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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  August 30, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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moves closer. oh i'm looking forward to is. get my dad out of here. another than that, i'm fine. so i'm on my motorcycle. i can get out right now. but i'd ask more important to me just trying to get out. get safe. just was here for the angora fire. but it wasn't this severe. from ktvu. fox. two news. this is the four all right, take a look at this map from kyle fire. evacuations are now underway from to homa on the west shore of lake tahoe to the nevada state line. cal fire firefighters really up against high winds and dealing with resources that are stretched so thin as they try to keep the flames from reaching these communities welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes. i'm andre. senior this afternoon cal fire throwing huge resources into the firefight as those evacuations are underway, and that includes 25 helicopters along with more than 350e groune
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than 3600 firefighters. the cal fire has now burned more than 276 square miles across el dorado county. since it started over two weeks ago. containment dropping to 14% cal fire says they're fighting extreme heat winds and dry conditions. was. the fire is under a red flag warning as we speak. so really, that's true. it's challenging firefighters this extreme winds that are pushing that fire, so it's really a challenge for both our resources on the ground and in the air embers from the fire flying up to half a mile away and spreading those flames as well as crowning from tree to tree fire. weakened trees are also posing a big risk to the fire crews on the ground ktvu jesse gary, with the latest on the evacuations. monday a cavalcade of vehicles moved through a grey haze and choked all lanes of highway 50 this as thousands of residents of south lake tahoe and the surrounding cities heated a mandatory evacuation order. the town's crazy just trying to get
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out. get safe. just was here for the angora fire, but it wasn't this is the group. so it's a little scary, but we have all of our stuff. we stayed as long as we could, and now we all waited a little bit too late. you know, we wish everybody would have gotten out sooner. the area had been under an evacuation warning since the weekend at nearly 100,000 acres, the cal door fire continues an unrelenting trek toward the tahoe basin more than 12,000 firefighters are trying to protect lives and property monday. the states evacuation warning. became an order. that's important to follow all the local authorities. issuance of evacuation information as the conditions change, experts say. long before the order came, residents and businesses should have gathered supplies, important medications and documents. clothing in order to leave as quickly as possible. all of the things that are required to maintain your mobility. and your capability
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as you move from your home to another location. make sure that they have a plan for connecting with all of the family members in the household. many evacuees are moving east into nevada. some hotels such as the hard rock hotel and casino are offering space for those affected. yeah. but the drive to safety is a long and slow one. all of a sudden, they've got all these people leaving, and there's only one way out of town as californians once again try to escape the wrath of mother nature in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news and the dangerous air from the cal door fire surrounding that area now is making the fight against the fire even more difficult. the air quality is so bad that crews are limiting the use of aircraft dropping less water and retardant. expected the air quality index is far above that hazardous 500 mark fact, some fire crews say they have never encountered conditions like
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this before. award update we want to bring in now our meteorologist rosemary oroczo with a look at you know what those conditions are like, especially there in the tahoe area, says. you know the record dry fuel out. there are relative humidity is dropping. the winds are picking up and there is a red flag warning as we heard just a moment ago. that will go all the way until wednesday. it includes the sierra all the way to the state line there and then shifts over towards you can see down beyond areas of lake tahoe. lake tahoe began that red flag warning a little bit earlier today, and it's right in there where the fire is burning if we take a look at some of the conditions out there right now. pollock pines reporting 88 degrees. relative humidity is already 14% so very dry and when it's that dry, the fire burns just that much faster and when the winds are blowing as well, we are looking at, of course, embers flying, starting new fires and fanning the flames. this is expected to last at least for a couple of days, so
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they definitely have their work cut out for them. unfortunately, back to you. all right, rosemary. thank you. all right for insight now into the emergency response to the cal door fire joining us this afternoon as mark novo, former fema presidential appointee and mark thanks once again for being here, the situation it really has gone from from bad to worse, the fire's path the extreme growth and it will cruise ever catch up. you know, i don't know what's ironic about this, too is this is the first year that cal fire has been able to fly at night time due to some new helicopters. so you would think we'd be able to double production because we have these new tools. but yet we see fires for the first time in recorded history there leaping over the sierra nevada mountain rates the dixie fired just did and it looks like the cal door fire is going to do it, too. crews are stretched thin. they got help from five other states. but heather, i'm not sure they're going to be able to get this one. it's going to be take mother nature
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to help us. yeah mark, you know, we have a triple threat of natural disasters right now. you know, we got the dixie fire. kaldor fire, of course, hurricane ida. at the risk of sounding to die here. do we have the resources both state and from the federal government to handle all these disasters right now. a tear point. andre this is what's going on before these fires broke out cow fire along with other fire agencies in california, we're working 12. other large fires. some of those fires, they did not have the opportunity to put enough crews on so they were just pointed a few cruise to keep an eye on it so they wouldn't take off. some of those fires did take off. so that gives you an idea of the resources in terms of personnel. typically these fires would have hundreds and hundreds of fire engines. and firefighters now they've got them out there, but each fire and there's so many fires are requiring so much that it's been very difficult. and when we talk about the hurricane, we know that fema's already deployed 70% of their resources.
