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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 13, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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really difficult. it just just plays on you. and you think i need this medicine. well, some kaiser patients worry tonight they will not be able to get the medication they need because of a looming strike. good evening to you. i'm andre senior and i'm cristina rendon. while one agreement has been reached to avoid a strike for one group of kaiser workers, pharmacists still plan to start their strike monday. zach sauce has been sorting through the differences in these labor disputes. with 50,000 healthcare workers in california, largely based in the southern part of the state prepared to walk off the job monday, a last minute deal between their union and kaiser permanente, prompting the strike to be called off the association of the unions. um, did agree. that's 50,000 workers, so that's the great number, but, um, are their bargaining units have their own, um, specific issues. hopefully they will get a
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settlement soon to labor law expert michael bernick, referring to the more than 2500 pharmacists across northern california still planning to take to the picket lines. on monday, they joined local 39 stationary engineers, who are starting their ninth week on strike across. various parts of the state, including kaiser permanente locations in sacramento. i know kaiser talks about impacting the communities a lot. what they do in the community. prices of health care that type stuff? well this is part of the community also, we are part of the community. we also live here. we all have families and so it impacts us. also kaiser permanente, releasing a statement this weekend, saying it was pleased that it was able to reach an agreement with the alliance of health care unions, preventing a strike by physical therapists as well as speech and occupational therapist. 1300 of whom work in northern california. the tentative agreement provides wage increases for the unionized workforce, but kaiser permanente, making it clear it's yet to reach a deal with the unions representing engineers
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and pharmacists, kaiser, adding quote, we are continuing to bargain in good faith with the guilt for professional pharmacists and local 39 operating engineers and hope to reach agreements very soon. kaiser says it does have a plan for patients to get their medications should pharmacists walk out. some non urgent appointments. an elective procedures have also been rescheduled. attorney michael bernick says a number of factors are influencing the potential strikes, including worker shortages and what bernick describes as massive government spending on reimbursement. part of it, though, i think or other economic broader economic dynamics. going on in the bay area in the nation, um, inflation, inflation is up now. the latest figures 6.2% over the past 12 months, even if you're getting wage increases of three or 4, you may be falling behind. and that was exa supporting for us. we are already seeing how monday's potential strike impacts some patients, michael griffith says his chemo infusions planned for next week
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have been cancelled. he got a note from kaiser suggesting prescriptions can be filled through a mail delivery service. of the medication he needs involves a more complicated delivery method and his wife say they feel like they're being punished for no reason. as i have stage four cancer and when you're told that your next appointment is cancelled because somebody wants to walk out on their job, which is their right, of course, it's frightening a week. to somebody that's not going through. this is not a long time a week to us is a lifetime. it makes a difference. kaiser wants patients with questions to head to k p .org to get answers. new attended days old shooting investigation in oakland is now a homicide case. investigators say the woman who was shot on lakeshore avenue early thursday morning, died this afternoon. authorities have not identified her. anyone with information that may help find the shooter is asked to contact the oakland police department. and in east oakland. two people are recovering in the hospital
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following a shooting near the 1100 block of 89th avenue. this shooting happened shortly after midnight. when officers arrived, they found a man who had been shot once. authorities say a second victim had already left for the hospital. it was a woman. she had already gone to again to the hospital before police arrived. both victims are said to be in stable condition. no word tonight on any suspects that this story ring doorbell camera video shows moments leading up to a kidnapping case that started in sacramento and ended in hayward is greg liggins explains the child is safe tonight, but his mother is recovering from a gunshot wound. you're looking at the tense moments leading up to an alleged child abduction and shooting outside a home in sacramento friday afternoon. the suspect is seen in the upper left corner of the screen, removing a skateboard from the trunk of a car. he then begins using it to strike two other vehicles. a short time later, neighbors reported hearing an argument and in this video a woman with a child in her arms is seen running to a neighbor's home as she's being chased by a man.
