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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 10, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. the race to become oakland's next mayor is getting bigger. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville city council member xiang tao is the latest to officially announce her candidacy. ktvu is amberleigh live in oakland tonight without. towns, background as a refugee in his single mother has really shaped her vision for the city, amber. mike tell tells me her strength come from her struggles, she says she has a track record for getting things done. the next mayor of the great city of oakland shank cow introduced by state attorney general rob bonta, xiang tao took to the stage in west oakland to launch her campaign to become mayor of oakland. i'm a daughter of refugees. how says she grew up in poverty in stockton, the seventh of 10 children for a time to lived in public housing. i grew up in a
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very real fear of not having stable home. the city council member tells me she plans to draw from her life experiences to lead oakland. i know what it means to live paycheck to paycheck. i know what it means to not have a job and to escape a really bad domestic violence relationship and being homeless with my baby. living in our car. couchsurfing tao describes herself as bold, persistent and progressive, she says as a single mom, those qualities helped pave the way for a better life. tower attendant merritt college and went on to graduate from uc berkeley. she worked her way up from intern to chief of staff for city council member rebecca kaplan, who is among her supporters. i've managed multiple city budgets fought for affordable housing. three years ago, she was elected oakland's first mang, american city council member. i've seen her operating in where people are pushing and pulling and all sorts of different ways, and her view is always try to collaborate
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earlier this year, was credited with brokering a deal to fund a new police academy amidst christ to defund the police. if elected mayor, she tells me her priorities are what she describes as the basics. public safety housing, the homeless and clean streets. but we're not supposed to all agree. you know, that's the beauty of democracy. however it's about respect and collaboration. go get there. how tells me she never dreamed she would be running from oakland mayor so far. the 36 year old is one of three candidates. incumbent mayor libby shaft will be termed out. the election will be held november eight. 2022 mike xiang tao. quite the journey and we'll see come one year from today if she will be the next mayor amber, thank you for that report. former san francisco county supervisor katie tang has been appointed to lead the city's office of small business. tang was appointed to this job by mayor
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london breed as executive director. tang will oversee all of the offices functions, including assisting small businesses with programs and providing case management services. tang is currently director of public and governmental affairs at the city's department of public health. she begins her new job in january. new at 11 tonight. three men have been found guilty of various charges in the death of a man who is trying to retrieve his stolen laptop in oakland. schwab zhang was at a starbucks in montclair village when his computer was stolen on new year's eve 2019. it was his 34th birthday. today byron reed jr was found guilty of second degree murder for hitting zang with the getaway car, killing him. heavenly was a convict was convicted of robbery and key one wiggins was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. san francisco police shooting investigation led to a fentanyl bust officers arrested the shooting suspect on ellis street in the tenderloin last night. during the arrest, they say they seized nearly £2.5 of fentanyl
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$3400 in cash as well as a handgun today, belmont police announced the arrest of four people in connection with the killing of a 17 year old high school student in 2019. mohammed othman was shot to death on january 7th in the parking lot of central elementary high school. osman was a senior at car leman high school, where he played on the varsity football team. a 17 year old and 19 year old are under arrest, along with 21 year old antonio valencia of concord and 23 year old ruben gonzalez maleness of indianapolis. gunfire on a busy oakland street struck a bystander in the middle of the day this happened right outside the fox theater on telegraph avenue near broadway and send people scattering as ktvu is deborah villalon reports. tonight's show at the fox was cancelled. yeah we saw her. well we went over there because she was down and there was no one there. yet these restaurant owners were among the first to run to the spot where a woman lay wounded people trying to
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help her. she was conscious and talking, and she they had her you know, pressed, which was the right everything was right. minutes later, she was rushed away in an ambulance. a bullet through her arm at two o'clock. it really underscores how. um strange of an occurrence. it is from sky fox, the block where a running gun battle broke out. some witnesses said it was between a car burglar and the car owner. but police aren't confirming, and it was. rapid fire, basically automatic rifle or something like that. this witness was parked a few feet away. some cars were pierced by bullets. at least 17 shots fired as everyone scattered, including kids from a nearby school. all these children were done. and i'm like, how could you what kind of what's happening? the shooters were gone before police arrived. the woman waiting for concert tickets was the only one hit. the pop punk band all time low, is on tour from maryland and set to play the fox. we put the
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safety of our fans first and foremost, the band announced on social media. it would not go on, obviously given the circumstances. we don't feel it's appropriate to play the show tonight. some fans didn't find out in time and showed up anyway. disappointed at the cancellation and the reason why that's disturbing. i mean, like. you know the whole point of having his great concert venues trying to revitalize the street is, you know to make it fun for everyone. and when you have violence like that, it's just ruins. the whole thing at wendy owners say they are committed to this location and that such violence isn't unique to oakland. they note also the witnesses who stayed to help both the victim. and police. great to see that. i mean, in a terrible situation. it was nice to some people put yourself out there says i was here and here is what i saw. and here is what i did. fortunately the wounded woman will recover. she is hospitalized in stable condition. witnesses say the bullet went through her arm in oakland. deborah villalon ktvu,
