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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 16, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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to congress in 2022 have been deeply bay area congresswoman jackie speier, announcing that more than 40 years of public service will now be coming to an end. we're going to take a look at her career. for re election s more than a dozen children at center health clinic or given the wrong dose of the covid vaccine. the investigation now underway into what went wrong. and a smash and grab robbery at a jewelry store at an east bay mall what witnesses are saying about the suspects as police continue to review surveillance video in that case, the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. and good afternoon to you. i'm claudine wang infer mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian. let's begin with peninsula congresswoman jackie speier, announcing she will end her career in the house of representatives. she said this morning she will not seek re election. today i'm announcing that i will not be a candidate for re election to
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congress in 2022. it's time for me to come home. time for me to be more than a weekend wife, mother and friend. it's been an extraordinary privilege and honor to represent the people of san mateo county and san francisco at almost every level of government for nearly four decades. i spoke with representatives spear this morning on mornings on, too. she said she's thought about retirement for a while and that she plans to stay active and involved in politics and her community. it's also time to pass the torch to another generation, so i am looking forward to coming home to being there for my husband and children and friends and also to find new ways to contribute to the community. so there are more chapters in my life book, and i plan on writing those chapters with all the people who i know and love. it's not yet known who will run for spears seat in
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congress. but san francisco senior political chronicle senior political writer joe gary foley said democrats are likely to hold on to it even with redistricting. that she doesn't know danger of going into republican hands. uh but it you look first their bite this. maybe some state senators might be interested i he's run for office before there's other people again. depending the lines aren't final yet, but it could some maps have it going rather far south. prior to joining the house, spear was a long time member of california state legislature and a congressional aide. in 1978. she was shot while in guyana while working as a staff assistant for the late representative leo rya. jackie speier was elected to congress in 2000 and eight an investigation is underway in concord after police say nearly a dozen robbers broke into a jewelry store and took off with almost everything inside. police are hoping that surveillance video will lead to arrests. ktvu james tours has the story from the sun valley shopping mall in
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concord. here's the very latest. witnesses and employees inside the mall thought they heard gunfire. what they actually heard was the sound of hammers, smashing the glass on display cases. seven o'clock monday evening, the iceberg diamond jewelry store shut its gates early. about an hour and a half and stole as much merchandise as they could. you can see employees sweeping the aftermath. the store sells a number of jewelry items, necklaces, rings and mouthpiece. and as officers arrived to the scene, the group wearing masks and hoodies took off. concord police officers say they are now reviewing surveillance video footage. and working with detectives on whether they want to show that footage to the public to help their investigation. ktvu reached out to mall officials for comment, but they have not answered our requests. reporting and conquered. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. sutter health
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pediatricians are looking into what went wrong when some children at their antioch office got an incorrect dose of the covid vaccine. ktvu ali rasmus live here to explain what happened, ali and what health care providers and parents can learn from this. garcia's center health says this is a problem that happened only after an eoc office over the weekend. 14 children got the wrong amount. of fighters covid vaccine double the dose they were supposed to get. fighters covid vaccine for children is 10 micrograms about a third the size adults get the kids vaccine comes in special orange top vials, but there's a process between getting the vaccine from those vials into a syringe. a pharmacist has to add some extra liquid to dilute the vaccine. senator health says over the weekend 14 kids at their covid vaccine clinic in antioch got a dose that wasn't properly diluted, and the kids ended up getting a single shot with 20 micrograms of the vaccine. double the amount they're supposed to get. in a statement, the chair of sutter's vaccine task force said, quote as soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and
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advise them of cdc guidance in the situation. according to the cdc patients who receive the vaccine with an incorrect pollutant volume may experience more arm soreness, fatigue, headache or a fever in response to the dose given. it definitely is not really dangerous. i know that this is really frustrating for these parents, and i hope that this raises awareness and put more quality checks into place, ucsf infectious disease professor dr monica gandhi says the kids involved should still get their second dose of the covid vaccine, but wait longer than the standard three weeks to do it. would wait a little longer. like six weeks at the second dose. this vaccine is really important for children. we can't get sick children do it prevents transmission to others. they want kids to be able in life to go back to normal. so don't let a couple of strict incidents that should not happen again. detroit you from vaccine, ian kid. and along those lines, dr gandhi says the problems like what happened at centres antioch clinic this weekend are very
