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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  August 27, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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pushing into strawberry and then on to south lake tahoe more than 15,000 firefighters out there right now working the front lines more than a doesn't active wildfires across our state. hazy conditions brought on by wildfire smoke prompted some schools here in the bay area to take action today. ktvu south reporter jesse gary shows us how people across the bay area are managing this bad air for decades northern californians joked this is what southern california looks like not anymore not since the advent of the 12 month fire season. yeah you can definitely see it up there and smell a little bit seems like it's coming down a little bit down to the surface area here. 13 major wildfires. burning the state's landscape are also tainting the air with a brownish hue you probably woke up to, uh hes this morning and if it's not hasn't reached yet it's probably headed that way air quality readings ranged from moderate to unhealthy to
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hazardous the town of pollock pines near south lake tahoe registered an acute by off the charge it measures about 10 times worse than the average bay area reading by some sensor systems. experts say it's a problem for those near pollock pines and beyond the fine particles in the smoke travel long distances dr john bombs is a pulmonary and critical care specialist at ucsf he says fine particular matter, 30 times smaller than a strand of hair can make its way into the lungs allergies and asthma are worsened and the impact of a covid infection can be more severe. those particles can uh, increased risk for lower aspire to attract tract infections like covid led to increased risk of both infection and more severe outcomes from covid in the east bay administrators at the orender union school district friday cancelled outdoor lunch and recess due to unhealthy air readings air
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quality protocol so when it reaches a certain, uh. low air quality number we go indoors where we have filters with more of 13 filters. we have hepa filters so it's safer to keep the students inside in an age where fire season doesn't take a break the new reality is a blanket of haze that experts say threatens everyone's health, very visible it's covering up seem to be coming in early this morning kind of hanging around the bay area air quality management district is expanding its clean air filtration program in all bay area can these officials say, if you don't have some type of air filtration system state inside your home as much as possible for a mask or cover your face with some kind of cloth until the air quality improves in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox two news. and so the question becomes. when is the air quality going to be improving and the answer is simply sunday night into monday so unfortunately we're stuck with this this live look outside right now. in san francisco you can see just very
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hazy skies out there and as we look at air quality we have slipped and notice as we look a little bit further to the east all of the oranges and reds that are coming towards us as that air continues to truck in. so this is where we're at right now and you can see we have yellow, which is moderate air quality in san francisco and marin county, but head up to santa rosa, and that's unhealthy for sensitive groups. same story in oakland same story down in the south bay is well down in san jose you can see and you just had to head over to concord and you know livermore and see that they're now in that unhealthy groups. so this is the forecast for tomorrow unfortunately we do have that spare the air alert today and into tomorrow and we're kind of stuck with this until we start to get wind coming onshore and that is not going to be until sunday night. so all of this is happening because high pressure is off the coast and that is actually helping to drive with clockwise circulation some of the wind from the north our way and that is what is bringing it down to our level now, not all of it makes it down to the surface, but enough of it today that it is seriously affecting our air
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quality so let's take a look at this future cast and just show you as we get into tomorrow morning unfortunately you see, it gets worse as that northerly flow kicks in. we get a little bit of a break there saturday in the evening as you can see, it starts to just push away just from the coast but it isn't until sunday. there's eight a.m. on sunday that we finally start to see this move back as we start to get that onshore flow cooler temperatures and much better air now speaking of temperatures i'll be back in just a bit to talk about the heat that we still have to endure as we go through the weekend for now send it back to the desk. carla thank you turning down to the latest on the calle door fire in eldorado county as crews are battling to keep the flames out of the tahoe basin. cal fire says the fire is leaping from tree to tree in steep rugged terrain the fire has burned more than 143,008 are over 224 square miles and it's still just 12% contained many people who live along highway 50 corridor on the route to tahoe are under an evacuation warning right now kevin cooper familiar face here on ktvu lives in myers and he
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says both he and his family along with many of their neighbors are getting ready just in case. you're starting to see people would travel trailers u haul starting to pack their houses up and get ready to go the next 96 hours or absolutely critical for those 3200 firefighters on the front line gal fire says the cal door fire remains the nation's top priority for firefighting resources right now, senator alex padilla met with local leaders today in santa rosa to discuss wildfire prevention response and recovery efforts. this month, the senator introduced the wildfire resilient communities act. and smoke ready communities act aimed at badly wildfires protecting workers and helping combat the effects of wildfire smoke but has been traveling to different communities gathering information about how to best help local communities prepare for respond to and rebuild after wildfires when it comes to wildfires between the visitor quincy and the front lines last week for me i wanted
