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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 11, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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the afternoon, right outside the fox theater in oakland. what we're learning about a w and the that happened overnight, plus veterans are proudly carried the torch of liberty. for all to see honoring those who served our country. we take a look at the events happening this veterans day nationwide and here at home in the bay area, the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and hi everyone. i'm frank mallicoat in for mike on this thursday. it is also veterans day. the holiday was celebrated in our nation's capital this morning with ceremonies at the lincoln memorial at arlington national cemetery. ktvu sally rasmus shows us. some of the day's events, along with president biden's promise to our veterans, ali well. frank president joe biden spoke at the
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veteran's day ceremony at arlington national cemetery. this morning. he spoke about the his administration's efforts. to provide more resources to u. s service members and their families. we have many obligations. one truly sacred obligation. to properly prepare those and equipped those who we send into harm's way. and care for them and their families. they're both deployed and when they returned home. this is a lifetime sacred commitment. president biden says his recent infrastructure bill passed by congress sets aside $17 billion for the va's covid response, as well as improving via facilities in hospitals across the country. it also means prioritising mental health care. that's necessary to treat invisible wounds. it's so many of our veterans carry including. pursuing our newly released comprehensive public health strategy. to reduce military and veterans suicides. the president
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spoke shortly after the wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier, which followed a military concert and procession to arlington national cemetery. not too far from that ceremony another veterans day event happened at the lincoln memorial. specialist sergio ogoni abbad. sergeant matthew thomas about gold star families read aloud the names of the more than 7000 armed service members who died in us wars in iraq and afghanistan. we want to make sure that their sacrifice is not forgotten. that we do it on a day. like today, the tell those families they're not alone. that their country hasn't forgotten about them. the event at the lincoln memorial was organized by the tunnel to towers foundation, which was created after the september 11th attacks and the american flag was hung behind the podium for that event was made up of more than 7000 military dog tags meant to represent the more than 7000 service members killed in the war on terror. garcia and frank
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back to you, ali. rasmus. thank you happening now in annual south bay tradition returns to the streets of san jose that cities right now hosting its 103rd veterans day parade. ktvu south way. reporter jesse gary live in downtown san jose to give us an up close. look, jesse. garcia we could not ask for better weather for this. veterans day. blue skies, warm thumb and of course, our beloved veterans are here to celebrate in san jose. i'm standing on santa clara street right in downtown, give you an idea where i am in the distance. you see asap center, and they are lining up veterans and dignitaries for the parade was the start. a little bit further behind our camera position right underneath the overpass of 87 freeway. proceed east along santa clarita market and then bend a right turn and head south. down to civil service park and plaza. you know, more than 70 units are participating, along with a cavalcade of classic cars. last
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year, the parade was all virtual due to the impact. of the covid 19 pandemic, organizers say they are excited to see the return of this iconic in person show of appreciation for all who have and who will serve in the armed forces. i can't tell you how excited i am to finally be in person and recognized not only our veterans, but our first responders, and those who sacrificed so much to include their families, so it's important that we get beyond just normal back to normal and this is a great way for us to celebrate. and i safe and open environment. events started about an hour ago with the opening ceremony over at the arena green next to the s a p center clocks to sports director mark ibanez. official emcee for the event. mayor sam liccardo of the city of san jose used the occasion. to say that the city of san jose has reached what he calls functional zero as far as
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homeless vets on the streets, meaning the city is actually housing more veterans homeless veterans and are being pushed out onto the streets. he calls it a functional cereal not to be confused with absolute zero and here's a flyover and they talked about what timing. so that is a c 1 30 that is a black hawk flying over downtown san jose. flying in formation that is one of two flyovers that will take place today for the veterans day here in downtown san jose boy that's beautiful. we're alive in downtown san jose. jesse gary ktvu fox news gas here. we'll head back to your oakland a powerful tribute. you took us there. jesse gary live in san jose. the nation's veterans were also being honored and remembered in the north bay celebration took place this morning at the marine county civic center in sandra fell. during the ceremony, wreaths were placed at the military memorials on the avenue of the flags. the ceremony was attended
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by veterans from world war two to the war in afghanistan. dominic, would you stand up, please? bronze star winner second world war. 97 years old. don v alone would you stand korean war. rex brows, would you stand. submarine service. he enjoyed it so much. he decided to join two other services before, he quipped. thank you, rox. the ceremony concluded with the playing of taps at 11 11 this morning marking the 11th hour of the 11th day of november
