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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  August 30, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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cresting the ridge that's going to get scary if i in all honesty, i think our firefighters going to handle it correctly. there's fire in the basin. tonight. fire officials are bracing for another challenging night as the winds pick up and right now a red flag warning is in effect for that fire area. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm frank somerville so far, the cal door fire has burned more than 177 acres. and last night firefighters actually lost some of their containment from 19% now down to 14. the flames are now only about five miles away from self like tahoe as they've been burning along highway 50 toward eco summit and for anyone who has driven to tahoe on highway 50. this video taken by local news photographer ty o'neill shows the conditions you can see that the fire is burning on both sides of the highway at echo summit. thousands of people in self
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like tahoe are now under mandatory orders to evacuate as the caldera fire moves closer to the lake tahoe basin highway, 50 was bumper to bumper as people left their homes to get out of the fire's path. the area had been under a warning. but today, evacuations became mandatory after flames spread quickly over the weekend. sounds crazy. just trying to get out and get safe. just was here for the angora fire. but it wasn't this is the group so it's a little scary, but we have all of our stuff we say as long as we could, and. now we all waited a little bit too late. you know, we wish everybody would have gotten out sooner again. the kaldor fire has burned more than 177,000 acres, many of the evacuation moving east into nevada. some hotels like the hard rock hotel and casino are offering space for those affected as those evacuations continue. cal fire is throwing major resources into this firefight. along with
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more than 350 engines on the ground and more than 3600 firefighters on the lines. 250 members of the military are also being activated to help containment is at 14% that was downgraded from 19% last night. in a briefing within the last hour, cal fire said there is progress report on the east side of the fire as you push on up the 50 corridor up in the echo lake into that country. they are currently in a firefight up there. they've been working, uh, it's been it's been. it's been a rough long day for the troops up there today, but they have been decently successful. luckily the fuels kind of run out, and it kind of slowed slowed the fire progression down up on that north peace. they were also able to use more aircraft today with clearer air conditions over the fire on that east side crews are battling extreme heat wind an unprecedented drought conditions and joining us now to talk more about the caldera
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fire is cal fire captain keith wade, who was assigned to the kaldor fire. captain wade. good to talk to you again this hour. the situation there appears to be going. from bad to worse, but in the last hour as we just mentioned we heard from cal fire officials say progress has been made on that east side. can you tell us more about that? yeah well, that's great news. um, as they mentioned, it starts starting to run out of fuel over there. and that has is approaching the echo summit. i just start to spin out as it gets to the edge, but the concern will still be those member casts. rolling out down the hillside into christmas valley and down the highway 50 quarter that that comes down into the basin. the other issue also will be rollout, which is hot ember. um you know, heavy timber timber that's been smoldering and affected by the fire can come down, fall down and then, um, role and quickly spread the fire. as is igniting vegetation along the way, so there's several issues still of concern, and it's going to be
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an active night tonight. yes at this fire is jumping in size. we've talked about the erratic behavior and you just mentioned those floating embers that float ahead and create those spot fires right now, as we mentioned the weather is not quit cooperating. there is a red flag warning in effect through tomorrow. so what is the strategy? the focus moving into tonight and tomorrow? so the objective for us as always staying two steps ahead. we try to build a perimeter where we will pray place are heavy equipment. those are dozers out to build these containment lines and contingency lines in the event that we get those amber cast ahead, so it's building the box, trying to keep that fire within the box and starting the extinguishment process, removing the fuel out of the way is one of the strategies that's implemented is there's so many different ways we can come at this fire, but this this fire has been volatile. and shown unpredictable to all the firefighters on the on the ground and when you have terrain and weather that are not been favorable to the firefight, it presents so many
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different challenges to the firefighters, and they have to be, you know, increase their situational awareness as they're moving and trying to get a hold of this. yeah this is a massive fight. we saw long lines of people on highway 50 trying to evacuate the lake tahoe area today. we also showed video. the fire burning on both sides of the highway at echo summit, as you just mentioned there are not many routes in and out of the area. what is your advice right now as the best route or the best way for people to get out of the area if they haven't already done so. there was only one way and that was highway 50 going through south lake up to the nevada side through with all the casinos are located. highway 89 on the west shore was shut down, and that's because it's giving impacted by the fire as it progresses, so with that one way out that presented issues law enforcement here did an excellent job of assisting to get the people moved. they were they were stuck for several hours, but now it is clear. it appears that every everyone was patient. everyone stayed
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informed. and got to where they need to go to remain safe. we appreciate them adhering to the warnings as i mentioned earlier when we spoke, we don't issue these lightly. we know people being asked to move leave their properties in their homes. is frustrating and can be of concern. but life safety is the number one priority of all the people managing this incident. we appreciate the public's cooperation. well, this is a critical night in a critical day ahead. we appreciate all the work that you and your fire crews are doing. we hope that you stay safe. we appreciate your time tonight as we move through the night hours. we're going to continue, of course to watch the development there on that massive cal door fire captain keith wade. thanks for your time. for more now on the conditions facing firefighters, let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin. yes, and julie what you said critical time tomorrow. this is the most critical time on this fire since its genesis. tomorrow is a big, big day for firefighters. it's a make or break day as a matter of fact, and as this fire moves tomorrow, we're seeing winds.