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to come to, uh santa rosa and the surrounding communities to again learn from the experience that you have been do and what we should take away as we craft policy and set budget priorities with our colleagues in congress yesterday the white house approved governor gavin newsom requests for major disaster declaration for california it's in response to a series of devastating wildfires which senator podia advocated four in a letter sent to president biden earlier this week as a result california set to receive billions in funding to help prevent wildfires manage vegetation. and rehabilitate burned areas for the latest information on the numerous fires burning throughout our state right now go to ktvu dot com and click on the wildfire tab. now the man convicted of assassinating senator robert f. kennedy, back in 1968 has been granted parole 77 year old serhane serhane has spent the last 53 years in prison douglas kennedy who was
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just a toddler when his father was killed so that he was moved to tears by sir hans. remorse and. he should be released if he's found not to be a threat to others. serhane whose palestinians said that he killed robert kennedy, because of the senator's support for israel today's decision by a two person panel is still subject to further review and final approval by governor newsom. and that process could take up to 120 days turning now to the crisis in afghanistan and we are seeing now makeshift memorials outside of u. s military bases. including camp pendleton in southern california people have left flowers and personal messages to honor the 13 service members killed in yesterday's bombing in kabul and that includes two marines there at camp pendleton we're already seeing some funerals being held for afghans who were also killed in that bombing we're learning today one of the people killed is the cousin of san leandro man we brought you the story of accommodate softies sorry
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earlier this week after narrowly escaping kabul he was left worried about. family still waiting to get out of afghanistan well his cousin was among those who died near the kabul airport abbey gate. the white house acknowledges a threat of future attacks persist for u. s forces continuing to work to evacuate people from kabul. lauren blanchard is in washington where the president spoke today about efforts to get people out my heart goes out our hearts go out to all those who we've lost more attacks are likely that was the message to president biden from his national already team we will complete the mission. we're monitoring these threats very, very specifically virtually in real time now flags flying at half staff for the 13 service members killed thursday outside the kabul airport gates by a suicide bomber nearly 200 afghans also died friday families waited outside local hospitals hundreds were injured in the blast. despite the danger people desperate to leave the
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country were once again near airport gates. the pentagon says they are working to improve security while still evacuating thousands before tuesday's deadline to withdraw you'll see us adjust as necessary to make sure that we're achieving that proper balance, but we will be able to fly out evacuees right up until the last moment. the president's critics say the deadline should be extended it is very complicated now, because of all the resources we pulled out of afghanistan that's just a flat truth of it and say by dealing with the taliban the president has opened america to future possible terror attacks in order to continue to evacuate any american citizen who was not yet prepared to leave. who wants to leave third country nationals and afghans with visas we will need to coordinate with the taliban what we will be looking for our. it's not words, the white house press secretary says president biden doesn't want those responsible for the attack to live on this earth any longer in washington lauren blanchard, fox news. disease carrying
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then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. detected in this small part of santa clara county county officials say the infected mosquitoes were found in parts of sunnyvale in santa clara, and as a result of truck mounted mosquito control treatment is scheduled for monday at 10 pm here's a look at the area that will be treated it includes parts of santa clara and sunnyvale it's bordered by old san francisco road, lawrence expressway east fremont avenue and sunnyvale saratoga road as you can see right here on this map, there is no need to leave home during
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the three hour treatment but you can close your windows to minimize exposure oakland city leaders are getting ready to make covid-19 vaccinations a requirement for all city employees a draft of that new policy was sent in union leaders yesterday it's a said all city employees will need to report their vaccination status or request an exemption by october 15th and be fully vaccinated by november 1st now exemptions will be granted for medical or sincerely held religious reasons, and those workers will be tested periodically those who do not comply could lose their jobs the latest covid outbreak seems to be slowing down but hospitalizations continue to skyrocket across the country fox news jonathan serrie tonight with the details. the new covid surge could be flattening out we're now averaging about 142,000 cases every day in the u. s that's up just 3% from last week as more containment efforts go into place, but hospitalizations are