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so there is challenge here. no question. oh, absolutely, and i want to go back to the cal door fire mark because we are seeing some really hazardous air quality, especially there in the fire zone. we just reported on how it's affecting the firefighting crews now telling us that they have not seen conditions like this ever before. i mean, that just really adds. i mean, it just complicates the firefighting effort. no question. they've been at this for so long, not just this year, but three or four years. we keep getting first historical first, most acres, burned second largest fire, you know, a number of people were killed. it just keeps growing. and unfortunately when you don't have resources you're calling upon those firefighters to do an awful lot more trying to contain these fires and what we're seeing what the cow door is erratic fire behavior spotting a mile down the road with the 90% believe me that that spot that ember that's coming from the main fire
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flying down a mile or so is going to start another fire. more and more challenges to this more and more indeed, so we've seen these flames burn along highway 50 based on what you know right now can residents in south lake tahoe, which we know you know, doesn't have that many main therapy was in and out of there. how did they know to safely evacuate where to go? because we've seen those lines of people trying to get out and they could get stuck there. tell us about that. yeah, and with you know, typically, there's a couple of ways out of tahoe, but highway 50 being blocked because the fires burning that direction you can only go one direction towards nevada with 50 so people should get out of there. now, if they need information, one of the things they can do to things they can go to the eldorado sheriff's website or cow fires website to them the evacuation routes which area should be evacuated. but if you're in lake tahoe, my? yeah,e you're getting that information.
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thank you. you're welcome. so as the situation in south lake tahoe grows more concerning, we have crews headed to the area right now. brooks jarocz we'll have live coverage beginning tomorrow morning on mornings on to that begins at six a.m. and between newscasts were updating the latest on all of california's wildfires, and that's a ktvu .com. well now let's talk about item. it is now a tropical depression hours, though, after making landfall about 60 miles from new orleans as a category for hurricane. it left a path of destruction and widespread power outages as well as a lot of flooding. at least two deaths have now been confirmed, and the governor of louisiana expects that number to rise as search and rescue efforts continue reaching people trapped in their homes is a big challenge for rescue crews because of the grounds right now, because of the condition. excuse me that are on the ground right now. fox's caroline shively joins us now live from new orleans with the very latest, caroline. hi
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there, heather even before the storm made land. paul yesterday, officials here in new orleans and throughout the state of louisiana said, hunker down stay inside at the height of this storm. we may not be able to rescue you. but in laffite about 20 miles south of here, a tiny little town they did it anyway. in the height of the storm, they were able to get in rescue 27 people who needed help. right then they were back out it again today, rescuing another 80 an amazing story of heroism here in all of this destruction, all right. residents across the gulf coast are facing scenes of destruction like this in new orleans and beyond, item made landfall sunday, is one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the u. s rescue operations began today, many using black hawk helicopters reaching trapped residents is a challenge as power lines and trees litter roadways across the state. despite this, officials are confident they can begin searching for residents stuck in their homes. we know that individuals are out there waiting to be
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rescued. because their homes are not habitable, many place so we're gonna do everything we can to get to all the individuals who need help. more than two million residents are without power in louisiana and mississippi. utility crews say it will likely take days to determine the extent of the damage to the power grid, and the federal government is stepping in to help president biden approved a disaster declaration freeing up much needed resources officials are urging residents to stay alert to heat anyway. earnings from local authorities more than 5000 members of your national guard has been activated from louisiana, mississippi, alabama and texas to support search and rescue and recovery efforts. the biggest question here on the ground heather has been when or will we get power? enter ji, the local electric company earlier today said we don't know we need to assess just moments ago they came out with a statement saying some people on the ground without power right now should prepare
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not to have power for more. then three weeks, heather back to you. i mean, that is some timeline if you're talking about being without power, caroline for more than more than three weeks. how many people do we expect that to impact. the most people will get that back before they said 90% of customers will be shorter than three weeks, but the folks in the remote locations that might be the hard won. they have plenty of transmission lines snapped just into here in new orleans, eight main transmission lines went down, one of them still laying in the mississippi river at last check, so it's going to be hard. certainly not as bad as katrina, but this was a rough one gusts here in the city more than 100 mph at points overnight. yeah, i mean, you've got clean up. you've got restoration of power so much work ahead there in new orleans. thank you so much. caroline shively reporting live for us this afternoon. no, i have him on the team is gonna be a huge hole that yeah, we're not gonna be able to fill, but i know always remember him. tragedy