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fox two news. two witnesses took the stand today in the federal fraud trial against their nose founder elizabeth holmes. former lab director, dr kinship das testified about his efforts to revive the struggling company after a scathing government audit. dr das said he worked to overhaul the lab practices voiding its tests and shifting the blame to another lab director, then former theranos investor alan iceman took the stand, saying he put $1.2 million into the company in 2000 and six he said. holmes made repeated false claims about their nose revenues and its blood analyzers, including their use by pharmaceutical companies convicted killer scott peterson. we'll find out next year whether or not he's going to get a new murder trial, a judge in redwood city today. set. a hearing will begin in february to determine if there will indeed be a new trial. he is set to be re sentenced on december eight for the 2000 and two killing of his pregnant wife. peterson's death sentence was overturned last year due to a juror misconduct. the judge
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today also set up to 16 of lacey peterson's family and friends and six of scott peterson's family can attend the re sentencing. the judge is expected to re sentence him to life in prison without the possibility of parole. a sobering new look at just how hard it is to buy a home in the bay area, the annual income needed and which county demands the biggest paycheck and uber facing a lawsuit from the u. s justice department, the accusations that company is overcharging some people with disabilities.
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takes an average annual income of $235,000 new data from the california association of realtors shows the median home price in the bear bay area is nearly 1.3 million. the highest home prices are in san mateo county, where the average home is $2 million to afford a home in san mateo county and now takes an annual household income of $364,000 in san francisco. it takes 313,000. in santa clara county. the annual income needed is 300,000 and in alameda to buy a home. the average income is $236,000 and the bay area has the most expensive zip code in the country for the fifth year in a row. a report from property shark says atherton's 94 to 7 zip code. get a red new record medium home sale price of more than $7 million. the bay area
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has 47 of the nation's most expensive zip codes. this year. san francisco has more of them. compared to any other city rossa. marin county came in as the fourth most expensive zip code nationwide and los altos fell three spots from number six last year to number nine this year. legal action against uber the u. s. justice department filed a lawsuit against the rideshare giant today saying it over charges people with disabilities as ktvu is, henry lee explains, uber is accused of charging wait time fees for disabled riders, even though they may need more time to get to a car. a lawsuit filed by the u. s. department of justice says some people were charged by uber for unfair wait time fees due to their disabilities, though they needed more time to get to the vehicle. the department is asking the court to order uber to modify its wait time fee policy to comply with the americans with disabilities act. the justice department also wants uber to pay damages as well as a civil penalty. in april, 2016 uber began charging
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passengers wait time fees in a number of cities, eventually expanding the policy nationwide. wait time fees start two minutes after the uber car arrives at the pickup location and are charged until the car begins its trip. it's just easier to have someone take your door to door and so uber has made it convenient lift has made it convenient. earlier this year, ktvu spoke to a blind uber writer, the reverend albert macklin, who says he relies on uber as well as a seeing eye dog. disabled writers like macklin could benefit by the suit filed by doj to be able to just come out of your house and get in the car go from point a to point b a man and be able to get there safely. even with bart and with bus systems use it as an in between. in response, uber called the lawsuit surprising and disappointing. in a statement, uber said, in part, it has been our policy to refund wait time fees for disabled writers whenever they alerted us that they were charged. after a recent change last week. now any writer who certifies they are disabled will have fees automatically waived. we fundamentally
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disagree that our policies violate the 80, a uber also says they had already been in discussions with doj about how to address these issues before the lawsuit was filed. henry lee ktvu fox studios. volunteers in the east mayor scrambling right now to save thanksgiving dinner for thousands in need. the league of volunteers in new work says it needs a 26 ft refrigeration truck by monday. if not, it could possibly lose 300 turkeys. more than three decades, the group has delivered free hot thanksgiving meals to about 5000 homebound residents. but this year the refrigeration truck that they had reserved back in august was cancelled. and we use it to store the and thaw the 300 turkeys, and then we use it as a refrigeration unit to store all the cook turkeys as we barbecue 20 at a time. and get them all carved up and ready to serve on thanksgiving day. organizers say the 300 turkeys are being delivered on monday and that they're trying desperately right now to find a
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drug. but at this point, nothing has been reserved. still to come a new thrill in new york city, the unique perspective that daredevils can now get from 1300 ft. up. and we are tracking a warm up around here. temperatures back into the seventies will be back here with the weekend forecast, right? and why one bay area counties covid booster shot recommendation now goes above and beyond the cdcs eligibility list.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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but it will help you and your family stay safe everyone get their covid booster shot. we're coming into one of the busiest travel days a year and there is a great way to protect yourself and your family and your friends in the community, and that is by getting a booster shot. santa
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clara county health officials say almost everyone is eligible for a booster and they are readily available. they say if you received your pfizer or moderna vaccine more than eight months ago, or johnson and johnson two months ago, you should get the booster. know that the levels of antibodies have begun to drop over time. we noted that after six months or so, so for full protection, you really need to get your booster. santa clara county health officials say about 200,000. people in the county have received a booster and more than 800,000 are still eligible. san francisco mayor london breed received her booster shot today the mayor tweeted these photos of her getting her shot at the maxine hall health center. it is the same place mayor breed received her single dose of the johnson and johnson vaccine. back in march. cal's football coach and several players spoke publicly today about changes following the team's coronavirus outbreak. cal really hoping here that dozens of players and staff who
