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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  October 22, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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allegations are extremely serious and are being fully investigated to determine the extent of any criminal conduct by our employee friday, san jose police chief anthony mata revealing his department and federal agents are examining the actions of denis shevchenko. the 40 year old is a community service officer based at the department's training center in south san jose. fbi officials say shevchenko posted hateful material to the gabs social media sites. advocating violence against police officers and members of rival political parties. no we think it's a it's a serious trend in a very disturbing trend that we've been noticing. with a number of people who are involved in government service. in an email statement to fox, two agents say the fbi regularly works closely with local law enforcement to assess threats and pass information relevant to their jurisdiction. we cannot do our work in a vacuum. interagency cooperation is paramount. san jose internal affairs. detectives search
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shevchenko's home october 14th confiscating an assault weapon and concealed knife. and a concealed weapon at his locker inside the police substation. this incident is unfortunate. and i am extremely disappointed. that an employee in our organization they have harbored. and spread these hateful messages. chief mara says background screening of would be employees has been enhanced recently to scrutinize online activity. those efforts have been enhanced since the passage of assembly bill 6 55. the law enforcement accountability reform act. you start to lose that. trust when you can rely on the backgrounding of police officers, and you will have people patrolling our streets with a badge and a gun that you not speed of the us in the community is equals. san jose police commanders say shevchenko was not a sworn officer and didn't carry a weapon. community service officers typically help police patrol crime scenes and write reports. still his arrest has
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shaken a department at a time when the law enforcement industry is under extreme scrutiny. i am committed to rooting out hate wherever it exists. investigators are checking to see if tanko has any connection to the violence outside the u. s capitol january 6th right now he faces weapons charges. he was arraigned on tuesday. he is now out on bail. live outside san jose police headquarters. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you. authorities are warning people in all parts of the bay area to be on the lookout for a strong storm that's coming our way this weekend. the city of santa rosa is asking people to be ready, especially those who live in a near fire burn scars. santa rosa fire fighters are encouraging people to put sandbags in places prone to flooding and to have an evacuation plan just in case. meteorologist rosemary oroczo joining us now rosemary a little break in the rain today, but it's going to get bad this weekend. yes the strongest storm on the way in including a
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heavy rain. we're looking at strong winds. christina and andrei. hello to you and hello to all of you out there. we were definitely off to a soggy start this morning, but then, at some point, the rain turned off and the clouds parted and we enjoyed a little bit of sunshine late this afternoon giving you a live look here across the bay and into san francisco, where we do have mostly cloudy skies but mainly dry conditions. a little bit of drizzle. still a possibility as this moist air is still in place, but. that storm still well off the coastline for us, and we are not likely to see steady rain until tomorrow night. here's a look at storm tracker to at the moment, mainly dry. if we head to the sierra, you can see a little bit of snow still falling here, few inches reported over the sierra today and for us over the last 24 hours point reyes station reporting a little bit more than an inch and a quarter. santa rosa more than an inch mount diablo as well get into san francisco, 66 107 inch there and san jose reporting almost 3/10. we are just getting started, though, in with this next storm, we do expect anywhere from two inches
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to over the south bay, too. eight inches over areas of the north bay and our north bay hills, and it's going to come along with very strong wind when i come back. details on this system, including the advisories that are expected for part of the weekend as well, that in just a bit. rosemary thank you. the california highway patrol trying to determine what caused the large tree to fall onto a pick up truck killing the driver. it happened around 1 20 this afternoon on east so yanta road near redwood road and felton. video from the scene shows a pickup truck down an embankment with a tree on top of it, chp said road closures will remain in effect for several hours. with the biggest storm of our young, rainy season bearing down on us pgd reports that it's trying to minimize and limit any storm reduced outages over the weekend. ktvu tom baker reports from one of the utilities biggest supply yards. plenty of replacement parts are at the ready. as the sun peeked through fremont's guys pg and e is huge, 25 acre material yard was and will be busy preparing
