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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 30, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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called or fire the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now the calendar or fire crusted a ridge today and is burning along both sides of highway 50 at echo summit. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. tonight, more people were told to prepare to leave his fire officials announced new evacuation warnings that stretch into nevada firefighters are up against winds and extremely dry conditions. a red flag warning remains in effect through wednesday night. so far, the fire has burned more than 186,000 acres and is just 15% contained with the red flags coming up. it's hard to say how this fire's going to go and which direction it's going to be running. we've got a lot of crews in place right now, and we have more even coming down to help out with this firefight and help structure protection and just make sure that we can do it. we can do to keep people say governor newsom has proclaimed a state of emergency
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for alpine, amador and plaster counties due to the cal door fire, and the california national guard has been called in to assist the chp and help manage traffic control points for any evacuations. cal fire announced new evacuation warning. in douglas county, nevada tonight. but earlier today, 22,000 people were ordered to leave their homes in south lake tahoe ktvu is azenith smith shows us the backup is they tried to get out of the area. we have been preparing for this firefight in this area. we've been planning and preparing and we've ordered resources. fire officials bracing for a tough firefight as the wind driven counter fire moves towards south lake tahoe monday night. the fire threatening tens of thousands of homes, families under an emergency evacuation order, packed their belongings and rushed to safety kind of a mass exodus kind of expected coming this late in the game. this is crazy. they should have planned this a little better, they should get some more traffic
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going out here at one point gridlock on highway 50 at lake tahoe boulevard with the westbound direction, closed evacuees told to head east toward nevada. this evacuee played his violent past the time all of a sudden, they've got all these people leaving, and there's only one way out of town. it was a tense few moments, i think for our citizens in south lake tahoe today, south lake tahoe is police chief estimates evacuees were stuck on highway 50 for 3.5 hours. i'm so appreciative that our our citizens listen to the warning and the order as you push on up the 50 corridor up in the echo lake into that country. they are currently in a firefight up there. most of the panic. sierra tahoe ski resort was spared the flames moving down into christmas valley and myers close to south lake tahoe for their south. the fire crossed highly 88 toward the kirkwood area. fire officials say the evacuation order is out of an abundance of caution. we're taking that precaution because of the two
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day wind event that we're going through right now. not everyone evacuated, including kevin cooper, who has lived in el dorado county for 30 years. i believe that we have time to wait, watch and see what happens and then react. there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who hold tahoe dear to their heart, having experienced the angora fire in 2000 and seven fire officials say they know what they're up against. this firefight is still far from done. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. all right. so joining us now is our chief meteorologist. bill martin. bill what are the current conditions look like near the calle door fire. you know they're not favorable. the winds are blowing out of the southwest and they're blowing. they're still blowing in the 15 20 mile an hour range, but they're going to pick up tomorrow and tomorrow is the linchpin day in this fire. um what's the southwest wind look like it comes from this direction. and if you notice that's the direction that that fire is funneling. you see, that's what i'm showing. here all those red areas are the newest burns some of the last
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12 hours. some of those new burns the last couple of hours, you can see the tip of the arrow if you will. that's where the fire is currently, and it's working its way we've got spot fires showing up down in this area. at least i'm getting reports down in the valleys here. we're starting see spot fires, which are obviously run ahead of the fire, and that's the concern. that's the main concern for this fire is the spot fire, so i flipped it around, and you can see now. looking back towards in this case, it might be, uh, sacramento or maybe even for fresno or modesto. but either way, same fire. there's the leading edge here. and this is where the fire is going. it's winding down, and it's happening tonight. it's winding its way down in towards the south lake tahoe area is not far from the city limits and with spot fires. getting out front and with winds coming up again tomorrow, they've got their or cal fire. all those folks up there have their work cut out for him because again, this fire is raging in its its with winds on top of it, it's going to start to blow embers way out in front. and so that's the big concern for tonight.
