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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 21, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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oakland robbery ends with former police captain wounded as he guns down one of the suspects. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. a shootout in broad daylight at an oakland gas station and tonight a search for two suspects. hello again. i'm jana katsuyama and i'm andre, senior. frank and julie are off retired oakland police captain er see joyner hospitalized in critical condition tonight. all one of the men suspected of trying to rob him is dead. ktvu deborah villalon joins us now live from oakland and deb. this marks oaklands 115 homicide this year. yeah andre acknowledged by chief laurent armstrong. he's a contemporary of er. see joyner, both oakland natives who rose through the ranks tonight. armstrong is talking about the crime. not the cops. from sky fox and all too familiar crime scene in oakland shot spotter alert
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brought officers to this chevron station about one o'clock. the victim was at the gas station. filling up his car with gas when he was approached by several individuals that begin to rob him of his belongings surveillance video shared with ktvu shows three men come up on police veteran er, see joiner and tussle with him. later he pulls his weapon. easy, retired officer. uh but we, uh we and we know he is lawfully able to carry a firearm. joyner retired as a captain two years ago after a 28 year career. rising through the ranks with stints leading investigations, homicide and violent suppression. when a robber opens his car door, joyner starts shooting, bringing one man down and darting around the pumps to aim at the others. they shoot back and hit joiners several times. it's deep. absolutely this oakland council member came to highland hospital after hearing joyner was wounded someone who's dedicated his life to
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keeping other people safe having this happen to him where he is the victim of violent crime. it's tragic, tragic to says taylor that the man joyner shot died at the scene. his, thn give up and flee without him again. this today again shows us how you know how brazen these these individuals involved in this activity can be. joiners porsche remained as investigators collected evidence and mapped the crime scene after law enforcement. joyner got into the cannabis industry and owns a cannabis company. whether that made him a target. we're looking at every motive, everything that might have led to this particular incident, so nothing is off the table. at this point. joyner was involved in five shootings over his career, one of which led to an inquiry and settlement. er see, joiner is in critical but stable condition after surgery. the
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gas station remains sealed off well past dark for the investigation, and the hunt is on for two suspects in a black sedan. while we don't have official id on the fatality, andre there's a flurry of social media activity that indicates he's a young rapper from valeo. yeah just pumping gas. the victim in this case, uh, something we do every day and having to go through a crime like this. it was just surprising seat on tape. thank you. so much for this now, closing arguments today in the trial of a contra costa county sheriff's deputy charged with the shooting and killing of a man in danville three years ago. today prosecutors said deputy andrew hall was not acting itself defense when he shot 33 year old lubomir. opportunity are but later. nine times back in 2018. but hall's lawyers said the deputy had no choice because our valetta had tried to run hall over with his car during a slow speed pursuit. all is on trial for voluntary manslaughter and assault with a firearm, both felonies. jury
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deliberations begin on monday. two people are under arrest and sonoma county for allegedly stealing gas from a woman while she was hiking. the victim says she got back from her hike at shiloh park in santa rosa last night and smelled gasoline around her car. out someone had drilled a sonoma des arrived and took a man and woman into custody. they say they found a funnel a rubber hose and gas cans in the suspect's truck. until the city of san francisco has closed its investigation it chase center after two men fell from the stands in separate incidents. both happened sunday during the phish concert. following those incidents, complaint was filed with san francisco's department of building inspection. it said the guard rails were on safe and some viewing areas where too steep well. inspectors visited the site today, and they closed the case after finding the area to be quote, fully code compliant. but concertgoers robert mohan witnessed both incidents and has some concerns about the arena safety. people sit and
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look through the glass and still see you can stand up and there's no barrier in your way. but it feels like, uh. a good view at the expense of safety. the second man who fell landed on another fan, and both were hurt, but are now recovering from their injuries and up nation returned to chase center today for the warriors home opener, the team hosted the l. a clippers and 11 15 to 1 13. as ktvu zec sauce tells us fans were thrilled to welcome back basketball. an electric crowd packing the chase center for the warriors home opener, marking the arena's first at capacity regular season game in nearly two years excited we've been waiting for this for so long. it's good to be bad. go away barriers, let's go, warriors faithful gathering outside the arena early. do it. let's do it so i'm in line just