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this. the forecast model the green arrows or what's happening this evening or tomorrow morning. pardon me in the afternoon seems switch. that's when things get bad or tough because look at the 30 mile an hour winds. coming out of the southwest all over the caldera fire, which wants to push it right into south lake tahoe. that's why they pulled the trigger on the evacuations. a lot of the computer models the high tech fire models are showing this fire getting into south lake tahoe, right. and so that's when they pulled the trigger. we gotta get people out of here. um the topography is such that it's going to be hard for the fire to burn down hill. except when you have wind, right. so you know, echo salmon. i know most you've been up there and you know how you look down under the tidal basin. well that's where the fire is now. but if the winds blowing 30 miles an hour it's going to take embers pieces, even pine cones, light light debris and blow it half mile quarter mile mile ahead. some cases of its winning that you can go further than a mile in that in that fire get started down in christmas valley or down in those areas. that's when the trouble starts. because now you've got a fire in the bowl, and now it's independent of that. there's no terrain to
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stop it, like the downhill train will stop it kinda, but now it's down here is burning back up the backside. the smoke for the fire is going to impact us. really not just tomorrow or the next few days, but for the next maybe month as it lingers between the dixie fire in the fire at the tahoe fire, see what the smokes doing over the next couple of days. it just kind of lingers up there swirls back around for us. it's not as bad as it has been, and it won't be as bad it doesn't. i don't expect it to be as bad as it has been, but it's still like an air quality alert today. it wasn't horrible, but it's not great. there's the red flag warning that's throughout the day tomorrow. and with that in mind, we i didn't want to do that. i want to do this. someone look at these fires and you can see what the winds doing, and that's a look at the way this look like jet airplanes, right? i mean, look at how fast i mean, it's a fast forward. obviously, it's a frame grab deal, but it's the plumes are 101 150 miles long right off of these fires. that's an indication of wind in this wind. does the dixie fire up to the north and these winds are going to get a little stronger tomorrow, in which way
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is which way is this guy blowing right? it's going right towards south lake tahoe. so that's that's the concern that but they evacuated tomorrow is a huge day in the life of this fire. i'll see you back here. little bit, bill. thank you. cal fire says more than 470 structures have been destroyed by the kaldor fire over the past two weeks, including many homes. here's a look now at some of the destruction along highway 50, including the twin bridges area, where a number of properties sustained damage. the fire also went through the ski resorts sierra at tahoe. they even use snow cannons to try to fight the fire. and cal fire crews were able to protect structures from burning there some good news tonight about camp sacramento and the eldorado national forest. the camp manager says the century old camp escaped damage from the cal door fire, the manager says flames moved into the camp within feet of some camp buildings. but thanks to cal fire firefighters, the lodge, the dining hall, and the cabins were all saved. cal fire says that the fire headed toward lake tahoe crews from santa clara, 12, omni and calaveras
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counties fought hard to save this camp cap. sacramento however, says all reservations for the 2021 postseason have now been cancelled and berkeley's echo lake camp in el dorado county was not as fortunate firefighters who were there helping to battle the cal door fire were evacuated this afternoon when spot fires reached that campground. berkeley's wild land cruise has prepared for the possibility that the fire would move into the camp by clearing debris near buildings. but hot dry weather and strong winds pushed the flames into the camp today. there is no word yet on the level of damage there for a better idea of just what it's like. the conditions are like in the south lake tahoe area. we're joined now by kevin cooper. kevin, you've lived in the area now for 30 years. you're under actually mandatory evacuations, but you've decided to ride it out. why do you want to stay? you know? yeah we talked about this earlier. we went through the angora fire