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still significantly elevated. there are more than 100,000 americans being treated in hospitals for covid-19 level we have not seen since january and health care centers in covid hotspots are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with some. forced to shut down emergency rooms due to a lack of space you've got a lot of patient hours that need to be. accounted for with nursing staff with rooms available across the country vaccination rates are ticking up especially among young people more than half of 12 to 17 year olds are now at least partially vaccinated with the white house, pushing mandates as the best way to get shots in arms but there is a growing backlash, especially among teachers. in big school districts like new york. i'm a centuries i like liberty, and i would prefer to die of free man. federal health officials are also gearing up to start promoting vaccine booster shots the white house would like to begin providing the shots to
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the general public as early as september 20 question raises should it be shorter than eight months should be almost five months that's being discussed doctors are also advising folks to get seasonal flu shots as early as possible. warning flu and covid could produce a twin damage this fall in atlanta jonathan serrie ktvu fox two news. all right, turning our attention to whether we had a pretty warm day out there. these are the highest today they were, you know, 10 degrees plus above average 80 degrees in san francisco 97 in santa rosa 96 napa, but check out vallejo livermore antioch all got to 100 degrees 105 and fairfield and we were down in the nineties in san jose about 92 degrees today. unfortunately, the heat's not really what everybody's talking about, right? it is this the smoke that is in the air that unfortunately air quality has taken a turn for the worse as we suspected with some northerly wind that has kind of rolled into our upper atmosphere these are the current temperatures still
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pretty warm san francisco now at 74 degrees but santa rosa 94 we've got seventies in oakland livermore at 97 san jose at 87. and again we take a look here. storm tracker, too, and it's all about just the haze there isn't much of a marine layer at all to speak of today and we'll have the same story tomorrow as you can see temperatures pretty mild overnight and then tomorrow we're kind of off to the races again with the heat particularly inland at some spots will get up to that triple digit heat again so santa rosa looking out for 96 76 in san francisco, and again that's well above average. they should be 69 this time of year. oakland 85 101 and liver more in 92 in san jose just quickly want to show you the tropics are very busy. right now. we have tropical storm nora off the coast of mexico that's just going to go into the gulf of california brings some precipitation probably into the desert southwest and then we have this idea which is a category one hurricane right now sitting directly over havana cuba and as you can see this path here, this thing is going over 83 degree water and it is going to build up strength. and look at this
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expected to go ashore in louisiana as a category four hurricane that is a major hurricane you know 130 140 mph sustained winds so that is something to keep an eye on. i'll be back in a little bit we'll talk a little bit more about our extended forecast for now, i'll send it back to the desk geiler thank you. hurricane ida slamming into cuba's isle of youth today bringing strong winds and a lot of rain meteorologists a maximum sustained winds reached 75 mph and storm surge is are expected as far east as havana either reached hurricane status much more quickly than forecasters had anticipated that storm is expected to keep gaining strength as it makes its way over the warm gulf waters endangering the coastlines of louisiana mississippi and alabama emergency managers don't want people in louisiana. putting off preparations for a hit from out of foxes and iliopoulos reports the president has already approved an emergency declaration for that state have
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to take the boat home to, uh this morning come back after lunch tomorrow morning take the camp on people along the louisiana coast cutting their vacations short as ida barrels toward the state. the storm gaining strength in the caribbean sea on friday soaking parts of jamaica the cayman islands and cuba. forecasters expect qaeda to intensify even further and slam into louisiana on sunday as a strong category three hurricane the first effects of this will be happening saturday night there was not a lot of time uh generally where you on saturday night is where you have to hunger down and stay, the national hurricane center says the gulf coast area may see life threatening storm surge high winds and heavy flooding ida could dump up to 16 inches of rain from southeast louisiana to coastal mississippi and alabama. through monday morning and around 20 inches could fall in other isolated areas this remains a very fluid situation
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as most of these do but very fluid but we must and we will start seeing winds as i'm told as early as tomorrow night louisiana's governor has issued an emergency declaration for the state while mandatory evacuations are in effect for communities along the coast they better get out of here because it's not going. be good ida will hit louisiana just one year after hurricane laura the category four storm was considered one of the costliest in state history anna iliopoulos fox news there is another deadline for the september recall election that some people may not know about monday. august 30th is the last day to register to vote. if you are unregistered and you want to cast a ballot in the recall voters will decide whether governor newsom should keep his job or if not, who would replace him. san francisco elections officials were out in several locations today to make sure people are registered. and if you miss the monday deadline there is one more way to vote.
