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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  November 11, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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we're following the fire started around 1 30 this afternoon at an apartment complex on the 200 block of nancy street in brentwood. when crews arrived here, they pulled two men from that burning building. ktvu andre senior. joining us now live from the scene of that fire, and andre, one of those men did not survive. one of them. didn't firefighters tell me they pulled those two men from the unit in addition to a dog that was inside at the time when they performed cpr on both the men, the one man did not survive. they were able to revive the other man, and he was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. his condition not known at this point, the dog. that was also found in that apartment sadly passed away as well. now, this is a single story apartment complex here there are three new detached and the fire broke out in the center unit, and it did not spread to either unit. they found those two men inside. just a short time ago, cruz stepped up the flames here. and right now, the investigation into what happened continues now the flames since smoke black smoke
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into the air, and just about 2 40 this afternoon they were able to start getting control of it. and just a short time ago they were able to stop it out again. now we understand here that a neighbor in fact, we have video of a neighborhood grabbed a garden hose and started trying to put out the flames around the time that it broke out, and the neighbor gets pretty close to trying to help out with that. but unfortunately for one of the people that were inside that did not help that person. as we said just a moment ago passed away. we still don't know the identity of the second person who remains hospitalized tonight. right now, though, we are told that the fire did not spread to the unit on either side. there were firewalls built in on both sides all the way up to the addict, so it's likely the fire marshal tells me that the two people who live on opposite sides will be able to go into their unit. at some point this evening, but right now the investigation is just beginning as to how this fire started. we'll keep an eye on things and let you know what we learned back to you. hey andre. i know it's early in all of this, but obviously this fire started in the middle of the
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afternoon. is there a sense at all from the authorities about why these two men were not able to get out of the fire before they were overcome by the smoke and flames right now. yeah i asked about that right now. they just they have no clue right now. the focus of the. of this was just to get the flames out. and they're just starting pretty much knowing nothing about what happened here, uh, starting from the ground up to learn exactly why those men were unable to get out of the unit in the first place, whether they we're unconscious. just not known just yet. what happened? all right. we hope to learn more later, andre, senior live force in brentwood. thank you, andre. will a man posing as a spiritual healer in san jose is now facing charges of raping a child 42 year old jorge luis, never ready of san jose was arrested on several counts of felony sex crimes. including rape by force with a child under the age of 1. police say the crimes happened from october of last year until august of this year. anyone with information about this case or other potential cases is asked to call san jose police. we're
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learning more now about a pedestrian who was hit and killed there. a school in san francisco police say it happened just before eight o'clock yesterday morning at the intersection of franklin and union streets there. sherman elementary school. san francisco unified school district told us the person killed was andrew zimmerman, one of the para educators at the elementary school semen was so long time staff member at the school and was also a student himself there when he was in elementary school. grief counselors will be made available on the school campus starting tomorrow. joey their frustrations over covid mandates in a very public way. protesters taking to the golden gate bridge over the city's demand that city workers be vaccinated against covid-19. that protest began just in time for the evening commute. those demonstrators taking to the bridge at about three o'clock this afternoon. christian captain live at the scene right now, forcing christian of the protesters blocking traffic on the bridge right now. no not ye.
