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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 27, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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we will not forget president biden vows to make those responsible pay for the deadly attack in kabul yesterday this as evacuations continue to bring more americans to the united states will have the latest on the situation leading up to next week's deadline to get out then the kaldor fire continues to threaten the tahoe basin. we'll have the latest on efforts on the front lines and the new evacuation warnings and taking some teachers out of the classroom to deal with an increase in independent study requests the changes happening in the mount diablo unified school district the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon good afternoon i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach tighter security at the airport in kabul as the frantic operation to airlift americans out of country has come. me down to its final days. the death toll from the suicide bomb yesterday outside
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the airport is now close to 200 along with the 13 u. s service members who were killed was the cousin of a bay area resident ktvu is james torres reports how defense officials are preparing still for another attack. as of this morning another 12,000 people evacuated from kabul within 24 hours flights taking off after a suicide bomber in a string of shootings killed hundreds and my heart goes out hard hearts go out to all those who we've lost president joe biden echoing his condolences for the 13 fallen u s troops as well as the nearly 200 afghan people. one of them the cousin of comedy in safi, a man who narrowly himself escaped afghanistan earlier this week. what about me? i can't i can't do anything because of my family i can't go to bed i can't sleep he's now learned his cousin is among the dead and other members of his family are now recovering in the hospital the attacks coming from isis k forces political
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experts say more attacks are likely to happen over the weekend. these troops are sitting ducks. they really are there in the middle of a surrounded airport and uh we're already getting reports of rifle fire and other things coming into the kabul airport. uh, and it's just going to be a very rough next few days the pentagon estimates about 5000 people are waiting at the airport for flights they have until tuesday to get them out missions there being performed is dangerous. and this, uh, now it's come with significant loss of american personnel and whether it's a worthy mission the white house says they've now learned of credible threats and will take maximum force protection measures at the kabul airport the department of defense this morning addressing questions about whether the u. s gave the taliban list of names of people evacuating afghanistan. that as people
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approach checkpoints that those taliban checkpoint leaders have and understand who's coming what documentation they're supposed to have and go because that's really important for us to ensure the time that people are not in areas and just, you know staying there for long periods of time uh you know the commanders on the ground or continue to coordinate how do we continue to increase that throughput through checkpoints through gates? to get on each kaya as fast as we can. that's very safe i'm james torrez ktvu fox two news many afghan americans including those here in the bay area, are watching the developments in afghanistan closely hoping their family members overseas stay safe ktvu christian captain talked with a woman who immigrated from afghanistan she says her cousin was inside the kabul airport just hours before yesterday's explosion. the situation is catastrophic expose me in a serie is an immigration
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attorney who emigrated from afghanistan herself in the 19 eighties. she says her cousin is one of the people we've seen desperately trying to make it inside the airport in kabul and my cousin is right now. luckily he made it about two hours before the bombing which resulted in the welding of all the doors. to the airport and he's currently trying to get into a flight that could possibly evacuate him she says her cousin explained entryways and exits to the airport were welded shut in an effort to limit who comes and who goes so they're like doors engaged that have been welded down. i don't know the specifics of what they look like. however this well from the reports are meeting on the various reputable sources is done. it was a suicide bombers so they're preventing suicide bombers from getting in as an immigration attorney. naseri has 15 clients in afghanistan she says. so far four have made it out the remaining 11 have been desperately trying to get through the gates, but they've been turned away. they've been beaten people have been shot up, she says. the taliban has
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made it clear they don't want people leaving the country. all she says she can do is hope the situation on the ground stabilizes enough to allow those who need to get out to escape. the hope is that there will be continued negotiations from the taliban to get people out but realistically, i you know, i'm i'm hopeful and i'm optimistic, but the reality is it's pretty grim nasiri says there has been an outpouring of support for afghans who need to get out she says that she is hopeful for a light at the end of the tunnel, but that for right now, the situation on the ground is growing more and more desperate christian captain ktvu fox two news. we continue to keep an eye on the cow door fire as it gets closer to south lake tahoe right now, kirkwood is under an evacuation warning. the resort is currently closed for all trail access and summer activities as the eastern flank of this fire is not far from the resort the cow door fire has now burned nearly 225 square miles or 144,000 acres.
