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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 10, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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out tonight at walnut creek after a shooting recently at a downtown restaurant. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now, and police there in walnut creek, stepping up patrols tonight in response to that recent incident. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes in tonight for christina, i'm andre senior the shooting happened last weekend outside of a busy downtown. restaurant new tonight ktvu zuniga says live on main street and wall, it creak and emma. you spoke to police and business owners about the recent incidents in this typically safe area. yes andre, the police chief tells me he's added six additional foot patrols that are already on duty patrolling downtown walnut creek and will be patrolling the downtown area friday and saturday nights going forward, family friendly, charming and safe. that's the reputation of downtown walnut creek. now six extra police officers are on foot patrol finding and saturday nights to make sure it stays that way. well. last weekend, we had a couple of
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incidents of violence that has a community concerned and our mango goal is just to give everybody a feeling of safety. sunday night around 8 40. police responded after a man and woman left modern china cafe without paying their bill. the owner flagged the couple down across the street and received payment. but once the couple got into their black he s sedan and began driving away. the man fired three shots from a handgun out the front passenger window. no one was hit and no arrests have been made either. police are utilizing security footage and asking for witnesses to come forward to help in their investigation. a pub owner across the street heard the gunshots. it's actually a very sick put and, um. for this for that to have happened. it's an anomaly and, uh, grateful that it doesn't happen every day and last saturday night down the block and dan's irish sports bar, a guard on duty, was arrested for assault after police say he inflicted serious injuries on a patron who tried to force his way into the bar.
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i don't necessarily feel on safe, but i like to see a town especially the core of any town thrive walnut creek police reduced downtown patrols during covid-19 shutdowns to 6 to 8 officers. the chief says he's working to boost staffing to match the bustling nightlife that's returned to the downtown in recent months. these officers coming in tonight and tomorrow will be on overtime. but our goal is to look at our staffing and try to bolster that where we can. there have also been car break ins recently a man i spoke with, said his car was one of five smashed in a parking lot off main street two weeks ago. he said he's pleased that there are more police on duty in downtown walnut creek tonight, andre and we got reporting for us live and walnut creek. thank you, emma. meantime a brazen crime captured on camera shooting in san pablo left the man hurt. and tonight police asking for the public's help to find those behind it. well
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newly released security footage shows the july 1st shooting on the 3500 block of san pablo. road near veronica around 4:45 p.m. and you can see the victim's vehicle on the upper left hand side of the screen. the suspect's vehicle believed to be a honda cross tour approaches from the opposite direction. then you see a person fires several shots from the back of the car before the victim speeds away. the victim was hit several times, but survived. call sand pebble police if you can help with. their investigation and now to oakland tonight were suspected dui driver is behind bars following an accident that critically injured two children. officers responded just after 8 30 last night at the area of 38th avenue and international boulevard, investigators say upon the g six was traveling eastbound on international boulevard in the bus lane. when it blew right through a red light and slammed into a minivan carrying nine people of the force of that impact, ejected two children, ages nine
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and two from the minivan. the driver, the pontiac tried to leave but was detained by some good samaritans. i knew at 11 tonight a bill to require the approval of city councils to buy military equipment for police departments. is on its way to the governor. san francisco assemblyman david to introduce that bill following what he called militarized police response to peaceful demonstrations last summer. berkeley and oakland have approved similar measures. choose office says that california police departments have procured the most military weaponry in the us through a federal program without local oversight. the governor has until october, 10th to sign the bill for the california department of public health has extended the search order. for san joaquin valley hospitals, officials say intensive care availability remained at below 10% in the 12 county san joaquin valley region this week. the order requires hospitals within the region to accept transfers fromicu beds as
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outside the region to take transfers if there are no available beds in that region, icu availability was 8.2% for the region as of yesterday and statewide 18.7% of icu bed it's. where available. the latest vaccine numbers from the cdc show that 53% of the us population is now fully vaccinated. that's 177.9 million people and here in california, according to state data, nearly 70% of those eligible are fully vaccinated. that's more than 22 million people. now the city of berkley will now require customers over the age of 12 to show proof of vaccination before entering bars, restaurants or gyms. but it's great views. amberleigh reports tonight not not everyone is happy about this new mandate. playing pool, let spats in downtown berkeley means having to show proof of being fully vaccinated starting friday. personally i like it
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because i want everybody be vaccinated. berkeley's health order mandates businesses, including bars, gyms and restaurants, providing indoor services to require vaccine proof from customers. spats posted a reminder on social media. the other ones were like wow. wow almost expressing like, really. orlando williams with spatz says there's been pushback with people posting negative comments somewhere pretty harsh, you know, and i understand how people feel about it. um but what do we have to do as a business, you know, in order for us to stay open and operate my wonderful can i see ieds as well at lamarca restaurant. some customers tell me they were surprised to learn that proof of vaccination is required to dine inside. they told us when we showed up today. so we didn't know when we made the reservation. our first thought was our daughter is 10 and she hasn't been vaccinated. so maybe we can't go eat here. children under 12 are exempt and so are people buying takeout or dining outdoors.