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rare. so far close to one million children have already seen received their first covid shot nationwide without any problems, clotting and gaussian back to you. all right. thanks ali. well, leaders in california continue to push for more adults to get their covid booster vaccine. this is pfizer makes another major move about an hour ago fighter asked u. s regulators to authorize its covid-19 pill that is shown to reduce deaths and hospitalizations. jonathan sorry, has the latest from atlanta. we got to stay ahead of covid more than 30. million americans have gotten booster shots so far in the fda is expected to expand access to all adults in the coming weeks. but a growing number of officials aren't willing to wait that lon. at least four states in new york city now encouraging anyone over 18 to roll up their sleeves again, even though the fda and cdc safer now. only those over 65 are at high risk should be getting a booster. the push comes as health officials are warning of a potential fifth wave of covid-19. we're averaging about 85,000 new cases
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a day in the u. s a 15% increase from just two weeks ago, providers should not turn a patient away if they request to booster. so long as they're 18 and older and it has been at least six months since the moderna or fighter dose, and there's also big news on the treatment front fighter agreeing to allow others to manufacture its anti covid pill, which cuts the risk of severe infection by almost 90% the drugmaker isn't waving its intellectual property rights, a major sticking point for sharing information on covid treatments. instead it is created a new licensing agreement allowing generic drug manufacturers in 95. trees to make their own version of the pill. this means in healthcare from zero access almost two medicines to access to manages so that demand will be huge. pfizer says the countries involved in the licensing agreement cover about 53% of the world's population. in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news. jury deliberations are
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underway in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial in kenosha, wisconsin. deliberations began just a few hours ago after the jury was finalized a tune jurors were in court for the entirety of the trial. six were dismissed by a random drawing carried out this morning in court by written house. shortly after beginning deliberations, the jurors asked the judge for extra copies of the jury instructions there, now tasked with deciding of rittenhouse was a vigilante or if he was acting in self defense. it's really the difference between the two sides is the interpretation of the law and whether or not he was in fear of imminent death or serious bodily injury. if convicted, 18 year old rittenhouse could be sentenced to life in prison here at home. we're learning more information about a search warrant served at the home of former windsor mayor dominic foot poli. the search of the home was conducted last wee, according to court documents. 10 items were removed from the home, including. two laptops, three ipads, a camera, cell phone and a recorder. the investigation began back in
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april after several women accused the police of sexual misconduct and sexual assault of a police stepped down as mayor in may and denies the allegations to more walgreens stores in san francisco are now closed for good one store in golf street and the other on clement street. they both serve their final customers last nigh. walgreens is blaming rampant shoplifting for these two closures, as well as others across the city. and now many walgreens customers who used to be able to walk to the store. must now drive to another neighborhood. i'm disappointed. i need to get something from us a for my cold. and it's this is a busy street when they close this thing. enough ridiculous. it's very sad. it's very convenient for me to, you know, just bake. get my start from there. two other walgreens stores, one on ocean and another mission have already closed their doors. there's another location on cesar chavez street that is set to close its doors for good tomorrow. some city leaders have argued that
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walgreens, maybe using the sometimes raisin thefts as an excuse to close locations, arguing that the chain expanded its number of stores in san francisco. too rapidly. still to come at noon. thanksgiving is next week, and the need for food is higher than ever. here in the bay area. we take a look at what nonprofits are doing this year to make sure families have a hot meal plus with this infrastructure bill, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs and more jobs for the bay area, and that's that's exciting. now that the infrastructure bill has been signed into law will take a look at some of the projects. many see city leaders say they'd like to see get that money. after a cloudy start feels clouds are clearing and sunshine expected for your afternoon. we'll check in on your current conditions and show you what you can expect for the rest of the week coming for the rest of the week coming up. ♪ ♪ you can jump. $0 gym membership and free fitbit®. for occasional heavy lifting.
