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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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with orange, riverside and san bernardino counties. riley says the new cases don't necessarily require physicians and are not contributing to high mortality either. this is also the, uh, you know, season for all kinds of other respiratory illnesses, you know, when's a common cold. but with mask restrictions loosening in the winter months ahead, change is in the air while speaking at the california economic summit tuesday afternoon, governor gavin newsom revealed that planning is already underway for a winter surge, which includes prepositioning extra staff to tackle a problem. no one wants to see we have organized potential staffing that will have to bring in from out of the state. i don't want to tell you that because i don't want it to be true. but the data bears this out, and you're going to start seeing this here in the bay area. alameda county has 403 new covid-19 cases, and santa clara county is the highest with 535. riley says the numbers
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highlight the need to continue the measures we have in the past. such as masking and pushing vaccination as critical to keeping the virus away in the winter months. i think people still need to be more vigilant. uh, you know, they really need to make sure that they got their vaccines and those people who are in high risk groups should get their boosters. experts are particularly concerned about a surge because people will be traveling over the upcoming slate of holidays after that. demand for booster shots has fallen below expectation. california stats show that each infected california's increasingly spreading the coronavirus to more and more people tonight, the big push continues to be toward those who have been vaccinated to get a booster shot. if they are eligible to do so, julie back to you, andre. senior reporting live in the newsroom tonight. thank you. now to a developing story in the south bay tonight, authorities announced a new arrest connected to a deadly shooting at the home of a gilroy council member 18 year old michael daniels n'dinga macias was killed in the shooting back on october 30th.
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gilroy police said. this morning officers served search warrants at three locations in the city, and they located a firearm at one of those addresses and also arrested 18 year old lucas, james thomas etty so far, he's not charged with homicide, but with being a felon in possession of a firearm. after nearly two weeks of a mysterious absence from the public eye governor gavin newsom today made an official appearance in monterey. the public absence was unusual for newsome. but, he explained, saying the last year and a half has been tough for a lot of families, including his own. our political reporter, greg lee has more now on the governor's message. and the kids, literally. they kind of had an intervention. they said. they couldn't believe that i was going to miss halloween. in his first official appearance, nearly two weeks, governor gavin newsom tried to explain a very public absence and what caused him to abruptly cancel a trip to scotland for the u. n climate conference. and i woke up that next morning with.
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something is probably familiar. a lot of parents that knot in your stomach. had no choice. i had to cancelp during a fireside chat at the california economic summit, newsome explained. he's been spending time with his family and working at the capitol vogue reports he also attended a glitzy san francisco wedding for eris ivy getty, the sudden exit from the public eye and limited explanation from his office led to lots of speculation, conspiracy theories and criticism. republican assemblyman kevin kiley wrote. governors work for the people, so an unexplained absence is always a man. matter of public concern. but that's especially true for governor who has claimed sole authority to control the lives of millions of people through his own state of emergency. you weren't abducted by aliens or had no there was some twitter accounts of. that i think we'd all do well, taking some time away from social media. the governor's actual reasonout calc
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recovery. california has no pierce. continues to have no peers. we are world beating in terms of our economic growth, with all due respect to states like texas eat your heart out, despite continuing to add jobs and huge budget surplus, california's latest numbers show the unemployment rate in september at 7.5% tied with nevada for highest in the nation. the governor also urged people to stay vigilant as covid hospitalizations have risen in parts of the state. we've got to keep those boosters up, and we've got to be mindful that the job's not done, you can't spike the ball. governor newsom will continue his public events tomorrow, stopping at the vaccination site in la county to encourage eligible people to get their covid booster shots. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. the alameda unified school district is giving the public an inside look at safety measures used in schools across california as the efforts to protect kids from covid-19 continue this
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morning, teachers, parents and district leaders were at payden elementary school to demonstrate the everyday practices in place to keep students safe and the community safe. masking and a regular covid-19 testing program were all highlighted as local leaders push for the next step of vaccinating students. right now we have an opportunity for children ages. 5 to 11 to finally get vaccinated to have the opportunity to not have their school days disrupted anymore with incidents of having a covid. covid testing and covid carrying cases happening for everybody. school leaders say vaccinations will be a key layer of protection for keeping schools safe. other ongoing steps include contact tracing symptom, tracking quarantines for expose students and proper ventilation. chp says there have been 76 shootings on freeways in alameda county. just in the past 12 months. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has more on the latest deadly shooting in oakland. california highway