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when world war officially ended in 1918. some other news now. oakland police are investigating three shootings that happened in the past 24 hours. two of them were a classic city landmarks. the fox theater and lake merritt ktvu is amanda king. tana brings us what we know right now from the oakland police department. those three shootings were all in the span of 12 hours, the first one in broad daylight outside the fox theater, the second last night on 97th and overnight another one near lake merritt. it felt like a peaceful sunday morning on lake merritt for many, but in this same spot along lakeshore avenue this was the scene overnight. a woman was shot at about 12 30 in the morning at five. police were still collecting evidence calling in homicide investigators. they say the woman is in grave condition. just three hours earlier, another shooting in oakland. a man was shot at 97th street. he
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was sent to the hospital now in critical but stable condition and all these children were done. and i'm like, how could you what kind of what's happening and the first and most public shooting of the day, a stray bullet hit a woman waiting for a concert outside the fox theater at 2 30 in the afternoon when the telegraph avenue area was full of people. it's definitely unexpected. i don't think there's any proper time of day for anything like this to happen, but i think. at two oclock. it really underscores how, um, strange of an occurrence it is. yeah it's random. so it's i mean, 8.5 years we've not had that happened. she was shot in the arm and is expected to be okay. police have not confirmed what caused that gunfire. but witnesses said. the gun battle was between a car burglar and the car owner, and it was rapid fire, basically, automatic rifle or something like that. and it turned out that it was just people acting up, shooting down up and down the street. for all
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three of those shootings. police have not arrested anyone. they also haven't released a description of a suspect that they might be looking for in oakland. i mean, donna ktvu, fox two news. people aren't san francisco's haight ashbury neighborhood say they fear for their lives. it's really heartbreaking to experience such violence within our community. um and it impacts all of us. last night, supervisor dean preston held a virtual town hall about recent shootings in crime. last week, a man was shot and killed in the haight ashbury neighborhood. there was also a shooting involving rival gangs, car break ins, and a man was shot after confronting some burglars. neighbors say they're nervous every time they leave their home. i can tell you. i have never felt this afraid for my life. and i don't ever recall the violence being to this leve. what i think is new is the presence of guns. by those that
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are perpetrating car break ins and their willingness to shoot them. uh people are interrupting the break in. the police have added more officers to patrol the streets and increased over time they also parked its mobile emergency unit in the hate to provide more police presence we're learning more about a pedestrian it was hit and killed near a school in san francisco. police say it happened just before eight o'clock yesterday morning at the intersection of franklin and union streets near sherman elementary. just a short time ago, the san francisco unified school district told us the person killed was andrew simon, one of the para educators at that school. simon was a stue himself when he was in elementary school. we have counselors will be made available at the school campus tomorrow. still to come here and do time businesses. finding contra costa county was some restaurant owners refusing to check vaccination status for customers and taking fines instead, plus. defense attorneys
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in the cow rittenhouse trial call more witnesses to the stand after an emotional day in court. i'm garrett tenney in kenosha, with the latest coming up. and a burial weather after some dense fog this morning, lots of sunshine a beautiful afternoon out there we'll talk more about your veterans day forecast coming up. ♪just the two of us♪ ♪we can make it if we try♪ ♪just the two of us♪ the lg washtower redefine laundry in half the space. ♪building castles in the sky♪
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person has died after being injured at the astral world festival in houston. during a news conference, it was announced that a 22 year old college student. was the latest victim. that student was set to graduate next spring for texas a and m university studying electronic systems. engineering criminal investigation is underway. the kyle rittenhouse trial is now in its ninth day. more witnesses are testifying for the defense. is garrett any reports? this comes after a day of intense testimony by rittenhouse himself. another day of testimony getting underway in the kyle rittenhouse homicide trial. defense attorneys plan to call up to three more witnesses to the stand, including a self defense expert. i started as a patrol officer. be actually a deputy. mm from there was a corporal. it wasn't an emotional day in the courtroom on wednesday. okay? people right there. rittenhouse taking the
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stand for nearly the entire day, the 18 year old testified that he acted in self defense when he shot three protesters during the unrest in kenosha, wisconsin, last year, killing two and wounding a third. his appearance on the stand was unexpected, but his spokesperson says there was never any question whether or not, he testified he has a story and. the facts are entirely in his camp. you wanted to get on the stand, and he wanted that the prosecution's cross examination violated predetermined rules when they asked rittenhouse about his silence after the arrest. the line of questioning led to a heated exchange between attorneys and the judge and suggestions from the defense that prosecutors were deliberately trying to cause a mistrial. that was a direct implication of his right to remain silent in front of the jury, and everybody knows it's la one on one. you do that you're at risk of a mistrial. the judge did not yet rule on the mistrial request.