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years ago, and we didn't have a lot of time to get out of here. we had less than 45 minutes and then we are burned over within that time within 15 20 minutes, this time with cal fire, the u. s forest service and all the act of firefighters are on the fire with all the law enforcement in the area and the aerial attack they're doing we? i believe that we have time to wait. watch and see what happens and then react. we have some triggers to leave. don't get me wrong. i'm ready to go at a moment's notice. we have the truck is packed. we have everything ready to go or go. bags are triggers are when we see that fire come down echo summit and possibly get into christmas valley. but i'm in the shadow on this side, so we'll ride this one out for now, but we're ready to go at any time. where exactly are you and how close are you to south lake tahoe? and can you actually see. the flames. from what i understand the fire is now only about five or six miles from south lake tahoe. great question, frank. so, where i'm at right now is by north of the truckee and highway 50 were actually about 1.7 miles away from that
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junction. my house here what i call the hippie house literally is at the base of angora ridge and we can look out at highway 50 above me. it's very eerie right now. it's like it's like an eye of a hurricane to my right hand side, the angora rid side we're looking at blue skies because the winds are prevailing, and they're pushing it towards christmas valley over here looking towards eco summit. what we're looking at is dense, dark clouds. however as i mentioned this, like the eye of a hurricane over the last several days, we've been seeing heavy ash year and you barely had a visibility of 10 to 15 yards at best. now i can see across the street. i can't see the summit, but i can see angora ridge so the winds have been interesting today. they didn't get us near or as high as i thought they would or anticipated with the forecast models. um which is good for the firefighters and i've heard they've done an amazing job up there. they've had some challenges. but right now we're going to wait. watch and see. kevin. we were talking on the
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phone earlier this afternoon. and you told me something interesting. and that is that resorts are preparing to use their snow making machines to help battle the flames, particularly kirkwood and heavenly. these pictures i believe are from, uh, sierra at at sierra tahoe. excuse me. um, is this a new idea here and does this work well, and it absolutely works. i think john rice, who is an amazing general manager. he's part of the about one of the fire district board members. he pulled the card out of tim curry's pocket from china peak last year when that fire burned over shaver lake and hunting like and they activated their snow making systems, and that really did fan out and put a lot of moisture in and around the largest. i think it's the logical thing to do for kirkwood mountain resort. there are some rules about how they pull water out of caples lake, but at this time, i think that's a rule that probably can be broken at heavily amount resort. it's one of the west coast's largest snow making system. from which accesses a
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vast majority of that mountain. so each of the mountain managers will have to wait, watch and see and pull those triggers and use those levers to help prevent any damage at the ski resorts and any damages to the ski lifts. well, kevin, we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. we know you're going to ride it out there. hopefully, you can stay safe. yeah you guys take safety safe down there in the back. alright kevin. thank you. and a reminder here, stay with ktvu and ktvu. com for continuing coverage of the caldera fire. we have a crew heading to the area right now, and we'll have live coverage beginning tomorrow at six. a.m. on mornings on two. coming up the covid outbreak on board a cargo ship in the bay, the effort to unload the sick crew members and get them medical treatment. also the very latest on ida, which is now a tropical depression. a look at the damage left behind and the team from the bay area headed to the area to help with the cleanup and taking a live look right now at the road conditions on interstate 80 through berkeley on this monday night. not too
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bad out there the lanes on your writer heading towards berkeley, emeryville and richmond. the other lanes heading toward us are heading toward the bay bridge. ktvu news