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strikes in east bay community students returned to classes days after the loss of a popular high school athlete. also breaking news san francisco emergency crews evaluating several people at the waterfront after a covid out. take on board. a cargo ship ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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with 5g access included. plus get a free samsung galaxy five g with trade in. all on the power of the t-mobile 5g network. rule your day with the big five g upgrade. only at metro. the fire department right now is evaluating a number of people form a cargo ship after a covid outbreak onboard. ktvu christian captain now live from pier 26 in the city and christian. at least six patients were loaded on board a bus for transport. yeah right. x patients were loaded onedical te at pier 26. if you take a look now, you can still see that there are firefighters on scene here still securing the scene. so this is still a developing situation. at this point. we have learned a lot of details about where this whole situation originated. let's go
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to chopper to show you right now. there is a vessel called global striker that is anchored out in the bait. we have learned from firefighters here in san francisco that a total of 21 members there are 21 crew members on board that ship. that ship notified the coast guard over the weekend that a total of 19 of those 21 crew members were covid positive as of saturday night again. that ship is still anchored out in the base of san francisco fire department responded the way that they would respond. basically they said to any other call of those 19, who tested positive. six were reporting mild flu like covid symptoms and requested medical attention. that's why they were brought on shore here to pier 26 loaded on board that medical transport bus, which is available for use during mass casualty incidents. those. six patients were brought to three different hospitals throughout the city for treatment, so that no one hospital was overwhelmed
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by a sudden influx of covid patients. now those 19 as i told you before tested positive of those 13 opted to remain on board their ship, they're going to have to stay on board. the global striker essentially quarantined out there until the past, packed by the infectious period. no. word on exactly where this ship came from. we have heard that it was used to transport wood and is from the philippines, but we don't know where it's last port of call was and again we don't know the nationality of those crew members who were brought aboard or brought ashore here in san francisco, but again, six of those crew members reported flu like symptoms, they said enough that they were requesting medical attention met. treatment here on shore and again transported to three different hospitals here in san francisco will continue to look
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for more details about this ship about its background and about those crew members. we hope to have more information for you throughout the evening for now, reporting live in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox. two news, right christian is going to be there trying to find out more information for us, christian. thank you. well students at liberal, more high school or morning a popular athlete this afternoon. the 15 year old killed when the vehicle he was travelling and plunged down an embankment. several other schoolmates were injured in that crash as well. ktvu is henry lee is live on the campus right now, with much more, henry. well andre students and staff are in shock over the loss of hunter diemer. he was a popular student who was on the wrestling team and he was in a pickup truck that rolled several times friday night, and he died just four weeks shy of his 16th. birthday. he always just had his great attitude. every time you walked in the room, yes, smile on its face. friends and family are mourning the loss of 15 year old hunter diemer, a liver more high school student and wrestler who
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was killed in the crash. five other students were hurt. hunter was on the varsity wrestling team. timothy cowan is a team captain. oh no. have him on the team is gonna be huge hole that we're not gonna be able to fill, but i know i always remember one minute we're a blubbering mess. the next minute we're laughing, and then we're angry her guidry, his head wrestling coach. he was just a great kid. he had an all over, you know, altogether positive attitude with everything that he did, um, you know, even when practices were hard he was willing to continue pushing through now. five other students are pushing through after they were hurt in the crash. it happened at about 11 30 friday night and your minds in del valle in livermore, the driver lost control of a chevy pickup truck, which plunged down an embankment and rolled several times. some of the teenage victims were ejected. hunter was not the driver. photos on hunter's instagram page show him enjoying the outdoors, fishing and hiking his loved ones and fellow cowboys that live more high are trying to be strong. his team and family gathered in the middle of campus for a final
