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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  August 28, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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. under some pressure, only as far as raveloson is able to steer it, early cross too far for joveljic. lafc have led twice in this half, they have outshot the galaxy 25 to 10. 11 to 5 shots on target alvarez got it, farfan hands it off, rodriguez long run to get there.
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farfan off for atuesta. blessing picks it up, kim moon-hwan looking for space, poked away -- picked up by ros rossi, cifuentes cross, stabbed away by williams and way by hamalainen. ground zero trying for the bicycle clearance, 60 seconds and change it to this will be less of a celebration then collapse in exhaustion when the final whistle comes. murillo battling with cabral, blessing final 60 seconds of this one.
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alvarez bashes it upfield. once again last man back, galaxy has a throw. they roll the dice here final 30 seconds. back for raveloson, hamalainen crossing at him, fall is up for it. time for lafc, rossi, rodriguez now forced around. a final seconds, rossi, great tackled by araujo. do lafc have time to get this throw-in and great a chance, no they don't? the game ends, lafc came from behind, they led twice but it's the galaxy who get the last one,
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the sixth one, another classic between these two teams. all square in el traffico. >> stu: those fans are stunned, aren't they? they felt it was there and the galaxy showing great character, great determination. >> john: greg vanney, joining us now downstairs, what on earth have we just seen? >> i guess that's a proper derby, two teams getting after it, both teams playing to try to attack. we want to continue to work on, the resiliency in the fight back guys showed over the course of the match was massive. great to come out of this game
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just by the circumstances with the draw, we'll take it. >> stu: second half, lafc brought it all when they got that third won the game was over -- he made a couple of changes, talk through what you were trying to achieve in the character of this team to come back there. >> as the game started to adjust down the end, we want to three in the back at times we were exposed and it was trying to get julian higher and better starting positions to try to get some crossers and try to get two forwards in front of the box. man for man, we're just trying to change the momentum so we can fight back it got us back even. >> john: what can you say about joveljic? >> this kid is going to score goals in the league, he's going to get used to the league, he's an assassin around the goal.
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i'm happy for him, once you get it started to great feeling. great thing for kevin to get a bowl again, if they can start to support us in goals and coming back, now we have to tighten up defensively. >> john: it's a lot of fun, thanks for joining us. more to come from banc of california stadium. it finishes three all between lafc and the l.a. galaxy. or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything.
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only from nature's bounty. >> jenny: postgame is sponsored by audi, another el traffico lives up to the billing period of 12 all-time meetings between lafc and the galaxy, brian rodriguez scoring twice -- he was voted the man of the match. lafc able to snap a four match losing streak but they still
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haven't won since july 17th. feels like a long time right now, jenny taft, -- this was the second el traffico this season, we had a lot of action. we need to check out the highlights from a uneventful. >> maurice: this was a fun game, starts off here -- is not dealt with at all and joveljic what a gift he gets to open up the campaign. >> alexi: you where 99 you're expected to be great and score goals and that's what he did. lafc comes back the other end, that my friends, is a penalty. if it's a definite penalty. >> jenny: they warranted it and what a finish. 58th minute. >> maurice: this was a fun game, goals galore, some tremendous saves back-and-forth. it >> alexi: look at this slalom, it looks like you. in come out, right, left, then
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roofing it from an impossible angle, my goodness! >> jenny: that is his first goal of the year, 64th minute. >> maurice: this is joveljic getting his second goal, has subtle movements there and the finish at the back post gets them right back in the game. those and celebrates with the galaxy fans in attendance. >> jenny: just as fourth mls game. it >> alexi: right on the doorstep, thank you very much. the goalkeeper is giving a big old rebounds seems to be a theme this weekend. >> jenny: here is the situation, 86 the minute. the galaxy not done. >> maurice: comes in the game it makes an impact, just that subtle movement by kevin cabral, find the back of the net and celebrates as they get a tie which feels like a win. >> jenny: here is a look at
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the weekend the scoreboard. yesterday columbus snapped a six match losing streak by beating cincinnati, montreal knocked out toronto and atlanta saw their recent momentum halted, they fell to nashville. there was so much action in this one but we set it from the beginning -- lafc needed this one, they were desperate for it. a tie doesn't feel the same, does this feel like a loss? >> maurice: it does, they did so well the great chances, it was a great game for brian rodriguez and to go up and have the lead in front of these fans, this stadium was rocking. if this is the second game in a row they'd conceded in the last 5 minutes to drop points. they have to refocus and figure out a way to shift a mentality. this could have been a pivotal moment, win against l.a. galaxy tonight would've been vital but bob bradley has to revitalize them. >> alexi: bob bradley will be frustrated and can't answer why they weren't able to get a win. greg vanney, not a perfect game,
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you go into your biggest rivals house take a point, thank you very much -- this is an imperfect galaxy but they are a hell of a lot better than what we have seen in the past and a team that will absolutely be in the playoffs. >> jenny: it says a lot about the galaxy and their character to get it done. >> maurice: they have to welcome in kc next, good luck to them. we'll and see where this team is made up and what their character is. >> jenny: still looking for the first win since july 17th, they want to be done with that date as much as we do. that one very fun for all of us. more mls action coming your way tomorrow as part of rivalry we week, expansion austin will welcome fc dallas. coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern on fs1. that does it for us today, a thrilling el traffico. for our entire fox sports group, thank you so much for watching. we will see you tomorrow.
