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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  August 26, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this comes just five days before the biden administrations deadline for complete military withdrawal from afghanistan good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener it is the deadliest day for us military troops in afghanistan since 2011 tonight isis k is claiming responsibility for today's two suicide bombings officials say 12 of the 13 service members who died at the kabul airport where u s marines and one was a navy medic. at least 18 more u. s service members are injured afghan authorities are saying at least 60 afghans were also killed today and more than 140 others were wounded president biden addressed the nation this afternoon and became emotional as he called the american troops who died heroes the president also defended the decision to continue pulling us forces out of afghanistan fox news madeline rivera is live in washington d. c tonight with more on the devastating situation unfolding in afghanistan. and what president
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biden is vowing to do about it, madeline good evening, julia and certainly a tragic day for american troops today despite the ongoing threats from isis k. the u. s says it will continue its mission to evacuate afghan allies and americans scenes of chaos outside kabul's airport after back to back explosions rocked the afghan capital in what u s officials called a complex attack the injured seen bloodied and bandaged as bistate. anders tended to them in the street hours after the attack president biden vowed revenge. we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down. make you pay the pentagon confirming a number of us and civilian casualties including multiple u s service members were still working to calculate the total losses we just don't know it. the blasts came just hours after the state
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department warned of increasing security threats urging americans to steer clear of the airport even as the u. s military work to evacuate thousands of at risk americans and afghans seeking refuge from the taliban. our own military personnel and they're putting a very difficult position having to try to sort through a massive proud of that nature the violence in kabul further intensifying calls for president biden to extend the august 31st deadline to withdraw troops this is a chance to basically say the taliban failed. so this august 31st is out the window. and for now, the president says they will stick to that august 31st deadline however, he says they will consider other means necessary to get every american who wants to leave out julie madeline rivera in washington tonight, madeline thank you and joining us right now is retired lieutenant colonel hell, kemper he's a former senior intelligence officer with the marines thanks for taking the
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time to talk with us tonight you heard the president will hunt down the people responsible for today's attack. and we will make them pay in practical terms what does that mean to you? how are we going to do that, as we are leaving the country? are we going to reinvade if you will uh frankie kind of hit the nail on the head there. it's uh delicately we our primary mission is to get americans all that country uh to get our nato allies, citizens of that country and of course to get our afghan allies those who worked with us over the years out. the country um, vengeance retaliation it's in the cards at some point we will. i'm sure right now they're doing a deep dive on the intelligence side to try and find out who were the perpetrators were the commanding control nodes. if you will, you know what got them into place how did they get in place trying to break that down, but this is a very non permissive environment
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there are limitations on just how much investigation can be done and. of the more pressing priority is we've got to get our people out of there as quickly as possible. the longer we're there in that situation the more likely we'll have other attacks and by the way it's not just suicide bombings that can hit us there's a lot of other weapons out there that could cause tremendous mayhem in terms of our evacuation operations president biden insisted today that the mission to airlift americans out of afghanistan will continue despite today's attacks even though officials are warning that more attacks are possible what can the u s military do in these final days before the end of the month before the deadline to avoid another tragic attack julie what we're gonna do is we're going to be trying to figure out different ways to get them to the airfield i would not be surprised if you see something more kin to what our nato allies are doing like britain and some of the other countries in terms of, uh uh missions uh
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into town to try and get americans out keep in mind, there's only so much to give me some but on that and there will be no advanced notice because of the operational security considerations that go with that but they're going to be trying to find creative ways to get americans to the airfield to get him on t 17th to get out of there and i imagine they'll be looking at every different way that they can uh to do that and i don't want to say too much because i don't want to give anybody any ideas but believe me um, when it comes to things like that, this is what the marines do we are the experts on the planet at noncombatant evacuation operations and it's grilled into us it's second nature this is pretty much the nightmare scenario for president biden and for the united states how do you see this playing out over the next 24 48 hours and also in the coming weeks and months? well there's two sides of the operational side in the
