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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 12, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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the incident. pittsburgh that set off an amber alert. plus a $10,000 reward now being offered for information leading to the arrest in a deadly freeway shooting claimed the life of a young boy what investigators are saying as they continue to search. for the person responsible and a push for all adults to get booster shots. why health officials right here at california, urging adults to get them as soon as they can. the news and news starts. right now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat in for mike. this new and i'm gasia mikaelian police officers in the east bay are investigating two cases in which someone stole a car with a baby and a toddler inside. ktvu james taurus has the latest in those investigations. surveillance video captured by a nearby auto shop shows the
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moment, police say a woman hopped into an suv took off with the car with a one year old kid inside today, that woman is now behind bars. see the surveillance video captured around 5 45 thursday night notice the 2000 and seven chevy tahoe, making a u turn at a shop in pittsburgh. police say a father pulled over to talk to another man. look closely here and you see a woman with white pants and a black sweatshirt approach. officers say she asked the two men strangers to her for a cigarette. i didn't think much of it until we've seen all the police had arrived here. police came after this. the car takes off after the woman walks into the suv. in this angle you can see what looks like a man running after the car. a one year old baby girl sat in the back seat. it's sk situation, especially when there's a kid involved around one year old. it's a. you know, you don't know what can happen. uh luckily, she came back safe and sound. she didn't get far dumping the car about a half mile away at a nearby apartment complex.
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neighbors called police immediately. the baby. reunited with her family. it was parked here for about an hour. i hear and then. one of the neighbors heard a baby crying and when they heard the baby crying, it flashed the lights and saw the baby. and when they saw the bab, they called the police and debate and we don't know where this person went. police arrested 24 year old natalie ayala in the case down the highway and concord police dealt with a similar case late thursday night. someone jumping into a car, taking off this time with a four month old child in the back. after about 30 minute, police found the car and the child safe, reuniting the baby with its mother. a suspect in this case is still at large hearing these stories brings one thing to mind fear. most just because you know there is a chance that the kid could not have come back home. but. but that's really working through my mind. i have two kids of my own as well. so there is just. slide
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side of that side. that was crazy. pittsburgh police say allah is now in jail on a $100,000 bond ktvu reached out for a jailhouse interview, which she denied. reporting in pittsburgh. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. the oakland community is coming together to help the family of jasper woo the 23 month old boy killed by stray bullet while his family was driving on interstate 80 last weekend. ktvu is amanda keen. tana is live in the newsroom with the recent announcement. from the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce seeking justice amanda well, the chamber held a press conference in just the last hour not only announcing a go fund me for the family but also announcing a reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the shooter, a stray bullet reportedly from a gang related gun fight on the freeway hit jasper in the head saturday as he was sleeping in his car seat. there is now a $10,000 reward created by the crimes against asians reward fund, san
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francisco police officers association and local restaurants. burma love and superstar. the group is pleading with chp for more protection and more law enforcement presence on freeways. we need more patrol. why because you know, in the cities where police criminals know so much so well about if they could just have trouble with one city to another city. they are actually. a limitation of what they can do. and the other city. so the california highway patrol head to the bridge of helping us, you know, stopping or slow down this crime? what we need are more resources to hold these people accountable clearly what we have right now is not working. but instead it's creating. greater crimes. 100. $1000 the chamber of commerce is also working to
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create a billboard on the freeway. so people know what to watch out for and where to call if they do see something suspicious on the freeway, they say anyone could be a victim of a shooting like this. any family driving on the freeway live in the newsroom. amanda king tonic. ktvu, fox two news. thank you. some oakland city council members are making a new push for peace on the streets after three shootings in oakland in a span of less than 12 hours. it's draining traumatizing on our oakland residents, this destructive violence just the malicious acts of crime. they're tearing our hearts. they're tearing our families. two of wednesday's shootings happened near oakland landmarks, the fox theater and lake merritt. two of the victims from the three shootings are expected to survive. but a 22 year old woman who was shot around one a.m. at the lakeshore avenue called a sec is reportedly in grave condition. city council members lauren taylor and trivia read say the violence is unacceptable. blatant disregard for human life, and that's what needs to stop. put down the gun.
