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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 14, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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protesters call out facebook, accusing the social media platform of allowing hate speech against muslims. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. protesters say they hope today's event will convince the company to take action. the protest, they protested, rather outside the company's headquarters in menlo park. demonstrators also held rallies in seattle chicago, charlotte and other cities across the country. ktvu is elissa harrington reports. best book fairs bust, protesters rallied outside the meta headquarters in menlo park, calling out facebook, accusing the social media giant of inciting violence against muslims in india. basically we're trying to bring awareness to the masses here about what facebook has been doing. in india get technically promoting
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hate and david ali said social media has pitted religions against each other, he said. neighbors are turning on neighbors and facebook has played a large role in politics and real world violence. these organizations are. openly inciting mobs, uh, calling them to kill muslims calling them uh traitors, a recent report by the associated press found. facebook has known about these issues for years and has been selective in removing misinformation and anti muslim content in india. demonstrators accused mark zuckerberg of being complicit. he is not regulating because he's putting profit, uh, over the people's lives, their inability or turning a blind eye to hateful species and then not being able to moderate the wise of you know moderation that has directly resulted in people losing lives. they want the company to remove hateful speech. moderate posts. identify dangerous groups and invest
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resources in stopping violence. we want mark the cover to stop that propaganda he should use facebook for constructive purpose. helping the humanity for human rights, human rights not for killing and massacring innocent minorities back in october, facebook told the associated press in a statement. it has invested in technology to find hate speech in various languages. and reduce the amount of hate speech that people see by half i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. thousands of people marched through los gastos today to show solidarity against hate speech. community leaders say today's rally was perhaps the town's largest demonstration ever, an estimated 2500 people gathered at los gatos civic center. after marching from fisher middle school organizers planned the event in response to racist and homophobic graffiti found around town as well as disruptions at town council meetings over diversity issues. racist graffiti was discovered at an
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oakland chinatown market today. carl chan, president of oakland's chinatown chamber of commerce, tells ktvu. the graffiti was found outside of newton's market in chinatown this morning. chan says police have been notified. the chinatown area in oakland has been on high alert over the last year amid increased racial attacks on asians and asian americans. no arrests have been made. in this case. anyone with information about the graffiti is asked to call oakland police new tonight. starting tomorrow, petaluma police officers will be assigned to kennel worth junior high school until further notice due to a potential bomb threat. school district says the threat was made by someone using the anonymous stop it app, which is designed to report safety issues. misconduct and bullying at school district says they've been working closely with police to determine whether the bomb threat is credible. we have an update tonight on a story that we have been following all day long here a big bear that was up in a large tree in petaluma for hours has now made it down safely. it was last seen heading
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right toward the area of the petaluma golf and country club while a shelter in place has been lifted, people in the area are being encouraged to stay indoors. ktvu is. tom baker talked with residents and wildlife officials on the scene today. early sunday morning, petaluma police issued to shelter in place for residents and their pets near downtown, a resident reported seeing a bear wandering around near sixth street and raymond heights. initially tom limbert stock went ballistic, causing him to look outside. what is strange is that the gate that goes into our neighbor's yard was open and we never opened it so. that's why we thought it was a person apparently frightened. the good sized barrack lined up a huge redwood 85 ft above the ground, with the knicks alert now out, neighbors and others in the area gathered to see the rare sight. so we've had mountain lions here and more sightings. but a bear is new to me, and i've been here for 17 years sonoma county wildlife rescue licensed by the
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state to deal with bears says fires and drought have severely reduced foraging and game so they're coming down a little closer to our cities. people have garbage people have cat food. all of these things that the bears are desperately trying to find food, the trouble and the danger is. this is a powerful apex predator that's currently confused and frightened. it's scaring the bear and scaring is putting it mildly terrifying is more the word, give him a space and angle to get out. they'll usually take that. um definitely if you try to corner him, or if you surprise him. it could be a possible bad outcome when a wild bears confronted by a human or some other large, aggressive species. it has to make a choice, fight or flight. in this case, the bear decided to go up that tree and wait everything out. the question, of course, is how do you get them down out of there safely. north bay animal services officer mark scott said the bear was far too high up the tree to tranquilize. fearing
