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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 12, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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now. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. the fires broke out this afternoon near the san jose airport, while seven people were displaced. the city of. san jose wants to see the entire encampment cleared out soon. ktvu sm. agus joins us now she's live in san jose with the details, emma, it was one fire after another sunday afternoon in san jose. around noon flames burned through a vehicle and personal possessions and a homeless encampment near the san jose airport by two p.m. a second fire at a nearby section of the encampment flared up sending a column of thick black smoke into the sky that tell us that these are people's homes right here, this man was out, grabbing a bite to eat when a neighbor called to tell him his tent and belongings were on fire. he came back to find everything he owned was incinerated. i'm signed up, hopefully with the city or home for or whoever is doing the housing. hopefully this can accelerate things because i
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need some help right now. san jose fire contacted the red cross to assist him and others displaced by the fires. we come to this area pretty frequently because there are a lot of people here and like i said, a lot of vegetation will be working to see if we can figure out what the cause of it was today. scott largent, a homeless advocate who lives in his rv parked at the encampment. says the city has flyers out warning some people in the area they'll need to move soon. he thinks that's changed the atmosphere among people turning here for shelter. so you see right here. you must remove all of your property from this location, he says. people are following the orders given last week to vacate their space and believes they're moving into other areas of the encampment and clashing with people already settled in. people get territorial out here in a way, and it's like there's sandwiching more people together that are not used to being around each other. that's why i think this stuff is happening. let's phased sweep of the encampment is organized by home first, an organization that's contract with the city to provide homeless outreach and resources. they're coming in monday. people are terrified.
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people are scared. people don't have anywhere to go. we saw san jose police vehicles this afternoon shortly after the second fire was put out, and it appeared they did make an arrest. but if not sharing information at this time regarding if that arrest is connected to how the fires started, i've also reached out to the city of san jose, as well as santa clara county officials and people at home first. list for details on the upcoming sweep oddly encampment, but they have not responded yet. reporting in san jose magus ktvu, fox two news. new at 11, the country's top infectious disease expert, dr anthony fauci, says that he supports vaccine requirements for air travel. i would support that if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people that you should be vaccinated. dr fauci was interviewed for the skim this podcast on friday. a portion of the interview was released tonight on instagram. dr fauci also reiterated his support for vaccine mandates for students, saying that they have long been in place for
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other diseases. the election to recall governor gavin newsom is now just two days away and tonight polls suggest it could be a landslide in favor of the governor. the governor campaigned in southern california today, where he urged people to get out and vote. newsom also hopes to get a boost from president biden tomorrow when the president joins him on the campaign trail. i think the biden agenda, uh, either gets tail winds or headwinds, and i think he recognizes that we're better than this moment. we're better than the last four years were better than trump and trumpism vote no on this recall a poll released friday by the u. c berkeley institute of governmental studies showed 60% of california voters oppose the recall effort, while 38, a half percent are in favor of it. republican challenger larry elder also reached out to voters in southern california today. he he appeared upbeat during a campaign stop and seamy valley. and you detect some energy from the crowd. alex are you suggesting that
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maybe just maybe there's a sliver of a chance that i'm going to win this thing. elder also work to reach voters on twitter today posted a picture showing that he has the support of utah house representative burgess owens. the caption reads in part recall gavin newsom. we've got to count country to save more than seven million ballots in the recall election have already been returned. ktvu is james torres has an update now on the effort to remove the governor from office. the recall election is now two days away. voting is underway, but both democrats and republicans agree. the key to winning this election will be all about voter turnout. protect california by voting no on the republican recall the latest presidential push to vote no on the recall this ad featuring former president barack obama ran all weekend long supporting gavin newsom, the chair of san francisco's democratic party, says endorsements like these and an appearance from joe biden in california this week. keep. are huge. president biden,
