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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  November 12, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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authorization when we started refreshing, like the walgreens website and the cbs website and trying to find a appointment. over the past week. one pharmacy in northern virginia says it gave adult doses to more than 100. children officials are investigating the mistake and hoping it doesn't add to lingering vaccine hesitancy. similar issues are happening in clinics and other states across the country as well. so far, though, there have been no widespread reports of serious side effects. over more on this, we're joined by dr monica gandhi, ucsf infectious disease specialist dr gandhi. thanks so much for joining us today, i am a parent myself, and i can just imagine if this happened to my child, so many questions would be running through my head. what do parents do if their child is given an adult dose? do you contact the pediatrician? the pharmacy? the cdc. what appearance do. yes i mean, i'm really sorry this happened for these parents because it does feel really concerning the one thing i will say is that 30 microgram was the dose that we give for adults and 10 micrograms is what we give for children. and hopefully one dose
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of the wrong type is not going to cause any events or adverse events. but i would absolutely contact the pediatrician and say that this happened but again, u. these doses are somewhat fluid, and this should never happen again because the dose was given as an adult dosage versus the child does. does that mean that the child may not get the second shot? do they wait out for that second shot? do they end up getting the second shot two weeks later? three weeks later, do we know at this point? that's a really good question. i definitely would again wait on the second, i would actually wait on the second shot if there was such a high dose given to a younger person at up 30 micrograms and wait for longer between the doses. there's good reason to do that, anyway. and so i would definitely contact the pediatrician, but i would at least wait six or eight weeks before getting the second shot because the only concern would be side effects that would have corrupted the second shot and the kind of side effects we see.
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with the child vaccine with the mrna vaccines can be in males. um very mild heart information. i'm just curious. how does something like this even happen? i mean, we were told that the doses for younger children were in special colour coded vials at the needles were smaller. what do you think went wrong here? i think that everything is happening so fast, and this just started the 5 to 11 year old vaccine and someone. pulled out the one that wasn't color coded. essentially that is exactly right. what you just said that 10 microgram doses are supposed to have a different color top so that this doesn't happen in the future, and it's good for you to talk about it so that it won't happen. one i'm glad you bring that up, because for those kids that are scheduled to be vaccinated either this weekend or in the coming weeks, you know what should we tell parents to do when they arrive to that vaccine appointment? should they ask for a certain color just to ensure hey, can i see that orange vile? what should parents be doing to ensure they get the correct dose for their child? i think they have every right to say, um, just checking. just heard on the news. um uh, you
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know, there was some mistakes. i just want to make sure this is the 10 microgram or the orange dose and for me, i'm always going to remember in my head 10 micrograms is the child dose. 5 to 11 and my programs. sounds good. i just want to point out this happened on the east coast. no reports of this happening here in california. we know 100 kids in virginia and maybe some other anecdotal reports out of texas. but nothing here any final advice for parents as they move forward. i know this. like you said, it's so brand new and worries. but this is the kind of coverage that will actually make sure it doesn't happen again. and if we remember what happened at the beginning of the rollout of the vaccines for the adults, there were little things that happened that were important that people reported on and then they didn't happen again. so thank you for covering. all right, dr. monica gandhi, ucsf infectious disease specialist. thanks for coming on the show. maybe putting some curiosities as well. appreciate your time. thank. well, california is making sure that most people who want to covid booster shot can
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get one even though the cdc is restricting eligibility, the state's health department contacted healthcare providers telling them not to turn away adults who want a booster shot. and they said that anyone aged 18 or older should be able to self determine their risk and get a booster shot when they're ready to do so. christien kafton joins us now live and christian with kids age five and eligible and adults getting booster shots. appointments are filling up. yes, here in san francisco. they're encouraging kids to get vaccinated and adults who have already been vaccinated to get boosted, and they're saying at this point, they don't have any supply issues. rush is underway to get as many san franciscans vaccinated and boosted as quickly as possible. the city's public health department releasing new data, saying about 18% of kids, 5 to 11 have received covid vaccine and one in three seniors over the age of 65 has received their booster. public health officials are encouraging families to set appointments through their pediatricians for children, but are also preparing to vaccinate at the city schools. as for
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finding vaccine those have received a booster shot say the process was fairly easy, and i did just actually get a booster. my experience is that the wait times are about. two weeks in advance. i looked at multiple places that was at the local walgreens here, including cvs, as well as kaiser. i looked at all three places they all had availabilities, usually about two weeks out. search the city's major pharmacies yielded the same results about a week and a half to two weeks. wait for an appointment. i got it as soon as i can, because i want to go back to substituting. i'm a retired teacher, so i want to get back in the classroom. and so i went. been an appointment at cbs, and it was easy peasy families, saying they made the choice to protect themselves and their loved ones before the holidays. i got my booster because i want her to have antibodies. so if you were recently pregnant or breastfeeding, they let you sign up. and so i did. city says at this point they have no plans to