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infrastructure bills now been signed by president biden. this means money for california project very leaders celebrating the billions of dollars for transportation projects. now, on the way here to california. we'll take a look at where some of that money will go in our state. $25 billion will go to improving highways. 4.2 billion for bridge repairs. 39 billion goes for public transportation
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$65 billion has been marked for electric grid infrastructure improvements. ktvu deborah villalon shows us one of the problem areas up in the north bay that's supposed to get a makeover. highway 37 connecting solano and marin county's a two lane bottleneck on its best days and closed by flooding on its worst. this east west connector is a prime candidate for infrastructure funding. literally, it needs to be higher. wider greener, safer and built to last. the infrastructure bill offers a $140 billion pot for projects across the country to vie for and it gives an immediate 50% raised two states based on an existing formula, help our port, our airport and the overall safety and mobility. particularly as we're looking to create a new neighborhood on our waterfront bare shaft, envisioning oakland port improvements that could help the odds of an aids ballpark
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development. both chef and san jose mayor liccardo attended the bill signing, ecstatic that funds begin flowing immediately to the more localized projects such as adding charging stations for electric vehicles that can company quickly, uh just needs to be disseminated to local communities, and we can see that in 2022. other expenses are going to just take much more time because they're big projects. another big one, modernizing caltrain from diesel to electric not only cleaner but considered essential if high speed rail is whoever bring passengers from the central valley to silicon valley and hand them off. remember the ultimate goal? of uh, high speed rail was transbay terminal all the way to union station in l. a this commissioner on the metropolitan transportation commission notes. caltrain san bruno. station alone cost $200 million to build with this infrastructure bill. jobs jobs, jobs, jobs and more jobs for the
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bay area, and that's that's exciting. deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. all right. time now is 12 15 and let's go to meteorologist rosemary oroczo because the time is important because it's taken some time to find the sun. yeah so we are looking at more sunshine this afternoon compared to yesterday, right and as we get into the second part of the day temperatures will be slightly warmer than yesterday. right about average for this time of year giving you a live. look here at sfo where we have a little bit of haze out there a little bit of fog still hanging on air quality for today. good to moderate. and we do have some wind in our hills. more on that in just a moment. let's take a look at how much warmer we are right now. most areas up by a few degrees areas over santa rosa up by nine degrees. you're definitely feeling the difference today. oakland up by five we have sfo and, hey, we're just by a few degrees or by to half moon bay a little bit cooler. san jose, also a little bit cooler. in san jose. not much change, or i should say
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livermore. not much change at 56 64 right now in oakland, 59 in san francisco, upper fifties and napa and close to the water 59 degrees over half moon bay. we do have a little bit of cooler air moving into the bay area, but we've got sunshine so that will help to offset that cooling and again, most of us are likely to be a little bit warmer today. the winds are generally light at the surface, but we get in our hills and some areas reporting a bit of a breeze. monte ah, below 18 mph, oakland north 23 mph, mount st helene a 17 mph and primarily coming in from the northeast, this behind the front that brought us all that cloud cover and now ushering in a little bit of cooler air as well. but you can see from storm tracker to the state pretty much in the dry and going to remain that way for today, tomorrow with another opportunity of some rain coming in on thursday here for the bay area, it looks like around thursday night. but for the afternoon today we'll go 68 for santa rosa low sixties for you. san francisco 64 oakland 66 lover martin 65 over san jose. a
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better look at some of these numbers will 62 4 areas over pacifica. 67 in san rafel 65 expected and conquered in the south bay 67 over morgan hill. temperatures will actually be under cool again as began to the days ahead and the possibility of some wet weather. better details coming in just a little bit. all right. thanks rosemary still become at noon. if you are planning to travel this holiday season, it could cost you more up next. why airlines say that airfare bargain will be hard to find.
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civilians. police say three suicide bombers also died in those attacks, which happened within minutes of each other near a police station and a parliamentary building. now a possible attack on a third target was foiled by police who pursued and disarmed a suspected suicide bomber. the british government has raised its terror threat level to severe now after a deadly explosion in liverpool outside of a hospital over the weekend. investigators say that a man was picked up by a taxi set off a homemade bomb in the back seat. he was killed. the taxi driver was injured. he's being called a hero for reportedly locking the taxi door so the bomber couldn't get out. the explosion prompted the u. k to raise its terror threat system to its second highest level. british people will never be cowed by terrorism. we will never give in to those who seek to divide us with senseless acts of violence. police arrested
12:22 pm
four men believed to be associates of the bomber. the motive is still unclear, but officials are looking into whether it's connected to remembrance sunday, a day dedicated to honoring fallen service members. an american journalist is back on u. s soil after being freed from a burmese prison. danny finster arrived at new york's jfk airport this morning, accompanied by former new mexico governor bill richardson, who helped secure his release, the managing editor of the online magazine frontier myanmar was sentenced to 11 years of hard labor after being convicted friday of spreading false or inflammatory information and other charges. and a woman who worked as an immigration consultant in san jose is accused of defrauding her clients. sheriff. investigators say she took her clients cash but never submitted paperwork for the documents they were seeking. and because of that one victim says she never got to visit a dying relative. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has that story. he deserves what he gets. he makes people suffer. suffer kill. julian escobar is
