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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  November 14, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the government is requiring shots to workers. because the president does not have the authority to force people to get a vaccine and that threatened them their jobs. we are confident in our authority to present american workers. >> chris: will ask surgeon general dr. vivek murthy about the debate of public health versus personal freedom and the will get director from texas
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attorney general, suite 27, who staves at the forefront of legal battles against vaccines, masks, abortion, and voting rights. plus trump advisor steve bannon hit with contempt of congress charges for refusing to provide to the house committee. we will ask our sunday panel about the test of a president's executive price of college. our power player of the week. winsome sears and how she made history. >> i think they made a chance on me. they're tired of politicians not letting the bones of the pastel. >> chris: all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington. there is a new spike in covid cases across the country. just as a federal appeals court
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has blocked one of the main lease president biden wants to fight the virus. the court ruled for the second time against a new administration rule that businesses with more than 100 workers must mandate vaccines or weekly tests or face thousands of dollars in fines. the court says that the rule grossly exceeds the government's authority and rejects the argument stopping the mandate could cost dozens or even hundreds of lives per day. in a moment, we will speak with u.s. surgeon general, dr. vivek murthy and we will get reaction from texas attorney general, ken paxton who is suing the administration. the latest from the administration's fight against covid and its critics. david. >> during his first few months in office, president biden pushed back against vaccine mandates. covid infections rose and that all changed.
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the binding one house receiving a blow from the federal court. in an opinion late friday wrote that the public is maintaining our constitutional structure and the liberty of individuals to make intensely personal decisions according to their own convictions even or perhaps particularly when those decisions frustrate government officials. white house officials and it is a lifesaver. >> we are confident in our ability to protect american workers as this virus is telling approximately 1100 americans a date. >> the department of justice prepared to fight all the way to the supreme court writing in part they will continually to vigorously defen
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the high stomach highestinflatis ahead for a president not even . >> president biden: even the wages are going up, we have to face challenges and tackle them head-on. >> he will sign the bipartisan infrastructure package into law. he will then head into michigan and new hampshire to tout the plan. >> chris: reporting from the white house, thank you. joining us now, u.s. surgeon general, dr. vivek murthy. doctor, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> dr. murthy: it's good to see you again. >> chris: covid cases are up 11% over the last two weeks and you can see the spikes across the country. the virus is on the rise and 26 states from california to maine. in some states, increases of
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more than 50% through the cdc says 68%, thirds of u.s. counties, now have "high community transmission." as a weather gets colder and people spend more time indoors, what are the chances that we are going to see another winter search? >> dr. murthy: the good news is that we are down from the peaks that we saw it in the delta waiver earlier in the late summer. as winter approached, it does approach, people go indoor and buyers is able to transmit in cold dry air. a couple things that are critical for people to keep in mind, number one, if you are vaccinated, your chances of getting sick and transmitting the virus to someone else is much lower. this mix it all the more important as winter approaches to get xa. second, if you are eligible to get a booster shot, it's important to do that now as
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winter approaches again and as people get prepared for the holidays. we need to be prepared for the fact that there may be an uptick in cases that we see in various parts of the country with whether but what has held true in the past year is so true. vaccines give you a high degree of protection, especially against the worst outcomes of covid like hospitalization and death. >> chris: you talk about being eligible for the booster. three states, california, colorado, and new mexico, have jumped ahead of federal authorities and send anyone and everyone above the age of 18 can now get a booster. do you have a problem with that? >> dr. murthy: i certainly understand why the states are doing that. they are looking at what is happening in their own states and they are seeing cases go up and they want to have broad protection for the entire state. i get that. people should know is that the fda has already made millions of people eligible for booster shots. people who are above 65 who have
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other illnesses that put them at higher risk and are at higher risk of exposure based on where they live or where they work. millions of people are eligible who have not called it which and they should get it. there's a request from pfizer to do so. what they're going to do is going to take a closer look at the data and make sure that the booster shots are safe and effective for the populations that are not currently eligible. once i determined that, they will make a recommendation there. the bottom line is that millions of people can get vote government boosted. >> chris: areas are split inside the biden administration between folks like dr. fauci and you go, reportedly, favor making posters available to all adults and cdc director dr. wilensky
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who is reportedly not as persuaded that young, healthy adults need the extra protection. does the split inside the administration added to the public confusion of vaccinat vaccinations? >> dr. murthy: i'm glad u.s. that question because the reality is that there is much more agreement here than people realize. in august, dr. fauci, dr. walensky, myself, and other medical leaders including the fda commissioner, we signed an agreement that the protection was being done at beginning to lane and boosters would be needed. we also said that we wanted the cdc and the fda to weigh in on the efficacy and the safety of booster shots. all that remains true.