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reopen any mass vaccination sites. the department of public health currently sends out about a half dozen mobile vaccination clinics to those high risk sites or individuals like senior living facilities. the city is estimating that in about a week or two, they should be able to accommodate walk ins at department of public health sites as supplies increase where live in san francisco christian captain ktvu. fox two news the big push for booster shots even as we close in on those holidays, christian thank you. two children are home safe tonight after two separate thefts in two different areas, cities surveillance video here from pittsburgh shows the moment a woman stolen suv with a baby inside. oddly enough, a similar situation happened in concord later that night. one woman has been taken into custody in connection with one of those two incidents. ktvu crime reporter henry lee live and conquer. tonight at henry, you talked to the mother of one of those children. christina that mother clearly very relieved after this ordeal now conquered, and pittsburgh police are comparing notes to see the suspect behind bars could be linked to both cases, or this is just a
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coincidence. it was a living nightmare, and i'm just very thankful that she's safe with u. now araceli cisneros, paez is grateful that her one year old daughter is back home after a woman stole the family's suv with the little girl inside. that woman is now in custody. i am speechless. there's nothing i could say to him very angry and upset towards her, and i just don't understand why it happened at about 5 45 thursday afternoon near an auto body shop in pittsburgh. in this surveillance video, you see the girl's father making a u turn into chevy taho. he pulls over to talk to another man. and then here you see a woman approach, police say she asked the two men for a cigarette, then suddenly got into the tahoe. he went to check on the baby, and as he checked on her, the lady hopped in the truck and took off with the drink. here. you see the father running after the suv. the woman dumped the tahoe at a nearby apartment complex. neighbors called police less than two hours after the kidnapping. it was parked here for about an hour. i hear and then. one of
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the neighbors heard a baby crying and when they heard the baby crying, it flashed the lights and saw the baby. and when they saw the baby, they called the police. the girl was reunited with her family. thank you for literally all the hard work and just doing. their part in just bringing her home safel. just after midnight early frida, a witness spotted a woman matching the description. police arrested 24 year old natalie ayala in a second case at about 10 thursday night and conquered a four month old girl was kidnapped when someone stole a honda odyssey at a shopping centre, agnes hill valley road and clayton. the minivan was found a half hour later nearby with the infant insight unharmed. that baby girl was also reunited with family. the suspect was gone. concord police tell me it's unclear if the two incidents are connected. while it is very similar. we're not going to confirm any speculation on it. we are pursuing all investigative leads. i reached
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out of natalie ayala, who's been arrested in the pittsburgh case and requested the jailhouse interview, but she declined. live and conquered. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. up at 5 30, the trial against power written house coming to a close. we're live in kenosha, wisconsin, with a recap of the trial ahead of closing arguments on monday later solving violent crime in the east bay. we dig into the debt on homicides to see what the numbers suggest. about the severe crime issue in oakland. but first how a postal backlog service right now good impact deliveries ahead of the holiday season. a beautiful sunset over san francisco and looking at mostly clear skies, getting into the evening hours likely to wake up with that patchy, thick fog once again, better details on
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gruden has filed a lawsuit against the nfl and commissioner roger goodell. according to gruden's attorney. he claims emails were selectively leaked in order to force him out of his job. gruden resigned as head coach of the raiders in october, following the reports that he sent emails containing racist, misogynistic and anti gay language. the emails in question were sent over a seven year period while gruden wasn't espn analyst from 2011 to 2018, and before he was hired with the raiders. one of the two people killed in a small plane crash yesterday in new jersey, has been identified as glenda vries, the 49 year old made news last month as part of the blue origin space flight crew with william shatner. authorities say the plane crash in a heavily wooded area in sussex county. 54 year old passenger, thomas fisher was also killed. investigators are working to figure out what caused the plane to go down. well, if you think package rivals are taking longer, you
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are correct. after a disastrous 2020 holiday season, the postal service is now promising. they're ready to handle 2021 ktvu tom vacar joining us live tonight, and he says that some have already noticed delays in shipping and receiving ahead of the holiday season. yes indeed. in fact, covid corporations consumers, even congress all had a hand in deteriorating mailing and shipping this year. given the growing chaos in holiday shipping and shopping by early and ship right away, we got some folks at a san rafael post office who ship on various carriers, mostly just them kind of disappearing off of tracking. um either showing in transit and it should have been like a one week trip and it's you know, three weeks and still no delivery and usps, daddy even first class letters like from pacifica to san francisco seem to take three days. four days now. just got real, real lazy and so few packages. like you
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say at least a week sometimes. nonetheless the controversial postmaster general appointed by the last administration has promised this send us your packages and your mail and we will deliver timely. i'm not approving of this postmaster general when he owns a company that competes. with the postal service delivering packages, and he's more looking for i'm going to say business for himself, and it's not just the usps, fedex and ups have been having major challenges to all three of them. yeah i said pretty much across the board with all shipping for italian harvest importer and distributor of fancy italian foods. shipping problems have multiplied to the companies nationwide client that work of individuals and retail consumers. who get deliveries by the big three shippers who blocked says have increased their prices by 25 to 35% there is a lot of damage and there's also theft that has never happened before but that seems