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in the coming days and not weeks hopefully but it's certainly in the coming days we're going to be surging as many people out of there if you possibly can. you're going to see heightened security i think we're going to move the perimeter out around the airfield uh and you might see some other things going on as well which show more activity uh the on the political side that's going to play out completely differently and obviously this is a uh this is just a mess. this is a calamity. there's going to be, um second guessing every decision every phase of this the planning uh i personally felt that we should have kept bagram in operations as long as we possibly could. the decision was made not to and i think that's being looked at very closely and i'm not sure if that was completely portrayed the way you know what the president's talking about that i don't know that they presented it quite the way he portrayed it. i mean, they're all going to salute and he's a commander in chief but on the
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other hand, those tend to be very dynamic discussions on on options really quickly before we let you go because we're running out of time people around the world are watching terrorist organizations around the world are watching. and asking why america didn't keep bagram airbase open do you think it was a big mistake to leave bagram airbase i would've kept that open as long as i possibly could. for two reasons number one, the contingency that we're looking at right now, but the other was i would have been providing close air support to the afghan national forces as long as possible until we had completed all the evacuation operations that we were intending to do. air support for those forces was absolutely integral and what we saw in the collapse the afghan national army when they could when they could no longer call an error. that's when you start seeing this rapid losing a ground and basically they lost cohesion as a as a fighting force. lieutenant colonel we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight thank you so much. thank you. well
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afghan americans are watching and worrying about their loved ones back home today's christians today, christian ktvu christian captain talked with a woman who immigrated from afghanistan her cousin was inside the airport in kabul shortly before those explosions. her cousin is safe but many others are still in harm's way news spread quickly through the bay area afghan american community about the suicide bombings that claimed the lives of 13 american service members and at least 60 afghans the situation is catastrophic expose me in a serie is an immigration attorney who emigrated from afghanistan herself in the 19 eighties she says her cousin is one of the people we've seen desperately trying to make it inside the airport in kabul and my cousin is right now and luckily he made it about two hours. before the bombing which resulted in the welding of all the doors to the airport and he's currently trying to get into um a flight that could possibly evacuate him, she says. her cousin explained entryways and exits to the airport were welded shut in an
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effort to limit who comes and who goes so they're like doors engaged that have been welded down. i don't know the specifics of what they look like. however they did well from the reports are meeting on the various reputable sources is that it was a suicide bombers so they're preventing suicide bombers from getting in as an immigration attorney. naseri has 15 clients in afghanistan she says so far four have made it out the remaining 11 have been desperately trying to get through the gates, but they have been turned away. having beaten people have been shot up, she says. the taliban has made it clear they don't want people leaving the country all she says she can do is hope the situation on the ground stabilizes enough to allow those who need to get out to escape the hope is that there will be continued negotiations with the taliban. to get people out. but realistically, i you know, i'm. i'm hopeful and i'm optimistic but the reality is it's a pretty grim, nasiri says there has been an outpouring of support for afghans who need to get out. she says that she is
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hopeful for a light at the end of the tunnel, but that for right now, the situation on the ground is growing more and more desperate christian captain ktvu fox two news. vice president kamala harris has canceled her campaign event with governor newsom tomorrow because of the terrorist attacks in kabul today, vice president harris was originally set to attend the anti recall car rally at the cow palace in daly city. but now that the vice president won't be attending the event has been canceled. vice president harris is currently traveling back from a trip to southeast asia and is scheduled to stop at joint base pearl harbor in hawaii before heading back to washington. coming up paving the way for more housing in california will tell you about a pair of bills making progress in the state legislature and the cal door fire is inching closer to the tahoe basin the latest on the firefight and hear from business owners
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dealing with the hazardous smoke. and unfortunately that smoke is going to constant deterioration in our air quality will talk about that, and the warm up that's on the way and taking a live look right now at the east shore freeway through berkeley on this thursday evening it's pretty crowded out there. ktvu news at six will be right back.