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it is not acceptable. it is not okay and that you will be held accountable to shoot people in the midst of traffic at concert lines, parks, gas stations. oakland police say anyone with information on the shootings should call them. california is making sure that most people who want covid booster shot can get it even though the cdc is restricting eligibility, the state's health department contacted healthcare providers telling them. not to turn away adults who want a booster shot, and they said that anyone age 18 or older should be able to self determined their risk and get a booster shot when they're ready. cdc guidelines right now, vice booster shots for people aged 65 older or younger people who hav. underlying medical conditions or who work in a high risk area here in california. the guidelines say, get a booster shot six months after you get the second dose of either. the fighter of the moderna vaccine.
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and if you've had johnson and johnson vaccine wait two months before getting that booster shot. schools in san francisco will not require to get vaccinated, the archdiocese school superintendent wrote an open letter to parents urging them to voice their opinions. on the matter to lawmakers. that letter goes on to say local catholic schools will allow personal belief exemptions to skip vaccinations, part of the lette, says, quote the archdiocese of san francisco. is dedicated to balancing the need to protect the health of our students, teachers and staff with the rights of parents to make decisions on issues that are vital to their children. nationwide daily covid cases are down, but hospitalizations are up, leading some officials to suggest a new search could be right around the corner. reporter griff jenkins tells us how some states are preparing. we're not out of the woods. yet health officials are warning of a possible fifth covid surge with cases spiking in more than
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a dozen states and hospitalizations on the rise as well. in colorado hospitals are so overwhelmed officials have enacted crisis standards of car, the national guard helping staff some hospitals in at least three fema medical search teams have been deployed. and on thursday, governor jared polis signed an executive order allowing booster shots for all adults in the state, saying it's the best way to bring infection rates down. i really encourage everybody to get that third dose of the vaccine. i got mine and i'm 46 get it no matter what. your age. meanwhile the feds are making a big push to get kids to roll up their sleeves. by the end of the weekend, the cdc says. more than a million children ages, 5 to 11 will have gotten their first dose and in some areas, demand is starting to outpace supply as soon as the authorization when
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we started refreshing, like the walgreens website and the cbs website and trying to find a appointment, there have been no widespread reports of serious side effects. but one pharmacy in northern virginia announced this week. they gave adult doses to more than 100. children officials are investigating the mistake and hoping it doesn't add to the lingering vaccine hesitancy. a lot of people are still waiting. in the cdc's says kids, given the wrong dose can still proceed with the second dose three weeks later. in washington. griff jenkins fox news. new in the shadow space and science center up in the oakland hills is now open again for the first time in more than 18 months. congresswoman barbara lee and assembly member labonte. we're at the ribbon cutting ceremony this market morning marking the reopening. space and science center has new exhibits and a new nasa ames visitor center that nasa experience exhibition as part of a partnership between nasa's ames research center and chabot to bring more science, technology,
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engineering and math or stem learning opportunities to oakland school children. part of our partnership with nasa. we are going to deepen our learning everywhere initiative. there's opportunity here at the science center, but we believe it's critically important to get to where kids are, particularly if you have equity and access in mind. so pre pandemic we had already started working across oakland. in schools, public libraries studios. it's so important that our impact is here and outside our four walls. the shadow space and science center opens to the public at five o'clock tonight at 7 30 free telescope, ewing's will resume. so it come here at noon on a friday to chp officers, three workers injured on the golden gate bridge, the chain reaction crash that happened while an anti vaccination protest was underway. plus. i think people are feeling it in their pocket books by probably 100 if it's a family over $100 a month. the inflation crisis continues here in the bay area,
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just how much more we're having to pay for basic needs like gas and groceries compared to this time last year coming up. meanwhile temperatures up as well, another unseasonably mild day around the bay area. we'll check in on your current conditions and talk about your weekend coming up.