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send off, you know, just one and 23 and a really loud cowboy tough and what we mean by that is you're going to get knocked down and we expect you to keep getting back up. even though you're knocked down. you may be down for a minute, but you're going to get back up. now. two of the injured students are reported to be in critical but stable condition and the chp is working to investigate the cause of the crash live for the living more high school. henry lee ktvu fox two news our hearts go out to those families are, henry. thank you. around the bay area this afternoon temperatures running a little bit cooler, especially for our inland cities. the low cn francisco, where the clouds are rolling ride over the city. we are going to continue in this cooling trend. this is also helped to improve our air quality. although we had some lingering haze and smoke out there today and an alert for that we did not have a spare the error and most of us enjoying moderate air quality at this time. temperatures
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right now. 64 degrees in san francisco 70 in oakland, another warm day inland, but not quite as hot as we were over the weekend, although livermore 97 you're toasty 94 in brentwood into the north bay, some cooling here going on today. 77 napa 83 over santa rosa will take a look at the 24 hour temperature change. santa was actually a tad warmer than yesterday. but around the bay anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees cooler. oakland hayward and then as we go inland, a couple degrees cooler right now over areas will deliver more. we will continue to have temperatures fall off. today we're above average for inland cities, eventually getting below average in the extended forecast. storm tracker to here we have a trough that's developing their over the pacific northwest coming from canada area and as it does, it's going to bring with it cooler air and that onshore breeze has picked up as well right now. sfl reporting in northwest breeze at 29 mph. we have hebert reporting 16 livermore reporting 15. that's also helping to bring us some
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better air quality or quality around the region right now reporting moderate will remain moderate, good to moderate as we roll into the next couple of days as this new pattern takes hold over the bay area, in addition to that temperatures will continue to fall off. here's a look at what we do expect for your bay area tuesday. 84 degrees for santa rosa, mid sixties in san francisco upper sixties oakland, 87 in livermore, 79 over san jose so along the coast around the base, slightly below average. our inland cities will be right on track. temperatures will fall a little bit more for your bay area wednesday. better details on these numbers for tomorrow and the extended forecast coming up. sentence handed down today in the case of a college student from the bay area who was killed in iowa. we'll have details death of univa
4:23 pm
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student mollie tibbetts. she grew up in oakland before moving to iowa with her family, but his body was found in a
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cornfield in august of 2018, about a month after she vanished. christiane rivera, an undocumented farm worker from mexico, was convicted back in may. he was sentenced after victim impact statements from tibet's mother, which said, remember violently and statistically ended her daughter's life. rivera was sentenced to live without the possibility of parole. any space city is now stepping up traffic safety measures around an elementary school for families and kids walking to and from the campus students at burton valley elementary school in lafayette have to walk in the road at around parked cars as they head to class. that's because there are no sidewalks in front of the school. well now the city is planning a yearlong pilot program with new safety measures, which would include banning parking on one side of the street. some neighbors say that they are not being taken into account. everybody that has a car and whatever has the park on the other side. um, that's an issue in itself. because, you know, i buy a house and now i can't
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park in front of my house. the city also plans to install speed bumps to cutback plans to improve sightlines and also add safety. rick elect reflectors to help drivers slow down. the efforts come after a 10 year old boy on a bike. it was killed last year in an accident with an amazon van veta trains are once again running in the south bay for the first time in three months. the vita is now operating limited service on its orange and green lines. some trains went back into service yesterday to take passengers to and from levi stadium for the 40. niners raiders game rides will be free for the next two weeks. the b to put train service on hold after a gunman killed nine co workers at a rail yard in may. the agency has been retraining employees. and also giving them whatever support they need before going back to work. america's longest war now officially over, i'm griff jenkins at the state department, with the latest on the u. s troop withdrawal in afghanistan
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and talking about afghanistan and asking for help the message to veterans who might be feeling frustrated, angry or betrayed as those last u. s troops today leave the country. california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm,
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together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today.