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rittenhouse faces life in prison if convicted of the most serious charge against him in kenosha, wisconsin. i'm garrett tenney, ktvu, fox two news. well, let's check our weather. now, as we salute our veterans mark, i think i'm going to tip my cap. you're way too because it's gorgeous. outside absolutely yes. should be a beautiful day for all the veterans today with lots of sunshine just a great day. it's not incredibly hot not incredibly cold, just perfect to go outside for a walk or something like that to just to just to enjoy this afternoon. as far as the rainfall. of course. we know we need the rain, but we also appreciate the brakes and that's what we have for today. a little bit of a silly graphic here because the last rainfall was just 22 days ago, so it's not a big deal, but we'll continue to tell you on a few more days with this possibly upwards of 10 day dry stretch as a storm track is focused up to our north up in the pacific northwest. as you can see, in fact, we're talking about an atmospheric river for place like seattle. but for us we have a few passing clouds and just dry weather pattern that's here to
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stay now what happens whenever you get this time of year and you have a lot of moisture on the ground, you get the fog that forms especially out towards the central valley you can see out towards sacramento. just outside of modesto. and right around oakdale. you can see here some still some lingering fog into this afternoon, but the bay area we are in the clear, beautiful afternoon. temperatures are responding by a warming up sixties in san francisco. upper sixties. i should say santa rosa 65 close to 70 fact right around 70 out toward fairfield already, so we are completely in the clear looking out toward emeryville or berkeley. here. you can still see the east bay shoreline here. lots of lots of clear skies, and that's basically the story. for everybody this afternoon here's this big area of high pressure it's trying to build in. in fac, it is. you can see the upper level winds trace here. that's kind of our king up to our nort. so that is the dry weather or stretch of at least the dry weather feature. that will keep us on the warm side. but once again over the next few morning, we could have some areas of dense fog as we just showed us
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identify reports out towards santa rosa toward napa right around fairfield as well, probably the same story for tomorrow morning, this area of high pressure those building in the storm track has been pushed up to our north. so as result, no rain chance for us, at least for right now. there's no pin. there's no one day we can pinpoint. say we're gonna have a rain back here in the bay area, so a great start to the rainy season. we need a lot more, but we also need those brakes as well. and that's all we have. for today into the weekend as you can see the forecast model lots of sunshine this afternoon into your friday the same story. few clouds could be approaching the north coast and maybe a few clouds trying to drift closer to the north bay. and that would be the story into the weekend. the weekend we'll just be beautiful temperatures in the upper sixties to the low to mid seventies for both saturday and into sunday. take a look at the numbers for this afternoon. of course, the fog this morning already lifting here in the bay area, you can see san francisco opera sixties lots of seventies for santa rosa, fairfield, antioch and livermore. san jose
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will go 72 degrees and look ahead. basically the same story into your friday saturday could actually be a little bit warmer, warmest locations easily back up into the mid seventies, and that will gradually cool things off into next week as a weak system approaches northern california no raindrops for us, but we are expecting a few clouds and slightly cooler temperatures. but the weather between now and then it's looking just great but lots of sunshine. we're so lucky mark. thank you. it's known as a small reservation in east oakland how one indigenous manners created a lifeline for native americans providing healthcare and community all in one place. the backlog of ships t
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coast ports with cargo ship stuck offshore, waiting to unload the cargo and we're now hearing about the people working on those ships who are stuck to. and lord we pray in your sovereign name that jesus, you help them. you clear the backlog. giving them the minister, praying with sailors and long beach who were just allowed to get off their ship. the usual contract for crew members on cargo ships is between four and six months, but with all the delays, many have been stuck on board. much longe. this month. we're celebrating native american heritage 65 years ago, the federal government trying to relocate indigenous people into large cities, promising a much better life. but it left many of them
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homeless, jobless and disconnected. ktvu is brooks jarocz has an in depth look into one group's tireless work to overcome that adversity. the bay area became home to one of the nation's largest intertribal populations. many of them settled here in east oakland in the 19 sixties and seventies by the mid 19 eighties, one man's leadership. lead to what's now a community lifeline. to see a tp makes you stop and think. for me. it's just a feeling of pride in the heart of oakland's fruitvale district stands a sign of native american identity. it gives me a feeling of yeah, we're here. let me plan to stay here for martin walk a zoo. it's been a journey spanning decades, beginning 1400 miles away, where, at times he says he felt ashamed of his heritage. remember the feelings? i had? walking down the street and south dakota with my father.