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come aboard a medallionclass cruise with princess plus. the recent passage of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, senator patty was at the port of long beach this morning outlining how the bill will benefit california's ports and waterway infrastructure. the bill is one of the largest investment in our nation's infrastructure in nearly a century, it will invest $17 billion in ports and waterways nationwide help maintain the supply chain across the united states. we need to make sure that the united states department of transportation continues to actively engage with the california state transportation agency to expand port capacity. keep operations going around the clock. and speed up the funding. from the bipartisan infrastructure build. president biden is expected to sign the infrastructure bill next week. here in the bay area. we are seeing the effects of that rising inflation ktvu is tom baker takes a look at just. how much more we are paying now
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for gasoline and groceries and just about everything else. overall berry inflation, which stood at a scant 1% in october of 2020 was 3.8% just last october last month. that brings real wallet woes well, very much so since i'm on a fixed income. yes well, of course it's affecting us. we're coming out of the pandemic, so work is scarce and savings have been depleted to a certain extent. inflation can be more or less depending on what you're buying. i just felt my car up with gasoline cost just over $60. a year ago, i would have paid. $25 less than i went over to the local safeway there. i bought two bags of groceries. the cost was about $46. a year ago, it would have been $3.25 less overall price increases have been brutal gasoline up 40.2% used cars up 25.6. natural guest
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21.7% up, electricity up 9.1% food at home up 7.1. all the staples stuff. i think i've gone up. um. i think people are feeling it in their pocket books by probably 100. if it's a family over $100 a month, then there's shrink flay shin, which is more common than you might think. some food companies will take some of the chips out, for example, change the weight on the bag, but leave the price to same shrink flay shin, and it all keeps adding up my sandwiches, $9 and my chips are $2. that's $11 for a little bit of lunch. so there you haven't and because of all those increases the real average hourly earnings of all employees decreased across the nation. half a percent from september to october. tom vacar ktvu fox two
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news. what? we have some million dollars sunshine here out the back windows along the oakland estuary. rosemary oroczo is here to take us through the next few hours in the weekend. yes knocking on weekends start. hello garcia. hello frank. and we have a gorgeous weather out there. if you do, like the sunshine and. mild temperatures will be in the seventies for most today and not much change expected for the weekend giving you a live look here from ktvu across the oakland estuary, san francisco in the backdrop, you can see a little bit of fog out there still a little bit of hayes our air quality for today is good to moderate right now reported good in areas of the north bay moderate air quality over the central bay as well as through the south bay, and this is expected to remain. as we get into the afternoon as well. the story this morning in addition to the cool weather was the fog and we had some patchy, dense fog still hanging on over areas of the inner east bay. you can see areas right around concord, brentwood, a fairfield still reporting low visibility. here's a look at the very latest affair fields below one mile visibility
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along i 80 may find some of that concrete reporting just a mile there. and as a result of all that fog take a look at how much cooler we are in fairfield and conquered at this hour down by 11 degrees in concord down by 11 inches 12 in fairfield. most of us are within a few degrees or so and for the afternoon shaping up to be another unseasonably warm one right now. temperatures in the north based 65 degrees reported in santa president. we have 64 san francisco as well as oakland. and in the south bay, 68 over san jose. our winds are generally light comin. fairfield we do have napa reporting a south priest. six in oakland reporting nine. so a nice one out there is going to be gorgeous into the afternoon with just a little bit of a fog. hanging on. that's really about it. mostly clear skies expected for most of us and temperatures well above the seasonal average 73 expected for santa rosa today we'll go 70 in san francisco, as well as oakland low seventies livermore and 73 expected over san jose. i better look at some
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of these numbers for your afternoon 66 pacifica in the north based 72 sandra fell the east based 72 expecting conquered, although maybe struggle getting to those numbers where again we still have a little bit of fog hanging on over the city's i'll have a look at what you can expect for the rest of the weekend and the extended forecast coming up. thank you, rosemary still to come at noon time taking a look at the life of any och mayor lamar thorpe. what do you saying about his time in the u. s navy and how it helped shape his life. his story is next.