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that the fall would kill it, so we're going to try to either wait for him to get to a safer level or hopefully tonight, he'll come down on his own and leave when everybody's already back to bed. and we'll obviously stay here until that happened. and so it's a wait and see situation no matter how long tom vacar ktvu fox two news. kaiser says it has reached a tentative agreement with more than 50,000 of its workers, mostly in southern california, who had been threatening to strike. however 2500 kaiser pharmacists here in northern california are still planning to strike tomorrow. the unions for kaiser's pharmacists say they have been understaffed for months and their pay is not keeping up with inflation. kaiser says it hopes to reach agreements with those bargaining unit soon. non urgent and elective surgeries and procedures have now been postponed to prepare for the possible strike new tonight. the 10th victim to die from injuries suffered during that russia fans at the astro world music
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festival in houston is also the youngest victim to die. a family of nine year old ezra blunt says the boy died today. the boy's father says his son was on his shoulders when a crowd surged, crushed them during the performance by travis scott. blunt family is already part of the lawsuit filed against scott and the music festival's organizer, live nation. it is seeking at least $1 million in damages. laki ready? bali ready. the berkeley landlord who went to prison for sex trafficking. young women from india has died. according to berkeley side the 84 year old was found unresponsive inside his home last monday. he was taken to all debates in oakland, where he was pronounced dead of natural causes ready, spent eight years in federal prison after pleading guilty to charges that he brought girls and women from india on fraudulent visas and then paid them low wages and sexually abused many of them. homicide investigation is underway in antioch tonight after a man was shot and killed last night. that's shooting happened at about 10 40 saturday
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night in a residential neighborhood entrevista away in the city's south end. investigators say the victim was a 36 year old man. police have not released any description of the suspects. no one is in custody. anyone with information is asked to call antioch police. oh dear, for sure. and i've missed dear like within inches. uh raccoons. i've hit a raccoon on 2 80, but on 90 to 1 stretch of the bay area highway has been named california's deadliest stretch for wildlife encounter still to come. how much the problem is costing drivers and find out what some members of congress want the president to do in an effort to lower gas prices. and we're watching that fog reform tonight that's going to be in a lot of inland valleys tomorrow. not in san francisco, though it will be in the mid sixties. there tomorrow
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there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high.
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wildlife have caused california driver's upwards to tens of millions of dollars from 2016 to last year. ktvu zach sauce tells us the deadliest stretch for these types of accidents is a section of interstate 2 80 right here in the bay area. it's definitely a problem like nowhere else. it's why derek room of san mateo was hardly surprised to hear the findings of uc davis's recent roadkill report naming a 31 mile section of i 2 80 from san bruno to cupertino, california's deadliest stretch of highway for wildlife encounters. oh dear,
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for sure. i mean, i've missed dear, like within inches. uh raccoons. i've hit a raccoon onto 80 but on 92, so yeah, that's right in the same area, researchers from the university road ecology center estimate that just this part of i 2 80 cost drivers in the state around $5.8 million in damages and clean up costs a year. that's around $178,000 a mile. you got to really be careful, especially at night and in the fog. is really bad. uh, so i never i mean, i try to drive at a normal pace because you just never know it's going to happen on 2 80 just asked lydia candia coming back from san francisco for 28 by 2 80. in um i dare cross. suddenly he crossed so that i wanted to stop. because the other one i hear it, you know, but he crawls and i got so scared candia, narrowly avoiding the deer but others not so luck. statewide state farm insurance
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estimates that there are around 22,000 claims to crashes involving deer each year, and they're not the only animals from 2000 and 16 to 2020 nearly 600 black bears and over 300 mountain lines were killed by crashes. across the state concerning to animal conservationists. just last week, a san mateo patrol vehicle hit a mountain line on nearby route 92. the animal ran off, and it's unclear if it survived from mountain lions, two raccoons and deer. neighbors say wildlife is abundant here. i mean, we see here every day in and around our house, they're everywhere. and researchers at . c. davis say they feel the best way to address the problem is to build more wildlife, dedicated bridges to allow animals to safely cross roadways. they're also urging the state legislature to allocate more money for fences along wildlife area hotspots. for now, we're in redwood city, zach sauce, ktvu fox two news. president biden is scheduled to sign off on a massive package tomorrow, injecting more than a trillion dollars into infrastructure projects. but that's not the
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only domestic policy goal the president hopes to achieve this week. president biden also wants his build back better social spending plan to be signed into law. as soon as possible as david spun reports the bill, though, as once again stalled in congress. preparations are underway on the south lawn for a signing ceremony to take place monday. president biden expected to sign the bipartisan infrastructure package. into law despite a hyper partisan atmosphere in washington. this was a bipartisan effort. the signing comes as gas prices are climbing. store shelves in many cases, bear and those cargo ships continue to sit off the coast of california, just waiting to pull into port and don't forget that trucker shortage. that's still going on nationwide, the president says the answer to some of these issues namely inflation is his build back better social spending bill, which he wants to sign into law as soon as possible. but fox news is learning there is yet another