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uh, you know, has a unique ability to energize the base and that a lot of democrats, you know, we'll see his presence as a reminder of why they need to vote and why it's important for them to not take this election for granted. on the republican side, local gop chair john dennis says those endorsements don't mean much and as far as polls calling the election in favor of newsome, he says the election isn't over. till it's over. we were out there, you know, delivering the message directly to voters not doing publicity events that something we're calling people making hundreds of thousands millions of phone calls to folks knocking on doors and pointing out that this is important that we send a message to politicians have gotten out of control. political experts save newsome does beat the recall it could stay in his long term political career. now anything can happen. recall politics or wild animal, but nonetheless, we would expect that gavin newsom and his team will do very well. and then the question will be, can they leverage that for national
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political gain and put him back on the national stage? moving forward? if the recall succeeds, the question becomes who will replace newsline conservative talk show host larry elder seems to be the popular candidate. would you feel comfortable having larry elder as governor? don't absolutely absolutely. he has the support of san francisco republicans. the democrats, however, are hoping the recall doesn't make it that far. recognize the national significance of this race. the reality is that. even though we defeated donald trump in 2020, we still haven't defeated trump isn't i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news as we mentioned earlier, president biden is scheduled to campaign for governor newsom in southern california tomorrow. their rally will be the final one for newsome before election day. this will be the president's first visit to california since becoming president. president biden will also visit the sacramento area to assess wildfire damage, but the white house says rallying support for the governor is his primary
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reason for the trip. complete coverage of tuesday's election. you can find it just go to our website ktvu .com you'll be able to watch the returns live as they come in. all right, so watch this video closely its surveillance video showing a car right there, running a red light at 90 miles an hour and slamming right into that minivan. it happened in oakland 10. people were rushed to the hospital, including two children, who are now in critical condition. investigators say a drunk driver iver was to blame for that crash. ktvu greg liggins shows us what they're learning from that video. just after 8 30. pm thursday of pontiac g six going about 90 miles an hour in the bus lane, according to police ran a red light and plowed into a honda odyssey. we've decided not to show two kids apparently not buckled in being thrown from the van. we've seen a lot of accidents here on this intersection, and that's probably the worst thing. i've i've seen the
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horrific crash on international boulevard at 38 was captured by cameras at the business of gaspar gomez. bystanders rushed in to rescue victim is pulling children from the vehicle. i think it's our duty. you know, you see somebody in need, and especially in that situation, you should help. at least one person in the red shirt managed to walk away in all, police say 10. people were transported to hospitals, six of them children in the van, including a nine and two year old thrown from the vehicle. they're reported to be at children's hospital in critical condition with head trauma. after hitting the van, the pontiac hit a jeep parked on the sidewalk, then came to rest. the driver appeared. ready to run, but bystanders put a stop to that before. you know, he had too many people that weren't going to let him go. some call the accident here, a symptom of a larger problem in parts of oakland lawlessness. some call it as exemplified in video we captured a guy on a dirt bike wheeling his way west people drive like they don't have no license because they
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don't obey the law. they just drive like they want to drive. gamez says cars have hit his building drivers use the bus. slain like a highway and flouting road rules is common. the city has called in the chp for help, but gamez and others say more needs to be done to prevent future tragedies like this. maybe we have to or they have to start taking license plates, numbers sending out finds, you know, um i don't know something something it has to be a deterrent. oakland police say they have held 10 traffic safety operations in east oakland in the last year, the most recent being september 3rd. as for the driver, who crashed into that the van. he's been charged with d u i. hit and run, reckless driving and driving on a suspended license. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. two drivers were hit and killed on interstate 80 in berkeley early this morning after getting into an argument on the
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freeway. the highway patrol says the drivers crashed into each other in the eastbound lanes near university avenue at about 1 30 this morning they got out of their car and started to argue. that's when an oncoming mini cooper slammed into them, killing both of them. the driver of the mini cooper stayed on the scene and is cooperating with authorities. a female passenger who also got out of that car. our after that initial crash. was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. it's really a proud new day to be able to have people like not only to be welcomed into the church, but to be given kind of some of the highest level of authority and major christian church pulls off first in san francisco coming up their newly installed openly transgender bishop talks about leading the congregation and how the pandemic is fueling a need for nurses willing to travel for work. work. and i'll check in on that work week. forecasts going to warm up a little bit
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tomorrow. i'll tell you th can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends.