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containment did not change overnight it remains at 12% there are new evacuation orders for anyone living between twin bridges and echo summit and with labor day coming up in a little over a week here, people have been canceling their vacation plans. thick smoke from the fire continues to blanket the region overall the wildfire is a big blow to businesses that depend on summer tourism. we have a front yard where we do live music thursday through sunday, and all of that has been canceled for this week were affected by the smoke and obviously the downside of business. but our hearts and prayers are really with those who have already lost so much. a lot has been lost 650 structures have been destroyed along with critical infrastructure fiber lines link the cell phone towers have been affected rendering cell service weak or non existent west of the community of strawberry right near highway 50. majority of the fire is still south of highway safety. we did have a spot fire that jumped the
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highway uh where the khyber syria is and that spot fires about 2300 acres there are now 3000 firefighters out there on the front lines more than 20 choppers are assisting the firefight from the air. fire is also forcing the lake tahoe school district to push back the start of fall classes from monday to sept seventh and a new wildfire is threatening parts of ptolemy county. the washington fire is prompting evacuation warnings for areas including the city of sonora. power is out in the area and a section of highway one await is closed. flames of so far destroyed at least a half dozen at all overnight. it's still at- 81 acres containment doubled though from five to now, 10% a team of firefighters from san mateo county is now being moved to the kaldor fire after spending time battling the massive dixie fire. significant progress was made against the dixie fire. it just grew about two square miles overnight and has now burned nearly 1100 square miles. containment rose
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just a bit from 45 to 46% cal fire says it's seeing calmer winds but temperatures could reach triple digits this weekend and there's an air quality advisory for the bay area today it's from all the smoke that's burning in wildfires across northern california you might have to trust me here if you can't see it. but san francisco is the scene of this live picture here. you can see. it is awfully grey and hazy outside air equality will also be affected the advisory remains through tomorrow we have much more information on the wildfire statewide at our website had to ktvu dot com slash wildfires anytime the mountie absolute unified school district is having to take some teachers out of the classroom and assign them to online learning now, the district says this is all because more parents have pulled their children out of the classroom as ktvu sally rasmus reports, the district superintendent says. there is no other choice before the start of the school day at walnut acres elementary all 22 teachers stood in
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solidarity to express their disappointment and frustration at least 12 teachers district wide will be reassigned to teach online instead of in the classroom. some volunteered for the switch about half or in voluntarily assigned the change in the mount diablo unified school district goes into effect tuesday. we try really hard to build a class community right from. the get go and this is going to be devastating for our community for our teachers and for the students the change means some students will have a new teacher next week new classmates less than two weeks into the new school year, some classes will have more students in the district says some classes may need to be combined across different grades they're finally back in school so it's we're very disappointed with the board's decision why is this happening the mount diablo unified school district says this is because of a spike in families pulling their kids out of class and enrolling in the district virtual learning independent study program and
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we're in the middle of a pandemic we're doing the best we can at the start of the school year, 150 kids were enrolled in the independent study program. but as fears about the delta variant have grown there are now 500 students enrolled the district is moving teachers to accommodate those students online these are students within our district and our teachers are responsible for teaching our kids and so whether it's independent study or whether it's in person it's all the same they're students who need to be served by our teachers i respect every single families decision for what's best for them what i don't respect as the board's decision to pull from the resources within and disrupt hundreds of students and all these teachers who have worked tirelessly to make life better for our kids in a time that has been so difficult and the superintendent says the reshuffling could continue throughout the school year under state law when a student doing online learning wants to come back to classroom the district has to find a spot for them in a class within five days and conquered ali rasmus
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ktvu fox two news oakland city leaders are getting ready to make covid-19 vaccinations a requirement for all city employees according to the chronicle. a draft of the new policy was sent to union leaders just yesterday at states, all city employees will need to report their vaccination status or request an exemption by october 15th and be fully vaccinated by november. 1st exemptions will granted for medical or sincerely held religious reasons and those workers will be tested periodically those who do not comply could lose their job still to come at news we're tracking hurricane ida the preparations in louisiana as the storm continues to strengthen plus when i got the alert on my phone my heart just sank. it was a sick to my stomach. it was instant tears it's different my son has been in their year, people here in the bay area continued. he watches the situation develops in afghanistan how the military community is coming together after news that 13 service