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starting their journey as a member of dub nation. yes this is, uh, mavericks very first warriors game cheering on the team of family tradition for lexie whitmore. this is very serious. he is going to be a lifelong warriors fan. serious business indeed. just ask super fan jacobite. al. i just love everything about warriors. i've been a fan since felton spencer, victor alexander and all those. back inside chase center molly haslem, a fan who simply couldn't wait for the home opener to catch her team on the court. i just returned last night from attending the warriors. when at the lakers stadium, and it was quite a game first time it chase. it's beautiful. the warriors taking down the lakers, 121 to 1 14 and their season opener and, well, it may be just gained to ask most folks in this crowd. well, they're feeling pretty good about the season ahead. i'm feeling like the warriors is ready. we're going to do this. and some even willing to make a postseason prediction or
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two. i think we've got to decided, uh, going deep into the playoffs. i'm not gonna say championship, but i am a fair so i'm going to say championship and next up for the warriors will be heading up to sacramento to take on the kings is at six pm for now. we're at chase center. zach sauce new at 11, an mateo county lawmaker is firing back at the san francisco gop and congresswoman marjorie taylor green for scheduling a fundraiser in san mateo county, san francisco. republicans are hosting a dinner next month with the georgia congresswoman as the keynote speaker. but because san francisco requires proof of vaccination for indoor events, the republican group says it plans to go to a secret location in san mateo county. instead the far right wing firebrand is an outspoken anti vaccine advocate, and at least one sam mateo county supervisor says that green is not welcome. san mateo county board of supervisors president david kennedy released this statement
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about greens planned visit, saying quote this is sneaky, sad and shameful, and i think the local gop should consider shutting this event down as it may turn into a safety issue as it is sure to draw progressive minded protesters who will want to shout her down. final sign off this evening to recommend both moderna and johnson and johnson vaccine boosters for certain populations. along with the fighter shot. the fda says vaccines will start to ship within hours of approval. only people 65 older and people with underlying health conditions can get the modern a booster shot. but everyone who got the j and j shot is eligible for a second dose. the cdc approval allows also allows people to mix and match brands of the booster. confusion at a homeless camp in the south bay's why residents thought that they were being told to leave the encampment immediately. the largest donation humane society silicon valley has ever received. how the organization says the multi million dollar contribution will help. for a new safe parkinr
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rvs and cars at candlestick point, the secure site at candlestick point state recreation area will host 177 people who live in their cars or rvs. complaints about homeless people parking along neighborhood streets prompted the city to set up 150 parking spots at candlestick point for
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the homeless, there will be round the clock staffing and security lighting, electricity bathrooms, mobile showers and fresh water at that site. in san jose. police and city crews were removing debris from a homeless encampment. but as ktvu is jesse gary tells us some homeless people living there misunderstood what was happening and thought they had to clear out immediately. thursday morning before the sun came out, and the rain stopped. san jose contractors moving debris to the bewilderment of some homeless residents who thought it was a signal to leave right now just trying to gather things and transport. i just i. have a friend who's going to be transporting my step over to the other side. the other side refers to zone three of the guadalupe river park and gardens. the 40 acres site is just south of the runways for mineta san jose international airport. the city of moving roughly 300 on housed residents in phases from zone
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to zone three. is it a pain in the neck to do this? yeah, it is. when you just got to fifth fuller and you don't have a truck movie. and you have to cause somebody to move it. yeah. city officials say they're weeks ahead of their thanksgiving deadline. the ultimate goal of san jose in compliance with faa safety guidelines, which the encampment violates. we've given the city a long time the faa has given the city almost a year to clean this out. but when we say clean it up, we don't mean sweep the people out. we mean find them viable places to live. the mayor says part of the plan is fast tracking construction of three quick build apartment sites. city officials say thursday's action was only the removal of debris and other trash before heavy rains friday and sunday. we have cleared out over £600,000 of garbage and debris. andrea flores. shelton says most of the residents have already moved his own three basically talked to them. and they said, that is the trash pile that you can relive so no. one must use today we
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understand that abating encampments is a traumatizing experience. that word comes too late for some here, confused by the removal of items considered both trashed and the staple of their neighborhood. we're all doing our best to get back. on our feet and get things you know. in order. the clearing work progressed during rain early thursday morning because city officials say santa clara county officials did not issue an inclement weather alert and as such, the work was allowed to continue. i hope to get all of the residents and the trash removed before rains come thursday through sunday, turning dirt into mud and making the whole process a lot more difficult. in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. or none of the southeast, where county office on bill symbols of hope today to greet people coming out of incarceration as they work to improve their lives. the funded a mural at the senate clara county office of reentry services in san jose. it was revealed this morning. the mural features