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patrol has not made any arrests in the deadly shooting of 23 month old jasper wu, who was hit by a stray bullet on an oakland freeway. but at a news conference, chp captain mike lehman did reveal a startling statistic over the past 12 months. there have been 76 freeway shootings within alameda county. most of the extreme machines occurred on interstate 5 80 interstate 80. that's an average of between 1 to 2 shootings a week. it is scary, but the reason that you should feel safe is that, um the chances of this happening are not high. when we asked this huge p was unable to provide details of the case is their locations or how many arrests they've made. but there have been many deadly incidents. last month, a man was shot and killed on 5 80 in east oakland. back in may, two teenage girls were shot dead on a party bus also on 5 80. the 76 incidents also include injury shootings and those in which no one was hurt. that was the case on highway 24 near the calico tunnel when a car was hit by gunfire in september during a road rage incident. generally speaking, the motives behind
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freeway shootings run the gamut. many of these freeway shootings are random acts. um, but or some of them are, um, but other. other shootings take place between parties that know each other. my heart really goes out to the individuals who and their families who have been impacted by all of these freeway shootings. alameda county supervisor keith carson says it can be challenging to prevent freeway shootings before they happen. you can't be every place at the same time. but it takes that kind of a comprehensive communication network to approach these kinds of things, not knowing when they're going to take place, not knowing how to actually prevent them. the chp is asking anyone with information cell phone or dashcam video for any freeway shooting to give them a call. their tip line is air code 70791744. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. the san jose city council is expected to decide on the fate of a controversial statue at their meeting that's going on right now. the statue
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on west julian st was created in the late 19 eighties. it commemorates the day that san jose mayor thomas fallon raised the us flag in san jose back in 18 46. many local groups were opposed to the artwork from the start and tonight, the city's public art director said the statue has met several of the criteria for removal, including public outrage and excessive maintenance. staff at an average of six hours per cleanup have had to remove tagging, paint spills, signage, burn marks, debris and other forms of residue. the cleanups have been a regular occurrence for the life of the statute while it was in the public realm, but the need has been more demanding since may 2020 resulting in cleanups on a weekly basis. while fallon was not found to be linked to acts of genocide, too many people the statue represents subjugation of native americans. a committee recommended that the statue be placed in storage and possibly be made available for study. coming up the proposed recall of san francisco district attorney
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chase a boudin will now be on the ballot, the latest on the effort to replace him. plus after the break, officials in san francisco marked the groundbreaking of a new, affordable housing project in the outer mission. why? mayor london breed says this transit oriented project is important for the community. and we are tracking the weather as we move out of this rain into some warmer weather. i think you'd be surprised how warm it's going to be for november. i'll see you back here with that. also ahead. thousands of fast food workers walked off the job today what they're asking for and how long they intend to demonstrate.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. a show of support for efforts to enact a $15 per hour minimum wage statewide. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary reports from campbell with more on the demonstrations. said campbell, a time usually reserved for a lunch break, sees a traffic break of protesters. several dozen demonstrators descend on
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this burger king franchise demanding to be heard. there is a crisis in our state, and it has gone on for far too long. even before the covid epidemic, hundreds of fast food cooks, cashiers and counter workers around the bay area and across california, are participating in a one day walkout. miriam garcia and a viscous works. the early morning shift at this restaurant is the end of the heat up. forget i feel protected. i feel better inside. there's so many tensions, organizers say their angst and discomfort felt by workers is driven by low wages and a lack of power in the workplace capitalism system who put profits over people that grew out of this system is felt throughout our community through the workers. attendees statewide called for the passage of assembly bill 257, the fast food accountability and standards recovery act, it would set a state minimum wage of $15 an hour and create a fast food sector council. its
