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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 14, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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now it's a waiting game to see if the animal will make its way home and bracing for a strike deadline looming for northern california, kaiser pharmacists who say they plan to walk off the job come tomorrow. this is ktvu fox two news at six and good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. a number of petaluma residents were surprised to get an early morning nick cell alert today. they were advised to shelter in place because a bear was on the loose near downtown. the bear eventually climbed up a tree and at last check is still there. gate abuse. tom baker spoke to residents and wildlife officials there unseen. early sunday morning, petaluma police issued to shelter in place for
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residents and their pets near downtown, a resident reported seeing a bear wandering around near sixth street and raymond heights. initially tom limbert stock went ballistic, causing him to look outside. what is strange is that the gate that goes into our neighbor's yard was open and we never open it s. that's why we thought it was a person apparently frightened. the good sized barrack lined up a huge redwood 85 ft above the ground, with the knicks alert now out, neighbors and others in the area gathered to see the rare sight so we've had mountain lions here and more sightings. but a bear is new to me, and i've been here for 17 years sonoma county wildlife rescue licensed by the state to deal with bears says fires and drought have severely reduced foraging and game so they're coming down a little closer to our cities. people have garbage people have cat food. all of these things that the bears are desperately trying to find food, the trouble and the danger is. this is a powerful apex predator
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that's currently confused and frightened. it's scary in the bear and scaring is putting it mildly terrifying is more the word, give him a space and angle to get out. they'll usually take that. um, definitely if you try to corner him, or if you surprise him. it could be a possible bad outcome when a wild bears confronted by a human or some other large, aggressive species. it has to make a choice, fight or flight. in this case, the bear decided to go up that tree and wait everything out. the question, of course, is how do you get them down out of there safely, north bay animal services officer mark scott said the bear was far too high up the tree to tranquilize. fearing that the fall would kill it, so we're going to try to either wait for him to get to a safer level or hopefully tonight, he'll come down on his own and leave when everybody's already back to bed. and we'll obviously stay here until that happened. and so it's a wait and see
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situation no matter how long tom vacar ktvu fox two news. racist graffiti was discovered at a market in oakland's chinatown today. carl chan, president of oakland's chinatown chamber of commerce, tells ktvu that the graffiti was found outside of new tins market this morning. jen says police have been notified. the chinatown area in oakland has been on alert over the past year amid increased racial attacks nor rest have been made in this specific case. anyone with information about the graffiti is asked to call oakland police. kaiser says it has reached a tentative agreement with more than 50,000 of its workers mostly in southern california, who had been threatening to strike. however 2500 kaiser pharmacists here in northern california are still planning to walk off the job tomorrow. the unions for kaiser's pharmacists say they have been understaffed for months and their pay is not keeping up with inflation. kaiser says it hopes to reach agreements with those bargaining unit soon. non urgent and elective surgeries and procedures have now been postponed to prepare police
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officer who was injured in a car crash has been released from the hospital. that crash happened on niles canyon road between. mission boulevard and freeman and paloma way and sonoma around 6 40 last night. police say fremont officers were assisting alameda county sheriff deputies with the prowler call when the officers patrol vehicle was hit by another vehicle. the officer suffered non life threatening injuries. a passenger from the other car, did complain of pain and went to a hospital for treatment. members of the san francisco police department gathered last night to remember officer james guelph, who was killed in the line of duty 27 years ago. the memorial service was held at pine and franklin, the same spot where golf was shot and killed by a carjacking suspect in 1994. the evening featured some current and retired officers, along with speeches from his family and a moment of silence. guilt was with the department for 10 years. homicide investigation is underway in antioch tonight after a man was shot and killed
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last night. that shooting happened at about 10 40 saturday night in a residential neighborhood entrevista away in the city's south end. investigators say the victim was a 36 year old man. police have not released a description of the suspects and no one is in custody. anyone with information is asked to call antioch police. traffic was backed up in both directions on interstate 8 80 in hayward. for a short time this afternoon, the chp received reports of someone on the tennison road overpass outside of the barrier fence. at about one o'clock today, officers shut down the freeway in both directions and called in a chp negotiator to try to talk the person down. that effort was successful in the freeway reopened about 30 minutes later, no one was hurt. we have an update on a deadly apartment fire in brentwood, a family member tells ktvu. a second person has died from his injuries. 79 year old jesse sandoval died at the scene on thursday. his stepson, 65 year old bill foster was taken to a burn center in san francisco in