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the killed or fire toward the tahoe basin. the fire burned through twin bridges and echo summit overnight and into the morning. the expanded evacuation area is north of elks club along highway 50 and the pioneer trail. and for the very first time the evacuation
4:30 pm
area includes people in the tahoe basin and amador county, including the tahoe keys, where we're seeing a long line of vehicles. on highway 50 firefighters continuing to finalize containment of the tamarack fire, which is now 82% contained, the forest service says crews are working to control the remaining fire, which is in very steep, inaccessible terrain. nearly 69,000 acres of burned the lightning sparked fire broke out on the fourth of july along the california nevada border. crews are slowly gaining ground on the massive dixie fire, which has been burning east of chico for the past six weeks. cal fire says it's now 48% contained after burning nearly 1200 square miles, flames from the dixie fire has spread across five counties and destroyed nearly 700 homes. historic day in afghanistan, u. s officials say the final planes have departed kabul marking the end of 20 years of war. frantic two week long airlift allowed more than 116,000 people to leave the
4:31 pm
country, including americans and a partners. but the pentagon says that some americans were left behind foxes. griff jenkins has details now on this final day of evacuations. and the end of the longest war in us history. i'm here to announce the completion of our withdrawal from afghanistan in the end of the military mission to evacuate american citizens. our country nationals and vulnerable afghans. the pentagon announcing the last of the u. s troops have left afghanistan effectively ending america's longest war hours before the president's august 31st deadline while the military evacuation is complete. diplomatic mission to ensure additional u. s citizens and eligible afghans who want to leave continues their departure coming despite more violence in kabul on the final day spent drawing down forces. us officials reporting five rocket attacks overnight three landingff theabul airfieldct and
4:32 pm
thwart the attack of one and the other rocket landed with no effect to the mission or any danger to our personnel. pentagon. spokesman john kirby asked about a separate strikes sunday, said this about reports a u. s drone targeting an isis k threat killed 10 afghans, including seven children. we are in not in a position, uh, to dispute it right now. the escalation in violence the backdrop monday as biden officials work to defend the president's decision to leave afghanistan, ending nearly 20 years at war if he had not his view and the view of many experts in military out there as we would have sent tens of thousands, potentially or thousands, at least more troops back into harm's way. this is putting americans in harm's way for decades. the taliban says it's now in control of kabul's international airport at the state department, griff jenkins, fox news. and veterans
4:33 pm
of america's longest war now finding themselves feeling conflicted. for some the u. s is long overdue and withdrawing its forces. others question the trustworthiness of the taliban and what may become of afghanistan and its people. randi lee baker is a former first responder and president and co founder of the code nine project. that group works with the military community law enforcement agencies and first responders to help prevent post traumatic stress as well as suicide. thank you so much brandon lee for being here. how. my veterans of afghanistan be feeling right now. thanks for having me again. heather is the pleasure i can't begin to imagine or even assume what our military servicemen and women both active duty and veterans are feeling right now, um, they're just like every other subject matter. we have all kinds of different political perspectives and viewpoints and experiences within serve it.
4:34 pm
and our perspective from the code nine project is that regardless of what those thoughts and ideas of the withdrawal of troops we have 20 years of service 20 years and in some families, multigenerational service that is now changed and rallying around our veterans and active duty servicemen. women is a civic duty from our place to provide the resources and the support for them to really reconcile all of this. there's big change happening. yes there is for so many people and their families as you mentioned what are some of the good ways that these veterans and their families can cope. so certainly reaching out to our peer support hotline, which is 24 hours, seven days a week. 844 hope to 47. in addition, we were just in the shasta county
4:35 pm
area where returning on september 11th to do a community walk for the prevention of suicide, ptsd and, um, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of 9 11 were encouraging any veterans, servicemen and women law enforcement first responders. to join us in the area for community and support will have our peer support our chaplains in our canines there and have a day of community and connection. in addition to that, uh, resources reaching out counseling here supports talking constructively about how they're feeling rather than opinions about the political context of things. and if your family members or community members that have family members or friends that are veterans or still active duty,
4:36 pm
ask them how they're feeling. don't offer your opinions. don't don't speak about politics, but ask. how they're feeling and how you can support them. yeah, i mean, obviously you want them to know it's okay for them to want to talk about afghanistan and that it is, in fact, a safe place to do so, brandon lee, i want to talk with you about the closing hours of the evacuation, because, as we all know they were marked by extraordinary drama and, sadly, a number of deaths. saw 13 u. s service members who were killed thursday in that terrorist attack route outside of the airport in kabul, now the losses of friends who made the ultimate sacrifice has to have an effect. absolutely in addition to the fact that their their purpose is being questioned from the change, right, the withdrawal of the troops, there's substantial and significant loss very recent. that is also triggering what ane have an experience substantial