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for the strong storm expected sunday and monday between the very powerful wind, um and the rain, we can see damage to our equipment, and that damage can lead to power outages. as soon as everything is loaded. it will be dispatched to the places pg knees, whether department predicts. will take the biggest hits in the storm. that will be a area wide. we're bringing crews from areas that are expected to be less hit to the areas that are expected to be harder. hit in the shard is literally everything. that a repair crew could possibly need any size of conductor or power line that connects to virtually any other piece of equipment from the tiniest of transformers. to the largest of substations to your house. pg and he says it continues to install anti wildfire technologies that can and do rewrite power in storms as well. we have been, uh, installing section allies. ear's this helps us switch customers from one line to
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another. and so in some cases when there's an outage, we can switch the bulk of customers from that affected line to a different one. this should be the last storm of this rainy season where we'll see dust and mud induced our king and sparking as the utility still has not completed cleaning all its poles and equipment that the drought has laden with bone dry dirt and debris when we got a little bit of rain just a little bit, it can take that dirt and debris that has settled on our lines and our equipment and make it into a mud which conducts electricity. we sometimes we'll see outages or even pull fires in those cases. and um, we have a proactive program to wash our polls wash our equipment now heavy rains will finish their job. meanwhile if you see any down lines, though, they are most likely de energized. assume they're hot, active and lethal. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. there is hope the coming raid could end the fire season, but there are concerns about flooding and mudslides. the
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storm could bring flash flooding to areas scorched by this season. wildfires. officials are also warning that conditions could trigger debris flow events through the burn scars. earlier on the floor. we spoke with cal fire deputy chief jonathan cox about the impacts of the rain. these debris flows can be highly unpredictable. it's not. it's not something that's an exact science. the one thing that we always say is be ready to go. um and please, please adhere to the warnings. you alert warnings are even more important during these types of storms because the conditions can change so quickly. the second thing is all the normal precautionary measures have food and water. prepare for power outages. fuel up your car. check on your neighbors. authorities are also advising drivers in those burned areas to be on high alert because the rain could also make the area unstable and fire damaged trees could fall onto roadways and a reminder that you can see on top of the storm. everywhere you go with the ktvu weather app. it has interactive radar and hourly updates for weather in the area where you live.
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we'll invent is set to take place tonight to remember north bay teenager andy lopez, who was shot and killed by sonoma county sheriff's deputy eight years ago, the 13 year old was walking with a replica gun in santa rosa. when the deputy who fired said it appeared to be a real rifle. the deputy said he fired when lopez turned toward him and raise the barrel of that gun. tonight's gathering will be held at andy's unity park, which is near where he was killed. we will have a full report on tonight. 10 o'clock news the area health officials are urging all elderly people all eligible people to go get their booster shots as soon as they can, and then a clear a county clinics are taking appointments for those extra doses. the vaccines are also available at five mass vaccination sites, including the santa clara county fairgrounds, people 65 older and residents of long term care facilities are encouraged to get one as well as people 18 enough who meet certain requirements. that large eligible group eligible group includes anyone who's 18 years and older and has an underlying
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medical condition. or anyone who's 18 and older and works in our lives in a setting where they may have increased risk of exposure to covid-19. the cbc is also approving mixing of vaccines. that means anyone who got to change a shot at least two months ago can get a booster of any of the available vaccines. people who got pfizer and moderna doses have to wait at least six months out. said l. a county's health agency is the latest in the bay area to ease its mask mandate the county announced yesterday. people will no longer have to wear masks in indoor settings like college classes, offices or religious gatherings if everyone is fully vaccinated. and the change only applies to groups of 100 people or fewer who meet regularly in a location that is not open to the public. a learning more about the gas station shootout involving a retired oakland police captain at 5 30, oakland's mayor speaks out about the violence. several
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more witnesses took to the stand in the trial against theranos founder elizabeth holmes. but more issues with the jury could force a mistrial. you always want to be a writer for the movies, right? that's specs for making movies. cinematographer killed in the bay area film director injured on the set of the latest alec baldwin movie gro in business, setbacks change everything. so get comcast business internet and add securityedge. it helps keep your network safe by scanning for threats every 10 minutes. and unlike some cybersecurity options, this helps protect every connected device. yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more... yardwork... teamwork...