12:23 pm
angry. the san jose woman who didn't want her face shone says she was defrauded by an immigration consultant who worked out of this business center. escobar says the woman failed to turn in a visa and citizenship application for her husband, defrauding the couple of nearly $5000. we paid everything that we were supposed to pay to her for her to fix the papers and. we never got any proof of anything being done. the santa clara county sheriff's office conducted a four month investigation detectives interviewed the immigration consultant at her office at the tropicana shopping center at story in king roads in san jose. sheriff's deputy russell davis said the consultant jasmine sanchez simply kept her client's money without doing the work. this couple trust, said ms sanchez to provide the proper documentation and paperwork to obtain citizenship and at the end of it, they later determined that none of that paper was actually submitted to immigration investigators say sanchez failed to provide any refunds. they arrested the 36
12:24 pm
year old on suspicion of grand theft, theft by false pretenses and violations of the immigration consultant act. escobar says she and her husband were unable to visit dying relatives in mexico, including her brother in law because of what happened. i get so frustrated when i think about the excited right away, think about my brother in law and how i wasn't able to meet it because she was playing games, investigators say. sanchez also defrauded a man who paid her $1000 for a daca application. he was in the process of obtaining a scholarship through a trade school. and unfortunately, do those circumstances that all got denied. escobar says the suspect took advantage of latino victims for her to be doing that to people. you know her own kind. that's wrong for somebody to do that. i believe in karma. big time. jasmine sanchez is free on bail. sheriff's investigators are asking anyone who may have been victimized by her to give them a call. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. there are reports of woman in argentina has become
12:25 pm
the second person in the world to be quote naturally cured of aids. doctors say the woman was diagnosed with hiv eight years ago and that for the last four years they've been going over her dna searching for traces of the virus and have come up empty. they even checked her placenta after she gave birth last year. the baby daughter is also hiv free. the first person who was declared naturally cured is lauren willenberg of san francisco. two other people who received stem cell transplants have also been cured. but all the other patients in the world have had that risky procedure still test positive for aids. federal government is warning americans about traveling to certain areas of europe because of covid dangers. cbc is adding three countries to its list of very high risk countries. the czech republic, hungary and iceland are now in level four. that's the highest risk category. this means these countries have more than 500 covid cases per 100,000 residents in the past month. americans are advised to avoid traveling to these countries, but if they must go, the cdc urges them to be fully vaccinated and says they may have to test negative for covid before coming back home. other
12:26 pm
international destinations in the very high risk category include belgium, the netherland, singapore and the u. s. virgin islands. airfares are going up, travel experts say. don't wait for discounts this holiday season because fares are expected to jump 18% in the next two months. reasons include airline staffing shortages, more people flying during the holidays and a seven year high for the price of jet fuel. while keeping people off the streets and in their homes in oakland, the new rental assistance program announced today by oakland mayor libby schaaf, plu. putting sexually violent predators into neighborhoods without notice or giving a voice to the community or law enforcement for their ability to monitor is incredibly problematic. a community outrage over the placement of a convicted sex offender who served his time why they now want a judge to reverse that decision.
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tell your doctor about any infections... and if you are or may become pregnant while taking rinvoq. take on ra. talk to your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save on rinvoq. we're following this noontime in the bay area. congresswoman jackie speier announced this morning that she will not run for re election next year, she said it's time to spend more time with her family and friends. congressman sphere said she decided 43 years ago to dedicate her life to public service. and that's what when she was shot in ghana when she traveled there with her boss,
12:30 pm
congressman leo ryan, to investigate reports of people being held at the commune known as jonestown. and sutter health says over the weekend 14 children at their covid vaccine clinic in antioch got a dose that wasn't properly diluted. in a statement, the chair of sutter's vaccine task force said. as soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advise them of cdc guidance in this situation, according to the cdc patients who received vaccine with an incorrect diluting volume may experience more armed soreness. fatigue headache or a fever in response to the dose given biters covid vaccine for children is 10 micrograms, about a third of the size that adults get. a new video into our newsroom, shows the smash and grab robbery at a jewelry store at the sun valley mall in concord on this happened around 7 30 last night at iceberg diamond. this was about 90 minutes before that store was set to close. police say about nine people rushed into that store. and then as you can see,
12:31 pm
there they were using hammers to shatter that display case. anyone with information is being asked to call concord police. there's outrage over the placement of a convicted sex offender who served his time a judge ruled to allow him to reside in a home in a remote area of bonny doon on wild irish lane. ktvu is azenith smith has this reaction from that community? nestled in this heavily wooded area of bonny doon at 2400 square foot, two story home. these are pictures from redfin across from a playground and nearest school neighbors not happy about who's moving in. that's crazy. you know, it doesn't make any sense. it's insane, the idea that the state would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to house a sexually violent predator. this is where a santa cruz county judge says 69 year old michael cheek can live. back in 1980 cheek of concord visited santa cruz abducted and sexually assaulted a woman he met at seabright beach. he was convicted and later raped a 15