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members died in yesterday's attack haze and smoke over the bay area this afternoon and a big heat up for the friday afternoon as well as saturday. i'll have a look at what you can expect. outside our doors at this hour and
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homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar] does a bear sh*t in the woods? california! all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. attention to the developing
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situation in afghanistan and they're also leaning on each other ahead of next week's u s imposed deadline members of a military moms support group tells ktvu deborah villalon their hearts go out to the families affected by the violence. we're all their moms. there are kids there are kids it's a painful day for parents of u. s service members the loss of life on the way out of afghanistan. it's hard we're just a huge family. and it's just even though we don't know these people it's just when i got out the alert on my phone. my heart just sank and it was a sick to my stomach oh yeah, these moms have turned to each other a lot lately they have sons from 19 to 23 in the marines and army three stateside to overseas they're proud of their boys and no all of them want to serve and would go to afghanistan in an instant but it is hard when you have skin in the game it's different. it's different, and that's why we had a group like this. darby johnson started the
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facebook group military mama's of marin sonoma county when her sons enlisted in the marines and she had a steep learning curve figuring out life for military families now about 40 women connect in ways both practical and emotional they know other mothers are hurting tonight. the moms know their kids they're the moms have watched the news and somebody's going to get the call. you know the knock on the door tonight the women are distressed, watching the chaotic exit and. feel mistakes were made that it didn't need to be this way. it wasn't the policy of pulling out. it was the execution they don't have much faith in next week's deadline and fear new attacks i feel there's gonna be more. there's definitely going to be more also worried about what retaliation might look like what do we have to do to prove ourselves like right tomorrow or the next day the sense of dread is something they get through. together. it was instant tears. it's different. my son has been in their year this mom's marine
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son turned 19 today on the phone. they tried not to talk about the attack. today i worry about our kids that are there i didn't have that fear six months ago i think that's why today is heart give me a hug in petaluma deborah villalon ktvu fox two news. vice president kamala harris is back in washington after cancelling a trip to california to attend a rally for governor newsom ahead of the recall election. she landed back at joint base andrews this morning after spending much of the week in southeast asia on a diplomatic trip. vice president called off her plans to campaign for governor newsom this weekend after yesterday's attack in afghanistan this morning she met with the president and their national security team to hear the latest developments in afghanistan. gulf coast is bracing for another storm as ida has strengthened to hurricane as it heads toward the united states louisiana is already under a state of emergency now the mayor of new orleans is issuing mandatory evacuation orders for anyone
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who lives or works outside the city's levee protection system the storm is expected to land on sunday as a category three hurricane if that forecast holds true idol would hit the area 16 years to the day since hurricane katrina landed as a category three. storm august 29th 2000 and five and we all saw with that. category three storm did then who knows? rosemary oroczo with this new hurricane headed toward new orleans yes and as you guys mentioned just a moment ago. that's where it's expected to go. at least that's the current path. i'll show you that here in just a moment, we could take a look. and to where ida is right now still in the caribbean and you can see just on the southern edge there of cuba with winds at about 75 mph, moving northwest at 15 mph if we show you the track here notice it does make its way towards the gulf coast and it strengthens as it does there's a look at saturday where the winds are expected to increase to about 105 and then as we get into sunday when it is expected
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to make landfall winds are 120 mph and his gaussian mike pence in just a moment ago. that is a category three storm that is a major storm and you can see it is right there targeted at louisiana so several inches of rainfall perhaps 7 to 11 ft of storm surge and of course the winds is what we are seeing at least. at the current time that could change but that's what the path is showing at the moment meanwhile, back here at home we are dealing with the haze once again giving you a live look here at sfo spare the air alert has just been issued wasn't issued this morning but coming in late this afternoon due to that smoke and haze that we're seeing out there and expected to last through tomorrow giving you a look here at the air quality in and around the bay area we are showing moderate to good air quality at the ground level but you look around and you can see definitely a difference in the sky there's a lot more haze out there today you may even smell a little bit of smoke and if you do, that's a good indicator to head indoors because of
