture of the cdc card but just like fake ieds there's concern counterfeit cards could contribute to the spread of covid-19. in april. 47 state attorneys general sent a letter to the ceos of twitter shopify an ebay to tank down and selling the phony cards but
5:40 pm
places to buy them are still popping up on the messaging apps and the dark web. if you're caught with a fake card, you could face a fine and up to five years in prison frank alright so brooks how are investigators or even business owners supposed to know what's fake and what's not well, sometimes there are typos or unfinished words. the cdc logo. may not look right or be in the wrong place. also a legitimate vaccination card will always have some handwriting on it. so if you received two or more shots you should see different signatures on that card and also do we have any idea how many people may actually have a counterfeit card well, that's hard to say one cyber security group tells me they tried purchasing fake vax cards and the scammers actually took all their money paid for in cryptocurrency but then they never sent any of those counterfeit cards to them. brooks jarocz in our newsroom tonight brooks. thank you. it may be harder to find a home covid-19 test abbott laboratory
5:41 pm
says it is expecting supplies of its at home covid test to be limited in the next few weeks demand for the test has picked up with the spread of the delta variant of covid abbott is now hiring workers and rebooting factory lines. it had scaled back production in early june and july when demand was low. choosing not to get a vaccine for the coronavirus may cost you plus coming up some unvaccinated people start getting hit with higher insurance premiums also ahead tonight, police officers show off how people work to scam debit card users in hayward. and we'll get back to the crisis in afghanistan coming up how the taliban takeover could turn that region into a safe haven
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. into chaos the evacuations of
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americans in afghan allies who are desperate to get out of afghanistan western countries worry now the taliban that once sheltered osama bin laden and al qaeda will allow afghanistan to once again turned into a safe haven for terrorists fox news greg palkot has more now from london. evacuations are still underway at the airport in kabul despite multiple deadly suicide attacks just outside the gates thousands still trying to leave afghanistan as the taliban consolidate their control in the capital. life is very slowly returning to normal despite lingering shortages of food medical supplies and cash a big question at this point will the taliban reinstitute the strict islamic law that was in place 20 years ago. so far there seems to be a disconnect between what the militants are telling the world and what they're telling afghans leading to confusion, especially among young people were too young to remember the first taliban regime women have been told not to go to work. but the taliban have also said that women have the right to work and study the taliban are also putting more restrictions on who is allowed
5:45 pm
to evacuate cutting off exits from most afghan citizens and harassing those who try to leave a growing number of western leaders now acknowledge they won't be able to complete operations by the august 31st deadline we hope very much that the taliban will understand that there's got to be a reasonable approach to people who still want to leave. afghanistan, but the fight isn't over yet an anti taliban resistance is gathering strength in the northeast part of the country vowing to fight back against the extremists books. d in afghanistan for some time but a very short time resistance leaders say they want to hold talks with the taliban but they're also preparing for a major offensive in the coming days in london, greg palkot. fox news still ahead why it may be a good idea to be careful where you use your debit card coming up with police in hayward found that's designed to rip off customers
5:46 pm
and it's almost like a real sci fi movie coming up, turning people in decide. borg's for example attaching a mechanical thumb to a piano player's hand. and a barrier weather nice little warm up for today but the real warming that moves in and your friday forecast we'll have the update i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato.
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5:49 pm
and robotic devices together fox news marianne rafferty has our report tonight since the dawn of time people have been inventing gadgets to help make their lives easier but as technology advances so does the way we use it. how can we help people you know, achieve all they can achieve and beyond through the means of technology in london educators at imperial college are exploring the concept of modern day cyborgs by attaching a mechanical thumb. to a piano player's hand. musician taps their foot, which triggers an electrical signal causing their 11th finger to move researchers say it took about an hour, but the players brains were able to recognize. is the new digit and adapt to using it at the start disputes. maybe a bit more like a tool that is attached to you like, you know, you're holding a drumstick but you know, after an hour or two, it just feels like an extension of you but having an extra finger can do
5:50 pm
more than help you play an instrument the technology could be tweaked to let people type and text faster hold more bags during a trip to the grocery store and more. we don't impress technologist and we're not moving olympic marathon runner and world record holder l you'd kipchoge e may not be getting outfitted with a robotic thumb but like many athletes he uses special carbon fiber sneakers which helped him run faster begging the question just how far will we push the boundaries of integrating our bodies with technology and while advocates say devices that elevate the way we function should be celebrated critics say these technological advances could be putting some people at an unfair advantage marianne rafferty, fox news. well we've had a nice little break from the heat that seems like for just over a week now but temperatures you probably noticed that warm up today and that trend will continue. the warming trend continues in your friday forecast not had not hot everywhere you can see san
5:51 pm
francisco in the upper sixties seventies and eighties, right around the bay and inland spots back up into the nineties even triple digits. that's travis air force base 101 degrees. so warming up again that's our weather headline. beach is not so much but warming up a little bit around the bay eighties england neighborhoods around 95 to 100, maybe 101 degrees. fire danger will be on the increase will be hot inland you can see that that three day sequence here for friday saturday and sunday probably the hottest day are thinking will be on saturday as far as fire danger a red flag fire warning in place at for saturday and into sunday for all these areas in red here, so ready to chico to mary's ville winds could be approaching 35 miles an hour at least the winds gusting to 35 miles an hour. and very dry, probably single digits during the afternoon hours could be down to 7% unfortunately the only thing moving here on the satellite is a fog we're still showing you that the smoke plumes here. they're moving, but they're all heading out toward nevada. it all kind of just takes a change in the wind direction and bring some of