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hockey served eight years in the u. s navy ktvu is evan sernoffsky talked to the mayor about his military service and how it shaped his life. i still you know, know the navy's core values, honor, courage and commitment. those are those three values that i still maintain this date before he joined the navy in january, 200. lamar thorpe said he was failing out of community college in east l. a he was born in prison raised in foster care and didn't know how to read or write. what was the navy that changed my life signing up for service put him on a path that's led to antioch city hall he's now seen as a rising star in bay area politics. change has come to eniac began his service on the uss frank cable. a submarine tender stationed on guam. when
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september 11th hit his crew is at the ready. our ship was everywhere in the pacific. we were in japan, singapore, australia. uh hong kong and all because we were supplying submarines and repairing submarines as well. he later passed a test, allowing him to become a legal man. the navy's version of a paralegal. it was first time i said, well, i did this by myself. they call these year summer whites and then all this is my own jacket when i became a petty officer. he later went to college and graduate school at george washington university before moving to antioch, where he was elected mayor. since the police killing of george floyd in minneapolis. thorpe said he's listening to his community, and it's made police reform a top priority. when you're willing to protest your government and say things have to change um. to me. there is no there is no greater thank you. to me as a veteran, then by by exercising your civic rights to protest or government, he
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said his service in the navy is in his dna and informs all the decisions he makes in life. and as a public servant. well, i don't wear like veteran on my sleeve. just don't i wear veteran in my heart in antioch. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. earlier this morning, vice president kamala harris spoke from paris where she is on a diplomatic mission to repair us relationships with france, the vice president said. what are the issues she discussed with french president emmanuel macron was. the importance of maintaining alliances. we talked about. the pandemic in the context of global health in the context of our need to prepare for the next pandemic. and what our two nations. have a moral obligation and responsibility to do. in terms of not only addressing the public health needs of our own citizens but participating. with our friends
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around the globe, and in particular, those that are most vulnerable and most in need. the vice president's visit to france is an effort to mend relations with france after diplomatic clash over submarine deal the fda is recalling more than two million at home covid tests by a loom. the tests are being recalled due to a manufacturing issue that could lead to false positive results. a looms at home test detects proteins from covid through a less invasive nasal swab and what health providers typically used. the issue was first identified by the company last month. the fda says it's received 35 reports of false positive test results, adding that negative results were still reliable. johnson and johnson is splitting into two companies, the part of the company that sells prescription drugs and medical devices will keep the johnson and johnson name the other division will become a new consumer health company with brands including neutrogena aveeno, tylenol, listerine and band aid. johnson and johnson has not said what
12:26 pm
that new company will be called. the split is expected to happen in the next two years. the world health organization and the cdc are warning of an increased risk of a measles outbreak in the coming months. the tooele agencies say some 22 million babies around the world did not get their measles vaccine during the past year and a half. you say that's largely due to medical resource is being shifted to the global fight against covid. the measles vaccine is highly effective at preventing the illness, which is one of the world's most contagious viruses. still to come here and doing a chain reaction crash on the golden gate bridge. what? we're learning about the injuries to five people that happened while anti vaccination protest was underway, plus. what i would give to have him back in my lif. to be able to hear is jokes. i miss him like crazy. community coming together to remember a para educator killed while walking in san francisco. how we
12:27 pm
left a lasting impression not only on his friends and family but the lives of many san francisco elementary students. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe.
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know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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but it will help you and your family stay safe shooting that killed 23 month old little jasper wou. he was hit by a stray bullet last saturday. it was he was asleep in his car seat. the bullet reportedly came from a gang related gun fight on the freeway. the shooting also has some local groups calling on the chp for better protection and more law enforcement presence on bay area freeways. pittsburgh police say they have arrested a woman in connection with the car theft. the car had a toddler inside the incident sparked an amber alert last night. police say a father just stepped out of his car to talk with someone in front of the la pinata restaurant when a woman jumped into the running suv and took off. the one year old girl who was still in the car was found safe about two hours later when the suv was found abandoned at a nearby apartment complex. 24 year old natalie ayala is being held at the martinez detention facility. and police in concord are looking for whoever stolen minivan that had a four month old girl inside. this happened not in nature valley road last night, just after 10 o'clock, the baby was found safe within 30 minutes. police found the car