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still the owner is concerned that there may be a negative impact on business. we're all sort of nervous. this is our first friday. really enforcing it. these diners support the vaccine mandate. do you feel more comfortable coming in? you don't feel like the pressure that oh, maybe there's someone in here who could have it if it's making us like safer and allows me to feel safer while i eat. i mean, i think it's worth it. no cancellations so far. we're definitely looking at this weekend really carefully to see what the trend is back at spats. we saw a group being turned away because someone didn't have proof of vaccination. and we're just trying to operate. we're just trying to stay open to survive through this as a business to see a better day. the business owners tell me the pandemic has taught them to roll with the punches and shift gears when necessary. in berkeley, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news vaccines will now be mandated to ori for students and staff at aloni college in fremont, the board of trustees approving
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that policy earlier today. it also applies to athletes and anyone who participates at off campus school activities. the school is allowing religious and medical exemptions. everyone though, must have at least one dose of the vaccine. by september, 30th oakland pride will be going virtual again this year due to ongoing concerns over the coronavirus. in a statement, oakland price said quote we want our event to be a safe place for all. and this year we can't guarantee that if we gather a person. adding the only thing oakland pride wants to spread in the lgbtq plus community is love. now the virtual event is scheduled for this sunday. september 12th. it is the final countdown now, with just a few days left until the recall election, governor newsom casts his ballot. what you need to know if you still haven't voted, plus one san francisco alternative newspaper will stop printing at the end
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for governor gavin newsom in the recall effort. the poll by the u. c berkeley institute of governmental studies shows 60% of voters surveyed opposed recalling governor newsom 38.5% said they support the recall and 2% of likely voters are undecided. as ktvu jana katsuyama tells us recall, organizers are still confident despite these numbers. california voters friday came
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to the drive up drop off ballot box outside san francisco city hall to cast their votes. some say no to the recall of governor gavin newsom. i think we have to go through this because i've totally support gavin newsom others voting yes, we have a government that refuses to the do the best interests of its citizens. um we have to change until we get to the people who will respect us governor newsom and his wife, cat. that their votes friday in sacramento. the latest poll by uc berkeley shows his democratic base has become much more engaged in the wake of high profile support from vice president kamala harris, president biden and other top national democrats. all of that set the republicans on a place where they had the battle from behind because they need no party preference. independent voters, all of the republican voters and disaffected democrats. we still remain bullish that this recall tom del beccaro, chairman of rescue california helped start the recall crime.
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high cost of living gas prices almost snus those who the top issues in which people are concerned about, he says. the real test will be election day turnout. we had rescued california .org just received an additional million dollars in donations today, so we are very much engaged and getting out the vote, the u. c. berkeley polls showed conservative republican talk show host larry elder now with a large lead over the other replacement candidates with 38% support. elder campaigned friday in southern california. but some say elder has helped newsome the emergence of elder in some ways actually helped newsom in terms of giving him a foil, so it's not just a referendum on him. it's a contest between him and the specific other republican governor. newsom is scheduled to campaign in the bay area on saturday. so far, 34% of the 22 million ballots have been turned in, according to political data .com jana katsuyama ktvu. fox two news. the alternative.