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to be a new thing, and it's not just package is gone forever, but once delivered often light but missing contents a lot lighter. then what we shipped out and items are missing. so obviously somebody opened the box removed. the items closed the box again and proceeded to have continued to have a chip. now. shipping tracker ship matrix says that september ground service package deliveries were on time 85.1% for fedex 95.2 for ups. a 95.5 for the post office that does have a longer promised delivery time. but even with that we are shipping so many packages these days. every day, three million packages every day arrive late, if at all, tom vacar ktvu fox, and it's only going to get worse. heading into the holidays, tom. thank you. meantime port officials in
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southern california see some signs of improvement. when it comes to the cargo supply jams there were more than 100 cargo ships anchored off the coast this week waiting to unload. at the ports of los angeles and long beach, but port officials say they are moving more shipping containers than they ever have before double lessen the impact of supply chain issues for consumers. i'm trying to order things for my family for christmas now because i hear about these issues, and it's random. sometimes things arrive overnight, and sometimes things arrive a week or two later. well another factor helping move more of the containers is around the clock operations. last month, the white house enacted a plan to keep reports open. 24 7 u. s senator alex body, always in southern california today, talking about the recent passage of the one point true tip $2 trillion infrastructure bill. senator padilla was at the port of long beach just morning outlining how the bill will benefit california supports and waterway infrastructure. the bill is one of the largest investments in the nation's infrastructure in nearly a century. it will invest $17
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billion in ports and waterways across the country to help maintain the supply chain across the u. s. we need to make sure that the united states department of transportation continues to actively engage with the california state transportation agency to expand port capacity. keep operations going around the clock. and speed up the funding. from the bipartisan infrastructure build. president biden is expected to sign the infrastructure bill early next week. fabulous while whether day around the bay area with little change expected for the weekend. in fact, we're going to warm things up just a tad so if you like the sunshine and temperatures in the seventies, well, more to come giving you a live look here. as the sun is setting and a beautiful view over san francisco, the golden gate bridge the merida headlands. wow what a spectacular one for you there. here is a look at our air quality for today. good to moderate for most areas and continuing as we get into your bay area saturday, as well as sunday. be moderate at times a
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good at others, and right now we have good air quality for most. it looks like the south bay right over san jose. a little bit of moderate air quality. we have some stubborn fog this morning and even into the afternoon, and if you look closely, you can see some still in the sacramento valley areas like fairfield conquered parts of the inner east bay. even at noon time having a tough time clearing out of the way and you can see still a little bit. he's out there. even at this time, visibility has dropped off in some areas. fairfield below a mile, a half moon bay had dropped to a quarter mile, but the fog pulled back just a little bit and the visibility now over half moon bay is good. but in some areas where the fog held still for quite a while, a lot cooler today, conquered still down by seven areas over fairfield, down by five around the bay area most came in within a few degrees of where we were yesterday and well above the seasonal average right now. 59 degrees at half moon bay mid sixties in san francisco. upper sixties for the east based shore mid to upper sixties harbor, livermore going at walnut creek
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at 63 again, some of the cooler spots fairfield conquered and brentwood 60 degrees. how to make sure i saw that correctly as we get into the evening hours. we do have a little bit of fog along the coastline, but not much. we're going to have that ground level fog come our direction once again from the sacramento san joaquin valley. by tomorrow morning, we also have mid and high level clouds. there's a look at the friday evening at 11 o'clock. then as we get into the overnight hours kind of sweeps through and we see that low lying fog develop over the san joaquin valley, sacramento valley. it tends to push this direction. that's where it comes from this time of year. we also have a little bit of low cloud cover. that will enter in to the bay. so for tomorrow morning, we'll go with partly cloudy skies, areas of fog. if you do have an early morning drive. just be careful. you may find some patchy, dense fog will be here in the morning to track it for you. meanwhile temperature is going to be on the cool side in the north bay 48 over santa rosa 54 in the city of san francisco, low fifties in redwood city, and 51 in fremont, are. temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. 5 to 10
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degrees above the seasonal average. 76 expected over santa rosa 70 degrees of san francisc. low seventies oakland, 74, livermore and 76 over san jose. a better look at these afternoon highs as well as what you can expect for the rest of the weekend and the extended forecast coming up. was slew of new lawsuits filed in connection with the deadly after world music festival in houston. we hear from survivors now taking action against event organizers and artists, plus. the obstacles facing sanity is holiday season as malls across the country implements coronavirus precautions. and after 13 years, britney spears is free of her what can i du britney with less asthma? her conservative ship. wh
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and here's something important. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash, shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection, and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. a year off centers are returning to bay area malls. but the big comeback is being hampered by a shortage more now from ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary.
