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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  October 22, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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captain, remains hospitalized after a shootout at the gas station that was all caught on surveillance camera. what we're now learning about the man he shot and killed and a driver crushed to death by a falling tree in the santa cruz mountains, the damage caused by the latest round of brain as local communities get ready for the most powerful storm yet. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. welcome to the four. i'm greg lee in for heather savage. we want to get straight to our weather. we have seen some brain over the past few days, but the main event is still on the way. let's get straight to ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo with the latest on what we can expect this weekend, rosemary, so we are looking at the strongest storm arriving saturday night into sunday. not really moving out until about monday. alex and greg hello to you and hello to all of you. hopefully you're enjoying that little bit of dry weather that we have given you a view here at the golden gate. bridge where we are with partly cloudy sky, so even some blue sky and
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sunshine out there that begins to change as we get into the weekend. here's a look at storm tracker to if we move in a little bit closer, you can see we have since dried out. we do have the clouds in place over many areas of the bay and i think we're going to continue with this through tomorrow morning, perhaps starting out with a bit of drizzle. the sierra continues to see snowfall here, so a few inches at some of the higher elevations all great news, but as we move into the next 24 to 48 hours, things will really start to deteriorate as we get into some heavy rain as well as some strong winds before we move forward, let's take a step back and take a look at some of the rainfall amounts with this last system. oakland reporting almost half inch san francisco reporting 66 107 inch. santa rosa a little bit more than an inch at mount taylor reporting an inch as well. so that is all some great news and in the in the next couple of days, the rain that we're going to receive is also going to be a good news. the problem is, it's going to come fast and furious and that as we know could not only be hazardous. you know it
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could create some big problems. we do have advisories expected flash flood watches that will move into place saturday night into sunday and advisories for the sierra as well. better details on this storm coming up in just a little bit. bracing for the storm. rosemary thank you. developing story now in the santa cruz mountains, the chp is investigating a deadly accident involving a large tree that fell onto a pickup truck. and killed the driver. it happened around 1 20 this afternoon on east giant road near redwood road and felton. in this video, you can see a pickup truck down and embedment with that tree on top of it. investigators say they're trying to determine exactly what caused the tree to fall. the chp says road closures will remain in effect for several hours. the bay area is cleaning up after a series of storms this week and already we are preparing for the next round of rain. ktvu christian captain joining us now live from san francisco with a look at some of the preparations that are happening today, christian. hey
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alex. we are here at 15th and will want this is one of the lower lying areas in the city to take a look over here. you can see that. there's a hill right here. there are actually four streets that all end in hills that end right in this intersection. that's one of the reasons why this is one of those intersections that floods frequently in san francisco. now, areas like this are being told to prepare for as much as four inches of rain this weekend. overnight rains hammered the bay area and where possible contributing factor to this overturned big rigs on tennison road on ramp to north bong 80. in hayward. traffic experts say the number of accidents were double the number of a typical friday with no rain. farther to the north. the rain fell steadily in santa rosa, bringing into the fear of new fires in the north bay, but the heavy rain predicted to be a mixed blessing for an area already devastated by wildfire. forecast right now we're looking like we're going to have a pretty significant atmospheric river impacting the north bay and so for us here locally where i is there going to be on the glass fire burn
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scar. now the bay area is looking forward to the next round of storms in san commission spent the day checking catch basins, many now filled with water or covered with debris. they're asking residents to pitch in and clear the basins. to prevent localized flooding. it's really just about scraping off those leaves that can accumulate or other debris that can accumulate on the door brace that storm drains that keep them from, um, draining properly. so, yeah, we have a great, uh. um public participation program in that our residents are very passionate about keeping the streets clean the utility sending out trucks like this to vacuum out the catch basins to make sure that when they are clear they're able to handle the coming storm. the puc, saying its staffing up. to get ready for this weekend. we have strike teams, which are employees with rakes that clean the debris on top of the storm drains to make sure they don't clog and we're keeping an eye had potential problem areas in the city and will deploy those kind of at a moments notice because we know that the rains are coming. little earlier this
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afternoon. i also spoke with the department of emergency management. they're saying that it will be an all hands on deck situation this week and they'll have a full staff on alert sunday, the day the biggest storm is expected to fall and roll through. in the meantime, there advising residents who live in low lying areas like this to sandbag and move any items that could be damaged by flood waters to higher locations in their homes. they're predicting localized flooding and even the possibility of some isolated power outages. throughout the weekend, but now we're live in san francisco. christian captain ktvu fox two news. alright, let's hope all that work makes a difference when it comes to flooding in the city, christian. thank you. pgd is preparing for this weekend's storm at the possible damage and the outages that it could cause p genies materials storage yard in fremont is now stocked up with transformers, cables and other equipment. the utility says it's also bringing in extra crews to areas that are expected to be hit the hardest. so if there's an outage, power can be restored as soon as possible. we are very prepared for this possibility. we're bringing