12:32 pm
year old putting sexually violent predators into neighborhoods without notice or giving a voice to the community or law enforcement for their ability to monitor. is incredibly problematic cheek currently at atascadero state hospital, will be wearing a gps monitor the sheriff's office worries about limited wifi and frequent power outages. bonny doon school board president attended monday's court ruling and says the judges rationale. cheek has qualified for conditional release for two years, unable to find a home. if this is rejected, cheek has asked to be released as a transient the way the judge framed it, it would be hard to say no, because he's waited so long for his justice, and that would be worse. in her opinion for society than this next door neighbor, joe brennan, with six kids is moving his 14 year old daughter walks past the house to the school bus. i don't think any reasonable parent would feel like that's okay. and i don't. it's unclear what will happen to
12:33 pm
wild irish private school. brennan runs it. a handful of students go there. i'm not going to put my kids in, uh, position where they have to walk in fear every day. the district attorney plans to appeal the judge's ruling community members hope this decision is overturned in the santa cruz mountains. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. african american leaders in san francisco or demanding the city hand over control of the well known film or heritage center to a non profit organization from that communit. katie is rob ross spoke with leaders who say their demand is a reparation for past injustices. too many african american people in san francisco this building the fillmore heritage center represents perhaps their last chance to re establish what they say has been lost in the fillmore district. their heritage. this building is a right for us to return and have culture. dozens of african american leaders and residents, among them actor danny glover, who grew up in the city. rally
12:34 pm
near the front of the heritage center, asking the city to help transfer the empty building to a black run organization, which will use it to promote african american arts and culture. bring some real dialogue. not adjustments, but some real dialogue and some some real reparative justice there. then then we want. there was a time when the fillmore was known as harlem of the west. it was a predominantly black neighborhood during world war two. but after the war came urban renewal, which forced out most of the old residents who could no longer afford to live here, it was not about redevelopment. it was about black removal, and now there needs to be reparations, says reverend name is brown, president of the san francisco chapter of the acp is demanding the city and redevelopment agency, which currently owns the vacant building that has yoshi's jazz club to transfer control to the black community. deliver justice. fairness and inclusion.
12:35 pm
for the culture, the history and the good sense of the african american community. community leaders are hoping that grew support so they can get this building and what they say are not only the proper hands, but the only hands it's san francisco rob ross ktvu, fox two news. well the newest war of the caldecott tunnel has a new name. caltrans unveiled a sign for what is now the representative ellen o'kane tauscher memorial board. the congresswoman represented parts of the east bay for 13 years. state senator steve glazer suggested the name, saying tauscher helped get federal funding for bay area highways, bridges and the expansion of the calder cup tunnel. ellen tauscher wasn't accomplished businesswoman, congresswoman and diplomat and she served our community with great distinction and honor and this is our way of recognizing
12:36 pm
great contributions to the contra costa alameda counties and all of the bay area. she brought resources and money to improve our highways, bridges and tunnels just like this one. tauscher died from pneumonia in 2019 more than 6000. university of california. lecturers plan to walk off the job at nine u. c campuses, including u c. berkeley tomorrow and thursday. lecturers teach nearly half of all u. c. undergraduate classes. they include cues. you see officials of bad faith bargaining on a range of issues, including paid family leave compensation for online instruction and reasonable workloads. you see, issued a statement calling the planned strike grossly unfair to our students. lecturers at ucsf are not expected to strike. protesters across california, demanding the state drop its covid vaccine mandate for public school students. three. this was the scene in sacramento yesterday. more than 4000, parents, students and teachers
12:37 pm
rallied at the state capitol. they're protesting governor newsom's recent decision to require covid vaccines for california students as soon as the eligible. down in southern california some parents kept their children out of school yesterday as part of a protest demonstrators say they want to keep students home from school to show the district how many students they could lose if the mandate is put into place. san francisco mayor london breed honored the city's unsung heroes of the covid 19 pandemic. the ceremony was held at the steps of city hall where each hero was recognized for their hard work over the past 18 months. the mayor says those who were honoured when above and beyond to help people in neighborhoods that are typically neglected. the people standing up here with me today. they rolled up their sleeves. they didn't shy away from the work. they stepped up. and they put themselves at risk. in order to help other people. mayor breed says together the city's unsung heroes did just about everything, including
12:38 pm
distributing food, organizing online masses and setting up testing and vaccine sites. mayor london breed announced the city of san francisco will spend $2.5 million to help provide the city's entertainment and music industry. the goal here is to provide financial help to the many entertainment venues across the city that had to shut down at the beginning of the pandemic mayors. sf live initiative, as it's called, will also include a series of concerts and performances at outdoor parks and plazas that will begin next year. number of homes on the real estate market in san francisco, now declining after hitting a peak last month, the real estate blog socket site reports inventory levels in the city are now 44% lower than they were this time last year. that number is expected to keep dropping through the end of the year. but the number of homes on the market in san francisco was still 20% higher than the inventory figure before the pandemic. oakland now has a new program to help support landlords who rent to low income families. mayor libby chef announced the pilot program this morning. it will give 200 struggling households about $700 a month with no strings attache.