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two alarm fire, and these images are coming live to us from sky foxx above a commercial structure that caught fire. the reports came in around 4 15 so just about an hour ago that flames were first noticed. this is at. camera avenue at king road if you live
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in that area, it's apparent that fire crews have the roads shut down, so keep your distance just for safety reasons. at this point, though, we have no reports that anyone has been injured that's the good news and you can see firefighters are still battling the flames on the scene. it looks like they have a very good handle on it. the latter is up in their spring water above. the roof, but you can see that part of the roof has collapsed again. this is a two alarm fire in san jose. no injuries reported at this time, and this was just about an hour ago that it was reported, so crews making quick work of the flames there, but it does appear that they're going to be in the area for quite some time so if you're in king road or camera avenue, keep your distance as fire crews try to put out all of the flames and the hot spots of this two alarm fire. we're going to keep a close eye on this and we'll keep you posted with any new developments as soon as we get them. also in the news. new information tonight about the movie set shooting involving actor alec baldwin. court documents reveal that it was an assistant director that headed the actor, a loaded prop gun,
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but that assistant director did not know the gun was loaded with live rounds, according to a search warrant. the shooting killed the film's cinematographer alina hutchins baldwin was seen looking distraught here in that picture outside the sheriff's office yesterday afternoon. the film's director also injured. baldwin released a statement on twitter today, saying, quote there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of alina hutchins, a wife, mother. and deeply admired colleague of ours. i'm fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred. this is really ironic. in the saddest of ways. this is a major headline that never goes away, and we'll just pile onto the many controversies that are already next to his name, whether it's fair or not fair. production has been halted on the movie. the santa fe district attorney says her office is assisting with the investigation, but it's unclear whether charges will actually be filed. the film's director, there is joel souza. he is in
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free moderate lives in fremont, rather and his neighbors there say they are still in shock after hearing about what happened yesterday on the set in new mexico, ktvu and reuben joining us live now, after talking with those neighbors who say they have known souza since he was a kid. and. people here have been following susan's career for as long as they can remember, and this was supposed to be his biggest film. yet they say there's simply devastated that this happened. the street where joel souza lives in fremont is the same one he grew up on his neighbors have known him since he was small. he always want to be a writer for the movies, right? that's. space for making movies that i was really shocked to see. actually he was directing. it had been a dream come true for souza until tragedy struck thursday, a prop gun held by actor alec baldwin apparently misfired on the set of the movie rust. the film's cinematographer helena hutchins, was killed. sousa the director was hurt. when i didn't believe
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it. i asked. my wife told me, she said on the computer that joel is hurt, i said. what is hurt? i was surprised, really. i thought it's not in a movie. according to the l a times there had been concerns about safety on the set of rust. in fact, they say, half dozen camera crew workers walked off the set in protest just hours before the shooting. they report there had been two misfires of the prop gun on saturday on one the previous week, and then this. ktvu obtained the 911 call from thursday afternoon. boarding is available and they won't give to patients on me that just another one. authorities in new mexico are still investigating how this could have happened. there are strict industry standard surrounding the use of prop guns. in the meantime, cast members tweeted that joel souza was released from the hospital overnight. his neighbors hope he'll be back recovering in fremont soon and i was really surprised there, but they said he's okay. so i
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was happy about that. again production of rust has been put on hold while this shooting is investigated, live in fremont and ruben ktvu, fox two news. the u. s supreme court is allowing the controversial texas abortion law to stand for now. today the high court agreed to hear arguments in the case on november 1st. the law currently blocks abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected. earlier this week, the u. s department of justice asked the court to temporarily blocked that law the decision will determine whether the federal government has the right to sue over that law. flu season is on the way and you're probably getting those reminders from your doctor to get the flu vaccine. the cdc is warning that this could be a severe flu season. because the last flu season was so mild that many people will not have immunity last hour on the four u. c. berkeley infectious disease specialist, dr john schwartzberg told us it looks like the new vaccines are a good match for the strains that are circulating now. i think if
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the chances are it will be a very good match. plus all the vaccines. all the influenza vaccines cover four strings last year. many of them just covered three. so that will be very good. we have to high dose influenza vaccine for people 65 over. that's great. health experts say it's not clear how covid and the flu will interact. but they say it is safe to get the flu shot and the covid vaccine at the same time. well, the rain has come to an end and we are looking at dry conditions through tonight and into tomorrow they see limited results out there over the next 24 hours to 36 before the next system starts to bring us widespread rain a life. look here from across the bay. as we take a look towards san francisco, you can see the mostly cloudy skies, little bit of sunshine still trying. to pour in, but we will be again with a lot of cloud cover out there. this next system going to bring us a good amount of rain. also going to bring the wind with it. storm tracker to a view from up above. we