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we've frozen the video the moment, police say the man snatched the three year old boy from the mother's arms, then put the child inside. what is believed to be this bmw. moments later, police say the suspect shot and injured a man and the child's mother then took off and an amber alert was issued to locate the suspect and child. it was at this hayward intersection at mission and harder where at around midnight, a resident says he saw lots of police activity. i just saw a bunch of police cars at the corner here and heard a bunch of. noise about one person getting out of the car. one by one. hayward police say they received credible information. the suspect in the bmw was in the area. a department spokesperson says officers used a drone from an outside agency and made a plan that ultimately led to the arrest of 30 year old joshua ya go at the intersection. police say there were four adults in the car, but it's unknown how the others are connected to the case. they told one person to get out at a time. and put the
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keys on top of the car, which they did because i heard all of it. and they got everybody out of the car and. from what i heard was just the only one that was left in the car was the child. police say the child was unharmed physically and is being reunited with family, but they have not said how the child and suspect may be connected hearing the baby or the child in the car. and. today seeing it on my phone. they found the trial in hayward. i told my wife i said, wow, i wonder if that was what happened on the corner of our house, and it was, police say the suspect and child's mother do know each other but did not elaborate on the relationship. as for the suspect he is facing charges in connection with the kidnapping and shooting. he's already been booked into the alameda county jail. but it is the sacramento police department that's leading the investigation. greg wigan's ktvu fox two news. we have an update tonight in the case of a woman who is accused of stealing a
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vehicle with a one year old girl inside bail has been set at $100,000 for natalie ayala. investigators say she's stolen suv in pittsburgh thursday evening. in a couple of hours later, police found that stolen chevy tahoe with the baby inside unharmed. the suspect was later spotted by a witness and arrested. it's pretty bad out here right now, uh, there was cell phone video showing severe weather slamming parts of the country, leaving some people stunned tonight but while weather from coast to coast coming up. and a barrier weather and tracking more dense fog for tonight into your sunday mornin, but also some pretty warm temperatures will have more on your forecast. coming up. one san francisco mosque workers show kindness to a vandal behind show kindness to a vandal behind an act they call painful. if you smell gas, you're too close.
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back from new york city showing lightning hit the empire state building and world trade center this afternoon. no reports of any damage or injuries here. that's not the case so when other parts of the country. i hear the sirens there, people grabbing cameras documenting whether battered long island new york this afternoon. one clip shows how an entire section of the roof of one shopping center collapsed. nearby cars in the parking lot were damaged. emergency managers advising people in the region to exercise caution as they assess the damage. we have no reports of injuries there either. neighboring new jersey, falling to failing rather to escape mother nature's wrath. video from the city of mouthwash shows hail blanketing one residential area, while strong winds blew leaves and other debris. other states struck by storms include connecticut and rhode island. all of this unfolding on the east coast. take a look now at what people in alaska are dealing with tonight. 16 to 18
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majors of self fell on parts of anchorage yesterday. this is the first major snowstorm to hit the region this year, while snowy weather during this time of the year isn't unusual, meteorologists say, even by alaska standards, this is a lot of snow. well during the final day of the u. n climate summit in glasgow, scotland. nearly 200 nations accepted a compromise deal that aims to reduce the use of fossil fuels several countries, including small island states, so the deal does not go far enough to keep warming below dangerous levels that would produce extreme weather and rising seas. meantime negotiators at the summit are being criticized by environmental activists for backing away from a call to end all use of coal and to phase out fuel subsidies altogether. climate envoy john kerry described fossil fuel subsidies as the definition of insanity. we always knew the glasgow was not the finish line and anybody who thought it was doesn't understand the challenge that we have. glasgow you know, it was never going to be that we were going to come to glasgow. and
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everybody was going to have. a decision that was somehow going to end the crisis. or. you know, automatically put us on the path. we have to go. so i would say that uh, you know, paris built the arena. in glasgow starts the race. and tonight the starting gun was fired. kerry went on to say the money needed to help developing countries reach agreed targets would come from involving the private sector. california could become the first state in the country to put a heatwave warning system in place. the system would work similarly to how other states warn people of hurricanes and tornadoes. the ranking system would have three categories, with one being the least dangerous and three being the most based on how hot it is and the possible health impacts. it would force cities to protect its residents with mandatory cooling centers and banned companies from cutting off certain utilities for those behind on their bills. well, no