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they also have in person opportunity um if they missed the registration deadline that they can vote in person in the city hall voting center or on election day at 588 polling places all registered voters are getting a ballot in the mail. the recall election is tuesday, september 14th and your ballot must be received by eight p.m. when polls close to be counted no luck at all so that's why i decided to call give the body try 50 bucks is nothing if i get ahold of somebody a man turns to robo calls to try to get a hold of the e d d will tell you about his results coming up. and find out what some people think it will take to make sel
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confidence in the economy is covid cases skyrocket a survey published by gallup today finds that 60% of respondents feel the economy is getting worse. and that is up from 54% of people last month the loss of confidence seems to be tied to surges in covid cases the percentage of americans naming covid-19 is the most important problem facing the country has doubled, and it is once again the top problem mentioned overall. the federal reserve says it could start scaling back its stimulus this year, fed chair jerome powell said that is due to improvement in the u. s economy despite that survey that we just talked about since the feds last meeting the intervening months
6:24 pm
has brought more progress in the form of a strong employment report for july but also the further spread of the delta variant. we will be carefully assessing incoming data and the evolving risks of the fed has been purchasing $120 billion a month in bonds in an effort to lower longer term interest rates bowel also said that a slowing of the fed's bond purchases does not mean that short term rates will go up. how investors sensed thoughts rallying to new record highs on wall street today the dow was up 242 points the nasdaq was up 1 83 and the s and p gained 39 investors were encouraged that the fed will keep those interest rates at record lows and they were also encouraged by the feds prediction that inflation will be temporary well unemployment here in california though, continues to rise in complaints still come in from people so frustrated who can't reach anyone for any help at the employee. development department some people are even trying some
6:25 pm
unique ways to get through to someone who is rob ross spoke with the man who hired a phone bought service or many people, calling the california employment development department or tdd for help they don't get much further than this thank you for calling the employment development department unemployment insurance customer service center at least you're just frustrated because you can't get ahold of anybody. desmond silva of tracy still hasn't received his benefits from when he was furloughed from tesla more than a year ago and he says he also hasn't received his unemployment benefits from when his job ended in june you see the fraudulent claims that are throughout eddie dennis things like the criminals got paid while the people that really need it are really sitting in limbo now. where it seems like the criminals got off with the fraud and it just seems like the people that really needed are really struggling now, silva says he called the dd constantly records show the edie was getting 2.1 million calls a week last month. no luck at all. that's why i decided to
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call give the body tried the but it's a service that enlists an automated artificially intelligent web robot for $50 it relentlessly called the e d. d for two days 50 bucks is nothing if i get ahold of somebody and it got hold of somebody on the second day, unfortunately silva was told he needed a different department and is now getting help with his claim but if it wasn't for the body wouldn't have known where to go it reflects the, um. um, great overloaded the system and the desperation people. michael bernick is the former head of the e, d d and now at an employment and labour lawyer in san francisco for each individual. it makes sense to make as many calls or hire people to make calls um collectively it leads to a system that just is overloaded with calls and means that nobody is able to get through easily the e d. d provided a statement to ktvu pointing out. it has a callback system for those who leave their number
6:27 pm
quote we never encourage folks to pay for services they can get for free. we understand how challenging it can be to get through to the call center and we're working hard to pay claims resolve issues and enhance our ability to serve our claimants things will only begin to change when the unemployment rate goes down, and the number of new claims go stale. and, um that may happen after september 4th september 4th is when the $300 federal supplement gets cut that could mean more workers going back to work. rob roth ktvu fox two news all right coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 why some people believe a man who grew up in union city has been kidnapped in afghanistan and coming up a little later in sports the giants continue their hot streak in atlanta as they take on the surging braves mark, given yes, we'll have all the highlights. we'll check in with cal fire for a breakdown of challenges firefighters
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has resumed at the kabul airport under heightened security today the pentagon said yesterday's terrorist attack was carried out by just one isis suicide bomber not to 13 u. s service members were killed among them 11 marines a navy sailor and an army soldier and at least 169 afghans died well, smoke from the wildfires across our state prompted air quality managers to issue spare the air alerts for not only today but also tomorrow.