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butterflies bright sun and hence reaching out to help. the center says it was created to represent unity and resilience for people transit transitioning from a low point in their lives. many are hungry, cold, barefoot, homeless, scared and hopeless. having our like this sends a message that we are here to help. we have faith in their capabilities, and we will work together with them to meet their needs. the office will celebrate its 10th anniversary in february. by then, it says it will have had more than 100,000 visits from people recently released from custody and in need of resources. humane society. silicon valley says a generous donation will help them expand veterinary care. michelle oats, deccan and peter debt can have donated $10 million to the group in milpitas. the humane society says it will use the money for a mobile vet called the wellness wagon. it will
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provide low cost and no cost veterinarian services prioritizing communities with the fewest financial resources. humane society. silicon valley says it is the largest donation they have ever received. leaving feels like a very painful option, but it's certainly not not an option. teachers now considering leaving one south bay high school district over pay up next why the district says it cannot give them what they're proposing. and details on the big surprise for one east bay teacher. and get ready for a bit of a wet commute as we wake up tomorrow morning and then a bigger hit of rain coming our way later in the weekend. i'll have details. your forecast is have details. your forecast is next. if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away,
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teacher in richmond, benjamin carter was awarded a $50,000 prize today for excellence in teaching from harbor freight tools. carter who teaches welding at john f. kennedy high school, had no idea about the ward and till today he says that in the midst of remote learning, he's been focused on how to help students live healthy. connective lives in class and beyond. well teachers in the campbell union high school district picketed this evening ahead of a school board meeting, demanding a cost of living increase as ktvu is azenith smith reports. the district says it is wayne what it can afford without making cuts. teachers rallied ahead of thursday's campbell union high school district board meeting carrying signs and black balloons meant to symbolize a dark cloud hanging over the district. i feel angry i feel. not valued. rebecca gilmore is
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a teacher in the district. not happy with contract negotiations. my husband and i are still relatively young. you know, we still cannot fire own home. you cannot start a family, the teachers association and district ardent impasse the union says its latest proposal is a permanent $5000 increase, plus 4% per year. the union claims the district has $48 million in reserves. we have a school district that is operating more like a corporation or a bank in terms of. hanging on to capitol negotiations are complex is really expensive to live here in this valley, but the school board president contends if they give teachers what they're proposing, there's a projected budget deficit in three years that could lead to cuts to programs. we've also done things i tried to pass the parcel taxes in the past. unfortunately, those i'm not passed. um we've done some things to rent out leftover property that we have to try to bring more money in give the incredible teachers of this district what they deserve. this is embarrassing. thank you for your time. students and
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teachers packed the board meeting. earlier during school hours, stu a difficult year. i honestly think that people don't really realize that transitioning back into in person learning is harder than. teaching virtually the teachers union says a recent survey found 60 out of the 400 teachers in the district are considering leaving. gilmore is one of them. she loves teaching at the high school she went to, but his reviewing her options. there are other high schools around here. that are hiring. there are other districts, um to go in san jose. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. hey there. let's talk about the weather, everybody. i know everyone in my neighborhood been talking about all this rain that's been coming down. we've got more on the way tonight and then more as we had later into the weekend. we've got sierra snow coming. 123 ft of it above about 8000 ft, but first we're going to start with the two
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systems that we've got going on one tonight that's going to bring some showers from north to south and the overnight hours will start to clear out a little on friday and then a second one is going to come in the early morning hours of sunday, right through sunday into monday. heavy rain and wind yes. and this is the first atmospheric river of the season. and you say, well, what is that? it's a moisture plume, basically where it drags moisture from pacific. some people call it the pineapple express because it goes all the way back to hawaii. but essentially, that's what's going to set up sunday to money. but let me show you this picture right now where we are. we have a few showers that are yeah, far far north bay not quite making it there yet, but they'll start your role as we get overnight and it's all courtesy of that perfect comma looking low pressure system that you see up there in the gulf of alaska. so here is future casting to roll this through and show you the showers overnight were waking up tomorrow with wet roads. make sure you're planning to take some extra time will start clearing as we get into the early afternoon. we'll have some clouds still out there. a little bit of a shower expected on saturday morning, but this
