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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 9, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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out our winner search strategy. prepositioning assets in anticipation. what's going to happen in the next few weeks, warning of a winter served. california officials are getting ready for the possibility as some places are already seeing a rise in coronavirus cases. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now another uptake in cases in some parts of california. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. some restrictions are easing, but the cooler, wetter weather means more people spending time indoors and that is making some doctors nervous as ktvu is. andre senior reports places with lower vaccination rates are driving the latest spike. 75% of california's population has received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine and 60% have been fully vaccinated. but that's not stopping a new uptake in case rates. dr lee riley, chair of the division of infectious disease and vaccine ology at u. c. berkeley, says the rise. isn't surprising and
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that there are few forces at work the relaxation of the restrictions and then the winter season where people are more tend to be more indoors or then contributing to increased transmissions. stats show hospitalizations increasing in areas with low vaccination rates. such as he sacramento region, central valley, along with orange, riverside and san bernardino counties. riley says the new cases don't necessarily require physicians and are not contributing to high mortality either. this is also the, uh, you know, season for all kinds of other respiratory illnesses, you know, went to a common cold. but with mask restrictions loosening in the winter months ahead, change is in the air while speaking at the california economic summit tuesday afternoon, governor gavin newsom revealed that planning is already underway for a winter surge. we have organized potential staffing that will have to bring in from out of the state. i don't want to tell you that because i don't want it to be true. but
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the data bears this out, and you're going to start seein couw covid-19 cases, and santa clara county is the highest with 535. riley says the numbers highlight the need to continue the measures we have in the past. such as masking and pushing vaccination as critical to keeping the virus away in the winter months. i think people still need to be more vigilant. experts are particularly concerned about a surge because people will be traveling over the upcoming slate of holidays after that demand for booster shots has fallen below expectation in california. that show that each infected california is increasingly spreading the coronavirus to more people. so now the big push continues to be toward people who have been vaccinated to get the booster shot. if they're eligible to do so. i'm andre senior ktvu fox two news. today pfizer asked the fda to approve its covid-19 booster shot for anyone 18 and older. the company presented
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new data from a study showing the booster is 96% effective at preventing symptomatic covid infections right now, the extra doses only approved for people 65 up and those at higher risk because of their medical conditions or jobs. meantime the biden administration is making a push to get more children vaccinated with some new guidance from the surgeon general. facing out that interval dozing to six weeks, 12 weeks actually causes a stronger immune response and decreases the side effects. the biden administration is urging school districts to host clinics to provide covid-19 vaccinations to students and reminder you can keep up to date with the latest coronavirus developments on our website just visit ktvu .com/ covid-19. san francisco voters now set to decide whether or not district attorney chase a boudin should be removed from office. ktvu is jana katsuyama live tonight, there in san francisco, where the recall petition officially qualified. for the june ballot today, jenna. mike routines term lasts
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until 2023 recall supporters tell me that they think that's too long for him to be an office. boudin's supporters say that they think this recall is just an attempt to undermine voters who wanted a d a. that would change the criminal justice system. san francisco's election director announced tuesday that the recall election will take place june 7th after a petition to recall district attorney chase a boudin had enough certified signatures to qualify was 51,325 director of elections john aren't says the recall petition organiser submitted more than 83,000 signatures well above the 10% of registered voters needed. to put the recall on the ballot. it's a yes or no question, just like we saw with the recent, uh, election to put potential recall the governor to hear that it is official now is a really great feeling. brooke jenkins is part of the recall efforts. the former san francisco assistant district
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attorney resigned from boudin's office. she says it was in protest because she felt bodeen, a former public defender. is being too easy on criminals and jeopardizing public safety chase, a boudin and his office are making decisions to not file charges in certain cases to not file that the appropriate charges in certain cases in that. chronic and violent offenders are being permitted to receive very inexplicably low and lenient sentences. a group called friends of chase, a boudin says the recall is a republican backed effort to oust boudin who ran as a criminal justice reform er, he said, as a candidate, he would shake up the system because the system was broken, racist and unfair. those who are more attached to the status quo aren't going to feel comfortable. former state senator mark leno says voters elected boudin to afford year term. and he should be allowed to finish recall supporters say anyone would be better than boutin. john art says voters should be aware there is one
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major difference from the gubernatorial recall was different, though there are no candidates. and with no candidates on that june ballot aren't says that there would have to be another special election in november to choose a replacement for the final year of that district attorney term. mike alright. jana katsuyama live for us tonight in san francisco. janet. thank you. the city of san francisco could actually become the fourth in the state to issue a formal apology to the chinese community supervisor, matt haney introduced a resolution. at today's board of supervisors, meeting laws and policies put into place starting in 18 50 discriminated against chinese and other asian communities in the city. in addition to an admission of wrongdoing, the resolution will also push the city to find ways to rectify the lingering consequences. of those discriminatory policies. the san jose city council voted unanimously tonight to remove the controversial statue of a former mayor. the statue on west julian st was created in