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started out really? what this morning caused a lot of havoc on the roadways. but we have since dried out, even had some sunshine late in the afternoon. the sierra continues with some snow here is well. this will continue to push out. but the next system already upstream and on its way in. it's going to take all of saturday before it really arise. but once it does, it is going to be a doozy. so to speak, kevin, you look here at some of the color coding indicating the advisories. the green flash flood watch and flood flood watch and the tan or yellow that is on your screen is a wind advisory. and that is for the entire bay area. so for the north bay, the flash flood watches for the burn zone areas of 2024 sonoma as well as napa counties, and it starts early sunday morning goes until late sunday night. for the santa cruz mountains. it starts sunday afternoon goes until 11 o'clock in the evening again for the burn zones in the santa cruz area, and then this stretch that is governed by the sacramento national weather service includes a flood watch for parts of solano county that
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starts late saturday night, and we'll go into monday so several inches of rain expected, all said, and done for some of us. and the wind advisory with winds expected about 45 mph at times throughout the bay area in our hills could see winds even stronger than that 55 to 60 or so that is what is on the horizon for sunday. here's a look at the rest of tonight and into tomorrow morning. we do start out with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies may be a little bit of drizzle. but you can see not a big deal. we're still dry. that as we get into the afternoon, we do cloud up and we do have scattered showers in the forecast. very light stuff that light blue indicating very light showers into the evening hours more of the same before boom. it moves in and we start sunday morning with it, and it lasts the entire day. so do expect sunday to be a washout, and we are looking at those advisories indicating some pretty hazardous conditions in many spots. tomorrow morning. temperatures under mainly dry conditions will go 56 to start your day in san francisco chilly 49 in santa rosa 56 expected in concord and for the
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afternoon. tomorrow temperatures a lot like today below average 61% arosa. 60 san francisco mid sixties in oakland, upper sixties livermore upper sixties sound jose again, mostly cloudy, mainly dry for the afternoon. but as you saw that begins to change, late evening hours, better details on that storm and what you can expect in the extended forecast coming up. all right, rosemary. thank you. well, there's promising new data on coronavirus vaccines for children and public health leaders are preparing for the likely rollout of shots to millions of kids nationwide. plus from a water supply standpoint, it's fantastic for those people that are still trying to finish up harvest. it creates some problems. you might think a good rain would be welcomed by california farmers in the middle of the drought coming up why this week's storms could complicate matters. and find out how long it may take for you to see price hikes plateau in stores. te
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to be the next to get their covid-19 shots. visor announced new data today showing the vaccine is very effective in that age group. fox is jonathan siri tells us this comes one day after boosters were approved by the cdc. younger children could soon line up to get a covid-19 vaccine. pfizer announcing kid sized doses of its formula are more than 90% effective in children. 5 to 11 years old. in a study of about 2000 children, there were only three covid cases among the group that received the vaccine. an fda advisory panel will review the data next week more than 25,000, pediatricians and primary care providers have signed up to distribute the shots, a pediatrician and a pay parent. and a child, not a government, not a mandate because this is a sensitive issue, and pediatricians are very good at this. so i'm hearing smaller needles. i like that idea. meanwhile the white house says more than 120 million americans will become
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eligible for covid boosters in the coming months. yesterday the cdc approved boosters for adults who got johnson and johnson's vaccine and a select group of moderna recipients. booster eligible people now have the option to get a new dose of any approved vaccine, regardless of the one they initially received. mixing matching has been shown to have more robust immune response. in a richer immune response, cdc director rochelle walensky says the definition of fully vaccinated. may eventually change to take boosters into account right now. we don't have booster eligibility for all people currently, so we are going to we have not yet changed the definition of fully vaccinated um, we will continue to look at this. cdc data show about 64 million vaccine eligible americans still have not gotten there. first covid shot. in atlanta. john siri fox news. so during a speech to the justice department today, attorney general um eric garland announced the launch of a new initiative. the action
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aims to combat lending discrimination or red lining. that's the past practice of banks discriminating against racial minorities are certain neighborhoods, garland saying quote the practice made it extremely difficult for people of color to accumulate wealth. through the purchase, refinancing or repair of their homes. today he announced the first ever settlement has been reached thanks to this initiative. lending discrimination runs counter to fundamental promises of our economic system. when people are denied credit simply because of their race or national origin. their ability to share in our nation's prosperity. is all but eliminated. well according to garland because of the initiative, authorities quote will mobilize resource is focused on making fair access to credit it will seek to address fair lending concerns on a broader geographic scale than the justice department has done before. well continues to piece together details of a
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shooting involving a retired opd captain he shot and killed a man trying to rob him coming up what we've learned about the man who died. utility crews all around the bay area are busy clearing drains and overhead wires. there's concern that this upcoming storm could put the infrastructure to the test and the disruption in the skies. hundreds of regional airline flights canceled. and the airline says
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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after he was shot during a robbery at a gas station. we
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told you about the incident that happened in the middle of the afternoon at that gas station at 17th and castro street in oakland. this is just off of 9 80. that former captain shot and killed the suspect. crime reporter henry lee is here with more on the investigation and the men who was killed henry. andre retired oakland police captain er see joyner was involved in several shootings during his 28 year career with the oakland police. but now he's in the hospital with gunshot wounds after he shot and killed in east bay rapper during a robbery. oakland police are chasing leads in the robbery and wild shootout at a gas station that left a suspect dead in a retired oakland police captain wounded former opd captain er see joyner was rushed into patrol car to highland hospital where he's being treated for multiple gunshot wounds. no i joined many, many people in praying. four. full recovery. oakland mayor libby chef met with joiners family at the hospital as he underwent surgery we've seen for many years, the passion and