6:31 pm
officials say pollution levels from the wildfires are worse than previously anticipated so anyone with respiratory issues is advised to try to stay inside with those windows and doors shut are you watching ktvu fox two news tonight at 6 30 as we mentioned earlier, there are more than a dozen act of wildfires trading resources across the state right now, more than 15,000 firefighters are working with those fires and cal fire's jonathan cox joins us now without more perspective on challenges ahead for firefighters. jonathan thank you so much for joining us. let's start of course with the calgary fire. there are two big issues right now. first cruiser trying to protect the town of strawberry. how is that going? yeah that's right, andre our crews are in there right now, really focusing on the priorities which is structure protection throughout that whole eldorado county obviously there's two big priorities that's on either side of the fire both the west side on the east side and really what we are struggling with at the moment is just the weather we get this heat wave that comes through and pushes the win. one way. the low pressures that
6:32 pm
come through and push the winds in the opposite direction. so work really fighting fire on two fronts there, and that is one of the highest priorities for us in the state. at the moment the east side of the fire really the big problem because it encroaches closer to the tahoe basin crews ready to defend echo summit south lake tahoe. um you mentioned the weather, but is there is there any hope of being successful in the spot over the next few days? yeah you know, the next few days will be critical for us you know, the longer term whether forecast for the area is a little bit more favorable as we get through the weekend and into early next week but what concerns us is just the wind that's associated with any sort of weather pattern and change uh in those areas and obviously the tahoe basin being one of the biggest concern, so there's resources from throughout the state on the line right now rotations getting more apparatus into place as best as possible and we were really kind of in that mid summer battle rhythm right now of getting resources deployed and moved around the highest priorities. speaking of
6:33 pm
another high priority here, the biggest wildfire still the dixie fire burning now for six weeks nearly 750,000 acres burned almost 700 homes destroyed whereas containment at now and what's the major issue keeping the flames going at this point, jonathan yes so we're over 40% contained on that fire now this has been a battle. it's been a unprecedented fire for just where it's burning how it's burned and kind of how long it's consumed. fuel for crews are getting a good. a good containment on that fire. you know, it's trending in the right direction new incident management team will be transitioning to that fire in the next few days, and so things are looking up there there's some optimism not to say that we're out of the woods by any means. but things are looking up, and i think one of the top priorities and the concerns right now is really that eldorado and called or fire and back to the you're sick you're transitioning on the dixie fire to a new incident command team. what's the significance of that change over? yes, the significance of that is just making sure that
6:34 pm
we're rotating our cruise through these incidents if we have crews that are in place too long. we really like to get them off get them two days rest and get them some rest and relaxation so they are able to get back out there. we're only halfway through the fire season right now, typically the worst months or ahead of us and although we have major fires burning across the state we're doing two things at once we're focussing on the now and the emergencies at hand as well as planning for what the next step. eight and kind of 15 weeks look like all right, jonathan cox spokesperson for cal fire. thank you so much for bringing your insight into the caldera fire and the dixie fires burning right now across california appreciate it. thanks well, the family of fallen san francisco firefighter jason cortezis still in mourning, but they've got one less thing to worry about. now. cortez died in october of last year when he fell during a training exercise he left behind a wife and two young sons. as well as a mortgage to relieve some of
6:35 pm
that burden the tunnel to towers nonprofit stepped forward and paid off the mortgage on the house that cortez shared with his family to us it's our duty to make sure this family has at least one burden taken away relief um that we can just focus on our healing um and it's so nice to know that there are people out there that um are so kind took care. supporting us. even people we don't know tunnel to towers is a nonprofit established to honor a firefighter who gave his life in new york during the 9 11 terror attacks. now the tunnel to towers foundation is set to hold this annual run in new york city coming up next month and we hope that you'll join us as we honor all of those participants and the organization for its ongoing good work. that special is set to air right here on ktvu fox two coming up on friday october 1st at seven p.m. art so with it last few minutes, we got word into the newsroom from the