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triple digits in the bay area forecast, but temperatures are warming up nicely to the afternoon hours, especially from that fog bank. take a look at the numbers from this afternoon once again some seventies for san francisco and oakland mountain view 77. but look at the sixties out toward concord, fairfield in antioch. we had some stubborn fog, dense fog, keeping those temperatures and check and we had the fog regrouping right now, in fact identified advisory all the areas and white. that's until 12 pm on sunday, is becoming close to the bay area. this does include solano county portions of the east bay as well as we are coming closer right now showing you out toward concord, lafayette in san ramon. add up in the north bay and the bay itself. so the national weather services wants to prep everyone, everyone that we're going to have, at least at that warning that some pretty low visibilities first thing tomorrow morning. we always keep an eye, the temperature and the dew point temperature. the dew point is a measure of how much moisture is in the air is in the air. so what's the temperature matches that dew point that's when the fog forms as we take a look at some
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of the current observations across parts of the bay area. a lot of a lot of numbers to show you. but right now, you can see fairfield actually toward vacaville. 53 53. we have fog there. also in nevada. we have temperature of 50 and 50 says matching up in the north bay as well. so it's a good idea to good indicator of the fog that is regrouping right now, and that will impact visibilities first thing tomorrow morning. we're checking out the satellite where we have an atmospheric river developing not for us, but headed toward the pacific northwest. you'll see that defined plume of moisture up toward portland and seattle. for us here in the bay area right now. temperatures in the upper fifties san jose santa rosa 50 to fairfield 53. as we check out the current visibilities quarter of a mile visibility, vacaville right now safer conquered and even a quarter mile and near the coastline out toward half boom, baby. here's a live camera looking out toward toward the oakland and we do have still partly cloudy skies, but we're in a cloud things up once again, dense fog overnight low visibilities that'll keep our
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temperatures and check somewhat for your sunday forecast. we'll talk more about those temperatures and also in fact, we'll share the forecast model first. by the overnight lows. temperatures will be the forties and the fifties. so here we go. some pockets of fog a bit of a chill the air for tomorrow morning. here is that forecast model showing you some of the cloud cover and then into the afternoon hours. we're expecting partly sunny skies temperatures. the warm spot will be in the mid to upper seventies across parts of the bay area, and we'll talk more about those forecast highs and will also break down maybe a shower chance. in the five day forecast. we'll have that coming up in a little bit. a handful of congressional democrats are pushing for new vaccination requirements for domestic air travel. this comes as airlines are expecting full flights during the upcoming holiday travel season, foxes brian dennis explains. the u. s reopening international travel this week after a year and a half shut down, allowing entry to foreign visitors who show proof of vaccination and a negative covid test. now three
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dozen democratic lawmakers want to see similar rules extended to americans making anyone who boards a domestic flight show vaccine proof or a negative test. the group. penning a letter to the white house friday that reads in part, this is a necessary in long overdue step toward ensuring all americans feel safe and confident while traveling and reduce the chances of yet another devastating winter surge. for now, the white house has held off on imposing that requirement. but also hasn't ruled it out. everything's on the table. we just don't have any announcement to preview right now. on this. this week, the biden administration pushed back the deadline for airlines to get their workers vaccinated until after the holidays. the extension comes as airlines struggle with flight crew workloads, southwest pilots association says in october, 738 pilots removed themselves due to fatigue in what's known as fatigue poor compared to a
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normal 100. flight attendants have also dealt with a record number of unruly passengers this year as they work to enforce face mask requirements. airlines just like every other industry was pushing high productivity on the american workers. and now in this time. people are getting sick a little bit more. they're being real conservative about coming to work. all of this coming as holiday air travel is projected to return to pre pandemic levels, bookings for pre thanksgiving flights are up 3% from 2019. in new york. brian dennis fox news. residents in southern california no longer have to show proof of vaccination at malls and shopping centers. the l. a city council approved changes to its vaccine mandate yesterday. the city will also now only require vaccine proof for those ages. 12 and older. the city council authorized citations to businesses that violate the ordinance. fines range from $1000 to $5000 enforcement of the mandate is not set to begin until november. 29th senate clara county jails are reportedly seeing a surge in
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covid cases, the sheriff's office has reported 140 cases among inmates, according to the bay area news group. that's more than eight times the number recorded on november 3rd. the cases are at both the main jail in san jose and the elmwood correctional complex and milpitas, but the majority of cases are at the milpitas facility, which houses inmates in a dorm like setting. potential waiting for prosecutors in wisconsin in the trial of college rittenhouse the now 18 year old shot and killed two people who were protesting the police shooting of a black man in kenosha last year. alexis mcadams has more on the trial that's set to wrap up and head to the jury sometime next week. judge schroeder ruling friday that jurors will now be allowed to consider lesser charges in some counts against kyle rittenhouse decision will be to submit the case to the jury with the provocation instruction. and you can argue. the strength or lack of strength of the respective evidence that means the jury will now have to decide whether rittenhouse provoked one of the men he shot that night. if prosecutors can prove that he