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critical condition but has now died from his injuries. a go fund me has been set up to help the family with expenses. the oakland unified school district is set to host a meeting tomorrow to discuss its plan to better serve the district. african american students parents will get a chance to weigh in on a reparation program that will provide more resources to young black students. the school board approved that program back in march. tomorrow's meeting begins at six o'clock at west oakland middle school on 14th street. children of fremont schools were given the opportunity to get vaccinated. this weekend, the fremont unified school district partnered with safeway pharmacy to provide a clinic at irvington high school for kids ages five and up. emergency use of the pfizer vaccine was approved for 5 to 11 year olds by the fda and cdc nearly two weeks ago. parents we spoke with told us why they thought it was important to get their kids vaccinated. i think the kids are only people who are vulnerable because they are going to the school because of we are working from home. but the kids are
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going to the school. they are interacting with teachers and their kids. so i think. this is very important that these are good vaccines. the clinic will open again at irvington high school on december 4th and fifth four second doses. california is largely rural san juan san joaquin valley has recently become a hot spot during the pandemic. according to the l a times, sparsely populated kings county is one of the highest per capita covid hospitalization rates in the state and to larry county. one hospital has treated more covid patients in recent days than other medical facilities in the state. and understaffed hospitals in fresno county are now turning away some patients due to a surge in covid patients, statistics show. many of these same areas have the lowest vaccination rate in the state, the cdc says. more than 97% of people who are hospitalized from covid are not vaccinated. hundreds of women and girls laced up those running shoes today for the 13th annual mermaid run in san francisco. as ktvu is amanda quintana shows us this race is all about inspiring women and girls to pursue their goals. it's not often you see
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young girls leading at the start of a big race but empowering runners of all ages like 10 year old lia ernst to complete her first five k. is what the mermaid series is all about. i knew i could do it, but and it was going to be hard and but i did it anyways. for the last month nava cone has been training leah to use running as a way to deal with stress and anxiety. it just. like relaxes me, and it makes me. like calme. they ran across the finish line together, hand in hand to see her progress and continue to do something that was hard even though she has all of these different things that she needs to no combat in life. um it was awesome. these are just two of the about 1500 women and girls inspired by the mermaid run the series with 10, mile 10-k and
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five k runs started in fremont with the triathlon specifically for women way back in 2000 and four when i started, it was very male dominated. uh so i wanted to create an atmosphere that was inviting for the women to come out to. so women's triathlon made sense and that helped bring out that very supportive, welcoming and encouraging environment now, with its 13th year in san francisco, it's become a tradition for many with costumes. of course, it makes the race more fun. and it makes the 10 miles more bearable with, you know, the cool. um medal at the end, and then the fun outfits. normally, there's some glitter. although the run is not a nonprofit, it helps support the mini mermaid running club. and that's a free program for young girls that get to learn about self esteem about their bodies, and they get to learn how to run a five k. yeah girl power pride that comes with getting across that finish line. something leo wants to share if there's anyone who has troubles
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like just with. they're like a really angry all the time. i just feel like. it's a good idea for them to start running because it really helped me. amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. government leaders in britain's royal family gathered to honor those who have died in military service coming up the noticeable absence during the remembrance day ceremony, plus. nearly 200 countries agreeing to a deal to combat climate change on the last day of the u. n talks in scotland. i'm charles watson. i'll have the details coming up. and it was pretty cold and some of those inland bay valleys today that valley fog thick and persistent, not so in san francisco at the coast, where temperatures reach the seventies, all have the forecast for the week coming up. was remen
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today to pay tribute to all of the country's war dead. queen elizabeth was set to attend a ceremony in london today but buckingham palace says she could not attend due to a sprained back. her daughter, princess anne, was among the royal family members to attend along with prince william. today's event was supposed to be the queen's
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the 95 year old queens first public appearance after canceling events in recent weeks on her doctor's advice, the situation continues to deteriorate along the border between belarus and poland, where thousands of migrants are attempting to cross one group of 50 was successful but were quickly apprehended by polish forces. the belarusian government is suspected of transporting the migrants to poland's border in response to sanctions imposed by the eu last year after a disputed election. the russians are key allies of belarus, but president vladimir putin has denied any involvement. i believe the solution needs to be found to the benefit of belarus and european countries, including poland and the federal republic of germany and the other countries because their systems of social security overloaded. eu foreign ministers say they are looking to increase sanctions on belarus in response to the migrant crisis. the u. n climate conference in scotland ended this weekend with nearly
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all of the world's countries coming to an agreement on combating climate change. this plan sets benchmarks for countries to reduce their. carbon emissions over the next decade. but as foxes charles watson reports, the deal is also being criticized after a last minute change to the fine print. hearing no objections. it is so decided a landmark deal reached saturday on the last day of the cop 26 conference in scotland, nearly every country in the world signing a pact pledging to lower carbon emissions and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. historians will look back at cop 26. as the moment humanity finally got real about climate change the deal known as the glass cow climate agreement set a goal of capping global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius threshol, scientists have said cause irreversible damage if it surpassed, while most are calling it a win for climate advocates. it did include plenty of compromise. much of the final language on fossil fuels was watered down. from phasing out