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course as we know not good for your lungs. take a look at the tahoe area poor air quality hazardous once again. that is not expected to change tahoe just can't catch a break as the fires are kind of surrounding the tahoe area and so no matter which way the wind is blowing they're getting some of that smoke here's a look at storm tracker too. you can see without that hes out there. we've got a lot of sunshine we're talking wall to wall sunshine not seeing much of any fog out there along the coastline and we are mostly clear for the rest that north and northeast breeze also drying us out here is a look at the winds in fairfield 14 mph right now conquered reporting seven. but notice the arrows how they're coming from this direction so that's the switch we have seen and that is why we're seeing some of that smoke drift come our way from those fires to the north into the east of us temperatures outside a lot warmer this is definitely one of the headlines out there as well 79 degrees right now in berkeley 84 in santa rosa the inner east bay already and live at livermore reporting 91 degrees. this time of year are
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inland cities could reach another 5 10 degrees warmer before the end of the day. we are well above where we were yesterday at this time nevada by 16 by 11 in concord 10 san jose so a very warm pattern in place at least for a couple of days we do begin to drop off on sunday so if you don't like this kind of heat. it's not going to last too long. here's a comparison from where we typically are what we would consider average to what we expect for today 5 to 15 degrees above the seasonal norm 94 degrees for santa rosa 76 in san francisco low eighties in oakland 100 expected for livermore 88 over san jose. a better look at some of these numbers here. pacifica. a nice 70 degrees expected for you. they're going to be warm along the peninsula 88 in redwood city, 88 expected for san jose and 94. morgan hill. talking triple digit heat in and around antioch conquered and over areas of fairfield temperatures will be just as hot tomorrow we do begin to cool down as we get into your bay area sunday better details in the extended
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forecast coming up, rosemary thank you more people are getting their hands on fake vaccine cards as they become required in more settings the strong warning from the fbi every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest
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vaccination cards. ktvu investigation has found covid-19 vaccination cards for sale not only out there on the dark web but also on instagram and whatsapp check point,
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software technologies says hundreds of thousands of people have joined online groups looking for ways to illegally by these cars. now fake cards can sell between 100 to $200 cybersecurity analysts warned that relying on a paper system to track vaccinations means forgery is easy. are these restaurants expected to call the doctors the pharmacies to double check every customer that comes through the door um it's going to be a real challenge. and now, the fbi warns that buying selling or using a counterfeit card is a crime people caught with these fake cards will face fines and even time in prison if convicted for the second year in a row, salesforce's dream force convention in san francisco will be a fraction of its normal size. the september conference held by salesforce will be limited to hundreds of attendees, down from a previously announced cap of 5000 people. the event is invitation only, and attendees will need to be vaccinated dream forces running from september 21st through the 23rd
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this year and will include a free online video stream before the pandemic dream force would sell out bringing more than 170,000 attendees to san francisco bart will receive more than $330 million in federal funding to help the transit agency recovered from the pandemic the money is intended to keep up staffing and service levels ridership is slowly returning to pre pandemic levels, but bart says a full return might not happen until the year 2030. bart is also expected to receive federal funding from the bipartisan infrastructure bill that congress has been considering two longtime critics of the oakland police department said the department no longer needs to be under federal oversight. how city leaders are now reacting and what the next steps are for the police department plus most u. s allies are ending their evacuations at the kabul airport following deadly suicide attacks there. i'm trey yingst in doha
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. terror attack 13 service members died 18 were wounded more than 100. afghans were also killed in the suicide bomb attack outside the crowded gates of the kabul airport despite the attacks president biden says he still thinks the united states can meet its august 31st deadline to get all americans and allies out in time. so worthy mission because
12:30 pm
they continue to evacuate uh folks out of that region how to the airport, and we will complete the mission we have seen firsthand how dangerous that mission is but isis will not deter us from accomplishing this mission the pentagon is warning more terrorist attacks could come ahead of tuesday's deadline to get out. reporter trey yingst has more on the dangerous situation in afghanistan. the situation at kabul airport remains tense a day after two suicide attacks killed 13 american service members and dozens of afghans most of america's allies now ending their evacuation flights including the uk france, australia, canada and spain. germany pulled out on thursday for many countries the bombing accelerated their withdrawal and a growing number of world leaders are acknowledging their leaving people behind. it was clear to us that was unsafe for our personnel to remain there to continue the mission. this
12:31 pm