5:31 pm
effectiveness with which captain joiner. worked to prevent gun violence. 30 minutes i'm tired of looking like i'm fine a month. friends have identified the man shot and killed by joyner as vallejo rapper lil these seen here in an interview posted on facebook in january. surveillance video shows joiner in his porsche cayenne on the left pumping gas at the chevron at 17th and castro at about one thursday afternoon. three men get out of a nissan sentra and then surround the retired captain and checking him for valuables. a short time later, one of the men opens the porsche's doors and apparently grabs a bag from the front seat. that's when joyner pulls out his gun shooting first at the man in the red and then shooting the rapper killing him. joyner starts to go after the nissan as it leaves but his shot by one or two of the robbers he committed no crime. in fact, he should be tagged a hero. in fact, he's a hero for what he did. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says joyner had every right to defend himself as a
5:32 pm
retired cop. he can carry a gun. he also had a right to pursue fleeing felons who are armed and dangerous. after all, they could go on with his crime spree and kill other people. oakland police and the alameda county d. a s office are investigating it will be up to prosecutors to determine whether the shooting by joyner, a former homicide section commander, was legally justified. live in the studio. henry lee ktvu back to you, henry. thank you. san francisco police are hoping witnesses will come forward to help solve the shooting of a 17 year old boy. now at around noon yesterday, the teen was standing outside on kirkwood avenue near earl street in hunter's point. and that is when he heard gunshots and realized he had been shot by someone driving by now. his injuries are not life threatening, and police did not release any description of the car or the suspect. they say a 35 year old man was shot and killed on that same block of kirkwood avenue on september 4th. the bay area is cleaning up after a series of storms in already preparing for the next round. ktvu christian captain live in san francisco tonight with a look at some of the
5:33 pm
preparations that are underway, christian. and just the last 15 minutes or so. the city crews dropped off these pallets of sandbags in this low lying neighborhoods of 15th avenue, and we'll wona the city is telling low lying areas like this to get ready for the storms this weekend. they're saying that the city could see as many as four inches of rain. overnight rains hammered the bay area and where possible contributing factor to this overturned big rigs on tennison road on ramp to north bong 80. in hayward. traffic experts say the number of accidents were double the number of a typical friday with no rain. farther to the north. the rain fell steadily in santa rosa, bringing into the fear of new fires in the north bay, but the heavy rain predicted to be a mixed blessing for an area already devastated by wildfire. forecast right now we're looking like we're going to have a pretty significant atmospheric river impacting the north bay and so for us here locally where i is there going to be on the glass fire burn scar. now the bay area is
5:34 pm
looking forward to the next round of storms in san francisco, the public utilities commission spent the day checking catch basins, many now filled with water or covered with debris. they're asking residents to pitch in and clear the basins. to prevent localized flooding. it's really just about scraping off those leaves that can accumulate or other debris that can accumulate on the door brace that storm drains that keep them from, um, draining properly. so, yeah, we have a great, uh. um public participation program in that our residents are very passionate about keeping their streets clean the utility sending out trucks like this to vacuum out the catch basins to make sure that when they are clear they're able to handle the coming storm. the puc, saying its staffing up. to get ready for this weekend. we have strike teams, which are employees with rakes that clean the debris on top of the storm drains to make sure they don't clog and we're keeping an eye had potential problem areas in the city and will deploy those kind of at a moments notice because we know that the rains are coming. we also spoke with the city's department of
5:35 pm
emergency management. they say it will be an all hands on deck situation this weekend. they will have a full staff on full alert sunday, the day the biggest storm is expected to roll through and coming back to our live shots again, and in the meantime, the city is advising residents in low lying areas to take advantage of sandbags like this to try to protect their homes are also saying that if they have any items in low lying parts of the house that could be damaged by flood waters to get those up to the higher floors in their home. they're predicting localized flooding in various parts of the city and throughout the bay area. they're also predicting the very real possibility of some scattered power outages were live in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. hundreds of airline flights operated by one of the country's largest regional airlines have been canceled today because of technical issues, according to flight aware more than 500 flights operated by skywest airlines. were scrapped today. more than 600 were interrupted yesterday. skywest operates regional jet flights for united american
5:36 pm
delta and alaska airlines, primarily in the western u. s. skywest says the technical issues were fixed last night and expects to resume normal operations soon. pilot unions for american and southwest are warning their members to stop talking about vaccine mandates in the cockpit. this after an increase in reports to the faa about pilot distractions related to discussions about those new rules, the airlines have said an employee vaccination deadline of november 24th in order to comply with the president's executive order that companies with over 100 employees get their workforce vaccinated. today dozens of current and former american airline employees gathered at the company's headquarters in fort worth to protest that executive order. protesters chanted and held signs while describing the president's order is unfair in a breach of their freedom. this protest coming just weeks after most major carriers confirmed they will follow the president's order and require their workers to get the covid-19 vaccine. airline workers are classified as government contractors under the president's vaccine plan.