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coronavirus outbreak on board a cargo ship, the san francisco fire department, says the vessel called global striker at a total of 21 crew members on board. they notified the coast guard that 19 of them more covid positive as of saturday night, san francisco fireboat went out to get the patients today. six people reported mild flu like symptoms and requested medical attention. my understanding at this point that of the six patients we have they'll be going to a total of three separate hospitals in san francisco to get character. the patients are being sent to as we heard three different hospitals to get care
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and also so that the hospitals don't get overwhelmed. the others will be quarantining onboard a cargo ship. ida is. now a tropical depression after making landfall about 60 miles from new orleans as a category four hurricane, it left a path of destruction and widespread flooding and massive power outages. utility crews say it will take days to determine the extent of the damage to the power grid and could take up to three weeks to restore power in some areas. at least two deaths have been confirmed in the governor of louisiana expects that number to rise as search and rescue efforts. continue we know that individuals are out there waiting to be rescued because their homes are not habitable, many places so we're going to do everything we can to get to all the individuals who need help. president biden has approved a disaster declaration to free up resources needed in the area, a bay area search and rescue
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teams should be arriving in the area late tonight or early tomorrow morning. ktvu is rob roth tells us that the fema team is made up of specially trained firefighters from throughout the bay area. they're called simply famous task force four based out of oakland. the job is anything but simple. it's very daunting, very exhausting work 46 firefighters for more than it does in bay area fire departments, plus four specially trained dogs are currently traveling by caravan to the southeast coast ravaged by hurricane ida. the task force is headed for louisiana. but monday, officials said fema may send them to mississippi, where ida has also swept through. those are the task force have trained and trained for moments like this. in this case, we're focused primarily on flood and swift water rescue. we have to be very cognizant of. let's say storm drains and drains to go underneath roadways that normally are mostly empty. there will be a flow of water. you need to be very careful so that you don't get pulled into any of those
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drains among those on that. team are three members of the san ramon valley fire district. one of them is a three year old labrador named navy pictured here in a training video, they're able to detect humans, life humans, so they'll they'll be on the boats or in vehicles. when they get it sent they'll they'll act on that and notify their handler. those on task force four will likely be spending much of their time in boats checking different flooded neighborhoods are looking to bring people to safety. this can be dangerous work and after a long day of it, the downtime is anything but comfortable. will basically be sopping wet for the entire day. you spend the night trying to rest and dry out as best as you can try and get your feet dry, but those who do this work already and willing, they're excited to be able to help and put those skills to work. alameda county fire has five members on the task force. the team is expected to be in the thick of it for up to three weeks in san ramon, rob roth, ktvu fox two news. america's
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linus war now officially over, i'm griff jenkins at the state department, with the latest on the u. s troop withdrawal in afghanistan. also ahead. good samaritans help save a surfer from drowning at san francisco's ocean beach still ahead here from one of the women being hailed a hero.
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the final planes have departed the kabul airport marking the end of 20 years of war. it was a frantic two week long evacuation that allowed more than 116,000 people to leave the country, including americans and afghan partners. but the pentagon says some americans were left behind fox news, griff jenkins with details on the final day of the airlift. i'm here to announce the completion of our withdrawal from afghanistan in the end of the military mission to evacuate american citizens, third country nationals and vulnerable afghans, the pentagon announcing the last of the u. s troops have left afghanistan effectively ending america's longest war hours before the president's august 31st deadline while the military evacuation is complete. diplomatic mission to ensure additional u. s citizens and eligible afghans who want to leave continues their departure coming despite more violence in kabul on the final day spent drawing down forces.