is a very difficult day, not just for afghans but for people around the world but president biden says the u. s will continue its evacuation efforts. right up until the august 31st deadline despite the ongoing terror threat at the airport and sporadic gunfire aimed at departing aircraft, there is a very difficult situation in which these flights according to what the president has said uh presumably will continue but in quite a dangerous atmosphere even after yesterday's attack thousands remain at the airport gates desperate for a chance to leave the country the taliban says commercial flights will be allowed after the deadline. and they've asked turkey to take overall airport operations except security turkey's president says he's still considering the offer afghanistan the show on the g d. there is a serious administration vacuum in afghanistan right now we will make a decision after the situation becomes clear the state department is warning americans to stay away from the airport in kabul saying that more attacks are likely in the coming days in doha trade angst
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ktvu fox two news now to the wild fire in the sierra new evacuation orders have been issued, including inside the tahoe basin the cal door fire grew about seven square miles overnight it is now at 225 square miles reporter mike to sell is out there on the front lines of the firefight in el dorado county. we are standing in the town of strawberry along highway 50 on a friday getaway data south lake tahoe you would see highway fealty just getting busier and busier as we go into the afternoon people getting away now it is filled with fire fighting resources and this town significant because yesterday a spot fire blew up and now this fire is just a mile and a half to two miles on the edge of the town of strawberry take a look. this is video along highway 50 right around. milestone 35 that's a couple of miles to the west of strawberry where hotspots were still burning before sunrise and continue to burn after sunrise why is this spot
12:33 pm
significant? take a look this is the same area where a spot fire started right near the milestone. 35 signed yesterday and blew up making a run to the east towards this town of strawberry so very disconcerting signs for people who have cabins and homes along the river on the south side of the freeway, because this is the first time we've seen a spot fire on the south side of the freeway but on the north side of the river where a lot of the cabins are located and back out here a lot of credit to firefighters and dozer crews that have been working to protect structures here i made a quick, cursory run through several of the areas where there are cabins. it does not appear that the fire yesterday spot fire impacted those areas so that's a hopeful sign but at the same time we saw yesterday how quickly this area can blow up and this fire starts to make run in different directions highway 50 because of it will remain closed through this
12:34 pm
weekend likely for anyone thinking of making that tahoe getaway on a friday in the sierra the town of strawberry in eldorado county i'd like to sell back to you more than a dozen firefighters from utah are in northern california to help fire crews fight the cow door fire it brought heavy duty firefighting gear for an 18. day of deployment the all volunteer group has been in high demand this year and they expect the deployments will continue into the farm fires in california are still burning the dixie fire is only about 45% contained, which means it's going to be going on for a long time this year. looks like it will be a record setting year for imac deployments from our state. this summer. mutual aid crews from montana and oregon have also been called to help fight wildfires in california police in oakland are investigating a deadly hit and run incident it was first reported about five o'clock this morning near the intersection of market and third streets right near the port of oakland. it appears as a pedestrian was killed at this point there is no suspect information to bring you and no
12:35 pm
word of arrest from police officers in oakland, also investigating a deadly shooting in west oakland on 20th avenue and your international boulevard it happened around 2 30 this morning. this is citizen video from around three o'clock police say they found him female adult from fresno with a gunshot wound she later died anyone with information is asked to call oakland police. we're learning more about hit and run suspect who is also involved in a shooting with an oakland officer the shooting happened wednesday afternoon outside a hotel noted the oakland coliseum police say the suspect david garibay vargas was wanted for hit and run and vehicular manslaughter in a crash that killed a woman near grandin macarthur last year the police chief says there was a confrontation and that shots were fired. but it's unclear how the man was heard. he was not seriously injured as a result of this incident, however it is determined that he is undetermined as to what he may have been injured by. and so i think as we continue
12:36 pm
to investigate will be able to clearly determined what he was injured by but the injury that he sustained was very minor. he was treated at the hospital and transferred transported to the alameda county jail. chief says two weapons were recovered at the scene no officers were hurt a couple longtime critics of the oakland police department now say that department has improved as ktvu crime reporter henry lee explains to prominent attorneys say it's time to end the federal oversight of the oakland police department that started nearly 20 years ago. the oakland police department has been under federal court oversight since 2000 and three reforms have dragged on for almost two decades but now the two attorneys who sued opd and crafted the settlement say the department has turned the corner certainly we've seen a lot of major improvements that count civil rights attorney john burris says the department has made great strides with laurent armstrong as chief. shootings by officers have gone down as have racially based traffic stops message he has sent this video that he wants
12:37 pm