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crews from areas that are expected to be less hit to the areas that are expected to be harder hit, so we have the right number of people in the right place. at the right time. we are also ready with equipment. the genie says it also has new equipment in place that will allow it to switch customers from one power line source to another in order to reduce the scope of an outage and restore electricity faster. you can track the rain right on your phone by downloading the ktvu weather app that's where you can have access to an interactive radar. andrew hour by hour forecast. actor alec baldwin issued a statement today after a tragic accident on the set of his latest movie. investigators say he fired a prop weapon accidentally killing the movies. cinematographer. the incident also ended up wounding the movie's director who is from fremont foxes. jonathan hunt has the details. alec baldwin was seen looking distraught outside the sheriff's office thursday after firing a prop gun on the set of his movie in santa fe, new mexico. killing
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one crew member and injuring another director of photography, helena hutchins, died and director joel souza was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. and later released. baldwin released a statement on twitter friday, saying, quote there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of helena hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours. i'm fully cooperating with the police investigation. to address how this tragedy occurred. the santa fe county, new mexico, sheriff's department says quote this investigation remains open and active. no charges have been filed in regard to this incident. witnesses continue to be interviewed by detectives. production has been halted on the movie titled rust. it's about a teen on the run after
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the accidental killing of a local rancher. this is really ironic. in the saddest of ways. this is a major headline that never goes away, and we'll just pile onto the many controversies that are already next to his name, whether it's fair or not fair, the santa fe district attorney says her office is now assisting. in the investigation, but it's unclear if charges will be filed in los angeles. jonathan hunt fox news. the l a times is reporting today that some of the camera crew walked off the set to protest working conditions. just hours before the accident happened. i spoke tmz's michael babcock about the latest on the investigation. that question. was this a real bullet that was loaded into this gun? was there some sort of malfunction with the blank round that caused us, uh, shrapnel to be shot out like a bullet. you know, those are questions that need to be answered here because. we've seen this before. you know it was decades ago where we
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watched or saw brandon lee bruce lee's son. you killed on the movie set, and once that happened, changes were made in precautions were put in place, so something like this would never happen again. pointed out that typically, there are members specifically assigned to handle any prop weapons, he says it will be important to find out exactly what safety protocols are in place. it's a story. we brought you as breaking news yesterday. here on the four a retired police captain wounded in a shootout during a robbery at a gas station. what we're now learning about one of the suspects who was shot and killed. and sunday storm will be the most powerful one yet up. next we'll talk to cal fire about the threat of debris flow and areas recently burned by wildfires and how the rain is helping the fire season.
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gas station that former captain shot and killed a suspect. crime reporter henry lee is here now with more on the investigation, and the man who was killed henry. alex retired oakland police captain er see joyner was involved in several shootings during his 28 year career with the oakland police. but now he's in the hospital with gunshot wounds after he shot and killed in east bay rapper during a robbery. oakland police are chasing leads in the robbery and wild shootout at a gas station that left a suspect dead in a retired oakland police captain wounded former opd captain er see joyner was rushed into patrol car to highland hospital where he's being treated for multiple gunshot wounds. no, i joined many, many people in praying. four. full recovery. oakland mayor libby chef met with joiners family at the hospital as he underwent surgery we've seen for many years, the passion and effectiveness with which captain joyner worked to prevent gun violence. 30
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minutes i'm tired of being like i'm friends have identified the man shot and killed by joyner as vallejo rapper lil stevie seen here in an interview posted on facebook in january. surveillance video shows joiner in his porsche cayenne on the left pumping gas at the chevron at 17th and castro at about one thursday afternoon. three men get out of a nissan sentra and then surround the retired captain and checking him for valuables. a short time later, one of the men opens the porsche's doors and apparently grabs a bag from the front seat. that's when joyner pulls out his gun shooting first at the man in the red and then shooting the rapper killing him. joyner starts to go after the nissan as it leaves, but his shot by one or two of the robbers he committed no crime. in fact, he should be tagged to hero. in fact, he's a hero for what he did, ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says joyner had every right to defend himself as a retired cop. he can carry a gun. he also had a right to pursue fleeing felons who are armed and dangerous. after all,