5:37 pm
coming up. san francisco city employees frustrated with long wait times why they say they're having a hard time accessing mental health care, and more witnesses take the stand in the fraud trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes, and there is another jury shakeups still ahead. we'll go to the courthouse to explain what happened last free community college maybe cut from biden social spending plan. the president says is
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president biden's social spending. dealing major blow to him. goal of historic. educational opportune for all the. acknowledge as much in the town hall night. signing the realities by joe manchin, and quote. another. person. still by his pledge. that the was not over. can come in the several
5:40 pm
years. biden represents yet set to he has been put for. since today, vice combo. to y m. c a. in the bronx. to promote. after tour and visit with staff. members there. harris spoke about the importance of past the president's mult. trip dollar. she's highlighted. child. credit. monthly pay. for working families. you got to pay. your bills. every month. so why? we provide the cut? every month? if it is really designed to people. with their. and the of so before months now. the american fan that have received this. new have received a month. tax cut. of up to. per but unless congress acts. two december. you've heard that earlier today. one
5:41 pm
in three children would no longer be covered by the full tax credit. and it is vice president. harris also noted that includes half of all black and hispanic children in america. harris visit comes as president biden continues to try and build support among congressional democrats for that trillion dollar infrastructure plan. well, the company planning to bring former president trump's new media venture to the stock market soared today amid another trading frenzy. digital world acquisition corporation nearly tripled in the first minute of trading before it was temporarily halted. a day before the stock more than quadrupled after the company said it would merge with trump media and technology group. the new venture was trump as it with will have trump as its chairman, amid aims to challenge facebook, twitter and even disney, plus all right on wall street stocks ended mixed today. after another choppy day of trading, the dow closed up about 74 points and nasdaq was off by 125 and the s and p finished the day. down four
5:42 pm
points. the results of the gubernatorial recall election have been certified. it shows nearly 4.9 million californians voted yes to remove governor newsom from office. that is about 38% of the vote 62% of voters, or nearly eight million of them voted no on the recall. 58% of registered voters cast ballots in the election. another juror is dismissed in the federal broadcast against paradise founder elizabeth holmes, the latest from the courtroom right after the break and celebrating a new water reuse program. why san francisco mayor london breach says the initiative is more important now than ever. outside our doors this afternoon. a nice break from the rain. but more is on the way we are tracking the way we are tracking the strongest storm of this
5:43 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. charged in the murder of his former wife, who hasn't been seen in nearly four decades. kathleen durst was last seen in
5:45 pm
1982 and was declared legally dead in 2017. her body has never been found. robert durst was formally charged this week in new york last month in los angeles. jury found the real estate heir guilty of first degree murder. he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing a friend 20 years ago who allegedly helped him cover up his wife's murder. or multiple witnesses took the stand in the theranos founder elizabeth holmes fraud trial. as ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky tells us before things started, another juror was dismissed, and there's still a long way to go before the trial is expected to end. the prosecution played recorded conference calls between elizabeth holmes and investors in open court, but before any of that testimony began yet another juror was released. with another juror dismissed in the federal fraud case against theranos founder elizabeth holmes friday, the trial inched closer to the dreaded prospect of a mistrial. there's a big
5:46 pm
risk. you've already lost three out of five alternate jurors if something else happens, especially in the times of covid, they lose both. you have a mistrial following the morning jury shakeup. the prosecution called several key witnesses. former fighter scientists, shane weber described rejecting theranos is technology for a 2000 and eight on college e study. but even though the companies had no relationship. prosecutors showed jurors internal theranos documents that falsely claimed pfizer verified their tests. next step was john tolbert, vp of finance with a texas investment company called the whole group. prosecutors played secretly recorded calls between homes and investors in which she made claims about their own asses technology being used by the military. earlier witnesses testified that the company's analyzers were never used by the armed forces. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza said those calls will likely
5:47 pm
resonate with the jury. that type of evidence points to elizabeth holmes. it absolutely flies in the face of the defense who's saying? well, it wasn't elizabeth holmes fall. it was someone else's fault. this trial resumes on tuesday, with more witnesses expected to be called by the prosecution. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. reminder you can find the latest updates on the elizabeth holmes trial. ktvu dot com ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky continues to live blog. new information when court is in session. san francisco city employees insured through kaiser permanente or having a hard time accessing mental health care. at a hearing on thursday, the board of supervisors government audit and oversight committee. reveal that city employees sometimes have to wait up to three months for our first appointment with a therapist. the hearing was called in response to complaints about kaiser insured city employees and retirees who are not ge kaiser says
5:48 pm
while it has stepped up access to mental health care, a national shortage of health care specialists is a big part of the problem. today in san francisco mayor lyndon breeds celebrated the launch of a new water reuse project at anchor brewing company. the new system is one of several water recycling and concert conservation initiatives championed by the san francisco public utilities commission and is now the largest commercial water reuse project in city history. this technology is really changing the way that we do business in the state of california. we have to think differently about the way that we do things in order to protect the environment, but also in order to preserve water and use water in different ways. the new technology by cambrian will greatly reduce water usage and also has the capacity to recycle 20 million gallons of water annually near breed, said these programs are taking on greater significance is california continues to deal with the statewide drought?