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while we haven't millions of people eligible for booster shots, we are going through the fda process and we will see if that eligibility should be widen. the bottom line is that all of us are in the same page of the strong protection that the vaccines afford and do we know that where boosters are indicated, they will be hopeful to extending the protection of covid-19. >> chris: on friday, the fifth circuit court of appeals in new orleans for the second time continued to block the biden administration's mandate that all businesses with more than 100 employees vaccinate their workers or get a test. and years of the judges wrote. "rather than eidetic killer you handled scalpel, that mandate is a one-size-fits-all sledgehammer that makes hardly any attempt to differentiate in workplaces." you're not a lawyers are not going to ask about legal reasoning, but as a public health expert, if the courts
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continue to block the vaccine mandate for big companies with over 100 employees, what is the impact on public health? >> dr. murthy: i think it would be a setback for public health. we know very clearly that when people get vaccinated and the more people who get vaccinated, the quicker we are able to bring this pandemic to an end and the more lives with an ultimate lycee. that is my primary concern as a doctor and as a public health expert. how do we in this pandemic? what's important for people to understand about these requirements in workplaces a few things for number one, they are not new. we have had requirements in various settings in our country since the founding of the united states of america including in school since the 1800s, workplaces like hospitals have had requires further vaccines, the military has had such requirements. but we also know that they work well. we've seen bumps.
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many businesses are not waiting for the federal mandate.33 of fortune 500 companies are putting requirements in place and millions of people got vaccinated as a result. what's important is to create safer workplaces for workers, customers, and to increase vaccination rates overall because that is ultimately how we're going to end this pandemic and that is our collective and shared goals a country. >> chris: if public safety is the issue, how do you balance the drive for more vaccinations with the fact that police and health care workers and a number of cities are walking off of the jobs and now you have the oklahoma national guard refusing the mandate to vaccinated? >> dr. murthy: what's important to appreciate in the broader picture is that the vast, vast majority across the
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country, vast majority workers, are in fact in-line with and will be in compliance with the general requirements. we've already seen that in the business is that up with these requirements in place many of them have achieved greater than 95% adherence, if you welcome with the vaccine requirements. that's important to keep in mind that dominic. >> chris: but there is also a large percentage of thousands of border patrol agents that are not vaccinated and are threatening to leave the job. using police department's and big cities. health care workers. as i say now, the entire oklahoma national guard. >> dr. murthy: here's what's important. number one, look, everyone's point of view matters. for those who are concerned with the vaccine requirements, it's important for them to have their questions answered on their concern turned. if were concerned about the safety of the workforce, it has been covid itself.
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a number of workers and those who have been off of the job and wants our lives extraordinaire. and interpreting. these vaccines requirements will help us to advance that caused to the greatest extent that we need to. >> chris: for a lot of people, this comedown to personal freedom. aaron rodgers came down, and i can see you nodding, you know come up with covid after deciding to take alternative treatments instead of the vaccination. he spoke out this week. take a look. >> i believe strongly in bodily autonomy. the ability to make choices for your body and not have to acquiesce to some local culture. >> chris: what do you say to aaron rodgers? >> dr. murthy: i think that the principle of freedom, when it comes to health, and in general, is important. freedom is an important value that brought fame to this
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country and has brought so many immigrants. but keep in mind, we are a community of 300 million people. we are not soul individuals entirely on our own. in any community, some have their decisions to affect other people. it is why, chris, we have speed left on. we know our decisions on how we drive affect the safety of others. people in vaccinate or have a high risk of getting sick and spreading its others. that's why these are so important. freedom is important but we also have a collective responsibility to one another when our decisions impact the health and well-being of others. >> chris: thank you for your time is we can always get to talk to you, sir. >> dr. murthy: always good to talk to you too.