this to work there were problems come up and raises issues about being on on message here shot to correct it immediately it is encouraging and for our officers and for community i think everybody should fill a sense of hope, the chief said. while he appreciates the praise it's not over yet. it's good to see that you were being recognized for the work that's being done. but we have not cross the finish line, and so there's still more work to be done you really want the oakland police to succeed i think everyone knows that attorney jim chanin says officers have made mistakes but the department has shown it has learned from those mistakes they've gotten a lot of criticism 95% to 100% as well deserved um but it's time to give them some prayers as well this week independent monitor robert warshaw said he has quote cautious optimism about an end to court oversight. but there's still you send an outside investigation is still underway as to whether officers made controversial comments on
12:38 pm
a now deleted instagram account, because this has been a community effort oakland mayor libby chef says the department can move forward with guidance by the police commission. i know this community will never stop holding this city and this department accountable for decent behavior the case comes before a federal judge on wednesday if he agrees that the department no longer needs his oversight, opd will be placed on a one year sustainability period, much like probation henry lee ktvu, fox two news union city plans to span a quarter of a million dollars to recruit new police officers according to the east bay times the union city police department projects up to 33% vacancy by november the city plans on spending about $250,000 on a police marketing and improvement campaign. city officials say the campaign is needed to maintain those core policing services and reduce over time, the city says. injuries, retirements and below average salaries are to blame for the vacancies a new report
12:39 pm
details allegations of a toxic work environment at the san jose transit agency that was the site of a deadly mass shooting, according to the centers a spotlight fare inspectors for the vita have long complained about alleged intimidation and other inappropriate behavior by their managers and a transit agency union has also complained that vita has failed to address the mental health of its employees. evita employee killed. nine co workers before killing himself in late may. berkeley police have arrested a 19 year old man accused of hacking into the social media accounts of more than a dozen female victims than using their photos to blackmail them. investigators say some of liam bergman's alleged victims were students at berkeley high and that he recently attended classes also victims from at least a dozen other high schools in marin and contra costa counties. greatly affected you know a number of young people this is truly predatory behavior how did he choose his victims were still
12:40 pm
investigating the relationship the suspect has within any of the victims. police say bergman also faces charges of child pornography is now being held at santa rita jail in dublin. it has a court date of october 25th taking a closer look at the impact of air quality from wildfires up next the new campaign in the state to give people guidance on how to protect themselves during days with significant wildfire smoke and a newly issues spare the airport today lasting through tomorrow due to that haze and smoke. we're seeing outdoors at this hour. that plus a big heat up in time for the weekend
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oval office the president's meeting with bennett was originally set to happened yesterday but was postponed following the deadly explosion outside kabul's airport before today's meeting, bennett and the bennett told the president his top priority was to persuade the united states not to return to the iran nuclear deal. president biden spoke on some of the other topics the two covered, including the covid pandemic we've talked a little bit. we're going to continue to talk about the issue of booster shots and. uh you started your program through the earliest met with great results we're gonna start mid september but we're considering the advice you given that we should start earlier. during the meeting the president also addressed the loss of american lives in afghanistan yesterday and again
12:44 pm
sent his condolences to the family with mail in voting already underway gubernatorial recall candidate john cox is campaigning right here in the bay area today he made his stop this morning in san jose to discuss his plan for education he says if elected he would create a school choice program that would give students vouchers so they could choose to go to public or private schools. his plan also calls for more parental power and less teacher union and. political involvement in making decisions about education we got to put the parents back in charge we discovered during this pandemic how little control parents have of their child's education many parents wanted their children to be taught in the classroom with a teacher and they weren't able to in the schools weren't open. it was the union bosses that made those decision cox says he also wants to rescind mask mandates and vaccine and testing requirements for teachers. critics say that would lead to more kobe cases in schools and the return of distance learning in about 15
12:45 pm
minutes senator alex padilla will discuss ways to improve federal wildfire assistance the senator will host a roundtable meeting in santa rosa with local leaders about wildfire prevention, response and recovery. california is about to get billions of dollars in funding to help prevent wildfires manage vegetation and rehabilitate burned areas after the white house approved a disaster declaration for our state. environmental protection agency in the state of resources board telling people here in the bay area how to protect themselves from this toxic smoke coming from the wildfires burning to the north of our region the agencies held a webinar this morning and said it's important for people to recognize the harmful impact of wildfire smoke and be aware of the measures they can take to protect themselves both indoors. and outdoors the key message is here are checker accused i avoid smoke if you need to be outside these and n95 masks um high efficiency filters in your house if you have a c, you're going to help clear out a lot of that small particulate matter as certified