5:49 pm
after a soggy start to the day we ended the afternoon with some beautiful weather. partly cloudy skies running a little bit cool for this time of year. but take a look at that view from ktvu. i'll look and a bird to join us. oh, no, he's gone. nice look at jack london square. we do have a partly clear skies. still at this time i do expect we'll have mostly cloudy skies a little bit of drizzle. tomorrow morning, maybe but for the most part, we are going to remain dry for most of saturday. the next storm doesn't even arrive until the evening hours of saturday, and for some, it could be sunday morning. here's a view of storm tracker to another vantage point from up above. we start a little bit of snow and moisture hanging on over the sierra. but for us, we're mainly dry at this time. the next system, though already closing in on the pacific northwest, as well as northern california. and this next system with this band of concentrated moisture. we call the atmospheric river going to bring us quite a bit of rain. we're talking two inches for areas of the south bay, but you get into the north bay in the
5:50 pm
north bay hills 6 to 8 inches will be a possibility by monday morning. so with that, of course, we have concerns for the flooding as well as the mudslides. here's a better look at some of these numbers areas over the santa cruz mountains four inches to 5.5 the central bay 2.5 to 3.5, and then you get into the north bay 46 for the north bay 7 to 8 for the coastal hills, so the flash flood watch starts late saturday night early sunday for some. it includes our burn zones from 2020 for the north bay as well as the santa cruz mountains. and then there's a sliver right through solano county that includes the cartoonist rate as well as the delta and there is a flood watch there that issued our than, uh, sacramento office of the national weather service. the wind advisory the entire bay area. we're talking about wind gusts about 45 mph in in our hills. we could see 55 to 60. so it's going to be a windy day is going to be a wet day. the system expected to be quite the soaker and for the sierra snow, we could see 12 even
5:51 pm
three ft of snow in the winter storm watch that starts late sunday. we'll go into monday if you turn plan on traveling the passes. do expect even whiteout conditions at times it's going to be very hazardous up there as in some some parsons at times, so make sure you check the forecast before you go. here's a look at the timeline. tomorrow morning still to the north of us tomorrow night, the timestamp there 11 o'clock and we're still waiting on the rain. it will become a little bit more widespread in the evening hours. but by sunday morning, that's when it's really moving through, and it looks like it's going to last the entire day because we're already in the monday and it's finally pushing out of the area with scattered showers in the forecast for monday, maybe tuesday. temperatures in and around the bay area under mainly dry conditions. right now we have 60 degrees in san francisco, 64 napa getting into the overnight hours, upper forties to upper fifties 1. 60 degree mark out there, antioch, you'll start at 60. these temperatures are very similar to where we were today. and then as we get into the afternoon, we are going to remain below average
5:52 pm
temperatures in the upper fifties along the coastline low sixties for the north bay. upper sixties expected for the inland east bay. the extended forecast here notice the numbers don't change much rolling through sunday monday. we do get into some warmer weather tuesday into wednesday. but of course, the big story the big concern at times it's going to be this process soaking that we get sunday into monday back to you, rosemary. tal on wednesday for a series of tests. the palace didn't give details, but said that the health matters were not related to covid 19. she had to cancel a trip to northern ireland earlier this week. based on medical advice. queen elizabeth is 95 years old and is britain's longest reigning monarch. are still to come opening up a discussion about speech impediments how one san francisco woman is bringing attention to the stuttering community that it's six oakland police officers asked for help finding a 13 year old girl. and
5:53 pm
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shed light on the speech disability that affects more than 70 million adults worldwide. my chop club is one of those people in the bay area, she launched a new podcast called proud stuttered, takes on topics like dating. raising a child with a stutter and how the media portrays stuttering. the goal is the shift societal views and advocate for those who have yet to find their voice. you don't have to have the most fluent and smooth speech to be heard. all of us in the stuttering community to
5:56 pm