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>> chris: texas has been taking on the biden administration on a range of issues. from abortion to voting reform and now vaccine mandates. all have one thing in common. across the desk of the state's top law enforcement officer and joining us now is the texas attorney general, speed 27. you are suing the biden administration over the vaccine mandate which you say is unconstitutional and a federal overreach. coronavirus, the virus is still killing more than 1,000 people every day and a top white house spokesperson had a question this week. take a look. speak out the question as realle
6:19 am
the legislators and their problems getting in the land that question were getting way of saving lives? getting in the way of making sure that the economy is working on getting out of the pandemic. that's the question for them. >> chris: how to answer that question? >> ken: think they want people to have distortions to make choices of health care. it should be made with the federal government from joe biden's desk. >> chris: i want to play a clip of you from this week going over and against the vaccine mandate. take a look. >> ken: don't listen to the president. he is a bullying americans and bullying businesses. what they should do is take care of their own businesses in their own workers. >> chris: you say that texas companies should take care of their own workers.
6:20 am
given that, how do you justify the governor of texas, greg abbott, accepting an order that bans any business in texas from issuing a vaccine mandate and how do you justify the governor issuing a ban on all school districts unmask mandates? a band that was overturned just this week by a federal judge. >> ken: i justified that the governor has authority under state law to respond to these types of issues. he's done just that. obviously it is his view that these mask mandates are unnecessary and that vaccine requirements are unnecessary. it's my java states attorney to go and defend what he is done and what the legislature has done. i'm perfectly come to that. >> chris: you said that company should take care of their own workers. is that consecutive with the governance executive order and
6:21 am
your enforcement of that order which bans companies from taking care of their own workers as they see fit? >> ken: what i was trying to say in the clip is that the president does not have the authority to force companies. obviously we have a stay in the fifth circuit to stop them from forcing companies to require workers from getting the vaccine or fired. you don't have to listen to him because he's out there saying that you should do it anyway despite the fact that we have a stay from a higher court. >> chris: but you said that business should take care of their own workers in the governor is saying that they can't see care of their workers as they see fit because they are prohibited from issuing a vaccie mandate. that's not consistent. >> ken: we are dealing with different types of requirements. we've stayed government requirements and it is clear that the governor has an egg different executive order for
6:22 am
them. we have all types of litigation was school district and counties trying to stop them from stopping mandates and we been successful. we've no lawsuits against businesses and there's a lot more freedom with businesses to make their own decisions. what i would say is that they should consider their employees because we are in a situation right now with the economy where we cannot to lose transportation employees or health care workers or law enforcement officers. that's happening all over the country. it's going to have a negative impact on our economy and our ability to help people. >> chris: but i want to go through this one more time. you are saying they should have the authority and the ability to decide what their workers should do and the governor's executive order prohibits him from deciding what they want to do. he bans vaccine mandates. isn't a mandate, by the federal government, are you saying there is a different from a man bait to get a vaccine from the federal government is different in terms of the ability to take care of their own from a state e
6:23 am
mandates? >> ken: your question is confusing but yes, the federal government has no authority. the governor has a definite authority under state law that the legislature has given him. he's operating under that state law. >> chris: so he can tell private businesses what to do. that's okay. they can't take care of their own. >> ken: i definitely agree that states have more authority over these areas in the federal government has little stomach limited authority. if it is not granted to osha and i question whether congress has authority. yes, states get to deal with their states. that is been cleared from the founding of our country. >> chris: you are also in court defending the new abortion law in texas that deputize is anyone, no matter how it
6:24 am
disconnected from charging or suing anyone connected in an abortion. i want to put what you said. you said that the texas law is not at odds with roe v. wade but merely creating the potential for liability for some abortions is not a band. mr. attorney general, are you saying that if someone wants to assist with an abortion and just pay the $10,000 fine, that's okay? speaker matt saying it's okay. it's a violation of state law. but you have to realize that i'm not responsible for drafting these laws. i defend them. the legislature has made his choice of how they're going to relate abortion and protect the unborn. my job is to defend. this case, thus far, is not about the substance of other roe v. wade is going to be overturned. it is whether the federal government and this other
6:25 am
plaintiff has standings to sue may come of the attorney general, who has no three right now, to implement any of this. >> chris: what you think of the new abortion on texas? >> ken: i applaud the legislature for doing anything they can to protect the human life. they balance the supreme court cases with what they want to do in the state. they are elected by people in state and they have the right to go pass whatever laws they want and we will do with court when it comes up. >> chris: but you will plow the lot. let me ask you about one aspect of the law. it makes no exception for cases of rrape or. you have no problem forcing a woman to carry to turn them at current?
