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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 7, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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dead and the inspiring story of the 11 year old girl behind a brand new mural unveiled today in oakland. this is ktvu fox two news at six. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener and mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. police in eastern contra costa county have made an arrest in a double homicide at a birthday party in oakland. yes ktvu is james tourist tells us the gunfire also sent a man and a woman to the hospital. oakley police tell me the night started off as a birthday party between family and close friends at some point and argument erupted and shots were fired. this was the scene near mallicoat avenue and main street and oakley. officers say
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a group of women were screaming before the gunshots ring out. the ultimately to people would die on the scene, and two people were transported to hospital with gunshot injuries. hopefully police say officers found two men dead on a driveway in front of a home. they have not identified the victims but did say a 28 year old man from vallejo and a 44 year old man from brentwood died from the gunfire. to others. a 53 year old man from antioch and a 60 year old woman from oakley are recovering in the hospital in walnut creek and are stable. officers say this part of town is usually not a problem spot for crime. milica avenue. it's a working class neighborhood. um. it's not known for extraordinary calls for service just kind of average average street for us police arrested a 22 year old man from brentwood at the scene. he is now facing murder charges. officers say as far as they can tell, everyone involved knew each other. reporting in oakley. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news.
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highway patrol is still searching tonight for whoever opened fire on an oakland freeway, killing a toddler officers say family was driving south on 80 at 20 clock yesterday afternoon. the chp says the one year old was hit by a stray bullet right near filbert street. the family stopped on the side of the roadway, just about a mile later, near the jackson street exit. the child was. taken to the hospital and later died. investigators have not released a description of the shooter's vehicle. anyone with information about this case is asked to contact chp, also in the city of oakland. police are investigating a drive by shooting that left one man dead. officers say the victim was shot on weld street, right near 73rd avenue about 5 30 last night. he was taken to the hospital where he to later died. police say no arrests have been made, and there is no known motive for the shooting. the pilot of a small plane made an emergency landing today at an equestrian park on the peninsula. the single engine plane landed at about noon today on a large grassy field at the park near sand hill road
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and whiskey hill road. the faa says the pilot reported a possible fuel leak and declared an emergency. two people were aboard that plane. their conditions have not been released a cemetery oh police officer hit a mountain lion while driving on highway 92. the officer was heading east on 92 last night, just past the hillsdale boulevard exit when he spotted the cat running across the road. the officer hit the brakes but ran into the mountain lion. when the officer returned to the area. the animal was gone. the officer was not hurt, but the patrol car was damaged. oakland police are asking for help from the public to find a man who has been missing now for two weeks. police say michael martinez was last seen about nine o'clock on the night of october 22nd. he was right near second in jackson streets. martinez is 40 years old 61 £285. he was last seen wearing a white or light blue polo shirt as well as blue pants. anyone who has information about him or any information about his whereabouts is asked to call oakland police an 11 year old girl who has battled a life
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threatening disease saw a wish fulfilled today, right before her eyes, but in a way her wish was really a wish for others, ktvu is greg liggins explains. the mural hanging behind this blue tarp was inspired by a young girl whose life for a time was potentially hanging in the balance. two years ago, 11 year old micah ting of piedmont was diagnosed with a plastic anemia in layman's terms, bone marrow failure. an illness that can be life threatening. i mean, it shook out world because up until that point, michael had always been a healthy kid. so it just hit us out of nowhere. after the diagnosis, micah's family was introduced to the make a wish foundation, which makes wishes reality for sick kids facing an uncertain future. we do all kinds five types i wish to give. i wish to be a wish to meet. i wish to go to when i wish to give and it's hard to sort of say what micah's is, in many ways it's i wish to give because she's giving hope and inspiration to all of us. micah's initial wishes included things like a personal gymnastics session
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with olympian simone biles or meeting former first lady michelle obama. but covid limited options and then she found inspiration. i've always thought i'd be cool to do like large scale art. but when i thought of the murals like very on the spot, actually, that spark of an idea would eventually come to life. make a wish helped secure this space on the side of the z hotel at oakland's jack london square. and 70. friends and family joined together to make something micah conceived. and for the first time she and a crowd saw it unveiled sunday afternoon. why. listen you're emblazoned along the building a colorful flower full burst of happiness with the quote. it doesn't get easier. you just get stronger. those words exemplify michael's personal struggle fighting her disease, and she wants them to help lift others during hard times. i want them to be like lifted up just a little mark. even if like they're having a really bad day. i want them to just be a little happier. uh little joy
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goes a long way. micah is fortunate. her now six year old brother alistair ended up being a bone marrow match leading to the medical intervention she needed to be cured. in her young life. she has already left the legacy for anyone who drives down third street and broadway to see. i think that really speaks to her truth. um, you know it was. that was her journey. things never got easier. but she, um she made it indeed, micah had her hand in making it in more ways than one not just for herself. but for everyone. greg logan's ktvu, fox two news. at a ceremony in oakland today, the native american health center commemorated the renaming of 31st avenue to walk a zoo way. the renaming was initiated by oakland city council member noel gayo and recognition of martin walk, azzouz lasting effect on the health of oakland residents walking zoo has been the ceo of the center for more than 40 years, addressing health disparities among native