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of louisiana coast they're being told to evacuate tonight as a state braces for a possible direct hit from hurricane item right now haida i'd arrive there is a category two hurricane it's possible it could strengthen to a category four storm by the time it makes landfall, possibly by tomorrow afternoon. fox's casey siegel has the latest now from baton rouge. fierce winds and rain from ida battering cuba on friday night, hitting the western part of the island but causing storm surges as far away as havana ida is now strengthening in the gulf of mexico and forecasters put it on a collision course with the louisiana coast potentially making landfall as a category four storm with winds of more than 140 mph. we prepositioned food. water generators and other supplies in the area pay attention and be prepared, have supplies for your household on hand in new orleans mandatory evacuations have been ordered for all areas not covered by
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the city's levee system everyone else has been encouraged to leave if they're able to do so safely time is not on our side it's just it's rapidly it's growing. it's in it's intensifying if you're going to leave you need to do that now, louisiana. is no stranger to hunkering down for hurricanes residents who plan on sticking around and riding out the storm are stocking up on gas and groceries while they still can this father and son filling up their car with as much bottled water as it could hold so that if something like katrina does happen we don't have any problems. how many cases do we get 25 lot if item makes landfall on sunday as projected it will be 16 years to the day that hurricane katrina hit. that's the latest from baton rouge, louisiana casey stegall fox news, mountain line that attacked a five year old boy in southern california was shot and killed by a wildlife officer authorities say the boy was
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playing in the front yard of his calabasas home on thursday when the £65 cat attacked the child's mother punched the mountain line with her bare hands and got him off her son the boy suffered traumatic injuries to his head and upper torso, but is now still. table at a los angeles hospital another mountain lion, spotted in the area was tranquilized and then released into the wild, oakland police are investigating a deadly hit and run accident that claimed the life of an alameda man, firefighters responded to the 200 block of market street in oakland around five a.m. yesterday they found the 29 year old man dead at the scene after apparently being hit by a northbound big rig that kept going after the collision. investigators asking anyone with information about the incident to contact oakland police vt a scheduled to resume light rail service tomorrow morning three months after the deadly mass shooting at the rail yard in san jose, the transit agency says it will be operating limited like rail
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service between eight am and seven pm the trains will be able to take passengers to and from the 49ers game and tomorrow afternoon at levi stadium now vita says it's been inspecting tracks and platforms and is also in the process of retraining. and re certifying its employees. the republican front runner in the recall election larry elder reportedly supported denying emergency medical care and education to undocumented immigrants the chronicle reports elder made the remarks in a column he wrote back in 2010 he also wrote citizenship should be denied to the u s born children of undocumented immigrants. a link to the column remained on his website elder has so far not commented on this column a dedication ceremony held this morning for the new dumbarton quarry campground in fremont. well aside is located on a lonely tear it ilary and special recognition was given to the native american tribe
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the idea for the campground has been in the works for close to half a century this is the east bay regional park districts first urban campground developed along san francisco bay. not far from here stands one of the few remaining sacred village sites of the bay area. this is where lonely people have and continue to balance human needs with out of the land and wildlife. so there are 63 campsites on the grounds, a general store playground and scenic walking trails, walking tours started at 10 a.m. with that ribbon cutting you saw there at noon campsite fees range from $45. to $75. well, burial whether dealing with all the smoke and they had of course the haze and all the heat. we begin to see a little bit of some change for tomorrow but more pronounced changes into early next week. of course, the big update right now on what could be a very situation with hurricane. to right now. a category two storm hurricane packing winds of 105
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miles an hour, moving to the northwest at about 16 miles an hours we take a look at the potential tracks here. what we call the spaghetti plot you can see all those lines are kind of converging together, and that is the actual track from the hurricane center and along this track, we are expecting strengthening into a category three into early, maybe late tonight and early tomorrow morning. then possibly making landfall as a category four storm tomorrow that is a major hurricane you can get an idea here of just the layout here. you can see that looks like it's to the to the west of new orleans but of course at this track that changes that could have a huge impact but along this track storm surge could be on the order of 10 to 15 ft. and that is a very serious situations or something to watch. what with what could soon be a major category for hurricane back here in the bay area, as you know that weekend starting off on the hot side and smokey and hazy san francisco 84 degrees look at all the triple digits on the map here you can see up in the north bay e space fairfield 108
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degrees this afternoon as we take a look right now at the satellite we're showing you this you can see the fog hanging out toward monterey bay and that may represent a change that could bring in at least the beginning of some cooling for tomorrow near portions of the coastline maybe right around the bay and look at all the fire activity from the uh the called or fire here and also the dixie fire so obviously a lot of smoke being generated in that smoke even the fires up to our north being kind of push toward the a burial we do have that spare the air alert for tomorrow current numbers out there. santa rosa nineties and seventies around the bay, still very hot. england triple digits out toward walnut creek here's a live camera looking about san francisco where we still have all of that haze in the sky, and we're gonna plan on having that hes in the forecast for tomorrow as well. here's the plan tomorrow for your sunday temperatures ranging from around 72 right around 100 degrees this area of high pressure sticks around for tomorrow so maybe some minor cooley near the coast another
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hot day inland and then this system wants to definitely cool us off into next week monday, tuesday and wednesday a welcome cooling trend if you're not a fan of this heat more triple digits, 12 for tomorrow for your sunday san francisco the 74 pacifica 69 degrees and here is a look ahead there is that hot day for your sunday and then we do. bringing some relief i think some welcome changes andre monday tuesday and wednesday and we should experience it up and improvement and air quality so some welcome changes in the forecast cooler change and better equality. look forward to it, mark. thanks. yeah. the oakland a's received a boost today with the return of chris bassett who still recovering from taking a line drive off the face of thanks and sports joe fonzi with an update on how he is recovering and another tesla on autopilot slams into an emergency vehicle will break down what happened before the crash tonight at 10.