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they could go on with his crime spree and kill other people. police and the alameda county d. a s office are investigating. it will be up to prosecutors to determine whether the shooting by joyner, a former homicide section commander was legally justified. live in the studio. henry lee ktvu fox studios. alright, henry. thank you. an event is set to take place tonight to remember north bay teenager andy lopez, who was shot and killed by sonoma county sheriff's deputy in 2013 today marks eight years since lopez his death. he was walking with a replica gun in santa rosa, the deputy who fired said it appeared to be a real rifle. the deputy said he fired when the 13 year old turned towards him and raised the barrel of the gun. tonight's event to remember andy lopez will be held at andy's unity park, which is near where he was killed. we'll have a full report on tonight's 10 o'clock news. after a very soggy start this afternoon, we're enjoying a partly cloudy skies a little
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bit cool, though temperatures running well below average for this time of year as we await the next storm, and the next storm is expected to bring heavy rain as well as very strong winds. and we have advisories to go along with those two items giving you a view here over the bay area where we have a gorgeous one out there we will have mostly cloudy skies going into tonight. tomorrow morning. a little bit of drizzle. perhaps but really, it takes until tomorrow night before the widespread rain is expected so for tonight and for tomorrow, if you do have plans we'll have the clouds will definitely have a possibility. maybe a few sprinkles, but the storm is expected to hold off until the back end of the weekend. here's a view of from up above another vantage point, and you can see that cloud cover that's out there. snow continues to fall over the sierra. that is some good news there this could see 1 to 2. even three ft of snow. with this next system that is beginning to move a little bit closer to the west coast. we can expect two inches of rainfall or so in the south bay
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several inches a possibility in the north bay that going into sunday and pulls in all this sub tropical moisture that narrow band of subtropical moisture, the atmospheric river. we call it the advisories in place for the bay area, shades of green and that shade of tan. they're two different advisories to talk about in the north bay. it is for a flash flood watch that will get in the overnight hours and go all the way until sunday night for the burn sounds napa county as well as sonoma county. for the santa cruz mountains as well, a flash flood watch that will start at one o'clock in the afternoon on sunday and go until 11 o'clock again for the burn zone areas over the santa cruz mountains. and then this stretch of solano county through the cartoons and the delta includes folio includes beneath to include some of our small communities right in here. this is a flood watch that will begin late saturday night and last into monday. as far as the wind advisory. take a look at how widespread it is. it includes everybody from the coast all the way into the sacramento valley there, it will be four
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sunday, starting at five o'clock in the morning lasting into the evening hours. the winds could reach anywhere from 40, 45, mph and most lower elevation areas and our hills could see winds gusting to 55. even 60. here's a brief look at when we do expect some of that rain to arrive tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy but mainly dry we get into the afternoon a few scattered showers we get into the early evening hours. a few scattered showers with that rain moving in late night, and there's a look at sunday morning. that's when the big event is expected to happen on sunday. better details on what you can expect for the weekend and the extended forecast coming up. all right. thanks we look forward to it as she said, with a parade of storms having already passed through northern california and more on tap for the weekend, there is hope the rain could end fire season, but of course, there's always concerns about flooding and mudslides for more on the impacts of the rain. we're joined by cal fire deputy chief jonathan cox. jonathan always appreciate your time. let's start with the good news calendar. estrada fires fully
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contained how much did that wet weather help and big picture? what is the rain mean for fire season? yes, it's a great question. happy to be here. really the importance of this rain can't be overstated for the drought that we've experienced for the last five years across california. the 100% containment on the calle door is a client. great example of just how beneficial it is. right now. what we're looking down is kind of the good side is fire season is likely to slow significantly. the downside is we're looking at a serious amount of precipitation over some very recent burn stars, which is always concerning to us. jonathan that's perfect for my next question. no transition time between the fires and the atmospheric river that rosemary is talking about. how concerned are you about mudslides, debris flow and what are you doing to prepare? yeah, so one of the things that we always do is at the end of a fire. we actually go in and do an assessment and actually try to, uh, going with geologists and ecologists
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hydrologists and figure out what the most vulnerable areas are of the burn scar. that includes the severity of how the soils burned. how stable the watersheds are, and those emergency reports come out for each fire. so right now across northern california most counties that have had these large fires, including in the various santa cruz, san mateo, in the north day. they're all pulling out those plans and really looking at where do we have the highest potential for debris flow and what are the downstream impacts of that if you have the ear of people that were in the salad or fire, burn, scar and even some of santa cruz mountains? what do you advise them as they watch these storms roll in. yeah. so unlike fire, these debris flows can be highly unpredictable. it's not. it's not something that's an exact science. the one thing that we always say is be ready to go. um and please, please adhere to warnings. the alert and warnings are even more important during these types of storms because the conditions can change so quickly. the second thing is all the normal precautionary