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the state in tuolumne county evacuations are currently underway after two grass fires broke out near each other in sonora this afternoon officials are calling this the washington fire. cal fire says flames have now consumed about 80 acres and the fire is holding within containment lines there was also a power outage in the area due to a downed wire right now it is unclear if the outage was related to the fire. pg and e says power has since been restored the caliphate fire continues to get close to lake tahoe. thousands of people are being forced to flee their
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homes and many more are preparing for more mandatory evacuations ktvu andre senior is here now with the details andre well frank, an evacuation warning it went into effect today for some areas of south lake tahoe the fire still about 13 miles away and fire crews are trying to keep the flames for threading east now with lake tahoe right now, some people tell me it's hard to breathe because of the smoke from the killed or fire, as you might imagine. this is a live look at the lake. on a good day you can see clear across the lake but not now planes dropping retarded on the flames as the assault on the cowl door fire continued thursday fire consuming land and sending thick smoke into the air it's that thick smoke that's choking out mom and pop businesses in south lake tahoe like revived coffee and wine, but we have a front yard where we do live music thursday through sunday and all of that has been canceled for this week. but robin ben says the real concern here is for those already ravaged by these fierce flames
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were affected by the smoke and obviously the downside of business but our hearts and prayers are really with those who have already lost so much 465 homes have been lost to the flames along with critical infrastructure fire activity damaged fiber lines linked to cell towers rendering cell service weak or non existent west of strawberry people planning to visit south lake tahoe ping advice to take a closer look at their plan. and lodging properties are continuing to get cancellations or reschedules and um and i think that that's what we're going to continue to see it more evacuations were ordered in the el dorado county thursday with evacuation warning is closer to lake tahoe from highway 89 west to echo summit and along highway 89 in south through the amador el dorado county live the majority of the fire is still south of highway safety. we did have a spot fire that jumped the highway. uh. where the kid bird, syria is and that spot fires about 2300 acres or so.
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130. acres burned so far containment increased to 12% since yesterday the caliph iron the nation's top priority for firefighting resources right now, which includes 2900 firefighters, 21 helicopters 245 engines and dozens of bulldozers i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. and back here in the bay area and air quality advisory has been issued for tomorrow and saturday for more on the air quality and the conditions facing firefighters let's go straight to our meteorologist kyla grogan kyla. yes, thank you julian. unfortunately air quality is not great obviously around the fires and that some of that smoke coming our way and i do have some decent news, which is the conditions where the fire is. they're not bad this is fire detection from satellite that you can see. so basically from space it's able to get detection of where the fire is spread, and you can see the area there in orange is the past 24 hours of where things have moved this takes it about 12 miles from lake tahoe, so
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it's creeping ever so close there, which obviously is very scary situation the good news weather wise is this is not bad you can see the wind here. 10 mph eight mph calm. temperatures in the sixties and seventies humidity levels i'd like to see them higher. you can see there 19% 20% but you know as far as the weather is concerned right now firefighters are actually getting a pretty decent run of it now. what's not great is the air quality and you see it there in the unhealthy levels in and around lake tahoe take it back to the bay here and you can see that we have moderate air quality in the areas there in yellow you know if you look a little further, though towards the east, we start to get the oranges as well so we are under that air advisory for air quality that is going to be for two. tomorrow and saturday and you can see we're expecting moderate numbers gets up to 100 that takes us up to the next level of the orange level, but it looks like we'll stay in the yellow for tomorrow but you notice there's a little haze as we look outside here i mean, we've had a pretty good day today, but in the north bay in particular start to see some of that upper level air starting to get a little bit hazy current temperatures right now
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we did have a pretty warm day out there today i'll talk highs for today and the heat we're going to see as we head towards the weekend when i come back in a bit. for now, i'll send it back to the death carla thank you, a bill that would allow proper owners to build two units on land zone for single family homes has passed the legislature the measure would also permit owners to subdivide their lots creating up to four units it's now headed to the state senate the measure was opposed by property owners, but backers say it's a modest increase in density that will allow more people to afford a home in california and joining us now. state senator scott wiener who helped author the legislation senator winner i know it's not a done deal just yet, but you're sure getting close. do you have estimates on how many new homes this potentially could create up and down the state? and especially here in the bay area yeah, well this legislation senate bill nine. in addition to other legislation that was passed this week. senate bill 10 will