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11 members would establish industrywide minimum standards for wage working hours and working conditions holding pandemic. pressure exposed. in the quality of our system, having a minimum wage actually might ensure that people really get paid, um what they're worth, some experts say increasing wages can bring greater power. but there could be an unintended cost. if it's a statement on wage. it can be a problem not on the coast, but in poorer parts of california. managers at this burger king say they already pay 15 50 per hour to keep in line with fast food wages in neighboring san jose. they say garcia and avishka was the only worker to step on the other side of the glass and joined the demonstration is if we don't have your voice that corporations will win. executives with mcdonald's sent the statement which reads in part. mcdonald's franchisees take pride in directly engaging
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with their crew to provide locally relevant benefits and programs. measures in a b 257 would disrupt the successful model, creating unnecessary obstacles. executives at jack in the box also sent a statement saying. they are communicating with franchisees and investigating complaints to address issues with their employees in campbell, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. new at six. city leaders in san francisco today marked the groundbreaking evan affordable housing project in the outer mission. i do believe that people who are part. of these communities deserve to continue to be a part of these communities when i talk about housing and affordability, and the need to build more people talk about coming to san francisco for a better opportunity and being able to find a place to stay and then. making a better life for themselves, raising their children in san francisco. the mixed use development will be called balboa park upper yard
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includes 131 units next to the balboa park bart station when it is completed, the development will provide social services as well as employment services and training. the u. s delegation has arrived in scotland for the second half of the climate conference. house speaker nancy pelosi is leading a democratic delegation of 22 lawmakers. that includes new york representative alexandria ocasio cortez. she encouraged young climate activist to quote, stay in the streets and keep pushing for change. speaker pelosi touted president biden's build back better plan. he was one of the first people in congress in 1986 to introduce legislation to address the climate crisis. he takes great pride in that he's worked on it ever since. and now in the lead as president of the united states. if it is passed, as is the spending bill will include billions of dollars for clean energy and significant cuts to carbon emissions. former president barack obama met with the delegation today. mr obama also took time to talk with
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members of the state department who are there for the conference and really thank them. for their continued efforts to tackle climate change. during his presidency, mr obama implemented a number of programs focused on moving towards renewable fuel options and away from coal. all right. we got some significant rain up in the marine county watershed. last night, mount tamil pius logged in it almost five inches of rain. a big disparity between san jose just a less than 1/10 of an inch of rain and you go 50 miles to the north, and you've got five inches of rain and mountain a place that's what atmospheric rivers do. we also had a pretty good day up in occidental. that's up towards, you know, updates about the poll area forest phil. that's almost four inches of rain ken field that's marin county as well, that's kind of up there by well, you know where it is. that's almost three inches and then ben loman, santa cruz mountains almost two inches. you can always use more, but i got to tell you were crushing, compared well, certainly compared to last year rights of santa rosa last year had 1/100 of an inch of rain 1 1/100, and
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they're already word 14.27. so it's a big difference between. last year, and we're fighting something here. we got two years of drought we're working on, plus extra, um extra pressure on the ground water in the central valley over the last 10 or 15 years, so those aquifers that's the huge reservoir of water, which is really where. that's the savings account of all water for california is down here in this awkward firs. these aquifers need to recharge, and there it could take years to recharge them. so. we always need range. certainly i guess what my point is just because the reservoir's surface reservoirs are full or doing better, and we're 105 100% of average. it's really about recharging those aquifers and that's something we're going to have to dress down the road. in the meantime, we've got weather systems kind of all to the north of us, so that's okay. um we're going to get a few days of driving nicely as something here in the next four days. but right now we're going to be dry as i go through. wednesday thursday, friday, saturday sunday monday, um, looks dry
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all the way through and that's going to get you a dry weekend with temperatures that will be by the weekend, probably in the upper sixties low. maybe mid seventies. so it's gonna be spring like around here. so good, good, good setup that we're doing great for rain. we just need to rethink just because we're really wet right now we sort of need to rethink how we use water. even if we go 100 and 80% of rainfall this year, we really have to get involved in that there's the forecast for the next couple of days. i'll have the five day coming up in just a few minutes. coming up. gas prices are on the rise ahead of the thanksgiving holiday, the mounting pressure on the biden administration to bring down energy costs and new information on a proposed pipeline that would supply water to certain areas of the north bay where that plan stands tonight.