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we don't know if that's the plan at this point, in all honesty, but we do have about 200 protesters here gathering on the san francisco side that is the south side of the golden gate bridge, and you can see them in this area here, right by the welcome center. the folks here saying that they're gathering together because they all share one thing in common that is that they oppose vaccine mandates that was, protesters are coming from near and far some of them are local. some of them are from out of state to take part in this afternoon's demonstration, they say a similar demonstration drew more than 4000 people in los angeles. but they say there's a heavy chp presence here in san francisco this afternoon. they say that that has. meant lower attendance this time, organizers and protesters say they're here to speak out against vaccine mandates. they say too many people are losing their jobs and livelihood because of the mandates, and they're being asked to surrender their individual and personal freedoms. this is about stopping the mandates. this is about our freedom. um the president, governor or anybody should not
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be telling me. what i need to put into my body that should be between my doctor and myself. an organizer of asked the crowd to remain calm and avoid confrontations but sky to our helicopter picked up at least one protester being detained here. close to the bridge is unknown at this time of that person was. arrested or simply detained for a few moments to plan is for the protesters to walk the bridge at this time again. we don't know if that means they're going to be walking on the pedestrian walkway or if there will be any attempt to halt traffic on the golden gate, but again, you can see the crowd is here. uh so far they are simply gathering and rallying on the south side. that is the san francisco side of the gold gate bridge, and we are here monitoring what happens here? and of course, we'll try to monitor if there is any movement towards the bridge, whether they're going to stand up pedestrian walkway or if there's any attempt to try to block traffic, we're live in san francisco christian captain ktvu. box team. okay, christian. thank you for the update. we'll stay in touch. meantime the
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white house is moving full steam ahead with a number of vaccine mandates and the legal challenges are mounting quickly. at least 10 states are now suing over nationwide vaccine requirements for health care workers and a coalition of business and transportation groups has filed lawsuits aimed at blocking the band aid for all businesses with 100 employees or more. the mandate is also being challenged by an alliance of 11 states who claimed the feds are overstepping their authority. but officials say they're ready to defend these new rules in court. people being vaccinated or along the lines of the osha rule being tested a minimum once a week. it's really important for work place safety for our economy. and some lawsuits have already made their way into the courtrooms. in arizona, a judge turned down the request to stop the mandate for federal workers and contractors from going into effect next month. an exhibition at the oakland museum is on hold tonight. coming up next how last
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month's monster storm is causing problems at the east bay museum, and we've all heard about rising inflation and the problems that it's causing. coming up. our tom baker takes a look at exactly how much more we're all paying for things right here in the bay area. adding whether after some dense fog this morning, lots of sunshine this afternoon in our warming trend that will continue as we head towards the weekend. we'll have more on your forecast coming up.
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special exhibit exhibition space because of storm damage. officials say that big storm back on october 24th cause leaking from the upper level of the museum. the exhibition, edith heath life in clay was expected to open this weekend, but that has now been postponed no artworks or artifacts were damaged. the great hall exhibition space is closed, but the rest of the museum is still open. coming up at five over on the plus. we're going to talk with the museum's ceo on exactly what it will take to try to get that exhibition back open for people to enjoy. nationwide the inflation rate rose at its fastest pace in 31 years. but as we all know, almost everything was already expensive here in the bay area, so what is the impact for us of inflation ktvu tom vacar walks us through how much more we're paying when we shop. overall berry inflation, which stood at a scant 1% in
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october of 2020 was 3.8% just last october last month. that brings real wallet woes well, very much so since i'm on a fixed income. yes well, of course it's affecting us. we're coming out of the pandemic, so work is scarce and savings have been depleted to a certain extent. inflation can be more or less depending on what you're buying. i just felt my car up with gasoline cost just over $6. a year ago, i would have paid. $25 less than i went over to the local safeway there. i bought two bags of groceries. the cost was about $46. a year ago, it would have been $3.25 less overall price increases have been brutal gasoline up 40.2% used cars up 25.6. natural guest 21.7% up electricity up 9.1%
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food at home up 7.1. all the staples stuff. i think i've gone up. um. i think people are feeling it in their pocket books by probably 100. if it's a family over $100 a month, then there's shrink flay shin, which is more common than you might think. food companies will take some of the chips out, for example, change the weight on the bag, but leave the price. the same shrink flay shin. and it all keeps adding up. yeah my sandwiches, $9 and my chips are $2. that's $11 for a little bit of lunch. so there you have it. and because of all those increases the real average hourly earnings of all employees decreased across the nation. half a percent from september to october. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. nationally the top products that are in shortest