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measures have food and water. prepare for power outages. fuel up your car. check on your neighbors. if you lose power, or you start to lose services evacuate before the official evacuation orders are called for. i do know that across the barrier where we've had these burn scars. there's concern about the debris flows, and i really think it's going to come down to just the rate of precipitation we get on sunday and monday as to how widespread any potential slides are going to be, john, we've got a little bit of time left. but as we sort of take a big picture, look at this. more than 2.5 million acres have burned statewide. can you compare this fire season so far to what we saw last year? yeah, you know, unfortunately, it just seems to be worse. you're over your last year we saw a lot of acreage burned were over four million acres last year. a lot of that had to do with the fact we had a large lightning storm come through. this year or just over two million acres, but some pretty significant fires, including the dixie fire, which was the largest fire in our state's history, so acreage wise, not as many acres burned across the state. but by all
4:21 pm
means another damaging fire season, especially for some critical watersheds, small towns and really, you know, we're not out of the woods in southern california. it's still warm down there, and they're not expecting the same level of rain that we're going to get something to watch. cal fire deputy chief jonathan cox we always appreciate your time, sir. appreciate the work of all of our first responders. thank you. he went from being a democratic presidential candidate to starting his own party coming up. we'll hear from andrew yang about what his new forward party is all about, and here's a look at what's coming up tonight. right here on ktvu. it is all about wrestling. w w e friday night smackdown starts at eight. followed by the 10 and 11 followed by the 10 and 11 o'clock news. don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon.
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now andrew yang has left the democratic party and announced the formation of his new forward political party for more now we are joined by alex michaelson, host of the issue
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is that airs right here on ktvu and alexey recently sat down with yang. yeah andrew yang to t this new political party called forward, uh encouraging people to join the party but also saying that he could have forward members that are also democrats are also republicans. it's a series of changes to try to make it less polarized in the political world. and more focused on moderation and bringing people together. here's some of what he told me on why he chose to leave the party. board is an inclusive popular movement and the mechanics right now of our politics. make it such that if you were to change your party registration, you might lose your ability to participate in your local elections were also practical. you know, i'm the math guy. this is a movement of reasonable nous and reason to try and get our heads up, try and get beyond the partisan back and forth. that's making
4:25 pm
us more angry, more frustrated, and it's dehumanizing our fellow americans who might be on the other side of a particular issue. so we'll talk about that. we also have some fun with andrew yang. he likes to have some fun these basketball player and so we brought a basketball hoop into our studio, and he hopes with me. so you got to tune in sunday to check that out. and speaking of sports, the story that i really care about the last time that we talked a couple weeks ago, it was when the dodgers and giants were playing each other, and we made a bet that whoever lost that would have to wear the other team's outfits. so i've got my dodger hat. i'm wearing my blue and this is when alex savage's beautiful hair gets to be covered up for the you know the first time that's the most feel, but i'm a man of my word. right and we made a bet here and my giants couldn't pull it off. yeah it's a little little tight hurts my head a little bit.
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think it's my son. look at that he's got to he's got. he's got too much hair. too much beautiful hair. this is you need an adjustable cat. i know. i know. maybe i just have a big head. we don't know elephants is painful on a couple of levels, right? i mean, it's a giants fan. i'm a giants fan, my whole life wearing dodgers gear. on tv that's embarrassing in it of itself. but it's also painful because this is going to ruin my hair. you know that right? i mean, this is like the worst case of hat here from the dodgers. it but but you know what? okay alright. we yeah, it was kind of unfair. what happened in the giants at the end of that game, and even as a dodger fan, i'll admit that but now california has one team, right? i mean, why not root for the nl west? why not rufer, california going forward who really wants the braves? and who wants the astros? the cheating astros, right? yeah listen, you know what the dodgers and they're still in it first of all, and you know, it's hard to believe they haven't played well, the last few games, but you guys are still you're hanging in there. you think you're going to pull it off? well we played well in
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the last game with the big offensive explosion, so we're rooting for the dodgers to be in the world series. and of course ktvu is the home of the world series all next week. hopefully for our part, the dodgers will be in it and alex looks great. and i hope. no okay, well, i hope greg lee takes lots of pictures of you in that house. all right, well, completely well, like, yeah, go dodgers, all right? and of course, reminder. the issue is ares. with alex michaelson more of his interview with andrew yang coming up this sunday, keep the promo up there as i fix my hair here and get this dodgers cap off and there you go. the issue is there's this sunday, right here on ktvu 5 30. in the morning. a man of his word. alright, covid-19 booster shots from madonna and johnson and johnson now available. up next to his eligible plus new trial data on
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vaccinating 5 to 11 year olds and get your flu shot. that's been the message from doctors and health officials will have a look at how this year's flu season is expected to be different from last year's and we'll have more of the concerns about a twin demick with covid-19 still circulating.