12:39 pm
mayor chef says the program is based on the idea that it's harder to get someone housed than it is to keep them from being home. it's actually easier to keep someone housed. than it is to lift someone who was already experiencing homelessness. this shallow subsidy program shows that with ongoing support to bridge the gap between what people earn and what the rents are, we can stabilise families prevent homelessness from happening in the first place. the mayor says the shallow subsidy, as it's called, will provide a gap to help bring tenants rent burdened down to no more than 50% of their income. today the oakland city council will decide which of two developers will get the contract to redevelop the coliseum site. according to the east bay times, both development groups have plans to develop the 100 acre property, which includes the coliseum and the arena and making it into a mixed use development of sports fields, homes, office buildings and businesses. now, whichever group has chosen would have to partner with the oakland a's as
12:40 pm
the team owns half of that property still to come at noon, an 87 year old on a mission in the north bay to stop drivers from speeding through her neighborhood. this is a senior citizen community. we're not talking about just an ordinary community up. next we'll take a look at how she is taking matters into her own hands. over the bay area this afternoon. partly cloudy skies and seasonal temperatures will have a look at what you can expect for today and when the next opportunity for some rain into the bay area will come coming up. speeding ins
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now taking matters into her own hands. ktvu is tom baker has more on how she is now stepping in to patrol the area. seeing them slow down. complaining that she's getting no help from neither her homeowner's association nor the police 87 year old norma bomb, steiger has assumed the role of citizen activist her station. busy oakmont drive the main drag in her large north bay retirement community right by her home, where the speed limit is 25. slow down. the sign and her day glo safety vests, a slow down in a community where many slow moving elderly residents regularly cross the street on walks or to catch buses. this is
12:44 pm
a senior citizen community. we're not talking about just an ordinary community, press democrat reports show police citations are rare on oakmont drive for two days. they gave tickets and never came back in three years, going back to february of 2023 tickets were issued. one for no insurance to stop sign violations, but none for speeding. then there's the abundant wild critters, which explains why dear faces on her signs. other side turkeys, quail deer. the fox comes here we have the fox come here. this is really a community of wildlife here. the support for her has been very high for her neighborhood. i'd say get approach, you know, like, i wouldn't mind having someone like that in my neighborhood. i really wouldn't. you know, um, i feel like that brings some sort of respect the neighborhood. i think you can go 35 here and it'll be safe. but she is right. people are not driving 25. obviously that's more of a risk than 35. so yeah, i mean, good.