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bay. the marin municipal water district moved a bit closer today to getting a new emergency pipeline along the richmond san rafael bridge. ktvu is tom baker went to marin county today and has more now on the project. thanks to recent rains, the phoenix reservoir spillway is spilling, but there are no guarantees for the future for the marin municipal water districts, 191,000 customers on tuesday the east bay municipal utilities district planning committee. outlined and refined conditions it would require before the $90 million.08 miles long emergency water pipeline could be assembled and connected to marin. they would
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need to find a seller and then essentially, the water would be built through the east bay mud water distribution system to their facilities. among the many conditions. no cost to the east bay municipal utilities district or to its customers, no less water or water pressure for its own customers and acceptance of the project by the city of richmond, where the project would be connected to the east bay, the sighting locations for the pump stations. are really. going to have significant impacts on the reds residents in point, richmond. and they need to be reconsidered. their their locations are right at two experiencing castro, which is a residential area we want for whatever those impacts are to be addressed by marin of for the richmond community, and some complain that marine is using the long known limitations on its own water storage ability. to claim it's an emergency to waive an environmental impact report.
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this application is premature because we're in water has not met the purpose. and intent of the california environmental quality. yeah if approved by next summer, it would pump and carry some eight million gallons a day over the richmond san rafael bridge. this is all highly complex because four or more different water agencies are involved. adding to all of this complexity is the fact that we've had a pretty good rainier so far. in the north bay. but the questions still arise. will the rains keep coming? will the drought be over? and when will the next drought comes? how do you solve that problem? what do they need to do both now and in the future east a month says it only wants to cover all of its costs, not make a profit on maroon. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. the bay area could see a pretty big boost from the $1
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trillion infrastructure bill passed by congress last week. senator alex padilla, south bay congresswoman, zoloft grin and san jose mayor sam liccardo were at the deer down station in san jose just this morning to offer up some details. senator padilla said $25 billion will come to california to repair roadways and highways there's also money to expand electric car charging and to help prepare transit systems. for extreme weather. droughts and wildfires. yes the impact of climate change is real, and it's here but also for providing and network nationwide charging stations. it will be transformative. for the transportation sector. the bill will also address supply chain issues with investments in port and freight infrastructure. senator padilla says all this construction will create good paying union jobs across the south bay. and california, the proposed recall of san francisco district attorney chase a boudin will go before voters today. the san francisco department of
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elections certified the petition seeking to put the recall on the ballot. the certification means that petition has a sufficient number of ballot signatures to move forward. the special recall election is scheduled for june. 7th 2022, supporters of the district attorney said in a statement. they are confident voters will reject the recall. today us gas prices hit their highest level in seven years, and the biden administration is under increasing pressure to take action and bring costs down. fox news madeline rivera has a closer look from washington. ask anyone who is on the move these days and they'll tell you gas prices are on the rise, according to triple a the national average for a gallon of gas is 16 cents more than it was a month ago. the association also predicts more than 53 million people will travel this thanksgiving. this year. people seem to be enthusiastic about getting their families back together again, with higher prices. the biden administration is facing major criticism even from some members of his party. 11 senate
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democrats sent the president a letter asking that he released oil from the strategic petroleum reserve and ban exports of u. s crude oil they were looking at all the tools in our arsenal were very concerned about the impact. of high energy prices on consumers while overseas in scotland house speaker nancy pelosi in a delegation of democratic lawmakers touted their build back better legislation, arguing the bill will significantly help in the fight against climate change. and reduce emissions in action is really not an option. still, the administration is facing criticism about its environmental policies. the army corps of engineers is studying the potential impact of shutting down the line five pipeline in michigan, which some argue will lead to higher energy prices heading into the winter months. i invite president biden to really look at the domino effects of shutting down this line what it would mean to our economy, energy secretary jennifer granholm announced the president could take action to
6:27 pm
address soaring gas prices as soon as this week in washington. mala rivera fox news. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30, the criminal investigation into the astral world festival disaster is expanding which groups are now under the microscope, and the cal football team will not be kicking off this weekend. saturday's game against usc has been postponed. sports director mark bonnie's is up later with that story, and when that game is expected to be made up and more than four years after a mass shooting at a ups facility in san francisco, the security company hired to protect the building. is now facing a lawsuit why ups workers say they were vulnerable.