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seen signs in the stores. no indians are dogs allowed what kazoos life became a battle dealing with discrimination, then becoming a high school basketball star. overcoming an alcohol addiction. after moving to california and starting his life's work building and expanding what he now calls a small reservation. it's more than the clinic. it's a gathering place. the native american health center under wa kazoos leadership for over 40 years now, 14,000 patients strong and employing more than 100, indigenous people. it's a place for us to connect with our identity who we are culture, access and trust. it's how this nonprofit was able to have a profound response to the pandemic. 65,000 covid-19 tests another 20,000 vaccines and counting, including close to 1300 native americans. it's been really, really critical for us
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to get out there that outreach goes beyond medical or dental services. holistic healthcare for the most vulnerable, helping with housing food and jobs. now, that is the quickest way to improve the health of the community. and pick him up and lift them out of poverty. job working here is like that's my community here ain't one that's growing in spirit and vision. big plans for a cultural center to celebrate community diversity 76 affordable housing units and a clinic, another testament to the contributions aimed at overcoming obstacles together. will be the came in and be from hopelessness to hope for wacha zoo. it's healing, seeing a sign of indigenous influence reflective of a healthy community filled with culture and resiliency. that's the pride. i wouldn't still in their youth and for the next generation for my children, my grandchildren my great grandchildren. ownership brings pride to the community that you're going to put your roots
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down. you're going to face the adversities that come before you. and be proud of who you are and where you came from. a commemorative street sign now bears the name wa kazoo way right in the middle of the native american health center campus. it's oakland city councils way of paying tribute to his contributions in his community. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. the oakland museum of california is temporarily closing its special exhibition space because of storm damage. museum officials say that big storm we had back on october 24th cause leaking from the upper level of the museum. the exhibition, edith heath, a life in clay was expected to open this weekend but has now been postponed. no artwork or artifacts were damaged. the great hall exhibition space is closed, but the rest of the museum is still open. up next. don't need a home here in the bay area getting harder than ever before. what a new report by the california association of real tours showing the average person has
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to make in order to own a home and many. bay area cities, also ahead. several ceremonies in the nation's capital honoring those who served. i'm allora vera in arlington, virginia, with a look at the tributes taking pla
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it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. honor the sacrifices made by our brave men and women who have served in our military. madeline rivera has a closer look at ceremony in our nation's capital. do what solemn ceremonies throughout the nation's capital to honor the country's veterans veterans are proudly carried the torch of liberty. for all to see remembering those who served from world war two mr robert mayer rovelli joined the navy at 17 to post 9 11 specialist aaron seth emmett. many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice. why is this the greatest country ever? because of the men and women in uniform who are willing to die for you and me every single day 100 years ago today the remains of an unknown soldier or carried in a procession from the capital
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and laid to rest in arlington national cemetery. today people lined the streets to watch a recreation of that procession and a joint service flyover. later, president biden laid a wreath today. we pay homage to the unrelenting bravery and dedication. that this thing is all those. of earned the title of american veteran somber tributes with a promise to never forget those people coming to one of them is a piece or feeling of comforting that he sacrificed wasn't in vain on his first veterans day in office. president biden is also announcing an effort to help veterans who were exposed to burn pits and other contaminants while serving overseas at arlington national cemetery. mouth. are there a ktvu fox two news? here in the bay area veterans have served in the united states armed forces also being honored on the peninsula. a ceremony is taking place at golden gate national cemetery in san bruno, ranking members of