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did, it would negate his claims of self defense. very distinct motion and raising his arms and receive the black. gun being raised. legal experts say the judge's decision could help prosecutors secure a conviction. but it would also mean that rittenhouse would not face a life sentence. the illinois team has pled not guilty to multiple charges, including first degree intentional homicide. britain house did testify in his own defense this week, maintaining that he didn't want to shoot. anybody could have ran away. it's trying to take my gun from me. but he kept chasing me. it didn't stop him. he wanted to take the stand. and he wanted to tell what happened to him. that night. wisconsin's governor has put hundreds of national guard troops on standby ahead of this verdict just last summer, more than 100 businesses in kenosha were either badly damaged or destroyed during protests following the police shooting of jacob blake authorities here now bracing for more potential unrest. closing arguments are set for monday. in kenosha,
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alexis mcadams fox news. but francis today praise journalists for exposing the sexual abuse within the catholic church and giving a voice to victims. the pontiff made those remarks today while honoring two veteran correspondents for their long careers covering the vatican. he said. journalism entails quote, embarking on a mission to explain the world to make it less obscure to make those who live in it less afraid of it and look at others with greater awareness and also with more confidence. a vandal hit san francisco's longest standing mosque coming up the mosque responds in a way that some people might find surprising. two undefeated teams meet to settle the base six conference type joe fonzi with the highlights from college of san mateo and city college of san francisco. later exports and you can add one more thing to the list of items that might be harder to find this holiday season coming up what is weather,
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droughts and heat waves are being blamed for a shortage of christmas trees. retailers are sounding the alarm, saying the slim supply will be noticeable at costco and other popular christmas tree retailers. family owned lots are also expected to have less trees on hand for people to pick from this year. the crop was cut about 40. for the whole industry. so that's
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the severe. we have a shortage anyway of trees. so you're going to see a lot of lots not have trees or be very limited on what they're going to have. the american christmas tree association, says this supply chain overload means there will also be fewer artificial trees this season. those that are available will come with a higher price tag. the san matteo event center, posting its annual harvest festival this weekend. yeah, this year, it's one step closer to normal. ktvu james taurus shows us how vendors hope to bounce back from last year's losses. the event center in san mateo is expecting thousands to come through it's fiesta hall for the harvest festival this weekend. for some, it's a tradition. yes it is. we like to come every year, the harvest festival travels to different cities in california last year, the san mateo version of the festival was on a much smaller scale. fewer vendors, fewer customers less earnings. we know we didn't know business, you know, went down from, you know,
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you know running, you know, running hot, really doing reall, really well and then everything kind of went south and it maintained that way. david light makes this jewelry, a light infused technology in the form of rings, earrings and necklaces. government paycheck protection programs helped save his business. when there was no business. he's happy he can sell today. it has a good buzz to it. yeah it's smaller. it's more intimate. um, but at the same time. it's the best years we've ever had around the corner is this winter wonderland of art? all handcrafted by tammy carmody it hurt us a lot, and we were able to survive. get through it. and um, we're glad to just be back out selling, you can really find just about anything at the harvest festival with there are few special. boost that we like to go to every year. it's a different way to start your holiday shopping and an opportunity to shop local to support though still hurting from covid cancellations, and i like to support the artists didn't do much of it because i had no place to go. and now i'm
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back doing what i love to do in san matteo. i'm james torrez. ktvu fox two news. the price of coffee beans have ended a seven year high. it comes amid ongoing logistical and global supply concerns. brazil a top coffee producer, is dealing with the drought and the aftermath of a severe cold snap that destroyed crops. excessive rainfall in colombia is affecting that nations harvest. other factors include higher demand, increasing fertilizer costs, labor shortages and supply chain problems, complicating the shipping process. the energy prices have gone through the roof. wait for a hard cold winter here. the american public is going to feel this at every level. everything keep paying this much. forget a gallon of gas. well, your struggle to keep up with price hikes getting attention of the white house and congress tonight, coming up what's being done to ease the financial pressure? find out how a san francisco mosque helps to hopes to turn an active vandalism into a teachable moment. and you may have heard the next manned mission to the
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moon is delayed well tonight a moon is delayed well tonight a cl if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911,