12:45 pm
good for her. florida is not unusual here. our radar gun verified that several times. but not all contacts are positive. i get a few like this. i call it a two point patrol here. i get the thumbs up or i get the middle finger. then there's the verbal stuff. oh, yes, vile, vile names. but she says the positive far outweighs the negative. i got a thick skin. i'm an old lady. i raised four boys and i've got a thick skin 87 years old, sharp as a tack and she means really means to slow people down to protect wildlife. and her neighbors. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. norma bomb, steiger. we will remember her always all right now to a wild site that left one woman shaken up all caught on video. take a look at what happened here. a bear opened the door of a 7 11 in olympic valley near lake tahoe and seemed to take no notice of a store employee who was yelling at it to get out. oh
12:46 pm
my goodness. he knows the office. hey, stop! hi hi. get out. get out. the employee. thef looks around even triggers the hand sanitizer dispensermergency services arrived. they shot at the bear with rubber bullets. the bear gut essentially kind of scared away finally left, but then it returned and the same bear dug through the store's trash cans later in the morning. all right now to some delays in the season openings of both heavenly and northstar ski resorts. they will not open this friday, as was planned because the weather is just too warm. at this point, there's no rescheduled opening date, but that may come next week. heavenly still plans to open its gondolas and tamarack lodge on friday, though, as planned, we had such high hopes for a early and great season. we got a couple of days in rosemary, but this is what we were kind of worried about right? it wasn't
12:47 pm
going to stay long. we're glad we saw it. but yes, we can. we can't have a feel a little nervous, but you know, of cours, we're still here way early in the season, and we do have an opportunity at some rain coming our way not as big as the storm as we would like, but i'll show you more on that in just a moment outside our doors at this hour. we are enjoying more sunshine today. yesterday we were covered in clouds for most if not the entire day. temperatures fell below average after a very warm weekend. here's a look at sfo where we do have the fog so that they're a little bit little bit of haze air quality. good to moderate for today of you here, storm tracker to i have a 12 hour time lapse and you can see late last night into early this morning, we had a cold front moved through fairly dry. not much moisture associated with it. you see just a little bit there. we may have seen a little bit of drizzle, but not much. but behind it, we do have changes in the way of it helped to disrupt that cloud cover in the fog. so we saw some earlier clearing today and this afternoon will continue with the partly cloudy skies. we also have a bit of a
12:48 pm
north east flow that has developed behind it in and around the bay area. windsor generally like but in our hills, we're seeing them a little bit stronger. mount diablo reporting. 22 mph oakland north reporting. 23 so we do we do have a little bit of a dry air out there shaping our afternoon and with that we're going to remain drive for today as well as tomorrow. it's also bringing with it a cooler air mask for today, but with all that sunshine out, there were likely to be even a little bit warmer than yesterday. here's a look at 11 o'clock on thursday evening. this is our next shot. so today. tomorrow dry partly cloudy thursday we start to see an increase in cloud cover, and by thursday night into friday, we will get an opportunity at a little bit of light rain. it looks to stay mainly to the north. but here's a good idea the future cast model showing us anywhere from a few 107 inch, too. maybe 1/10 or a quarter of an inch. so that's what we're seeing now. yesterday it was a little bit wetter earlier in the weekend, it was even wetter. so it's trending a little bit drier than what we would like. but it's still there, so we'll
12:49 pm
continue to track it. meanwhile for the afternoon today at this hour 59 degrees in san francisco opera fifties and napa 59 for the inner east bay of livermore and into the afternoon will go low sixties over pacifica. mid sixties and conquered upper sixties expected in santa rosa. this is expected to be one of the warmer days. take a look at the extended forecast holding steady through wednesday. and then as we get into thursday, cooling it off, in addition to that cloud cover, moving in chance for rain thursday night into friday that looks to be one of our coolest days and then into the weekend sixties in the forecast. sunday mostly sunny skies back to you, rosemary cams. power company says it saw 65% increase in reported scams in september and october. that number may go up even higher during the holidays. pg and e says that scammers have increased their calls, texts and emails during the pandemic. the company reminds us all that pg and e never asks customers for private financial information over the phone through a text message or by email. we're following another destructive
12:50 pm
fire season. parts of the sequoia national park are now open. visitors can go to some popular picnic areas in the foothills area is open for day use only the burn scars from this year's wildfires are still visible. the state of california and the national park service are working to preserve some of the largest and oldest trees in the park that date back nearly 3000 years. and stand as tall as 25 story buildings. fire burns so intensely because of the drought and because absence of fire on the landscape for the last 130 years at the fire got off the ground. and basically laddered its way up into the canopies of these trees and caused devastating effects. park rangers say the best way to preserve these trees and forces to thin out some groves and increase the number of controlled burns. rangers say the forces too dense and worry that unplanned fires will turn into infernos still to come at noon to 49ers snapped their winless streak at home, how they pulled off a win against the los angeles rams.