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coal to phasing down. delegates from some smaller countries felt rich nations who are the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases did not pay their fair share. the last minute change on coal came at the request of china and india while it wasn't very popular at the conference, u. s climate envoy john kerry said it had to happen in order to get a deal done. did i appreciate that. we have to just one thing tonight in a very unusual way. no but if we hadn't done that, we wouldn't have an agreement. baba dill did not give everyone everything they wanted and marks the first time countries acknowledged fossil fuels as the main contributor to climate change. in atlanta. charles watson fox news. president biden scheduled to sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill during a ceremony at the white house tomorrow. some republicans who supported the trillion dollar package they will not attend. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says he will be among
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the republican no shows for tomorrow's ceremony. it was one of the 19 senate republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill in august. president biden hopes to soon take a step towards better relations with china, and the president is scheduled to have a virtual meeting with chinese president xi jinping tomorrow. attention has been building between the us and china. the two leaders have not met in person since president biden took office. one of the biggest flashpoints between the two countries is the us supporting the autonomy of taiwan, an island china says is still under its authority. a top adviser to former president trump is expected to turn himself in tomorrow after he was indicted by a federal grand jur. steve bannon was charged with two counts of contempt of congress after refusing to comply with a subpoena from the house committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u. s capitol. each count carries a maximum of one year in jail. former president trump has directed his aides and advisers to refuse to cooperate with the january 6th committee, citing executive privilege. closing
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arguments in the homicide trial of kyle rittenhouse are scheduled to begin tomorrow. defense attorneys have argued the 18 year old shot three people in self defense during a protest and riot in kenosha, wisconsin. rittenhouse traveled with a gun from illinois to wisconsin during protests that erupted after a white police officer and seriously shot and seriously injured jacob blake, who was black, written how says he fired the gun only after he felt his life was in danger from protesters. wisconsin's governor has placed hundreds of national guard troops on standby for when a verdict is announced now to the economy with more jobs than people to take them and a growing number of people quitting altogether, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to recover and expand. ktvu is. tom baker has more. recent reports of healthy hiring or creating confidence for getting better, higher paying jobs. but then you must factor in inflation, which robs workers of purchasing power, even if your wages may be increasing by two, or 3% of the inflation at
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6.2% you're not doing better. in fact, it's fair to call inflation a wage cutter. and the fact that millions of people are not coming back to work seems due to new cold weather covid fears and a myriad of other longstanding unresolved issues. some. reconsidering careers, some still lingering concerns. the schools have reopened but again in a very fragile manner. and um, childcare has come back, but again by no means how it is so it really differs among workers. add to that workers continue to quit their jobs at record rates. 4.4 million. that's the highest the highest. it's been since tracking began in 2000 and one if companies do not have enough workers, then they can't do or make the things they sell. that itself could eventually lead to layoffs all along the supply chain, further
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fueling inflation. if it continues, as it's likely to in the next couple of months um it will have labor market intense. it can also cause employers to more quickly adopt automated and robotic technologies. finally does wanting to snag one of those high paying infrastructure jobs, bernick says they will not come soon. these jobs take time to develop. that is the bill passes. um but it's going to take a year or two for the majority of jobs to even begin to start as we learned from stimulus package is passed to end the great recession of a dozen years ago. each of those jobs and projects will cost a lot of money, reducing the number of projects and jobs. that will be actually funded tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. caltrain conducted an emergency response drill in the south bay today. it happened at the lawrence station in sunnyvale. simulation included volunteers on site acting as injured or
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panicked passengers. the drill was. held the test emergency responders preparedness in addressing disasters as well as intentional events such as terrorism. all right, boy, it's foggy and the inland valleys even parts of marin county up in napa valley of peron, vallejo, fairfield vaca ville temperatures didn't warn much out of the mid fifties or upper fifties. there's the fog as it was this morning. about 10 30. you kind of see the extent you also see it's spilling out into the, uh, sonoma county area marine county area and then you'll see it kind of just it doesn't actually go away. it's just losing daylight here. so the fog kind of. you know, we lose that imagery, but the fog is still in the central valley, and it's going to be hanging around. look at these temperatures. 61 in fairfield 56 in antioch 58 in vallejo. those were daytime highs conquered. just 59 look at civica. at the 71 degrees. so really nice at the coast tomorrow we're going to have a bunch of high clouds via this system here, lead back this up. shoot we got so here's the long range model. these are the clouds tomorrow. there's noontime. there's eight o'clock