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. bring down runaway inflation, which has reached a 30 year high as look as talisman reports, with inflation reaching that high number. the president is facing pressure from both sides of the aisle to step in. inflation in this country is the highest it's been in three decades across the country from tailgates to the dinner table. americans are feeling the squeeze lawmakers from both sides of the aisle admit inflation is a big problem. of course inflation israel. i'm back home. the prices have gone up at the gas pump. i was at the grocery store beef costs more no cost more. so we have to acknowledge the problem. the inflation is being felt every day. the energy prices have gone through the roof. wait for a hard cold winter here. the
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american public is going to feel this at every level. it's not just the thanksgiving table or americans are feeling the effects driving there will also cost a lot more gas prices from houston to new york to la, ranging from 40 to nearly 60% spikes over a year ago, president biden appeared very concerned everything he was paying this much for gag gallon of gas. in some parts of california paying $4.50 a gallon this thanksgiving meal costing much more than a year ago, the price of a £15 turkey has skyrocketed from $11 and 2018 to $21 this year. that's the highest in decades, a 25% jump. it's not just inflation causing heartburn. a federal appeals court in new orleans extending its block on president biden's vaccine mandate. the mandate also being rejected in part of the u. s military, the oklahoma national guard says they will not mandate the vaccine, the coronavirus, inflation and trade three possible topics when president biden speaks that china's president xi monday night. at the white house. lucas
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tomlinson, fox news. and the president. his administration has a plan to identify and pay for upgrades to u. s ports within the next 90 days. the white house hopes that will tempt down the inflation being caused by ships waiting to dock and a shortage of truck drivers to haul goods. new attend the islamic center of san francisco insist it won't be deterred by vandalism it considers an active hate officials there say someone threw a beer bottle through the window of the mosque late last night. when isis seth reviewed the security video, they found the quality of the recording was too poor to be of any use to find the vandal, but they do want to speak with that person. they say they want the vandal to visit the mosque and learn more about what it does and what islam represents. meantime the senate was asking for donations to go towards repairs and for upgrading its security cameras as well. an arson investigation is underway in petaluma. after a 50 ft yacht caught fire early this morning. police and firefighters responded around four a.m. to report of a fire on
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a yacht. you're turning basin. of the petaluma river cruise quickly put out the flames and kept the fire contained to the boat. two people were safely evacuated. the total damage here estimated at $500,000. we're learning that a contractor died at valero's banish a refinery. the unidentified worker passed away around 10 30 last night. officials say they are trying to determine the cause of death now and whether it was work related. valero said to be cooperating with cal osha as well as other state and local agencies on the investigation. not a more unrest in afghanistan tonight, an explosion tears through the capital city of kabul, killing at least one person and wounding several others. emergency workers say a magnetic bomb was attached to a minivan when it detonated on a busy street in a shiite neighborhood. fox's ryan chilcote has more from london. another horrendous attack, where the number of casualties is likely to rise as the dust settles just the most recent victims in what has been a series of attacks across afghanistan over recent weeks. a
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taliban official has been speaking with the associated press. he says that that blast took place in a small passenger bus in kabul neighborhood. that is heavily populated by shiites, who have been the target of repeated attacks by islamic state militants. islamic state is a sunni group which considers shiite muslims to be heretics. just yesterday there was an attack on a sunni mosque in eastern afghanistan that's in at least 15, afghans to the hospital. that bombing the third bombing in a mosque in just over a month. all these attacks worrying signs that sectarian violence muslim versus muslim violence, violence between different sects of islam persists in afghanistan and could at least in theory, props something akin to the civil war that was rooted in the sectarianism that we saw erupt in iraq in 2000 and six i should add. of course, afghanistan had its own very long civil war in the 19 eighties. of course, the
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taliban is now the government in afghanistan charged with providing security for all afghans irrespective of their religious leanings. but ever since the united states and its allies pulled out of afghanistan the taliban has tried to keep a lid on islamic state, but failed time and time again. islamic state has been able to attack not just taliban targets, but civilians as well. in london. ryan chilcote fox news. the coolest thing is going to be the look on my daughter's face when she sees what her family is working on, vanessa, scientists are suffering a setback and plans to get americans back on the moon coming up their new timetable to pull off the project. at a barrier weather of mild to warm start to the weekend, but the fog doing its thing right now we're talking talking about low visibilities for your sunday morning forecast. we'll have the update coming up. all right. 10 c o tennis makes a comeback near lake merritt this weekend. is frt
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lifts off from cape canaveral launch conflicts. sorry, i was so excited. they're spacex tracks. it's 53 starling satellites in space. tonight a rocket lifted off from cape canaveral space force station this morning. that rocket deployed the satellites about 16
10:38 pm