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for the first time in two years, the big man with the big smile d up and ready to sit and listen in person to christmas presents requests. we're grateful to have had it and. we got our photos in the santa himself was lovely, as was mrs claus. and so santa's arrival at malls, maybe more of an outlier than the norm this season. there's a nationwide shortage of people to portray this icon. it is a little crazy when the phone rings from 5 30 in the morning till 11 30 at night and then at midnight, i can start my work for the day. susan mexico is the founder and president. of a colorado based professional santa school, she says the aftermath of the covid pandemic is demand outpacing performers for this holiday classic natural attrition of appropriately aged men. a surge in requests now that in person gatherings are allowed, and some former santa's declining and deciding they'll set out this year are all blamed as reasons
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he just fell in love with it. you know, everybody loves santa at taylor started playing the part in 2000 and three and now has a worldwide santa network. he says the covid year pushed him to make 600 virtual appearances. now there's an updated twist on the staple of the season, and now we have generations of children who are brought up looking at phones and tablets. and this virtual solution. there's something that works out incredibly well. first santa. for the children and for the parents for throwbacks, patience and planning are urged. there is still hojo hope. um we're asking some of our clients to possibly consider doing their events during the week. santa there is also an urgent call, for all would be santa's to step up and serve. how you doing? good to see you. oh, to help ensure everyone has the holiday. they dream of. married chris.
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technically we're still in a pandemic here in santa clara county. vaccination rates are approximately 85% and officials say transmission rates are low. still, if you're headed out to see santa. mask up and plenty of hand sanitizer to go around. in palo alto, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. absolute christmas .com is released. the list of this year's top toys in the list includes the latest baby yoda toy. the galactic snacking grow. grew em animatronic. the nintendo switch 2021 spiderman web quarters playset. hot wheels supercharged shark vehicle. l o l surprise holiday omg 2021 collector new year's eve queen, my goodness, and then a rounding out the top 10, the space jam lebron james. shooting done! playset well surprised. omg movie magic studios. l o l surprise dance dance doll. gabby's dollhouse and real little locker. handbag bundle long name for those gifts. alright an early gift for taylor
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swift fans. the singer releasing her re recorded album titled red. it features versions of her original 16 album tracks, plus 14 additional songs. swift re recorded all of our old music after her studio sold away her rights. this should both based in science center in oakland, now open for the first time in more than 18 months congresswoman barbara lee and assembly member mia bonta. we're at the ribbon cutting ceremony this morning to mark the reopening. the space and science center has new exhibits and a new nasa ames visitor center. the nasa experience exhibition is part of a partnership between nasa ames research center and szabo to bring more science, technology, engineering and math or stem. learning opportunities to oakland school children. part of our partnership with nasa. we are going to deepen our learning everywhere initiative. there's opportunity here at the science center, but we believe it's critically important to get to where kids are, particularly if you have equity and access in mind. so pre pandemic we had already started working across oakland. in schools, public
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libraries studios. it's so important that our impact is here and outside our four walls. they should both space and science center opened at five o'clock just about 26 minutes ago. tonight at 7 33 telescope viewings will resume. the trial of kyle rittenhouse coming to an end a live report from kenosha, wisconsin, about the testimony jurors have heard so far and what's next in the legal proceedings, plus, the president meets with his cabinet and announces a new nomination. i'm lauren blanchard in washington, plus more on his continued push. for more government spending all that coming up. what's up britney is free fans celebrating in the street today after a jet freeze britney spears from her conservative ship.