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the military are there. there was a bell ringing and a bagpiper to honor veterans and a blue star wreath presentation. the sacrifices of those who served in our armed forces have afforded us the freedom in which to grow and flourish as a nation. november is national veteran and military families. month time to honor our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors. 145,000 united states, military veterans and family members are buried at golden gate national cemetery to alameda now where a ceremony was held on the uss hornet this morning to honor and thank the nation's veterans. david also held a tribute to former secretary of state and chairman of joint chiefs of staff general colin powell. coleman powell worked tirelessly to realize his vision for the positive role america could play in the world,
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a leader of great principles and prediction. powell, it epitomized the very best. of american values and inspired a generation of young people to choose careers of service. there was also a re thrown over the side of the uss hornet to honor the men and women who have died following their service in the military. the uss hornet, sea air and space museum is holding events now through the weekend honoring our nation's veterans, veterans day can evoke different emotions and memories for our veterans themselves. ktvu is rob roth. brings us the story of one u. s airmen from the bay area who overcame psychological scars and now it's helping other veterans experiencing hard times. two former u. s air force staff sergeant gabriel i turbie. every day is veterans day i liv, breathe being a vet. but through the years i turbie says the day were america honors. those who served has struck him in various ways emotionally, it kind of
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varies where some days i choose to be by myself. and some days i choose to be with family and some days i choose to be with other vets. it just depends on what's going on and how i'm feeling right. turbie works for san francisco based swords to plowshares, a nonprofit dedicated to helping homeless veterans. turbie says he, too, is once a vet who needed help. he was deployed five times. the last was to iraq, where his job was to search for car bombs and other ieds. your stress level is high. your anxiety is how your adrenaline is high. and when you clear the vehicle your drown comes down. and then the next vehicle drives up in your head goes up and down, up and down and up and down. for me. i just got to the point where it's just always up. and then he came home to the east bay. but he still can't turn off that switch. my life started to fall apart on both the personal front family and. you know the ptsd and injuries. it came to a head when one day he was taking a leisurely drive in hercules, but his head was still in iraq. he
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says he began studying the other cars around him. i was looking for the roadside bombs. i was looking for the dangers i was looking for. you know, snipers. i was being overly hypervigilant of my surroundings. looking for things that weren't there. i turbie got treatment and decided he wanted to pay forward the help he received. he got a job as an outreach worker. it's sorts to plowshares. i'll go to 10 campaigns going to bridges, highways. and look for vets. and it was it was not easy, but i found many. he's now a case manager, but he keeps his old military helmet in his office. i turbie says helping veterans gives him immense joy. my life has been an incredible journey of ups and downs, and i'm grateful. um i turned a negative into a positive. rob roth ktvu, fox two news. and we want to help you pay tribute to veterans who have made a big impact in your life. if you have someone you'd like to honor upload their photo and story ktvu com slash honor us vets. a man posing as a
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spiritual healer in san jose, is now facing charges of raping a child. 42 year old jorge luis never read of san jose, was arrested for multiple counts of felony sex crimes, including rape by force with a child under the age of 15. police say the crimes happened from october of last year until august of this year. anyone with information on this case or other potential cases is asked to call the san jose police department. santa clara county leaders are urging vaccinated people to get their covid booster shots. we're coming into one of the busiest travel days a year and there is a great way to protect yourself and your family and your friends in the community, and that is by getting a booster shot. santa clara county health officials say that most adults are eligible for a booster and that the shots are readily available. if you received a pfizer or moderna vaccine more than six months ago and meet age or work requirements are eligible. also
12:37 pm
anyone who got the johnson and johnson vaccine at least two months ago is eligible for a booster as well. know that the levels of antibodies have begun to drop over time. we noted that after six months or so, so for full protection, you really need to get your booster. santa clara county is administered nearly 3.2 million doses of the covid vaccine. san francisco mayor london breed got her booster shot yesterday she tweeted out these photos showing her getting the booster at maxine hall health center. that's where she received her single dose. johnson and johnson vaccine back in march. there are some reports of new vaccine violations and contra costa county ktvu is cristina rendon tells us a number of other restaurants in addition to in and out burger are refusing to check customers vaccination status. and they're now facing fines. in contra costa county warnings and fines for violating the local vaccination verification health order have been given out. these restaurants received warnings in the past two months in an out