minutes after launch. starlink is a satellite based global internet system. it's spacex has been building for years. the united states is going back to the moon, but that mission may take a little longer than expected. nancy nasa announcing this week that the timeline for the first human landing in about 50 years getting pushed back, nasa blames funding and a lawsuit for the delay originall. there were plans to get humans back to the moon by 2024. but now nasa says that won't happen before 2025 max gordon reports for us. step inside the cavernous confines of one of the biggest single story buildings in the world. the scale in size of what we're doing is really significant, and you'll find the most powerful rocket ever built. it stands over 322 ft. tall. so think about that is almost twice the size of the statue of liberty, and we're going to get this going 0 to 18,000 mph in about eight minutes. jeremy parsons is the deputy of the exploration ground systems program for the artemus mission. part of a team that's sending humans back to the moon. so
10:39 pm
we've been living and working in what's called low earth orbit. for quite a period of time and with the international space station and now it's time that we go further. we venture further this rocket in particular artists, one will likely be blasting off this coming february orbiting the moon without any humans on board ahead of the crude artemus missions were planning out in aggressive series of missions. artemus too, will send a crew of astronauts orbiting the moon. then artemus three, will send a crew to walk on the moon, including the first person of color and first woman to step foot on the lunar surface to go to the moon. it's really stepping point to eventually go to mark. and so we want to learn how to live out in deep space. how to really. home those technologies around the moon before we begin that longer journey to mars. it'll be the first time the u. s will walk on the moon since 1972. now we're venturing back to the moon. and really, it's the staging point to go beyond jeremy's worked on the artemus mission for about a decade now and beyond the vast scale scientific triumph. in mind boggling numbers, he says. he'll be thinking of something
10:40 pm
else that lift off. the coolest thing is going to be the look on my daughter's face when she sees what her family is working on it. well, the show both science and space and science center in oakland is now back open this weekend for the first time since the pandemic shut down 18 months ago. congresswoman barbara lee and state assembly member miliband to mark the reopening with a ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday. trouble is teaming up with the nasa ames research center. they'll present several new exhibits that aim to give young people inside into the wanders about her space. you should both space and science center is located on skyline boulevard in oakland. it's open on weekends from 10 to 5, but we'll also have some weekday openings around the holidays. tennis lovers have a new place to get in a workout coming up, see where courts reopened today. and fox stuck around a little longer than usual today. coming up with meteorologist mark tamayo will return with a mark tamayo will return with a look at what to expect
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out
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and keep the public safe. challenged california's mask mandated schools, the judge ruled yesterday. governor newsom has the legal authority to require face coverings at schools across the state. and the judge rejected the legal argument of the san diego group. let them breathe. members contend mass hurt both the mental and physical health of children. and they said mass should be a choice for california families, not a requirement. the cbc says it's shifting its cull to contain covid-19 away from herd immunit. herd immunity is when the majority of the population are immune to a virus, starving the virus of potential hosts to infect. the cbc s new approach is to redefine success in terms of new infections and deaths. top health officials say they'll deem the u. s has reached herd immunity once infections and deaths remain low for an extended period of time. so
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tennis courts near lake merritt that had been taken over by homeless encampment reopened. today those courts have been renovated and resurfaced. a ribbon cutting was held there this morning, followed by youth and adult tennis tournaments. oakland's human services department helped the people living on the tennis courts find suitable shelter options in an effort to prevent illegal dumping. the city of oakland is launching improved bulk waste removal on monday. the program will allow oakland residents to schedule no charge curbside pickups or big items through waste management of alameda county. there's also the option of no charge drop offs of large items at the waste management transfer station on davis street in san leandro. raiders can also make an appointment directly with waste management instead of scheduling through a landlord. well this weekend is dry. it's also really foggy. the fog doing its thing once again tonight into it tomorrow morning, so watch out for big drop off and visibility is once again it's kind of been happening each and every morning and once again we
10:45 pm
have dense fog advisories to talk about. so here's the plan for your sunday mild to warm. into the afternoon hours. with skies becoming partly sunny. most areas will be in the sixties and the seventies. now, here's a look at that dense fog advisory not only out toward bakersfield, fresno and modesto, but closer to the bay area as well. so that's in place right now until 12 o'clock sunday. including the inland east bay, also, portions of the north based santa rosa towards center fell. napa petaluma, the fog, the low visibilities will be a big factor first thing tomorrow morning. as we check out the satellites, definitely picking up on a storm. it's not here in the bay area, but it's up to our north, another atmospheric river for places like portland and seattle. they have rain their forecast for tonight. tomorrow tomorrow night and possibly into monday so excessive rainfall for that portion of the west coast for us, we have temperatures right now. in the fifties san francisco 58 fremont 55 fairfield reporting some fog already. 54 d


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