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american people. at the ceremony today walk, jesus said the renaming will affect generations to come. think it's the first time that native americans are an american indian in oakland has been recognized in this way, having a street named after my future generations will be able to walk by our building there. look at that side and there'll be a little bit of pride and that's what we wanted. instill in our children, our grandchildren, great grandchildren. the ceremony today also commemorated the work of wa kazoos late wife helen. she co founded and was the ceo of san francisco's friendship house association of american indians. the substance abuse program surged native american people. anyone driving on a short stretch of highway one. a one in san mateo today may have noticed some new signs lit up caltrans testing the express lane signs and toll equipment between the whipple avenue exit and the santa clara county line that's five miles of the freeway. during testing. the signs will have an orange
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banner to indicate no tolls will be charged. if everything checks out the lanes along that stretch of road will open early next year. the bay area continues to have the highest average gas price in the nation, the average price for regular grade gas in the region is 4 79 a gallon that's a dollar 30 cents more than the average price in the u. s which is 3 49 a gallon. that's also a dollar 30 cents higher than it was just a year ago. the rise comes as the cost of crude and ethanol surges, drivers can find the lowest average price for regular gas in houston at 2 98 a gallon. a delegation of leaders from california is taking part in discussions this week at the united nations climate change conference in scotland. more than 20, california lawmakers and administration officials traveled for this event, members of the bay area air quality management district also are there. the california delegation is expected to highlight climate issues that are affecting the state, including wildfires, rising sea levels. eroding coastlines and worsening eric quality. nuclear
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energy advocates are expected to call on pg and e and the state to keep the state's only remaining nuclear power plant open. former u. s. energy secretary steven chu. researchers from stanford university and other supporters will be holding a media conference online. they say that keeping the diablo canyon nuclear power plant open. could help the state make inroads and meeting its carbon emissions goals. diablo canyon plant near san luis obispo is scheduled to be decommissioned starting in the year. 2024 it does account for nearly 10% of all electricity generated here in the state. up major changes ahead as the us prepares to reopen its borders tomorrow to vaccinated travelers from abroad. also ahead, the first lawsuit filed by an injured concertgoers and the deadly music festival stampede in houston, why. he says the performers were at fault. and the new week new storm coming our way. we're gonna get some rain starts tomorrow night into tuesday. it looks pretty good. maybe 2 to 3 inches in some
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shopping mall of theater gym or nail salon mayor eric garcetti, who tested positive for the virus last week, says the rules will encourage people to get vaccinated and. make businesses
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safer for employees and customers, but business groups say the mandate will create confusion and could present safety concerns for employees tasked now with checking customers vaccination status. enforcement of the new rules will start november 29th. the biden administrations vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 employees is now on hold after an appeals court said more time was needed to determine whether that rule violates workers. right and this comes as the united states prepares to reopen its borders tomorrow to vaccinated travelers from abroad. boxes christina coleman as the story from los angeles. a federal appeals court saturday, dealing a blow to the white house's vaccine goals, temporarily blocking the biden administrations. vaccine mandate for businesses with over 100 workers. 27 states had objected to the mandate as unconstitutional and unlawful after osha threatened have the fines and even potential prison time for businesses who did not comply. the administration plans to challenge the ruling.
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the new emergency temporary standard is well within osha authority under the law and consistent with osha requirements to protect workers from health and safety hazards, including infectious disease. around four million federal workers have until november 22nd to get vaccinated. some agencies and intelligence and law enforcement currently have lower rates of compliance. critics say the mandates are overreaching and could leave some departments understaffed. people shouldn't be forced to choose between keeping their job and being able to feed their family on the one hand, and on the other hand, getting a medical procedure they don't want. meanwhile international travel restrictions that had been in place for a year and a half will finally be lifted. on monday, visitors will have to show proof of vaccination, but only vaccines approved by the fda or world health organization will be accepted. that's left. some would be travelers, particularly those who got the russian made sputnik vaccine out in the cold airports are preparing for a big influx of travelers. on
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monday, delta says it's seen a 450% increase in international bookings since the announcement in los angeles. christina coleman fox news. japan is set to ease its travel restrictions tomorrow for fully vaccinated travelers, but not for tourists. short term business travelers will be able to travel to japan as well as long term visitors, including foreign students and workers in internship programs. visitors though, will need to self isolate upon arrival for at least three days. japan is not allowed foreign visitors since january except limited circumstances. japan's government says it will see how this new policy works before potentially opening back up to tourists. some cvs pharmacies have started offering up visors covid-19 vaccine for younger children. patients are encouraged to schedule appointments through the company's website. older patients can also get boosters and flu shots at the same time, if the schedule at an individual story allows for it. most cvs pharmacies have moderna and johnson and johnson vaccines for people who are qualified for those shots.