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us officials reporting five rocket attacks overnight three landing off the kabul airfield. see ram was able to affect and thwart the attack of one and the other rocket landed with no effect to the mission or any danger to our personnel. pentagon's. spokesman john kirby asked about a separate strikes sunday, said this about reports a u. s drone targeting an isis k threat killed 10 afghans, including seven children. we are in not in a position, uh, to dispute it right now. the escalation in violence the backdrop monday as biden officials work to defend the president's decision to leave afghanistan, ending nearly 20 years at war if he had not his view and the view of many experts in. military out there as we would have sent tens of thousands, potentially or thousands. at least more troops back into harm's way. this is putting americans in harm's way for decades. the taliban says it's now in
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control of kabul's international airport at the state department, griff jenkins, fox news. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30, east bay high school is in mourning following a deadly crash that claimed the life of a 15 year old varsity wrestler and injured five others and the 40 niners plans for rookie trey lance may have hit a little bit of a speed bump our sports director marco baniyas up later to tell us why lance will be forced to miss the next week. and she promised to revolutionize the blood testing industry. but now the fraud case against her is set to get underway in federal court will tell you
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but it will help you and your family stay safe today as thousands of people in south lake tahoe followed mandatory orders to evacuate. the area had been under a warning. but today, evacuations became mandatory as the caldera fire continues to move closer toward the lake tahoe basin. six people are hospitalized in san francisco tonight after a covid outbreak on board a cargo ship, the san francisco fire department, says the global striker notified the coast guard that 19 of his 21 crew members tested positive. for covid. six patients were taken to three different hospitals were care with flu like symptoms. the others remain on board the ship in quarantine after 20 years of war, the u. s has withdrawn the last troops from afghanistan. the 18th
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airborne tweeted this picture of the last u. s soldier getting on a plane just before the deadline at midnight in kabul over a period of the last two weeks. the u. s evacuated over 100,000 people from kabul. the. us says fewer than 200 americans remain, and the state department will be working to get them out. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 in liver, more students at livermore high are mourning the loss of a well known varsity wrestler. 15 year old boy was killed when the car he was riding in plunged down an embankment gate views henry lee with more on the young man who was killed and the five others who were injured in the crash. he always just had this great attitude every time you walked in the room, uh, you smile on his face. friends and family are mourning the loss of 15 year old hunter, diemer liver, more high school student and wrestler who was killed in the crash. five other students were hurt. hunter was on the varsity
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wrestling team. timothy cowan is a team captain. have him on the team is gonna be huge hole that we're not gonna be able to fill, but i know i always remember one minute we're a blubbering mess. the next minute we're laughing, and then we're angry her guidry, his head wrestling coach. he was just a great kid. he had an all over, you know, altogether positive attitude with everything that he did, um, you know, even when practices were hard, he was willing to continue pushing through now. five other students are pushing through after they were hurt in the crash. it happened at about 11 30 friday night and your minds in del valle in livermore, the driver lost control of a chevy pickup truck, which plunged down an embankment and rolled several times. some of the teenage victims were ejected. hunter was not the driver photos on hunter's instagram page show him enjoying the outdoors, fishing and hiking his loved ones and fellow cowboys that live more high are trying to be strong. his team and family gathered in the middle of campus for a final send off, you know, just one and 23 and a really loud cowboy tough and what we mean by that is you're
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going to get knocked down and we expect you to keep getting back up. even though you're knocked down. you may be down for a minute, but you're going to get back up to the injured students are reported to be in critical but stable condition. the chp is trying to determine the cause of the crash in livermore, henry lee ktvu fox two news. oakland's police chief visited two neighborhoods today that experienced violent crime over the weekend, chief laurent armstrong says it's important to see how neighbors are reacting and to let them know investigators are working on the case. one shooting happened in the area of telegraph avenue near 19th street. the other happened at a barbershop on college avenue. two people were killed. one is in critical condition. it's important that people know i'm on the ground. it's important that people know that i'm cognizant of what's happening in our community after amend its amount of concern, but also to hear from them about how we can work together to try to find the people responsible for this chief. armstrong says he plans to hold a news conference
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on thursday to discuss the department's plans to reduce violent crime in oakland. a man was sentenced to life in prison without parole today in the stabbing death of university of iowa student mollie tibbetts. she grew up in oakland before moving to iowa with her family. her body was found in a cornfield in august of 2018, about a month after she disappeared, christian rivera was an undocumented farm worker from mexico. he was convicted in may. he was sentenced after a victim impact statement from tibet's mother, which said rivera violently. and statistically ended her daughter's life again. rivera was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole today. elizabeth holmes promised to revolutionize the blood testing industry with her startup theranos, but her claims about the technology turned out to be bogus. she is now facing criminal charges in a case that has become one of silicon valley's biggest scandals. jury selection begins this week in
6:34 pm