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allow us to zone for more housing we're short millions of homes and it's driving people into poverty and homelessness driving up the costs, increasing displacement. and so it's this is modest but impactful to allow instead of only one home per parcel allowing over time maybe two or a few more and so over time this is what planting seeds for the future. um, it could result in hundreds of thousands of more homes in california. this is not anything that's going to happen overnight but it's planning that we have to do for the future. um senator what about homeowners who bought their homes in a neighborhood specifically because it was zoned for single families and now builders can come in or homeowners can come along and uh, open it up to potentially a four plex if you will, huh well those homeowners who have a
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single family home that's great i grew up in a single family home. they're terrific. they're still going to be an enormous number of single family homes in neighborhoods throughout california but having a duplex in the same neighborhood as a single family home doesn't change the value of that single family home it's a it's a mix of housing historically we've had small, multi unit homes and single family homes in the same neighborhood uh they completely go together. and so the notion that people's single family homes are going to be devalued by. small apartment buildings ask, uh you know someone who owns a single family home in nowy valley or in another neighborhood where they can get millions of dollars for their homes having an apartment building down the street doesn't affect that value in any way um senator governor newsom hasn't yet said whether he's going to sign the legislation uh do you have any idea which way he's leaning? uh, i don't want to speak for the governor and you'll of
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course as always review bills once they're on his desk i will say that governor newsom has been a strong proponent. for taking bold making bold moves to address our deep housing crisis um so we will, of course make the case to him on these various bills about why he should sign them, and i'm sure you will give it a very fair hearing and have an open mind as he always does is a very strong leader on housing senator scott winner. thank you for your time tonight. appreciate it. thank you so much. still ahead tonight, a gas leak forces hundreds of residents in the south bay to evacuate for more than 24 hours we'll have the latest on the effort to repair the problem plus thousands of gallons of raw sewage spills from a broken underground pipe in the east bay how long it's been leaking and when it's expected to be repaired.
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this hour the temporary evacuation which has lasted for more than 24 hours, is due to a gas leak that pg is working to cap it won't be fixed until later tonight at the earliest the leak is affecting homes and businesses near race street and park street residents in need of housing assistance can go to the bascom community center on baskin avenue to get help crews are cleaning up thousands of gallons of raw sewage from a broken pipe in the east. bay.
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the underground pipe that burst in martinez it's located nine ft below pacheco boulevard the leak was first noticed on monday and caused at least 12,500 gallons to spill into martinez storm drains the chronicle is reporting the pipe has been bypassed and repairs to it should be done later tonight residents are being told to avoid surface water in the area. the bay area air quality management district is now expanding their clean air filtration program to all bay area counties this comes as smoke from wildfires and poor air quality advisories persist in the bay area. today, the agency said. 3000 portable air filtration units will be distributed they'll go to low income people with respiratory issues homeless shelters cooling centers and others. this is the first program of its kind in the region to help prevent respiratory health problems caused by smoke on a regional level to respond to
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this health threat the air district is making at the unprecedented move of getting more air filtration units directly in the hands of those that need it most and there's really no time to waste. the air district is also hoping for donations from companies or individuals who wished to buy more air filtration systems so it can distribute them to more people. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 after nearly 20 years, federal oversight of the oakland police department could be coming to an end and later sports director mark cabana shows us what happens when san jose state football players try their hand at softball it wasn't pretty also ahead tonight, a recently released convicted sex offender could soon be homeless in one bay area county the problems that could cause and why people who live in the area may be concerned. k is claiming responsy