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soon line up to get a covid-19 vaccine. pfizer announcing kid sized doses of its formula are more than 90% effective in children. 5 to 11 years old. in a study of about 2000 children, there were only three covid cases among the group that received the vaccine. an fda advisory panel will review the data next week more than 25,000, pediatricians and primary care providers have signed up to distribute the shots, a pediatrician and it paid parent and a child, not a government, not a mandate because this is a sensitive issue, and pediatricians are very good at this. so i'm hearing smaller needles. i like that idea. meanwhile the white house says more than 120 million americans will become eligible for covid boosters in the coming months. yesterday the cdc approved boosters for adults who got johnson and johnson's vaccine and a select group of moderna recipients. booster eligible people now have the option to
4:32 pm
get a new dose of any approved vaccine, regardless of the one they initially received. mixing matching has been shown to have more robust immune response. in a richer immune response, cdc director rochelle walensky says the definition of fully vaccinated. may eventually change to take boosters into account right now. we don't have booster eligibility for all people currently, so we are going to we have not yet changed the definition of fully vaccinated. um we will continue to look at this. cdc data show about 64 million vaccine eligible americans still have not gotten there. first covid shot. in atlanta. john siri fox news. bay area. health officials are urging all eligible people to go get their booster shots as soon as they can. in santa clara county clinics are taking appointments for those extra doses. the vaccines are also available at five mass vaccination sites, including the santa clara county fairgrounds. those who are 65 older, and residents of long term care facilities are
4:33 pm
encouraged to get one as well as people, 18 and up who meet certain requirements. that large eligible group eligible group includes anyone who's 18 years and older and has an underlying medical condition. or anyone who's 18 and older and works in our lives in a setting where they may have increased risk of exposure to covid-19. the cdc also approved mixing vaccines. that means anyone who got a j and j shot at least two months ago can get a booster of any of the available vaccines. people who got pfizer and moderna doses have to be at least six months out. from their first dose. some of the biggest pharmacies in the u. s. are offering the moderna booster along with fighters shot, which was already approved. cbs says shots are available today at more than 9800 pharmacy locations for people 65 older and those with certain underlying medical conditions. right aids, walmart and walgreens are also offering
4:34 pm
madonna boosters sonoma county's health agencies, the latest in the bay area to ease its mask mandate, the county announced yesterday. people will no longer have to wear masks and such indoor settings as college classes, offices or religious gatherings. if everyone is fully vaccinated, and the change only applies to groups of 100 people or fewer who meet regularly in a location that is not open to the public. once again this year, health officials are raising concerns about the possibility of a twinned emmick when seasonal flu cases increase as covid-19 continues to circulate for more on what we can expect. as we head into flu season, we're joined by dr john schwartzberg. and infectious disease specialist at uc berkeley school of public health doctor schwartzberg greatly appreciate your time. as always. we heard the warnings last year about the possibility of a twin damage, but it didn't materialize. why do we think that this flu season might be different? yeah influence is very difficult to predict. but the reason we're
4:35 pm
pretty particularly worried about this season is because last year there was essentially no flu. very few people got exposed to the virus. and a lot of people who get exposed to it. don't get sick but get immunized from the virus so they would be immune coming into this year. as we didn't have very many cases at all last year, hardly any. nobody really got exposed to it. so everybody's coming into this year this flu season. very vulnerable. so. again there's nobody knows what's going to happen, but this could be a more serious flu season because of the reason i just stated. yes and also you look at the fact that last flu season we had more people wearing masks. there weren't as many schools that were open and people were doing less traveling. all of that has really changed in a big way. our society has really reopened and that could allow the flu to circulate. more more widely. i think that says something about how we're going to conduct ourselves over the next few months. wasn't that
4:36 pm
long ago. it was last november, december and january, when we had such a horrific time with covid, and, um, i think people need to be very careful over these next three months. in terms of contracting both influenza and covid. just be careful. what are the implications of a severe flu season coupled with the ongoing covid-19 pandemic? how could this potentially impact hospitals especially because you know, with covid? we're always focusing on on the hospitalizations and those serious cases. what are the potential implications in terms of our health care system? if we do have a twin dimmick that does materialize. right well, right now we have our hospitalizations at a high level, but not nearly as high as we had last january in december. add onto that would influence it does on an average year, maybe 25 to 30,000 excess deaths, much less several 100,000 hospitalizations, and