12:38 pm
locations make up a majority of the list. but local spots like huckleberries and conquered and mj's downtown cafe in brentwood, got a warning. both of those restaurants tell me they're in compliance and following all rules. things were also given out to in and out locations in pleasant hill, san ramon, pittsburgh and panel ranging from $250 to $1000 fuddruckers in concord, was recently fined $250. and lumpy is diner in antioch has been hit with three separate finds in the past two months for not checking vaccination cards. the fines started at $250 then increased to 501,000. the owner declined to comment. the county ordinances are meant to maintain health and safety of the public. jennifer chapman is associate dean at u. c. berkeley haas school of business. she understands some restaurants are choosing to defy health orders in the name of customer service. i do understand. that organizations feel the burden of having to finesse the
12:39 pm
enforcement of, uh, you know, somewhat awkward mandate asking people have you been vaccinated? on the other hand? we are in still the midst of this pandemi. it is not over yet. some restaurant owners feel that asking for proof of vaccination or a negative covid test runs counter to the hospitality environment they want to create and say, sometimes customers forget to bring their vaccination card. leaving their hands tied. while businesses are in the middle, chapman says they need to remember this isn't permanent. a spokesperson for contra costa health services says they do not have plans to ramp up enforcement. their primary goal is to educate business operators and gain compliance that way in concord, cristina rendon. ktvu, fox two news. some new numbers out highlight the stark reality of how much money you need to make a year to buy a home here in the bear. it now takes an average annual income of $235,000 to buy a home. in the bay area, new
12:40 pm
data from the california association of real tour show. the median home price in the bay area is nearly $1.3 million highest home prices are in san mateo county, where the average home is $2 million, so to afford a home in san mateo county and now takes. an annual household income of some $364,000. if you want to buy a house in san francisco takes $313,000 a year santa clara county annual income needed to buy home their 300,000 and to buy a home in alameda county. average income needed it's almost 237. $1000 we have good news to share now, after volunteers in the east bay made a plea to save thanksgiving dinner for thousands of people in need, the legal volunteers in newark was at risk of losing 300 turkeys if it didn't secure 26 ft refrigerated truck by monday. the group's reservation for such a truck was unexpectedly cancelled. for more than three decades, the league of volunteers has delivered free hot thanksgiving meal to some 5000 homebound residents, and
12:41 pm
now that work can continue, the veterans aid group one nation dream maker, said the league of volunteers could use a refrigerated truck it just received as a donation from the owner of base city produce, so it appears that thanksgiving meal has been saved. how about that good stuff? related some new information about search warrants served at the home of former windsor mayor dominic poli what investigators say they removed from his cell coming up. and whether we're enjoying lots of sunshine this afternoon with warmer temperatures, the warming trend will continue as we head towards the weekend. we'll have the forecast update coming up.
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a 2019 killing of a 17 year old high school student, mohammed othman was shot and killed in the parking lot at central elementary school, and he was a senior at. carl mont high and played varsity football. their 17 year old and 19 year old have been arrested along with 21 year old antonio valencia of concord at 23 year old ruben gonzalez. ma gonads of indianapolis. three men have been found guilty of various charges in the death of a man who was trying to retrieve a stolen laptop in oakland. schwab zhang was in a starbucks in montclair village when his computer was stolen on new year's eve of 2019. it also happened to be his 34th birthday. yesterday jr was found guilty of second on
12:45 pm
wiggins was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. now to santa rosa, were for bank employees were tied up during an armed bank robbery. this happened about 8 30 yesterday morning at the west american bank on granville road. police say the two are men were not able to get into the vault but stole money from the tellers. cash drawers. police declined to say how much money was stolen. no one was hurt during the heis, a community group is offering a $5000 reward for information that leads to the suspect's capture and authorities serving a search warrant and sonoma county at the home of former windsor mayor dominic foot polio all part of an investigation. into allegations of sexual assaults. the investigation again back in april, after several women accused for poli of sexual misconduct and sexual assault so far, no official charges. have been filed against the former mayor, and he has denied the allegations. the accuser's attorney says just ed.