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for a pair of suicide bombings today one of the kabul airport and another at a nearby hotel those bombings killed at least 13 u. s service members in afghanistan at least 18 more years. u s service members were wounded and at least 60 afghans were also killed this afternoon, president biden called the american troops who died heroes he also defended the decision to continue to pull u. s troops out of afghanistan. we will not be
6:30 pm
deterred by terrorist will not let them stop our mission. we will continue the evacuation i've also ordered my commanders develop operational plans to strike isis k assets leadership and facilities we will respond with force and precision at our time at the place we choose in the moment of our choosing a late yesterday the u. s warned americans to stay away from parts of the kabul airport due to a terror threat, officials say. more attacks are likely you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 32 attorneys who have been longtime critics of the oakland police department now say that the department has improved and they also say it may soon be time to end the federal oversight that's been going on there for almost 20 years our crime reporter henry lee has more now on this significant development. the oakland police department has been under federal court oversight since 2000 and three reforms have dragged on for
6:31 pm
almost two decades but now the two attorneys who sued opd and crafted the settlement say the department has turned the corner certainly we've seen a lot of major improvements that count civil rights attorney john burris says the department has made great strides with laurent armstrong as chief. shootings by officers have gone down as have racially based traffic stops, message he has sent this video that he wants this to work. there were problems come up and raises issues about being on on message here start to correct it immediately it is encouraging and for our officers and for community i think everybody should fill a sense of hope, the chief said. while he appreciates the praise it's not over yet. it's good to see that you were being recognized for the work that's being done. but we have not cross the finish line, and so there's still more work to be done you really want the oakland police to succeed i think everyone knows that attorney jim chanin says officers have made mistakes but the department has shown it has learned from those mistakes
6:32 pm
they've gotten a lot of criticism 95% to 100% as well deserved um but it's time to give them some prayers as well this week independent monitor robert warshaw said he has quote cautious optimism about an end to court oversight. but there's still you send an outside investigation is still underway as to whether officers made controversial comments on a now deleted instagram account, because this has been a community effort oakland mayor libby chef says the department can move forward with guidance by the police commission. i know this community will never stop holding this city and this department accountable for decent behavior the case comes before a federal judge on wednesday if he agrees that the department no longer needs his oversight, opd will be placed on a one year sustainability period, much like probation henry lee ktvu, fox two news this afternoon we learned more about an incident where shots were fired when oakland police arrested a wanted suspect it
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happened yesterday afternoon outside a hotel on enterprise way near the oakland coliseum police say the suspect david garibay, vargas was wanted for hit and run of and vehicular manslaughter in a crash that killed a woman near grand and macarthur. in 2020 chief laurent armstrong says that there was a confrontation and shots were fired but it's unclear how the suspect was injured. he was not seriously injured as a result of this incident however, it is determined that he would is undetermined as to what he may have been injured by and so i think, uh, as we continue to investigate will be able to clearly determine what he was injured by, but the injury that he sustained was very minor he was treated at the hospital and transferred transported to the alameda county jail the chief also says two weapons were recovered at the scene and no officers were injured during the incident a convicted sex offender recently released from
6:34 pm
custody in marin county is about to become homeless that's because social workers cannot find any places that will take him in ktvu is rob roth found out when people convicted of such crimes become homeless it becomes much harder for police to keep tabs on them. this man is a registered sex offender who's about to become homeless in marine county thursday, about to fall through a crack in his system that soon will not be able to fully monitor him ankle bracelet or not, i had a war. live with this tree maybe then the bad sleeping the buses stop and those bench they have sacharow alvarado served three years in prison for molesting two underage girls charges he denies. alvarado has been living in the past 30 days in this motel in santa fell while his case manager at the marine county jail reentry program has been working on finding alvarado a more permanent place to stay. but the 30 days ends thursday in the case manager says he has
6:35 pm