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supply right now are electronic jewelry, clothing, pet supplies as well as home and garden item. yes, i've definitely noticed it of you. yes i have seen it. yes, especially the slimmer cereal. but i know yeah, well, some good news to share with you after volunteers in the east bay made a plea to save thanksgiving dinner. for thousands of people in need. as we reported yesterday, the league of volunteers in newark was at risk of losing 300 turkeys if it didn't secure 26 ft refrigerated truck by monday, the group's reservation for such a truck was unexpectedly cancelled. for more than three decades, the league of volunteers has delivered free hot thanksgiving meals to about 5000 homebound residents. and now we're happy to report that work can continue. the veterans, a group called one nation dream makers said that the league of volunteers could use a refrigerated truck that it has just received as a donation from the owner of bay city produce isn't that great? so it appears that thanksgiving meal has been
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saved. well barrier weather after some pocket system dense fog this morning. lots of sunshine this afternoon temperatures actually warming up into the sixties and the seventies, and it looks like if you like today's pattern, you really like the forecast as we head into friday and the weeken. in fact, it's kind of a simple one for us with temperatures. warming up into the seventies across portions of the region. so warm forecast not only for your friday but into the weekend as well. some patchy fog once again but then more sunshine into the afternoon hours, probably the warmest alien saturday with just some slight cooling as we head into early next week. what about the rainfall members just last week. we're talking about that the system moving into northern california, but it looks like right now the real rain is focused up to our north up towards the portland and seattl. so for us, we have a dry weather pattern that is here to stay for right now. what happens on this time of year, especially after some rainfall. you got a lot of moisture on the ground some long nights and the fog forms, especially out toward the
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central valley, so you can see reset it right here. there's a dense fog out towards sacramento, modesto approaching fresno as well. things have cleared out, but we are expecting some more patchy fog. overnight current numbers. it is a nice afternoon out there. san francisco 66 some seventies to report up in santa rosa fremont and in san jose reporting 71. here's our live camera, looking out toward the golden gate bridge completely in the clear this afternoon. i guess it's also nice to see those green. those hillsides agreeing up after the recent rainfall looking out toward the marin headlands overnight. we'll start out tomorrow morning in the forties and the fifties. so a bit of a chill the air once again some patchy fog. he can't see overnight temperatures mid forties to the mid fifties. and then into the afternoon hours, there is that temperature range warm spots will be approaching the mid seventies as hysteria, high pressure sticking around once again. we're talking about some fog overnight and the storm track has pushed up to our nort, so are mild to warm pattern out there and then, as you can see, rain will be focused up to our north with no real chance of some rainfall over the next 5 to
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7 days. possibly longer than that. here is a plan for tomorrow for you friday and into your saturday lots of sunshine and temperatures on the mild to warm side opera sixties lots of seventies for tomorrow afternoon and to look ahead saturday still fairly warm, maybe getting close to 80 degrees on saturday, and then we'll gradually cool things off, but still a dry forecast remains in place. into next week. okay mark. thank you. water agencies in the tri valley or telling customers to keep conserving water. despite the recent rain, the zone seven water agency says it's drought emergency declaration still remains in effect. the agency is mandating customers use 15% less water in october, customers save 20% more than they did compared to last year. the cities of livermore and pleasant in and cal water or all restricting water use among their water customers. well, a second oakland city council member is entering the oakland mayor's race. city council member shane
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towel says that she plans to draw from her life experiences to lead oakland. she says she grew up in poverty and stockton and is the seventh of 10 children. she's a single mother who worked her way up from intern to chief of staff for city council member rebecca kaplan and capital and is among her supporters. i know what it means to live paycheck to paycheck. i know what it means to not have a job and to escape a really bad domestic violence relationship and being homeless with my baby living in our car couch surfing. three years ago, tal was elected as oakland's first among american city council member and, if elected mayor, she says, she'll focus on what she calls the basics. public safety housing for the homeless and clean streets. the oakland mayor's election will be held next november. the current mayor, libby shaft is being turned out this month. we're celebrating native american heritage and 65 years ago, the federal government tried to relocate indigenous people into large cities, promising them a
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better life. but it left many homeless, jobless and disconnected. ktvu brooks jarocz has an in depth look into one group's tireless work to overcome adversity. the bay area became home to one of the nation's largest inner tribal populations. many of them settled here in east oakland in the 19 sixties and seventies by the mid 19 eighties, one man's leadership. lead to what's now a community lifeline. to see a tp makes you stop and think. for m. it's just a feeling of pride in the heart of oakland's fruitvale district stands a sign of native american identity. it gives me a feeling of yeah, we're here. let me plan to stay here for martin walk a zoo. it's been a journey spanning decades, beginning 1400 miles away, where, at times he says he felt ashamed of his heritage. remember the feelings? i had? walking down the street and south dakota with my father.