12:46 pm
there has to be probable cause that there is evidence that a felony occurred. or that that person committed a felony. the sheriff's office says it removed documents from police home that are pertinent to the investigation, according to the press democrat, the detectives and officers who conducted the search were from a north bay law enforcement task force that does specialize. in computer evidenc. let's swing back out to the bay area, whether here it is a gorgeous noontime and we get a couple more of these gorgeous days, don't we? mark that is the plan. gaussian frank. in fact, temperature is a little bit warmer today, and that trend will continue as we had any your friday and the weekend. in fact, we're talking about some more seventies for portions of the area. so of course, we've had all the rainfall recently. we kind of step back and appreciate those numbers, really adding up and well up above the average for this date, as you can see santa rosa 496% of average that we need more rain. it looks like
12:47 pm
the right over the next few days will be focused up to our north up in the pacific northwest, especially towards seattle. quite a bit some rainfall in their forecasts beginning tonight into tomorrow and saturday, maybe some more systems approaching that portion of the country over the next few days for us, though, zero chance of rain for us as you can see right now we can have a stable pattern out there. you can see the low clouds and fog. usually we talked about it out toward the coast. but this is out toward the valleys out toward the central valley. some that to fog is persistent this afternoon out toward outside of stockton out toward oakdale as well so that fog and reformed across the bay area this morning we have the clearing skies this afternoon, but we could have a return of us some patchy, dense fog. first thing tomorrow morning. current numbers out there. san francisco 67 santa rosa 65 opera sixties from walnut creek and conquered and fairfield right now, check it in a nice 70 degrees and lots of seventies in the forecast. right on through the weekend for portions of the region, especially for the inland valleys as we check out our live camera, looking out toward the
12:48 pm
golden gate bridge, just beautiful out toward the marin headlands. as you can see here, the north bay hills a little bit of some haze in the sky. you'll probably notice that air quality not the greatest. you kind of have this a stagnant weather patterns. so. you might notice some more haze over the next 3 to 4 days as long as this area of high pressures building overhead. this kind of traps everything in the lower levels, including some of the fog, at least for the morning hours. so once again, we're watching some of the overnight fog out toward the central valley. and then i'll be back at the maps here. this area of high pressure really wants to hang out so they'll push the storm track up to our north. and this will lead to the warmer pattern into the weekend. probably the warmest day on saturday, but maybe just some slight cooling by sunday, but these were all just some very minor changes of we head into the weekend. here's the forecast model today with mostly clear skies once again some fog patches first thing tomorrow morning but essentially the same story for your friday. and then into saturday as well. take a look at the numbers for this afternoon seventies out towards concord, fairfield and antioch
12:49 pm
san jose 72 oakland and san francisco, both in the upper sixties and seventies up in the north bay. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast and as you can see temperatures a little bit warmer right on through saturday and then we're cool things off just slightly into early next week a week system could actually approach northern california that may send in a few extra clouds, but it remains drive and this five day forecast. so what is nice? if you think if we did not have the rainfall at all, we'd be kind of really nervous thinking, okay. this dry weather stretches here to stay. but thankfully we've had the recent rainfall, the atmospheric rivers a lot of water to restore the reservoirs, and it looks like we could enjoy this study pattern right on into the week. absolutely market and interesting here because water agencies echo exactly what you said, and they're telling people in the tri valley to keep conserving water. even though we got some decent rain recently, the zone seven water agency says it's drought emergency declaration is still very much in effect. the agency is mandating that its customers use 15% less water than before. in october, customers save 20% more
12:50 pm
water compared to last year. the cities of livermore, pleasanton and cal water also restricting water use among their customers. second oakland city council member now integrated the oakland mayor's race. city council member shane tao says she plans to draw from her life experiences to lead the city of oakland. she says she grew up in poverty. while living in stockton as the seventh a 10 children. she's a single mom who worked her way up from intern to chief of staff for city council member rebecca catholic. kaplan is among her supporters. i know what it means to live paycheck to paycheck. i know what it means to not have a job and to escape a really bad domestic violence relationship and being homeless with my baby living in our car couch surfing. three years ago, town was elected as oakland's first among american city council member of elected mayor. she says she will focus on what she calls the basics public safety housing for the homeless and cleaner streets. the oakland mayor's election will be held next november.