6:36 pm
pentagon that us air strikes have been carried out targeting the islamic state in afghanistan in retaliation for that deadly kabul airport attack. now this comes as we learn that a u. s citizen is missing in afghanistan and his loved ones believe he has been abducted his boston morgan hill happen to be recording a phone call with him on tuesday as armed men scale the wall of his family home ktv is an rubin says no one has heard from him since. sean called g a u. s citizen went to kabul three weeks ago to rescue his wife now his bosses believe he, too needs rescuing they last spoke to him tuesday night everything unraveled right then and there on the telephone so they began recording this is what sean said i don't know what's going on, but they have surrounded the house now. they're going to take me. sean didn't know who his abductors were whether they were isis taliban or something else completely but he said he was followed back from the airport after a failed attempt to get through a checkpoint we fear the worst hope for the
6:37 pm
best, but we are also very fearful for his wife, his wife, who we are not identifying for her safety has gone into hiding. she's an afghan citizen who's been awaiting a visa for two years shawn's of men doesn't matter through a topic, but. if my daughter in law that's why it goes. animals it will be we lose all other and if it takes sean grew up in union city and was employed by a communications company that did work in afghanistan his bosses and his family have been calling politicians the state department and contacts on the ground hoping to arrange a rescue, but they say it's futile. how do i get him on that list i don't even know where he's act yeah so that's the problem and they say the clock is ticking with the u. s planning to end evacuations on the 31st they're afraid they're running out of time to find their friend, and unfortunately if you're not out of there and you're not on a plane you're you're in deep trouble loved
6:38 pm
ones say they're doing their best to stay positive but at this point, they're running out of people to call for help in morgan hill and ruben ktvu fox two news. well, a group of about 25. lawmaker says california is ready to house refugees from afghanistan the letter to president biden was signed by a large group of bay area members of congress, among others they say since october 2020 california has already taken in more afghan refugees than any other state and that california is prepared to continue served to serve as a quote safe harbor for individuals fleeing violence. emergency radio systems jammed in morgan hill one investigators believe disrupted surface and see what's getting in the way of making self
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crimes including sexual assault of a minor 36 year old angel vasquez was taken into custody by san jose police back on monday and booked into santa clara county jail now the charges against him include kidnapping to commit a sexual offense as well as robbery, police say during the assault, some of the child's belongings were taken well an investigation is underway in morgan hill where police and emergency radios suddenly went dark as ktvu kron reporter henry lee explains it turns out someone had been using signal jammers to disrupt communications this quiet morgan hill neighborhood the
6:42 pm
unlikely source of a service blackout for laypeople and law enforcement knocking out just about all types of communication that they were affecting the neighbor's wifi was affecting the neighbors cell phone. it was except affecting individual satellite as well as their satellite radios um and then again our radio system morgan hill police captain mario ramirez says emergency officials notice interference on their frequencies. for the past six months things got worse this week officials use radio frequency testing equipment which led them to a home near yeah august road and christophe drive. police got a search warrant on making entry to the house. our officers lost complete radio communication altogether. and um there were able to locate to, uh signal jammers within the residents technicians turn off the devices, which are illegal to operate. soon as the jammers were shut off signal was regained to the officers radios as well as to their cell phones the resident wasn't home during the raid. no arrests have been made, and the investigation is ongoing as to why he was jamming signals and putting the
6:43 pm
community at risk. that's one of the first things that go through my mind is our citizens can't call 911 in the case of emergency, and there's no morning morgan hill mayor rich constantine is a retired sounds a firefighter i can't imagine a you know, joe blow citizen having that. uh to be used for anything other than a malicious intent neighbors we talked to were shocked by the disruption. i do notice that my cellphone will actually service will cut out in one certain area neighbor john marmie said he doesn't know if faulty cell towers or signal jamming is to blame first wonder why what is so critical around this area that he would have to, you know jam signals it's um, surprising that somebody would have that. i'm assuming it's not for a good purpose. i'm glad they found. i'm glad they turned them off. police are analyzing the signal jammers the resident could face charges of preventing others from calling 911 or disrupting public safety radio frequencies at the morgan hill police department henry lee ktvu, fox two news. deteriorating air quality you