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tested positive will be out of isolation. in time for the big game against stanford on the 20th as well as the postponed game against fc on december 4th gate abuse jana katsuyama reports on the team's new safety procedures. cal's football team is sidelined this week after the berkeley public health department said the team had a major outbreak with 44 lab confirmed covid cases involving students, coaches and staff. they said in the statement. quote cases emerged in an environment of ongoing failure to abide by public health measures. people in the program did not get tested. one sick stay home when sick where masks indoors. the cow football coach justin wilcox pushed back at a virtual news conference wednesday. we have followed the guidelines, uh, through the athletic department, the university and the city of berkley. we have health professionals housed in our building at our practices on our planes, wilcox said. between all the school county
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and ncaa protocols, there was confusion and misunderstanding, wilcox says moving forward there will be changes now. there will be multiple tests during the week. there's going to be. uh you know, foods grab and go. workouts will be structured differently. you see, officials say the team was 99% vaccinated. the outbreak forced the golden bears to play last week against arizona without starting quarterback chase. garber's that was very difficult, um, to prepare for football games with kind of being on edge about. um who's going to be available this weekend? and who's not players say they did meet with a doctor from university health services. i think moving forward everyone is very clear about you know the protocols that are in place going forward. the team says that practice wednesday they were making changes and trying to stay optimistic. practices have been cut a little bit shorter, but i think the mood especially today, i mean, i was smiling. we were laughing. we were running around. we'll find some good in this somehow. some
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way our team will our fans will and we will make the most of it in berkeley, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. beautiful night around the bay area. it's clear and cool and light winds and so valley fog that thing um not so much. you won't notice it in places like redwood city, but out towards eastern liver more and. northeastern anne hawke area out there by the marsh lands. you're going to notice it in temperatures will be chilly when you send the kids off to school tomorrow morning. a lot of us will be in the low forties. so the big valley if you got travel plans say at the tahoe or down to bakersfield. big valley is going to have a fog problem or a fog component. if you will. for the next three or four days, and that lends itself to the idea that we are in a dry weather pattern. we're not stable environment. we're fogged in form. so rain not in the forecast for us for at least the next five or six days. these are the highs from today ties tomorrow will be very similar. you can see the movie you see here. you just see the jet stream going up over the top. you can kind of
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pick it out. right? so arcs up. i think i mentioned that last night. when it arcs up like that, um, we'll show you what i can do this when it arcs up like that, and i can't do it. there it is. when it arcs up like this. that's your ridge. right so that's that's the opposite of wet right? and then when it goes this way, when it does just what it did last week when the jet stream does that if you saw the clouds in that array, then you'd be going to. okay, it's going to be wet or cool or what have you. but in this case it's marking up and over. so that's how high a ridge of high pressure fog loves it. the rain doesn't right fog like, especially this time of year in the summer to summer fog is caused by. strong high pressure and version minus seven degrees from where it was last night, and napa cooler, three degrees cooler in oakland, four degrees cooler in nevado, your forecast overnight lows look like these. so pretty nice and but chilly. i mean, if you're you know if you're pushing the kids out the door in santa rosa 45 degrees in the morning, it's pretty chilly. san francisco tomorrow morning about 54 degrees. forecast highs. like i said, just
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slightly warmer than today, and then they hover upper sixties low seventies right through the bay area weekend, which is really nothing to sneeze at now. normally i'd be bumming right now going guy, you know, we need some rain. we've got a long. you know, we can't go next five days remember last year, but we've done so extremely well. with rain early on, we can. we can afford five or six days really nice weather. the fire. danger is extremely low right now, and we're just in a good spot, so enjoy it. kind of a spring like thing. there are still a lot of blossoms out there on the trees, and it's going to be one of those next four or five days, especially the weekend. outside barbecue and at lunchtime maybe even nearly evening. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. yeah. looks like a nice weekend, bill. thank you. a new attraction in new york city get this allows people to hang off the side of a skyscraper. it is called the city climb experience. a guide will take you high atop the building. 30 hudson yards, nearly 1300 ft in the air. once visitors visitors
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get to the top of the platform, they have an opportunity to push themselves even further. by leaning off the side. we know it's safe. and if you trust in us, and you trust in the equipment and you trust in our process, um you will be very proud of what you can do. i don't know. we all are saying i don't. we don't want to try that the city client experience costs. $185 climbs will be canceled during severe weather events and when temperatures drop below 23 degrees, all right, coming up next in sports. it was a high flying show at the chase center, the golden state warriors having fun as they roll right into their 10th win. of the young season, sports director mark ibanez has the must see highlights coming up next up first, a reminder. we are still collecting jackets for our one warm coat drive, you can take a gently worn coat to any participating ups or big o tires locations. the drive runs until sunday, december 5th. just visit ktvu .com slash one warm coat. for more information. we'll be right back.