4:37 pm
and significant lost over the last 20 years, so this is a very serious and significant situation and again, i'll just reiterate its why resources and support like the ones that we offer are so critical and i encourage anyone that is struggling to reach out the code nine project .org even to your local chaplains to your local councillors, there is no shame in getting support when something so significant is happening such as this and you've dedicated your life, uh to service and sacrifice you've sacrificed being with family you've lost close. members within your units. these are this is a very significant thing. it is and one other aspect really quickly that i would like to touch on is just the difficulty of having to watch the taliban take power. some seeing this as a defeat that could put veterans at risk for suicide again. the taliban is really why we were brought
4:38 pm
into afghanistan and for all of these years, the taliban was seen as the enemy. yes, absolutely. there are so many triggers. you've just mentioned one that very well may be a trigger for many veterans and active duty. uh as well as other things. as i stated that we can't imagine because we're not privy were not exposed to the, uh, the substantial amount of things that these individuals have gone through so again, the overarching message i can give to our community that wants to support our veterans and our active duty members. is to never assume, always ask. always ask. what can i do? and how can i help? never assume you know, even if you've served even if you've served in the past, never assume you know how someone else is feeling. ask how are you doing? what can i do to help? you really important things to remember. especially as we head into the month of september, which is
4:39 pm
suicide prevention month. really appreciate you taking the time and thanks again for all of your good work. thank you for having me and if you would like more on the code nine project, we have posted a link right there on our website at ktvu .com. making the 40 hour work week a thing of the past the california congressman trying to make it happen next details on the proposal and we asked the man behind it, whether he's got the support to make it happen. minor cool down felt around the bay area this afternoon and the cooling trend will continue for you bay area tuesday. look at what you can expect for tomorrow and the rest of the this unplugged device is protecting
4:40 pm
our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chorespm to help keep our state golden.
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our door this afternoon. the low clouds the fog back with us the onshore breeze there is well and the cooling trend is going to continue a live look
4:42 pm
here over san francisco. isn't that a beautiful shot? you can see the fog just drifting on by the marine layer will continue to deepen. we have a system over areas near canada that is going to develop more into a trough that will continue to bring us cooler air in the days ahead right now, 83 degrees in santa rosa. mostly sunny skies low sixties in san francisco. 70 oakland upper nineties in livermore, 82 over san jose. most areas came down at least by a few degrees, but still very, very hot for the inner east bay. we are near 100 degrees in livermore. if you're going out to see the giants game later today, partly cloudy skies low sixties in the forecast a west breezed about 20 mph, so it's going to be cool and breezy out at oracle park. make sure you bring along the jacket. here's a look at the system that is going to move a little bit closer towards that california in the coming days, and as it does, we'll continue the onshore breeze. the deeper marine layer temperatures falling. to about average and then below average just to get into about the wednesday timeframe,
4:43 pm
temperatures. i should say onshore winds in and around fairfield right now at about 20, mph, oakland reporting, 17 and napa reporting 14. so this is also improving our air quality today pretty much moderate across the region. we had an alert for a lingering haze out there, but this is going to continue to improve our air quality as we get into your bay area tuesday. with a little bit more fog out there expected the marine layer will continue to deepen temperatures in and around the bay area along the coast and around the bay actually, a little bit below average already, but our inland cities above average that will begin to change as we know this time of year. it takes a little while before that cool onshore breeze makes it all the way in limb air quality right now reported moderate across the bay area and again the onshore breeze in that clean pacific air will continue to help us out. although we do see each a little bit of a shift at times, here's a look at the forecast. when it comes to the smoke. you can see how it moves in that direction. but then early tomorrow morning, we make it a little bit of a northerly push that wants to bring it a little
4:44 pm
bit closer to the north bay, and then it pushes back the other direction into the afternoon, as the sea breeze typically picks up as we know late in the afternoon. meanwhile over areas of lake tahoe we've been talking about. that southwesterly wind with gusts about 35 mph and dry conditions. a red flag warning. unfortunately for that area that will last until wednesday, in and around the bay area for tomorrow morning 50 degrees for santa rosa 55 to start your day in san francisco upper fifties for livermore and then into the afternoon. a nice 1 65 expected for san francisco will go upper sixties to upper seventies around the bay. 78 in red with cities 73 in hayward. it's going to be a warm day, ellen, but we're not looking at those nineties that we are right now for tomorrow. 86 conquered 87 liver more so that would be a 10 degree drop off for you and 77 expected for areas near napa. the extended forecast here. temperatures continuing to drop right now, it looks like wednesday will be the coolest day. slightly warmer on thursday, a tad warmer on
4:45 pm