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isn't that delightfully different? coronavirus cases in some areas, statistics show hospitalizations are increasing in places with low vaccination rates, such as the sacramento region and the central valley, along with orange, riverside and san bernardino counties. the state is now making preparations for a possible winner. surge of the virus. the california highway patrol announced that during the past 12 months there have been 76 freeway shootings within alameda county. they say most of those shootings happen on interstates 5 88 80, and it was on saturday on 8 80 in oakland, where 23 month old jasper wu was hit and killed by a stray bullet. so far. no arrests have been made. in that case, fast food workers walked off the job in santa clara county among
6:31 pm
many other bay area locations. today they are calling on state lawmakers to pass a bill setting a $15 per hour minimum wage. it would also create a fast food sector council members would establish industrywide minimum standards for wage working hours and working conditions. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 nearly 4.5 years after a deadly mass shooting at a ups facility in san francisco, the security company hired to protect that site is facing a lawsuit. ktvu is christien kafton tells us dozens of workers say allied universal failed to keep them safe. the shooting at the ups facility in san francisco's potrero hill in june of 2017 shocked the bay area. police say employee jimmy lam shot and killed two of his co workers inside the facility and another outside to others were shot and survived their injuries. lamb took his own life when san francisco police arrived on the scene. now 47 workers have joined together suing allied universal security company, saying the company failed to
6:32 pm
keep them safe. that day. the ally guard did literally nothing. when lam walked through the email detector with a backpack, presumably carrying weapons and ammunition, showing photos of the weapons used in the shooting. the plaintiff's attorney asked san francisco police officer thomas smith and court quote would this handgun set off a metal detector? yes what material where the nine millimeter bullets you discovered in the blue backpack made of metal with those bullets have set off a metal detector? yes. defense attorneys argue that there were numerous ways into the facility and that the metal detectors were there to prevent theft. they asked officer smith if there was any proof that lamb was carrying guns and ammunition when he entered the building that day through that entrance, with the metal detector and security guard on duty, asking quote. is it correct that you have no information as to where the weapons came from? yes for instance, you do not have any information as to whether lamb brought firearms into the ups facility prior to june 14th correct. yes the attorney for the employees says his clients
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are still dealing with the scars both physical and emotional. following the deadly shooting enormous losses obviously had loss of life and people who were shot were survived several physical losses. but. poster mac stress disorder and mental health is a real real issue. the trial is still underway at this time, the plaintiffs are not asking for a specific dollar amount if the jury finds in their favor in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. the prosecution rested its case today and kyle rittenhouse murder trial. this comes after a week of testimony and newly released drone footage. prosecutors showed the jury this drone video of one of the fatal shootings. it captures the moment rittenhouse shot joseph rosenbaum during last years. protests in kenosha, wisconsin, forensic imaging specialist took the stand to describe the video. this is a video again clarified, um cropped into area of interests, and this video is slowed down by 50. and is it true and accurate copy of the video that.
6:34 pm
you've created for this exhibit, and it appears to be yes. rittenhouse is also accused of killing anthony huber moments later and injuring another protester. the then 17 year old maintains he acted in self defense. the mounting lawsuits against rap artist travis scott and the organizers of the astral world music festival collectively point to gross negligence reporter gary tenney as the story. the criminal investigation into last week's tragic deaths at houston music festival is expanding. the fbi has joined the probe working alongside harris county and the city of houston. it's a complex case with multiple groups under the microscope, including concert promoters of private medical group and rapper travis scott. houston's fire chief says it's a matter of who knew there was a problem and win. the promoter was the one that was in charge of developing that emergency operations plan and it listed. the chain of command, in essence for who would be making certain calls.