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walgreens and other pharmacies nationwide are also now offering the shots for that 5 to 11 age group sonoma county is expected to be gained covid-19 vaccinations for 5 to 11 year olds tomorrow held, officials say the shots will be administered at pediatric offices. pharmacies and county sponsored school based clinics. currently clinics have been scheduled at four different schools, annville elementary, jefferson elementary and cloverdale, harmony elementary, and occidental and mcdowell elementary in petaluma. there are an estimated. 37,005 to 11 year olds. they're in sonoma county, a new poll says president biden's approval rating has sunk to a new low, the usa today suffolk university poll found 38% of those surveyed approve of the president's job performance. 59% disapprove. 64% also said they don't want president biden to run for re election in 2024. the poll found. much of the dissatisfaction is among independents who helped president biden defeat president trump last year. a
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concert go. er is now suing travis scott and drake following a stampede on friday that killed eight people at the astral world music festival. the lawsuit was filed by 23 year old christian parities, one of more than a dozen people who was injured that night. he says the rap artists incited the crowd, causing thousands of people to surge toward the stage during their performance. authorities in texas have launched a criminal investigation now into that stampede. no parent, no friend. no sibling should see their loved one off to a concert by a world renowned artists and. not be able to expect them to come home safely. the eight people who died were between the ages of 14 and 27. investigators say they will review how the area around that. travis scott says he is devastated by what happened and wants to support the families of the victims. the iraqi
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government says the prime minister was not hurt after an assassination attempt in baghdad over the weekend, the government says forces used and. armed drone to try to hit the home of mustafa al qadi. me in baghdad's green zone, which is heavily guarded. seven members of his security team were injured in this attack. neighbors reported hearing the sound of an explosion followed by gunfire. the attack marks an increase in violence following last month's parliamentary election. ukraine's government has filed espionage and attempted state overthrow charges against five hackers in a group allegedly died to russia. ukraine's security service says the group known as armageddon, is responsible for about 5000 cyber attacks against their state agencies since 2014. authorities say they intercepted and recorded conversations to group members alleged to be russian federal security service agents working in crimea the extent of security damage claim by ukraine is not yet known. more than 100,000. amazon drivers are about to receive tips they never received following a settlement between the company and the federal government. the
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federal trade commission will issue cheques to about 140,000 amazon drivers tolling about $61 million, the ftc says the online retailer illegally withheld tips from 2000 and 16 to 20,019. regulators say amazon used nearly a third of the tips meant for drivers to subsidize driver pay. the average check is about $422. already ran back in the forecast. that's some good news, but not right away. i think tomorrow strike commute, obviously and then most of the day tomorrow as dry as well. it's an overnight event monday afternoon late into tuesday, kind of mid day. it's gonna be chilly. tonight we're going to find some upper authorities and the cool inland valleys. i'll get you a little frost. maybe a little fog to. there's not a lot of wind. there's a lot of cloud cover, so it's gonna be one of those nights that you're gonna notice. it's chilly. um this is some of the some of the highlights potentials from this next storm. it isn't atmospheric river, but its focus will be north of us. but without said in the hills and the mountains, we could see an inch and a half to 3.5 inches of rain over the course of.