struck out i'm kind of all out of options at this point he says he's tried all the shelters churches and programs that typically take in ex convicts. but he says they told him they were either full or flat out. no same story the 2 92 to 92 to 92 to 92 to 90 it's following him to 90. that's the state law that requires convicted sex offenders to check in with local law enforcement every 30 days for us as a re entry department our goal is to pretty much make sure that we're, um avoiding people reentering gel again we want them to focus back on their lives. we want them to be productive members in the community i bury uh, looking. for work for job. that's what i want because i want to start my life and come back we'll convicted child molesters may not garner much sympathy those who study the issue say housing sex offenders is safer for society. it makes the person on the registry more stable and therefore less likely to commit
6:36 pm
a crime for example recharging the battery and an ankle bracelet. every 12 hours is practically impossible for someone living on the streets. and an ankle bracelet running out of juice is a parole violation that could put someone like alvarado back in custody it's currently stuck in this, um in this like circle that he can't get out of, if you are going to place. sex offenders in communities like san francisco or san jose then the state better get involved in how they are housed by either buying or running out apartment houses that can hold these people alvarado hope someone will find him a room soon. rob roth ktvu fox two news. coming up there could soon be a statewide indoor vaccine mandate what we're learning about the proposal that's being drafted and with more groups requiring proof of vaccination the demand for fake coronavirus vaccine cards is now surging our investigative reporter brooks jarocz will show us give us a closer look
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find new summer adventures. find new roads. enjoy the open road and make no monthly payments for 90 days on select popular chevy suvs. plus, get interest free financing for 72 months when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. putting together a bill that would require a statewide indoor vaccine mandate oakland a semi member buffy wicks and campbell assembly member evan low, are drafting the proposal but they are still working out the details of where exactly proof of vaccination would be
6:40 pm
needed another bill in the state senate would allow employers to require employees to be vaccinated. and it would require anyone 12 years old and up who enters the indoor facilities of that business to show proof of vaccination with more schools and businesses requiring proof of vaccination the market for fake coronavirus vaccination cards is now heating up our investigative reporter brooks jarocz tells us they are becoming easy to find and cheap to buy for anyone wanting to cheat the system. they look legit but they're fraudulent covid-19 vaccination cards advertised on the dark web and also for sale on apps like instagram telegram and whatsapp we've seen the number of actual groups that are advertising these cards grow by over 250% since march check point software technologies has found hundreds of thousands of people joining those groups in recent weeks and looking for
6:41 pm
ways to skirt. the system fake certificates for 100 or $200 often paying for in crypto currency making transactions untraceable and if you are somebody who does not want to be vaccinated, this is. typically affordable option to allow yourself the freedom to go wherever you want without having to be vaccinated the fbi warning that buying selling or using a counterfeit card is a crime last month the napa doctor was arrested accused of selling bogus cards and as san francisco now requires restaurants, bars and gyms. to verify vaccination status troubles remain because spotting a fake is difficult relying on a paper system means forgery is easy are these restaurants expected to call the doctors the pharmacies to double check every customer that comes through the door? um it's going to be a real
6:42 pm
challenge san francisco public health says businesses are only being asked to check uh vaccination card. a picture of one or a q r code, but beyond that, lying on honesty santo's angels passed a vaccine requirement for events at city owned facilities and hundreds of colleges and universities are also mandating vaccination proof usually as simple as uploading a picture of the cdc card but just like fake ieds there's concern counterfeit cards could contribute to the spread of covid-19 if you're caught with one of those fake vaccination cards you could face a fine or up to five years in prison. in the names room brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news for the second time the dream force convention will be a fraction of its size this year the september conference held by salesforce will be limited to hundreds of attendees. down from a previously announced cap of 5000 people according to the
6:43 pm
chronicle. the event is invitation only and attendees will be required to be vaccinated dream forces running from september 21st through the 23rd that's this year and will include a free online video stream before the pandemic it would sell out with more than 170,000 attendees. and the heat is on here are warming up starting tomorrow. also looking out for some deteriorating air quality. your weather is next ktvu heather holmes joins us. now she's in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the 70 clock news over on ktvu plus, julie, we will continue our coverage of the situation in afghanistan with a conversation tonight about the afghan refugee crisis i'm going to talk with those assisting the afghan refugees who are arriving here in the united states. will look at ways that you too, can help and the cal door fire it is getting closer and closer to lake tahoe and it is now prompted some new evacuations in the tahoe basin we will have the very latest on