6:26 am
>> ken: i defend what the legislature put in place here and i'm glad to do my job representing the people of texas. >> chris: again, i'm asking you as a public official, you must have an opinion. do you think there should be an exception for rape and insest ? >> ken: i think it's very important to protect life. i think this bill is defensible and we are going to do really good job defending it. we already have. it has gone to the supreme court twice. we are not even talk about the substance right now and where talk about the procedure versus whether they have standing to sue us which we do not believe they do. >> ken: you face your own legal problems, as you well know, you are under indictment on allegations of security fraud
6:27 am
and you are also subject of an fbi investigation because of some former top officials in your own office accusing you of bribery. george p bush, the son of jeb bush, is running against you next year. here's what he says. "our top lawyer needs to be above reproach. there shouldn't even be a question of one's character and competence in this role." how big of a problem do you think these against you will be in your efforts to win reelection? >> ken: i have been dealing with this kind of fight. when you do the type of things that i've done, your newly challenge it you are going to object things like this pop up. this happened seven years ago, almost seven years ago. i was reelected when it happe happened. i think we've done a great job of defending the state of texas and that's i'm going to do. make sure i am defending the
6:28 am
state and defending the governor and the legislature. i'm going to continue to do that job. >> chris: attorney general, thank you. good to talk with you, sir. >> ken: have a great day and thank you for having me on. >> chris: objects, will bring our sunday group to discuss former trump advisors steve bannon's indictment on contempt of congress charges for refusing to appear before the generate committee. that's next. now when it comes to a financial plan this broker is your man. let's open your binders to page 188... uh carl, are there different planning options in here? options? plans we can build on our own, or with help from a financial consultant? like schwab does. uhhh... could we adjust our plan... ...yeah, like if we buy a new house? mmmm... and our son just started working. oh! do you offer a complimentary retirement plan for him? as in free? just like schwab. schwab! look forward to planning with schwab.
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>> chris: former trump advisors steve bannon on januare insurrection that the u.s. capital. he has a first court appearance tomorrow on contempt of congress charges for refusing to provide information to the house committee investigating the riot. it is time now for sunday group. former rnc communications director, doug heye. >> doug: may, editor for associated press, and mo elleithee. julie, it is rare for the justice department to prosecute contempt of conduct charges. what is this prosecution and this case say down the line for the hearing of trump advisors
6:33 am
despite claiming executive privilege? >> julie: this is a boost for this committee which has been struggling to get key people to show up and talk to them and turn over documents. this is a warning shot from the justice department that if individuals who are close to president trump are refusing to participate in the process, they could face criminal prosecution. i think that in steve bannon's case, it's unique. he was trying to fall within executive privilege umbrella even though he had left the white house in 2017. there are big questions that we will be looking to get answers from the justice department on in terms of mark meadows who was chief of staff who was in the white house. does executive privilege ask them to him? for this committee, which wants to move rapidly and wants to get answers from key people around president trump, this is a potential boost for him. >> chris: dog, i want to pick up on a couple of points that julie made. the banning case is different. firfirst of all, president trums no longer present.