5:52 pm
that smoke closer to the bay area and that change already happening, but it really moves in for tomorrow so here is the plan right now as we show you this low clouds and fog near portions of the coastline we'll probably have a few patches redevelop near the coast and right around the bay first thing tomorrow morning but we're just looking here at this live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge and looking to the north bay hills and we're not showing you that crystal clear blue sky already some of that hes back in the picture for this afternoon and probably have more hayes and some smoke drifting in from the north for tomorrow so that we do have the air quality advisory for friday and saturday and there's a chance some of that smoke could fall closer to the surface as well. current number is santa rosa 91 oakland 73 san jose in the lower eighties we'll start out tomorrow morning with partly cloudy skies patchy fog the mornings having pretty chilly tomorrow morning not as a cold but temperatures in the fifties to the sixties so here's the forecast models show you some of the fog coverage tomorrow morning and then clearing into the afternoon hours the
5:53 pm
brighter colors do represent the hot temperatures and those hot temperatures will be moving in for tomorrow, especially england. as this area of low pressure kind of moves out of town this big area of high pressure wants to rebuild so warmer forecast beginning tomorrow hot inland and hazy skies as we see a change in the wind direction more out of the north that will transport some of the smoke closer to the bay area forecast ties for tomorrow san francisco in the seventies, lots of nineties up in the north bay. inland spots upper nineties could be around 100 maybe 101 degrees tomorrow afternoon saturday the hottest day of the period then we'll bring into some slightly cooler temperatures by sunday, and if you want real cool down, it looks like we'll have a refreshing that changed by monday and tuesday up next week mark thank you coming up here another way to try to get people vaccinated against the coronavirus. the huge company that wants to charge their workers an extra $200 a month for health insurance unless they get their vaccination shots and coming up on ktvu
5:54 pm
news at six, paving the way for more housing in california will tell you about a pair of bills making progress in the state legislature plus a police department in the east bay is estimating that it will lose a third of their officers by november and now a massive recruiting campaign is underway.
5:55 pm
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moon landing navigation experiment for nasa into space. the brief flight from west texas comes a month after blue origin sent founder jeff bezoza on the company's first
5:57 pm
passenger flight. also on the flight was a series of three painted portraits painted on top of the cruise capsule on the main chute covers the portraits captured the artist his mother and a friend's mother it's part of a program to inspire new ideas and connect space with the human experience both the booster and the capsule like. did successfully this week, delta airlines announced that employees who are not vaccinated will have to pay an extra 200 hours a month for health insurance coverage the reporter sydney glenn spoke with experts who say it's a policy that may soon be adopted by other companies that use self funded health plans. the battle over covid-19 vaccines continues attorney spencer phillips says this conversation at the workplaces far from over i definitely think we're going to see the obligation or than mandated vaccines continue to rise some companies are requiring the shots and now delta airlines is charging
5:58 pm
those who don't want it from the companies. perspective i can just see the financial side yeah ultimately it's going to potentially cost the company and the carriers more and openly that hits the employee's pocket book and the employers. raises everyone's premium and unfortunately all kind of people that the president of black rock benefit says companies who use self funded insurance are paying a lot for covid-19 hospital stays and those who have lasting medical effects of the coronavirus that's why he wouldn't be surprised for more companies to follow the airlines lead ultimately it affects everyone in the pocket but it's through more cost through premiums so you that your employer has to pay more. which makes it so you know, there's less money to go around for races for other types of things so it's a big it's a big deal with companies and you know their employees phillips says. this is all legal mandating vaccines offering incentives or penalties business has had free rein if they want to charge
5:59 pm
extra money for certain kinds of, i guess increased risk which might be the situation with delta they're able to do so and tie it to insurance, phillips says. in most cases employers have an obligation. to accommodate those with either a religious exemption or disability that would prevent them from getting the covid-19 vaccine in salt lake city. sydney gland fox news. this is k. tv fox two news at six. we will not forgive we will not forget. we will hunt you down and make you pay visibly angry president biden today vowing retaliation for the terrorist attacks at the kabul airport today. that killed 13 american service members and promising to continue evacuation operations we will not be deterred by terrorist will not let them stop our mission. we will continue the evacuation.
6:00 pm
this comes just five days before the biden administrations deadline for complete military withdrawal from afghanistan good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener it is the deadliest day for us military troops in afghanistan since 2011 tonight isis k is claiming responsibility for today's two suicide bombings officials say 12 of the 13 service members who died at the kabul airport where u s marines and one was a navy medic. at least 18 more u. s service members are injured afghan authorities are saying at least 60 afghans were also killed today and more than 140 others were wounded president biden addressed the nation this afternoon and became emotional as he called the american troops who died heroes the president also defended the decision to continue pulling us forces out of afghanistan fox news madeline rivera is live in washington d. c tonight with more on the devastating situation unfolding in afghanistan.


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