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as next week. giovanni luigi is joining us now from kenosha with new information on this case. good evening, andre. closing arguments are expected to begin on monday. we have heard from over 31 witnesses over nine days of testimony in this could end up being an incredibly difficult decision for jurors to make. i was cornered from in front of me with mr kaminsky. after a week
5:31 pm
of shocking testimony. and heated arguments between the judge and prosecution for the brazen with me, i was astonished. when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant's post arrest silence, both sides of the rittenhouse trail have officially rested their cases. state formally arrest its case. we would rest. but even today with the jury gu, there were more arguments following the prosecution's request for the courts to consider lesser charges if they are agreeing that rittenhouse is facing life in prison if convicted. his mother is now speaking out, my son. it's not a white surprise. it's not a racist.
5:32 pm
he has a hard to goad. the prosecution believes written house acted with ill intent, however, rittenhouse's stands firm in his self defense claims people were saying cranium him get him. kill him. it people are screaming, and i just was trying to get to the police running down sheridan road, and you say i'm trying to get to the police. why were you trying to get to the police? so i didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself. and deandre. the jury could possibly reach a verdict as early as early next week end. the national guard is also one standby for possible protests here in kenosha, here in kenosh, wisconsin. giovanni luigi ktvu, fox two news and giovanni, have you noticed any activity in terms of the national guard setting up anything at this point, or is it still too early for that? nothing at this point. the governor's office does have them on stand by the local police department. there has been an increased police presence in the syria as we do anticipate the verdict. coming
5:33 pm
in. i would assume that there will be more protesters out here in the coming days. alright, you finally to reporting for us live in kenosha, wisconsin. giovanni. thank you. lawsuits continue to pile up against concert organizers and rapper travis scott following the tragedy at the astro world festival today, attorney benjamin crump announce the filing of more than 90 new lawsuits by victims who say they were injured mentally physically or psychologically at the event. officials say. travis scott was minutes into his set when nine people were killed and hundreds of people were injured in a massive crush massive crowd rush. the astro world music festival. was by far the most traumatizing experience of my life. there was pushing that started happening behind us fights are breaking out. people were throwing water bottles. is basically a war zone. among those hurt is a nine year old boy who is in a medically induced coma tonight. a criminal investigation into the incident is underway. it's official.
5:34 pm
britney spears is a free woman. just hours ago, los angeles judge ended the conservative ship that control the pop star's life and money since 2000 and eight gtb is greg lee is in the newsroom with war on today's announcement. correct andre good evening this has been a long process for britney spears and her fans and supporters. she made her first extended public comments about this conservatorship in june. at age 39. the arrangement that has controlled most of her life has been terminated. britney's father, jamie spears, no longer has power over britney's $60 million estate or her medical and personal decisions. in l. a county judge saying today that the singer is now capable of overseeing her own affairs and the conservatorship is no longer needed. that arrangement began in 2000 and eight when jamie spears asked a court and was granted authority over britney's life, citing her mental health struggles. after the rolling this is how a crowd of britney fans and her attorney reacted. medication didn't tell from the commercial. it is official that
5:35 pm
conservatives should have bernie spears has been terminated. what's next for brittany? and this is the first time that this could be said for about a decade is up to one person britney through his lawyer, mr. spears had recently asked for the conservative ship to end now. after decision britney tweeted best day ever. while the conservatives ship is ending, the legal battles are certainly just beginning. the pop star's lawyer has called for an investigation into jamie spears his role in the conservative ship, citing alleged financial mismanagement. live in the newsroom. gregory ktvu, fox two news. president biden meeting with his cabinet, as he explains how the latest past piece of legislation will help their agencies boxes, lauren blanchard tells us republicans now seem to be pushing back as the president pushes forward with another spending bill. the bill represents critical investments that are long overdue in our country, president biden sitting
5:36 pm
down with his cabinet ahead of monday's signing of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, do we do it right? we know what it will mean. we know what it will mean it will create millions of new jobs will grow the economy plus announcing he will nominate former commissioner of the food and drug administration, dr robert, calif. again lead the agency. but senator joe manchin, whose state has been hard hit by the opioid epidemic, says he opposes the nomination because of caliphs ties to the pharmaceutical industry. every senator can vote for against members are people who are nominated. that's their role, but. we feel he's a qualified person mansion remains an issue for the president in moving his larger social spending, build back, better bill forward. moderates want to know exactly what the bill will cost. the congressional budget office is scoring it, but it takes time. the white house says thanksgiving is congress's deadline. we're pretty far along on the build back better act. we have the votes for it. government dependency programs once they're turned on. are
5:37 pm
very, very difficult to turn of, so they just reduce the number of years by which they score it. that's just a budget gimmick. the president will head to new hampshire and michigan next week to continue his sales pitch for the infrastructure bill. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. a $10,000 reward now being offered for information leading to the arrest of a deadly freeway shooting that claimed the life of this young boy up next what investigators are saying as the search for the shooter continues, and by now you've probably heard the term great resignation still ahead. the number of americans quitting their jobs as well into the millions here the reason they're leaving the workforce, but first could christmas come early? we'll tell you about the date. clay thompson could be back on the court as the warriors looked to have him back with them, according reward for informatiog