6:35 pm
harris county judge lina hidalgo has called for a separate independent review as well to ensure the city avoids any conflicts of interest. houston's mayor says law enforcement is leaving no stone unturned it is about providing accountability from the beginning to the end. everyone demands. uh and is entitled to answers. the questions will be answered. more than three dozen lawsuits have piled up against those behind the festival, including the event organizer, live nation entertainment, travis scott and nrg stadium. the suits claim both serious injuries and emotional distress. one attorney claims christ for helping the crowd went unanswered. someone's up on the on the stage participants screaming, uh, saying people are dead. please stop the show, and they continue to go for at least an hour. travis scott maintains he wasn't fully aware of what was happening while he was performing and didn't find out anyone who died until after the show. in houston. i'm garrett tenney fox news. coming
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scathing government audit of her former company theranos as ktvu is evan sernoffsky reports,
6:39 pm
a former lab director, testifying that the company's blood analyzers never worked. that former director was hired at theranos with the job of getting its blood testing lab back into federal compliance. but as he just testified he faced a mountain of problems. testimony in the federal fraud case against theranos founder elizabeth holmes focused tuesday on the beginning of the end for the biotech startup doctor king shook dos took the stand to detail a report. by government regulators with the centers for medicare and medicaid services. the audit found that there are no says edison machine wasn't able to perform basic lab tests. regulators also discovered errors and patient test results. he was communicating directly with elizabeth holmes about problems that were showing up in a report about the lab. ellen kreuzberg is a law professor at santa clara
6:40 pm
university and has been following the case. it shows clearly that she had knowledge that there were problems and that there were defective outcomes and the tests that were being made. das said theranos only ran 12 tests on the edison machines despite what holmes allegedly told investors but by the time he came on board, the company had completely abandoned using the analyzers, das said. he went on to avoid all of the test results conducted on the machines when they were being used in walgreens stores in 2014 and 2015. court is back in session on wednesday with more witnesses for the prosecution before we take a break for veterans day at the federal courthouse in san jose, evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news. and just a reminder. evan is also live blogging the homes trial. you can find his coverage on our website at ktvu .com. the lane maxwell has been denied bail again today. a u. s
6:41 pm
district judge refused to release the british socialite to home detention, saying her ability to flee made it impossible to allow her to lead custody. the 59 year old is accused of recruiting teenage girls for jeffrey epstein to sexually abuse her lawyers alleged maxwell has been subjected to physical and emotional abuse by jail guards and has to endure unsanitary living conditions. jury selection is underway now in her trial, which is expected to begin later this month. trading app robin hood says last wednesday a hacker was able to gain access to it systems by impersonating an authorized party. to a customer support employee on the phone email addresses for about five million robin hood users were exposed, as were the full names of a different group of about two million users. but the company says no social security numbers, bank account numbers or debit card numbers were exposed. robin hood says the hackers demanded an extortion payment after it was contained and law enforcement is now investigating. thermal drying up today. you know this that we're going to get warmer to as
6:42 pm
we head into this five day forecast will show you that after the break. let's go to ktvu is alex savage. now with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu. plus julie. thank you coming up new tonight. i spoke one on one with bay area congresswoman zone lofgren about how the recently passed infrastructure bill. will benefit the bay area, and she also explains a new effort that she is a part of that's trying to enhance wildfire preparedness, especially here in california will have more on that coming up. plus nasa is eyeing a return to the moon. how soon we could see it happened and why they say their initial target date to return is now delayed those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu. plus all right, we'll see you then. alex. thank you, but first after the break here, and iconic bay area skate rink is closing its doors why? the owners say they just can't keep the lights on. skating rings is y
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to close its doors for good. the golden skate in san ramon tells ktvu cristina rendon having to shut down during the pandemic took a toll on its business. step inside the golden skate, and you're transported back in time, a place where memories were made for decades. people come here and, you know, celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries. we even had anniversary party here. a wedding party. can you imagine that mold? they began working part time at the golden skate 20 years ago, making goody bags and doing inventory. she's now the operations manager. mulvey says the response from the community has been overwhelming since the owner announces skating rink will be shutting down so many people sent us emails, facebook messages, tons of phone calls because we'll definitely stay