friday in india labor day weekend temperatures along the coastline in the sixties upper seventies to about 80 degrees around the bay and mid upper eighties expected inland back to you much milder temperatures ahead, rosemary, thanks. southern california congressman has introduced legislation for a shorter workweek, its called the 32 hour workweek act, and for what it would do and who would benefit here and whether it has a chance of becoming reality. is representative mark takano of riverside, california representative connell. thank you so much for joining us. first with your plan, 32 hours. would that be considered full time employment, it would be considered full time employment. after which the employee would be entitled to earn over time. so the, uh my legislation would basically. reduce the 40 hour standard work week to 32 hours a week. um and just like, uh, the current situation earning over 40 hours a week with me and ti
4:46 pm
after 32 hours a week under my legislation, so no andre, it's important to understand that, uh, employers under this bill would not be, uh, mandated. uh to, uh. do anything in terms of keeping employees longer or to reduce their hours to that amount, so this is not about taking away hours at all. this is simply giving leverage to employees, uh, to begin earning overtime after the three second hour and so, besides giving the leverage to the employees, what other benefits? um. uh with the employees have for doing something like this going to a 32 our work week, and in fact, what benefit would businesses sad for this as well? well there, there are important reasons why both employer and employee can benefit a better work. life balance. um, perhaps better outcomes in terms of health and so reduced health claims. urt
4:47 pm
of it. our environmentuh if we o have a new norm of a four day work week because we know that we burn less carbon on saturday and sunday, and i think we can extrapolate that that would happen. um on, uh, you know, on a friday. uh, that people have off. uh, basically, we're looking at a workforce that is gotten used to more flexible working conditions because of the pandemic. and also, um, i think people are looking for, uh, you know, uh, a sense of better balanced in their lives, especially after the scene more than 600,000. our fellow americans perish and others get more seriously ill people understand at time. it's just as important as money they're focusing on their families. we're seeing that a lot now, especially since the pandemic. so are you getting any pushback at all from the business community about. doing something like this. oh, sure,
4:48 pm
there's some in the business community that are pushing back here, some in the business community that are also, uh, moving ahead. i mean, kickstarter, for example, is a tech company well known tech company they're piloting. four day work week and in many cases, uh, businesses that are, uh in a highly competitive labour market for highly skilled people offering employees. a four day work week is a strong attraction point after, uh you know, you can offer all the money you want. uh, you know, some of these companies. attracting talent, then becomes about other things like shorter working hours, and, uh other companies. i think we're going to be hard pressed to resist. major players in the tech sector if they move toward a four day work week. it's gonna they're gonna have to match that. so you're trying to spur so spur this as as something that many businesses try to compete for to compete and get these employees? yes, well,
4:49 pm
look, the conversations happening in the tech space are obviously about very valuable employees and attracting the best talent. the 32 hour workweek was one of those points. these are often employees that are exempt. from the ways in our laws, but you know what, my, my bill, which is about the ways in our laws is sort of catalyzing and focusing the discussion and bringing an elevating an amplifying this discussion. uh and i think for our employees and say the exempt employees, uh, in the high tech space. these conversations really do need to be happening simultaneously. let's talk about this. the bill doesn't necessarily address what you call miss classification, which is to say an employer could just switch their employees, perhaps to contract work. why isn't that in the bill? well um, we're looking strictly for most employees. i mean, the classification issue is a is a separate issue. we wanted to really. uh what this bill
4:50 pm
really does is mean it reverts to claim that, uh, that working hours will will be shortened. no, not necessarily. um that employers are going to be in a place where. uh they're gonna cut hours. they don't necessarily they don't have to do that. in fact, i think most employers are going to, uh in sectors of the economy and sectors of the workplace fork force where competition for labour is fierce. uh they're going to want their employees to be, uh, working overtime for that fifth day. um and so this is really this is really about looking at the norm of the five day work week, which we currently have. and the opening that we have to change things in a fundamental way. uh to change the norm and to have a better to have a better normal and we know other countries are trying this or even have gone through with it so far, so finally, we only have a few
4:51 pm
seconds left. you're likely to support from the other side of the move forward, do you have any bipartisan support on this bill? not yet. not yet. um but you know what? there is a strong argument. that the that many of the faith community, uh, would be interested in having, uh, people have more time to put there. uh their efforts into matters of the spirit matters of the family. um, so there isn't there is a conservative argument of for this. it's on the cultural side. um you know, stronger, better families, um, more balanced lives. uh you know, render under caesar well understood. take that many people are thinking about family right now, in the middle of covid having worked from home and they want to focus on spending more time with them. it's a good thought. we'll see if others pick up and then idea and help you move forward with this idea, representative mark to kind of author of the proposed 32 hour workweek act. thank you so much for joining us this afternoon.