5:38 pm
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to an arrest in the murder of toddler jasper woo the 23 month old was hit by a bullet while riding in a car on interstate 80 last weekend as ktvu is and rubin explains. authorities hope that money will provide the incentive for witness to come forward. nearly a week has passed and still no arrest in the murder of 23 month old jasper wou. he was asleep in the back of his mother's car when he was struck by a bullet on interstate 8 80. today his heart broken family released a statement. we are pleading for the shooters or anyone with information to come forward so that a tragedy like this never happen again to anyone. now oakland's chinatown chamber of commerce hopes a $10,000 reward might help. they're also looking at putting up a billboard explaining how to report a tip. so people can. see something say something, but most important, do something they believe community involvement would be
5:41 pm
the key to solving this case. we need people to feel remorseful for this family. we need people to feel empathy for what happened, and we need people to think about. what if this was a child of yours. oakland police chief says they're working with chp on the case but have little progress to announce so far. obviously we are follow up following up on some leads that we have, but there's still more work to be done. the chief is advocating for freeway cameras, saying they might have made a difference and city council members to say now is the time to embrace new ideas around safety. i want solutions that work. i don't want emotionally based solutions that people feel will make them safe. but don't actually make them safe. and that is the challenge of 2021. the chinatown chamber of commerce says more people have been coming forward to pledge money so that $10,000 reward will likely increase in the coming days. in oakland and ruben ktvu fox two news this year surgeon homicides in oakland is leaving families
5:42 pm
grieving and police scrambling to respond, but just how many of these killings are being solved? ktvu investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky looked into the numbers and explains why solving cases is crucial and reducing violence. at night, these streets in oakland often become battle zones between warring groups where gunfire and death rage out of control. as a friday 119 people have been killed, a toll not seen in a decade, leaving residents and city leaders aghast a senseless act of violence in our community continues to sicken me, but part of stopping the bloodshed requires law enforcement to catch the killers. so just how many of these homicides are being solved? we asked oakland police for the numbers. of the 119 killings. so far this year 29 have been solved. police cleared an additional 11 cases from previous years. that's an overall 33% clearance rate. by comparison, san francisco has
5:43 pm
cleared 87% of homicides from just this year and, according to the state department of justice, california has averaged a 62% clearance rate over the last decade. every department would love for you to have 100% clearance rate. oakland police chief laurent armstrong pleaded with his community. at a press conference friday. he stressed that police can't do the work alone. i really think it's a joint effort that police will do everything we can with every resource we have. but at the end of the day, it really is community that has to say that this type of violence is not tolerable. the violence shows no signs of slowing down. three people were shot in a 10 hour span on wednesday and thursday. in another case thursday, police reported 198 shots fired on 89th avenue in east oakland affected investigations that can quickly identify and bring to justice individuals involved in these events can reduce the potential. for future retaliatory violence.
5:44 pm
eric pisa is a professor at john jay college in manhattan and the former chief crime analyst for the newark, new jersey police department. he said strong relationships between police and communities is essential for catching those perpetrators. we've seen firsthand the strained between police and american communities particularly the communities that suffer from high crime rates. chief. armstrong has pledged to try to mend that fractured relationship with so many communities that are suffering from this violence. in oakland, evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news, a police sergeants retirement, combined with what officials call recruitment challenges has left the power out to police department without a single black police officer. sergeant adrian more retired from the department last month after 24 years of service, palo alto's police chief acknowledged the department's lack of diversity and said they're working to recruit more people of color. in recent months, recruiters have attended military in collegiate recruiting events and made
5:45 pm
presentations at local universities and community colleges. the dutch government today announced a three week partial lockdown amid surging covid-19 case is set to take effect saturday night. it's the first in western europe since a new wave of infections began surging across parts of the continent. bars restaurants and supermarkets will have to close by eight pm professional sporting events will be played in empty stadiums and people are being urged to work from home. the country's public health institute recorded more than 16,000 new positive tests in the past 24 hours. the highest number of any time during the pandemic. johnson and johnson is splitting into two companies, the part of the company that sells prescription drugs and medical devices will keep the johnson and johnson named the other division will be coming. you consumer health company with brands, including neutrogena, aveeno, tylenol, listerine and band aid. johnson and johnson has not said what that new company will be called. the split, though, is expected to happen in the next two years. kaiser hospital is warning its patients about a week long
5:46 pm
strike set to begin monday. and it's pharmacies over 2500 workers will walk off the job because of what they say are unfair labor practices. kaiser says it's disappointed that union leaders would ask pharmacists to walk away from the patients that depend on them on the kaiser website and apologizes for any inconvenience and suggests patients use the hospitals free mail delivery services in the meantime, to avoid prescription delays. the pandemic is forced people to change and adjust how they travel for vacations coming up how airbnb has taken notice to stay relevant in a post pandemic world. around the bay area this evening. a beautiful view into san francisco mostly clear skies. they do expect the patchy fog once again for tomorrow morning and cool temperatures morning and cool temperatures fo why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it.