12:51 pm
current mayor libby shaft is being turned out. still to come at noon, the supply chain crisis continued to hit businesses here in the bay area next how breweries are facing new challenges when it comes to selling their products. also another $100,000 up for grabs this weekend from the fox bed. super six app. pick the outcomes of six nfl games for your chance to win. it's free to download and free to play. get your kicks in soon and, of course, watch the nfl on fox coach. several pg
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publicly about changes following the team's coronavirus outbreak. cal is hoping that dozens of players and staff who tested positive will be out of isolation and time for the big game against stanford. coming up on november. the 20th ktvu is jana katsuyama reports on the team's new safety procedures. cows football team is sidelined
12:55 pm
this week after the berkeley public health department said the team had a major outbreak with 44 lab confirmed covid cases involving students, coaches and staff. they said in the statement. quote cases emerged in an environment of ongoing failure to abide by public health measures. people in the program did not get tested one sick stay home when sick where masks indoors. the cow football coach justin wilcox pushed back at a virtual news conference wednesday. we have followed the guidelines, uh, through the athletic department, the university and the city of berkley. we have health professionals housed in our building at our practices on our planes, wilcox said. between all the school county and ncaa protocols, there was confusion and misunderstanding, wilcox says moving forward there will be changes now. there will be multiple tests during the week. there's going to be, uh, you know, food you grab and go.
12:56 pm
workouts will be structured differently. you see, officials say the team was 99% vaccinated. the outbreak forced the golden bears to play last week against arizona without starting quarterback chase. garber's it was very difficult, um, to prepare for football games with kind of being on edge about. um who's going to be available this weekend? and who's not players say they did meet with a doctor from university health services. i think moving forward everyone is very clear about you know the protocols that are in place going forward. the team says that practice wednesday they were making changes and trying to stay optimistic. practices have been cut a little bit shorter, but i think the mood especially today, i mean, i was smiling. we were laughing. we were running around. we'll find some good in this somehow. some way our team will our fans will and we will make the most of it in berkeley, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. well tonigh. get ready for thursday night football right here on ktvu fox to the baltimore ravens on the road they're taking on the
12:57 pm
dolphins in miami ravens, one of the best teams in the a c and they'll try to prove that against the dolphins, not one of the better teams at two and seven. our coverage kicks off. 4 30 this afternoon here on ktvu. you can still watch the local news on ktvu plus ktvu knew zack and over on ktvu .com. if you want to check in. new at noon, a california nonprofit is issuing its yearly warnings about toys that could pose a risk to little ones this holiday season. the calpers education fund released its 36th annual trouble in toyland report this morning. this year's report focuses on seven common hazards found in toys sold in stores and more commonly online. some of the warnings include knockoff toys, which don't go through proper safety testing or unsecured bluetooth connected toys such as this karaoke machine. and one of our researchers went outside her home and was still able to connect to the singing machine from 30 ft. away. so you can imagine if a bad actor breaks
12:58 pm
into this device. they could play anything from an explicit song to a voice record and telling a child to come outside from other warnings include those for toys or household items with small or ingestible parts, recalled toys being sold online and noisy toys. they can impact a child's hearing. breweries are facing an aluminum can short it's like never before. during the height of the pandemic brewer he shifted from selling more camber for curbside pickup unless draft beer since tap rooms, of course, were shut down well, now with the supply chain crisis there is a struggle to keep up with demand. supply chain disruptions, you know, go beyond cans and almost everything that brewers used in the brewhouse right now is either challenging to find are going up in price. and his breweries pay more. you pay more brewers expect the challenge is to continue into next year, even the year after the wine and spirit industry is also experiencing a shortage of glass
12:59 pm
bottles. sequoia national park is partially reopening today after a two month closure due to wildfire. the lightning sparked knp complex fire started back on september. 10th officials now say parts of sequoia national park in the southern sierra nevada are safe to visit. rachael reopened from the three rivers ash mountain entrance station to the hospital rock picnic area about six miles up the general hill's highway. access to giant forest lodge pole in general sherman tree, however, remains closed today all national parks, including yosemite and four point offering free admission to everyone in honor of this veterans day. many national parks have direct connections to the military, including the presidio in san francisco and state parks as well, including mount diablo, sonoma state historic park island and the sacramento railroad museum, offering free admission to us veterans, as well as current active duty and reserve personnel today, and their families can also get in for free. and not a bad day to get out and about perfect. it's beautiful outside. want to thank you for watching ktvu fox two
1:00 pm
news at noon. we'll see again tonight at four o'clock. dr. uh, starts right now. have a good starts right now. have a good dr. oz: it's a jonbenet bombshell. our investigative reporter claims boulder police have been sitting on crucial d.n.a. evidence that could solve the brutal murder. she alleges case files show that police still believe patsy ramsey killed her and refuse to consider any other suspect. and olivia newton-john, why she tried to block the release of her biggest hit. ♪ dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime. bombshell new


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