federal court in san jose ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky is covering the trial. he joins us now with more on what to expect. evan that's right. julie elizabeth holmes faces two counts of conspiracy and 10 counts of fraud, each of which could land her 20 years in federal prison. obviously there's a lot at stake here. so this week, holmes's defense team is hoping to secure a favorable jury. we also have new insight into one possible defense. strategy point the finger at her former partner and boyfriend before her sensational fall from grace. elizabeth holmes was one of the most celebrated ceos in silicon valley at just 19 years old. she dropped out of stanford to found theranos, a blood testing company that claimed it could conduct tests with only a few drops of blood. more people will have access to their own health information with its propriety. every technology,
6:35 pm
the edison machine, the company's valuation swelled to more than $9 billion homes was compared to visionaries like steve jobs, that is until everything came crashing down her claims of running, you know, 300 or whatever tests from a single drop of blood seemed grossly exaggerated. when whistleblowers came forward, exposing the company's bogus claims about its technology, the feds got involved in 2018, the department of justice. charged homes in her partner, sonny bill wani, with conspiracy and wire fraud, claiming she defrauded investors and patients. jury selection begins tuesday after a three year hiatus due to the pandemic and the birth of homes, child we'll all cases really come down to jury selection in jerusalem action bought deer is an art. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says whoever serves on the panel could make her break the case and finding an impartial jury will be a challenge. now a judge will not
6:36 pm
kick a juror off just because they know about the case what they will get excused for is knowing about the case and having a an opinion of guilt or not guilt in a case court papers unsealed over the weekend for the first time reveal a possible defense strategy. holmes's attorneys wrote that botswana maintained abuse and coercive control over her during the period of the charged crimes. also still lingering, is whether homes will take the stand in her own defense. from all reports. she has an ego larger than texas, and she thinks she can talk anybody into anything as a trial attorney for more than 40 years, cardoza says. this strategy is a huge gamble if they don't believe her, or don't like her and therefore don't believe her. they will find her guilty the now we're going to be covering this case closely. i'll be in san jose this week leading up to the
6:37 pm
opening statements when we see for the first time. what the defense is plan is we will also have a live blog with any breaking details on ktvu dot com. reporting live in the newsroom evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news. it really is a fascinating story, evan, we know you'll be watching it for us. thanks. coming up here, a series of social media post creating a disturbance at stanford university and now we're hearing from the man behind the posts, as well as reaction from students and the university president and bart gets ready to offer a 50% discount on fares, but only for a limited time will tell you what you need to know to take advantage of the offer.
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so you can get back crimes in the u. s rose last year to the highest level in more than a decade. more than 7700 hate crimes were identified last year, a 6% increase from the year before and the highest tally since 2000 and eight. the fbi s says the increase was driven by a rise in assaults targeting black victims and victims of asian descent. the data was submitted by more than 15,000 law enforcement agencies across the country. the president of stanford university, took the unusual step of denouncing social media post by a student this week, calling them ugly, disturbing and violent, and he says an investigation is now underway. great views, and ruben has reaction from students as well as the person
6:41 pm
who's making the posts. on social media that posts from stanford student chaz vincey or graphic, one shows a black student being beheaded. another shows a professor has face dripping red ink next to a guillotine. and then there's the one that says it's time for the majority to start running things. students about to return to campus say they're appalled. i've heard countless of people saying. this is unsettling. i'm scared. this is disturbed me. they've begun to circulate a petition demanding stanford hold vincey accountable. thousands have signed already. china has been displaying. an increasing radicalization online since, um you know, mid 2020, but we were just appalled by, you know d extent that the university has kind of let it get this far and. it's just beyond discussing down the tail. vincey himself agreed to speak with us via zoom and what i've been trying to do is brain. my biblical
6:42 pm
understanding of the world in a political context, he says. his words and images are meant to be divisive. but these questions brought a sudden end to our interview. do you believe that you are racist? do you believe that you are sexist? indeed i have to leave. that's exactly what some of vince's fellow students are calling him. stanford's president addressed what he called threats with a letter saying quote we are actively working on several fronts to address what has occurred and to take actions to ensure the safety of the community. but students say that's not enough. they continue to listen but not hear us comparative literature professor david palumbo. liu was the target of the post with the guillotine. he believes vincey has crossed the line in the name of politics, he said. as student political groups need to disavow this, too. it is called a violent action, and they have said nothing. fortunately university has. i think it should keep on saying it because we're gonna. bring kids back onto campus. and what kind of a community or we're
6:43 pm
bringing men to no word on what kind of action stanford is considering, but classes resume here on september 20th on the stanford university campus and ruben ktvu fox two news. alrighty when we return, we're going to take a look at the smoke in the forecast and this cool down that's headed our way. you're going to notice it, especially tomorrow in the next few days. right now we go to ktvu heather holmes with a look at some of the stories that we're working on for the 70 clock news on ktvu. plus well, frank. it's not only residents who are leaving california but companies to tonight at 7 20, a bay area business professor, joins us live to talk about the significant economic cost and also with this trend is expected to continue. plus, it might not be over just yet. for celebrity couple, kim kardashian and kanye west. i talked with tmz's harvey levin about their friendly relationship amidst a divorce. one of those stories and a lot more coming up live and seven over on ktvu plus c. then we'll see then heather, thanks but first after the break the paralyzed cal rugby player who
6:44 pm
was told he would never walk again and inspiring young man. he keeps his promise as he walks across the stage at his graduation ceremony, huh? ♪ unlock a summer of possibilities in a new chevy.