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seen signs in the stores. no indians are dogs allowed what kazoos life became a battle dealing with discrimination, then becoming a high school basketball star. overcoming an alcohol addiction. after moving to california and starting his life's work building and expanding what he now calls a small reservation. it's more than the clinic. it's a gathering place. the native american health center under wa kazoos leadership for over 40 years now, 14,000 patients strong and employing more than 100, indigenous people. it's a place for us to connect with our identity who we are. culture access and trust. it's how this nonprofit was able to have a profound response to the pandemic. 65,000 covid-19 tests another 20,000 vaccines and counting, including close to 1300 native americans. it's been
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really, really critical for us to get out there that outreach goes beyond medical or dental services, holistic health care for the most vulnerable, helping with housing, food and jobs. now that is the quickest way to improve the health of the community. and pick up and lift them out of poverty. job working here is like it's my community here ain't one that's growing in spirit and vision. big plans for a cultural center to celebrate community diversity 76 affordable housing units and a clinic, another testament to the contributions aimed at overcoming obstacles together. will be this community from hopelessness to hope for wacha zoo. it's healing, seeing a sign of indigenous influence reflective of a healthy community filled with culture and resiliency. that's the pride. i wouldn't still in their youth and for the next generation for my children, my grandchildren my great grandchildren. ownership brings pride to the community that you're going to put your roots
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down. you're going to face the adversities that come before you. and be proud of who you are and where you came from. a commemorative street sign now bears the name wa kazoo way right in the middle of the native american health center campus. it's oakland city councils way of paying tribute to his contributions in his community. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. alright athletes teaming up with veterans we're gonna have we ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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the fremont native died from friendly fire in afghanistan over 13 years ago, he was making millions of dollars in the nfl but left the league and joined the army after the september 11th attacks. petition for the nfl to retire number 40 has gotten 60,000 signatures well. assad update this afternoon from houston. 1/9 person has now died following the astro wolf concert disaster. as officials there continued to investigate. just who's at fault for that incident. we get more now from fox's casey steagall. we're gonna hold people accountable, and i think that the family. we owe that to them the investigation into what happened the night of the astro world festival disaster is accelerating the probe now focusing on personnel working at the festival and whether they
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received proper training. houston police chief troy finner is now walking back claims that a security guard was injected with drugs at the deadly concert. finner says the security guard was hit in the back of the head with an unknown object members of the medical team in the medical tent. said that a male security guard had come in. and say that somebody had pricked his neck. his story is not consistent with that. at least nine people were killed, ranging in age from 14 to 27. dozens were injured, including nine year old azra blunt. who remains in a medically induced coma after sustaining injuries to his heart, lungs and brain. we just want there to be accountability. and transparency of who did what and why they didn't do their job. meantime lawsuits continue to pile up against concert organizers and rapper travis scott. dozens of suits have been filed, many of
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them blaming live nation for failing to implement safe crowd control procedures. and travis scott. for not halting the show more quickly. he could have stopped the show. he could have prevented all this. we really wanted to texas governor greg abbott has formed a special task force on concert safety in the wake of this astral world accident. that's the latest from dallas. casey stegall fox news. all right a lot of tension in the courtroom in georgia today, coming up, we'll tell you why the defense attorney for the man accused of killing ahmad are very is asking the judge to keep famous pastor out of the court. and be sure to join us over on the plus because i've got a really important interview on this veterans day about a special group that's connecting service dogs with current and former military members. and what makes this program so unique is that current military members are the ones who are training the dog. so it really is an important organization and all of you out there can help.
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all right. that sounds good. alright thursday night football is coming up. right here on ktv. we will continue our news coverage over on the plus where you're taking a live. look here at hard rock stadium down in miami. this is where the ravens will be taking on the dolphins shortly. more news. you can join us over on ktvu, plus, enjoy the game. thursday night football takes the field on fox two fox two news continues at 4 35 6 and seven p.m. on ktvu plus find ktvu plus over the air on direct dish and anti on channel 36 or xfinity channel +706. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> what better way to kickoff week ten than down in south beach as miami plays host to baltimore here in the magic city. if anyone knows a thing or two about magic, it is this man. >> lamar jackson, sensational. >> proving that his team is here to stay. >> touchdown, lamar jackson. >> he is not the only one with greatness in his sight. can the fins put a stop to the purple pain?


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