6:46 pm
open during, um, holidays. so november and december, the owner of the golden skate purchases in 1995 and says it took him years to revive the business. unfortunately during the pandemic, the financial impact was too much, and he decided that it was time to close receptionist tamara tabatabai grew up in san ramon and remember skating with her friends. it's the people she'll miss most. i've never really worked anywhere where it's been such like a family and. just really nice people, and it's a great place to work. and i've had a blast for wish it wasn't going. the golden skate will likely close early next year, meaning there's still time for the public to slip on a pair of warnings skates for a ride down memory lane, and the owner says it will give them the opportunity to say goodbye to their beloved customers. we wanted to give them a chance to come in and skate for the last time. i feel sad. but you know, we have to do what we have to do in san ramon cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. amazon is scheduled to submit plans next week to build a warehouse and
6:47 pm
shipping center in san francisco. amazon paid $200 million to buy a six acre site on seventh street from the recycling company rick ology, which has owned the property since 1970. amazon plans use the facility to receive packages from its warehousing tracy in an effort to speed up deliveries across the bay area, a new study indicates it may be a good time to adjust your bedtime to keep your heart healthy. researchers found going to sleep between 10 and 11. p.m. is linked to a lower risk of developing heart disease, the study suggests earlier or later, bedtimes may be more likely to disrupt the body clock. which helps regulate physical and mental functioning. the study was conducted between 2000 and six and 2010 and included more than 88,000 participants in the uk. the study is published in the european heart journal digital health. alright this recent storm that blew through the bay area brought some snow to the sierra. the majority of it was coming down in those higher elevations and just a short time ago, heavenly and northstar announced plans to open up on november, 19th. i'm
6:48 pm
still working on that sleep study. julie i think any time you can sleep is good. right? well i did, too. but the 10 11 thing we're done that's not going to happen. well we're not getting that it's not happening for us. okay so you go outside. we've got mostly partly cloudy skies right now and then it's going to clear out more tomorrow. temperatures are warm. tomorrow we're back into the sixties and low seventies, the plan for the next couple of days dry after a really significant rain event, and it's in the north bay. you know, again over 3.5 inches in places more than that up on mount tam. and the rest of us anywhere from a half inch to an inch to a quarter of an inch to like san jose, just under 1/10 of an inch. there is that big, high pressure ridge dry pattern for the rest of the week, which is fine. that's fine. you know, we could use more rain. but if you've got a nice weekend in store and with temperatures going back this weekend into the upper sixties low seventies, i think you're going to be smiling. so maybe just enjoy this back to the. um kind of spring pattern weekend and
6:49 pm
we'll get some rain coming in here after that, hopefully so the jet stream is going to the north and the thing to notice tonight will be less wind less clouds. cold night valley fog. so we're back in that cycle. whenever you hear me, say, valley fog or even coastal fog, for that matter. you can assume that there's not going to be any rain or typically not because that's a stable pattern. high pressure has to be involved for the valley fog, for instance like tonight, radiation, fog, fog valley fog all the same thing. but you have to have stable conditions for that to happen. and so we have stable conditions so fog can happen. it's very difficult for showers to happen in that pattern. just picking out some of the hot spots. last night we had lots of marin county storm reports in the street flooding and things like that. and then the story over at ashby avenue and 80. last night, they had the on ramps and the off ramps closed for a while because of the. flooding overnight lows. fog in the big valley fog and the little valleys. temperatures right now are in the upper fifties temperatures tonight will be down into them like we sat down into the
6:50 pm
forties and many places and then the forecast highs tomorrow. very plausible. be a few clouds, but overall. the plan for the next few days. is this with warmer temperatures towards the bay area weakened, so we'll be good with that. i mean again, with rainfall that we've had this early fall. it's been really. really fortunate in many ways, and we're going to continue. hopefully after this, but in the meantime, enjoy the nice drive warm if you will, for this time of your weather. great sir. i like you, bill. thank you. not a great start with cal basketball. jamie kicked off its season today, and it wasn't a pretty sight out on campus sports director mark avancez highlights coming up next and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it.