6:44 pm
bet. we've got some trouble out there. we'll talk about that and are warming temperatures coming up? all right let's get ktvu alex savage. now with a look at some of the stories working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu plus alex alright andre thank you. new tonight. thousands of california taxpayers have now received a second stimulus check. we'll tell you how to see if you qualify and how much money you might be receiving. plus, i'll talk live tonight with a professor of global affairs here in the bay area about the chaos that continues to unfold in afghanistan and we'll look at some of the biggest challenges the u. s is facing now trying to air lift people out of that country in the coming days. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu plus we will look for you then alex. thank you to first after the break what's being done to get you i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community.
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go mainstream fox's bill nato has some of the challenges are facing and when they might be coming to a city near you imagine all the things you could get done in the car if you didn't have to worry about driving it. that's the message a number of self driving car companies are trying to get across the potential customers. want to allow our riders to turn off and take their time back and sit back. relax google's parent company alphabet inc and a growing number of driverless rideshare startups. trying to accelerate the pace. self driving cars can dominate the roadways but experts say it's easier said than done the three biggest challenges for the autonomous driving it's the technical it's the regulation and it's a consumer acceptance all those self driving technology exists many companies are still refining it. we're seeing a
6:48 pm
majority to keep a human driver in the front seat as an extra safety precaution defeating the purpose of having a fully driverless car but these obstacles aren't causing companies the slam on the brakes alphabet inc is currently testing its waymo car service in san francisco after letting customers last year book cars in small pockets of phoenix, arizona and officials over at start of pony a. i hope to remove their safety driver next year. experts say the feedback they're getting during these tests is critical in helping to increase the comfort safety and convenience factors for customers. and while self driving cars in the way of the future officials say it's just taking a little longer for the future to be fully realized jill nato fox news not sure i'm ready for that yet but i do like the one that backs it into the parking place for you i tried that out before. i was
6:49 pm
pretty cool. you know it's not cool our air quality. everybody look at this. i wish i had better news for you. but obviously you know you walked outside today you probably smelled it. if you're in the north bay. i did when i walked out this morning to walk the dog. it's just kind of detector. the ratings we take a live look here at san francisco unfortunately this is where we're at so you can see here. air quality now actually going to tell you this graphic has been misbehaving, and so it's actually worse air quality than it looks right now. but you can see some of the yellows and the oranges that are out there. so we do have unhealthy air were under that spare the air alert not just today, but also tomorrow expecting again to have unhealthy for sensitive groups in the north bay the east bay and the south bay a little bit better as you're out by the water right? you get a little bit of that ceb reasons that helps a bit but unfortunate. we're kind of in this until we get to sunday night into monday and then we'll start to see some improvement here are the current temperatures out that we've had a very warm day out there today currently 77 degrees in san francisco still in the nineties up in santa rosa check out 99 conquered right now. 97 in livermore and
6:50 pm
even fairfield sitting at 100 degrees mountain view about 83 in san jose about 86 that is you know, 5 to 10 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday so this is kind of that rinse repeat. we did this yesterday. where we talked about. we were you know 5 to 10 degrees warmer, so we've kicked it up yet another notch there tonight it's going to be hazy out there. temperatures will be mild so we won't cool down as much as we did. also last night, slightly warmer temperatures and spots like fairfield places that are going to hang on to that heat they had today. annia clicking out for 68 but we'll see some fifties in san francisco and out at the coast tomorrow we're gonna have hazy sun and the temperatures tomorrow. it's kind of all about what the haze does to the forecast so here's what we're expecting 76 in san francisco 96 santa rosa 85 in oakland 90 and fremont. we will see some of that triple digit heat in the east bay again in the usual spots conquered livermore, fairfield and antioch so another warm day alle heating up and that's why we're also seeing some of that northerly flow that's dragging