6:34 am
steve bannon was not a current white house official. he had been out of the way out since 2017 and we are not talking about the official business of the president. what we're talking talking about is investigating a crime which was the insurrection at the capitol. what does all of that say about the strengths of steve bannon skates? is there a big difference between his case and that, let's say, a former white house academic chief of staff mark meadows? >> doug: mark meadows is going to see what his executive privilege and what is not. we don't know his answers but that's were going to find out. steve bannon does not have those protections. when i worked in the house of representatives for then majority leader, they held that then attorney general and contempt for not appearing before congress. congress takes things very seriously. when you're talking about a republican house or democratic
6:35 am
house, the primacy of congress and its oversight is terrible. republicans and democrats should be able to unify on this. they obviously won't, but if we have a republican house in the future they will have no issue holding democrats in contempt as we are seeing now. it's quite the best option would of been having an independent committee all along. do you want but that blocked by the senate republicans. congressman jamie raskin who is a member of the january house committee had a very strong reaction to the steve bannon indictment. take a look. speak out he violated the law wn he stood us up, when he blew off the subpoena, and he violated the law when he refused to produce the documents and the papers we were looking for. >> chris: the problem for the committee is that undoubtedly, steve bannon and his lawyers are going to delay this case as long as possible and do as much as
6:36 am
they can procedurally to play it out. there's a good chance, probably better than 50/50, that a year from now on the midterms, republicans may take control the house. and which has come no matter what happens in this case, they would probably kill the committee and there being no place for steve bannon to testify even if he is ordered. >> mo: i agree with what was just said. there are a couple of long terms implications here. one is getting to the truth of what happened on january and that is first and foremost what is about. it is about defending the role of congress in oversight and that cannot be a partisan thing. republicans have held people in contempt, democrats have held people in contempt. if you believe in the role of law and you believe in the constitution. if you believe in the role that congress plays, you have to support this. if republicans take over a year
6:37 am
from now and kill this whole endeavor, they are completely undermining their ability to hold oversight in the future. there's a lot of different balls in play. >> chr>> doug: get one of the wildest we've ever seen washington. >> chris: yes. but let me just pick up on this idea that this should be about the lost. the house held eric, then attorney general for barack obama, and contempt and the justice department frees to prosecute that. there's politics all over these kinds of cases. >> mo: you've already alluded to this in your early conversation. what happens with steve bannon may be different than what happens with others. he was not there. he was not in the white house.
6:38 am
he talked about this on air the day before. there's no way to make executive privilege claim. whether or not others are successful in that, that will play out. whether or not you are in government, that will play out. this sends a very strong message that they are not playing around and that they want to get to the truth. this is unprecedented and it's going to be treated as such. we went julie, we are talking about all of the reasons that te steve bannon cases is differentn washington concerned that it could open up a dangerous precedent. seeing the willingness of the biden administration to go after steve bannon and potentially go after people with a stronger case like the white house chief of staff mark meadows, this opens up the door for one administration to go after officials in the previous administration. >> julie: and that's why the
6:39 am
decisions that are still to come for the justice department are potentially even more significant. steve bannon is a bit of a unique situation having left the white house in 2017 and still trying to claim executive privilege. there is a precedent that will be set by the decisions that is set forward if a sitting chief of staff is going to be prosecuted for failing to appear before congress and at talk about direct conversation with the sitting resident of the united states. i do believe that is something that both parties would have some measure of concern about but the justice measure here, as you mentioned earlier, they are weighing the incident at the center of this discussion. this is -- it was an attack on american democracy and an insurrection at the u.s. capitol. this raises the significance of these decisions they're making right now. >> chris: finally, you rode an interesting article this week tg that you feel donald trump and his claims of a stolen
6:40 am
election have on the republican party going into the 2022 midterms. explain. >> doug: it's not just 2022, the 2024. my big concern is that if donald trump does not run again and nobody knows what he's going to do, perhaps except for trump himself, we could have a cerebral reef 17 republicans running for president like we did in 2016 and there is no one to accept them and in fact they would be incentivize if they come in second or third to say it's a fraud as it was fixed which will could cause an entire presidential primary system could be in chaos and a state-by-state ruling to her. that is something that i don't at the republican party is prepared for or the country. >> chris: and what that means is you have to make a break with the idea if you're going to establish the principle. were going to abide by the results. you have to make a break with president trump and that is a dangerous position for republican. >> doug: it's a dangerous position for any republican.
6:41 am
it's also a challenge for the party interested parties as to will they accept their own results are not indifference to trump or an difference to any of those candidates who may call into question. the iowa caucus which donald trump said was fixed when he lost in 2016 to ted cruz. >> chris: we have to take a break but when we return, how a surge in inflation will affect a president's in your plans to celebrate the holidays. this is the only healthcare system in the country with five nationally ranked hospitals, including two world-renowned academic medical centers, in boston, where biotech innovates daily and our doctors teach at harvard medical school, and where the physicians doing the world-changing research are the ones providing care. there's only one mass general brigham.