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the wind forecast for tomorrow morning. um you can see right now. the arrows are kind of going in the different direction. watch what they flip around right here. so somewhere around 11 o'clock tomorrow morning, and then they really pick up so you see 30 miles is an hour 27 miles an hour. that's death on a fire when you get winds blowing that strong so you can see where the fire is now. just up over echo summit working its way down in this wind is going to. it's not that the fire is going to want to drive downhill. it's hard to push a fire downhill, but it's not hard to do is get those embers flying out front of the fire off the hill down towards the airport down towards christmas valley, and that's kind of what's occurring now and will be occurring over the next 24 hours. so i've talked to a few firefighters next 24 hours are crucial on this fire. bill thank you. there is some good news tonight about camp sacramento in the eldorado national forest, the camp manager says the century old camp escaped damage from the cal door fire. the manager says that flames moved into the camp and came within feet of some
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buildings. but thanks to firefighters, the lodge, the dining hall and the cabins were all saved, cal fire says as the fire heads toward lake tahoe crews from santa clara to romney and calibers counties bought hard to save the camp camp. sacramento now says all reservations, though, for the 2021 season have been cancelled. berkeley's echo lake camp in el dorado county was not as fortunate firefighters who were there helping battle the cal door fire were evacuated this afternoon when spot fires reached the campgrounds. berkeley's wild land cruise had prepared for the possibility that the fire would move into the camp by clearing debris near buildings but hot, dry weather and forceful winds pushed the flames into the camp today. there is no word yet on the level of damage there. many long time residents in self like tahoe are reliving memories of the angora fire back in 2000 and seven the angora fire destroyed more than 250 homes. commission set up
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after the fire found that the fierce wind and dry conditions overwhelmed any defensible space around homes. still the fire resulted in a large forest clearing program more than 48,000 acres of trees were thinned in the lake tahoe area in the decade following the angora fire. that's according to the sacramento bee. starting tomorrow, the u. s forest service will be closing all 20 million acres of national forest in california for two weeks. the forest service tweeted that the decision was made to better provide public and firefighters safety. due to extreme fire conditions throughout the state. people who are caught entering forest service lands including campgrounds, hiking trails and recreation sites, face fines of up to $5000 the number of wildfires burning across the state is putting a huge strain on resources. cal fire says. right now there are 15 large active fires more than 15,000. firefighters are now on the front lines and altogether the
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fires have burned more than 1.7 million acres. you can find around the clock updates on the caldera fire and the other wildfires burning across our state. just visit ktvu .com slash wildfires. the longest war in us history is officially over today, u. s. officials said the final planes. have departed the kabul airport marking 20 years of war 116,000 people were evacuated from the country over the past two weeks. but fox news kevin corke tells us that the pentagon says some americans were left behind. u. s military flights have ended and our troops have departed afghanistan after 20 years, the longest war in american history is finally over with the us completing its military withdrawal from afghanistan on monday, more than 123,000 people have been safely flown out of afghanistan that includes about 6000 american citizens. this has
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been a massive military, diplomatic and humanitarian undertake. this image showing major general chris donaghue lan soldier to leave kabul international airport. but according to the state department, roughly 200 americans still remain in afghanistan. there are long time residents of afghanistan. have american passports and who were trying to determine whether or not they wanted to leave. many are dual citizen americans. meanwhile. the final departure of u. s troops is being met with celebration in kabul with weapon explosions lighting up the night sky. going forward divide administration says any interactions with the taliban will only be regarding us national interests. the taliban seeks international legitimacy and support. our message is any legitimacy and any support will have to be earned. the war in
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afghanistan has resulted in almost 2500 americans killed in action and the total cost of this 20 year war was around $2.3 trillion in washington. i'm kevin corke fox news. oakland congresswoman barbara lee released his statement tonight on the withdrawal from afghanistan, she said, quote as we reflect on the ultimate sacrifices made by our troops over the years and most recently lost in the tragedy in kabul. we own a measurable debt of gratitude to our courageous armed service members. she continued quote president biden made the correct decision to leave afghanistan, saving another generation from the tremendous loss felt over the last two decades. there has never and will never be a military solution in afghanistan here in the bay area, afghan americans are mobilizing to help people who were on those final evacuation flights. many moss in the afghan communities are now
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working hard to prepare relief supplies. housing and support. the city of hayward is also part of a coalition preparing for an influx of refugees expected in the coming weeks. it was really overwhelming to get all the support and the love. um i think it was like the light that we really needed the beacon of light in such dark times, a coalition of bad groups have collected about $100,000 in donations to help refugees. coming up here. hiv testing has dropped during the pandemic. how san francisco health officials are working to reverse that trend. at first a bill whatever required all employers in california require their employees get vaccinated. their employees get vaccinated. why? that is not on hold at usaa, we've been called too exclusive.