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so partly cloudy mostly cloudy. i think it's not gonna be as cloudy as this. this this the long range. it doesn't do a good job breaking down the clouds. but then you go into tuesday. our opportunity for some rain comes on thursday this week. that might be nice. maybe 1/10 of an inch quarter inch. nothing big but potential for something. so we were excited to see that. other than that, though i think fog is sort of the main story, and it will be, um, next couple mornings for sure. once that front gets your thursday that should break up the inversion and the fog won't be as robust but. it's something out there, you know, you think about, uh, those inland valleys, you know, like in antioch or out in sacramento or davis. i mean, it was actually was up in that area this morning, and it was just socked in and it didn't come out. many folks didn't see the sun today. these are all clouds under a fair weather system. this is just kind of a dirty ridge where you have fairweathe. basically that's why there's fo. but these clouds are spilling in over the top of it and a broad that thing is right. that's a. really massive ridge of high pressure to our king. uh there
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must be 5000 miles long. look at that. um thanks interesting. haven't seen the problem. they get broad like that, too they don't move very quickly when they get an amplified like real up and down like a sign curve, they move and things change when you get a broad ridge like that's kind of hard to break it down, so that's why we're not looking for any chance for real rain and potential rental thursday, and even at that poin. it looks kind of 10th of an inch quarter of an inch overnight lows or chile. the fog will be back. it'll be nasty in the central valley dense fog advisory last night. i don't know if we'll see one tonight. um, you see the flog moving in. in apartment the low clouds moving in tomorrow and just that's the day. partly cloudy. partly sunny high temperatures tomorrow at the coast will make it back into the mid sixties. the warmest spots will be like santa rosa probably hit 70 san jose 70. but the inland valleys are going to be on the cool side and then the forecast for tomorrow and then beyond you see
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your opportunity for scattered showers on thursday show nothing really nothing really money. mental here really is pretty stable pattern. hence the fog. and hence the chance for just a few light showers on thursday, and n. with nice to see something you know, like, kind of something big, but there's nothing big showing up, so enjoy it. be careful driving boy. late nights early mornings, the fog is nasty out by black point napa in those areas. bill. thank you coming up next in sports. the warriors trying to continue their win streak as they hit the road. joe fonzi will tell us how the best team in the nba is doing in charlotte and coming up tonight on the 10. o'clock news people staging protests against facebook all across the country what they hope to accomplish. with these demonstrators.
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after enjoying eight games worth of home cooking, the warriors hit the road and tonight played the first of four straight away from san francisco, steph curry back to the city and state where his basketball career started. charlotte. warriors in hornets locked up in a good one and meeting for the second time in 11 days. final seconds of the third quarter. kelly oubre knocks down a three to give the hornets the lead, only to see
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the warriors come down and take the lead back as curry blanks in a long, three at the buzzer. but the warriors will turn it over here in the fourth quarter, and then here come the hornets. just from not playing with its uber to the hoop for a layup, and then he gets called for his second technical of the game when he gestures to the refs that there should have been a foul call. that was it for you. bray, who was ejected. after that basket. and now they're tied at one to with less than a minute left miles bridges hits the shot to put the hornets ahead. they hang on for 16 to 1 to win. the warriors winning streak ends at seven games, they'll be in brooklyn. to play the nets on tuesday night high profile matchup today and women's college basketball with texas coming to maples pavilion to take on the defending national champions stanford leading here in the third quarter and forcing a turnover after this deal. it's lexie whole, running the floor and making nice move under the hoop for two of her 16 points. stanford in front by six. the
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cardinals still in front of the fourth quarter, when the longhorns rory harmon looks to drive but then steps back and hits two of her 21 points. harmon just a freshman, the longhorns outscored stanford by 10 points in the fourth quarter. it's a lie up a thorough with a three to beat the shot clock, texas knocks off the cardinal at home and celebrates his 61 to 56 winner. little wake up call for the national champs stanford one and one after two games. and the familiar side of cam newton back at quarterback for the carolina panthers, the panthers and arizona going in front seven nothing when newton looked like the newton of old finding the end zone from two yards out. yes he's back. indeed then later in the first quarter, it was newton throwing to robby anderson for six. the panthers building 23 nothing lead and went on to win. 34 10. there was a time when we were think of lost by the cardinals, who was good news for the 49ers. but we're not really in that mode these days. 49ers
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play the rams tomorrow night with their season on the brink. there you go get a w alright, joe. thank you. thanks joe. thanks everyone for joining us tonight we'll be back for the 10 tonight we'll be back for the 10 and 11 o'clock news. good night. look at this. elon musk has a theory that we're all just characters in some advanced civilization's video game. so some alien kid spent his money on the asthma-and-glasses upgrade for me? all right, we got a problem. it's a good game. what's up? the air force contacted me about our quantum gyroscope. they want to have a meeting. really? yeah. this military guy showed up at howard's door. he was terrifying. oh, what did he say? he gave me his business card and asked me to please pass it along to howard. that doesn't sound terrifying. to a white guy born here, no. if you are a brown guy whose name has


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