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♪ ♪ ♪ jobs at record levels, the labor department says in september, most left to either retire, dropped out of the workforce or
5:49 pm
to work elsewhere. a survey by the labor department found that 4.4 million people quit their jobs, which amounts to about 3% of the nation's workforce. there were more than 11 million job openings in early november, according to job site indeed, and that is well above the number of unemployed workers. new york's tourism industry, hoping to get a boost with the reopening of international travel before the pandemic, new york city was reporting a record number of tourists. city leaders say an estimated 66 million people visited in 2000 and 9 19 that is times square, the city's most iconic landmark recorded 365,000 visitors a day now that number is closer to 200,000. this month, the u. s east international travel restrictions and businesses hope this will impact the city's recovery. domestic traveler comes they stay three days international travelers they come for, you know 5 to 7 days, and then they spend. much more money than domestic traveler would on those days. new york
5:50 pm
state estimates it lost close to $60 billion in revenue during the pandemic. well, thanks giving us 13 days away, and when holiday travelers hit the road, they can expect to pay even more to guess up their vehicles, according to triple a almost 53. a half million americans plan to travel somewhere for thanksgiving. that's up 13% from last year and almost near pre pandemic levels. most will drive even as gas prices are sky high in many areas here in the bay area in san francisco, the average price for a gallon of regular is $4.85. every american knows that prices are going up every time they go to the gas station to fill up the tank or increasingly fill up a half tank. well, gasbuddy data shows fuel prices jumped 15 cents since last month and a dollar 31 more expensive than last year. the number of people using home share rental companies like airbnb is increasing, airbnb says the pandemic has drastically changed. how people
5:51 pm
travel and how often they travel this morning on mornings onto the nine we spoke with liz doubled brusco, head of communications at airbnb, she says the home share industry has evolved as well. the first thing we're seeing is that people are increasingly living on airbnb from july to september. 20% of nights booked were first stays of one month or longer on our platform, and because of that, we're seeing that guests are really looking for amenities for living not just for visiting. airbnb says globally, the most searched for melody in recent months was rentals that allow pets. around the bay area this afternoon, a beautiful day to be outdoors. and if you enjoy the sunny skies and seventies, well, we've got more to come saturday. sunday looks to be the warmest day. it's not going to be anything dramatic, but. a tad warmer for some into the weeken. here's a beautiful view over jack london square. mostly clear skies around the bay area tonight. we have a little bit of patchy fog still hanging on far inland toward the east, where we again this time of year start to see. that fog drift our way from
5:52 pm
the sacramento san joaquin valley. that's just gorgeous could just sit on that all evening. here's a look at storm tracker, too. you can see some of that fog right there, the sacramento valley and then it begins to stretch in this direction. fairfield reporting. visibility just a little bit over half mile. we had some low clouds and fog kind of move close to the coast and late in the afternoon and half moon bay had dropped invisibility, but that has shifted back and we're looking at mostly clear skies from the coast around the baby. an inland today now far inland cities that struggled with that fog cover well into the lunch hour. temperatures were a lot cooler today, down by five even seven degrees for the rest of u, another very unseasonably mild afternoon watching a little bit of activity over the pacific northwest. this is not going to bring us anything in the way of rain. we may see a few high clouds come our way tonight and through tomorrow. in addition to the low lying fog outside of that, you can see that curvature there the ridge sort of building in over the california state for
5:53 pm
the not only the weekend but into monday, it does begin to shift a little bit, though here's monday afternoon moves a little bit closer and in the california by tuesday morning, but notice what happens it doesn't really reach the bay area, we may see a little bit of drizzle. but not that beneficial rain that we are counting on in the future cast model does a good job as well. now we're all the way into next wednesday and 1 107 inch kind of gives you an idea that we may just see a little bit of drizzle out there. meanwhile temperatures at this time still in the sixties in the north base, 67 santa rosa for the city of san francisco, 65. and to the inner east bay. we go with, uh, 62 degrees in walnut creek, concord, a cool 60 degrees and conquered one of those spots cooler today because of that fog that held on through the lunch hour. tomorrow morning. i'm going to be a chilly start in areas over santa rosa napa upper forties upper forties for concord. patchy fog to start the day as well. temperatures around the bay in the fifties and then as we get in the afternoon. nice and mild these numbers are 5 to 10
5:54 pm
degrees above average. 70 degrees san francisco for tomorrow. 73 concord, 76. in san jose. maybe a tad warmer on sunday, but not much change. you can see saturday and a sunday. we do get into some cooler weather monday tuesday wednesday back into the sixties, even low sixties on wednesday, but in the way of wet weather, not so much. back to you, rosemary oroczo. the game, but he isn't out of the headlines up next. the latest award he's receiving and coming up at six. listening to your favorite music just got even better. why? taking time to enjoy your tunes could benefit your brain. plus the movie pass may get a revival when the former ceo is planning a new launch. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies.