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delay. senate majority leader chuck schumer will delay the vote on bill back better because it has not yet come up officially yet in the house, and more importantly, perhaps there is no score from the congressional budget office to illustrate the exact cost, and i see it as a jobs act. i don't call it a spending plan is the jobs act, every single center that will be paid for, um, i think this is part of the path to a better at bringing down that inflation. in a better economy. most americans hard working americans are on fixed income and this is going to hit him really hard, and this is before we get to the energy crisis that we're facing this winter after signing the infrastructure bill into law on monday, the president will tout that new law in detroit, michigan and woodstock, new hampshire. at the white house. david spent fox news senate majority leader chuck schumer is calling on the biden administration to tap into the nation's strategic petroleum reserve, senator schumer says with the holidays approaching
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the country needs immediate relief from rising gas prices, which are now averaging $3.41 nationwide and 4 68 here in california. that's why i'm urging the administration to tap that reserve. get the prices down, and then we have to embark on a full time campaign to get us away from carbon fuels altogether. schumer says the infrastructure bill to be signed by the president tomorrow should help ease our dependence on carbon fuels. much of the bill is aimed at pushing the country toward electric vehicles and renewable energy top adviser to former president donald trump is expected to turn himself in tomorrow after he was indicted. by a federal grand jury. steve bannon was charged with two counts of contempt of congress after refusing to comply with the subpoena from the house committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u. s. capitol. each count carries a maximum of one year in jail. president donald trump has directed his aides and advisers
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to refuse to cooperate with the january six committees citing executive privilege. closing arguments in the homicide trial of kyle rittenhouse are scheduled to start tomorrow. the 18 year old says he shot three people in self defense during protests in kenosha, wisconsin, last summer. rittenhouse lived in illinois, but traveled with a gun to wisconsin during protests that erupted after a white police officer shot and seriously injured jacob blake, who is black right now says he fired the gun only after he felt his life was in danger from protesters. wisconsin's governor has placed hundreds of national guard troops on standby for when a verdict is announced. alrighty looking at that fog in the central valley. this was from this morning, but it gives you an idea. of the fog footprint. how that lays out. you've seen it a million times. so from reading all the way to bakersfield, you've got dense fog, and then it spills into the low lying barea right. it gets the warmer air at the coast draws that cooler air towards it. and that's why vac ville fairfield, napa, vallejo cool
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all day and a lot of slow burn off and that's kind of how it's going to go again tomorrow. right now there's a dense fog advisory, mainly south. of modesto, south of sacramento in the central valley, but i could easily see it going into effect for parts of the bay area tomorrow morning. they'll have to wait and see how fog forms, but it's a lot of it out there right now, especially out towards davis and fairfield. 64 in santa rosa today, but look at antioch 56 degrees. 71 pacifica 73 in morgan hill, but much cooler in fairfield at 61 so just kind of one of those days, and it's the exact opposite of what we get in the summer months where it's. right cooler coast, warmer bay and really warm inland. now it's cooler inland. mild day and warm coast. it's exact opposite microclimate switch. so here's the model. the long range model clouds tomorro. pocock karpol call it partly cloudy. and then we get tuesday looks fine. i think fog will be around tuesday, then wednesday, and then now we're talking about rain for thursday. so here it
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kind of shows up right about here doesn't look like much the dynamics that curlicue that's north, so that's for the dynamics. the strength will be the storm. but we got a little fuel down where we are so we could see 2/10 of an inch to a quarter of an inch in some places, so we'll hopefully that hopefully happen that way that's on thursday. so tomorrow morning look for the fog look forward and the spots where it was this morning because you'll see it again. if it was there if he was there this morning and yesterday morning will be there tomorrow morning. that's from trying to say. in the forecast overnight lows, chilly fog just like yesterday and i think we'll see more clouds tomorrow. more clouds tomorrow will result in slightly cooler daytime highs, especially. in the warmer coastal spots, which were in the mid and upper sixties. last couple of days. there's the cloud cover for tomorrow highs tomorrow. just in the sixties, mostly in the mid sixties to low sixties and then the five day forecast. you will feel see a couple seventies down towards morgan hill gilroy, but for the most part, there's your temperatures. thursday there's that chance of shower kind of a