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the late 19 eighties. it commemorates the day the san jose mayor thomas fallon, raised the us flag in the city back in 18 46. many local groups are opposed to the artwork, saying it represents the oppression of native people. but some people objected to erasing local history, the mayor said. it's time to move on. hopefully. we can move on beyond this because i'm much less concerned about the disposition of the statute. much more concerned about where we go from here. and we critically need to focus our energies on what we build and not we tear down. as for what happens to that statue committee has recommended it should be placed in storage and possibly be made available for future academic study. governor gavin newsom was in monterey today after nearly two weeks of making no public appearances and today the governor gave an explanation. the kids, literally, they kind of had an intervention, they said. they couldn't believe that i was
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going to miss halloween. during a fireside chat at the california economic summit, the governor said he's been spending time with his family and working at the capitol is exit from the public eye led to some criticism and even conspiracy theories on twitter. you weren't abducted by aliens or had no there was some twitter accounts of. that i think we'd all do well. taking some time away from social media. the governor did discuss the state's economic recovery today, and he does expect to head to a vaccination site in l. a county tomorrow, where he may take questions from the media. thousands of fast food workers walk off the job, the legislation they want past for better working conditions and police in the south bay arrest a suspected drug dealer, the tens of thousands of dollars in drugs that are now off the streets. working to get their tes
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raises an online petition started by students at prospect high school in the campbell high school district has already received nearly 24,000 signatures. the students are demanding the teachers receive a cost of living increase. the teachers union has proposed a $5000 increase, plus. 4% per year, but the district says if they give the teachers what they want, it would face a budget deficit in three years. a protest from bay area fast food workers. thousands walked
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off the job today, demanding higher wages and better working conditions as ktvu is jesse gary tells us today's demonstrations were part of a statewide walkout. in campbell, a time usually reserved for lunch break, sees a traffic break of protesters. several dozen demonstrators descend on this burger king franchise demanding to be heard. there is a crisis in our state, and it has gone on for far too long. even before the covid epidemic, hundreds of fast food cooks, cashiers and counter workers around the bay area and across california, are participating in a one day walkout. miriam garcia and a viscous works. the early morning shift at this restaurant is the end of the heat up. forget i feel protected. i feel better inside. there's so many tensions, organizers say their angst and discomfort felt by workers is driven by low wages and a lack of power in the workplace capitalist system who put profits over people. that group
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of this system is felt throughout our community through the workers attendee statewide called for the passage of assembly bill 257, the fast food accountability and standards recovery act, it would set a state minimum wage of $15 an hour and create a fast food sector council. its 11 members would establish industrywide minimum standards for wage working hours and working conditions holding pandemic. freshen exposed. in the quality of our system. having a minimum wage actually might ensure that people really get paid what they're worth. some experts say increasing wages can bring greater power, but there could be an unintended cost. if it's a statement on wage. it can be a problem not on the coast, but in poorer parts of california. managers at this burger king say they already pay 15 50 per hour to keep in line with fast
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food wages in neighboring san jose. they say garcia and avishka was the only worker to step on the other side of the glass and joined the demonstration is if we don't have your voice, the corporations will win. executives with mcdonald's sent the statement which reads in part. mcdonald's franchisees take pride and directly engaging with their crew to provide locally relevant benefits and programs. measures in a b 257 would disrupt the successful model, creating unnecessary obstacles. and campbell, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. college savings plan offered through the nonprofit oakland promise has reached a new milestone. the brilliant baby program has now funded saving accounts for more than 1000 children. each child has received an initial $500 deposit. the nonprofit says that its investments have grown nearly 33% so children who have been in the program since it started in 2017 have already seen those college funds start to grow. a proposal to stop cannabis testing of oakland
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city employees for off the job use unanimously passed the public safety committee today. that proposal now heads to the city council right now, the city test employees for cannabis, which can show up for weeks after use. city leaders say that is not an accurate indication of impairment and needs to stop. they also say the testing has led to worker attrition at a time when oakland is facing a worker retention crisis. the policy does not impact. the policy does not impact the policy regarding employee impairment on the job, which is not allowed getting ready for the holidays. right after the break here behind the scenes look at how the u. s. postal service is getting ready for a huge influx and packages. and drying up and warming up. i'll have that with the five day forecast right after the break, and it was a fan favorite during the pandemic. when the fort mason flicks drive in theater will return to san francisco to show return to san francisco to show some favorite holiday movies.