6:44 pm
the uphill efforts to try to get this fire contained those stories and a lot more coming up live just a few minutes at seven o'clock over on ktvu plus see that but first after the break of police department in the east bay is estimating that they are going to lose a third of their officers by november. and now a massive
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for expert help with all your insurance needs, rita jail that's because prison rights lawyers and the alameda county sheriff agreed to propose settlement today in federal court. the changes include providing better mental health care to inmates, reducing the number of people in isolation cells and giving out of cell time each day
6:47 pm
prisoner rights lawyers sued the jail in 2018 claiming cruel and unusual punishment of mentally ill people who are often kept in isolation ktvu first reported two years ago that santa rita has a higher death rate than even the nation's largest prison system a spokesperson for the sheriff said the agreement is a good thing and he expects the jail will provide better care the settlement still needs to be approved by a magistrate likely in december. union city is ready to spend a quarter of a million dollars to recruit more police officers the union city police department projects up to 33% vacancy by november, according to the east bay times. the city plans on spending about $250,000 on a police marketing and recruitment campaign city officials say the campaign is needed to maintain core policing services and reduce over time the city is blaming injuries retirements and below average pay for the vacancies
6:48 pm
all right so you have one of those micro climate kind of days today, where we stayed relatively cool at the coast. you can see pacific about 64 degrees 69 in san francisco, but as you move further inland. that's where these numbers started to go up and you can see even triple digits in fairfield 101 today 91 in santa rosa so you know we had some heat out there. certainly a little bit warmer than we were yesterday live. look outside and you know we had a pretty nice day but unfortunately start to get a little hazy not all of that kind of smoky air is mixing down to the surface but we do have moderate air quality in all the areas you see the yellow dot there so basically everywhere except for santa rosa and san francisco. at this hour current temperatures right now. 70 degrees in san francisco but we're still in the nineties out in walnut creek and yeah, we're warmer than yesterday 17 degrees warmer if you're in santa rosa, then we work 24 hours ago 14 nevado is you know big difference right and tomorrow we're going to see those numbers go up even higher and one of the effects of this is that it's compressing our marine layer so we're gonna see less fog it means shallow fog as we get into tonight tonight.
6:49 pm
this is what's happening with temperatures as we roll into wednesday, thursday friday you can see heading up and even into saturday and sunday sticking with a little extra heat so we've been kind of mild because of low pressure and the change here is that high pressure is going to build in off the coast and start to bump those temperatures that particularly if you're inland the other thing we've got going on is we're going to see some northerly wind and we have this clockwise circulation around high pressure. it helps to drive the northerly wind and that unfortunately is going to bring a little smoke our way. great news take a look at our smoke forecast. you can see what i'm talking about. as we take it into friday. here comes some of that northerly wind kind of driving some of that smoke into the bay area and it sticks with us on friday into saturday and that is why we do have an air quality advisory for friday and saturday it looks like we have a chance of getting a little bit better on sunday we're going to have to see how that plays as we get. into the weekend so tonight we're looking at temperatures in the fifties for the overnight lows a little bit warmer in spots like the north bay that got down and see the upper forties last night and
6:50 pm
tomorrow 74 in san francisco so warming up 89 napa. you can see some eighties around the bay redwood city 88 degrees 98 conquered 100 degrees in fairfield and antioch and liver. where is going to get awfully close to it? so that warmth stays with us as we get into friday and saturday will start to pull back a little bit on sunday with some nice onshore flow that will help to drive some of that smoke away, hopefully as well but more meaningful cooling as we get into monday and tuesday guys back to you, kyla thank you well today bay area women in elected office celebrated women's equality day. house speaker nancy pelosi was joined by san francisco mayor london breed among many other women in public office on the steps of san francisco city hall the day marks the adoption of the 19th. men, allowing women the right to vote in 1920 speaker, pelosi said. when women succeed america succeeds people always ask me what is in the water in san francisco that you have so many women leaders coming of representing this area, well, what it is, is our shared
6:51 pm
values our commitment to diversity and i always say our diversity is our strength our unity is our power. the unity of women make change transform our country. so was one of the pelosi and other elected officials also encourage people to cast their ballots in the recall election in september coming up here, the red hot giantsco for the sweep of the matts marks majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community.