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but our here, we are just getting started. hour. and right now the warriors have the best record in basketball. they're doing it without klay thompson to espn, though, is reporting that thompson's rehab is going well and he could could keyword be back by christmas. the warriors are expected to take their time bringing playback. he has not played since 2019 because of injuries to his knee and achilles tendon. san francisco giants manager cape kepler is going to be around for a few more years. a team announced today that they've extended capitals contract for two additional years that will keep him with the team through 2024. the giants didn't have the postseason fans had hoped for, but kepler managed while the giants played one of the best seasons in the team's history, winning 107 games and the division title. well, buster posey may be retired, but he continues to rack up baseball honors last night, posey won his fifth silver slugger award for being the best hitting catcher in the national league. he smashed 18 homers embedded three or four with the giants this season. posey led national
5:58 pm
league catchers in offensive categories, including batting average on base percentage and slugging. the third annual garden of delights display is now underway in walnut creek. the fundraising event began last night at the ruth bancroft garden and nursery on bancroft road. holiday lights, sir, now illuminating 3.5 acres of that nursery, organizers say. there are more lights and lasers and ever before. last year was crazy because it was covid and, you know, we're in all outdoor nursery and garden. and so it was a perfect event for that we could social distance and the response has been really great. we want you guys to keep coming out. it's new and it's better this year, so bringing the whole family. alright garden of delights is open between thursdays and sundays from now until december, 23rd. our annual one warm coat drive is underway right now, if you have a gently worn coat or jacket you'd like to donate to bay area families take it to any participating ups store or big o tires. we also
5:59 pm
have collection barrels in oakland's jack london square. santana row in san jose and westfield san francisco center. the drive runs until the sunday december 5th. you can also visit ktvu .com slash one warm coach for more information. this is ktvu fox. two news at six, and now it's 62 eerily similar situations involving stolen vehicles with children inside. he went to check on the baby in the backseat as he closed the door. um she hopped in the truck and she just spin off. the mother of one of the abducted children, describes the situation as a living nightmare. good evening. i'm andre scene and i'm cristina rendon. the good news here is that both of those children were found unharmed. but those were agonizing hours for their parents. today, we learned one woman was taken into police custody. here tonight is ktvu crime reporter henry lee, who spoke with the mother of one of the children. it was a living nightmare, and i'm just very thankful that she's safe with u.
6:00 pm
now araceli cisneros, paez is grateful that her one year old daughter is back home after a woman stole the family's suv with the little girl inside. that woman is now in custody. i am speechless. there's nothing i could say to him very angry and upset towards her, and i just don't understand why it happened at about 5 45 thursday afternoon near an auto body shop in pittsburgh. in this surveillance video, you see the girl's father making a u turn into chevy taho. he pulls over to talk to another man. and then here you see a woman approach, police say she asked the two men for a cigarette, then suddenly got into the tahoe. he went to check on the baby, and as he checked on her, the lady hopped in the truck and took off with the drink. here. you see the father running after the suv. the woman dumped the tahoe at a nearby apartment complex. neighbors called police less than two hours after the kidnapping. it was parked here for about an hour. i hear and then. one of the neighbors heard a baby crying and when they heard the baby crying, it flashed the lights and saw the baby. and when they saw the baby, they called the police


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