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abandoned on caravan to drive and the baby girl was quickly reunited with her parents. she appeared unharmed and was evaluated by doctors to chp officers. three bridge workers were injured in crash of the golden gate bridge. ktvu is deborah villalon tells us they were injured while monitoring a large anti vaccination demonstration. on the bridge. northbound on the golden gate bridge tangled by a car acciden, this one unusual because of a chain reaction that knocked five people off their feet and against the bridge wall to wall, please to chp officers and three bridge employees were the ones hit. four hours. personnel had been the human buffer between traffic and protesters who came to the bridge to show opposition to vaccine mandates, especially in the workplace. some said they'd lost their jobs over it. a city where, um, they're so progressive and they're so black lives matter. you know, it doesn't seem to reflect what the
12:32 pm
city seems we're doing. i can't eat in a restaurant. i can't go to a movie theater. you know if i'm not vaccinated. oh mandates in health care, law enforcement and education are taking effect. still lot of black people whose voices are silent and its site a lot of black people who will be unemployed, but we're talking about teachers who call me firefighters. it's parking lots and bridge walkways were closed to keep the crowd corralled at the south end. and traffic moving. their hope to march across the bridge did not happen. but there was only one skirmish and arrest a protester who stepped into the lanes and refused to leave. a noisy but nonconfrontational crowd. it was already thinning when paramedics were called for the people who have been suddenly hit a ford explorer collided with a bridge sweeper truck. which veered into another bridge vehicle positioned as a lane buffer and
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that in turn, hit them showing how a bridge this narrow has little margin for error and safety. keep driving. chp had a debrief at the scene after two of their own went to the hospital for evaluation. one bridge worker was transported to, but by evening, everyone was home, recovering one person willing to crutches for a few days, but no broken bones. on the golden gate bridge. deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. one san francisco elementary school is having counselors available today after a pair of educator there was hit and killed by a car earlier this week. ktvu is amber lee has that story. what i would give to have him back in my life. to be able to hear is jokes. i miss him like crazy. alex zemun arrived from out of state thursday to mourn the loss of his cousin, andrew seaman. he tells me he's still trying to come to terms
12:34 pm
with the 30 year old's death. just steps from sherman elementary in san francisco, where andrew worked as a pair of educator, a school that he attended as a boy. i'm probably never going to be the same, to be honest with you and memorial now at the intersection where andrew was killed. with heart felt messages from his students. shortly before eight wednesday morning, andrew was struck and killed by a car at franklin and union streets. it appears he was either going to or leaving a corner store. when a female driver possibly older, crashed her car into another vehicle, causing it to jump the curb, pinning andrew to the wall. police have not confirmed the details. cars just fly down that hill. entries girlfriend tells me there have been many accidents at that intersection with drivers speeding when she worked at sherman elementary with andrew. they would often walk to the corner store. he would always make sure that i was safe by, you know, kind of walking first and holding his hand out for me to make sure that i that i was safe. she says
12:35 pm
he took great pride in working with children, especially those with autism and other challenge. it is emotionally draining. it is taxing working. in a school. you create a bond with the kids, but no matter what he never ever said he wanted to quit. andrew was taking online classes at city college to eventually become a credential teacher. understand my motives understand my focus left one say andrew was passionate about performing rap music, he wrote. describing him as artistic, soft spoken and patient. his cousin tells me the night before andrew was killed, andrew asked him to come work at sherman elementary to help children. to lose somebody. that was so caring and just wanted to better the world. it was. it was devastating to me in san francisco amberleigh ktvu. box two news. across the bay. investigators in contra costa
12:36 pm
county are working to determine the cause of a deadly fire in brentwood. it was first reported just after 1 30 yesterday afternoon at an apartment complex on nancy street. well neighbor immediately took action used a garden hose to spray water on the burning building. firefighters were on the scene just moments later, but one man was killed in the fire. another suffered critical injuries. part of our investigation. we start beginning that process. as of right now that involves interviewing all the witnesses and the neighbors, the first responding crews that were in there and what they saw at that point in time. authorities have not yet released the name of the men who died in the fire. carbon monoxide leak forced the evacuation of a church and a school in santa rosa. emergency crews went to bridge church in grace christian academy at 10 30 yesterday morning. after reports of an odor inside the building there 12 students to staff members complained of symptoms consistent with exposure. carbon oxide leak trace back to the h
12:37 pm