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so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. narcotics dealer. 45 year old adrian molina was arrested last month after officers identified him as a drug dealer earlier this year. during molina's arrest, officers seized £10 of meth £6 of marijuana, two handguns, ammunition and scales. they say the drugs seized have a street value of $32,000. police say molina was supplying drugs to sub dealers and career criminals in san jose, the u. s postal service is getting ready for the holiday rush. they have new robotic processing equipment at its. oakland distribution center and as ktvu zambelli reports, the postal service says it is doing everything it can to avoid delays like last year, the oakland processing and
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distribution center for the u. s postal service is the first site to test. and successfully used this new robotic arm. officials say it makes sorting more efficient. it helps direct oversized packages and once with irregular labelling to the proper destination. it's part of a system that includes cameras and mirrors and looks like all six sides of every package. based on that information is sourced the male robotic arm cost $650,000 and it debuted in july, and we want to make sure that everybody knows what we're working on efficiency. this is how this happens to be one of those, uh, new products. the postal service says the automation does not take away jobs as we need people to not only maintain the equipment we need them to help us load the equipment. we need them to help us process. mint for employees are also working in a more efficient manner is helping them do their jobs to their
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best, and the postal service says it is looking to hire mail processing plants in oakland, san francisco and richmond have 1000 positions to fill. officials say reliable service is their priority, and we know that our customers have relied on us for over 240 years and we don't take that lightly. so we're here and committed to our. this robotic arm will be added to sorting systems that mail processing centers in different parts of california and all across the nation next year in oakland, amberleigh ktvu. fox two news. fort mason's drivin is returning for the winter port mason flicks will be back from december 2nd to december 4th. they'll be showing double features of some favorite holiday movies, including elf, love, actually, and polar express. the pop up pop up drive in theater opened as a way for people to see movies while theaters were closed due to the pandemic. but it closed in june. tickets cost $49 per car. okay we're back with the
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weather. we've got a nice forecast ahead. we've gotten a really good amount of rain. the last few the last month or so we really productive fall early fall, and the rainfall last night was pretty good to santa rosa got almost two inches of rain. napa came in an inch and a quarter we had nearly five inches of random mountain town. but then you get to san jose. it's nothing. it was game over once you've got south of the bay bridge. it's kind of like, not not much anything but everything north was significance of marine county and again the watersheds of northern california. maybe a foot is well. 8 to 10 inches of snow up in the lake tahoe area at higher elevation. the high pressure building in it stays put for good 56 days, just just 1 degrees or another, and there will be some clouds creeping over the top. but we are dry pretty much for the next 5 to 7 days, which is you know we could do. that would be nice to have something on the back end. we'll see how that goes. but right now we look like we're dry for through the weekend, certainly with temperatures. into the mid sixties to low
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seventies on saturday and sunday, so we can take that and run. it's going to be really nice looking weekend. you see the ridge of high pressure kind of. can you see it? you can see it right, so it's kind of that's kind of where the jet stream is. just shoots up barking like that. and so it'll get a little more pronounced here in the next couple of days, and then we'll get a few clouds spilling in the big story. if there is a big story and whether it's the valley fog coming back, we're going to see plenty of valley fog late tonight and early tomorrow morning. two points are high temperatures will get to that dew point boom, fog forms and we're already getting reports of fog and some of the inland spots, especially the really. down by the river basins down off of canyon road out in the east bay out by by, uh oh, gosh, the cossio and places like that we're seeing all sorts of reports. 56 degrees right now and napa 58 in berkeley. the current forecast for tomorrow, then it's going to be mid sixties upper sixties with the warmer warming trend into the weekend, so instead of that, you know, tomorrow i'll be about upper sixties and the worst spots. and then the next
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day friday will be about low seventies and then potentially mid seventies by the weekend, so they can saturday be the warmest day so good looking five day forecast dry, dry, dry, dry, dry, dry and then really right into monday and tuesday dry and hopefully something after that will be wet. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. all right, bill. thank you. and it's going to be nice to actually get a bit of a break from the rain because the storm last night did cause some flooding and brought down trees, including one that caused an overnight power outage in parts of west marin county. that. down tree also forced the closure of highway one north of point reyes for hours, but that was minor compared to the historic amount of rain dumped on the bay area during that atmospheric river a few weeks ago. the storm certainly won't end the drought, but it did bump up the reservoirs in marin county. 70% is still not a good figure, but it's a lot better than 35% and so from marin county. this really brought them back from the precipice. professor there does caution. it is likely to take several