4:37 pm
you can see where the combination of a even average influenza season with the number of cases we're having right now. even here in california. could be a tipping point in terms of a bed available for you for either disease and a bed available for people with without covid, or influenza who've had a heart attack, for example. where are we going to have the beds, so it's critical. we prevent both of those diseases. immunization as you talked about the best way to protect yourself is to just get that flu shot there. readily available along with the covid-19 vaccine. that's also continues to be important, but is this year's flu vaccine a good match for the strains that are circulating? do we have a sense at this point? it looks like it, but you know, we compare it to the previous year. but last year we had so little flu both in the northern and southern hemisphere that. it does. it didn't inform us as well. but i think the chances are it will be a very good match. plus all the vaccines. all the influenza vaccines
4:38 pm
cover four strings last year. many of them just covered three. so that will be very good. we have the high dose influenza vaccine for people 65 over. that's great. so those things are in her corner. the vaccines are critical, even though the influenza vaccines aren't as good as the covid vaccines, there's still protect at least half of the people who get them. but you know, it's not just vaccines. we can prevent covid and we can prevent influenza by the non pharmaceutical interventions of masking social distancing and avoiding congregate settings. keep that in mind. those things work too. yeah clearly, they do, given the level of flu activity that we saw during last year's flu season. it's pretty clear that mask wearing made an impact there. appreciate your time. we have to leave the conversation right there. dr jon swartz berg from uc berkeley school of public health, thank you. thank you. we have new information right now about the movie set shooting involving actor alec baldwin. court documents now reveal that it was an assistant
4:39 pm
director that handed baldwin a loaded prop gun. but that assistant director did not know the gun was loaded with live rounds, according to a search warrant. cinematographer halina hutchins was killed when the prop gun was fired, and director joel sousa, who is from the bay area, was injured. investigators have seized other prop weapons and ammunition as evidence will continue to follow this story. the city of oakland declared this love life week coming up after the break. we'll speak to the man behind the motto and hear about his efforts to curb violence in the city. outside our doors late this afternoon, and to the early evening hours, the rain has come to an end. it's not going to last, though already tracking much stronger storm on the way details after the break. city of oakland. the polie
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department investigating more than 100 homicides this year, surpassing 2020 total already this week also marks 24 years since 16 year old luis shea lacey was shot and killed. an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire of bullets in her honor. her father, donald lacey, founded the love life foundation to help young people and promote nonviolence or joined now by mr lacey, sir. thank you so much for joining us your daughter's name. literally translate to love life. and it is love life week in oakland. what does this week mean to you? and what would it have meant to her? uh thank you for having me first of all, and she was an activist. she was conflict resolution. mediator climates. very successful, i might add, and the love life foundation was her idea. uh a few months before she was murdered. a friend was murdered. and she asked me to help her, uh, have a vigil and
4:43 pm
write a play about stopping the violence, so i'm merely honoring her vision and her wishes because we are in a state of emergency in our city. we all need to do more. certainly love life is the motto, but i'm imploring for anyone seeing mr. we have to come together as human beings we have over 113 homicides. that is just not acceptable. certainly we all need to do more. why are we having all this? grass of murder and violence. what more can political leaders business leaders? everyone come together to say enough is enough because we're losing too many lives in our streets. your organization. love life focuses on young people and providing interventions to violence and providing options for non violence. what is your message to those young people? how important is it? an intervening and being part of their lives so early? um i would say is
4:44 pm
someone who grew up in open and i love my city and follow my daughter's vision. she would resolve conflicts peacefully without resorting the gunplay. let's have dialogue. let's have more prayer. we certainly need a higher power to help this. this is a this is a human tragedy to have so many murders in our city, and there's so many people is like adam ecovillage. darryl adams, maryland, harris, britain aggression. the t v p. there's so many people trying to fight this fight to save lives, sometimes it feels like we're fighting a 12 alarm fire with his squirt nut. law enforcement officials and community members, faith community anybody and everybody. it's all hands on deck. we have to address this issue of violence had murder in our city and we need to do it now. donald this week you're asking
4:45 pm