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newspaper sf weekly says it will stop printing at the end of the month, the editor said in a statement to columnist stewart schiffman that the free newspaper will be on hold. while the company puts all of its resources into the san francisco examiner that you papers were bought last year by real estate investor clinton. riley as if weekly was originally launched back in the seventies to provide listings for local arts and music events in san francisco 2000 and one american flags are now on the display at st ignatius college prep in the sunset district. earlier today, a group of students placed them on the grassy knoll by the flagpole near the football field. the students say they understand the impact of 9 11 and want to pay tribute to all those who died, new york mayor bill de blasio said today there is no credible threat to the city ahead of the 9 11 anniversary. and the nypd is watching. not daily not hourly minute by
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minute with extraordinary intelligence gathering and counterterrorism capacity, which we have built up in recent years, because even though it's 20 years later, we see threat all over this world directed at us and we see challenges that are homegrown as well. so we are watching the nypd is watching constantly. new york city officials say people can expect to see more officers around the city as an honors victims of the attacks. there will also be an increase in undercover officers around the city. coming up november 14th will now be known as ruby bridges walk to school day here in california. how group of area fifth graders helped get the bill passed to honor the civil rights pioneer plus while coronavirus cases among kids is rising nationwide, one bay area cities bucking that trend by school officials say their efforts are so successful and thankfully our weather is much calmer tonight no lightning
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new cluck sandwich combo for $6.99. download the jack app today. new cluck sandwich combo for $6.99. keeping covid cases low among children. katie's christian captain tells us the keys to the district success. with the academic year well underway, san francisco's department of public health says. so far the city's public schools are helping to keep juvenile covid rates low. the department of public health says cases have been consistently low in that schools are reporting there have been no outbreaks of covid, meaning three or more people from different households infected at school. and while there have been isolated cases, the district has moved quickly
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to isolate those infected quarantine close contacts and prevent outbreaks were really taking a layered approach. citizen follow. owing to recommendations of public health experts. health officials say children in the city schools have been protected by a layered approach, including masking proper ventilation and the city's overall high vaccination rate. certainly san francisco's extremely high vaccination rate among eligible persons is really contributing. so 81% of those 12 and up have gotten fully vaccinated and that is really outstanding in all. the department of public health reports that as of september 8th. there were 227 cases. of covid among the districts, 52,000 students and 10,000 staff members, the city's department of health saying children make up just 11.5% of covid cases in san francisco and are bucking the national trend where juvenile cases are surging, making up close to 27% of cases nationwide due to the fast spreading delta variant, and that's in contrast for that percentage has been higher in
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the rest of the country, where masks for instance, or not in schools where vaccination rates are lower. so it really shows the power of all of these levels. self protection. parents like pediatrician lisa patel say they're happy. there have been no outbreaks, and that the measures in place seemed to be protecting the city's children. i am not surprised. i am deeply proud. you know, i actually come from texas. my brother is an emergency room physician there. they're fighting such a different battle, and i'm really proud to be in the city where people mask up where we have high rates of vaccination because we know those two things work really well to keep our kids safe san francisco school say while they have their plan in place that plan continue used to evolve as the pandemic evolves. they say they'll also continue to share best practices with other school districts to learn what's working elsewhere. and share what seems to be working here in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news in light of the pandemic, the u. s senate is now considering a bill calling for improved school mental health
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programs. the bill was announced this morning by senator alex padilla and state school superintendent tony thurman. they say the comprehensive mental health in schools pilot program act but especially helps schools serving low income students. it would address students mental. health and behavioral wellbeing and provide resources for educators. reflects the covid-19 pandemic has only intensified beneath for school mental health systems that can provide the support and services that students so desperately need. the bill would fund pilot programs for elementary, middle and high schools. well starting this fall november, 14th will be known as ruby bridges walk to school day here in california. isaiah 37 no. zero the major passes. sing in her california senate unanimously passed the measure and honor of the civil rights pioneer in 1960 bridges was just six years old when she faced an angry crowd screaming
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racial slurs as she walked into an elementary school in new orleans after learning of our story, fifth graders at martin elementary school in south san francisco worked with senator josh becker to help get that measure passed. okay so this time last night, we were all kind of bracing for what was going to happen with expected. lightning and certainly there was an awful lot of lightning and even the little rain out there. we had san francisco get some measurable rain. about 2 1/100 of an inch, which, by the way, the last time they got any measurable rain on september, 10th was 1978. so it's pretty unusual tonight. we are much, much calmer as we take a live look here at storm tracker, too you can see as we zoom out that all of that activity now has rolled to the north and the east of us, so we are left with a pretty quiet night out there. temperatures are pretty mild and yeah, it's not bad, right? pretty nice 59 degrees right now in san francisco. we're in 63 in oakland. if you move a little further inland, you get a few more sixties livermore sitting at 63 right now as well