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years to recover from the current multi year drought. u. s fish and wildlife officials have announced a reversal of a trump era policy regarding spotted al habitats. they reversed a new policy today that. would have opened millions of acres of forest in california, oregon and washington state to potential logging, the agency says political appointees in the trump administration turned to quote faulty science to justify taking away habitat protections from the northern spotted owl. small reclusive bird has been declining in numbers for decades as forests disappear. coming up with sharks player takes a brutal hit on the ice in calgary, but it's sports director mark bonnie's show. it says it was the sharks getting the last laugh. first there were reminder that we are still collecting jackets for our one warm coat drive. you can take a gently warned code to any participating ups or big tire location. the drive runs up until sunday, december 5th just visit ktvu .com/ one warm coat
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mean i don't have to tell you. the sharks have fallen off the sporting map around here last couple of years, and this could have been disaster tonight at seven players out with covid related issues instead of folding in calgary out on the road against a pretty good flame team. they are not the ones who flamed out. john mcclane assistant coach ticking over with that shark fin on the left, loves the camera, she dances. second period were scoreless great to live past brent burns for alexander bar obama probably a name you're not overly familiar with, but he was hustling tonight one nothing but man he finds out
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shortly after the brutal game, barra bana is drilled by the plane's nikita zora. he goes 65 to 20 a little woozy, but he's still an okay to one flames pulled their goalie sharks take advantage. watch the spin o rama coming up chaumont hurdle. in fact, that is the first of two empty netters for the sharks much closer game than the 41 final would indicate. sharks playing good hockey 74 and one haven hill by the way, 37 saves in the net for san jose college basketball season is upon us and you know, at this point teams always load up on teams, they figure are going to be pushed over to get to work on their. win loss record early carrollton state comes to stanford tonight and it wasn't as easy as you might think. they're from stephenville, texas. cardinal down one early michael o'connell will find harrison ingram. all american
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freshman at 16.7 rebounds, and stanford prevails down the stretch this is isa silver with a nice pass for maxim right now to go 71. he's a recruit from paris, france and 60 to 50 cardinal want to know not the good news. cal was looking forward. they set up espn their schedule. in fact, they're on the wrong side of history. here you see san diego with cal up one end of the first half. jordan shepherd nails a three and they're up for the intermission. chef feeling that 27. but the trait take over there up eight legs. it's a nice little move craftiness around the bucket from tony rocha, who led u. c s d with 27 82 67 the final yeah, coach mark fox. he's upset because it's the first time ever, the ucsd has beaten. a pack 12 team and the final 82 67, the cow
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men's football program. not very much better report tonight that some 47 players or people related to the football program have now tested positive as result well, their game with usc is postponed for saturday. they had to play last week with 24 players in the last lowly arizona hard times for the cal football program. that game is rescheduled for december. 4th. against usc. let us with the extra time we have tonight. check this out. we go back to college hoops, matt blank, not to be confused with matt leblanc will dunk or quinnipiac college. that's your dunk of the nike versus maryland. but the taste like my c y o days, they're taking him back. yeah that's me. and you, duncan crazy like that's the sporting
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life right now. get back to you guys tomorrow. thank you, martin. mark. thank you. and thanks everybody for joining us tonight. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow.. oh, i wish i could do more. it's just a bunch of old, out-of-date clothes. oh, i'm sure it's great. three weeks ago, our neighbors, the rands, lost their house and everything they own in a fire. fortunately, nobody was hurt. and fortunately, they're friends with wonder woman over here. i'm hardly wonder woman. she mobilized the community to donate clothes, furniture, appliances, all to help them start over in their new rental. which you found them. i'm no wonder woman. rand-aid was her idea. it wasn't my idea to call it "rand-aid." okay, fine. i'm wonder woman. - terrible tragedy. - they're our closest friends. - we know them. - uh, manny and their son reuben are tight. in fact, i put in one of their closets. not that it matters, but it was the only structure to survive the fire. por favor , don't even say that word! in my country it is considered very, very bad luck


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