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working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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event this noon hour. they provided holiday food for 850 families this year that samaritan house says each family received a frozen turkey fresh produce and pantry items so they can prepare a special holiday meal. we saw our meal. demand growth from a million 400,000 to over three million meals during covid, and believe me, it's barely abated, and it's picking up again after the end of the eviction moratorium. the end of some of the government support programs so people are in real need. the samaritan house plans to hold a drive thru holiday event in december, where new toys, coats and gift cards will be distributed, and our annual one warm coat drive is now underway. the drive runs until sunday, december 5th. visit ktvu com slash one warm coat for more information. and the supply
12:55 pm
chain crisis has proven to be a real grinch ahead of the holidays. marketing experts say limited supplies could cause buyers to make some costly decisions. reporter kevin corke has the tips and tricks you need to know to save money and avoid scammers. buyer beware ongoing kinks in the supply chain could cause some consumers to make risky holiday purchases. supply becomes more scarce and more sporadic. they may be motivated to go outside of the typical well known vendors and venture of to make a purchase with an unknown vendor and end up potentially with a counterfeit product, but you don't need to be a cybersecurity expert to avoid being scammed online. officials say there's several things to look out for to ensure you're on a credible site, including a lock icon, next to the u. r l and you are ill that starts with https looking for ms failed company or domain names.
12:56 pm
meanwhile in store purchases are still going strong, and this year the pandemic is fueling the luxury market. there are people that really want to get dressed up again. they're excited to bu, you know something that has that logo on it, and with thanksgiving right around the corner, experts say, before you hit up the black friday sales it's important to be grateful for what you already have, especially as the world continues mending from the effects of the pandemic, acknowledge that we are here that we are together acknowledge those that we have lost and acknowledge that we may be emotionally spent after a difficult year, and it turns out showing thanks can. actually help keep you healthy, scientists say expressing gratitude can actually boost your immune system and even wait for it. help you sleep better. i'm kevin corke fox news. well the popular slanted door restaurant in san francisco's ferry building will soon be reopening. the restaurant has been closed since the start of the pandemic, leading some to
12:57 pm
wonder if it would ever opened its doors again. but according to the san francisco business times, the restaurant has signed a new 10 year lease extension. and the restaurant is reportedly planning a renovation and will open next summer. the business times also says the owner is planning to open a location in napa in the spring. new polls suggest that republicans are much less likely to get a flu shot now than they were before the covid pandemic. several national polls say there was not much difference between the number of republicans and democrats getting flu shots in the years before the covid pandemic. but business insider now reports there is a 20% gap between members of those two parties. about two thirds of democrats say they have or plan to get a flu vaccination. for republicans. that number is under 50% researchers say that that indicates the political battle over the covid vaccine is now affecting flu shots as well. crew members of the film industry narrowly approved a new contract with hollywood producers avoiding a plant strike. the vote came after a bitter standoff. the contract raises wages, increases safety standards and requires longer rest periods between shifts. the
12:58 pm
international alliance of theatrical and staged employees union represents some 60,000 behind the scenes workers in the film and television industry and now to sports as 49ers fans are celebrating the team's best win of the season. the niners beat the los angeles rams on monday night football 31 to 10. it was their first win at home in more than a year. the captain 18 play opening drive with a touchdown to george kittle safety jimmie ward came back from a quad injury and had to pick six interception return for a touchdown. but the odds of offensive star here was deebo samuel. he scored twice, an eight yard run and then the knockout blow of fourth down 40 yard reception in the fourth quarter. we had a good week. our guys seemed confident throughout the week. um another ramps are real good team. um. but we were ready to play and you got to make plays, and that's what we're able to do all night coach and put us in position to make plays. i thought every everybody you know, played at a high level office line. why receivers tight
12:59 pm
ends fullbacks running backs the jimmy. jimmy garoppolo completed 15 of 19 passes had two touchdowns. the niners ran the ball 44 times headed 2 to 1 margin in time of possession. they can now even their record when they take on the jacksonville jaguars. you can see the game right here on ktvu sunday morning at 10 o'clock. the baseball writers association will announce its pick for the national league manager of the year and san francisco giants manager gabe kapler is widely considered. a front runner to win that award. kapler lead san francisco to 107 regular season victories this season. that's the most in the long history of the giants. the giants also won their first national league title since 2012. this was kapler's second season as the team's manager, so we are waiting for the announcement. the mlb network is going to announce the winner at three o'clock this afternoon, west coast time. excellent candidate, so we will have it for you at four. thanks for joining us always fun to do this together. our news is always on ktvu .com
1:00 pm
and the ktvu news app. be back and the ktvu news app. be back dr. oz: my exclusive one-on-one with the family of gabby petito. did you have a sense that she was gone before you heard? you all went to wyoming together for the autopsy. >> i don't know why gabby didn't open up to me. we didn't see any red flags. dr. oz: coming up next. i game a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime. the killing of gabby petito.


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