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i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. francisco pastor is now the first openly transgender bishop of a major christian denomination. the event evangelical lutheran church in america installed the new bishop this weekend. ktvu is azenith smith spoke with the bishop today about this new role. it's fancy new embroidery
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but still like kind of the 1st 1st part of doing a new job that you want to do well, especially when so many people around the world are paying attention. so many people are paying attention to the reverend megan roar for good reason on saturday at grace cathedral in san francisco war was installed as the first transgender bishop. for the evangelical lutheran church in america. becoming a bishop is one more field that trans people can feel like they can be fully equal. where will lead the sierra pacific senate comprised of about 200 lutheran congregations in northern and central california state senator scott wiener and advocate for the lgbtq community called it a groundbreaking step. what historically organized religion has not been as welcoming upper echelons in terms of leadership. there's still not enough. presentation. all right, so having a trans bishop big deal, and it sends a powerful message, particularly the trans kids for served as pastor of
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grace evangelical lutheran church in san francisco's outer sunset and with san francisco police is first transgender chaplain. the road to bishop has not been easy or had been barred from the lutheran church because of its rules against gays and transgenders. it wasn't until 2000 and 10 did the church recognized war as a clergy member. where says it's come full circle as i'm thinking about other people who are going to be a future pastors that i'm gonna do the best i can to remove the hurdles in front of them, just like hundreds of thousands of people moved to move hurdles out of. out of my way above all roar, married with two children hopes to inspire. there are a number of trans people who don't know if this world is safe enough to decide to live through the end of the day. and so i want to be the kind of person that can inspire folk in san francisco. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. alrighty then get you
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going on your sunday night forecast getting ready for the work week. it was warmer. today it's going to be warmer tomorrow by a couple degrees not incredibly hot, but the inland numbers will be low nineties and then around the bay, you know, seventies and some low eighties. there's not a lot of fog at the coast. right now. there's fog big time in santa cruz down at east side of town, the west side of town all the way down to monterey. and then ah, in the bay area. we've got patchy fog right along the coast. so it looks like i think we'll see patches of it tomorrow morning. it's just kind of not really shutting up. well, but what that what it really just means. i think tomorrow you got plenty of sunshine at the coastal sections will be a little fog, but i think they'll be plenty of sunshine, too. if that's on your monday schedule, this is going on up north. that's kind of cool. that's the low pressure center that in about 72 hours will proceed to move south and by saturday friday, saturday and sunday bring us cooler weather. in the potential slight potential for some showers. perhaps you'll show it to you right now. it's not. it's not massive, but anything and this time you're
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anytime you get something cool with some some increased moisture that's always helpful because we're worried about fire. so here we go. there's third tuesday wednesday. nothing nothing thursday. see it dropping down. there it is, we'll comma. that's friday morning doesn't look like much. but looking out for that. that's a pretty deep trough right there so far down. it goes duchess, the blues, but clouds, so that's into saturn. okay, so. really i'm just showing you that to go. okay this is the pattern this week. right so little roller coaster. we're going to go up again tomorrow. we're going to start to cool down as we go into, um, the bay area weekend. so there you look at that they're warming up along the coast will see patchy fog return. like i said, and you'll see the temperatures in the inland valleys back in the low nineties. the plan for tomorrow is going to be temperatures. that will be warmer than what we had today by just a couple of degrees for the most part so this is the model. this is the these are the temperatures, the colours representing temperatures, yellows, you seventies oranges are eighties. sure looks like today and then school cooler after that, so
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the five day forecast when it comes up, it's going to show you temperatures that trend down towards the weekend and i would love nothing more than quarter inch of rain. i don't see that happening, but something some something could break loose. at least some drizzle or such. here's the five day forecast. have a great day tomorrow and i'll see you back here tomorrow night, bill. thank you. nearly all lanes of i five in southern california have reopened tonight after flames jumped across the freeway. the fire broke out at about 40 clock yesterday afternoon on a dry hillside near castaic in northern los angeles county and then grew to more than 460 acres, fire officials say due to the steep hills crews have been relying heavily on water dropping aircraft. as of tonight. the fire is now 63% contained now to the dixie fire. as of tonight, it is 67% contained that fire is now burned for two months in butte to hama, plumas, shasta and lassen counties. so far, it's burned
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1500 square miles. that's about twice the size of napa county, making it the second largest fire in california history. the storm that passed through on friday brought a little moisture to the fire zone, but is that rainfall dries up? and high winds move in early this week. firefighters are working to keep the edge of the fire from burning structures in the grizzly peak area. today, some people who are forced to leave their homes because of the caldera fire got a first look at the damage in their neighborhoods. stephanie lynn talked with some of them today as they found nothing left. you look in the middle of the garage there. that's a smoker. jeff cornette walks us through what's left of his grizzly flats home. that was my fireplace or the wood stove, the backdrop of so many precious memories burned to the ground. it was a little bit of emotional, but for the most part, i knew kind of knew what i was walking, coming here to see. he's getting through it, he says. by moving forward already counting the costs and
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options to rebuild and even better home. the spark of all this devastation of goodness is what i can put back into this property. over the next two days. grizzly flats, residents will be returning to the area to assess the damage to their homes. now some will find their properties still standing like the one behind me there, but most will return to find their homes completely burned to the ground. thank you. firefighters extending hands and warm hugs to those making heartbreaking discoveries. as you can imagine. losing a home is pretty dramatic, so we come out and just kind of try to walk through that with him. deputy fire marshal j. tracy calling a strike team to help this family break open saves containing valuable documents. i hope that we can add a little bit of positivity or maybe a little bit of light just to show that love and compassion, handing out lunches to hungry families. is on the road. i wear a city of fresno patch on my sleeve.