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tonight giant bears just being put through the wringer remember when the great duane kipper used to say back in 2010 torture watching this team? i mean, they just grind these victories out they haven't won it yet, but they are leading in the late innings back in new york. hard core giant fans back there roofing on the team. they got plenty of support back there in the very first anyone on kris bryant will send one soaring that's a gunner, his fifth with jack. it's got 24 on the year carlos carrasco and the mets now trailing two, nothing ryan has struck out three times since then. but the giants just really slow down offensively this is a nice play in the left field corner.
6:55 pm
dominic smith for the mets. beautiful catch down the line sacrificing his body to catch that kirk sally fly ball. keep the giants uh, half the bases sixth inning. why not giants leading two to nothing peter lanza this is the guy who made the last out last night with the bases loaded. not this time that's a big fly his 29th. and it's a 22 ball game and that was the end of the night for alex would giants lefty you turned in a pretty good performance but the giants in the eighth inning put runners on nobody out and darren rough just slides went into right field perfectly plays mike strep ski well, hot tail at home. with the run that put the giants up 3 to 2 and that is all they got even with the bases loaded, nobody out in that any they don't get anything more mets are batting right now in the bottom of the eighth any trailing the giants three to 2, where you one of
6:56 pm
those who stayed up last night you see this woman just going. come on, please can we go home longest game of the year 16 innings, five hours 49 minutes, dodgers and padres. a. j pollock finally wins it for the dodgers at 3 59 am eastern time it was the last out get this 19 pictures were used 418 pitches thrown. dodgers were still dancing. here's the final out. the dodgers went at 53. and if you think the dodgers are hot 17 and four in the month of august all right thank goodness the exhibition season is just about over in the nfl they only play three games this year in the 49ers we'll finish it out and as far as exhibition games go, it'll be pretty interesting it will be the raiders and the 49ers. san francisco in the
6:57 pm
final throes of their preparation for that game sunday and levi stadium and of course always jimmy garoppolo and trey lance that seems to be the only story everybody's interested in but i think the attitude the looseness this is a very talented roster and that is given qin law dancing it up raiders equally loose. that's justin morneau. the raiders get ready down in vegas to come to california again kyle shanahan has little experience from way back when with this rivalry gives his perspective about sex. my dad was actually a head coach of l. a raiders for about three days felt like um but i mean, i always knew. i mean, i've always known there's a big rivalry there especially when they came back to oakland and stuff and you can tell just being around here with the fans and stuff. i think it's a little different now that they moved and stuff but and also a little more exciting for preseason. and when you get a team to come back that does have a tradition like that and anything that can add more excitement to preseason games. i'm all for i'm right with him
6:58 pm
on that preseason football enough already hey we got some times to check this out down in the south bay the santos a state football team they practice adjacent to the women's softball team they get over there they want to take some batting practice and caroline baumann second team all conference they can't touch her he's throwing the ball by those football guys and tell the backup punter travis benton has played a little baseball. will finally get ahold of one and send it sorry for a home run. it's not as easy to hit a softball as you might think and we'll keep you posted on the giants that is the sporting life for now. they were lady 3 to 2 and i came into the vital up so we'll see what happens as kind of fun seeing those senators a football players is yeah those big guys whip yeah, exactly yeah let's go. that one game lasted. what? 16 innings game lasted. what? 16 innings that one crazy
6:59 pm
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