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6:47 pm
at evita railyard back in may, the agency has been retraining employees since then and giving them whatever support they need before going back to work, and bart is offering their riders 50% off all affairs that were bought with clipper cards for the entire month of september. the reduced fare will be automatically deducted at the fare. gates. bart says the discount is to welcome writers back to the system and to thank those who have continued to ride throughout the pandemic. bart's ridership has been. improving its current weekday ridership is that 100,000 trips, which is 25% of its pre covid weekday ridership, weekend, ridership is at 40% of pre coronavirus numbers. a surfer is recovering tonight after being pulled to safety at san francisco's ocean beach. he was knocked off his body board by a big wave yesterday and swept under water. woman on the beach saw the way break over the man and she flagged down other surfers and then another woman
6:48 pm
who pulled the man onto the beach and performed cpr until firefighters arrived. he looked very pretty much gone, but um then 2030 firefighters showed up my waved him in because i had a really bright colored jacket on. um and they kept working on him. and i thought that all was lost. but in fact, it wasn't. well authorities say that man is still in the hospital, but he is expected to be okay. okay we've been talking a lot about the called our fire. the smoke from those fires right now are being blown towards the east. so we have a nice southwesterly wind which is going to help us but hurts the fire zone. as we talked about. there's a red flag warning up there and of you can see the smoke plumes being blown by his pretty significant wind up to 30 miles an hour or 25 miles an hour. and by tomorrow i think we will see some low thirties up there, so it's going to be you win here tomorrow. tomorrow is the make or break day for the caldera fire in terms of how are they going to manage this thing? so it's a big this next 24 hours
6:49 pm
is really, really big for that fire. obviously, it's a big deal when you evacuate the all the whole of south lake tahoe, right, that's a big deal, and i i've been around a long time. i've never seen that you haven't either. and if you pardon the other thing that's interesting about that is we've all we all know that area, right? all of us have been there when everything so you can visualize what's going on the density. the exit routes right. most people are going 50 and then going out into carson city and then going over to behind up to reno and then out through truckee and then down to sacramento. that way to get out because i wouldn't want to go 50 westbound. so this low is the reason for the, um the red flag warning. it's the reason we're going to be cooler the next few days. it's a reason the air quality is getting a little better or should get a little bit better for us. the temperatures are running a little bit behind where they were yesterday as we knew they would a little cooler each day is the plan and that's how it goes. it's gonna be a little cooler tomorrow. give me a little cooler the next day, and you'll see in the five day forecast temperatures are down into the, um. low eighties at
6:50 pm
one point this week in the hot spots in the hotspots, fox trying to get in a little bit of smoke out there. it's not bad, though. you can kind of see it. and what's interesting, too is if you, um gold mount diablo or even up in the east bay hills, you can see the smoke from the called or fire. you can see the smoke from the dixie fire from mount diablo pictures up to the other day and saw it so these are big fires that are burning and like i said, before, they're not going to get these things out in a couple weeks, these things are going to burn until we get the first range, they'll control them. manage them, but you're not. there's so much acreage being burned. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow and again all our fire danger. i'm talking about calder because in dixie because our fire concerns are always high this time of year, but this is really an advantageous pattern for us and you'll see it right. look at this. the top terror numbers 80 degrees on fraud liver more on wednesday, um 82 in inland on wednesday, saturday still in the mid eighties, so a really nice kind of. pattern that it's going to keep us hopefully relatively
6:51 pm