vac unit on the roof, which was covered by a tarp during the recent rain. the ceo from the unit that would normally be expelled out in the open air was recirculated h vac unit and conversely, then distributed throughout the building, where that each back unit covered. fire fish, als say the h vac unit began to work properly. once the tarp was removed. all 14 people felt sick from that car monoxide were treated and released at the sea. we're nearing jury deliberations in the homicide trial of kyle rittenhouse. both sides have now rested as the jurors prepared to discuss whether rittenhouse was a vigilante or a hero during last year's unrest in wisconsin. alexis mcadams has the latest from kenosha. the kyle rittenhouse case is just days away from being handed to juror. prosecutors and defense attorneys are now meeting to discuss jury instructions today will be presented monday along with closing arguments, then names will be drawn to determin. which 12 jurors will deliberate,
12:38 pm
we would rust. the defense rested its case thursday after 2.5 days of testimony earlier in the week, rittenhouse told jurors he was under attack and fired in self defense at three protesters during unrest in kenosha, wisconsin, last year. those shootings, killing two and wounding a third man in an interview with fox news yesterday, his mom talking to us for the first time since her son's trial began. when i saw him break down. i felt terrible. it feels sad. i wanted around up there and just hug him and tell him it's ok. it's all right. rittenhouse pled not guilty to multiple charges including first degree intentional homicide. prosecutors argued that then 17 year old who traveled from his home in illinois, instigated the deadly confrontation. they plan to ask the judge to allow jurors to consider possible lesser charges on some of those counts. the burden of proof shifts to the prosecution once you assert the affirmative defense of self defense, they have to prove. beyond a reasonable doubt that
12:39 pm
this wasn't self defense. now written house faces up to life in prison if convicted of the most serious charge against him in kenosha, wisconsin. alexis mcadams ktvu fox two news. the investigation speeding up into what happened in houston when the astro world music festival turned deadly. detectives are now focusing on the festival workers and whether they had proper training. all this comes as 1/9 person has died. college senior bardi shahani died wednesday after being critically wounded in last week's concert. she is the ninth person to die as a result of injuries caused by a crushing crowds surge. her family described her as a young woman full of life who always helped others. i wish i could have helped her that night. how is there also? i wish i could have done something. i wish someone would have done something. she was always looking out for me. the last thing she said to me. was. are you okay? a nine year old boy
12:40 pm
remained in a medically induced coma. authorities are now investigating why the concert wasn't stopped sooner and what could have been done to prevent the deaths. thanksgiving it's less than two weeks away, and many people already plenty to hit the road. despite sky high gas prices. lauren blanchard tells us how much more drivers should expect to pay at the pump. almost 53. a half million americans plan to head out for thanksgiving. that's up 13% from last year and almost near pre pandemic levels, according to triple a with so many taking their turkeys on the road. there was real concern over the cost of not only the food but also the fuel. every american knows that prices are going up every time they go to the gas station to fill up the tank or increasingly fill up a half tan, triple a predicts most will jump in their cars to travel even as gas prices are sky high in many areas. gas buddy data shows the average price for a gallon is $3.41. the american petroleum
12:41 pm
institute blames the white house for policies they say increase america's dependency on foreign oil when the administration is continually putting forward new proposals. the limit production in the united states, uh american oil and gas companies are cutting back on production. the baden administration says they are working on a fix for not only the gas prices but also the entire supply chain crunch. i think we're on the right path here. to help working families to help middle class families and to curb this inflation. democrats are hoping the president acts sooner than later to ease gas woes. i believe that he's going to take decisive action. i think he should tap the strategic petroleum reserve. guess buddy data shows fuel is 15 cents higher now than just a month ago. a dollar 31 more than last year in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. to come at noon, providing health to california beneath what we're learning about the latest round of stimulus checks and when they
12:42 pm
could arrive. and seasonably warm around the bay area for most this afternoon and going a tad warmer in time for the weekend. i'll have a look at what you can expect in the extended forecast coming up. pacl
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12:44 pm
hill over president biden's build back, better agenda, nonpartisan think tank found that in the current draft of the democrats, social spending package passed, it would lead to some. middle income households
12:45 pm
paying more taxes next year. madeline rivera has details from washington. line for democrats n capitol hill trying to pass their nearly $2 trillion social spending package. it comes as americans are seeing rising prices at the grocery store and at the pump. progressives believe the legislation will deliver a much needed financial boost for working families. we've got to get people back into the labor market that will help increase the number of goods and the build back better agenda actually helps do that with paid family leave, which childhood. some moderates feel differently and are pushing to first see the results of a congressional budget office score. to assess the total cost of the bill. the white house has long argued it's fully paid for, but a nonpartisan think tank found the current draft of the bill would lead to 20 to 30% of middle income households. paying more taxes in 2022, especially when the cost of everything you buy are going up having to send
12:46 pm