deserve to be heard, just like everyone else just because it takes a little longer for us to say what we want to say, doesn't mean we should be silenced. we all deserve to be heard. the proud stutterer podcast is free and was launched today we put a link on our website ktvu .com. just click on web links. another shortage stemming from the pandemic could have an impact on wine country in distilleries across the country, but it's not because of a lack of alcohol. many winemakers are dealing with the national glass bottles shortage. that has left many of them being creative when it comes to their product as the holidays quickly approach. look at other ways to put a bottle or put wine to the customer. whether it be on tap. we have pouches that we use, but the tradition of a bottle is something that people really enjoy. we want to make sure they can continue to have that product. the glass shortage could also eventually lead to wine being aged in barrels for
5:57 pm
too long, which may affect the taste of the wine when the bottles do become available, so gas prices have not been this high in seven years in a town hall meeting in baltimore last night, president biden candidly admitted. he didn't have an immediate answer to solve the issue. as caroline shave the reports, the price spike has the potential to become a political problem for the president, and republicans are already making sure it's an issue for him. if there's one word to describe gas prices right now, it would probably be. ouch triple a estimated that the national average for a regular gallon of gas was $3.38 on friday. president biden admits that he doesn't have a near term answer to lower it. i could go into petroleum reserve and take out and probably reduce, reduce the price of. gas maybe 18 cents or so a gallon there's still gonna be above three bucks. a fox news poll finds that 84% of americans say rising gas prices are a problem for their family.
5:58 pm
94% think it's a problem for the country's economy used to be able to spend a 20 fill up my tank. but now it's probably around 30 35 to fill it up. i just sold my tesla switch to a hybrid car. um but yeah, the introduction back into the gas world has been a little surprising, but you know, we're managing more bad news. it could get worse this winter. the hired natural gas prices are also going to eat into their budget because natural gas is going to be used for home heating. some republicans believe it has national security implications. it's empowering our adversary. and this is a purely um homemade problem from the biden ministrations, self imposed unilateral disarmament on american energy independence. one good spot of news for consumers, the president has ruled out raising the federal gas tax to pay for infrastructure. in washington, carolina shively fox news. this
5:59 pm
is ktvu fox two news at six. we have a strike teams, which are employees with rakes that clean the debris on top of the storm drains to make sure they don't clog and we're keeping an eye out of a potential problem areas. people across the bay area are being warned to get ready for a round of weekend storms. good evening. and thanks for joining us, i'm christina window and i'm andre, senior. the good news. you have another day to get ready for the worst. yes, you do. and when you take a look outside right now, things don't look so bad. we'll give you a live. look here from the golden gate bridge. commuters actually have a much better time tonight compared to this morning. yes, well, pgd has crews out working to limit a threat for power outages. you should be prepared. they say you may recall last weekend's weather. knocked out power to more than 10,000 customers in our area. we begin this hours coverage of build up to the bad weather
6:00 pm
with meteorologist college grogan with more kyla, tell us about it. hey there, guys. yeah so we are getting a little break and that's some good news, right? cause you admitted to maybe take all that furniture in from the patio that you maybe didn't get to write while you were working because sunday is going to be a bit of a delusion. just want to make sure between wind and rain that you are prepared for it. let's take a look really quickly. what we've gotten in the past 24 hours so you can see point reyes got over an inch and a quarter we got just about an inch in santa rosa, about an internet diablo palo alto about a half an inch there so you can see richmond as well. half an inch san francisco another half an inch and brenda as well. but a quarter should san jose finally got some rain in san jose. here's a live look at the current radar right now, and as i mentioned, we are catching a break, so that is the good news. as we zoom out here you can see it really will be mostly just clouds tonight. i mean, it's possible to see a few sprinkles out there, but that's it, by the way, some snow also falling in the sierra at this hour, so they're starting to get some of that snow. they're going to get a lot more of its sunday, same time that we get the rain, so we're talking about heavy wind and strong heavy wind and rain sunday into monday, another


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