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flat line week for winter or for a late fall. it's not really that exciting except for the fo. i guess i'll see you back here tomorrow night all right, bill. thank you. and just a reminder here. our annual one warm coat drive is underway. and if you have a gently warned code of jacket. that you would like to donate to bay area families. just take it to any participating ups store or big o tires. ktvu also has collection barrels at oakland's jacqueline and square santana row in san jose in the westfield san francisco center. the code drive runs until sunday, december, 5th two, said over two ktvu dot com slash one warm coat for more information. hundreds of women and young girls laced up their running shoes today for the 13th annual mermaid run in san francisco. as ktvu is amanda quintana shows us this race was all about inspiring women and girls to pursue their goals. it's not often you see young girls leading at the start of a big race but empowering runners of all ages like 10 year old lia ernst to complete her first five k. is what the mermaid series is
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all about. i knew i could do it, but and it was going to be hard and but i did it anyways. for the last month, nava cone has been training leah to use running as a way to deal with stress and anxiety. it just. like relaxes me, and it makes m. like calmer. they ran across the finish line together, hand in hand to see her progress and continue to do something that was hard even though she has all of these different things that she needs to no combat in life. um it was awesome. these are just two of the about 1500 women and girls inspired by the mermaid run the series with 10, mile 10-k and five k runs started in fremont with the triathlon specifically for women way back in 2000 and four when i started, it was very male dominated. uh so i wanted to create an atmosphere that was inviting for the women to come
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out to. so women's triathlon made sense and that helped bring out that very supportive, welcoming and encouraging environment now, with its 13th year in san francisco, it's become a tradition for many with costumes. of course, it makes the race more fun. and it makes the 10 miles more bearable with, you know, the cool um, medal at the end, and then the fun outfits. normally, there's some glitter. although the run is not a nonprofit, it helps support the mini mermaid running club, and that's a free program for young girls that get to learn about self esteem about their bodies, and they get to learn how to run a five k. yeah girl power pride that comes with getting across that finish line. something leo wants to share if there's anyone who was troubles like. just wished there like a really angry all the time. i just feel like. it's a good idea for them to start running because it really helped me. amanda quintana ktvu, fox two
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news. such a good message should get energy. well sports wrap is coming up at 11 30. here's a look at what joe and jason are working on. the warriors try to make it eight straight wins and steps hometown of charlotte. we've got your highlights and post game reaction is this one came right down to the wire, and it was a pretty good day for the 49 ers and joe. they didn't even play football game today. i mea, they didn't lose. well, we're going to explain and look ahead to tomorrow night's monday matchup with the rams, and it is a full half hour of sports coming up at 11 30 on sports wrap. all right. we'll see you then but first after the break, see what it takes for ups to get packages to your door during the
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to help speed up the delivery process this holiday season and as eliana gomez reports, ups says it can process more than 550,000 packages per day in november and december. it was the month before christmas. when all through the ups hub. not a package was sitting, not even a box. 11 miles of conveyor belts, treat the packages with care. we would be able to process this speaks season over 550,000 pieces. per day between november and december and hopes that shipment would soon be their example of our technology. the
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trucks pull up in five all parked in their spots, delivering more holiday cheer that comes in a box. we're very ready. the driver dressed in brown with a ups cap mask on hands washed fresh from the town about 10 years ago. we did all of this my hand when this year's supply chain issues caused such a clatter and the green up ther. that shows every belt running ups invested in automation to help fix the matter. we have a 20% more efficiency because of the technology put inherited down the conveyor belt flying like a flash. the gifts are boxed but not wrapped in a sash will drop. in their bags at the package goes into the bag. they leave the decorating to you with one small request. i think the best thing for everyone is to shop early, so load up your carts online and in store long before the black friday shopping uproar. because happy packages
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early package so shop early, get it back into the system he delivered on time the driver is ready, so don't bother waiting in line. i heard him exclaim before he drove out of sight. merry christmas to all and to all a good night. alyona gomez reporting there 40 days left julia to christmas. unbelievable can't believe that everything started giving like next to vettel next week. goodnight, everyone. thanks for joining us next.
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you smell gas, you're too close.
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. moments in charlotte. guys incredible. he'll take the wind on your safe. but it was the hornets handing the warriors their first loss in 2.5 weeks. we never really put our imprint on the game, 49ers are looking to get back on track against the l a rams are guys been hungry then you guys have really responded this week why monday night's matchup is as close as a must win game as there is in november. and what's next for wando following his record setting mls career they get very excited to now


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