to participate in love life week. tell them how they can do that. especially with what is coming on sunday and what you hope they will do one sunday. well thank you for that. we hope people would do it sunday. 12 noon. pacific standard time is to just take one minute of silent prayer for all murder victims, all murder victims and please spread it around the world. we have people in africa that will be joining us. london on the east coast. use all your social media. let's all come together as a loving human beings had just have one minute or more of silent prayer. for anybody whose lives have been taken. this is for anyone who has been murdered because there's so much good things in this world, and there's so many great people in our city who are doing great work. let's harder the goodness. let's love each other, uh, give somebody money on the street that you don't even know we've been
4:46 pm
doing random acts of kindness all week long. but certainly love is the answer. regardless of what your political bunnies religious beliefs, your race. whatever love is the answer. let's love each other. and aspire to a higher things in this world that we can all come together and say stop the violence. we've lost too many lives. such a powerful message. donald lacey. thank you so much for joining us, sir. and thank you for the work you for having me? yeah. bless you, sir. god bless you. thank you. for more on the love life foundation. we have posted a link on our website. just look under the web link section ktvu .com. all right. i think we are going to try to check on our weather here and talk. more rain. has come in this weekend, much heavier system is going to be making its way into the bay area. we've gotten kind of the warm up out of the way here. a couple rounds of. you know,
4:47 pm
moderate rain here, rosemary. but now on sunday night, this is the real deal. you're right, alex. this one is going to be a doozy. as we know in recent years. it's been more like november. this is been the earliest in the seasons in years, and not only that, but very strong storm coming our way as you've been hearing a lot lately, that word atmospheric river giving you a view over the bay area where late this afternoon and into the early evening, we are going to remain dry, in fact, breaking away to partly cloudy skies partly sunny conditions. getting into tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours. things start to change. but here's the view from up above where the clouds are in place. we still have some moisture kind of dancing around. but the next system on its way in really doesn't arrive until saturday night into sunday, and right now, sunday looks like it's going to be the roughest, heavy rain strong wind we could see anywhere from. two inches of rainfall in areas over the south bay to eight inches of
4:48 pm
rainfall to our north north bay as well as the hills and here's a better look at some of the forecasted numbers here into the central bay will go anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 inches. santa cruz mountains, 4 to 5.5. but into the north bay. this is where we are expected to see. most of the rainfall could see up to eight inches in our coastal hills. so with all that said, easy to understand why we have a flash flood watchbegins e saturday and for all areas by early sunday and will last the entire day, really not going to expire until late night. sunday and it includes the north bay. it includes the santa cruz mountains, all the burn zone areas from 2020, and it also includes areas near the solano county area, which is not a flash flood watch. but a flood advisory so to speak and going on on sunday as well. the wind advisory is widespread. it includes everybody winds are expected to just about 45 mph and in our hills, we could see those winds gusting to about 60 mph. and the c r. s to know
4:49 pm
expected a pile up here as well with the winter storm watch in place sunday night into monday night. some of our higher elevations could see three ft of snow. so this is all good news because we know we need it, but it's going to come really fast in the sense of a perhaps a 12 hour period. and that could create all that hazard that we just spoke about. here's the future cast model. when it comes to the timeline on this, you can see tomorrow morning. we're with grey skies, maybe a little bit of drizzle by late in the evening, though it begins to move in with sunday being the brunt of the moisture moving through. there's five a.m. and then as you notice we're already now into monday morning, the timestamp there reads and we're barely coming out. so we are looking at scattered showers for monday may be lasting into tuesday. but really, it's that sunday that we are going to become drenched 56 degrees tomorrow morning under mostly cloudy skies and a bit of drizzle in san francisco, perhaps 56 in concord, 58. over san jose, and then into the
4:50 pm
afternoon 64 in san francisco, mid upper sixties around the bay. mid upper sixties for inland east bay take a look at the north based 60 degrees the afternoon high in napa, so going to be a cool one going to be well below average as we get into the extended forecast, our temperatures don't budge a whole lot rolling through sunday monday. we do get into some warmer weather tuesday into wednesday, but again in the short term, it's really going to be at saturday night sunday and then into monday, where we'll be watching all that activity that's expected to arrive back to you. all right? we will keep track of it for sure. rosemary. thank you. well it's a staple in many dishes. and now three different types of onions are being recalled we'll tell you about the health concerns that prompted the cdc to take action. plus the san jose community service police officer has been suspended ahead of five how federal investigators say he threatened other officers in the line of duty. also ahead. we're learning more about the tragedy on the movie set involving actor alec baldwin that resulted in the death of the cinematographer. the movie's