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>> president biden: people are feeling it. if you're paying this much for a gallon of gas, and some parts in california, they're paying $4.50
6:45 am
a gallon. >> chris: president biden reacting to the latest inflation numbers. consumer prices rose 6.2% from one year ago and were back in with the panel. i think it's fair that this is when it went from beyond 6.2% increase. i want you to look at some of the spikes on specific items. gas prices are up 15%, up 20%. it used cars prices up 26%. how big a problem for president biden and democrats just a little bit of the year out from the midterms? >> doug: it's going to get worse for buy in and the democrats. think of "game of thrones." winter is coming. if your democrat in the northeast were those prices will be felt the most, you have a new issue where you need to separate site yourself from a president whose popularity continues to fall in every poll we seek.
6:46 am
>> chris: what makes it worse is that they've been talking down the threat of inflation. listen to them and also to former clinton and obama economic advisor who's been sounding the alarm for a long time. take a look. >> president biden: transitory fix. speak out there is a transitory nature to the inflation problem. speak out there's policymakers in washington that unfortunatele almost every month been behind the curve. they said it was transitory and it does not look so transitory. >> chris: when larry summers says he told them so, he did tell them so. he was right all along and they were wrong. >> mo: rule number one of political communications is do not tell people what they are feeling is not real. you can tell them that the situation is temporary and we
6:47 am
are going to turn a corner, but acknowledging the pain and a concern the people are feeling right out of the box is criti critical. the president's popularity was sky-high for a while because they were pointed to results. they were able to go out there and say we put money in your wallets and we put shots in your arms. then we got into this big, big fight. they were getting ready to say we put jobs in your communities with infrastructure. that got overcome by a baggy internal party fight over a big pile of money. a big number that had nothing to it that people could wrap their heads around. inflation on top of that, it's a big mess. they have to get back out there and say that we get it as a started you this week. we get it and here's how were to turn the corner and this is how the waiver results are going to look and housing might feel them. they can still turn the corner on this, but they squandered a couple of months. they being the broader democratic family. squandered a couple of months.
6:48 am
they have to get back to pointing to the results and helping people understand that they get the problem. >> chris: julie, president biden's answer to how he's going to get an handle on inflation, he says let's pass this 1.7 trillion big spending plan which is going to lower inflation because it will increase worker productivity through a lot of program spirit amongst anybody who analyzes that bill, if it gets past, it n before and long term, it down a bit. >> julie: and this is the problem that the biden administration as we deface here. if they can get the bill passed, and we will see. they are going to have to go out and argue it was worth all of the time and energy and procedural debate that consumed washington for the last couple of months. the reality is that the actual implementation of those policies will take time. if you are an american who is
6:49 am
not following the ins and outs of the debates in washington every day as we are, and thank goodness for most of you that you're not doing that, you are looking at practical measures. you're looking at how much everyday items cost and your grocery bill. you're going to be looking, next year, at those prices and seeing if there's a change. democrats will argue that long-term the positions in the bill are good for the country, but short term, that is what people are going to be looking for particularly heading into the midterms. >> chris: and that you have other really striking numbers that come out this week. it turns out that in september, 4.4 million americans, 3% of the total national workforce, quit their job. what does that say about the state of the economy and the impact for democrats going forward? >> doug: it says that voters are novus stomach nervous about what the future might have. their job might not be paying as much and they might be unable to keep the family going.