12:46 pm
air cleaner is a great option if you don't have central air or if you want to take extra steps. to reduce the impacts from smoke and you can also stay inside create a cleaner air space. experts also say it's important to choose the right mask they say to filter out smokey particles you need to wear a niosh approved n95 masks not the cloth masks we've been using for covid-19 been up here since eight o'clock this morning and rosemary just seems like it's just gotten a little bit worse throughout the day when it comes to the air quality out there. yes a switch in the winds, definitely doing it to us good afternoon to you mike garcia to all of you out there you may have noticed. early on. it wasn't so bad and now this afternoon even a spare the air issued late today will last through part of the weekend hopefully see some improvement on sunday as our pattern begins to switch once again but here's a look at sfo where you can see the haze out there. my i could see a little bit of haze and orange tinge to the sky am i right in so you're likely to see some of that as well? in addition to the haze it's a
12:47 pm
hotter day especially inland livermore already 91 degrees 77 san francisco 84 in santa rosa, mid seventies right now in oakland san jose reporting 84 degrees, so. it's going to be warm not only for today but into tomorrow with some of our inland cities reaching triple digit heat so the heat will be on, especially for the inner east bay, and i'll show you those numbers in just a moment. we are good to moderate across the bay area right now, you can see as you get. into areas over the sacramento valley switches from moderate to slightly unhealthy and then you get into the sierra and it's very poor air quality once again perhaps even bordering hazardous at times, we are going to continue in and out of the smoke and haze with that north and northeast wind expected to remain with us not only for today but into tomorrow and then again, we do begin to start to see a trade as we move into sunday here's a look at the storm tracker, too, if we didn't have had haze out there, we've got a beautiful midsummer day out. especially along the coastline where we have mostly clear skies this afternoon and temperatures right around
12:48 pm
pacifica expected to get to about 70 degrees but the winds out there coming in you can see big rock ridge reporting 10 mph from this direction atlas peak. it's 10 from this direction oakland south oakland north reporting from this direction as well and it's that wind coming from where the fires are that is drifting our direction and the relative humidity has dropped off considerably as well. take a look at areas near travis air force base. 18% relative humidity earlier in the week, i was tracking relative humidity anywhere from 50 to 60 to 80% with that nice onshore breeze. the future cast here will show you as we get into the next 24 to 48 hours or so we're not going to see much change. we're kind of going to be stuck with this pattern. and the heat is going to last at least or saturday before things start to change as well. here's a look at a comparison from yesterday into today conquered going to 99 for today, areas near antioch and livermore expected to hit 100 getting into the north bay 92 for you today sandra fell around the bay 84 hayward 85 sam ato 76 in
12:49 pm
the city of san francisco. the extended forecast here. as we get into your bay area weekend notice temperatures just as hot, maybe even hotter getting into saturday before they drop off slightly on sunday and then into some better weather monday tuesday as the temperatures drop off the onshore breeze comes back our air quality is likely to improve as well back to you, rosemary and oakland teachers are pushing for more covid testing options to help prevent outbreaks on school campuses teachers and staff demonstrated outside the school district headquarters yesterday afternoon the union is calling on the district to immediately increased student safety through voluntary weekly student testing outdoor meal times and better ventilation in larger common areas we want to make sure that our students have a safe environment and we are very concerned around lunch lunch and breakfast time where our students are eating without social distance and um in
12:50 pm
settings without mask, the union says. more than 1000, teachers parents and community members have signed a petition calling on the school board to start voluntary weekly testing for all students and staff a district spokesperson says oh, usd has conducted more covid test than any other district in the state besides la unified health officials in california are trying to ease concerns for the families with students back in the classroom any children are back on campus for the first time in a year and a half but with covid cases rising over the past couple of months, some parents, teachers and students. are concerned about the return to school just yesterday 12, northern california health officials including the santa clara county health officer sara cody reaffirmed the many benefits of children returning to the classroom. during the pandemic when most children were not in school we saw a lot of other health harmed dr cody added that the lack of in person learning during the pandemic
12:51 pm
disrupted education weakened social supports and harm the mental health of students dr cody says adhering to safety protocols and preventative measures will help keep students in class and reduce covid cases. a new policy for anyone who plans to attend to send jose sharks game the new requirement that goes into effect on september
12:52 pm
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar]
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does a bear sh*t in the woods?