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because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
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put on hold. oakland assembly member buffy wicks and campbell assembly member evan low drafted the proposal. but today, wicks announced she has put the bill on hold until 2022 in a statement. she said she wants more time to create the strongest policy possible. the bill would require that all employers both in the public and private sector require all eligible employees to receive the coronavirus vaccine or take weekly coronavirus. tests but a stress call from a cargo ship has ended with the ship and crew quarantined in san francisco bay for covid ktvu is
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deborah villalon tells us that six of the crew members are now being checked out at the hospital. from sky foxx as 600 ft cargo ship with a covid outbreak on board. the call came as it was anchored in the bay with its crew of 21 report was that out of the 21 3 members on board. there were 19 that were positive with the coronavirus. san francisco fire boats raced to the vessel so paramedics could evaluate while the department ready for a potential multi casualty event should everyone be in distress. 13 of the ship's crew were found to have mild or no symptoms and state aboard but six said they felt sick enough. they wanted to come ashore for treatment. they all stated they were tested on saturday and were a positive for covid 19 their signs and their symptoms are extremely mild. they're in very good spirits on the
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waterfront. the patients were assessed further and sent to either cal pacific med center or ucsf for observation. they were all able to walk. they're all able to breathe comfortably. this is a very mild on set at this time. the global striker loaded with logs was last docked in sacramento, where the coast guard says it's unlikely any crew left the ship. not sure not sure. um, it's not. it's not typical for crew members to leave the boat. but, yeah, i can't say with 100% certainty they would have had to clear customs. now quarantine is imposed by public health and state emergency services so they will not be allowed to come simply onto shore to go to a restaurant or to a bar. they're going to be on that vessel isolated for two weeks, at least the patients brought off the ship, if not admitted to hospitals will be isolated elsewhere in the city or return to their vessel that when somebody does call for help, no matter. who they are
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or where they're from. we're going to be able to deliver that health with all safety precautions in place in san francisco, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news, a new report is raising concerns over a drop in hiv testing during the pandemic. the san francisco department of public health released its annual hiv report today. and said there was an 18% decline in the number of hiv screening tests last year. health officials say this means some people may have had a delay in finding out their hiv status or may not yet be aware that they are living with hiv. in response, the city has resumed testing at drop in clinics and community sites and has launched a home testing program. and when i return, we'll check in on the fire. we'll check in on our smoke and the temperatures that are trending down there getting cooler. i'll see you back here with that. also had the cleanup efforts underway after hurricane ida tears through the hurricane ida tears through the gulf coast.
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i don't know which is better, the spice or the price. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. only at jack in the box. landfall as a category four hurricane over the weekend, revamped floodgates and levees in new orleans, largely held up against the storm. but there was some flooding in neighboring communities. as of this morning, nearly eight excuse me. nearly a million people without power in and around new orleans because of hurricane ida fox news. caroline shively has the latest now from the gulf coast. new orleans mayor says the only way this city will make it through post. ida is working together to repair damage like this. search and recovery efforts ramped up across parts of louisiana and mississippi as weather conditions improved on monday, using both in
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helicopters, rescue crews are now optimistic they'll be able to reach residents who are stuck inside their homes. new orleans and the surrounding suburbs bore the brunt of storm ida heavy winds, some topping 100 mph caused significant damage to homes and businesses across the big, easy vote, and air rescues are expected to increase as floodwaters recede in parts of louisiana. hopefully, this operation won't be a long term. this isn't a hurricane katrina where we're trying to evacuate the city of new orleans we're talking about, you know, maximum, maybe 400 residents that stayed down, removing down trees and power lines from roadways will remain one of the top priorities. the federal government is also doing what they can to help residents along the gulf coast. president biden and fema promising heavily impacted areas will receive aid and supplies in the coming days. local utilities are going to soon began restoration work, including prioritizing. getting transmission lines into new orleans. get them back up and running a lot of been taken
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down more than 25,000 debris, cruise and lineman from at least 30 states are rolling into support you enter, ji says some customers could be without power for more than three weeks in new orleans. i'm caroline shively, fox two news. all right. we've got a cooling trend that is underwear underwear underway. it's the funniest thing i've ever said. really funny. not funny. that was that was good, but the trend is under under way, and, uh and as we move forward, we're going to see the wings kind of blow stuff out of here, and we've got a little bit of smoke to talk about. let's take a look at this model i want tomorrow afternoon, right about. mm there around noon. you see the north they're getting a little dark stuff. so the little bit of smoke wants to come back into that north. north east bay. then it clears out and then it wraps back around on wednesday morning as well. kind of mid morning, so basically, the bottom line is that's not that bad, right? i mean, it's not going to be as bad as it has been. at least it