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california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today.
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happening tonight in sports. it was another battle with the a's today cooled off the hottest team in baseball to keep from sliding farther down in the american league wild card race a few days after his surgery in chicago pitcher chris bassett is back in oakland and he
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delivered the starting lineup today for the a's game with the yankees. the a's jumped to a leading this one in the second inning against nestor cortez tony kemp trickles one up the middle and into center field and chad pinder comes around from second it's one nothing oakland's first lead in the series. he's got one more in the inning on a block they were set up for more here in the third starling marte to third with one out when john gomez line drive his spirit by dj lama who who throws the rope net adore at third. they call it a double play with adore retiring marta. they reviewed it somehow came to the conclusion that the door was on the bag bob melvin, not buying it he wasn't around for the games conclusion no doubt about this one in the fourth matt chapman puts it, cortez pitch over the state farm sign and left center home number 21 on the for chapman three nothing and the age would need that run. that's because in the ninth with a runner on aaron judge did what he does against sergio romo the guy from linden gives a fan in the left field seats of souvenir home number 29 year for judge three to the
6:28 pm
yankees had lives but romo got giancarlo stanton on a pop up and then joey gallo on a ground ball to end it. 3 to 2, oakland as the yankees winning streak ends at 13 games in the age losing streak ends at six. oakland right now three. half behind the red sox for the second l wild garden spotting street his teammates happy to see bassett and he was happy to be back, so i didn't have brain surgery i didn't have a brain injury which is massive for me. um so i can deal with some face paint and i can deal with some swelling and stuff like that. not looking too pretty, but. i obviously need to be here not only for the guys on the team, but for me too excited to be here excited to kind of trying to get my life back to normal a little bit. and we nearly a third round of golf's bmw championship in maryland, with the top 30 advancing to next week's tour championship patrick can't lay plays the break just right on this eagle putt on the par five seconds cantlie made the one eagle on
6:29 pm
the way to a 66 that has him in a tie for the lead bryson to shambo had a pair of eagles on the day he got this close with his tee shot on the par 4/5 and then nailed the eagle putt after also making eagle on number four d shambo shot at 67 he and can't lay both 20. one under par for the tournament in front by three strokes and not exactly football weather in fresno today 120 degrees for fresno state's game against uconn jake julie haener monta vista high school in danville and the offspring of our own julie julie haener there's a short completion to jalen cropper and then cropper turns it into an 86 yards touchdown play. julie haener was 2026 331 yards and three touchdowns before leaving the game with cramps the bulldogs rolled 40. by two. nothing i think i know where julie was this. i know she is. she told me she was heading their stand 120 degree. he did this in the ball. i've got to ask her about that when she gets back because that is good job i'm jake for still
6:30 pm
doing in that heat anyway. absolutely. all right. thanks so much we'll see you back at 10 o'clock and thank you for joining us. we're back for the 10 o'clock news right after 10 o'clock news right after lego masters modern [ both laughing ] right? yeah. hey, mom... listen to this card dad got for grandpa jay. "hip-hip-hip-hooray!" [ chuckles ] "save the extra hip. you'll need it someday." [ both laugh ] 'cause he's old! mm. you're not giving him that. even if he drinks his other gift first? nope. ladies... do you remember exactly one year ago today when you did not have a gift for your grandfather and it killed him just a little, so i suggested you start interviewing all the members of the family for a video tribute? well, check it and burn -- we totally did that. alex: almost. we just need to finish the editing. and you should talk. you haven't even started on your gift yet. [ doorbell rings ] that's because i changed mine. i thought of a better idea yesterday. i think i came up with a better idea. okay. my dad has a picture of me and mitchell when we were kids, standing in our old backyard. we're gonna re-create the picture.


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