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm.
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so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. right now, when team chemistry meets pure talent and raw emotion. it's a collision that you just got to see in the warriors. got it going on veterans day of course, tomorrow. fan base gives up 150 floor seats for the vets. they see it. corn side, jason richardson. honored as well. the dunk champ would appreciate and love what he was about to see no dunk. but look at the stuff, miss and coven loony will not take no for an answer. mop up relentless 11 points. more importantly, 17 rebounds. he put it down set. the tone warriors were going after the key wolf second quarter. gary payton, the second. three
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possessions to show you looking step. no look like peyton young love is all smiles and they were just getting started. the human energy drink next possession. look at it again. iguodala and the reverse dunk that you must see twice. and then moments later, imagine if he had made and converted. this shot. curry digi paint, not quite but exhilarating. nonetheless he draws a foul that is northern california. showtime right there. that's the raw emotion and you can feel the unity still in the second. andrew wiggins haven't even talked about them yet work in the baseline with the aggression over former teammate karl anthony towns 35 for wig on 14 of 19 shooting third quarter little worried here, draymond was hit and left the game but fortunately for the golden state warriors, they're calling it a deep. by bruce he's questionable for friday
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night's game at chase to close out the homestead golden state led a 20 point lead. get away thanks to this guy. last year's number one draft choice. anthony edwards had 48 points but in the fourth quarter warriors up eight oh, yeah, this guy stuff curry. the mid range shot good for two he had 25. but this is the showstopper. jordan pool clanks. no problem. wiggins just don't karama right there. he had 35 points, probably his best game as a warrior and with regard to doing it all against the former team he once played for the deals look at them. fans reaction. that's wonderful. no, it's not about revenge, mint. get another stamp? no no, no revenge game well played a game, you know, against the former team. that's all that was, you know, comparative game one game. andrew was just fantastic. the aggression from the beginning of the game, uh, loved his energy. um obviously
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he was, you know, pretty excited to play against his old team, and we needed everything he brought us tonight. what's going to happen when they get clay thompson back james wiseman, who's going to sit on the bench? it's just incredible. what's going on with this team right now? get a little time. so why not check? this out. this is a little grape trick for you. funny version of the trick shot artist. this is shane boyle, who takes eating grapes. to the next level. wow. and uh, that is a oh, i don't know. worry developed that, but you need to check this out. i'd like to see this guy in a game of horse with steph curry. this is a guy who calls himself bod lefty from beverly hills, michigan. just incredible. the shots he makes and like, mike always says, like how many tries? yeah but does it matter? i mean, you're making shots like that. um i love that he's
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fired up at the end of them to get pumped up he and step and have a good time going together. that's the sporting life for that's the sporting life for them. goodnight, so the five keys to investing wisely in a down real estate market are... keyp your cool... mm-hmm. keyp informed... legwork. i recently became a partner in a new agency, so i put together a seminar to recruit first-time home buyers. i want to give 'em a step-by-step description of exactly what i can do for them. am i worried that they might write it all down and just do it themselves? quite frankly, i hadn't thought about it until just now. do i really have to go to this thing? yes. you're a big part of today. you're my support staff. then why am i not getting paid? mm. that is a good question. and i think i'm gonna text you the answer on that cell phone we pay for. honey, do you wanna practice your part again? uh, no. it's just one question. i think i got it. yeah, but it's the most important question because it launches me into my big finish.


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