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easy tools on the chase mobile app. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. better fact it could be historically bad for the bears as they open up the season at home in berkeley. as a matter of fact, the first time since 2020 we had fans in the stands as they open up against u c. san diego. mark fox and his
6:54 pm
group in tough u c. san diego, providing the opposition callup 1.5 about two seconds left. jordan shepherd will hit a three and they go into the locker room, shepherd by the way, 27 point second half brace. pope will pop with three plus, he's fouled san diego. within one, it's the harm and the hoop. that frightens now up eight. this is kind of a cagey little move here, tony row jack with a good move for the visitors. he had 27 to lead them to an 82 67 win. get this. it's the first time you see san diego has ever beaten. a patch 12 teeth so historic for them and not too good for the cow bears to lose, with all due respect to u c san diego, the bears are 11 and, like i say hard times of a fallen really the entire cal athletic department, particularly on the men's side. this is like one of
6:55 pm
those stories that we were used to. a year ago. the cal bears game coming up this weekend against u. s c. postponed because of. covid issues cal's game this past week was a problem in that cow played without 24 players in the last a lowly arizona also covid related, and the cal bears and usc rescheduled for berkeley on december 4th one of the bigger names. in the nfl is free to go wherever someone will take it talking about odell beckham jr. the cleveland browns officially waving him. he's a free agent. he cleared waivers so he can play anywhere theoretically mentioned he wanted to play for a contender. so 49 are fans. you've got to ask two questions one would he want to play here? more importantly, i love 49ers. even a contender. a rumor is he really wants to play with aaron
6:56 pm
rodgers and the packers. odell beckham jr. despite being a great talent is having a miserable year hasn't scored a touchdown. he is indeed a big name, but not a big producer over the past couple of years in the nfl, all right, one of the greatest american born soccer players certainly one of the most talented is calling it a career and in fact, he hails from the bay area. bill as a matter of fact, talking about chris wondolowski after 17 seasons, he's calling it a career. he is the all time mls leading scorer and man did he go out in style on sunday, scoring a goal in his last ever game. in fact, the 171st. of his great career wanted to also went today lasell had a press conference today and later talked to our jason appelbaum, who asked him of all the records you've set. what's the most important to you? the all time game winning goals. uh and
6:57 pm
so just those goals mean something. you know those one you games and so that that's why that one definitely the whole most wait for myself. all right. finally um you know what? what's next for you? they very excited to now be able to attend all soccer basketball softball games on the weekends. uh with my girls and being able to be their biggest fan, and we do we have a new one on the way and so little nervous about my sleep, but i can't wait for it and looking forward to it. good for him. chris wondolowski great career mls all time leading scorer. speaking of big time scorers how bout against the name steph curry last night where he is there? nine and one. steph scores 50 against the atlanta hawks, although as you listen to him get to that magic mark, the atlanta hawks announcer. not overly thrilled. you need to check this out.
6:58 pm
curry with the floater. okay he's got really? that big a deal. you won championships. you've been mvp. you go to the hall of fame. what's the big deal about getting 48 or 50? i don't get that. whatever it talk about sour grapes there, man. obviously kidding. uh yeah. sore loser there. hawks announcer booty, you, man. hey, check this out. remember all time? great the 49ers frank gore, sensational running back. he is into boxing these days. former nfl star. he'll be playing a former nba player darren williams. boxing in fact, in tampa, december 18th. now this is for real. it's going to be on pay per view. so frank gore in the ring now and, uh, hard to say where he's going to hard to say where he's going to o get it. yeah
6:59 pm
hey, uh, who's free tonight? -oh, i think i'm-- -hang on. we've made this mistake before. it's how we wound up at his cousin deepak's tupperware party. hey, you use that collapsible bowl all the time, and you know it. we could, you know, hang out and go to a bar. -very well. -sounds fun. and watch cricket. that sound you hear, ironically, crickets. hey, guys. hey, bert, how you doing? well, you know, we geologists always get a little sad when rocktober's over. -wordplay? -yes. funny wordplay? -what do you think? -eh. trust your gut. sheldon, i've got these four-billion-year-old meteorites. i thought maybe they'd show signs of neutrino interactions. i could really use someone like you to help me with the math. oh, so they would act as natural dark matter detectors. that sounds interesting. it does, but it's still geology.
7:00 pm
sorry, bert, i don't have time to play rocks with you. i'm not asking you to play rocks. i'm asking you to collaborate on a research project. although, if there's time, i guess we could play a round of zinc, zinc, piece of quartz. does sound better than cricket. thank you for asking. unfortunately, i have real science to do. but you feel free to rock on. that's how you do it. all right. sheldon, what are you doing? bert's one of the top guys in his field. and somewhere there's a mime who's top in his field, but you don't see me rushing to collaborate with him on new ways to be stuck in a box. also something i would watch instead of cricket. oh. (chuckles) hello. hey, sheldon.


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