12:54 pm
was all caught on camera yesterday morning the in coyote was walking along the pier right near the blue and gold fleet san francisco animal care and control tried to capture the pup but he got away by jumping in the water to blue and gold employees got into a boat with the animal care worker and they were able to rescue the coyote they say the rescue happened just in time because the pup probably wouldn't have lasted much longer in that cold water. mills college alumni association is now asking a
12:55 pm
judge to extend an injunction to stop the college from finalizing its merger with northeastern university in a court filing yesterday, the alumni association asked for 60 day extension mills college caused the request continued gamesmanship by the association to derail the proposed merger with northeastern. last week a judge extended a previous order preventing mills administrators from voting or signing any merger agreement until september three, the united states supreme court has ruled that evictions can resume across the united states this decision issued last night blocks the biden administration from enforcing a temporary ban that was put in place to protect renters during the pandemic the supreme court ruled the cdc did not have the legal authority to re imposed the moratorium earlier this month california's eviction moratorium will stand if act until the end of next month. it took a lot longer than anticipated but people who had to evacuate their homes due to a gas leak in san jose are finally back. hundreds of people were given the all clear last night, but those living on
12:56 pm
a stretch of park avenue needed pgn need escort them home for one final inspection a contractor accidentally ruptured a gas line, prompting evacuations wednesday morning. pgd had trouble capping the line and that delayed the return of evacuees several times people living in martinez are being told to avoid surface water, such as creeks and streams because of a sewage spill an underground pipe below pacheco boulevard burst early this week at least 12,500 gallons of sewage spilled into martinez city. storm drains inspectors are blaming a decaying municipal sewer line in the area the bay area air quality management district is expanding its clean air filtration program because of smoke from the wildfires. three 1000 portable air filtration units will be distributed across the bay area going to low income people with respiratory issues going to homeless shelters and cooling centers the district hopes that donations from corporations or individuals will help speed up the distribution. stephan and aisha curries family foundation is taking a step to close the
12:57 pm
equity gap in women's sports i'm excited to announce that we will endow the curry family women's athletic scholarship to help elevate davidson's 10 women's programs davidson located in north carolina is curries alma mater he said in his announcement studies show women's division one sports only get about half the funding as men's sports the amount of the donation was not disclosed. san francisco 49 ers wrap up their pre season on sunday against the las vegas raiders the niners will host the raiders at levi stadium in santa clara. the team is treating this game as its regular season tuneup head coach kyle shanahan will likely give the bulk of his first team players a good deal of playing time this weekend that could tip his hand as to who will be the team starting quarterback shanahan says it's always fun playing the raiders, even if it's in the preseason. my dad was actually the head coach of l. a raiders for about three days felt like, um but i mean, i always knew. i mean, i've always known there's a big rivalry there, especially when they came back to oakland and
12:58 pm
stuff and you can tell just being around here with the fans and stuff. i think it's a little different now that they moved and stuff, but and it's a little more exciting for preseason game when you get a team to come back that does have a tradition like that and anything that can add more excitement to preseason games i'm all for kickoff for the niners raiders game one o'clock sunday afternoon, the 49ers regular season starts september 12th against the detroit lions oakland a's pitcher chris bassett is traveling back to the bay area today following surgery in chicago where he was hit by a line drive earlier this month on the field days have a daunting task tonight trying to beat the red hot new york yankees who have won 12 in a row. now the a's trailed the yankees six nothing last night but came back and tied the game only to lose in the ninth inning final score. 76 tonight's game is at the coliseum it starts at 6 40 the giants are taking on the nlcs leading atlanta braves starting tonight last night, the giants pulled out the brooms and beat the mets 3 to 2 to sweep that series first time the giants have actually swept the mets in new york since 2002 and there
12:59 pm
he was kris bryant and he's been a fantastic edition he had his sixth home run since joining the team the giants have won five in a row, and they're off to atlanta san francisco remains 2.5 games up on the l a dodgers san jose's asap center has a new vaccine policies starting september 20th visitors to the s a p center have to download an app. map and add their proof of vaccination or bring their actual vaccine card. a photo of the vaccine card is not going to be accepted as follows san jose's new requirement that requires proof of vaccination to get into almost all city owned buildings all right, thanks so much for joining us today and. keep an eye on this air because the air quality is bad. you can see it when you look through these windows stay safe join us again for our next newscast that's on the four always with you on that. ktvu news app dr ross is next. mm
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