more money to washington will affect you in a tremendous way, despite tax concerns, some economists believe the package is essential for covid-19 recovery decision about this next bill. should be based on whether you think the spending is sensible investment in the country's future. and what do you think the taxes are appropriate? the congressional budget office is still in the process of scoring the house bill, and a vote is expected later this month and washington mall. la rivera ktvu fox two news. california is missing out on $12 billion in federal funding for public transportation because of a long dispute over changes to the state's public pension law. back in 2013, the state law changed california's public pension system, including making pensions less generous for new employees. the labor department recently determined those changes were improper since they were imposed by law, not public employee unions. governor newsom has reached out to the u. s labor secretary asking for a reversal. more california
12:47 pm
economic stimulus check should be sent out today, the state's franchise tax board will send 748,000 checks and direct deposit payments to individuals who earn $75,000 or less in 2020. the $600 payments were approved as part of the state budget earlier this year. they are reactive ists are pushing for international climate negotiations to take more aggressive action. phasing out fossil fuels demonstrators holding signs and banners as they marched along the embarcadero in san francisco. this was yesterday. protesters demanded that world leaders commit to real and immediate action to tackle what they call an ecological emergency. so we're out here to really kind of try and bring attention to the climate crisis, the fact that leaders in government and business aren't necessarily taking the steps that are necessary to sort of prevent the worst of the climate crisis. it's ongoing. you know, we've had record wildfires. droughts, floods all sorts of stuff. 100
12:48 pm
countries have taken part in the climate conference, which has ended today. now it's time to swing back to our weekend weather as we are knocking on this weekend's door. nice and dry, rosemary. oh it's just amazing out there. if you do like the sunshine, you like the seventies. my goodness. well this weekend is going to be for you, garcia and frank. we do get into a little bit of cooler weather. unfortunately i'm not seeing a whole lot of rain in the forecast for us. outside our doors at this time, a little bit of a fog still hanging on over parts of the inland east bay, and with that temperatures are running a bit cooler for some, but as we look towards san francisco, we've got just a little bit of haze fog out there. i showed you in the last half hour, eric quality good to moderate around the region for today. the winds are light and temperatures well above average storm tracker to against showing you all that fog down along the sacramento valley as well as the san joaquin valley, and it begins to stretch in our direction this time of year, but of a north northeast flow and well, there it is. congress still reporting visibility low as well as fairfield have some in and around areas near antioch in brentwood. conquered it still
12:49 pm
a mile visibility fairfield reporting a mile and a quarter, so with that temperatures are really cool in some areas where you still have all that gray overhead storm tracker to here showing you we've got some action going on over the pacific northwest, but not for us. this ridge of high pressure is going to remain in control of our weather pattern for the next few days. in fact, i'm gonna roll you through the weekend into monday. when we do have a little bit more over areas of washington and then into oregon and northern california. but by monday night into tuesday morning and drops into california looks like it kind of fizzles out and falls apart before it even gets to us. it is going to bring us cooler weathe. we'll keep tracking it, but right now it's not likely to give us any amount of rainfall afternoon highs for today, we'll go 66 in pacifica 70 in san francisco. low seventies in santa rosa in and around the south based 73 for san jose. low seventies and livermore. i moved the number down for conquers 64
12:50 pm
for you because conquered right now in the upper fifties. meanwhile fairfield also right about 60 degrees right now, so we'll go 65 for the second part of here today. here's a look at the extended forecast into the weekend temperatures come up just a little bit more along the coastline low seventies will go low to mid seventies for bayside communities. mid to upper seventies, far inland communities with sunday being the warmest day and then again, we begin to see a switch in the weather pattern. increasing cloud cover temperatures coming back down once again widespread sixties in the forecast. but right now, as you can see on those icons, we don't see much rain back to you. thank you. rosemary pleasant in city council is set to vote next week on the plan to have mental health experts respond to many police calls. members of the police department's newly formed alternative response unit would be called to the scene of many emergencies involving people with mental health issues and those who are homeless. san francisco is among the cities that already has a similar program in place. the fate of munich's oldest active rail line will be decided in just a few weeks. the j church line was the
12:51 pm
first to resume service during the pandemic last december. almost a year later, it's still on a limited route. that keeps it out of the market street subway and downtown san francisco. according to the chronicle, three options will be on the table at the sfm to board of directors vote that's coming up next month. writers want service fully restored to other options include. keeping service as is limited or restoring subway service only during evenings coming up at noon. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas already from decorations being sold at local shops to shopping deals underway and now santa's returning to the bay area. how children can meet him in person leading up to the holiday. this is elodia. she's a recording artist.