6:50 am
the word transitory is a word that's used in washington, d.c. it's not used at kitchen tables of the country. those are about rising gas prices and how much more it costs to put beef on the table. that's a problem that the democrats need to address and understand paired right now, they're not showing that they understand it at all. >> chris: there was an interesting debate that sparked an interesting article fight to democrats. although, they straight into republican side at various points. mark penn and andrew stein who argued very strongly that this president neat to make a sharp turn back to the center the way bill clinton did in 1994 after the midterm debacle. first of all, do you think this president is going to take that advice? >> mthis before we obsess over t left versus right versus centery that nobody else does. i think we keep it not left versus right or center, but it
6:51 am
is from verses back. people feel like they were stuck at the back of the line and they cannot get ahead. just talking about people as a way to go. you're starting to see the white house to do that this week a little. you're starting to see them talk about the immediacy and the urgency for their agenda getting past. if it passes, and 2022 you will see child care costs come down by xml. you will see prescription drug costs for seniors come down by x amount. that is what this president does very well and he needs to get back to doing after a couple of months where washington was talking about a big pile of money. >> chris: julie, i'm not sure that i agree there. it seems to me that whether spending huge amount of money or immigration or crime or what goes on in schools, there is an increase in perception out there. we certainly saw it play out in virginia and new jersey that
6:52 am
democrats and president biden have moved for dominic to the left. do you think it's legitimate that they feel that and do you feel that he is going to take the advice and move back to the center or is not on who he has? >> julie: there's a huge blank space ahead of joe biden as he looks in the next year. questions on how he's going to try to fill it. is he going to try to make a run at police reform legislation? voting rights question went to big democratic priorities, particularly on the left that have stalled out in congress to see that as a way to energize t. does he spend a year campaigning what he hopes to be a successful passage of the build back better plan? that's a big dissension. what is an ex or look like and how does he position himself? this promises that were made to a lot of americans the votive firm that went unfulfilled.
6:53 am
>> chris: do you think joe biden has it in him to move back to the center the way bill clinton did in the 90s? >> julie: it's where he's comfortable. and if he feels like that's where he needs to go for the party to succeed, they might be where he wants to be. >> chris: thank you, panel. see you next sunday. up next, our power player of the week. virginia's lieutenant governor-elect, winsome sears on her long shot when and her powerful story. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions,
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6:55 am
>> chris: glenn youngkin's victory in the virginian governor race was the biggest story on election night. there was someone else on the ballot who also won. she's also creating a stir taking on tough issues and nailing one-liners. here is our power player of the week. >> winsome: i always assumed that whatever room i am in, i belong. whatever i want to pursue, it is mine for the taking. >> chris: virginia republican winsome sears will soon be taking the office of lieutenant governor. >> winsome: how sweet it is. >> chris: at once considered a long shot, she will be the first black woman in that post. what do you think virginia voters were saying on election day when they made you lieutenant governor? >> winsome: if they are tired of the black against white and
6:56 am
asian against latino. they're tired of it and they're tired against dominic of politicians who won't let the wounds of the past heal. >> chris: we were with her this week as she toured the state capital enrichment. checking out the senate floor where she will preside. >> winsome: how awesome is this question works but when the power of the moment was not lost on her. >> winsome: a black lieutenant governor handing off to another black lieutenant governor and that has never happened. that's history. god bless virginia. >> chris: she ran at a time when race and education is the focus of a charge debate. be five no one is denying that we don't want to hear all of history or least of all meat. i don't want the sins of the past to be repeated. we do not have to tear one person down in order to build another up. that's no way to be and that's not america. >> chris: of her route love of the work of looted of her she
6:57 am
immigrated for jamaica and serve marines. >> winsome: no one gave me anything. >> chris: she isn't shy about how her lived experience am blad i have been black all my life. but that is not what this is about. sometimes, what happens she was no because you are black or because you are woman. it is simply life. some days, you are the pigeon and some days, you are the statute. it's just life. need to wake up. >> chris: her victory, or politics, and this photo made headline beyond the commonwealth. >> virginia's first black female lieutenant governor but this is a won for democrats. >> chris: did you think the joke was funny? >> winsome: i dead.
6:58 am
i don't think he knows what he was saying. and the fact that his audience thought it was quite hilarious was also very telling about their character. it's a bunch of hypocrisy, but it's all right. i can handle it. i'm a big girl. >> chris: it's that tenacity that has political insiders asking already if she has bigger plans for it just want to serve. i want children to say that if winsome sears can do it, i can do it. i didn't do anything special other than stay in school and study and i never let anybody walk over me. if they dead, they didn't get a second chance. >> chris: winsome sears is ready to go. she takes office on january 15th. that is at four today. have a great week and we will have a great week and we will see you next "fox news sunday."
6:59 am
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