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overnight tonight we're going to have some of that valley and coastal patchy fog out there. temperatures will be fifties around the bay, with the exception of some of the north bay valley, santa rosa being one of them. looking to get down into those upper forties. little chilly there and those of you who are kind of closer to the coast. your saturday is going to be below average because of low pressure. that's kind of in charge of our forecast right now. but as we roll into sunday, high pressure is going to be building in, and it's not going to be extreme heat or anything like that but it will bump the temperatures up a little bit as we get into sunday, monday and tuesday. so here is tomorrow. 66 in san francisco. little cool at the coast about 63, but if you move inland, santa rosa 83 for you. nice seventies around the bay conquered about 86 antioch about 88 mostly sunny skies when we get into the afternoon, so say, for instance, you're one of the people who might have tickets to go see a baseball game tomorrow. it could be pretty nice as the oakland a's take on the texas rangers, looking at a temperature about 69 degrees about 17 when they threw out that first pitch, some sunny skies and wind expected to be
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about 10 mph or less. so should be pretty nice. maybe just a nice jacket. as you go there. you should be all set. so tomorrow i mentioned san francisco is going to be below average. but notice as we move into sunday monday, tuesday, kind of hit right where we should be this time of year, which is about 70 degrees. that will be when that high pressure kind of moves in, so the slight warm up happens latter half of the weekend. sunday is going to be your warmer day, our marine layer will compress a little bit there and then, as you notice, you know, it's pretty pretty quiet by wednesday. we start to cool down a little bit more, but not a whole lot to talk about the weather department and i think that's okay. after last night, right? oh, yeah, definitely. kyler. thank you. so much will be to is expanding its service. once again, starting on sunday service was cut after that fatal mass shooting at evita maintenance yard in san jose earlier this year, officials say the entire blue line from the bay point station on the north end to the center teresa station on the south end will resume service sunday morning. full service on the green line is expected to resume soon. vta
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light rail service will remain free through september 30th. all right, coming up next in sports, both the giants and the a's keep their playoff bush ending tonight. dominant winds scores dir
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at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military,
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we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. down to the final three weeks of the baseball season, every reason to believe the bay area is going to have a couple of playoff teams. we know all about the giants. the a is very much alive. wrigley field chicago very emotional day for chris bryant, who was traded to the giants so little over a month or so ago as they give a great scoreboard tribute to him. emotions were high, and the giants were trailing one nothing in the sixth inning before lamonte wade jr kind.
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dumps one out of left field. he's got an rv out of tired. he gets a little carried away the gunner at second base, but in the seventh inning, we're tied 11 evan longoria ties into one ticket to ride his 11th of the year. two run shot up trevor mcgill. and it's 3 to 1 and in the same frame brandon belt wearing that c on his jersey signified. he thinks he's the captain anyway, and acting like one with a two run oppo shot his 22nd. of the year. and this, however, is the play of the game typified with the giants do brandon crawford with the great play up the middle heel? flip it to tommy la stella, with the bare hand pivot and the double play that comes out only two heads. giants win again. they've won seven out of the last date, and they leave the dodgers by 2.5 in the western division. as for the oakland a's well, they don't have a first baseman is the captain. but matt olsen is
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the heart and hustle award winner and he goes right to work to prove that is right on time. bases were loaded in the second and he slams one into the corner. everybody is going to score. he's thrown out at second even though the empire immediately set safe, they reviewed it. is a gutter ad for its tonight he's got 95 rbs of the season. starling marty with us shot into the wide open spaces. he's got an r b. i triple elvis scoring. he had three hits. did marty and the a's opened it up. josh harrison had a big two run single third straight victory, and they're only one game back of a wild card situation. all right before the u. s open even started. we told you all about the big names that are out for various injury reasons. well that left one healthy superstar. and i think it's pretty predictable as to who's going to wind up winning on the men's side, the unenviable task alexander zero have trying to
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stop the joker novak djokovic. you're looking at match, 00.0 will go into the net five set winner for djokovic. he's one win away from a record 21st grand slam win. and that grand slam in the calendar year he'll take on daniel med vera in the final sunday friday night at the videos, it is get a little physical back in baltimore tonight. major league baseball. you got to check this out. watch the ground ball up the middle. they go to the runner at third, he sliding in bad throw, but watch what happens between third and home the picture for the orioles. fernando abbad, former giants rams into the runner, lourdes gurriel. now, he said it was unintentional. but man, you got to get out of the way and he's able to score that, uh, his little more physicality that you see in baseball right? looked more like opening day football, right? not so sure
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about unintentional there, but exactly heather. right great weekend. guys have a good weekend, everybody. thank you weekend, everybody. thank you so m obviously, this is the living room. there's a fully stocked bar in the den, and the home theater is downstairs. so, your boss launches one style website and she can afford all of this? i wish "1950s closeted father" was a look people were clamoring for. oh, it is not that simple. the formula for nerp is very specific -- former actress plus confidence based on nothing equals millions in sales of iffy wellness products. we should get her a gift for letting us stay here, but what do you give someone who's researching charcoal toothbrushes in sri lanka? oh, actually, she's judging a placenta-cooking contest in minsk. maybe we should stay away from the fridge. so, we're in wine country. when does the wine tasting start, because i could use it after the public bashing i've had to endure. here we go. no more boo-hooing, manny. the review wasn't that bad. he called my portrayal of inspector poirot "unconvincing," "not believable," "hard to buy," and, ironically, "redundant." hey, mitch, cam -- now that you guys have had a chance


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