4:52 pm
we appreciate it. thank you. thanks a massive sideshow in san jose. shut down what police issuing a lot of citations and also impounding several ♪
4:53 pm
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several vehicles being impounded. it happened last night. it's sent ignacio avenue and great oaks boulevard. police say they issued 170 citations as they work to shut down the side show and six vehicles were impounded for 30 days. sandals a police say spectators were detained as well as people taking part in the illegal event. san jose international airport just reported its highest number of travelers since the start of the pandemic. while the levels are still far below pre pandemic rates, the airport is bouncing back during july, more than 818,000 passengers traveled through banana san jose. that's up more than 8% from june and triple the number
4:55 pm
of travelers in july of last year. however current levels are still down about 24, a half percent compared with the million passenger trips through the airport in february of last year. how many parents are eager to know when the covid-19 vaccine will finally be available for children under 12 coming up the possible timeline for kids to ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ security at your fingertips. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. the thump of a trunk closing is a satisfying sound. and it leads to some other equally satisfying sounds. save more this labor day in-store and online at the home depot. the home depot. how doers get more done.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents.
4:57 pm
here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. but it will help you and your family stay safe and as the search continues, many parents are worried about sending their kids back to class foxes. salle jean grosso has more on that and also new details on just how soon a vaccine could be approved for children under the age of 12. mo the country, but fears about the delta virus spreading remain currently children under 12 years old are not eligible
4:58 pm
to receive the covid-19 vaccine, but health officials say there could be enough data by early october for the food and drug administration to consider if the shots are safe for children in that age range. approval of a vaccine could then follow. so that will put us on a time frame where the vaccine could be available at some point late fall more likely early winter, but will parents want their children to get the shots? dr anthony fauci says he believes the shots should be mandated. this is not something new. we've done this for decades and decades requiring polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis. meanwhile the debate over masking children rages on as the delta variant continues to spread. the cdc says it still is calling for universal masking in schools. masks for all students, teachers, staff and visitors ventilation co boarding, physical distancing and screening testing work to prevent the spread of covid in schools. however some parents say they're against mandates
4:59 pm
that all children were masks. i am opposed for the younger children i've experienced firsthand with mice toddler. it was very difficult. there's you know, breathing issues so far 72% of people over the age of 12 have received at least one saudi and grasso, fox newsine. ktvu fox two news at five starts. now, it isn't it crazy? they should have planned this a little better. they should get some more traffic going out here instead of two lanes. the threat from the kaldor fire and new mandatory evacuations for south lake tahoe. people trying to get out of the area as fast as possible. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. we expect to hear from cal fire within the hour about the threat to south lake tahoe. we will bring that news conference to you live as soon as it begins. in the meantime, cal fire is throwing major resources into the firefight going on yourself like tahoe
5:00 pm
that includes 25 helicopters along with more than 350 engines on the ground. and more than 3600 firefighters on the lines. 250 members of the military are also being activated to help along with two more c 1 30 aircraftoor fird 177 it started just over two weeks ago. contain 14%h is actually down from yesterday. crews are fighting extreme heat, wind and unprecedented drought conditions. al gore last night was very active in one place, made a seven mile run to the north east of highway 50, and another place made an 8.5 mile run so that that's the unprecedented fire behavior that tom's referring to that we have not seen. tonight pretty much all of south lake tahoe is under a mandatory evacuation
5:01 pm
order. ktvu is jesse g


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