12:52 pm
1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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♪ ♪ low maximum out-of-pocket costs. more saving. more spoiling. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022. call today, or ask your agent about scan health plan. for 2022. in san jose, as ktvu is azenith smith tells us they were thanked for their service to
12:55 pm
their country and community during this special veterans day event. we're gathering. we're going to be once again. the band of brothers and sisters. it's the first time since the pandemic, the san jose chapter of the american gi forum held its annual veterans day banquet in person at the drying shed restaurant in san jose. when you think about it, it's a relatively small group of people. who say you know what? i'm going to do something for my entire community. i'm going to stand up a night to honor the brave men and women who served in the armed forces remembering those who did not come home plate is empty. because they're not here and those missing in action, this table reserved for them with an empty plate and inverted glass. you just don't leave. nobody behind richard santos served in the u. s army during the korean conflict, now retired from the san jose fire department after three decades. he's among those honored, urging more support for veterans. we don't take care of our veterans.
12:56 pm
we served our country honorably and then we come home. it's not about money. it's about taking care of folks in need medical help, i would have wanted a little bit more training to get back into civilian life. it was a hardship. another honoree leslie cepeda, a u. s. army veteran who after her service was a coach for developmentally disabled adults. once homeless, she received help through the homeless veterans recovery program in menlo park, helping her story will inspire others. i hope that they will go ahead and reach out to the facility itself and get the help they need, all of them. also mindful when a veteran serves their families serves. while he was in boot camp. that is when september 11th occurred. this blue star moms son served in the u. s. marines in iraq. some people lose their mother should dislike the military before but has a after he went into battle. we have our freedoms.
12:57 pm
there are places that you can't do a lot that we can do. people don't appreciate it. and i so appreciated in san jose. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. olympic champion gymnast sunni lee says she was the victim of a racist attack, lee told the entertainment website pop sugar. she and her friends were waiting for a ride share in los angeles when a group of people started shouting racist comments at them. she says the group pepper sprayed them as they ran away. we won a gold medal in the all around competition in this year's summer olympic games. she's in l, a as a contestant on dancing with the stars tonight, the warriors are playing the chicago bulls at home. the warriors have the best record in basketball, and they're doing it without clay thompson. now espn reports, thompson's rehab is going well and that it could be back by christmas. the warriors are expected to take their time bringing clay back. he hasn't played since 2019 because of injuries to his a, c l and achilles. fully retired giants great buster posey continues to rack up baseball hunters. last night, posey what his fifth silver slugger award for being
12:58 pm
the best hitting catcher in the national league. he smashed 18 homers embedded three or four with the giants this season. posey led national league catchers and offensive categories, including batting average on base percentage and slugging third annual garden of delights display is now underway in walnut creek. the fundraising event began last night at the ruth bancroft garden and nursery that's on bancroft road. holiday lights are now illuminating 3.5 acres of that nursery. organizers say there are more lights and lasers than there ever has. but last year was crazy because it was covid and, you know, we're in all outdoor nursery and garden. and so it was a perfect event. for that we could social distance and the response has been really great. we want you guys to keep coming out. it's new and it's better this year, so bringing the whole family. i'm in garden of delights is open between thursday and sunday from now until december. 23rd santa is returning debate area mall starting today, children will be
12:59 pm
able to get their pictures taken in person, and there are several safety precautions in place as you would expect, so we'll start at simon malls. this includes stoneridge mall in pleasanton and to stanford shopping center in palo alto. reservations have to be made in advance. everyone ages two and up has to wear a mask, but you can remove that mask for a moment for the actual photo. frequent cleaning will be underway around the santa sets. google has released this year's list of top online searches for holiday gifts, and it appears the hottest toy for children in 2021 is the gabby playhouse. gabor's might be after the latest nintendo switch video game, apple fans appear to have their eye on the latest iphone and many families, chefs appear to be looking for their friars to perhaps tuck under the tree. i understand you as uncle frank are a very generous gift givers. so yeah, i'm all about gift cards. that's a great gift. when the kids are all older anyway, very specific things 37 days away, but okay, you're counting. all right? are you ready? no okay, i'll get there. i'm ready for the weekend. how about you
1:00 pm
folks? go wanna thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon. we're on again at four. we hope to see you. then. dr. oz starts right now. have a great weekend. every announcer: next oz -- worried about getting sick? boosting kit to get you through the winter it's -- winter. >> it's got that broccoli >> nick cannon being a father of seven and not being afraid of controversy >> the pain was sharp and it would come in waves. >> find out what your weird abdominal pain might be a sign of. ♪ dr. oz: i know now more than ever you're looking to do everything you can to make sure you have the strongest immunity upon. and as we approach cold an flu season, i always tell my kids preparation is the key to success. that's why i bro


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