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is the big show coming sunday. check this out. this is seven a.m. on sunday heavy showers rolling in and as you can see, sunday's pretty much a wash out. so how much rain between now and tomorrow? well, we're just talking about maybe a quarter of engine san francisco a little more than that, probably a half up in the north bay and a little less than that, as we head to the south bay and the east bay, but this is the bigger hit of rain. coming later in the weekend, and you can see we're talking. you know, between two and about 5.5 additional inches of rain as that atmospheric river sets up, so it's a good thing that we're getting all the rain, but certainly you need to be mindful of fact, we're going to get so much of it so quickly live. look outside shows you kind of a cool picture there the bridge with the clouds behind it. temperatures right now are in the sixties were going to stay pretty mild in the overnight hours and then tomorrow, a little cooler. not going to get out of the sixties tomorrow. in fact, at at the coast, we could see just some upper fifties. so here's your extended forecast we've got rain overnight tonight. little soggy. start to your day on friday, a little bit of clearing is getting too friday
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afternoon and then get ready because saturday night into sunday, here comes that day luge of rain. we really don't dry out until we get to tuesday later in the day by wednesday, we'll see temperatures go up. and we'll get some sunshine back in there and dry out. but here we go. everybody get ready rain boots and raincoats. that's what we need. right column thanks so much appreciate it. the annual statewide event that reminds us all to take cover in the event of a big earthquake took place this morning at 10 21. people across the state stopped what they were doing and did this dropped, covered and held on during the great california shakeout. in san francisco mayor london breed and fire chief to meet nicholson and sheriff paul miyamoto participated in a shakeout drill at the city's main library. the event is held every third thursday of october. authorities encourage everyone to prepare for an earthquake anywhere anytime. this today is a reminder for our state here in california that earthquakes happen. but we are prepared. we've been
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through this before. where resilient city. don't give up. hope continue to stay prepared and do everything you can to make sure your family and your friends safe and continue to protect our amazing city. um when an earthquake occurs. according to the california shakeouts numbers, 7.5 million people statewide signed up or the dream. of steph curry called his opening night performance trash wonder why he's calling tonight sports director market baniyas has
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call scan at 1-877-212-7226. the great ones that truly sensational probably hardest on themselves. the other night step scored 21 points called his game trash. whatever the
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opposite of that is. that's what steph curry was on opening night at the chase center warriors feeling it early against the l. a clippers and it was on from the very opening bucket first to the game. and the warriors on their way, but the clippers would stay right with them this time dre model get it to him and another three. he's just getting started. he was nine for nine in the first quarter wound up with 25 points. thank you, draymond. everybody's pumped 44 27. but there were other guys who had a little something to do with it. like andre iguodala again, stephan steal the nice fish fry playing like he's 23 years old again. 67 6. 86 warriors at halftime fast forward fourth quarter warriors and steph from way downtown in the warriors at the time. we're down one alright more from. the other guys like how about the
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passing? it ends up in the hands of draymond green, the lay in free throws in the final seconds. seal id curry, by the way, 45 points 16 of 25 shooting 1 15 1 13 warriors off to a nice, tidy start. two games to none. the braves are thinking, all right, not this again. they were up three games to one last year. dodgers polished him off, won the world series. 31 lead again tonight, the dodgers stave off elimination. one guy i should say, kind of did it chris taylor, not 12. but three home runs against the braves, a one man band he goes deep three times. lopsided ballgame. 32 final are 11 to final 32 series in favor of the braves. the play over the weekend in atlanta. unlike last year, when they were playing in the bubble, at least the braves will have a home field advantage. the sharks up in canada taking care
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of their business, nice and early. our time afternoon. back in ottawa, senators go down and logan couture. the captain makes a statement saying jose was actually down one nothing in the second period, brent burns. out in front auteur will follow it in. that's his first goal of the year. and it's 11. if you look at the replay, you know. last year, the sharks were terrible and power play situations. they've apparently remedy that here is kevin leblanc, playing catch with erik karlsson and love eggs scores in his second to one held up. fifth power play goal for the sharks in just three games. they are on defeated and looking a whole lot better as we have a little extra time, so why not? check this out. alright buffalo bills fans are known to be crazy. these two are getting married. and this is the reception there in bill's uniforms, and, yep, uh,
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have no wedding. god the throw down body slam at the wedding reception. that's the sporting reception. that's the sporting life what? is it another video of him and his dog lady-and-the-tramping some spaghetti? no. he can't afford his apartment, and he's asking if anyone knows of a cheap place to live. (chuckling)ay "india," but it seems mean. what's so funny? raj is looking for a cheap place to live, and i wrote "india." don't post that; be supportive. fine, what should we do?ortive of my hilarious jokes. we're smart. i'm sure we can think of something. you want to let him live here? oh, we're smarter than that. i know our apartment's small,
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