4:51 pm
director was also hurt and lives in the bay area. stay with us. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience,
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banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. including california are being recalled. the fda has traced the outbreak to pro source onions in idaho. it says they were imported from mexico. the fda is advising restaurants, stores and consumers to not eat, sell or serve red, yellow and white onions supplied by pro source. according to the cdc. more than 650 people have been sickened and at least 129 have been hospitalized because of those onions. san francisco may soon allow people to buy live whole dungeness crab directly from boats at fisherman's warf. the proposal will be presented to the port commission on tuesday with a vote scheduled in two weeks. if it's approved, fishermen will be allowed and able to sell live crab from their boats immediately. the
4:54 pm
dungeness crab season is set to get underway on november 15th. today is international stuttering awareness day. it's a chance to shed light on the speech. disability that affects more than 70 million adults. worldwide chop carve is one of those people in the bay area. she just launched a new podcast called proud stutter. it takes on topics like dating, raising a child with his stutter and how the media portrays stuttering. the goal is to shift societal views and advocate for those who have yet to find their voice. you don't have to have the most fluent and smooth speech to be heard. all of us in the stuttering community to deserve to be heard just like everyone else just because it takes a little longer for us to say what we want to say, doesn't mean we should be silenced. we all deserve to be heard. the proud stutter podcast is free and was launched. today we put a link on our website ktvu .com. just click on web links. the last
4:55 pm
time it cost this much to fill up your tank was 2000 and 14 and the federal government has no plan to fix it. i'm caroline shively in wa
4:56 pm
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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national average is up four cents since monday. california drivers are paying an average of 4 53 a gallon and here in the bay area, solano county has the lowest average price at $4.54 a gallon. in san francisco. the average price is up to $4.76 foxes, caroline shively, now with the political fallout from the pain at the pump. if there's one word to describe gas prices right now, it would probably be. ouch triple a estimated that the national average for a regular gallon of gas was $3.38 on friday. president biden admits
4:58 pm
that he doesn't have a near term answer to lower it. i could go into petroleum reserve and take out and probably reduce, reduce the price of. gas maybe 18 cents or so a gallon there's still gonna be above three bucks. a fox news poll finds that 84% of americans say rising gas prices are a problem for their family. 94% think it's a problem for the country's economy used to be able to spend a 20 fill up my tank. but now it's probably around 30 35 to fill it up. i just sold my tesla switch to a hybrid car. um but yeah, the introduction back into the gas world has been a little surprising, but you know, we're managing more bad news. it could get worse this winter. the hired natural gas prices are also going to eat into their budget because natural gas is going to be used for home heating. some republicans believe it has national security implications. it's empowering our adversary. and
4:59 pm
this is a purely um homemade problem from the biden ministrations, self imposed unilateral disarmament on american energy independence. one good spot of news for consumers, the president has ruled out raising the federal gas tax to pay for infrastructure. in washington, carolina shively fox news ktvu. fox two news at five starts now. standards a community service officer is off the job tonight. federal agents say he made online threats to kill police officers. good evening. i'm cristina rendon and i'm andre senior. the police chief says he takes the allegations very seriously to be south bay reporter jesse gary's live at san jose police headquarters with details in the investigation. jesse. dennis of tanko is suspended with pay pending the outcome of internal and criminal investigations into his actions. these
5:00 pm
allegations are extremely serious and are being fully investigated to determine the extent of any criminal conduct by our employee friday, san jose police chief anthony mata revealing his department and federal agents are examining the actions of denis shevchenko. the 40 year old is a community service officer based at the department's training center in south san jose. fbi officials say shevchenko posted hateful material to the gabs social media sites. advocating violence against police officers and members of rival political parties. no we think it's a it's a serious trend in a very disturbing trend that we've been noticing. with a number of people who are involved in government service. in an email statement to fox, two agents say the fbi regularly works closely with local law enforcement to assess threats and pass information relevant to their jurisdiction. we cannot do our work in a vacuum. interagency cooperation is paramount. san jose internal affairs. detectives search shevchenko's home october


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