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doesn't appear to be with the wind direction, continuing predominantly out of the southwest. now that wind direction not helpful to the fire zones, as you know, that's what been talking about all night that's what that's what we were talking about all day tomorrow too. you can see the fog out here now, um, a teacher tower believe we're looking towards, um probably golden gate bridge because the fog's here i'm pretty much i think that's what we're looking at. we're just facing a little bit more towards the east bay. maybe um, so, with that in mind, less less smoke tomorrow, a nicer day. this low continues to wrap around and blow things out here and give us a better air quality. the lower temperatures are coming from that low, but the red flag warning is also being initiated by that low. the temperatures are running behind where they were today, and that's the general trend just cooler for the base. area in general, and it well and even for like tall even for the collar fire temperatures, humidities are up a little bit. temperatures are kind of mild, really. for this time. it's not a hot event is not a super hot, low humidity event, but it's a wind event, which is on top of an
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established fire, which is already huge. i could let's remember something this was in the spring. 13 14 years ago wasn't tall is in santa cruz. it was kind of still we had a lot of rain and everything was gone and we had the wind come in. and once the fire got going, the wind just blew that thing on and so that the wind can do its own damage, as we all know quite well, especially a strong westerly winds. so there's the five day forecast. check it out sunday. temperatures warm a little bit, but that's it. a surfer is recovering tonight after being pulled to safety at san francisco's ocean d. she was knocked out. his body board by a big wave yesterday and then swept under water. a woman on the beach saw the way break over the man. she flagged down other surfers and another woman who pulled that man onto the beach and then perform cpr until firefighters arrived. he looked very pretty much gone, but um then 2030 firefighters
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showed up my waved him in because i had a really bright colored jacket on. um and they kept working on him. and i thought that all was lost, but in fact it wasn't authorities say the man is in the hospital, but he is expected to be okay. coming up. here are sports director mark albania's will be here to tell us why 49ers rookie quarterback trade lance will be forced to miss the next week of practice
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i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today.
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. the vinyl room tonight, the most talked about quarterback tommy since joe montana with some 49ers trey. lance is gonna not take a back seat to any attention for the next at least week or so because he's on the injury list if you had not heard this is the play that
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everybody believes it happened done against the raiders yesterday in the pre season pass is incomplete, and he comes away kind of holding his finger. they're not indicated exactly which finger on his throwing. and but it's being called a chip fracture. nobody seems too worried about it. except trey. lance is probably gonna miss 7 to 10 days of practice as they ready up for the real opener against alliance in detroit. are you getting the feeling giant fans that sooner or later the team had the little speed bump headed their way? this might be it to the dodgers coming to town friday, the first place from the central division. milwaukee brewers are in town, and things did not go well in the first of four, although the gentleman here almost an error with the beer there, he juggles a little bit, uh, saved every drop, however, and things were good for the brewers in the second inning already leading one, nothing didn't hear about it. johnny cueto on the covid list, so it's a bullpen game.
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jose alvarez to st mary's the product. the pictures corbett burns, who flips one into left for an r b. i single in a two nothing lead. jay's pietersen scoring there and jace peterson in the fourth inning. not good baserunning here. he's out on a strike him out, throw em out! double play. nice tag by kris bryant down there at third base. throw black buster looking for giant highlights few and far between, although they did ko burns in the seventh two on nobody out, brandon crawford bounced with us seen a single to right going to score run looked like a big inning as they had two on nobody out, but they did not get anything else. the danville little leaguers were happy at that point, and we go to the bottom of the night, the giants got to lead up double from bryant. but josh heather. we'll nail it down out of the brewers pen is 28 saved 31, the final dodgers beat the braves tonight so they are only a game and a
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half back in the western division. look out. okay uh, you know about the a's they've got they had the day off by the way, but they have a triple a team down in vegas that has a. bat dog and an umpire learned the hard way. do not try and show up a dog during the middle of the game. you need to check this out. mm hmm. shawn. okay? yeah the fans booing the umpire because he tried to grab that bad before the dog had a chance to get to. i mean, you can't do that. let the dog do his job, and the fans love it. uh so the bottom line, never try and upstage of pooch right on a playing field. so is the sporting life love my baseball.
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alright, mark. see you later. have a good one. everyone. thanks everybody. thanks for joining us. good night.. oh, i wish i could do more. it's just a bunch of old, out-of-date clothes. oh, i'm sure it's great. three weeks ago, our neighbors, the rands, lost their house and everything they own in a fire. fortunately, nobody was hurt. and fortunately, they're friends with wonder woman over here. i'm hardly wonder woman. she mobilized the community to donate clothes, furniture, appliances, all to help them start over in their new rental. which you found them. i'm no wonder woman. rand-aid was her idea. it wasn't my idea to call it "rand-aid." okay, fine. i'm wonder woman. - terrible tragedy. - they're our closest friends. - we know them. - uh, manny and their son reuben are tight. in fact, i put in one of their closets. not that it matters, but it was the only structure to survive the fire. por favor , don't even say that word! in my country it is considered very, very bad luck


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