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tuesday monday afternoon to tuesday afternoon. that's pretty significant amount of rain. we'll see a wind advisory gusts maybe 40 to 50 miles an hour in the mountains. i'll get a couple feet of snow, but it's going to be high elevation stuff like 6500 ft right above or at past level. current temperatures. there they are. mid fifties upper fifties. there's a bunch going on out in the pacific. that's what you're looking at there, too. you can see there's a lot of some when we talk about some tropical moisture, right, so you see, there's not a lot of clouds up here. reason for that is it's colder, right? it's there's a lot of cold water. there's not as much moisture in the air because it's drier and colder, the real moisture or the fuel for our storms comes from down here by the subtropics or mid and low latitude. so when you see a plug of moisture like this, wanting to combine with a cold core low like this, the potential is usually pretty good. and that's where we are this whole this moisture plume don't get pulled in, but it will focus more on the northern part of the western united states. not so much right on the bay area as that last one did. so when i just say it's
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going to work tomorrow night into tuesday morning, it's going pretty well. like like real wet. i don't think i'm gonna have hydro problems or anything like that. there be some standing water on the road monday morning as you head into work. but it we shouldn't see anything. really um like like we saw last week 39 degrees tomorrow morning in napa 37 in santa rosa. maybe a little bit of frost up there. rundgren drill. here's the forecast model. there we are. tomorrow morning. clouds not really. they're not an issue, but then they thicken up. and then by tomorrow evening 67 o'clock it starts raining and you can see this tropical moisture is pulled in. i think, um, yeah, i think it's gonna start raining about six o'clock. we're going to see overnight showers that are pretty potent. and then we're going to search the taper off on tuesday afternoon around lunchtime right around there, so in the mountains of privacy, a winter storm warning and will dry out pretty quickly. so it's really the perfect storm in a way because. it's got a lot of water, a lot of moisture, and it's not long that we really don't need another 12 inch event like we had the other
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day. what we need here is more rain and we're going to get it. it's going to help with our rainfall percent of average because it's going to be on a scale of 1 to 10 for a fall winter storm. it's going to be about a five or six. which is pretty good. of course, that event few weeks ago was about 10. there's the five day forecast here comes the weekend in view. and it warms right up, so we get a chance to dry out. so get ready for a wet morning commute on tuesday overnight. monday is the real rain. bill thank you. the hertz rental car company is facing a lawsuit claiming it's false reporting of stolen vehicles led to hundreds of arrests. the lawsuit claims 100 customers were arrested after hurts falsely reported to police. their rented cars were stolen. customers say they had legal rental contracts at the time of the arrests, hurt says it reported the non returns as thefts only weeks after or only after weeks and months of trying to contact the customers who went past the dates to return those vehicles. the federal fraud trial if theranos founder elizabeth holmes is set to resume tomorrow in san jose, is the prosecution calls more witnesses to testify. venture
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capitalist chris lucas testified on thursday that holmes never told him that the company was using modified third party machines instead of its own. also last week, the judge granted a defense motion to exclude a key prosecution witness from testifying. that would be witnesses, a former their nose patient. the defense successfully argued that he should not testify because the prosecution misidentified the type of blood test he was given. up next in sports. the 49ers bumble away a great opportunity against depleted arizona cardinals team are jason appelbaum is up next to jason appelbaum is up next to show welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion.
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mistake for him. ensuing possession for the cardinals mccoy hands it off the james connor, who had himself a day. 13 yard touchdown. cardinals up seven nothing. connor was just getting started after an eric armstead personal foul on third down the drive was alive and then the trick play for the cardinals. it is antoine wesley from christian kirk, the wide receiver down to the one connor would score on the next play. second quarter, though, 17 nothing. the 40 hours trying to get something going here down 17 to nothing, and they do garoppolo to kittle and look at this kind of like a backyard sandlot play. jimmy says. just go that way, and i'll find you and he does. so it's 17 to 7. arizona is still up. at the half third quarter, more colt mccoy and more specifically james connor, the running back screen not really supposed to go for a 45 yard touchdown, but arizona will take it bad tackling bad defense by the niners today. that's his third touchdown of the day. the cardinals go on to win at 31 to
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17 to improve to eight and one 49ers dropped 23 and 5000 and i was very surprised that we don't play well today that we had a great week of practice. thought guys were on it in the meetings all week. um and i felt their energy before the game was very caught off by how he played. you know, i thought we did come out, firing at the beginning offensively, and then they got two turnovers on us, knocking those balls out, which i think took away points. we've got to make that play. obviously that george had done the same to keep us. i think. i mean, those are opening drivers are opening drive. um once we got behind and stuff, you know, defense, we have to clean all that up. i was very disappointed that whole game and, um there's not one place i can start with that. meantime derek carr and the raiders coming off a bye week and a very emotional week back in east rutherford, new jersey, trying to focus on the new york giants seven giants late first along raider drive capped off by that car to renfro touchdown
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were tied at seven raiders up 13 to 10 at halftime, but it's short lived when xavier mckinney steps in front of that car pass. he's going the other way. no one's going to catch him. 41 yard pick six. that's one of two mckinney pics of car 17 13 giants early in the third, but the raiders get the ball back inside of 40 seconds. they need a touchdown and an extra point. to tie this thing up and car fumbles the ball away and that would be it. that's the ball game. the raiders third turn over the game. the giants win at 23 16 raiders dropped 25 and three giants are now three and six. and we want to take you out with this. chris wondolowski, his storied career for the santos. the earthquakes has come to an end 413th and final game for wando and he goes out and style with the goal in the 34th minute. in case you're counting. that's goal number 171 for wondolowski that adds to his ongoing mls record. nice little send off for wanda, his team giving him
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