6:51 pm
some of this smoke in our area but the good news is that once we get past the weekend we have a low pressure system that's going to work its way in cool us down get our onshore flow back and get rid of this smoke, and that will be very helpful here is look at your standard forecast the heat through the weekend and then we start to cool down on monday. air should get better as we head into monday tuesday wednesday temperatures dropping back to near normal guys back to you. well, t mobile's ceo is now apologizing for security breach that leaked the information of more than 50 million people the hack of t mobile systems exposed millions of. social security numbers, birth dates and other data ceo mike server it says the company is working to strengthen its security a 21 year old american now living in turkey claims to be behind this latest hack the breach is the third major customer data leak at t mobile in the past few years. right sports director market baniyas is next with the first hand report on nick bosses health the glowing evaluation given from with you. t
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
tear the san francisco giants right now. are a work in progress. and if you're a
6:55 pm
giants fan so far it's pretty good work as a matter of fact everybody wondering how are they going to do against a good teeth really good one like the atlanta braves who are in first place back in the east not the new york mets and here's how it's working so far down in the south a beautiful night in atlanta g a first place braves a native georgian gerald posey, friends calling mr first innings, three. count to him. he's got the green light deep and take it to ride. that thing didn't look like it had a chance to go out to the opposite field that's his 16th that comes up max breed and then in the bottom of the first that in southern summer storm blowing through atlanta caused about a 35 minute delay back out at second inning two on kevin gausman 02 pitches still butting at travis d'arnaud bad karaoke. third yeah as comes in and the giants lead this thing. three nothing but adam devolved
6:56 pm
was briefly with the giants way long time ago that's a list of all the left 28 solo off gausman and it's a 31 score. but the giants adding to their lead in the fourth inning the man on two out tommy la stella rips one fair down the right field line and on into the corner tyros product at great speed rolls it all the way around from first. score and the giants lead this thing 4 to 2 although inst ella i don't know it's just somehow foolish face front he gets nailed between 2nd and 3rd no further damage for the san francisco offense for two giants. in the bottom of the sixth inning with the braves batting 16 days and counting that's when it's the real deal in the nfl for the 49 ers as they open in detroit against the lines in the meantime it's all about help. just get through this raider game sunday and levi stadium intact but they did have an injury reported today. richie
6:57 pm
james wide receiver will have to undergo knee surgery and go on the injured list meantime nick bosa missed basically the entire our year last season with a torn a c l from all reports he is back and he's back with a vengeance trent williams one of the best in the business said stopping guys trying to attack his quarterback very impressed with the comeback of number 97 nick bosa nick has been outstanding knickers i mean, i don't know how you could have got stronger but he did very few people come back from major injury and are better than they was when they left, and i feel like he came back with a recipe of moves just for me, so i play nick before he left and i played when he got back in on the east. he's better. when you go by one name in the world of sports, particularly soccer you're a big deal in the case of ronaldo yeah, that is
6:58 pm
official one of the greatest in the world ever to play the game and arguably the best ever. i think few people might chime in with another idea or two. it's hard to keep up with these guys they're changing teams more than americans ronaldo's leaving event is and is returning to manchester united 15. million euros and eight million more possible and incentives to get him go it's pretty good money for 36 year old he played for manu you might remember 12 years ago in the meantime we al madrid and of course you've enters and as we close it out and get ready for the weekend who says that, uh. it's a dog's life you want to see somebody really has it rough look at this cute. this brooch yeah with the pink flamingo in the pool. that's a well taken care of dog right there. yeah, that's where i want to be this worthy like all want to be this worthy like all right thanks
6:59 pm
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