smoke free and on the cooler side. i'll see you guys tonight. 10 we'll see you then, bill. thank you. well four years ago, u c berkeley rugby star was left paralyzed and told by doctors he would never walk again. i'm going to get on that stage. i want to get on my two ft. i'm going to walk across the stage. well yesterday, robert paler did just that. walking across the stage at the greek theatre to pick up his diploma from u. c berkeley paler was paralyzed during a rugby match in 2000 and 17 after he was caught in an illegal headlock that pinned his chin to his chest more than 4000 students graduated in yesterday's belated in person ceremony due to delays caused by the covid-19 pandemic. that is remarkable. great story. all right, coming up. next we've all seen fans booing players. but what happens when the shoe's on the other foot? why these major league players are
6:52 pm
now giving the thumbs down to their fans mark up next with marks up mark is up next with the story, i promise mhm. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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well, we have another little twist in the 49ers quarterback quandary if you want to call it that jimmy g and trey, lance, and we've got what 13 days before the first game and a big twist. as a matter of fact, we watched the game yesterday. maybe you noticed it. trey lance, the rookie quarterback now reported, has a small chip. on one of his fingers. this is the play it happened on it looked like maybe it's thumb as he came out of that play looking at it presumably has sustained yesterday versus the raiders. we should say not serious. nobody seems overly concerned about it. but he's gonna miss maybe seven days of work is what coach shanahan says. and here's joe fonzi with more on the 49ers quarterbacks shuffle if you will. it's the question kyle shanahan was asked all summer and his post game press conference yesterday was no exception. coach who's your starting quarterback? that's we'll have to see. i
6:56 pm
mean, i don't like playing this game, but everyone keeps asking me that question. i'm not just giving the answer just to satisfy the question. i think we've got a pretty good idea. like i said all along. i think her team does and we're pretty good with it as long as i can keep surviving press conferences. the truthful answer is, it probably doesn't matter. yesterday, the 49ers showed what they likely have in mind for the upcoming season if both jimmy garoppolo and trey lance are healthy in their first two drives, both for touchdowns, garoppolo took 14 snaps. lance took 10 trust kush, shanahan and i know jimmy does in our whole team and locker room does you know he's going to find ways to get the guys that need the ball? the ball? i mean, we had two successful drives with it. scored on both of them. it's one of those things. whatever is best for the team. you gotta get behind that and be a part of that, and i think that makes for you is the best player. you could be to garoppolo sbai in may be the key to the whole idea. a veteran quarterback willing to share time with the rookie for the good of the team coming
6:57 pm
into it. it was weird at first, you know, just having to process the whole thing. but after being on the field, i mean, it was it was fun. kyle is doing a great job with both of them and. i'm just excited to see how this thing plays out. the 40 niners are betting that fun for jimmy garoppolo and the team makes for a headache for the rest of the nfl, starting with the detroit lions in a little less than two weeks. joe fonzi ktvu fox two. you know, thinking back with my grandma got riled up about something she would say if that don't beat off and i'll tell you what if this don't beat all i mean yesterday did you see this? the mets hobby bias. it's a home run, and you know they've had a terrible month of august. the fans have been booing them, right. so he put thumbs down after his home was one of the fans cheer. um kevin pilar joins in and also francisco lindor or followed suit. that just doesn't work.
6:58 pm
i'm sorry, man. fans pay a lot of money. get into those games. they have a right to boot. but here is the lame explanation from harvey buyers about the thumbs down thing. so when i strike going to get boo, you know it doesn't really get to me but like i want, i want to let them know that when we should say is, we're going to do the same thing to know how to let them know how how he feels, you know, because if we went together, then we got loose together. in my case, they got to be better. no, no, no, no, that is not how it works. meantime case you missed it over the weekend. we have a special treat for you. this is jake connor, young quarterback for fresno state. julie's son. he had a great game threw for 331 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptions. but another big story. ronnie rivers, catching that touchdown pass becomes fresno state's all time leading scorer. he's from brentwood. congratulations they bulldogs congratulations they bulldogs win 40.
6:59 pm
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