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but today i'm a grizzly flats. firefighter president biden is likely to tour the area on monday. biden wants to do something. get fema to approve this a national disaster. get fema help in here for the people of grizzly flats and all of call cal are the salad or fire victims a call for more assistance as a town works to rise from the ashes. god bless everybody that lost her home like me and stay strong. hmm and again, that was stephanie lynn reporting. the cal door fire is now 65% contained sports wrap is coming up at 11 30. here's a look at what joe and jason are working on for us quite a double for san francisco sports fans today with drama and both of 49ers opener and the giants try for 1/7 straight win. well we'll show you some nfl debuts and how novak djokovic wasn't happy about being denied in two categories of tennis mystery football. baseball overlap one of the best times of the year in the sports world, and we'll
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have it all for you when and where. just it'll be 11 30 tonight on sports wrap, but first after the break nurses across the country getting calls to leave home to fill healthcare gaps outside of healthcare gaps outside of their communities. oh! my new, bigger, crispier cluck sandwich. mmh. just tell me you're not going to go overboard with the marketing. no. you're fully clucked out, aren't you? try my $6.99 cluck sandwich combo. download the jack app today. if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. and there you have it- and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. my new, better-than-ever cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier, juicier fillet, bigger pickles, more mystery sauce, and an extremely serious crunch. i'm kind of a big fan. try my bigger, crispier, new cluck sandwich combo for $6.99. download the jack app today. the south of market district earlier today, with electronic music, unique food and unusual art. fair, which usually draws
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up to 20,000. people to howard and second streets is typically held in may. it was canceled last year because of the pandemic and then postponed this year for health and safety reasons, but with eight stages of music in an expanded art alley and rows and rows of unique then odors. a lot of people say they're glad to see the return of the fair this year. i'm excited to be back. i always loved the show. i love san francisco and i love the people. this is a fun show to be at the how weird street festival goes and tell when, until eight o'clock tonight with mass and social distancing in place. well hospitals say there are not enough nurses now to care for covid patients as the search continues in many parts of the country, yes, some facilities now are turning to travel nurses to try to ease the burden for burned out staff. fox news. steven going is in cleveland with more on how the demand is really going up. the need for nurses is
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growing, but the travel nursing industry is growing, too. it's helping some hospitals meet demand, if only for a limited time because i just wanted to go out and help people honestly. tom brick a. turner found her purpose when she became a travel nurse at the start of the pandemic. now every day is something new. we don't know what we're going into. things are constantly changing. a patient can go from one condition to another and in seconds in the past year and a half she's worked in hard hit parts of texas, new jersey, missouri, maryland, ohio and washington state. every place is different that experience in high demand as the u. s faces an ongoing shortage of nurses. there was a nursing shortage before covid only exacerbated what we are seeing as a shortage to fill jobs. fast hospitals, clinics and nursing homes have turned a temporary solutions or certainly in a state of accelerated turn. over travel nurse agencies like san diego based healthcare have now seen an increase in the number
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of available jobs were experiencing almost 50,000. open job orders for travel nurses, even though the industry has grown that need also drives up. travel nurse pay to several $1000 a week, which critics say creates a harmful cycle unfairly impacting full time nurses. i was able to help uplift them, but for people like turner, it's about more than money. she calls her career switch calling a chance to do the most good. i've bought different skill sets to the facility that they can work with now, you know, so it's always about giving and giving back. now it's estimated that travel nurses make up only 3% of all us nurses, but that small group could grow as the profession becomes more popular. the nation's nursing shortage only deepens in cleveland. stephen goldman, fox news and that'll do it for us coming up. next it's joe and jason julie on sports report trump and we're going to leave
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you right now, with this beautiful shot of the moon and the bay bridge overlooking sandy night. really cool. goodnight everybody stay tuned for sports routes coming up next. all right. see you later, everyone. at metro by t-mobile... ...we don't think you should pay extra for unlimited 5g. introducing the big 5g upgrade. ditch boost and cricket... ...and save half when you switch. just twenty-five bucks a month for one line of unlimited smartphone data. with 5g access included. plus get a free samsung galaxy five g with trade in. all on the power of the t-mobile 5g network. rule your day with the big five g upgrade. only at metro.
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francisco team is a dark horse contender superfood and for the first half in their opener against the lions, they showed why, but then the wheels is almost came off one of those lessons that we were lucky that it didn't end up burning us in the end. with the baseball postseason about three weeks out, the giants are streaking in the right direction while the ayes appear headed in the other. any series right now is a tough one to lose. how novak djokovic imploded at the us open, one win away from being crowned the all time king of men's tennis sports round. we won't scold you if you don't watch, but we strongly encourage you to do something box to sports. rab starts now.


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